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The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois Sru Biosystems Inc
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois And Northwestern University
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois A Body Corporate And Politic Of The Stat
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois Et Al
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois_20100114
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois_20100121
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinoise

The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois patents

Recent patent applications related to The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois. The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois, we're just tracking patents.

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12/05/13Sparse deconvolution spatial light microscopy in two and three dimensions
04/27/17 new patent  Mishfet having a comparatively high and selectable or customizable breakdown voltage
04/20/17Small molecules that induce intrinsic pathways apoptosis
04/20/17Histone acetyl transferase activators and histone deacetylase inhibitors in the treatment of alcoholism
04/20/17Small molecules that induce intrinsic pathways apoptosis
04/20/17Compounds and methods for the treatment of cancer
04/20/17Composition and treating nucleic acid-related eye disease
04/20/17Method and null substraction ultrasound imaging
04/20/17Haptic augmented and virtual reality system for simulation of surgical procedures
04/20/17System for background subtraction with 3d camera
04/13/17Compositions and methods for treating estrogen-related medical disorders
04/13/17System and methods for automatically localizing faults
03/30/17System and high-throughput, optomechanical flow cytometry
03/30/17Amphotericin b derivative with reduced toxicity
03/30/17Autonomic cooling system
03/30/17System and nano-opto-mechanical-fluidic sensing of particles
03/16/17Minimally-invasive measurement of esophageal inflammation
03/16/17Magnetically driven micropump
03/09/17Medium retaining chamber and chamber system for growth and microscopic observations of cultured cells
03/09/17Energy storage in quantum resonators
03/02/17Lipoprotein nanoplatelets: fluorescent, zwitterionic probes for molecular and cellular imaging
02/16/17Procaspase combination therapy for glioblastoma
02/16/17Nanostructure material methods and devices
01/26/17Implantable and bioresorbable sensors
01/26/17Methods to increase photosynthetic rates in plants
01/26/17Injection-seeded whispering gallery mode optical amplifier devices and networks
01/19/17Compositions comprising decitabine and tetrahydrouridine and uses thereof
01/12/17Novel cysteine protease inhibitors and uses thereof
01/05/17Optoelectronic device including a buried metal grating for extraordinary optical transmission (eot)
12/29/16Slow release of organoboronic acids in cross-coupling reactions
12/29/16Methods for forming protected organoboronic acids
12/29/16Controlled buckling structures in semiconductor interconnects and nanomembranes for stretchable electronics
12/22/16Bowtie nanoantennas and methods of using the same
12/15/16Chromatin immunocapture devices and methods of use
12/08/16Compounds, conjugates and compositions of epipolythiodiketopiperazines and polythiodiketopiperazines
12/01/16Polydopamine-coated capsules
12/01/16Procaspase 3 activation by combination therapy
12/01/16Materials, devices and systems for piezoelectric energy harvesting and storage
12/01/16Real time implicit user modeling for personalized search
12/01/16Scaffold-free 3d porous electrode and making a scaffold-free 3d porous electrode
11/24/16Wettability patterned substrates for pumpless liquid transport and drainage
11/24/16Electrocatalyst for acidic media and making an electrocatalyst for acidic media
11/17/16Amphiphilic dendron-coils, micelles thereof and uses
11/17/16Therapeutic target for musculoskeletal inflammation
11/17/16Hexagonal phase epitaxial cadmium sulfide on copper indium gallium selenide for a photovoltaic junction
11/10/16Efficient dissociation of water vapor in arrays of microchannel plasma devices
11/03/16System and methods for measuring physiological parameters
11/03/16Composition comprising an engineered defect concentration
10/20/16Refractory composite comprising a geopolymer and making a refractory composite
10/20/16Image domain segmented echo planar magnetic resonance imaging using a 2d excitation radiofrequency pulse
10/13/16Methods for diagnosing and treating diabetes
10/13/16Tubular resonant filter and making a tubular resonant filter
10/06/16Transport agents for crossing the blood-brain barrier and into brain cancer cells, and methods of use thereof
10/06/16Plants having increased biomass and methods for making the same
10/06/16Methods and devices for fabricating and assembling printable semiconductor elements
09/29/16Cross-coupling of unactivated secondary boronic acids
09/29/16Engineered high-affinity human t cell receptors
09/29/16Engineered high-affinity human t cell receptors
09/29/16Methods and devices for fabricating and assembling printable semiconductor elements
09/22/16Insulated-gate photoconductive semiconductor switch
09/22/16General catalyst for c-h functionalization
09/22/16Insulated-gate photoconductive semiconductor switch
09/15/16Inclusion complexes and methods for making the same
09/15/16Inclusion complexes and methods for making the same
09/15/16Multiple stage curable polymer with controlled transitions
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09/15/16Copy number detection and methods
09/15/16Three dimensional multislab, multi-shot magnetic resonance elastography
09/08/16Peptides for inhibiting angiogenesis
09/08/16Sterically stabilized cationic nanocarrier, kits and use
09/08/16Inhibitors of beta integrin-g protein alpha subunit binding interactions
09/08/16Microfluidic devices
09/01/16Volume response sensors having analyte controlled reversible crosslinking
09/01/16Personal glucose meters for detection and quantification of enzymes and metabolites based on coenzyme detection
08/25/16Methods and compositions for treating dry eye disease and other eye disorders
08/25/16Methods and compositions for treating dry eye disease and other eye disorders
08/18/16Serum mirnas for the prognosis of prostate cancer
08/18/16System and predicting personal therapeutic response
08/11/16Tetra-aryl cyclobutane inhibitors of androgen receptor action for the treatment of hormone refractory cancer
08/11/16Hybrid organic-inorganic micromirror device and making a hybrid microdevice
08/11/16Compute memory
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08/04/16Biodegradable plant wound dressing composed of electrospun nanofibers
08/04/16Method and kit for generating high affinity binding agents
08/04/16Multi-heterojunction nanoparticles, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same
07/28/16Amphotericin b derivatives with improved therapeutic index
07/28/16Polyphosphate-functionalized inorganic nanoparticles as hemostatic compositions and methods of use
07/28/16Method of producing silicone microspheres
07/28/16Catalyst-controlled aliphatic c-h oxidations
07/28/16Amphotericin b derivatives with improved therapeutic index
07/28/16Stable helical ionic polypeptides
07/21/16Apparatus and methods for the automated synthesis of small molecules
07/21/16Redox active polymers and colloidal particles for flow batteries
07/21/16System and linear non-reciprocal communication and isolation
07/14/16Brightness equalized quantum dots
07/14/16System and high-resolution spectroscopic imaging
07/07/16Method for treating pain with a calmodulin inhibitor
06/30/16Method and analyzing a target material
06/30/16Laser assisted transfer welding process
06/23/16Enzyme-activating compounds and compositions
06/23/16Methods for measuring virulence in soybean cyst nematode
06/23/16Bounded verification through discrepancy computations
06/16/16Nanoparticles and methods of producing the same
06/16/16Flk1+ and ve-cadherin+ endothelial cells derived from ips or es cells, and methods of preparing and using the same
06/02/16Compositions and methods for treating conditions related to ephrin signaling with cupredoxins and mutants thereof
06/02/16Lipopeptide inhibitors of ras oncoproteins
06/02/16System and dewatering slurries
05/26/16Suturable hybrid superporous hydrogel keratoprosthesis for cornea
05/26/16Catalysts for carbon dioxide conversion
05/26/16Maximizing concurrency bug detection in multithreaded software programs
05/26/16Distributable computational pathophysiology system based on organ models
05/19/16Robotic surgical station
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05/19/16Deterministic assembly of complex, three-dimensional architectures by compressive buckling
05/19/16Anti-ctla4, anti-glut2 protein for the treatment of type 1 diabetes
05/12/16Surgical suit
05/12/16Retrieving high spatial frequency information in sonography
05/12/16Purification of carbon nanotubes via selective heating
05/12/16Mode control in vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers
05/05/16Apparatus and detecting and identifying microorganisms
05/05/16Patient holding hospital unit, patient transportation system and patient transportation and life support system
05/05/16Compounds and anti-tumor nqo1 substrates
05/05/16Three-dimensional (3d) electrode architecture for a microbattery
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04/28/16Non-simian cells for growth of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (prrs) virus
04/28/16Use of lasers for treating and reversing fibrosis
04/28/16Non-simian cells for growth of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (prrs) virus
04/28/16Bacillus thuringiensis toxin resistance assay
04/28/16Spectrally and temporally engineered processing using photoelectrochemistry
04/28/16Communicating through physical vibration
04/21/16Helmet for anesthesia
04/21/16System and brillouin scattering induced transparency
04/21/16Adaptive resistive device and methods thereof
04/14/16Forearm and wrist support for crutch users
04/14/16Process for making a regenerable oxide-based adsorbent
04/14/16Method of and magnet assembly for high power pulsed magnetron sputtering
03/24/16Pattern stimulus for visual function testing
03/17/16Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus compositions and uses thereof
03/17/16Nanoparticle mediated delivery of sirna
03/17/16System and power point tracking for photovoltaic cells
03/10/16Injectable and implantable cellular-scale electronic devices
03/10/16Methods and compositions for producing solvents
03/10/16Optical systems fabricated by printing-based assembly
03/03/16Compositions and treating thrombosis
02/25/16Compounds and methods for myotonic dystrophy therapy
02/25/16Method and apparatus analyzing a target material
02/18/16Systems and methods for identifying instruments
02/18/16High sensitivity environmental sensor network and network services for structural health monitoring
02/18/16System and communication with time distortion
02/18/16Biodegradable materials for multilayer transient printed circuit boards
02/11/16Antibacterial compounds targeting isoprenoid biosynthesis
02/11/16Smart phone attachment for 3-d optical coherence tomography imaging
02/11/16Two-dimensional semi-laser correlation spectroscopy with well-maintained cross peaks
02/04/16Tumor-selective combination therapy
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02/04/16Cupredoxin derived transport agents and methods of use thereof
02/04/16Composition and preventing or treating a tauopathy
02/04/16Dynamic urea bonds for reversible and self-healing polymers
01/28/16Stretchable form of single crystal silicon for high performance electronics on rubber substrates
01/21/16Transistor laser optical switching and memory techniques and devices
01/21/16Fractional order and entropy bio-markers for biological tissue in diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging
01/14/16Handheld device for identification of microbiological constituents in the middle ear
01/14/16Ultrasonic producing particles having a controlled size distribution
01/07/16Processing techniques for silicon-based transient devices
12/31/15Monitoring a physiological parameter of a cyclist
12/31/15Compositions and methods to prevent cancer with cupredoxins
12/31/15Pcl compounds, compositions, and methods of use thereof
12/31/15Self-similar and fractal design for stretchable electronics
12/24/15Two-dimensional j-resolved laser and semi-laser spectroscopy
12/24/15System and methods for identifying, evaluating and predicting land use and agricultural production
12/24/15Stretchable electronic systems with containment chambers
12/10/15Microscale stamp with reversible adhesion for transfer printing
12/10/15System for background subtraction with 3d camera
12/10/15Composite dry adhesive and methods of making and using a composite dry adhesive
12/03/15Procaspase activating compounds
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12/03/15Portable quality assurance testing of asphalt binders
12/03/15Nanostructure material methods and devices
11/26/15Three-dimensional texturing of two-dimensional materials
11/19/15Method of making a self-healing composite system
11/19/15Automated synthesis of small molecules using chiral, non-racemic boronates
11/05/15Particulate drug delivery methods
11/05/15Method for generating high affinity, bivalent binding agents
10/29/15Vaccine and methods for detecting and preventing filariasis
10/29/15Endothelial and endothelial like cells produced from fibroblasts and uses related thereto
10/29/154d vizualization of building design and construction modeling with photographs
10/22/15Low-coherence interferometry and optical coherence tomography for image-guided surgical treatment of solid tumors
10/22/15Methods and compositions for improving sugar transport, mixed sugar fermentation, and production of biofuels
10/22/15Microcolumn for use in gas chromatography
10/22/15Relighting fragments for insertion into content
10/15/15High resolution electrohydrodynamic jet printing for manufacturing systems
10/15/15Compositions and methods for treating estrogen-related medical disorders
10/15/15Logic function generation from single microplasma transistor devices and arrays of devices
10/08/15Attenuated listeria monocytogenes mutant as a vaccine vector for the delivery of exogeneous antigens
10/08/15Compositions and methods for treating estrogen-related medical disorders
10/08/15Altered microbiome of chronic pelvic pain
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10/08/15Highly accelerated imaging and image reconstruction using adaptive sparsifying transforms
10/01/15Intravenous bag labeling system
10/01/15Complex and structurally diverse compounds
09/24/15Multimodal microscopy for automated histologic analysis of prostate cancer
09/24/15Modular microplasma microchannel reactor devices, miniature reactor modules and ozone generation devices
09/17/15Hydrogels for delivery of therapeutic polypeptides
09/17/15Apparatus and depositing a coating on a substrate at atmospheric pressure
09/10/153d microphysiologic system
09/10/15Method and device for producing laser emission
09/03/15Histone acetyl transferase activators and histone deacetylase inhibitors in the treatment of alcoholism
09/03/15Methods of attenuating opioid tolerance
09/03/15Modulation of immune function by dietary bovine lactoferrin
09/03/15Enoyl reductase inhibitors with antibacterial activity
09/03/15Slow release of organoboronic acids in cross-coupling reactions
09/03/15Alignment of nanomaterials and micromaterials
08/27/15Thermally degradable polymeric fibers
08/20/15Procaspase-activating compounds and methods
08/20/15High affinity tcr proteins and methods
08/20/15Small water-soluble quantum dots
08/20/15Stretchable and foldable electronic devices
08/13/15Leadpipe or mouthpipe system for trombone or other brass instrument
07/30/15Particulate drug delivery methods
07/23/15Printing-based assembly of multi-junction, multi-terminal photovoltaic devices and related methods
07/09/15Engineering t cell receptors
06/25/15Stretchable and foldable electronic devices
06/18/15Methods of ex vivo expansion of blood progenitor cells, and generation of composite grafts
06/18/15Nanoindenter multimodal microscope objective for mechanobiology
06/04/15Methods for inhibiting viruses by targeting cathepsin-l cleavage sites in the viruses' glycoproteins
06/04/15Microreactor and preparing a radiolabeled complex or a biomolecule conjugate
05/21/15Apparatus and magnetic-field guided metal-assisted chemical etching
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05/21/15Advanced thermal processing techniques of "sacrificial" polylactic acid
05/21/15Rolled-up transformer structure for a radiofrequency integrated circuit (rfic)
05/21/15Branched interconnected microvascular network in polymers and composites using sacrificial polylactide films, sheets and plates
05/21/15Trigger-responsive chain-shattering polymers
05/21/15Organ mounted electronics
05/14/15Systems and methods for photovoltaic string protection
05/14/15Printed assemblies of ultrathin, microscale inorganic light emitting diodes for deformable and semitransparent displays
05/14/15Compositions and methods for detecting complicated sarcoidosis
05/07/15Gas reactor devices with microplasma arrays encapsulated in defect free oxide
05/07/15Liquid sampling device for use with mobile device and methods
04/30/15Cell programing via geometric cues
04/30/15System and methods for education through patient safety event reporting
04/16/15Multi-metal films, alternating film multilayers, formation methods and deposition system
04/16/15Smartphone biosensor
04/16/15Separation process of oil and sugars from biomass
04/09/15Chiral structure, making a chiral structure, and rolled-up structure with modulated curvature
04/09/15Potent anticancer activity via dual compound activation
04/02/15Anti-heparan sulfate peptides that block herpes simplex virus infection in vivo
03/26/15Phospholipid micellar and liposomal compositions and uses thereof
03/26/15Compositions and methods of gene silencing in plants
03/19/15Synthetic optical holography
03/19/15Compounds, compositions and methods of agelastatin alkaloids
03/19/15Conformable actively multiplexed high-density surface electrode array for brain interfacing
03/19/15Merit-based characterization of assertions in hardware design verification
03/12/15Virtual oscillator control of power electronics inverters
02/19/15Class i and ii lantibiotics from geobacillus thermodenitrificans
01/29/15Self-assembled toroidal-spiral particles and manufacture and uses thereof
01/29/15Detecting analytes with a ph meter
01/29/15Real time implicit user modeling for personalized search

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