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The Boeing Co patents

Recent patent applications related to The Boeing Co. The Boeing Co is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: The Boeing Co may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with The Boeing Co, we're just tracking patents.

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04/28/16Integrated live and simulation environment system for an aircraft
11/12/15System and code multiplexing
10/01/15Vertically landing aircraft
02/12/15New formulation methodology for distortional thermosets
05/01/14Pressure debulking system
04/24/14Integrated live and simulation environment system for an aircraft
07/12/12Method and examining an object using electromagnetic millimeter-wave signal illumination
08/18/16Joining a thermoplastic material and a metal
10/17/13Standby aircraft management system
09/17/15Method and measuring a preload of a fastener
05/25/17 new patent  Hole cleaning apparatus and method
05/25/17 new patent  System and preparing a fluid flow surface
05/25/17 new patent  Repair pin-stud for repairing honeycomb panels
05/25/17 new patent  Controlling the heating of a composite part
05/25/17 new patent  Induction heating cells including pressure bladders and methods of using thereof
05/25/17 new patent  Modular thermoforming system
05/25/17 new patent  Method and three-dimensional printing
05/25/17 new patent  System and cutting material in continuous fiber reinforced additive manufacturing
05/25/17 new patent  Automated fastener insert installation system for composite panels
05/25/17 new patent  Aircraft bay blankets that provide enhanced drainage features
05/25/17 new patent  Systems and methods for powering an airborne vehicle from a ground power supply
05/25/17 new patent  Galley system of an aircraft
05/25/17 new patent  Integrated aircraft seat and sidewall
05/25/17 new patent  Seat tracks with composite frames
05/25/17 new patent  Methods and determining seatbelt status
05/25/17 new patent  System and manufacturing a wing panel
05/25/17 new patent  Multi-stage space launch systems with reusable thrust augmentation and associated methods
05/25/17 new patent  Impact resistant liquid bladders
05/25/17 new patent  Method for balancing a turbofan engine or other rotating system
05/25/17 new patent  Thermal electric assembly attached on an outer surface of a hot section of a gas turbine engine to generate electrical power
05/25/17 new patent  Method of installing a structural blind fastener
05/25/17 new patent  Apparatus and spectroscopic analysis of residue
05/25/17 new patent  System and analyzing a curved surface
05/25/17 new patent  Passive radar weather detection systems and methods
05/25/17 new patent  Controlling optical delay
05/25/17 new patent  Method and system for generating minimal cut-sets for highly integrated large systems
05/25/17 new patent  Automated fastener insert installation system for composite panels
05/25/17 new patent  Simulation environment
05/25/17 new patent  Multi-resolution, change-driven imagery collection asset tasking system
05/25/17 new patent  Total-ordering in process planning
05/25/17 new patent  Edge feature measurement
05/25/17 new patent  Communication of flight management computer data via a wireless interface of a data capture device
05/25/17 new patent  Symmetrical step-up and step-down autotransformer delta topology
05/25/17 new patent  Temperature conrolled platform, system, and holding, probing, and testing solar cells
05/25/17 new patent  License utilization management system service suite
05/25/17 new patent  Forming integrated composite structures system and methods
05/18/17Continuous linear production in a selective laser sintering system
05/18/17Multi-step drilling apparatus and methods utilizing air flow sensing control
05/18/17Ergonomic handle
05/18/17Advanced multiple grid heat sources to achieve optimized cure structure and making the same
05/18/17Heat shrinkable film tube and manufacturing hollow composite parts
05/18/17Apparatus and method to predetermine a mechanical property of a three-dimensional object built by additive manufacturing
05/18/17Process for inhibiting galvanic corrosion of an aluminum structure connected, without using a splice plate, to a composite structure having a fiber including graphite
05/18/17Embedded lighting features for lighting panels
05/18/17Cart use
05/18/17Fuse pin model differential or exclusion feature
05/18/17Apparatus for preventing lightning strike damage to a structural component
05/18/17Fuse pin model differential or exclusion feature
05/18/17Energy efficient satellite maneuvering
05/18/17Systems and methods for shimming flexible bodies
05/18/17Self-regulating thermal insulation and related methods
05/18/17Thermal actuators and related methods
05/18/17Visualization and manipulation of micro-scale calorimeter chamber data matrices
05/18/17Positioner for electrodynamic shaker
05/18/17Ultrasonic system for nondestructive testing
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05/18/17Verification of trustworthiness of position information transmitted from an aircraft via a communications satellite
05/18/17Systems and methods for tiltable grating out-couplers
05/18/17Methods and systems for increasing processor speed by creating rule engine rules from unstructured text
05/18/17Secure removable storage for aircraft systems
05/18/17Parallel modular converter architecture
05/18/17Compensation technique for spatial non-uniformities in solar simulator systems
05/18/17Method and routing ip packets in multi-beam satellite networks
05/18/17Embedded lighting, microphone, and speaker features for composite panels
05/11/17Edge preparation for laser welding
05/11/17Composite filler
05/11/17Bonded tab and tooling device
05/11/17Edge breathers for composite products
05/11/17Inverted double dome double vacuum debulk tool
05/11/17Sidewall panel assembly and return air bridge for use in an aircraft assembly
05/11/17Enhanced water capture systems for aircraft interiors
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05/11/17Automated braided sleeve placement and tensioning
05/11/17Mitigating shock using plasma
05/11/17Method and establishing an environmentally isolated volume
05/11/17Aircraft galley exhaust system and assembling same
05/11/17Methods and systems for waste containment
05/11/17Hoist assembly and lifting
05/11/17Composition having mechanical property gradients at locations of polymer nanoparticles
05/11/17Truss end pad fitting
05/11/17Synchro measurement determining an angular position of a control shaft
05/11/17Methods and apparatus to autonomously navigate a vehicle by selecting sensors from which to obtain measurements for navigation
05/11/17Advanced automated process for the wing-to-body join of an aircraft with predictive surface scanning
05/11/17High fidelity and high efficiency sonic boom predictions in supersonic flights
05/11/17Systems and methods for object tracking and classification
05/11/17System and monitoring structural health of bonded components
05/11/17Computer-implemented setting up an air traffic simulator
05/11/17Eddy current repulsion motor
05/11/17Electronic quantum information probability transfer
05/11/17Method for detecting malicious activity on an aircraft network
05/11/17System for caching and distribution of cloud based spatial imagery to multiple view ports
05/11/17Woven smart susceptor heat blankets
05/11/17Highly formable smart susceptor blankets
05/04/17Friction stir welding machine having a rotatable anvil and associated method
05/04/17Mandrel bladder end fitting
05/04/17Devices, systems, and methods for compacting a charge of composite material across an edge
05/04/17Method and repairing composite materials
05/04/17Extrusion apparatus and method
05/04/17Rotational tooling layup and cure of composite stringers
05/04/17Methods and molding and joining composite parts
05/04/17Waterborne payload deployment vessel and method
05/04/17Deep rolling forming
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05/04/17Mounting systems for personal electronic devices and related methods
05/04/17Systems and methods for shielding structures from radiation and magnetic field exposure
05/04/17Methods and apparatuses for temporary floor assembly
05/04/17Nacelle-integrated air-driven augmentor fan for increasing propulsor bypass ratio & efficiency
05/04/17Sandwich panel joints and methods for joining sandwich panels
05/04/17Elliptically interfacing wobble motion gearing system and method
05/04/17Methods and systems for non-destructive testing
05/04/17Borescope calibrator and user check gauge
05/04/17Zoomed viewing of terminal charts
05/04/17System and distributing file system changes to remotely located file replicas
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05/04/17Locating a feature for robotic guidance
05/04/17Multi-junction solar cell with self compensating sub-cells
05/04/17System and distributing "semi-blind" electronic messages
05/04/17Defense mechanism against directed-energy systems based on laser induced atmospheric optical breakdown
04/27/17Methods and systems for applying aerodynamically functional coatings to a surface
04/27/17Heating of thermoplastic interlayers in a preform tool for producing a preform of a composite member
04/27/17Moisture accumulation prevention systems and methods
04/27/17Rotorcraft controls and rotorcraft including such rotorcraft controls
04/27/17Systems and methods for protecting a vehicle from a directed energy attack
04/27/17Zoom climb prevention system for enhanced performance
04/27/17Sound attenuation apparatus and method
04/27/17Aircraft engine fan speed display improvements for enhanced monitoring and thrust setting ability
04/27/17Whisker reinforced high fracture toughness ceramic threaded fasteners
04/27/17High fracture toughness ceramic support nut plate and gang channel
04/27/17Double eccentric positioning apparatus
04/27/17Optical target orienting system and method
04/27/17Pattern-based camera pose estimation system
04/27/17Optimized camera pose estimation system
04/27/17Structure-based camera pose estimation system
04/27/17Methods and systems for autonomous generation of shortest lateral paths for unmanned aerial systems
04/27/17Enhanced hybrid-tee coupler
04/27/17Whisker reinforced high fracture toughness ceramic tips for radomes
04/27/17Radio frequency chokes for integrated phased-array antennas
04/27/17Energy ratio sensor for laser resonator system
04/27/17Hyperspectral resolution using three-color camera
04/27/17System and data retransmission through rf opaque barriers
04/27/17Satellite link budget command interface tool
04/27/17Interchangeable internal modular avionics platform assembly
04/20/17Brushes for delivering glutinous substance to workpiece from end-effector and methods for using the same
04/20/17Brushes for delivering glutinous substance to workpiece from end-effector and methods for making and using the same
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04/20/17Brushes for delivering glutinous substance to workpiece from end-effector and methods for making the same
04/20/17Systems, apparatuses, and methods for applying glutinous substances
04/20/17Robotic end effector and maskless painting
04/20/17Applicators for delivering glutinous substance to workpiece from end-effector and associated apparatuses, systems, and methods
04/20/17Applicators for delivering glutinous substance to workpiece from end-effector and associated apparatuses, systems, and methods
04/20/17Applicators for delivering glutinous substance to workpiece from end-effector and associated apparatuses, systems, and methods
04/20/17Systems, apparatuses, and methods for applying glutinous substances
04/20/17Systems, apparatuses, and methods for applying glutinous substances
04/20/17Systems, apparatuses, and methods for loading and unloading brushes to and from end-effector
04/20/17Elongated elastomeric parts and mandrels for facilitating removal of elongated elastomeric parts formed thereon
04/20/17Systems and methods for drape forming a charge of composite material
04/20/17Walking robot
04/20/17Corner tension fitting
04/20/17Frame insulation providing enhanced drainage features
04/20/17Multi-box wing spar and skin
04/20/17Composite failsafe torque tube
04/20/17Controlled energy absorption of seats for impact
04/20/17Deployable door-mounted seat
04/20/17Interference fit quench plug assembly and methods for use thereof
04/20/17Systems and methods for refreshing passenger garments onboard an aircraft
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04/20/17Folding door thrust reversers for aircraft engines
04/20/17Sealing system for fasteners
04/20/17Generation of linear feedback shift register based pseudo random noise (prn) spreading code sequence for global navigation satellite system
04/20/17System and environmental control system diagnosis and prognosis
04/20/17Employing associative memory for enhanced lifecycle management
04/20/17Systems and methods for object detection
04/20/17Systems and methods for providing a virtual heads up display in a vehicle simulator
04/20/17Surface card antenna apparatus
04/20/17Airplane identity management with redundant line replaceable units (lrus) and composite airplane modifiable information (ami)
04/20/17Spacecraft network management system and method
04/13/17Height adjusting swivel drill block
04/13/17Dynamic automation work zone safety system
04/13/17Mechanical support tooling and/or mandrel for composite part curing
04/13/17Methods and forming microscopic features on a film layer
04/13/17Composite manufacturing with a multi-dimensional array of independently-controllable thermal zones
04/13/17Apparatus configured as a structure comprising a skin including a bond without a splice plate
04/13/17Composite structure and barely visible impact damage detection
04/13/17Composite stiffener with integral conductive element
04/13/17Thermal insulation system, aircraft, and vehicle having same
04/13/17Methods and apparatuses for payload deployment using low-force release and replacement of outer mold line panel
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04/13/17Wearable electronic display and displaying information to a pilot
04/13/17Formulation methodology for distortional thermosets
04/13/17Flow reactor synthesis of polymers
04/13/17Temperature-resistant silicone resins
04/13/17X-ray vision aircraft landscape camera
04/13/17Layout of passenger arrangements implementation using previously designed configurations
04/13/17Flight deck displays to enable visual separation standard
04/13/17Semiconductor device including an electrically conductive adhesive layer and a bypass diode in a carrier
04/13/17Phased array antenna system including a modular control and monitoring architecture
04/13/17Rigidly mounted tracking solar panel and method
04/13/17Scrambled counter mode for differential power analysis resistant encryption
04/13/17Scrambled tweak mode of blockciphers for differential power analysis resistant encryption
04/13/17Data dependent authentication keys for differential power analysis resistant authentication
04/13/17Wireless collection of fastener data
04/06/17Method and device for producing contoured composite laminate stiffeners with reduced wrinkling
04/06/17Method of curing a composite article using differential vacuum
04/06/17Pressure hull penetrator for submersible vehicles that utilize fuel cells
04/06/17Aerial agricultural management system
04/06/17Consolidated flight deck task list based on alerting and checklist items
04/06/17Dual port payload attach ring compatible satellite
04/06/17Sandwich structure having hinge assemblies for accommodating differential in-plane expansion of face sheets
04/06/17Injection-bonded joint and forming
04/06/17Product management system with supplier risk management
04/06/17Methods for diverting lightning current from skin fasteners in composite, non-metallic structures
04/06/17Cybersecurity system with differentiated capacity to deal with complex cyber attacks
04/06/17Method and telemetry system data rate optimization
03/30/17Fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite structure and making the same
03/30/17Anisotropic reinforcement of composite structures
03/30/17Lamination parameter-based optimal design and manufacturing options
03/30/17Composite layup tools for aircraft fuselage barrels, methods of assembling the layup tools, and aircraft fuselage barrel sections formed utilizing the layup tools
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03/30/17Method and reducing ply wrinkling of composite laminates during forming
03/30/17System and additive fabrication using laminated sheets
03/30/17Aircraft wing assemblies
03/30/17Embedded dielectric structures for active flow control plasma sources
03/30/17Low speed airfoil design for aerodynamic improved performance of uavs
03/30/17Automated galley fire protection system
03/30/17Trailing edge core compartment vent for an aircraft engine
03/30/17Aircraft nitrogen generation and oxygen distribution
03/30/17Airplane status system
03/30/17Hinged baffle for autoclave that deploys at a target temperature during a run cycle
03/30/17Blind hole location tool
03/30/17Weight loader
03/30/17Systems, methods, and devices for performance monitoring of mechanical assemblies
03/30/17Determining aerosol material compatibility
03/30/17Sealant testing for aircraft fuel tanks
03/30/17Apparatus, system, and non-destructive ultrasonic inspection
03/30/17Synthetic wave laser ranging sensors and methods
03/30/17Organization and visualization of content from multiple media sources
03/30/17System for maintenance of a manufactured product
03/30/17Ergonomics awareness chairs, systems, and methods
03/30/17Apparatus to generate aircraft intent and related methods
03/30/17Two-part snap-together feedthroughs
03/30/17Method and fabricating susceptor coil assemblies
03/30/17Optoelectric devices comprising hybrid metamorphic buffer layers
03/30/17Ferrite-enhanced metamaterials
03/30/17Method and fabricating a susceptor coil assembly ribbon
03/23/17Resin application tip for a cut edge
03/23/17Friction welding system
03/23/17Material tensioning system

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