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The Boeing Company
The Boeing Corporation
The Boeing Company A Corporation Of Delaware
The Boeing Compnay
The Boeing Company_20100107
The Boeing Comapny
The Boeing Company And Universal Alloy Corporation
The Boeing Company_20100114
The Boeing Company_20100128
The Boeing Copany
The Boeing Compay
The Boeing Company_20131212
The Boeing Company_20100121

The Boeing Co patents

Recent patent applications related to The Boeing Co. The Boeing Co is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: The Boeing Co may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with The Boeing Co, we're just tracking patents.

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04/28/16Integrated live and simulation environment system for an aircraft
11/12/15System and code multiplexing
10/01/15Vertically landing aircraft
02/12/15New formulation methodology for distortional thermosets
05/01/14Pressure debulking system
04/24/14Integrated live and simulation environment system for an aircraft
07/12/12Method and examining an object using electromagnetic millimeter-wave signal illumination
08/18/16Joining a thermoplastic material and a metal
10/17/13Standby aircraft management system
09/17/15Method and measuring a preload of a fastener
07/20/17 new patent  Lavatory disinfection system
07/20/17 new patent  Method of forming a highly-deformable titanium or titanium-alloy one-piece fastener
07/20/17 new patent  Apparatuses and methods for tool height setting
07/20/17 new patent  Air cooled spindle exhaust air redirection system for enhanced machining byproduct recovery
07/20/17 new patent  Conformable induction coils for induction joining
07/20/17 new patent  Systems for shape memory alloy structures
07/20/17 new patent  Split winglet
07/20/17 new patent  Rotorcraft and associated rotor blade position monitoring system and method
07/20/17 new patent  Method for a curing cycle of an inorganic thermoset resin
07/20/17 new patent  Ice adhesion reducing prepolymers and polymers
07/20/17 new patent  Integrated locks with visual indicators for aircraft galley systems
07/20/17 new patent  Thrust reverser cascade systems and methods
07/20/17 new patent  Methods and systems for slot joining using slot cases
07/20/17 new patent  Pass-through bulkhead seal fitting
07/20/17 new patent  Systems and methods for fuel leak detection
07/20/17 new patent  Systems, methods, and devices for probe assemblies for variable curvature and variable angle configurations
07/20/17 new patent  Detecting and displaying flaws in a device under test
07/20/17 new patent  Due regard radar system
07/20/17 new patent  System and protective eyewear
07/20/17 new patent  Systems and methods for providing sunlight simulation in a vehicle simulator
07/13/17Apparatuses and methods for processing a confined area of a workpiece
07/13/17Patch fabrication system
07/13/17Extrusion apparatus and method using variable extrusion gate
07/13/172-stage extrusion apparatus and extrusion
07/13/17Edge breathers for composite products
07/13/17Cutter blades for automated fiber placement machines
07/13/17Aircraft bay blankets that provide enhanced drainage features
07/13/17Ducted fan doors for aircraft
07/13/17Enhanced performance jet engine mounting struts
07/13/17Systems and methods for providing airplane performance calculations
07/13/17Wing lift system capability expansion
07/13/17Portal chamber for entering or exiting a gravity chamber of a habitation module while the gravity chamber rotates
07/13/17Expandable gravity chamber for a habitation module that is housed in an inflatable shell
07/13/17Gravity chamber for a habitation module that rotates on support bearings
07/13/17Gravity chamber that rotates on support bearings mounted on an inner surface of a hull of a habitation module
07/13/17Gravity chamber that rotates on support bearings mounted on an outer surface of a hull of a habitation module
07/13/17Thrust reverser
07/13/17Mounting clip and related methods
07/13/17Linear actuator system with circumferentially and axially adjustable end stop assembly
07/13/17Flight test instrumentation rack handling device
07/13/17Systems and methods for projected grid-based location tracking
07/13/17Coordinating sensor platforms performing persistent surveillance
07/13/17Integrated pipe pressure and temperature sensors and related methods
07/13/17Quantum signal detection systems and methods
07/13/17System and methods for managing changes to a product in a manufacturing environment including a minor model relational design
07/13/17System and methods for managing changes to a product in a manufacturing environment including an anytime design check
07/13/17System and methods for managing changes to a product in a manufacturing environment including a bill of material pre-processor
07/13/17Aircraft information retrieval using onboard rfid tags
07/13/17Data acquisition and encoding process linking physical objects with virtual data for manufacturing, inspection, maintenance and repair
07/13/17System and methods for managing changes to a product in a manufacturing environment including conversion of an engineering bill of material to a manufacturing bill of material
07/13/17Complex shape structure for liquid lithium first walls of fusion power reactor environments
07/13/17Multi-pulse electromagnetic device including a linear magnetic core configuration
07/13/17Structures for increased current generation and collection in solar cells with low absorptance and/or low diffusion length
07/13/17Structures for increased current generation and collection in solar cells with low absorptance and/or low diffusion length
07/13/17Cumulative trajectory of cyber reconnaissance indicators
Patent Packs
07/06/17Variable rake fatigue enhancing orbital drilling cutter
07/06/17Recycling of broad goods with thermoplastic stabilizer materials
07/06/17Tooling double-vacuum-bag degassing of a composite layup
07/06/17Thermoplastic composite structures embedded with at least one load fitting and methods of manufacturing same
07/06/17Controlling airloads on aircraft folding wing tips
07/06/17Systems and methods for conveying passengers, flight crew personnel, containers and food service carts
07/06/17Sliding closet
07/06/17Apparatuses and methods for anti-icing of speed measurement probes
07/06/17Auxiliary power unit inlet apparatus and methods
07/06/17Aircraft engine and associated driving the fan with the low pressure shaft during taxi operations
07/06/17Apparatuses and methods for manipulating curved sheets
07/06/17Methods, systems and apparatuses for curing epoxy-containing prepreg composite assembly
07/06/17Methods and apparatuses for applying activated primer to a substrate surface
07/06/17Isoelectronic surfactant induced sublattice disordering in optoelectronic devices
07/06/17Systems and methods for heat balance and transport for aircraft hydraulic systems
Patent Packs
07/06/17Motion-damping systems and methods including the same
07/06/17Elliptically interfacing gearbox
07/06/17Reinforced thermoplastic ducts and their manufacture
07/06/17Apparatus for coupling tubular components and associated methods
07/06/17Flow control device and methods of attachment
07/06/17Initial stress and eigenstrain computation system and method
07/06/17Health management using distances for segmented time series
07/06/17System and rapid and robust uncertainty management during multidisciplinary analysis
07/06/17System and rapid and robust uncertainty management during multidisciplinary analysis
07/06/17Sound generator for virtual switches in a simulator
07/06/17Saturation resistant electromagnetic device
07/06/17Bonding using conductive particles in conducting adhesives
07/06/17Structural antenna array and making the same
07/06/17System and harvesting energy from a moving vehicle
07/06/17System and estimating wireless device positions
06/29/17Surface materials for decontamination with decontaminants
06/29/17Self-locating robots
06/29/17Composite filler
06/29/17Coordinated composite tape laying
06/29/17Splice joints for composite aircraft fuselages and other structures
06/29/17Detection and assessment of damage to composite structure
06/29/17Visible x-ray indication and detection system for x-ray backscatter applications
06/29/17Detection and assessment of damage to composite structure
06/29/17Passenger communications system
06/22/17Method and layup tooling
06/22/17System and securely connecting portions of a composite structure together
06/22/17Fuselage structure for accommodating tails and canards of different sizes and shapes
06/22/17Rapid curing thiol epoxy resin with improved compression strength performance
06/22/17Methods and apparatuses for selective chemical etching
06/22/17Methods and noise attenuation in an engine nacelle
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06/22/17Composite inspection
06/22/17Composite inspection
06/22/17Composite inspection
06/22/17Universal delta set management
06/22/17Constant-envelope phase-optimized transmission methods and apparatus
06/15/17Centrifugal air separators
06/15/17Metrology assisted part forming system and method
06/15/17Apparatus, system, and forming metal parts
06/15/17Multi-axis adjustment machining a workpiece and associated method
06/15/17Multifunction end effector
Patent Packs
06/15/17Apparatus for bonding laminate structures
06/15/17Thermoplastic welding apparatus and related methods
06/15/17Methods and cabin lighting for aircraft main cabin
06/15/17Flight control lockout device
06/15/17System and aircraft ice detection within a zone of non-detection
06/15/17Predictive aircraft maintenance systems and methods incorporating classifier ensembles
06/15/17Ice adhesion reducing polymers
06/15/17Method of making fiber with gradient properties
06/15/17Systems and methods for use in covering a portion of a fastener protruding from a surface
06/15/17Lightweight fire detection systems and methods
06/15/17Boundary layer flow sensor
06/15/17Laser inspection system and use
06/15/17Apparatuses, methods, and systems for inspecting a composite end portion of a part
06/15/17System and identifying and tracking unacknowledged marine vessels
06/15/17Light detection and ranging (lidar) imaging systems and methods
06/15/17Fault monitoring for vehicles
06/15/17Method and system for wireless attack detection and mitigation
06/08/17System for increasing the bulk density of metal powder
06/08/17Reconfigurable fixturing system and method
06/08/17Three dimensional printing of parts
06/08/17Radius fillers for composite structures, composite structures that include radius fillers, and systems and methods of forming the same
06/08/17System and use in fabricating a structure
06/08/17Aircraft wing fairing drive assembly, system, and method
06/08/17Imu pod and retrieval of the same
06/08/17Aircraft ice detection systems and methods
06/08/17Methods and apparatus to vary an air intake of aircraft engines
06/08/17Crane bumper containment sleeves
06/08/17Modular powered mover attachment
06/08/17Carbon nanomaterial composite sheet and making the same
06/08/17Apparatuses and methods for processing a metal ribbon
Patent Packs
06/08/17Method of making hollow fiber with gradient properties
06/08/17Variable-geometry ducted fan
06/08/17Pressurized fluid line deresonator
06/08/17Cryogenic tank and storing cryogenic liquids
06/08/17Propellant gauging tool for predicting propellant mass in a propellant storage volume
06/08/17Detecting inclusions and disbonds in green material repairs with thermography
06/08/17Infrared thermographic porosity quantification in composite structures
06/08/17Multispectral imaging detecting foreign object debris
06/08/17Automatic data bus wire integrity verification device
06/08/17Amplitued calibration of a stepped-chirp signal for a synthetic aperture radar
06/08/17Light detection and ranging (lidar) scanning systems and methods
06/08/17Part inspection system and method
06/08/17System and model-based optimization of subcomponent sensor communications
06/08/17Carbon nanotube shielding for transmission cables
06/08/17Systems and methods for thermal control of integrated circuits
06/08/17Simultaneous linearization of multiple power amplifiers with independent power
06/08/17Hardware assisted fast pseudorandom number generation
06/08/17Secured distributed computing across multiple firewalls
06/01/17Methods and systems for forming aligned holes
06/01/17Carbon fiber reinforced plastic (cfrp) stringer termination softening with stacked cfrp noodle
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06/01/17Multi-planar fiber matrix tool-less preform for resin infusion
06/01/17Methods of forming a thinned prepreg sheet
06/01/17Aircraft side of body joint
06/01/17Systems for latching and locking a folding wing
06/01/17Leading edge high-lift device
06/01/17Ph sensitive quantum dots for use as cure indicators
06/01/17Safety gate hinge
06/01/17Thrust reversers and methods to provide reverse thrust
06/01/17Reconfigurable lubrication system for tiltrotor transmission
06/01/17Sealant containment assembly, system, and method
06/01/17Computer aided measuring system (cams) temperature reporters
06/01/17X-ray scatter detecting structural variations
06/01/17Alternative communications for an air vehicle
06/01/17Infrared detector and detecting one or more bands of infrared radiation
06/01/17Infrared detector and detecting one or more bands of infrared radiation
06/01/17Wireless power for vehicular passenger seats
05/25/17Hole cleaning apparatus and method
05/25/17System and preparing a fluid flow surface
05/25/17Repair pin-stud for repairing honeycomb panels
05/25/17Controlling the heating of a composite part
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05/25/17Induction heating cells including pressure bladders and methods of using thereof
05/25/17Modular thermoforming system
05/25/17Method and three-dimensional printing
05/25/17System and cutting material in continuous fiber reinforced additive manufacturing
05/25/17Automated fastener insert installation system for composite panels
05/25/17Aircraft bay blankets that provide enhanced drainage features
05/25/17Systems and methods for powering an airborne vehicle from a ground power supply
05/25/17Galley system of an aircraft
05/25/17Integrated aircraft seat and sidewall
05/25/17Seat tracks with composite frames
05/25/17Methods and determining seatbelt status
05/25/17System and manufacturing a wing panel
05/25/17Multi-stage space launch systems with reusable thrust augmentation and associated methods
05/25/17Impact resistant liquid bladders
05/25/17Method for balancing a turbofan engine or other rotating system
05/25/17Thermal electric assembly attached on an outer surface of a hot section of a gas turbine engine to generate electrical power
05/25/17Method of installing a structural blind fastener
05/25/17Apparatus and spectroscopic analysis of residue
05/25/17System and analyzing a curved surface
05/25/17Passive radar weather detection systems and methods
05/25/17Controlling optical delay
05/25/17Method and system for generating minimal cut-sets for highly integrated large systems
05/25/17Automated fastener insert installation system for composite panels
05/25/17Simulation environment
05/25/17Multi-resolution, change-driven imagery collection asset tasking system
05/25/17Total-ordering in process planning
05/25/17Edge feature measurement
05/25/17Communication of flight management computer data via a wireless interface of a data capture device
05/25/17Symmetrical step-up and step-down autotransformer delta topology
05/25/17Temperature conrolled platform, system, and holding, probing, and testing solar cells
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05/25/17License utilization management system service suite
05/25/17Forming integrated composite structures system and methods
05/18/17Continuous linear production in a selective laser sintering system
05/18/17Multi-step drilling apparatus and methods utilizing air flow sensing control
05/18/17Ergonomic handle
05/18/17Advanced multiple grid heat sources to achieve optimized cure structure and making the same
05/18/17Heat shrinkable film tube and manufacturing hollow composite parts
05/18/17Apparatus and method to predetermine a mechanical property of a three-dimensional object built by additive manufacturing
05/18/17Process for inhibiting galvanic corrosion of an aluminum structure connected, without using a splice plate, to a composite structure having a fiber including graphite
05/18/17Embedded lighting features for lighting panels
05/18/17Cart use
05/18/17Fuse pin model differential or exclusion feature
05/18/17Apparatus for preventing lightning strike damage to a structural component
05/18/17Fuse pin model differential or exclusion feature
05/18/17Energy efficient satellite maneuvering
05/18/17Systems and methods for shimming flexible bodies
05/18/17Self-regulating thermal insulation and related methods
05/18/17Thermal actuators and related methods
05/18/17Visualization and manipulation of micro-scale calorimeter chamber data matrices
05/18/17Positioner for electrodynamic shaker
05/18/17Ultrasonic system for nondestructive testing
05/18/17Verification of trustworthiness of position information transmitted from an aircraft via a communications satellite
05/18/17Systems and methods for tiltable grating out-couplers
05/18/17Methods and systems for increasing processor speed by creating rule engine rules from unstructured text
05/18/17Secure removable storage for aircraft systems
05/18/17Parallel modular converter architecture
05/18/17Compensation technique for spatial non-uniformities in solar simulator systems
05/18/17Method and routing ip packets in multi-beam satellite networks
05/18/17Embedded lighting, microphone, and speaker features for composite panels

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