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The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University Office Of The General Counsel
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University And The Washington University
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University And Cellgate Inc
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University_20100128
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University_20131212
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior Universitystanford University
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University_20100107

The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University patents

Recent patent applications related to The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University. The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University, we're just tracking patents.

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01/21/16Methods for profiling and quantitating cell-free rna
11/16/17Probe for detecting atherosclerosis
11/16/17Dopamine receptor type 2 specific promoter and methods of use thereof
11/09/17Systems and methods for using mobile and wearable video capture and feedback plat-forms for therapy of mental disorders
11/09/17Affinity reagents for protein purification
11/09/17Mitochondrial aldehyde dehydrogenase-2 modulators and methods of use thereof
11/09/17Methods for manipulating phagocytosis mediated by cd47
11/09/17Bacterial pathogen identification by high resolution melting analysis
11/09/17Elastomeric focusing valves
11/09/17Wolverine: a wearable haptic interface for grasping in virtual reality
11/09/17Apparatus for mm-wave radiation generation utilizing whispering gallery mode resonators
11/02/17Tyrosine kinase inhibitor formulations for the treatment of mast cell-mediated inflammatory diseases and methods of use thereof
11/02/17Cartilage cells with a high regenerative potential and low immune response for use in cellular therapy
11/02/17Pericytes are intermediate progenitors for epicardial derived coronary artery smooth muscle
11/02/17Inhibitors of mitochondrial fission and methods of use thereof
11/02/17Position/force control of a flexible manipulator under model-less control
11/02/17Structures for radiative cooling
11/02/17Robust anytime tracking combining 3d shape, color, and motion with annealed dynamic histograms
10/26/17Method for treating neurodegenerative diseases
10/26/17Knottin-drug conjugates and methods of using the same
10/26/17Synthesis of water-soluble thiolate-protected gold nanoparticles of uniform size and conjugates thereof
10/26/17Hepatocyte growth factor fragments that function as potent met receptor agonists and antagonists
10/26/17Wnt signaling agonist molecules
10/26/17Devices and methods for controlling reversible chemical reactions at solid-liquid interfaces by rapid preconcentration and phase replacement
10/26/17Methods for determining responsiveness to an anti-cd47 agent
10/26/17Methods and reagents for detection, quantitation, and serotyping of dengue viruses
10/26/17Single x-ray grating x-ray differential phase contrast imaging system
10/26/17High resolution imaging of tissue proteins
10/26/17System and imaging four-dimensional flow of a fluid within a volume of an imaged object
10/19/17Microscopy imaging device with advanced imaging properties
10/19/17Nanopillar electrode devices and methods of recording action potentials
10/19/17Genome editing of human neural stem cells using nucleases
10/19/17Simultaneous single-molecule epigenetic imaging of dna methylation and hydroxymethylation
10/19/17Composition and imaging stem cells
10/19/17Microwave impedance microscopy using a tuning fork
10/19/17Method for estimating t2
10/19/17Field-mapping and artifact correction in multispectral imaging
10/12/17Stimulation of ovarian follicle development and oocyte maturation
10/12/17Targeting aneurysm disease by modulating phagocytosis pathways
10/12/17Scalable bio-element analysis
10/05/17Method of coherent flow imaging using synthetic transmit focusing and acoustic reciprocity
10/05/17Coherence-based beamforming for improved microbubble detection in contrast enhanced ultrasound
10/05/17Topical and transdermal delivery of hif-1 modulators to prevent and treat chronic wounds
10/05/17Motion correction in two-component magnetic resonance imaging
10/05/17Passive components for electronic circuits using conformal deposition on a scaffold
10/05/17Thermoelectrochemical heat converter
09/28/17Blocking pirb upregulates spines and functional synapses to unlock visual cortical plasticity and facilitate recovery from amblyopia
09/28/17Enhanced regulatory t cells targeted to sites of inflammation with chimeric antigen receptors and expressing factors that enhance viability of pancreatic cells
09/28/17Inducible production-phase promoters for coordinated heterologous expression in yeast
09/28/17Direct crispr spacer acquisition from rna by a reverse-transcriptase-cas1 fusion protein
09/21/17Methods and devices for prevention of hypothermia in a mammal during prolonged exposure to extreme cold
09/21/17Modulation of tissue transglutaminase activation in disease
09/21/17Near-infrared-ii fluorescent agents, methods of making near-infrared-ii fluorescent agents, and methods of using water-soluble nir-ii fluorescent agents
09/21/17Ph measurement for sequencing of dna
09/21/17Methods for characterizing features of interest in digital images and systems for practicing same
09/14/17Wireless midfield systems and methods
09/14/17Protein and autoantibody biomarkers for the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer
09/14/17Multi-pass microscopy
09/14/17Methods and systems for simulating nanoparticle flux
09/14/17Point-of-care sample analysis and microscopy for liquid samples
09/07/17Iron chelators and use thereof for reducing transplant failure during rejection episodes
09/07/17Compositions and methods for muscle regeneration using prostaglandin e2
09/07/17Enantioselective destruction of chiral molecules
09/07/17Binding domains directed against gpcr:g protein complexes and uses derived thereof
09/07/17Noscapinoid-producing microbes and methods of making and using the same
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08/31/17Therapeutic il-13 polypeptides
08/31/17Biosensors and methods of use
08/31/17Systems and methods for holistic extraction of features from neural networks
08/31/17Planar immersion lens with metasurfaces
08/17/17Promoting epithelial regeneration using heparin binding epidermal growth factor like growth factor
08/17/17Methods for screening human blood products comprising plasma using immunocompromised rodent models
08/17/1711,13-modified saxitoxins for the treatment of pain
08/17/17High affinity pd-1 agents and methods of use
08/17/17Partitioning of dna sequencing libraries into host and microbial components
08/17/17Non-disruptive gene targeting
08/17/17Robust dual echo dixon imaging with flexible echo times
08/17/17Phase shifting by mechanical movement
08/17/17Accommodation-invariant computational near-eye displays
08/10/17Treatment of melanoma by blocking benzamil sensitive ion channels/exchangers
08/10/17Compositions and methods that target regulation of breathing
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08/10/17Scaffold-free 3d cell assembly based on patterned hydrodynamic drag force
08/10/17Mapping the spatial localization of cellular nucleic acids by proximity-dependent enzymatic tagging
08/10/17Methods for isolating endogenous nucleic acids from subcellular compartments without fractionation
08/10/17Protein and gene biomarkers for rejection of organ transplants
08/10/17Sorting of carbon nanotubes
08/03/17Spatially multiplexed dielectric metasurface optical elements
08/03/17Compositions and methods for measuring nmu and for treatment using anti-nmu agents
08/03/17Emulsion-based fermentation for accelerated gas substrate mass transfer
08/03/17Methods and compositions for preparing biological specimens for microscopic analysis
08/03/17Methods and systems for identification of biomolecule sequence coevolution and applications thereof
08/03/17Method for implementing a high-level image representation for image analysis
07/27/17Use of chordin-like 1 or collagen vi with mesenchymal stem cells
07/27/17Treatment of cancer with combinations of immunoregulatory agents
07/27/17Apparatus and methods for controlling cellular development
07/27/17Genes and pathways differentially expressed in bipolar disorder and/or major depressive disorder
07/27/17Structure that encapsulates lithium metal for high energy density battery anode
07/20/17Optogenetic control of inputs to the ventral tegmental area
07/20/17Use of annexin v as a method to block tumor induced immunosuppression of the innate immune response
07/20/17Polypeptides targeting vascular endothelial growth factor receptor and prostate specific membrane antigen
07/20/17Activation of innate immunity for enhanced nuclear reprogramming of somatic cells with mrna
07/20/17In vivo site-specific protein tagging using engineered sortase variants
07/20/17Discovery and validation of cancer biomarkers using a protein analysis methodology to analyze specimens
07/13/17Treatment of inflammatory demyelinating disease with agonists of farnesoid x receptor
07/13/17Defined enzymatic synthesis of lipid a analogs
07/13/17Light-sensitive ion-passing molecules
07/13/17Methods and compositions for modulating lung cancer tumor initiating cells (tic), and oxytocin receptor (oxtr) modulatory agents for use in practicing the same
07/13/17Chimeric proteins and methods of regulating gene expression
07/13/17Electrochemical sensor
07/06/17Reversing intestinal inflammation by inhibiting retinoic acid metabolism
07/06/17Compositions and methods for treating fibrosis
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07/06/17Methods for manipulating phagocytosis mediated by cd47
07/06/17Ligand discovery for t cell receptors
07/06/17Halide double perovskite cs2agbibr6 solar-cell absorber having long carrier lifetimes
06/29/17Epithelial ion channel (enac) blockers to treat psoriasis
06/29/17Compositions and methods of delivering treatments for latent viral infections
06/29/17Opoid receptor binding agents and uses thereof
06/29/17Self-interference cancellation
06/22/17Desethylhydroxychloroquine for the treatment of diseases associated with inflammation
06/22/17Self-healing polymers and applications thereof
06/22/17Apparatus and sub-micrometer elemental image analysis by mass spectrometry
Patent Packs
06/15/17Treatment of cancer with dual targeting of cd47 and egfr
06/15/17Enhanced microbial electrosynthesis by using co-cultures
06/08/17Oral appliance for measuring head motions by isolating sensors from jaw perturbance
06/08/17Systems and methods for posterior dynamic stabilization of the spine
06/08/17Aav vectors with expanded packaging capacity
06/08/17Optogenetic control of reward-related behaviors
06/08/17Macrophage or monocyte enhanced wound healing
06/08/17Visualizing radiation therapy beam in real-time in the context of patient's anatomy
06/08/17Novel recombinant adeno-associated virus capsids with enhanced human skeletal muscle tropism
06/08/17Amplified isothermal detection of polynucleotides with atp release
06/08/17Optogenetic magnetic resonance imaging
06/01/17Protein binding domains stabilizing functional conformational states of gpcrs and uses thereof
05/25/17Systems, methods and compositions for optical stimulation of target cells
05/25/17Phased charging and discharging in capacitive desalination
05/25/17Methods for achieving therapeutically effective doses of anti-cd47 agents
05/25/17Vcam-1 mediated methods and compositions for treating aging-associated impairments
05/25/17Crispr/cas-mediated genome editing to treat egfr-mutant lung cancer
05/25/17Benzylisoquinoline alkaloids (bia) producing microbes, and methods of making and using the same
05/25/17Methods for profiling and quantitating cell-free rna
05/25/17Methods for profiling and quantitating cell-free rna
05/25/17Methods for profiling and quantitating cell-free rna
05/25/17High-conductivity bonding of metal nanowire arrays
05/25/17Dynamic contrast enhanced magnetic resonance imaging with flow encoding
05/25/17Light-field imaging using a gradient metasurface optical element
05/18/17Methods and compositions for treating enveloped viruses
05/11/17Use of small molecules for the treatment of clostridium difficile toxicity
05/11/17Tslp induces neutrophil mediated killing of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus
05/11/17Ige antibodies for the inhibition of tumor metastasis
05/11/17Mitochondrial inhibitors for use in culturing pluripotent stem cells
05/11/17Biomarker detection methods and systems and kits for practicing same
Patent Packs
05/11/17Composite lithium metal anodes for lithium batteries with reduced volumetric fluctuation during cycling and dendrite suppression
05/04/17Methods for treating cancer by activation of bmp signaling
05/04/17Combined organ and hematopoietic cells for transplantation tolerance of grafts
05/04/17Anti-tumor t cell immunity induced by high dose radiation
05/04/17Enzyme treatment of foodstuffs for celiac sprue
05/04/17Blockade of rgmb for reducing transplantation-associated immune responses
05/04/17Methods and compositions for assessing predicting responsiveness to a tnf inhibitor
05/04/17Single metal crystals
05/04/17Bamboo-inspired nanostructure design for flexible, foldable and twistable energy storage devices
05/04/17Encapsulated sulfur cathodes for rechargeable lithium batteries
05/04/17Single transducer for data and power in wirelessly powered devices
04/27/17Mixed allergen compositions and methods for using the same
04/27/17Mixed allergen compositions and methods for using the same
04/27/17Mixed allergen compositions and methods for using the same
04/27/17Anti-il-2 antibodies and compositions and uses thereof
04/27/17Methods and apparatus concerning solution shearing a transparent and conductive polymer film
04/27/17Pluripotent cell lines and methods of use thereof
04/27/17Dynamic reconfiguration for maximizing the overall link efficiency of energy receivers in a reliable implantable system
04/20/17Combined organ and hematopoietic cells for transplantation tolerance of hla mismatched grafts
04/20/17On-slide staining by primer extension
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04/13/17Blockade of tim-1 for treating graft-versus-host disease
04/13/17Apparatus and methods for parallel processing of microvolume liquid reactions
04/06/17Dgat1 inhibition for treatment of demyelinating inflammatory disease
04/06/17Engineered light-activated anion channel proteins and methods of use thereof
04/06/17Apparatuses and methods for determining analyte charge
04/06/17Method for detecting small molecule analytes using magnetoresistant sensors
03/30/17Methods for preventing tracheal aspiration
03/30/17Genome editing without nucleases
03/30/17Compositions and methods for producing podophyllotoxin derivatives
03/30/17Imaging and evaluating embryos, oocytes, and stem cells
03/30/17Method an tracking motion using radio frequency signals
03/30/17Method for identifying clusters of fluorescence-activated cell sorting data points
03/30/17A identifying clusters of fluorescence-activated cell sorting data points
03/30/17Methods and systems for assessing risk of breast cancer recurrence
03/23/17Biopsy devices, systems, and methods for use
03/23/17Optically-based stimulation of target cells and modifications thereto
03/23/17Cell line, optical control of secondary messengers
03/23/17Rapid small volume detection of blood ammonia
03/23/17Methods of prognosis and diagnosis of ovarian cancer
03/16/17Materials and approaches for optical stimulation of the peripheral nervous system
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03/16/17Anti sirp-alpha antibodies and bi-specific macrophage enhancing antibodies
03/16/17Methods and compositions for assessing patients with non-small cell lung cancer
03/16/17Electro-diffusion enhanced bio-molecule charge detection using electrostatic interaction
03/09/17Autofocus wireless power transfer to implantable devices in freely moving animals
03/09/17Surface grasping mechanism using directional adhesives
03/09/17Opsin polypeptides and methods of use thereof
03/09/17Therapeutic il-13 polypeptides
03/09/17Selective immunodepletion of endogenous stem cell niche for engraftment
03/09/17Oxygen tolerant hydrogenase by mutating electron supply pathway
03/09/17Methods and devices for imaging large intact tissue samples
03/09/17Electron microscopy specimen and fabrication
03/09/17Hexacyanometallates as highly conducting solid electrolytes for batteries
03/02/17Optically-based stimulation of target cells and modifications thereto
03/02/17Mixed allergen compositions and methods for using the same
03/02/17Enhancement of osteogenic potential of bone grafts
03/02/17Cardiomyocytes from induced pluripotent stem cells from patients and methods of use thereof
03/02/17Modulation of synaptic maintenance
03/02/17Platinum-labeled probes for mass cytometry
03/02/17Vacuum tube electron microscope
03/02/17High performance battery anodes with polymeric coatings
03/02/17Imaging providing ratio pixel intensity
02/23/17Ganciclovir derivatives for modulating innate and adaptive immunity and for use in immunotherapy
02/23/17Manipulation of ovarian primordial follicles
02/23/17Nanoscale optical tomography with cathodoluminescence spectroscopy
02/23/17Method of making and using an a locomotive micro-implant using active electromagnetic propulsion
02/23/17Method of making and using an a locomotive micro-implant using active electromagnetic propulsion
02/16/17Task-outcome error signals and their use in brain-machine interfaces
02/16/17Superagonists, partial agonists and antagonists of interleukin-2
02/16/17Probes for rapid and specific detection of mycobacteria
02/16/17Comprehensive cardiovascular analysis with volumetric phase-contrast mri
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02/16/173d reconstruction and registration of endoscopic data
02/09/17Systems and methods for endoluminal valve creation
02/09/17Systems and methods for endoluminal valve creation
02/09/17Formulations and uses for microparticle delivery of metalloporphyrins
02/09/17Subsurface thermal energy storage of heat generated by concentrating solar power
02/09/17Photonic-channeled x-ray detector array
02/09/17Tandem photovoltaic module comprising a control circuit
02/02/17Systems and methods for diagnosing and/or treating gastrointestinal conditions
02/02/1710',11'-modified saxitoxins useful for the treatment of pain
02/02/17Humanized and chimeric monoclonal antibodies to cd99
02/02/17Noninvasive diagnosis of fetal aneuploidy by sequencing
02/02/17Rapid small volume detection of blood ammonia
02/02/17Field-programmable optical component
02/02/17Methods and apparatus concerning sensitive force sensors
02/02/17Systems and methods for providing reinforcement learning in a deep learning system
02/02/17Statistical data acquisition model for gpu based mlem joint estimation of tissue activity distribution and photon attenuation map from pet data
01/26/17Replacement gene tolerizing vectors and methods of use thereof
01/26/17Monoclonal antibody and vaccine targeting filamentous bacteriophage
01/26/17Systems and methods for protecting umbilical stumps
01/26/17Medical uses of crtam agonists
01/19/17Enhancement of allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
01/19/17Long-acting peptide analogs
01/19/17Methods, compositions and screens for therapeutics for the treatment of synovial sarcoma
01/19/17Apparatus and methods for generating reactive gas with glow discharges
01/12/17Use of fk506 for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension
01/12/17Isolated multi-level resonant toplogies for wide-range power conversion and impedance matching
01/05/17Methods and compositions for treating viral diseases
01/05/17Mobilizing anti-tumor immunity by targeting chemerin receptor ccrl2
01/05/17Synchronous universal droplet logic

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