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The Boeing Copany
The Boeing Compay
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The Boeing Co patents (2010 archive)

Recent patent applications related to The Boeing Co. The Boeing Co is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: The Boeing Co may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with The Boeing Co, we're just tracking patents.

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12/30/10System & method for reducing viscous force between a fluid and a surface
12/30/10Rapid assembly and operation of an x-ray imaging system
12/30/10Virtual control station
12/30/10Surface and sub-surface wave front management
12/30/10Colored coating and method
12/30/10Helicopter rotor blade blockage blanking
12/30/10System and method for optimizing a sequential arrangement of items
12/23/10Riveted fastener extraction apparatus and method
12/23/10Novel fabrication process for thermoplastic composite parts
12/23/10Systems and methods for reducing noise in aircraft fuselages and other structures
12/23/10Aeropspace structure including composite beam chord clamped between reinforcement plates
12/23/10Skin panel joint for improved airflow
12/23/10Infusion monitoring system and method
12/23/10System and method for making composite material components
12/23/10Method and apparatus for routing ocean going vessels to avoid treacherous environments
12/16/10User-facilitated material removal in composite structures
12/16/10Method and apparatus for rapidly generating aerospace tools
12/16/10Phase control and locking method for coherently combining high-gain multi-stage fiber amplifiers
12/16/10Method for extracting referential keys from a document
12/16/10Automated material removal in composite structures
12/16/10Contaminant resistant coating fabrication structure and method
12/16/10Varied glass density reinforcement of composites
12/16/10Method and apparatus for wireless aircraft communications and power system using fuselage stringers
12/16/10Implementing continuous descent approaches for maximum predictability in aircraft
12/16/10Consensus based distributed task execution
12/09/10Supervision and control of heterogeneous autonomous operations
12/09/10Supervision and control of heterogeneous autonomous operations
12/02/10Angled locating apparatus
12/02/10Fast draw security holster
12/02/10Isolated active temperature regulator for vacuum packaging of a disc resonator gyroscope
12/02/10Single tough locking seat fittings and methods
12/02/10Elliptical locating apparatus
12/02/10Methods for determining inconsistency characteristics of a composite structure
12/02/10Stringer transition and method for producing composite parts using the same
12/02/10Predicting aircraft trajectory
12/02/10Method and system for approach decision display
12/02/10Decentralized processing network
11/25/10System and method for stereoscopic imaging
11/25/10Lost cost/high performance blind fastener
11/25/10Method and apparatus for modeling responses of a material to various inputs
11/18/10Two-phase hydrogen pump and method
11/18/10Low profile wrench
11/18/10Cure tool with integrated edge breather and method of making the same
11/18/10Patterned die attach and packaging method using the same
11/18/10Aircraft dispatch information
11/18/10Style guide and formatting methods for pilot quick reference handbooks
11/11/10Aircraft having a forward-facing section that deflects elastically under impact loads
11/11/10Elastomeric riblets
11/11/10Detection system and method for ice and other debris
11/11/10Four-dimensional guidance of an aircraft
11/11/10Production system and an associated index device for use as a reference feature
11/11/10Multi-function switches for a display
11/11/10Cloud image replacement for terrain display
11/11/10Active chaff
11/11/10Heat resistance using titanium dioxide nanofibers
11/11/10System and method for forming interdiction device
11/11/10Multi-mode unmanned and manned vehicle systems and methods
11/11/10Systems and methods for controlling aircraft flaps and spoilers
11/04/10Bonded patches with bond line control
11/04/10Bonded patches with bond line control
11/04/10Automated fiber placement mandrel joint configuration
11/04/10Method of absorbing energy in an aircraft passenger seat assembly
11/04/10Method for determining degree of aging of a polymer resin material
11/04/10Resin infusion mold tool system and vacuum assisted resin transfer molding with subsequent pressure bleed
11/04/10Non-destructive determination of electromagnetic properties
11/04/10Slat skew detection system
11/04/10Fastening assembly including washer for sealing the assembly for lightning strike protection in composite structures
11/04/10Imaging with nondegenerate frequency-entangled photons
11/04/10Self healing optical fiber cable assembly and method of making the same
11/04/10Thermal drift compensation system and method for optical networks
11/04/10Cabin air supply apparatus with filtered air
11/04/10Splicing fuselage sections without shims
11/04/10Estimating probabilities of arrival times for voyages
10/28/10Tough, high-strength titanium alloys; methods of heat treating titanium alloys
10/28/10Resonator and methods of making resonators
10/28/10Optical source assembly suitable for use as a solar simulator and associated methods
10/28/10Monitoring of composite materials
10/28/10Bonded rework simulation tool
10/21/10Centering mandrel
10/21/10Support beam shear fitting
10/21/10Verification of tow cut for automatic fiber placement
10/21/10Metal-coated fabrics for fiber-metal laminates
10/21/10Compressive millimeter wave imaging
10/21/10Positioning determinations of receivers
10/21/10System and method for inspection of structures and objects by swarm of remote unmanned vehicles
10/21/10Associate memory learning agent technology for travel optimization and monitoring
10/14/10Jet engine nozzle exit configurations and associated systems and methods
10/14/10Method and apparatus for reducing force needed to form a shape from a sheet metal
10/14/10Method and apparatus for reducing force needed to form a shape from a sheet metal
10/14/10Auto lamination cassette apparatus
10/14/10Methods and systems for displaying assistance messages to aircraft operators
10/14/10Apparatuses and methods for displaying and receiving tactical and strategic flight guidance information
10/14/10Simplified approach for service composition and orchestration
10/07/10Concentricity sensor and methods of use and application
10/07/10Thermal mechanical isolator for vacuum packaging of a disc resonator gyroscope
10/07/10Environmentally robust disc resonator gyroscope
10/07/10Independent axis clamping apparatus and method
10/07/10Internally stiffened composite panels and methods for their manufacture
10/07/10Generation and detection of frequency entangled photons
10/07/10Reliable startup of high power thin-disk laser resonators
10/07/10Processing architecture for automatic image registration
10/07/10Automated hole generation
10/07/10Methods and systems for fabricating fire retardant materials
10/07/10Multi-mission remote aerial refueling operator system
10/07/10Carbon brake wear for aircraft
10/07/10Method using time to digital converter for direct measurement of set pulse widths
10/07/10Method and apparatus for determining the emissivity, area and temperature of an object
10/07/10Associate memory learning for analyzing financial transactions
10/07/10Computer architectures using shared storage
09/30/10Direct drive electromechanical linear actuators
09/30/10Solar cell assembly with combined handle substrate and bypass diode and method
09/30/10Vacuum debulk and radiation cure system and apparatus
09/30/10Integrated aircraft floor with longitudinal beams
09/30/10Aircraft insulation systems and methods
09/30/10Opening plug and method of installing the same
09/30/10Thermally switched ferromagnetic latching support system
09/30/10Method for maintaining links in a mobile ad hoc network
09/30/10Method for routing in a mobile ad hoc network
09/30/10Controlled radius splice protector and fabrication process
09/30/10Boring bar apparatus
09/30/10Method of making bead-stiffened composite parts and parts made thereby
09/30/10Deterministic nde system and method for composite damage assessment and repair
09/30/10Search results output tool
09/30/10Computer architectures using shared storage
09/30/10Computer architectures using shared storage
09/23/10Nut plate grip gage
09/23/10Chemical reaction-based thermal management system and method
09/23/10Method of fabricating three dimensional printed part
09/23/10Spring disc energy harvester apparatus and method
09/23/10Durable transparent intelligent coatings for polymeric transparencies
09/23/10Durable uv blocking transparent coating
09/23/10Integrated semiconductor structure including a heterojunction bipolar transistor and a schottky diode
09/23/10Autotiller control system for aircraft utilizing camera sensing
09/16/10Automated edge peener apparatus
09/16/10Highly doped layer for tunnel junctions in solar cells
09/16/10Double shear joint for bonding in structural applications
09/16/10Method and apparatus for placing short courses of composite tape
09/16/10Automated placement of vibration damping materials
09/16/10Service life indicator for chemical filters
09/16/10Systems and methods to stir an electromagnetic (em) field
09/16/10Adaptor with interchangeable load sensing elements
09/16/10Pressure-medium-controlled countersinking tool
09/16/10Automated wing painting system
09/16/10Composite structures employing quasi-isotropic laminates
09/16/10Controlling cutting of continuously fabricated composite parts with nondestructive evaluation
09/16/10Method, apparatus and computer program product for recognizing a gesture
09/16/10Autonomous inspection and maintenance
09/09/10Structural panels for use in aircraft fuselages and other structures
09/09/10Method and apparatus for adhesive bond curing
09/09/10Simplified fiber tensioning for automated fiber placement machines
09/09/10Tool sleeve for mold die and method of molding parts using the same
09/09/10Fiber cable distortion detection system and method
09/09/10Predictable bonded rework of composite structures
09/09/10Predictable bonded rework of composite structures using tailored patches
09/09/10Tapered patch for predictable bonded rework of composite structures
09/09/10Bipod flexure ring
09/02/10Multi-position ball lock/quick release pin bushing/retainer
09/02/10Deployable flap edge fence
09/02/10Composite beam chord between reinforcement plates
09/02/10Reduced drag system for windmills, fans, propellers, airfoils, and hydrofoils
09/02/10Local observable area and self inspection system
09/02/10Populating fleet maintenance data using 2d feature recognition
08/26/10Coating for components requiring hydrogen peroxide compatibility
08/26/10Distributing power in systems having a composite structure
08/26/10System and method for stowage compartment pivot assembly
08/26/10Transmitting power and data
08/26/10Aircraft video control station with stowable seat
08/19/10Wire bundle wrap cutting tool
08/19/10System and method for selectively removing ions from acidic solutions
08/19/10Counter rotating fan design and variable blade row spacing optimization for low environmental impact
08/19/10Robust vsat tracking algorithm
08/19/10Fiber optic probe scatterometer for spectroscopy measurements
08/12/10Tile gap seal assembly and method
08/12/10Pallet having reconfigurable tie-down system
08/12/10Weight-optimizing internally pressurized composite-body aircraft fuselages having near-elliptical cross sections
08/12/10Fuselage and a method for redesigning it
08/12/10Calibrating aircraft surfaces
08/12/10Distortional composite matrix
08/12/10Polyacetylinic oligomers
08/12/10Composite stack analysis method
08/12/10In-process vision detection of flaw and fod characteristics
08/12/10Associative memory learning agent for analysis of manufacturing non-conformance applications
08/12/10Employing associate memory learning agent for enhanced lifecycle management
08/12/10Non-conformance analysis using an associative memory learning agent
08/05/10Automated fiber placement using networked autonomous vehicles
08/05/10Localized utility power system for aircraft
08/05/10Composite wing slat for aircraft
08/05/10Method and apparatus for satellite orbital change using space debris
08/05/10Spacecraft acquisition maneuvers using position-based gyroless control
08/05/10System and method for tracking and identifying aircraft and ground equipment
08/05/10Communications radar system
08/05/10Apparatus and methods for removably securing payloads in an aircraft
08/05/10Hybrid coatings and associated methods of application
08/05/10Ultrasonic aperture scanning system and method
08/05/10System and method for after-market support using as-built data
07/29/10System and method for an electronic interactive switch
07/29/10Rigid tipped riblets
07/29/10Shape memory riblets
07/29/10Amorphous metal riblets
07/29/10Spring track roller assembly
07/29/10Composite seat pan structure for a lightweight aircraft seat assembly
07/29/10Composite seat back structure for a lightweight aircraft seat assembly
07/29/10Quantum dot-mediated optical fiber information retrieval systems and methods of use
07/29/10System and method for detecting and preventing runway incursion, excursion and confusion
07/29/10System and method for information sharing between non-secure devices
07/22/10Apparatus & method for passive purging of micro-perforated aerodynamic surfaces
07/22/10Door assembly for laminar flow control system
07/22/10Transmission line moisture sensor
07/22/10Heat and rain erosion resistant coating
07/15/10Planar beam dump
07/15/10System and method for adaptable aperture planar phased array
07/08/10Integral illuminated optical center finder and marking tool
07/08/10Leak detection in composite tools
07/08/10Method and apparatus for joining composite structural members using thermal spreader
07/08/10Aircraft trailing edge devices, including devices having forwardly positioned hinge lines, and associated methods
07/08/10Workpiece vibration reduction
07/08/10Controlled environment fastener head painting device and method
07/08/10System and method for cruise monitoring and alerting
07/08/10Trajectory prediction based on state transitions and latencies
07/01/10Mounting device for an aircraft
07/01/10Monitoring methods and apparatus
06/24/10Methods and systems for measuring atmospheric water content
06/24/10Gimballing roller device for friction stir welding method
06/24/10Repairing composite structures
06/24/10Automatic strategic offset function
06/24/10Dynamic fusion management
06/17/10Power control for induction motors using variable frequency ac power
06/17/10Estimation and correction of error in synthetic aperture radar
06/17/10Dipole for hemispherical coverage antenna
06/17/10Automated controlled atmospheric pressurized resin infusion
06/17/10Composite structure having reinforced core and method of making same
06/17/10Quantum dot-based environmental indicators
06/17/10Dynamic adjustment of wing surfaces for variable camber
06/10/10Collapsable mandrel and method for producing composite laminates using the same
06/10/10Bagging process and mandrel for fabrication of elongated composite structure
06/10/10Link mechanisms, including stephenson ii link mechanisms for multi-position flaps and associated systems and methods
06/10/10Air induction control
06/10/10Method for classifying resins types in carbon fiber reinforced plastic materials using ir spectroscopy
06/10/10Extrusion of adhesives for composite structures
06/10/10Controlling a projected pattern
06/10/10Optical pulse generator for high power fiber amplifiers
06/10/10Bi-axial compliant bearing
06/10/10Flexible tooling method and apparatus
06/10/10Automated custom design generation
06/03/10Pinion meshing with a given face gear in accordance with altered design parameters
06/03/10Copper grid repair technique for lightning strike protection
06/03/10Cooling system for aerospace vehicle components
06/03/10Hybrid composite structure having damped metallic fibers and method for making the same
06/03/10Roof clamp for fall protection safety equipment
06/03/10Systems and methods for tracing aircraft vortices
06/03/10Systems and methods for tracing aircraft vortices
06/03/10Direct semiconductor contact ebullient cooling package
06/03/10Systems and methods for providing ac power from multiple turbine engine spools
06/03/10System and method for motion based velocity discrimination for doppler velocimeters
06/03/10Electrical connects for charge distribution applique
06/03/10Tool to analyze performance of power-beam photovoltaic receiver
06/03/10Graph-based data search
05/27/10Floor beam support assembly, system, and associated method
05/27/10Pivoting fan nozzle nacelle
05/27/10Burst optimized tracking algorithm
05/27/10Systems and methods for control system verification and health assessment
05/27/10Systems, methods and computer program products for performing a contingent claim valuation
05/27/10System and method for scalable architecture for web-based collaborative annotation of page-based documents
05/20/10Measurement of moisture in composite materials with near-ir and mid-ir spectroscopy
05/20/10Rfid-based corrosion and moisture detection
05/20/10Electric field whistle
05/20/10Conductive sleeved fastener assembly
05/20/10Staged cocuring of composite structures
05/13/10Radially translating fan nozzle nacelle
05/13/10Self-cleaning superhydrophobic surface
05/13/10System and method for detecting performance of a sensor field at all points within a geographic area of regard
05/13/10System and method for multipoint video teleconferencing
05/13/10Aircraft landing gear loader
05/13/10Solid state joining method for continuous structures
05/13/10Continuous, carbon-nanotube-reinforced polymer precursors and carbon fibers
05/13/10Method of manufacturing co-molded inserts
05/13/10System and method for determining electronic logbook observed defect fix effectiveness
05/13/10Health management of rechargeable batteries
05/13/10Method for identifying the analytical transitional cross-sections of a rigid transport element
05/06/10System and method for energy capture and distribution
05/06/10Method and apparatus for superresolution imaging
05/06/10Composite intersection reinforcement
05/06/10Exhaustive swarming search strategy using distributed pheromone maps
05/06/10Method and system for processing work requests
04/29/10Method and apparatus for forming highly contoured composite parts
04/29/10Intelligent energy management architecture
04/29/10Hand-held positioning interface for spatial query
04/29/10High intensity calibration device
04/29/10Methods and systems for the detection of the insertion, removal, and change of objects within a scene through the use of imagery
04/29/10Agtm airborne surveillance
04/29/10System and method for forming optimized perimeter surveillance
04/29/10Kaizen newspaper
04/22/10Adjustable probe for ultrasonic testing
04/22/10Composite containment of high energy debris and pressure
04/22/10Ladder assembly and associated methods of use
04/22/10Gallium nitride switch methodology
04/22/10Analysis of effects of cargo fire on primary aircraft structure temperatures
04/22/10Systems, methods and computer program products for modeling a monetary measure for a good based upon technology maturity levels
04/15/10Monument transport tool and method
04/15/10System and method for determining the beam center location of an antenna
04/15/10System and method for airport mapping database automatic change detection
04/15/10System and method for integrally forming a stiffener with a fiber metal laminate
04/15/10Integrating communication and surveillance
04/15/10System and method for collaboration over shared storage
04/15/10Method, apparatus and computer program product for creating inter-language interface
04/08/10Methods of manufacturing structural panels
04/08/10Load reducing stores launch tube
04/08/10Apparatus and method for composite material trim-on-the-fly
04/08/10Device, method, and aircraft for illuminating in-flight operations
04/08/10Method and system involving controlling a video camera to track a movable target object
04/08/10Removing time tag jitter and crossover distortion
04/08/10Composite material structure with interlayer electrical conductance
04/01/10Compaction of prepreg plies on composite laminate structures
04/01/10Revolution counter for turning assemblies
04/01/10Wrinkle reduction in uncured composite laminates
04/01/10Atmospheric turbulence isolation system and method
04/01/10Lens for scanning angle enhancement of phased array antennas
04/01/10Multiple nested interferometric fiber optic gyroscope system
04/01/10Multi-channel optical relays for enabling a networked communications system
04/01/10Composite truss panel having fluted core and method for making the same
04/01/10Joining curved composite sandwich panels
04/01/10Navigational system with a graphical scratchpad filler
04/01/10Data driven method and system for predicting operational states of mechanical systems
03/25/10Charged particle beam profile measurement
03/25/10Bulkhead mount equipment shelf rack tray
03/25/10Methods and systems for manufacturing composite parts with female tools
03/25/10Varied glass density reinforcement of composites
03/25/10All vehicle mats
03/25/10Method and apparatus for optimized workflow monitoring
03/25/10Apparatuses and methods for displaying and receiving tactical and strategic flight guidance information
03/25/10Apparatuses and methods for displaying autoflight information
03/25/10System, method and computer program product for real-time event identification and course of action interpretation
03/25/10Isolation method and package using a high isolation differential ball grid array (bga) pattern
03/18/10Calibration tool for air data measurement devices
03/18/10Fluid detection with a spectrometer-on-a-chip
03/18/10Ultrasonic probe
03/18/10Accelerated cure cycle process
03/18/10Friction stir welding tool cleaning apparatus
03/18/10Strain energy shuttle apparatus and method
03/18/10Overhead rest module
03/18/10Cam actuated clamp
03/18/10Identifying damage to a wire
03/18/10Control of leakage inductance
03/18/10Antimicrobial coating fabrication method and structure
03/18/10Tools for manufacturing composite parts and methods for using such tools
03/18/10Heat and rain erosion resistant coating
03/11/10System and method for fabricating composite parts
03/11/10Unified attitude control for spacecraft transfer orbit operations
03/11/10Translucent, flame resistant composite materials
03/11/10Edge-wrapped panel and methods for edge-wrapping a panel
03/11/10Singularity escape and avoidance using a virtual array rotation
03/04/10Superplastically continuous roll forming titanium
03/04/10Monitoring fastener preload
03/04/10Infrared sensor calibration system and method
03/04/10Built-in test for high-speed electrical networks
03/04/10Hybrid resilient and frangible layered structural health sensor
03/04/10Method and apparatus for making airborne radar horizon measurements to measure atmospheric refractivity profiles
03/04/10Composite tie rod and method for making the same
03/04/10Stringer crawler
03/04/10Composite tie rod and method for making the same
03/04/10Systems and method for liquid metal seals for high temperature pressurized tube couplings
03/04/10Optimizing the shape of a composite structure
02/25/10Stripline flex circuit
02/25/10Method for machining a structural member having and undulating web
02/25/10Composite spar drape forming machine
02/25/10Hybrid electrical power source
02/25/10Lithium niobate modulator having a doped semiconductor structure for the mitigation of dc bias drift
02/25/10Aligning a machine tool with a target location on a structure
02/25/10Autonomous asset transportation method, apparatus and computer program product
02/18/10Combined thermal protection and surface temperature control system
02/18/10Retractable cargo roller system
02/18/10Air vehicle wing pivot
02/18/10Antenna fairing and method
02/18/10Retractable nacelle chine
02/18/10Thermal effect measurement with mid-infrared spectroscopy
02/18/10Bulk resin infusion system apparatus and method
02/18/10Quick-mount relay apparatus and method of installation
02/18/10Programmable reverse thrust detent system and method
02/18/10Method and apparatus for localizing and mapping the position of a set of points on a digital model
02/18/10Customizable situational awareness dashboard and alerts, and associated systems and methods
02/18/10Systems, methods and computer program products for modeling costs and profitability of a good
02/18/10Systems, methods and computer program products for modeling costs and profitability of a good
02/11/10Apparatuses and methods for joining composite members and other structural members in aircraft wing boxes and other structures
02/11/10Method for performing ir spectroscopy measurements to determine film coating thickness on a substrate
02/11/10Apparatus and method for forming a bandgap surface and waveguide transition modules incorporating a bandgap surface
02/11/10System and method for accurate downlink power control of composite qpsk modulated signals
02/11/10Sculptured throat spool
02/11/10System and methods for on-board pre-flight aircraft dispatching
02/11/10Acoustic modeling method
02/11/10Synthetic air traffic management fast-time environment
02/04/10Systems and methods for distributing loads from fluid conduits, including aircraft fuel conduits
02/04/10Disc resonator integral inertial measurement unit
02/04/10Hybrid inspection system and method employing both air-coupled and liquid-coupled transducers
02/04/10System and method for reworking composites
02/04/10Boom force absorber systems and methods for aerial refueling
02/04/10Leading edge flap apparatuses and associated methods
02/04/10Wire bundle pull tool
02/04/10Fixture and method for mounting angled machine head on a machine tool
02/04/10Unstable disk resonator
02/04/10Attachment system and method for thermal protection system
02/04/10Method and apparatus for locating and drilling a hole in a composite
02/04/10Superconducting crawler system for a production line
02/04/10Flight in factory
02/04/10Linked aircraft reliability and solution analysis system and method
01/28/10Arbitrarily shaped deployable mesh reflectors
01/28/10Forming method and apparatus and an associated preform having a hydrostatic pressing medium
01/28/10Bond line heating pad system and method
01/28/10Lightning protection system for aircraft composite structure
01/28/10Apparatus for forming and heat treating structural assemblies
01/28/10Singularity escape and avoidance using a virtual array rotation
01/28/10Seamless air traffic control (atc) datalink transfers
01/21/10Morphing structure and method
01/21/10Method and apparatus for testing attachment joints
01/21/10Circuit obfuscation
01/21/10System and method for improved rotor tip performance
01/21/10Exchangeable propellant cartridge system
01/21/10Gps gyro calibration
01/21/10Increased process damping via mass reduction for high performance milling
01/21/10Systems and methods for remote display of an enhanced image
01/21/10Vehicle health management systems and methods
01/21/10Consistent localizer captures
01/21/10Opaque fiber reinforcement of composites
01/14/10Thermodynamic pump for cryogenic fueled devices
01/14/10Measurement of strain in an adhesively bonded joint including magnetostrictive material
01/14/10Method and apparatus for producing composite structures
01/14/10Aircraft wings having continuously tailored structural strength
01/14/10Fastner-free primary structural joint for sandwich panels
01/14/10Composite mandrel for autoclave curing applications
01/14/10System and method for bistatic change detection for perimeter monitoring
01/14/10Chromium-free conversion coating
01/14/10Mandrel for autoclave curing applications
01/14/10Method and apparatus for forming a corrugated web having a continuously varying shape
01/14/10Method of manufacturing a product using scan targets
01/14/10Secure high performance multi-level security database systems and methods
01/14/10Service oriented architecture device
01/07/10Composite cryogenic tank with thermal strain reducer coating
01/07/10Method and apparatus for fastening components using a composite two-piece fastening system
01/07/10Situation awareness display
01/07/10Systems and methods for alleviating aircraft loads with plasma actuators
01/07/10Method of analysis of effects of cargo fire on primary aircraft structure temperatures
01/07/10Process analyzer
10/28/10System and method for effecting communications among devices in different domains employing different operating protocols

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