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The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University Office Of The General Counsel
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University And The Washington University
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University And Cellgate Inc
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University_20100128
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University_20131212
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior Universitystanford University
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University_20100107

The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University patents

Recent patent applications related to The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University. The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University, we're just tracking patents.

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01/21/16Methods for profiling and quantitating cell-free rna
03/23/17 new patent  Biopsy devices, systems, and methods for use
03/23/17 new patent  Optically-based stimulation of target cells and modifications thereto
03/23/17 new patent  Cell line, optical control of secondary messengers
03/23/17 new patent  Rapid small volume detection of blood ammonia
03/23/17 new patent  Methods of prognosis and diagnosis of ovarian cancer
03/16/17Materials and approaches for optical stimulation of the peripheral nervous system
03/16/17Anti sirp-alpha antibodies and bi-specific macrophage enhancing antibodies
03/16/17Methods and compositions for assessing patients with non-small cell lung cancer
03/16/17Electro-diffusion enhanced bio-molecule charge detection using electrostatic interaction
03/09/17Autofocus wireless power transfer to implantable devices in freely moving animals
03/09/17Surface grasping mechanism using directional adhesives
03/09/17Opsin polypeptides and methods of use thereof
03/09/17Therapeutic il-13 polypeptides
03/09/17Selective immunodepletion of endogenous stem cell niche for engraftment
03/09/17Oxygen tolerant hydrogenase by mutating electron supply pathway
03/09/17Methods and devices for imaging large intact tissue samples
03/09/17Electron microscopy specimen and fabrication
03/09/17Hexacyanometallates as highly conducting solid electrolytes for batteries
03/02/17Optically-based stimulation of target cells and modifications thereto
03/02/17Mixed allergen compositions and methods for using the same
03/02/17Enhancement of osteogenic potential of bone grafts
03/02/17Cardiomyocytes from induced pluripotent stem cells from patients and methods of use thereof
03/02/17Modulation of synaptic maintenance
03/02/17Platinum-labeled probes for mass cytometry
03/02/17Vacuum tube electron microscope
03/02/17High performance battery anodes with polymeric coatings
03/02/17Imaging providing ratio pixel intensity
02/23/17Ganciclovir derivatives for modulating innate and adaptive immunity and for use in immunotherapy
02/23/17Manipulation of ovarian primordial follicles
02/23/17Nanoscale optical tomography with cathodoluminescence spectroscopy
02/23/17Method of making and using an a locomotive micro-implant using active electromagnetic propulsion
02/23/17Method of making and using an a locomotive micro-implant using active electromagnetic propulsion
02/16/17Task-outcome error signals and their use in brain-machine interfaces
02/16/17Superagonists, partial agonists and antagonists of interleukin-2
02/16/17Probes for rapid and specific detection of mycobacteria
02/16/17Comprehensive cardiovascular analysis with volumetric phase-contrast mri
02/16/173d reconstruction and registration of endoscopic data
02/09/17Systems and methods for endoluminal valve creation
02/09/17Systems and methods for endoluminal valve creation
02/09/17Formulations and uses for microparticle delivery of metalloporphyrins
02/09/17Subsurface thermal energy storage of heat generated by concentrating solar power
02/09/17Photonic-channeled x-ray detector array
02/09/17Tandem photovoltaic module comprising a control circuit
02/02/17Systems and methods for diagnosing and/or treating gastrointestinal conditions
02/02/1710',11'-modified saxitoxins useful for the treatment of pain
02/02/17Humanized and chimeric monoclonal antibodies to cd99
02/02/17Noninvasive diagnosis of fetal aneuploidy by sequencing
02/02/17Rapid small volume detection of blood ammonia
02/02/17Field-programmable optical component
02/02/17Methods and apparatus concerning sensitive force sensors
02/02/17Systems and methods for providing reinforcement learning in a deep learning system
02/02/17Statistical data acquisition model for gpu based mlem joint estimation of tissue activity distribution and photon attenuation map from pet data
01/26/17Replacement gene tolerizing vectors and methods of use thereof
01/26/17Monoclonal antibody and vaccine targeting filamentous bacteriophage
01/26/17Systems and methods for protecting umbilical stumps
01/26/17Medical uses of crtam agonists
01/19/17Enhancement of allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
01/19/17Long-acting peptide analogs
01/19/17Methods, compositions and screens for therapeutics for the treatment of synovial sarcoma
01/19/17Apparatus and methods for generating reactive gas with glow discharges
01/12/17Use of fk506 for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension
01/12/17Isolated multi-level resonant toplogies for wide-range power conversion and impedance matching
01/05/17Methods and compositions for treating viral diseases
01/05/17Mobilizing anti-tumor immunity by targeting chemerin receptor ccrl2
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01/05/17Synchronous universal droplet logic
01/05/17System and sparse pressure/flowrate reduced modeling of hemodynamics
12/29/16Methods of transcutaneous heat transfer, and devices and systems for use in the same
12/29/16Identification of stabilizers of multimeric proteins
12/29/16Cyan-excitable orange-red fluorescent proteins and bioluminescent resonance energy transfer systems
12/29/16Use of bacterial beta-lactamase for in vitro diagnostics and in vivo imaging, diagnostics and therapeutics
12/29/16Biomarkers for determining an allograft tolerant phenotype
12/29/16Systems and methods for multi-scale, annotation-independent detection of functionally-diverse units of recurrent genomic alteration
12/22/16Integrated multi-modal imaging and sensing techniques to enable portable, label-free, high-specificity, and scalable biosensors
12/22/16Multi-frequency klystron designed for high efficiency
12/22/16High-conductivity bonding of metal nanowire arrays
12/22/16Deposition and post-processing techniques for transparent conductive films
12/15/16Targeted photoacoustic compounds, formulations, and uses thereof
12/15/16High resolution str analysis using next generation sequencing
12/15/16Cathode additives for lithium-ion batteries
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12/15/16Conformal graphene cage encapsulated battery electrode materials and methods of forming thereof
12/08/16Intravascular magnetic wire for detection, retrieval or elimination of disease-associated biomarkers and toxins
12/08/16Method and locating a mobile device within an indoor environment
12/08/16Methods and systems for assessment of clinical infertility
12/01/16Device and method to treat vaginal atrophy
12/01/16Protein binding domains stabilizing functional conformational states of gpcrs and uses thereof
12/01/16Oligonucleotides and methods for treatment of cardiomyopathy using rna interference
12/01/16Methods and compositions for reducing viral genome amounts in a target cell
12/01/16Intrinsic navigation from velocity-encoding gradients in phase-contrast mri
12/01/16Electrostrictive element
12/01/16Electrostrictive element manufacturing method
11/24/16Modulation of tissue transglutaminase activation in disease
11/24/16Synchronous universal droplet logic
11/24/16Methods and compositions for antibody and antibody-loaded dendritic cell mediated therapy
11/24/16Purification of functional human astrocytes
11/24/16Nano-sensor array
11/24/16Metallic-magnetic-domain-wall-based nonvolatile tunable resistor for memory and sensor applications
11/24/16Charge-free mixing entropy battery
11/17/16Contact-free physiological monitoring during simultaneous magnetic resonance imaging
11/17/16System for optical stimulation of target cells
11/17/166,7-trans cephalosporin-based probes for detecting bacteria expressing a metallo-beta-lactamase
11/17/16Targeted therapy for small cell lung cancer
11/17/16Measurement and comparison of immune diversity by high-throughput sequencing
11/17/16Method and sar focusing with an array of rf transmitters
11/17/16Mapping of blood vessels for biometric authentication
11/17/16Piezoelectric particle accelerator
11/10/16Modulation of synaptic maintenance
11/03/16Stabilized step function opsin proteins and methods of using the same
11/03/16Control and characterization of psychotic states
11/03/16Systems and methods for posterior dynamic stabilization of the spine
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11/03/16Aquaporin tolerizing vaccines and methods of use thereof
11/03/16Upconversion of light for use in optogenetic methods
11/03/16Rf-based micro-motion tracking for gesture tracking and recognition
11/03/16Type-agnostic rf signal representations
11/03/16Metal-dielectric hybrid surfaces as integrated optoelectronic interfaces
11/03/16Novel diagnostic algorithm for acute kidney injury in hospitalized children
10/27/16Devices and methods for trackable hearing protection in magnetic resonance imaging
10/27/16Wnt compositions and methods for purification
10/27/16Use of photosynthesis to rebalance ischemia bioenergetics
10/27/16Methods and systems for beam intensity-modulation to facilitate rapid radiation therapies
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10/27/16R-spondin antagonists and methods of treating cancer associated with aberrant activation of wnt signaling
10/27/16Single cell gene expression for diagnosis, prognosis and identification of drug targets
10/27/16Method for multiplexed sample analysis by photoionizing secondary sputtered neutrals
10/27/16Analog-to-digital compression
10/20/16Optically-controlled cns dysfunction
10/20/16Probes and methods of imaging a bacterial infection
10/20/16Optical tissue interface stimulating cells
10/20/16Humanized and chimeric monoclonal antibodies to cd47
10/20/16Quantification of mutant alleles and copy number variation using digital pcr with nonspecific dna-binding dyes
10/20/16Actively calibrated capacitively coupled electrostatic device for high voltage measurement
10/20/16Quantitative mri measurements near metal objects
10/20/16Systems and methods for inquiry-based learning including collaborative question generation
10/13/16Regulatory macrophages as a cell-based immunomodulatory therapy in pulmonary hypertension and right ventricular dysfunction
10/13/16Haplotype based generalizable allele specific silencing for therapy of cardiovascular disease
10/13/16Heat-flux control and solid-state cooling by regulating chemical potential of photons in near-field electromagnetic heat transfer
10/13/16Multi-wavelength phase mask
10/13/16Apparatuses and methods for three-dimensional imaging of an object
10/06/16Modulation of muscle and adipocyte distribution and fate
10/06/16Surgical device and methods
10/06/16Systems for the prevention of surgical site infections
10/06/16Light-sensitive ion-passing molecules
10/06/16Therapeutic and diagnostic methods for manipulating phagocytosis through calreticulin and low density lipoprotein-related receptor
10/06/16Two-dimensional perovskite phosphor and formation
10/06/16Methods for profiliing and quantitating cell-free rna
10/06/16Bifunctional non-noble metal oxide/chalcogenide nanoparticle electrocatalysts through lithium-induced conversion for overall water-splitting
10/06/16Biomarkers for ovarian cancer
10/06/16Methods for enumeration of rare cells
10/06/16Laser liftoff of epitaxial thin film structures
10/06/16Nanostructured window layer in solar cells
09/29/16Optical tissue interface stimulating cells
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09/29/16Fluorescent magnetic nanoprobes, methods of making, and methods of use
09/29/16Isolating semiconducting single-walled nanotubes or metallic single-walled nanotubes and approaches therefor
09/29/16Modulation of t cell signaling threshold and t cell sensitivity to antigens
09/29/16Single cell analysis using secondary ion mass spectrometry
09/22/16Joint and cartilage diagnosis, assessment and modeling
09/22/16Optogenetic magnetic resonance imaging
09/22/16Methods of treating heart failure with agonists of hypocretin receptor 2
09/22/16Graphene-inserted phase change memory device and fabricating the same
09/15/16Determination of the coordinate transformation between an optical motion tracking system and a magnetic resonance imaging scanner
09/15/16Patterned laser treatment
09/15/16High-affinity binding to gas6
09/15/16Backscatter estimation using progressive self interference cancellation
09/15/16Illumination and radiative cooling
09/08/16Perivascular electroporation device and extending vascular patency
09/08/16Methods and compositions for producing hepatocyte-like cells
09/08/16Cell line, optical-based screening of ion-channel modulators
09/01/16High-conductivity bonding of metal nanowire arrays
09/01/16Methods for modifying a hydrophobic polymer surface and devices thereof
09/01/16Benzylisoquinoline alkaloid (bia) precursor producing microbes, and methods of making and using the same
09/01/16Thermal interface materials using metal nanowire arrays and sacrificial templates
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09/01/16Light-activated cation channel and uses thereof
08/25/16Mixed allergen compositions and methods for using the same
08/25/16Small molecule dye for molecular imaging and photothermal therapy
08/25/16Micro-screening apparatus, process, and products
08/25/16Phase-front-modulation sensor and fabrication
08/25/16Micro-screening apparatus, process, and products
08/25/16Methods and systems for orienting nanomaterials
08/25/16Apparatus for detecting bugs in logic-based processing devices
08/25/16Semi-interpenetrating network dimensionally stabilizing highly charged polyelectrolyte membranes
08/18/16Medical uses of cd38 agonists
08/18/16Light-activated chimeric opsins and methods of using the same
08/18/16Non-silencing selectable marker genes and methods of use
08/18/16Serum mirnas for the prognosis of prostate cancer
08/11/16Apparatus for obtaining high-quality optical images in a magnetic resonance imaging system
08/11/16Tissue engineering using progenitor cells to catalyze tissue formation by primary cells
08/11/16High resolution magnetic resonance imaging with reduced distortion based on reduced-field-of-view and generalized parallel imaging
08/11/16Systems and methods for full-duplex signal shaping
08/04/16Apparatus and range of motion tracking with integrated reporting
08/04/16Multi-element coupler for generation of electromagnetic energy
08/04/16Aminoglycoside antibiotics with reduced ototoxicity
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08/04/16Ph switchable reagents and methods for their use
08/04/16Opsin polypeptides and methods of use thereof
08/04/16Method of treating glioma
08/04/16Monitoring system for assessing control of a disease state
08/04/16Brain-machine interface utilizing interventions to emphasize aspects of neural variance and decode speed and angle
08/04/16Self-interference cancellation for mimo radios
07/28/16Skin treatment devices and methods with pre-stressed configurations
07/28/16Methods for microbial biofilm destruction
07/28/16Plasmonic beads for multiplexed analysis by flow detection systems
07/28/16Method and system for signal-based localization
07/28/16Methods and systems for determining proportions of distinct cell subsets
07/28/16Signal detection algorithms to identify drug effects and drug interactions
07/21/16Delivery of cas9 via arrdc1-mediated microvesicles (armms)
07/21/16Engineered integrin binding peptide compositions
07/21/16Ccr3 modulation in the treatment of aging-associated impairments, and compositions for practicing the same
07/21/16Control of chemical reactions using isotachophoresis
07/21/16Detection of biological molecules using surface plasmon field enhanced fluorescence spectroscopy (spfs) combined with isotachophoresis (itp)
07/14/16Mri evaluation of heterogeneous tissue
07/14/16Compositions and methods for controlling pain
07/14/16Dry adhesives for enhancing ground reaction forces substantially beyond friction
07/14/16Methods of manipulating phagocytosis mediated by cd47
07/14/16One degree of freedom climbing robot with anisotropic directional dry adhesion
07/14/16Controllable adhesive on conformable film for non-flat surfaces
07/14/16Robust self-navigating mri using large coil arrays
07/14/16Systems, methods and devices for analyzing quantitative information obtained from radiological images
07/14/16Energy storage device with large charge separation
07/07/16Treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension with leukotriene inhibitors
07/07/16Electrochemical disinfection of implanted catheters
07/07/16Methods and systems for rf power generation and distribution to facilitate rapid radiation therapies
07/07/16Arrays of accelerating structures and rapid imaging for facilitating rapid radiation therapies
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07/07/16Pi-kinase inhibitors with anti-infective activity
07/07/16Modulation of efferocytosis pathways for treatment of atherosclerotic disease
07/07/16System for optical stimulation of target cells
06/30/16Intranasal delivery of beta2-adrenergic receptor agonists for improving cognition in humans with down syndrome and compositions therefor
06/30/16Iron chelators and use thereof for reducing transplant failure during rejection episodes
06/30/164-methylumbelliferone treatment for immune modulation
06/30/16Method of improving cognition and social behavior in humans having deficits therein due to neurodegenerative disorders and compounds and compositions therefor
06/30/16Probe for imaging parp-1 activity
06/30/16Modulation of synaptic maintenance
06/30/16Ph measurement for sequencing of dna
06/30/16Pressure sensing apparatuses and methods
06/23/16Method and system for evaluating progression of age-related macular degeneration
06/23/16Systems, methods and compositions for optical stimulation of target cells
06/23/16Methods of manipulating phagocytosis mediated by cd47
06/23/16Methods of manipulating phagocytosis mediated by cd47
06/23/16Devices and methods for controlling reversible chemical reactions at solid-liquid interfaces by rapid preconcentration and phase replacement
06/23/16Electro-assisted transfer and fabrication of wire arrays
06/16/16Injectable composition for in-situ repair and regeneration of an injured ligament or tendon and methods of use
06/16/16Air filter for high-efficiency pm2.5 capture
06/16/16Target characterization based on persistent collocation of multiple specks of light in time series imagery
06/09/16Reversing intestinal inflammation by inhibiting retinoic acid metabolism
06/09/16Imaging tumor glycolysis by non-invasive measurement of pyruvate kinase m2
06/09/16In-plane-strain-actuated out-of-plane actuator
06/09/16Methods for manufacturing sublaminate modules and forming composite laminated structures from the same
06/09/16Capillary barriers for staged loading of microfluidic devices
06/09/16Sensing platform for quantum transduction of chemical information
06/09/16Method and system for optimizing accuracy-specificity trade-offs in large scale visual recognition
06/09/16Computation using a network of optical parametric oscillators
06/09/162-terminal metal halide semiconductor/c-silicon multijunction solar cell with tunnel junction

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