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The Boeing Copany
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The Boeing Co patents (2009 archive)

Recent patent applications related to The Boeing Co. The Boeing Co is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: The Boeing Co may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with The Boeing Co, we're just tracking patents.

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12/31/09Method and apparatus for forming and installing stringers
12/31/09Systems and methods for reducing noise from jet engine exhaust
12/31/09Electronic torque wrench and method for torquing fasteners
12/31/09Solar power device
12/31/09Stowage bin with shear fittings
12/31/09Fairing and airfoil apparatus and method
12/31/09Attachment assembly and method
12/31/09Method and apparatus for detecting conditons conducive to ice formation
12/31/09Method for performing ir spectroscopy measurements to quantify a level of uv effect
12/31/09Sample preparation and methods for portable ir spectroscopy measurements of uv and thermal effect
12/31/09Reconfigurable workpiece support fixture
12/31/09Object location and reporting system for harsh rf environments
12/31/09System and method for communicating an aircraft's intended path to the runway to direct the aircraft along the runway
12/31/09Method for fabricating thermal effect standards
12/31/09Method and device of peak detection in preamble synchronization for direct sequence spread spectrum communication
12/31/09System and method for monitoring completed manufacturing operations
12/31/09Cargo tracking and visibility system and method
12/24/09Cyclone separator
12/24/09Precise absolute time transfer from a satellite system
12/24/09Variable diameter cutting tool
12/24/09Multi-layer film adhesive
12/24/09Control and monitor heterogeneous autonomous transport devices
12/24/09Supplier build status visibility tool
12/24/09Reinforced stiffeners and method for making the same
12/17/09System and method for preparing a launch device
12/17/09Aircraft control surface drive system and associated methods
12/17/09Method and system for enhanced remote detection of low concentration vapors
12/17/09Solar array peak power extraction
12/17/09Heatshield using ablative material and method of making same
12/17/09Heat shield having strain compliant matrix and method of forming same
12/17/09Wear-resistant coating for polymeric transparencies
12/17/09Tape course generation method and apparatus for programming a composite tape lamination machine
12/17/09Virtual environment systems and methods
12/10/09Systematic disc resonator gyroscope tuning
12/10/09Storage bin latch assembly
12/10/09Apparatus and method for detection of a film on a surface
12/10/09Method and apparatus for tagging and identifying a target
12/10/09Combined fuel cell aircraft auxiliary power unit and environmental control system
12/10/09System and method for taxi route entry parsing
12/03/09Adjustable fittings for attaching support members to fluid conduits, including aircraft fuel conduits, and associated systems and methods
12/03/09Fastener receptacle for a panel
12/03/09Ground vehicle collision prevention systems and methods
12/03/09Systems and methods for targeting directed energy devices
12/03/09Thermal management device and method for making the same
12/03/09System and method for providing integrated services across cryptographic boundaries in a network
12/03/09Modified blade stiffener and fabrication method therefor
12/03/09Self decontaminating chemical and biological agent resistant coating
12/03/09Method, system and computer program product for analyzing maintenance operations and assessing the readiness of repairable systems
12/03/09Net-shaped duct forming apparatus and method
11/26/09Detecting and reworking inconsistencies proximate aircraft splice joints
11/26/09Gimbal system angle compensation
11/26/09Reference beacon methods and apparatus for tdoa/fdoa geolocation
11/26/09Innovative combinational closed-loop and open-loop satellite user terminal power control system
11/26/09System and method for communicating intent of aircraft
11/26/09Responding to aircraft excursions from flight envelopes
11/26/09Method and system of determining effectiveness of an aircraft braking system on an aircraft during an aircraft landing
11/26/09Mixed carbon foam/metallic heat exchanger
11/19/09Methods and apparatus for aerial recovery of flying apparatus
11/19/09Impact resistant composite structures
11/19/09Attachment system and method
11/19/09Direct-manufactured duct interconnects
11/19/09Impact resistant core
11/19/09Robotic system including foldable robotic arm
11/12/09Pulse echo/through transmission ultrasonic testing
11/12/09Composite leg for landing gear assembly
11/12/09Identification and mapping of underground facilities
11/12/09Electrically small antenna
11/12/09Internal chamfering device and method
11/12/09Low solar absorptance, high emissivity, inorganic electrostatic dissipative thermal control coating
11/12/09Situational awareness system and method and associated user terminal
11/05/09Bonded metal fuselage and method for making the same
11/05/09Qos provisioning in a network having dynamic link states
11/05/09Method and system for establishing a system time within a mobile ad hoc network
11/05/09Method for analyzing maintenance operations and assessing the readiness of repairable systems
10/29/09Engine assembly, acoustical liner and associated method of fabrication
10/29/09Joined composite structures with a graded coefficient of thermal expansion for extreme environment applications
10/29/09Moving device
10/29/09The communication of landing conditions
10/29/09Representing a holding pattern on a vertical situation display
10/29/09System for measuring turbulence remotely
10/29/09Unstable laser disk resonator
10/29/09Servo drill spindle
10/29/09Swashplateless helicopter blade actuation system
10/29/09Built-up composite structures with a graded coefficient of thermal expansion for extreme environment applications
10/29/09Chromate-generating corrosion inhibitor
10/22/09Autonomous heliostat for solar power plant
10/22/09Method for producing contoured composite structures and structures produced thereby
10/22/09System and method for varying the porosity of an aerodynamic surface
10/22/09Apparatus and method for controlling twist of a wing of an airborne mobile platform
10/22/09Power assist lever arm attachment
10/22/09Fittings with redundant seals for aircraft fuel lines, fuel tanks, and other systems
10/22/09Method and system for all-in-view coherent gps signal prn codes acquisition and navigation solution determination
10/22/09Method for producing contoured composite structures and structures produced thereby
10/22/09Exhaust washed structure and associated composite structure and method of fabrication
10/22/09Composition and method for corrosion protection of a structure
10/22/09System and method for synchronizing databases
10/15/09Purge and sealant cap for selective laser sintering build frame
10/15/09Winglets with recessed surfaces, and associated systems and methods
10/15/09Goal-driven inference engine for traffic intersection management
10/15/09Method and device for ir spectroscopy measurements with fiber optic needle probe
10/15/09Apparatus and method for application and accurate positioning of graphics on a surface
10/15/09System and method for fabrication of integrated lightning strike protection material
10/15/09Method of making a transparency
10/15/09Direct manufactured fuel cell plug and method
10/08/09Gimballing roller device for friction stir welding apparatus and method
10/08/09Flexible ducting system including an articulable sealed joint
10/01/09Solar-thermal fluid heating for aerospace platforms
10/01/09Collection of process data using in-situ sensors
10/01/09System and method for forming optimized perimeter surveillance
10/01/09Apparatus for an automated aerial refueling boom using multiple types of sensors
10/01/09Method and system for monitoring changes in a sample for a process or an environment
10/01/09Method and system for monitoring changes in a sample for a process or an environment
10/01/09Method, apparatus and computer program product for capturing knowledge during an issue resolution process
09/24/09Method for forming a flexible single rail drilling system
09/24/09Rotary aircraft download alleviation apparatus and methods
09/24/09Truss network for aircraft floor attachment
09/24/09Lightning strike detection
09/24/09Method and apparatus for evoking perceptions of affordances in virtual environments
09/24/09Method, apparatus and computer program product for valuing a technological innovation
09/17/09Damage-tolerant monolithic structures
09/17/09Enhanced laser projector calibration wall
09/17/09Aerodynamic fan control effector
09/17/09Using a metallocene to remove oxygen from a stream of gas
09/17/09Error-resilient entropy coding for partial embedding and fine grain scalability
09/17/09System and method for comparing images with different contrast levels
09/10/09Satellites and satellite fleet implementation methods and apparatus
09/10/09Reduced span wings with wing tip devices, and associated systems and methods
09/10/09Pneumatic control system for aerodynamic surfaces
09/10/09Glass fibers having improved strength
09/10/09Glass fibers having improved durability
09/10/09Method for making hybrid metal-ceramic matrix composite structures and structures made thereby
09/10/09Determinant wing assembly
09/10/09Navigation system based on neutrino detection
09/10/09Distributed cognitive architecture
09/10/09Virtual intelligent fabric
09/10/09Intelligent fabric system on a chip
09/10/09System and method for presentation integrity
09/10/09Distributed security architecture
09/03/09Automated launch mating system
09/03/09Airframe attachment fitting
09/03/09Vacuum heat-set of net shape latex vacuum bags
09/03/09Traffic and security monitoring system and method
09/03/09System and method for motion based velocity discrimination for doppler velocimeters
09/03/09System and method for controlling swarm of remote unmanned vehicles through human gestures
09/03/09Tie rod assembly
08/27/09Ultrasonic testing of corner radii having different angles and sizes
08/27/09Reduced complexity automatic fiber placement apparatus and method
08/27/09Aircraft systems with shape memory alloy (sma) actuators, and associated methods
08/27/09Airfoil trailing edge plasma flow control apparatus and method
08/27/09Passive removal of suction air for laminar flow control, and associated systems and methods
08/27/09Method and apparatus for tidal power generation
08/27/09Pressure sensitive adhesive
08/27/09Door monitoring system
08/27/09System and method for using manufacturing states of vehicle products for display of a manufacturing process
08/27/09Learning software program to web-based file converter
08/20/09Nondestructive inspection of aircraft stiffeners
08/20/09Machine assisted laminator and method
08/20/09Rotating air cargo delivery system and method of construction
08/20/09Aircraft engine structure-mounted aim-point biasing infrared countermeasure apparatus and method
08/20/09Energy absorbing structure for aircraft
08/20/09Reaction drive rotor/wing variable area nozzle
08/20/09Systems and methods for providing differential motion to wing high lift device
08/20/09Submarine qualified antenna aperture
08/20/09Efficient diversity combining for wideband downlink
08/20/09Binderless metal injection molding apparatus and method
08/20/09Direct to metal sintering of 17-4ph steel
08/20/09Joints formed by joining structures
08/20/09System and method for electronic inspection and record creation of assembly, repair and maintenance operations
08/13/09Tensile specimen measuring apparatus and method
08/13/09Automated fiber placement compensation
08/13/09Intelligent multifunctional actuation system for vibration and buffet suppression
08/13/09Wrinkle control for composite tubes
08/06/09Method for measuring loads on a friction stir welding tool
08/06/09Cargo container handling system and associated method
08/06/09Low solar absorptance, high emissivity, inorganic electrostatic dissipative thermal control coating
08/06/09Adaptive control of composite plycutting
08/06/09Optical laser guidance system and method
07/30/09Physical finite element model
07/30/09Metal/composite joint with selective interlaminar reinforcement
07/30/09Nano-structured inorganic zinc phosphate corrosion protective coating for metal alloys
07/30/09Method and system for the determination of damage location
07/23/09Vibration damping for wing-to-body aircraft fairing
07/23/09Joining fuselage skins using friction stir welding
07/23/09Distribution of point loads in honeycomb panels
07/23/09Particle-filled wing-to-body fairing
07/23/09Wireless data communication and power transmission using aircraft structures having properties of an electromagnetic cavity
07/23/09Structural feed aperture for space based phased array antennas
07/23/09Modeling motion capture volumes with distance fields
07/23/09Electrically activated aircraft landing gear control system and method
07/16/09Interior panel attachment system
07/16/09Distortion resistant transparent reinforcing fibers for use in transparent reinforced composites
07/16/09Damage detection system
07/16/09High density structural health monitoring system and method
07/09/09Method of constructing a mandrel for fabrication of a monolithic nacelle composite panel
07/09/09Systems and methods for destabilizing an airfoil vortex
07/09/09Systems and methods for controlling flows with pulsed discharges
07/09/09Method and apparatus for detecting x-rays having improved noise discrimination
07/09/09Method and device of generating time-varying preamble sequence and pseudorandom noise (pn) binary sequence in direct sequence spread spectrum (dsss) communications
07/09/09Cure growth control apparatus
07/09/09Insulative material and associated method of forming same
07/09/09Contoured composite parts
07/02/09Aqueous tube cleaning apparatus and method
07/02/09System and method for determining cumulative tow gap width
07/02/09Damping and support in high-temperature superconducting levitation systems
07/02/09Identification of engineering intent requirements in an electronic environment
07/02/09Global position system (gps) user receiver and geometric surface processing for all-in-view coherent gps signal prn codes acquisition and navigation solution
06/18/09System, method, and computer program product for computing orientation alignment transfer tool locations to transfer predicted cruise orientation alignment of an as-built airplane
06/18/09Pressure debulking system and method
06/18/09Cable despooling and spooling
06/18/09Parametric geometry model for a blended wing body
06/18/09Dynamic electrical load management
06/18/09Multi-phase, multi-frequency controller
06/18/09Method and system for display of traffic information in the flight deck
06/18/09Verification of tow cut for automatic fiber placement
06/18/09Fitting doublers using gap mapping
06/18/09Toughened resin fiber laminates with titanium particles
06/18/09Regenerative integrated actuation system and associated method
06/18/09Vertical gust suppression system for transport aircraft
06/18/09Method and system for display of guidance reference for traffic situational awareness
06/18/09Air traffic control delay factor
06/18/09System and method for entry of taxi route on control display unit
06/18/09System and method for multiple delete entry on control display unit
06/18/09System, method, and computer program product for predicting cruise orientation of an as-built airplane
06/18/09Materials management system
06/11/09Composite manufacturing method
06/11/09Deployable aerodynamic devices with reduced actuator loads, and related systems and methods
06/11/09Methods and systems for attaching aircraft wings to fuselages
06/11/09Actuating device
06/11/09Trailing edge device catchers and associated systems and methods
06/11/09Aircraft trailing edge devices, including devices with non-parallel motion paths, and associated methods
06/11/09Graphical display system and method
06/11/09Method of fabricating structures using composite modules and structures made thereby
06/11/09Methods and systems of an aircraft maintenance process
06/11/09Method of determining whether to develop products for potential customers
06/11/09Metal powder production system and method
06/04/09Engine installation using machine vision for alignment
06/04/09Composite sections for aircraft fuselages and other structures, and methods and systems for manufacturing such sections
06/04/09Production system and an associated index device for use as a reference feature
06/04/09Device, method, and aircraft for illuminating in-flight operations
06/04/09Real time dynamic correlator for evaluating electrical characteristics of a transmitter
06/04/09Double shear joint for bonding in structural applications
06/04/09Robust control effector allocation
06/04/09Position only fit, pof, algorithm for blur spot target tracking & discrimination
06/04/09Rules collector system and method
05/28/09Integrated ultrasonic inspection probes, systems, and methods for inspection of composite assemblies
05/28/09Array-based system and method for inspecting a workpiece with backscattered ultrasonic signals
05/28/09Stable maritime platform
05/28/09Multi-piece fastener with self-indexing nut
05/28/09Tail rotor hub
05/28/09Unidirectional resin infused panels for material characterization testing
05/28/09Vertical path control augmentation using lateral control surfaces
05/28/09System and method for identifying an element of a structure in an engineered environment
05/28/09Crate tool
05/28/09Methods and system for modeling network traffic
05/28/09Aircraft software part library
05/28/09Alternate parts signature list file
05/28/09Proxy server for distributing aircraft software parts
05/28/09Onboard electronic distribution system
05/28/09Method and apparatus for processing commands in an aircraft network
05/28/09Method and apparatus for loadable aircraft software parts distribution
05/28/09Software maintenance tool
05/21/09Fracture detecting structural health sensor
05/21/09Controlled temperature scrap removal for tape process
05/21/09Apparatus and method for reduced backlash steering tiller
05/21/09Corrosion detecting structural health sensor
05/21/09Imaging method to verify electrical conductivity across lightning strike protection boundaries
05/21/09Chemical exposure indication device
05/21/09Unidirectional fiber material and fabrication method
05/21/09Method and apparatus for placing plies on curved substrates
05/21/09Longitudinal and vertical gust feed forward compensation using lateral control surfaces
05/21/09Multiple carrier signals on a legacy bus
05/14/09Stabilizing device and method for handheld measurement device
05/14/09Apparatus and method for reduction of jet noise from turbofan engines having separate bypass and core flaws
05/14/09Aircraft having a jet engine, an adjustable aft nozzle, and an electric vertical fan
05/14/09Loading fitting
05/14/09Energy shuttle based high energy piezoelectric apparatus and method
05/14/09Systems and methods for handling information from wireless nodes, including nodes for communication with aircraft
05/14/09Multi-spot inverse synthetic aperture radar imaging
05/14/09Apparatus for forming structural members
05/14/09Method and tools for fabricating composite beams
05/14/09Automated separation manager
05/07/09Systems and methods for boresight adapters
05/07/09Aircraft cart transport and stowage system
05/07/09Multi-path inlet for aircraft engine
05/07/09Self-aligning optical connector systems and methods
05/07/09Systems and methods for controlling aircraft electrical power
04/30/09System and method for locating components of a structure
04/30/09Nondestructive inspection of a structure including the analysis of cavity electromagnetic field response
04/30/09System and method for an anticipatory passenger cabin
04/30/09System and method for alternative communication
04/30/09System and method for virtual journey futuring
04/30/09Interactivity with a bus interface card
04/30/09Image processing of apparatus condition
04/30/09Method for forming bends in composite panels and composite panels made thereby
04/30/09System, method, and computer program product for computing jack locations to align parts for assembly
04/30/09System for assembling aircraft
04/30/09System and method for virtual information
04/30/09System and method for aircraft interior annunciator
04/30/09System and method for communication by architecture
04/30/09Method and apparatus for simulating aircraft data processing systems
04/30/09System and method for virtual queuing
04/30/09Intelligent fastener installation system
04/30/09Virtual local area network switching device and associated computer system and method
04/23/09System and method for in-flight adjustment of store ejector gas flow orificing
04/23/09Dimensions determination for insulating coatings
04/23/09Composite article having reinforcing fibers oriented to suppress or delay ply splitting
04/23/09Automated safe flight vehicle
04/23/09Variably manned aircraft
04/23/09Methods and systems for reducing finite element simulation time for acoustic response analysis
04/16/09Composite reinforcement of metallic structural elements
04/16/09Ceramic heat shield
04/16/09Composite heat shield
04/16/09Robotic vehicle apparatus and method
04/16/09Procedure to minimize the risk of mid-air collision for personal air vehicles
04/16/09Powerfeeder spacer
04/09/09Twist vane counter-parallel flow heat exchanger apparatus and method
04/09/09Fuel tank assembly and associated method
04/09/09Production moving line system and method
04/02/09Optimized ordering of doubler plies in composite structures
04/02/09Joining fixtures, methods for joining, and joined structures
04/02/09Composite wing-body joint
04/02/09Spacecraft having a magnetic space radiation shield
04/02/09Wingtip feathers, including paired, fixed feathers, and associated systems and methods
04/02/09Dynamic bumps for drag reduction at transonic-supersonic speeds
04/02/09Composite leg structure for a lightweight aircraft seat assembly
04/02/09Energy harvesting system and method using multiple energy sources
04/02/09Signaling method and apparatus using radial interplex
04/02/09Local positioning system and method
04/02/09Method involving a pointing instrument and a target object
04/02/09Vehicle-based automatic traffic conflict and collision avoidance
03/26/09Seal removal apparatus
03/26/09Modular head lamination device and method
03/26/09Process for forming curved thermoplastic composite material
03/26/09Wing-to-body fairing
03/26/09Landing gear system and load distribution
03/26/09Aircraft nose landing gear enclosure
03/26/09Method and apparatus for measuring the width of composite tape
03/26/09Method and apparatus for bi-directional data services and live television programming to mobile platforms
03/26/09Folding rotor for an autogyro device
03/26/09Fly away caul plate
03/26/09Textured surfaces
03/26/09Aircraft pressure management system
03/26/09Optimizing task assignments for multi-head tape laydown
03/26/09Optimizing non-productive part motion in an automated tape laydown machine
03/26/09Vehicle control
03/19/09Composite fabrication apparatus and method
03/19/09Aircraft having a pivotable powerplant
03/19/09Link mechanisms for gapped rigid krueger flaps, and associated systems and methods
03/19/09Method and apparatus for resin transfer molding composite parts
03/19/09Method and apparatus for remote initiation of arinc 615 downloads
03/12/09Scalloped flexure ring
03/12/09Ultrasonic inspection apparatus, system, and method
03/12/09Wire bundle twister and comber
03/12/09Bipod flexure ring
03/05/09Methods and systems for manufacturing a family of aircraft wings and other composite structures
03/05/09Service life indicator for chemical filters
03/05/09Composite fabric with rigid member structure
03/05/09Method and apparatus for fabricating articles having textured surfaces
03/05/09Re-entrant structure for thin disk resonators
03/05/09Rapid inspection of lightning strike protection systems prior to installing fastener
03/05/09Aircraft cabin airflow nozzles and associated systems and methods
03/05/09Systems and methods for presenting and obtaining flight control information
03/05/09Process for marking composite panel
02/26/09Systems and methods for characterizing laser beam quality
02/26/09Beam director flow control
02/26/09Conductive scrim embedded structural adhesive films
02/19/09Apparatus and method for reduction of jet noise from single jets
02/19/09One-piece inner shell for full barrel composite fuselage
02/19/09Systems and methods for rotor/wing aircraft
02/19/09Gain weighted code combining system and method for combining bpsk codes
02/19/09Proactive optical wind shear protection and ride quality improvement system
02/19/09Methods and apparatus for planetary navigation
02/05/09Ultrasonic method to verify the interference fit of fasteners
02/05/09Self supporting cellular thermal acoustic insulation
02/05/09Environmentally stable hybrid fabric system for exterior protection of an aircraft
02/05/09Aerial refueling system
02/05/09protective shield assembly for space optics and associated methods
02/05/09Method of illumination for in-flight refueling
02/05/09Braking system for high speed and power rotating machinery
02/05/09Aligning a machine tool with a target location on a structure
02/05/09Aligning a machine tool with a target location on a structure
02/05/09Composite structure having reinforced core and method of making same
02/05/09Direct rf digital transceiver and method
02/05/09Automatic control systems for aircraft auxiliary power units, and associated methods
02/05/09Methods, systems and formats for data, such as data used in laser projection of fasteners used in manufacturing
02/05/09Method of building an internal digital library of abstracts and papers
02/05/09Interpolating cubic spline filter and method
07/16/09Aluminum zinc magnesium silver alloy

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