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The Boeing Company
The Boeing Corporation
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The Boeing Compnay
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The Boeing Comapny
The Boeing Company And Universal Alloy Corporation
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The Boeing Copany
The Boeing Compay
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The Boeing Co patents

Recent patent applications related to The Boeing Co. The Boeing Co is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: The Boeing Co may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with The Boeing Co, we're just tracking patents.

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04/28/16Integrated live and simulation environment system for an aircraft
11/12/15System and code multiplexing
10/01/15Vertically landing aircraft
02/12/15New formulation methodology for distortional thermosets
05/01/14Pressure debulking system
04/24/14Integrated live and simulation environment system for an aircraft
07/12/12Method and examining an object using electromagnetic millimeter-wave signal illumination
08/18/16Joining a thermoplastic material and a metal
10/17/13Standby aircraft management system
09/17/15Method and measuring a preload of a fastener
09/14/17 new patent  Systems and methods for viscous material vacuum deaeration, and depositing compounds in a structure
09/14/17 new patent  Tool for removing sealant around a seal cap
09/14/17 new patent  Machining/burnishing dual geometry orbital drilling tool
09/14/17 new patent  Systems and methods for depositing compounds in a structure
09/14/17 new patent  Multi-layer film adhesive
09/14/17 new patent  Methods for insulating frame members
09/14/17 new patent  Heat shield assembly and method
09/14/17 new patent  Aerodynamic structures having lower surface spoilers
09/14/17 new patent  Aircraft wing structure and associated addressing lift and drag
09/14/17 new patent  Multiple missile and bomb carriage system
09/14/17 new patent  Automated flight throttle control
09/14/17 new patent  Ventilation conduit for an aircraft
09/14/17 new patent  Methods of making and purifying carbon nanotubes
09/14/17 new patent  Polyarylether ketone imide adhesives
09/14/17 new patent  Polyarylether ketone imide sulfone adhesives
09/14/17 new patent  One-sided fastener assembly and methods and systems for installing the same
09/14/17 new patent  Torque tubes and manufacturing methods thereof
09/14/17 new patent  Blow back prevention device, and associated method
09/14/17 new patent  System and method to test a contact of a connector
09/14/17 new patent  Server algorithms to improve space based authentication
09/14/17 new patent  Composite filler
09/14/17 new patent  Combined structural and electrical repair for multifunctional wideband arrays
09/14/17 new patent  Air-filled quad-ridge radiator for aesa applications
09/14/17 new patent  Reconfigurable electromagnetic interference filter network
09/14/17 new patent  Selective extended archiving of data
09/07/17System and processing a workpiece
09/07/17Apparatus for and processing an edge of a tube
09/07/17Dynamic forming tools for composite parts
09/07/17Adjustable-height inserts and related methods
09/07/17Rotor blade stands
09/07/17Rudder control pedal assembly with linear pedal travel path
09/07/17Non-contact power supply and data transfer on aerial vehicles
09/07/17Conductive radius filler system and method
09/07/17In-line centrifugal sealant debubbler
09/07/17Coatings, coating compositions, and methods of delaying ice formation
09/07/17Electromodification of conductive surfaces
09/07/17Fuel consumption predictions using associative memories
09/07/17Radiographic detection of cracks, defects, or leak pathways in materials and assemblies
09/07/17Apparatus and simulating a failure response in an electromechanical actuator
09/07/17Aircraft landing systems and methods
09/07/17System and developing and managing a training program
08/31/17Apparatuses and methods for applying a glutinous substance
08/31/17Tapered extraction device
08/31/17Apparatuses and methods for coupling threaded fasteners
08/31/17Apparatuses and methods for coupling threaded fasteners
08/31/17Apparatuses and methods for coupling threaded fasteners
08/31/17Apparatuses and methods for coupling and decoupling a tool and a tool retainer of a rotary drive sub-assembly
08/31/17Bit puller
08/31/17Large scale smart susceptor heater blankets requiring multi zone control
08/31/17Integrated smart susceptor heater blanket and vacuum bag deployment system for large composite skin laminate debulk
08/31/17Integrated smart susceptor heater blanket debulk system for composites
08/31/17Disbond resistant composite stiffener runout
08/31/17Vehicle cabin wayfinding assembly
08/31/17Systems and methods for providing emergency location functionality
08/31/17Fuselage manufacturing system
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08/31/17Structurally integrated thermal management system for aerospace vehicles
08/31/17Engine accessory drives systems and methods
08/31/17Valve controller for pressure stabilization
08/31/17Low-profile, rotating-shaft transmission device, and associated method
08/31/17System and measuring liquid levels
08/31/17Nonaqueous radiopaque fluid and associated imaging system and method
08/31/17Method and system for non-destructive testing of composites
08/31/17Inspection of structures
08/31/17Fault detection in variable differential transformer sensors based on zero-crossings of signals
08/31/17Emergency locator transmitter activation device for enhanced emergency location performance
08/31/17Integrated interface architecture and control logic for enhanced emergency location functionality
08/31/17Window protection from bright light sources
08/31/17Lightweight plenum system for spacecraft application
08/31/17Non-conformance mapping and visualization
08/31/17Method and electronic device for optimizing a flight trajectory of an aircraft subject to time of arrival control constraints
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08/31/17Radio frequency energy harvesting system
08/31/17Balancing current within a modular converter system
08/31/17Pneumatic energy harvesting and monitoring
08/31/17System and highly deterministic media access control
08/31/17Method and system for integration of portable devices with flight deck displays
08/24/17Centrifugal air separator coil manufacturing tools and methods
08/24/17High viscosity fluid dispensing system
08/24/17High rate pulsing wing assembly line
08/24/17Limited access fastener installation
08/24/17Natural path forming for composite material
08/24/17Double diaphragm vacuum bagging assembly and use
08/24/17Thermal insulation for aircraft components
08/24/17Movable control surface ejection system
08/24/17Real time galley power management and fault monitoring system
08/24/17Methods of repairing an acoustic sandwich panel and acoustic sandwich panel repair kits therefor
08/24/17Artificial gravity system with rotating hub that is sealed with rotary seals
08/24/17Artificial gravity system with a rotating structure that rotates about a stationary structure
08/24/17Reduction of chromium waste in an aluminum conversion coat processing line
08/24/17Internal mounted cylindrical turbine for electricity generation using exterior flush and scoop intakes
08/24/17Integrated gas purge path for welded sandwich structure
08/24/17Miniaturized tuned mass damper for application to high speed wind tunnel testing
08/24/17System and protection of eyes against laser light
08/24/17Systems and methods to prevent an aircraft from tail contact with the ground
08/24/17Modeling the connection between the software signal path and hardware signal path using routes
08/24/17System and communication of software
08/24/17Methods for localization using geotagged photographs and three-dimensional visualization
08/24/17Quad-t transformer to convert ac single-phase to three-phase power
08/24/17Adaptable high efficiency power inverter system
08/24/17Micro-concentrator module and deployment method
08/24/17Blocking jamming signals intended to disrupt communications
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08/24/17Optical monitoring imaging a component under test
08/17/17Systems and methods for biaxial symmetric canted holes
08/17/17Methods of forming holes in a workpiece and associated systems
08/17/17Dynamic off-axis torque wrench compensation
08/17/17Enhanced systems that facilitate vacuum bag curing of composite parts
08/17/17Enhanced systems that facilitate vacuum bag curing of composite parts
08/17/17Hydraulic an aircraft flight control system
08/17/17Multi-directional elastomeric dampened ball joint assembly
08/17/17Thermal management systems and methods
08/17/17Thermal management systems and methods
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08/17/17Electronic display mounting apparatus
08/17/17Component deployment system
08/17/17Integration of fuel cell with cryogenic source for cooling and reactant
08/17/17Polysynchronous constellation design
08/17/17Devices and methods for handling radius fillers
08/17/17Collision avoidance system for scissor lift
08/17/17Self-releasing ceiling support latch
08/17/17Load relief tie rod
08/17/17Mine-blast impact shield and methods for use thereof
08/17/17Systems for intelligent batch processing
08/17/17Real-time interactive modeling & simulation process for factory layout
08/17/17Systems and methods for temporally-based geospatial data conflation
08/17/17Aircraft maintenance and inspection with data analytics enhancement
08/17/17Dual-locking loto locking pins
08/17/17System and verifying ads-b messages
08/17/17Structural reconfigurable antenna
08/17/17Switchable transmit and receive phased array antenna with high power and compact size
08/17/17Detecting and locating bright light sources from moving aircraft
08/10/17Systems and methods for sanitizing a tray table
08/10/17Systems and methods for sanitizing a tray table
08/10/17Drill plate assemblies
08/10/17Robotic end effector quick change mechanism with switchable magnetic coupler
08/10/17Robotic end effector quick change mechanism with switchable magnetic coupler with moment support
08/10/17Ultrasonic cutting machine with automated blade cleaning system
08/10/17Portable curing system
08/10/17Ply optimization feasibility analysis for multi-layer composite parts
08/10/17Modular system for distributing electrical power and data between structures
08/10/17Non-destructive inspection of airfoil-shaped body using self-propelling articulated robot
08/10/17Spin stabilization of a spacecraft for an orbit maneuver
08/10/17Reorientation of a spinning spacecraft using gimbaled electric thrusters
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08/10/17Vented launch vehicle adaptor for a manned spacecraft with pusher launch abort system
08/10/17Aircraft intent processor
08/10/17System and quantifying x-ray backscatter system performance
08/10/17Method and inspecting a part having a non-linear cross-section
08/10/17Turbulence resistant touch system
08/10/17Optimization of ply orientations for multi-layer composite parts
08/10/17Sublaminate library generation for optimization of multi-panel composite parts
08/10/17Methods and systems for controlling processing sequences
08/10/17System for recapturing energy lost to plasma or ionization heating
08/10/17Scalable planar packaging architecture for actively scanned phased array antenna system
08/10/17Night vision imagining system acuity verification test fixture
08/10/17Conduction cooled autonomous gimbaled inertial measurement unit
08/03/17Countersinking device and associated method
08/03/17Methods and process flows for diffusion bonding and forming metallic sheets
08/03/17Aligning parts using multi-part scanning and feature based coordinate systems
08/03/17Counterbalance system for upper horizontal surface drilling operations
08/03/17Apparatus, isolating a controlled environment for cure process control
08/03/17Soluble manufacturing aid
08/03/17Methods for forming radius fillers for composite structures
08/03/17Apparatus for fabricating composite fasteners
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08/03/17Composite panel power system
08/03/17Window frame assembly for aircraft
08/03/17Aircraft cargo handling system articulating ball mat
08/03/17Kicked spars for rudder and elevator applications
08/03/17Aircraft rudder pedal lockout assemblies systems and methods
08/03/17Methods and systems for assessing an emergency situation
08/03/17Metal alloy knit fabric for high temperature insulating materials
08/03/17Methods and apparatus to adjust bleed ports on an aircraft engine
08/03/17Fiber optic sensing for variable area fan nozzles
08/03/17Solid-state motor and associated systems and methods
08/03/17Snap-in duct support saddle
08/03/17Environmental conditioning systems and methods utilizing polyvinylidene fluoride (pvdf) foam ducts
08/03/17Point cloud processing apparatus and method
08/03/17Hybrid power source and control moment gyroscope
08/03/17Method for test data reduction of composite intralaminar failure mode
08/03/17Determining hole locations for parts
08/03/17Preform fabrication system
08/03/17Methods and systems for generating a fingerprint for verification of a reference object
08/03/17Method and processing service requests
08/03/17Liquid lithium first walls for electromagnetic control of plasmas in fusion power reactor environments
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08/03/17Metal dendrite-free solar cell
08/03/17Vibrating pallet system for automated wire insertion
08/03/17System and controlling the power ratio of a solar concentrator array
08/03/17Systems and methods for protecting against high-radiant-flux light based on time-of-flight
08/03/17System and forming electrical interconnects
07/27/17Orbital drilling system and associated methods and apparatuses
07/27/17Double socket telescopic torque reactor
07/27/17Apparatus and method to optically locate workpiece for robotic operations
07/27/17Electromagnetic support tooling for composite part curing
07/27/17Bladder that changes stiffness based on temperature effects for manufacture of composite components
07/27/17System, method, and tool assembly for removing a component from a mandrel assembly
07/27/17Apparatus and forming a composite structure
07/27/17Composite structures with stiffeners and making the same
07/27/17Apparatus and forming a composite structure
07/27/17Sandwich panel assembly and method
07/27/17Aircraft liquid heat exchanger anti-icing system
07/27/17Aircraft and associated providing electrical energy to an anti-icing system
07/27/17Methods and systems for wing-to-body joining
07/27/17Augmented reality system for assessing an affected area of an aircraft
07/27/17Unpressurized cargo transfer pallet and structural support
07/27/17Low hydrogen embrittlement zinc/nickel plating for high strength steels
07/27/17Scaffolding apparatus and related methods
07/27/17Magneto-thermal convection actuator
07/27/17Structural propellant for ion rockets (spir)
07/27/17Clamps and methods of forming clamps
07/27/17Method for fuel tank spark containment
07/27/17Perturbed oscillatory kinetics electrochemistry systems and methods
07/27/17Moisture detecting bleeder materials
07/27/17Characterization of wrinkles and periodic variations in material using infrared thermography
07/27/17Multi-layer ultrasound imagers
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07/27/17System and time reversal situational awareness
07/27/17System and validating and inspecting composite parts
07/27/17Normalized probability of change algorithm for image processing
07/27/17Satellite communication system
07/27/17System and methods for responding to cybersecurity threats
07/20/17Lavatory disinfection system
07/20/17Method of forming a highly-deformable titanium or titanium-alloy one-piece fastener
07/20/17Apparatuses and methods for tool height setting
07/20/17Air cooled spindle exhaust air redirection system for enhanced machining byproduct recovery
07/20/17Conformable induction coils for induction joining
07/20/17Systems for shape memory alloy structures
07/20/17Split winglet
07/20/17Rotorcraft and associated rotor blade position monitoring system and method
07/20/17Method for a curing cycle of an inorganic thermoset resin
07/20/17Ice adhesion reducing prepolymers and polymers
07/20/17Integrated locks with visual indicators for aircraft galley systems
07/20/17Thrust reverser cascade systems and methods
07/20/17Methods and systems for slot joining using slot cases
07/20/17Pass-through bulkhead seal fitting
07/20/17Systems and methods for fuel leak detection
07/20/17Systems, methods, and devices for probe assemblies for variable curvature and variable angle configurations
07/20/17Detecting and displaying flaws in a device under test
07/20/17Due regard radar system
07/20/17System and protective eyewear
07/20/17Systems and methods for providing sunlight simulation in a vehicle simulator
07/13/17Apparatuses and methods for processing a confined area of a workpiece
07/13/17Patch fabrication system
07/13/17Extrusion apparatus and method using variable extrusion gate
07/13/172-stage extrusion apparatus and extrusion

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