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The Boeing Copany
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The Boeing Co patents (2011 archive)

Recent patent applications related to The Boeing Co. The Boeing Co is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: The Boeing Co may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with The Boeing Co, we're just tracking patents.

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Date The Boeing Co patents (2011 archive) (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12/29/11Backing film removal for fiber placement machine
12/29/11Static dissipative fuel tank coatings and methods
12/29/11Composite structures having integrated stiffeners and method of making the same
12/22/11Aircraft sink with integrated waste disposal function
12/22/11Apparatus for friction stir welding using spindle-in-spindle
12/22/11Active flow control for transonic flight
12/22/11Method and apparatus for reducing radiation and cross-talk induced data errors
12/22/11Sealant application tool
12/22/11Bead-stiffened composite parts
12/22/11Aircraft backup control
12/22/11Integrated approach navigation system, method, and computer program product
12/15/11Solar cell structure and composition and method for forming the same
12/15/11Morphing control surface transition
12/15/11Perspective runway system
12/15/11Gesture-based human machine interface
12/08/11Nano-coating thermal barrier and method for making the same
12/08/11Composite truss panel having fluted core
12/08/11Shape memory alloy/fiber reinforced polymeric composite structures and method for forming
12/01/11Structural health management device and associated system and method
12/01/11Apparatuses and methods for displaying and receiving tactical and strategic flight guidance information
11/24/11Composite stringer end trim
11/24/11Shipping container security unit quick mount device
11/24/11Sintered 17-4ph steel part and method for forming
11/24/11Composite fabric with rigid member structure
11/24/11Loss of separation avoidance maneuvering
11/17/11Apparatus and method for providing protective gear employing shock penetration resistant material
11/17/11Refrigerated container
11/17/11Solar cell structure including a silicon carrier containing a by-pass diode
11/17/11Collapsible mandrel employing reinforced fluoroelastomeric bladder
11/17/11Tape removal apparatus and process
11/17/11Beta energy extractor
11/17/11Ultra-low friction air pump for creating oscillatory or pulsed jets
11/17/11Method of making a composite sandwich structure and sandwich structure made thereby
11/17/11Real time mission planning
11/10/11Apparatus and associated method for providing a frequency configurable antenna employing a photonic crystal
11/10/11Method, apparatus and computer program product for recognizing a gesture
11/10/11System for assembling aircraft
11/10/11Hard landing report based on sink rate algorithm
11/03/11Method for installing a collapsible mobile platform interior structure
11/03/11Electrochemical deposition process for composite structures
11/03/11Aircraft galley systems and methods for managing electric power for aircraft galley systems
11/03/11Wide angle multibeams
11/03/11System for assembling aircraft
10/27/11Leak detection in vacuum bags
10/27/11Method and apparatus for forming and applying composite layups having complex geometries
10/27/11Composite fabrication appartus and method
10/27/11Continuous carbon-nanotube-reinforced polymer precursors and carbon fibers
10/27/11Method and apparatus for providing bi-directional data services and live television programming to mobile platforms
10/20/11Composite structures having reinforced edge bonded joints and method for making the same
10/20/11Laminated plasma actuator
10/20/11Software gnss receiver for high-altitude spacecraft applications
10/20/11Formed structural assembly and associated preform
10/20/11Dynamically monitoring airborne turbulence
10/20/11Vessel performance optimization reporting tool
10/13/11Method for protecting location privacy of air traffic communications
10/13/11Geolocation leveraging spot beam overlap
10/13/11Method, apparatus and computer program product for compressing data
10/13/11Four-dimensional navigation of an aircraft
10/13/11System and method for terminal charts, airport maps and aeronautical context display
10/06/11Method and apparatus for installing fasteners
10/06/11Heating method for a composite laminator
10/06/11Optical fiber interface system and connector
10/06/11Unitized engine nacelle structure
10/06/11Synchronous robotic operation on a structure having a confined space
09/29/11Wake measurement probe
09/29/11Semi-levered landing gear and associated method
09/29/11Small diameter x-ray tube
09/29/11Method for detecting optical defects in transparencies
09/29/11Advancing layer surface grid generation
09/22/11Gelled adhesive remover composition and method of use
09/22/11Deployable aerodynamic devices with reduced actuator loads
09/22/11Systems and methods for targeting directed energy devices
09/22/11Activating motion detectors
09/22/11Method and apparatus for curing a composite part layup
09/22/11Particle trap employing a high temperature superconductor and an associated method of trapping particles
09/22/11Glass fibers having improved strength
09/22/11Glass fibers having improved durability
09/22/11Difference frequency detection with range measurement
09/15/11Super-resolution imaging radar
09/15/11Apparatuses and methods for displaying and receiving tactical and strategic flight guidance information
09/01/11Integrated thermoelectric honeycomb core and method
09/01/11Resonant scanner for 3d mapping
09/01/11Method for manufacturing and attachment of wing fairings
08/25/11Network centric power flow control
08/25/11Continuous molding of thermoplastic laminates
08/25/11Controlling virtual power circuits
08/18/11Aerodynamic structure having a ridged solar panel and an associated method
08/18/11Aircraft charting system with multi-touch interaction gestures for managing a route of an aircraft
08/18/11Apparatus for application and accurate positioning of graphics on a surface
08/18/11Method and apparatus for scaled up reproduction of detailed features
08/18/11Wireless aircraft sensor network
08/18/11Integration of manufacturing control functions using a multi-functional vision system
08/11/11Apparatus for placing plies on curved substrates
08/11/11Scalable millimeter wave power source
08/11/11Apparatuses, systems, and methods for manufacturing composite parts
08/11/11Composite strip
08/11/11Integrated wireless network and associated method
08/11/11Vertical situation awareness system for aircraft
08/11/11Robotic vehicle apparatus and method
08/04/11Copper grid repair technique for lightning strike protection
08/04/11Thin-film composite having drag-reducing riblets and method of making the same
08/04/11Methods for remote display of an enhanced image
07/28/11Tailorable stiffness shape morphing flow-path
07/28/11Optically reconfigurable radio frequency antennas
07/28/11System and method for displaying aerial refueling symbology
07/28/11Electric field whistle
07/28/11Wireless collection of fastener data
07/21/11Quantum dot-based environmental indicators
07/21/11Oblong configuration for bonded patch
07/21/11Crawling automated scanner for non-destructive inspection of aeropace structural elements
07/14/11Internal mixing of a portion of fan exhaust flow and full core exhaust flow in aircraft turbofan engines
07/14/11Internal mixing of a portion of fan exhaust flow and full core exhaust flow in aircraft turbofan engines
07/14/11Innovative optimal spacecraft safing methodology
07/14/11System and method of asynchronous logic power management
07/14/11System and method of controlling devices operating within different voltage ranges
07/14/11Portable radio frequency identification (rfid) reader
07/14/11Ultra-tightly coupled gps and inertial navigation system for agile platforms
07/14/11Thermal insulation assemblies and methods for fabricating the same
07/14/11Toughened resin fiber laminates with titanium particles
07/14/11Consideration of manufacturing capability during aircraft design
07/07/11Object location and reporting system for harsh rf environments
07/07/11Processing wiring diagrams in a data processing system
06/30/11Flange fitting with leak sensor port
06/30/11Sealing bladderless system and method
06/30/11Jet engine nozzle exit configurations and associated systems and methods
06/30/11Power generator
06/23/11Method and apparatus for removing and replacing components of an airplane
06/23/11Double vacuum cure processing of composite parts
06/23/11Precise absolute time transfer from a satellite system
06/23/11Position and orientation determination using movement data
06/23/11Structural assembly and methods for facilitating corrosion inspection
06/23/11Optimization of downstream open fan propeller position
06/23/11Cure growth control apparatus
06/23/11Algorithm for simultaneous attitude maneuver and momentum dumping
06/23/11Wire system assessment
06/23/11Multi-level security controls system
06/16/11Low profile wrench and method
06/16/11High temperature composite tool
06/16/11Magnetic heating blanket
06/16/11Overhead stowage bin load transfer and balance system
06/16/11High pulloff capability hat stringer
06/16/11System for measuring turbulence remotely
06/16/11Composite ply stabilizing mechanism and method
06/16/11Composition and method for corrosion protection of a structure
06/16/11Control system for robotic vehicles
06/16/11Unmanned multi-purpose ground vehicle with different levels of control
06/16/11System and methods for simultaneous momentum dumping and orbit control
06/16/11Computational method for load enhancement factors
06/16/11System and method for network security event modeling and prediction
06/09/11Mode decomposition of sound waves using amplitude matching
06/09/11Surrogate patch for composite repair process
06/09/11Extended plug cold plate
06/09/11Blade handling apparatus
06/09/11Sandwich structure having arrestment feature and method of making the same
06/09/11Z-axis test coupon structure and method for additive manufacturing process
06/02/11Automatic control systems for aircraft auxiliary power units, and associated methods
06/02/11Low power retro-reflective communications system and method
06/02/11System and method for determining ionization susceptibility using x-rays
06/02/11Harbor berth information system
05/26/11Determinant assembly system for manufacturing objects
05/26/11Determinant assembly features for vehicle structures
05/26/11Apparatuses and methods for displaying autoflight information
05/26/11Efficient text discrimination
05/19/11Intelligent fastener system
05/19/11Graphite tape supply and backing paper take-up apparatus
05/19/11Ground stud installation on composite structures for electrostatic charges
05/19/11Morphing panel structure
05/19/11Metamaterial band stop filter for waveguides
05/19/11Barrier coatings for polymeric substrates
05/19/11Methods and systems for management of airplane speed profile
05/19/11Lateral avoidance maneuver solver
05/19/11Strength measurement for bond lines
05/19/11Emissivity independent non-contact high temperature measurement system and method
05/12/11Aircraft system and method for improved cooling efficiency
05/12/11Composite material structure with interlayer electrical conductance
05/12/11Traversing jet actuator
05/12/11Thermal effect measurement with near-infrared spectroscopy
05/12/11Graphene nanoplatelet metal matrix
05/12/11Micropleated vacuum bag and seal method for composite parts
05/12/11Compression molding method and reinforced thermoplastic parts molded thereby
05/12/11Foam stiffened hollow composite stringer
05/05/11Thrust reversers including monolithic components
05/05/11Compliant crown panel for an aircraft
05/05/11Modular passenger seat for an aircraft
05/05/11Shape memory alloy actuator
05/05/11Detector for plastic optical fiber networks
05/05/11Method, apparatus and computer program product for displaying forecast weather products with actual and predicted ownship
05/05/11Qos provisioning in a network having dynamic link states
05/05/11Transceiver for plastic optical fiber networks
04/28/11Method for providing a fuel tank assembly
04/28/11Energy absorbing impact band
04/28/11Conformal high frequency antenna
04/28/11Method of surface charge distribution
04/28/11Optical sensor interrogation system
04/28/11Curved composite frames and method of making the same
04/21/11Insulating cover for fasteners used in high temperature environments
04/21/11Thermally-integrated fluid storage and pressurization system
04/21/11Ultrasonic method to verify the interference fit of fasteners
04/21/11Shaped composite stringers and methods of making
04/21/11Blanket assembly
04/21/11Airplane configuration
04/21/11Fault-tolerant electromechanical actuator having a torque sensing control system
04/21/11System and method for automatically controlling take-off thrust in an aircraft
04/14/11Multiple beam directed energy system
04/14/11Measuring turbulence and winds aloft using solar and lunar observable features
04/14/11Platform health monitoring system
04/14/11Ground vehicle collision prevention systems and methods
04/14/11Onboard aircraft weight and balance system
04/14/11Composite information display for a part
04/07/11Leak detection in vacuum bags
04/07/11Method and apparatus for establishing a camera focal length for installing fasteners
04/07/11Hierarchical mission management
03/31/11Systems and methods for passively directing aircraft engine nozzle flows
03/31/11Diodeless terrestrial photovoltaic solar power array
03/31/11Composite material placement method and system
03/31/11Composite structures having reinforced edge bonded joints and method for making the same
03/31/11Composite barrel sections for aircraft fuselages and other structures, and methods and systems for manufacturing such barrel sections
03/31/11Structurally designed aerodynamic riblets
03/31/11Window mounted beam director
03/31/11Unmanned underwater vehicl integrated radiation detection system
03/31/11Intelligent energy management architecture
03/31/11Computerized tool and method for the automated creation of a cutter ramp curve
03/24/11Integral double bag for vacuum bagging a composite part and method of using the same
03/24/11Friction stir weld assembly and associated method for mitigating distortion in a friction stir weld joint
03/24/11System and method for an anticipatory passenger cabin
03/24/11Dual beam dual selectable polarization antenna
03/24/11Cargo container handling system and associated method
03/24/11Pneumatic energy harvesting and monitoring
03/17/11Reinforcement of friction plug welds
03/17/11Stowage bin with shear fittings
03/10/11Compensating for fastener location variability
03/10/11Method for validating aircraft traffic control data
03/10/11Systems and methods for handling the display and receipt of aircraft control information
03/03/11Thermoelectric generator and fuel cell for electric power co-generation
03/03/11Ice protection system and method
03/03/11Dynamic environmental information transmission
03/03/11Neural network-based mobility management for healing mobile ad hoc radio networks
03/03/11Autonomous carrier for continuously moving wing assembly line
03/03/11Dynamic weather selection
03/03/11Universal delta set management
03/03/11Safe and secure multicore system
02/24/11Method and apparatus for producing off-axis composite prepreg material
02/24/11Textured surfaces
02/24/11Methods for welding self-fixtured preforms and associated method
02/24/11Laminar flow surfaces with selected roughness distributions, and associated methods
02/24/11Optical sampling method for analog to digital conversion
02/24/11Composite stiffeners for aerospace vehicles
02/24/11Method for reducing outside air inflow required for aircraft cabin air quality
02/24/11Programming airplane systems based on instructions
02/17/11Method for making a tool used to manufacture composite parts
02/17/11Incremental forging
02/17/11Dosimeter and associated method of measuring radiation
02/17/11Resin containment and injection system and method
02/17/11Tunable variable emissivity materials and methods for controlling the temperature of spacecraft using tunable variable emissivity materials
02/17/11Laminated composite rod and fabrication method
02/10/11Coannular ducted fan
02/10/11High stiffness shape memory alloy actuated aerostructure
02/10/11Laser ultrasonic multi-component imaging
02/10/11Cutting sequence for net trimming a composite layup at an oblique angle
02/10/11Auto lamination cassette apparatus
02/10/11Two part spacecraft servicing vehicle system with adaptors, tools, and attachment mechanisms
02/10/11Magnetic composite structures with high mechanical strength
02/10/11Mechanical improvement of rare earth permanent magnets
02/10/11Real-time data aiding for enhanced gps performance
02/10/11Vertical required navigation performance containment with radio altitude
02/10/11System and method for detecting an anomaly in a hidden layer of a multi-layer structure
02/10/11Method of determining optical sensor coverage
02/03/11Apparatus for forming hat stiffened composite parts using thermally expansive tooling cauls
02/03/11Method and apparatus for aligning and installing flexible circuit interconnects
02/03/11Injection-molded window panel and related methods
02/03/11Gyroless transfer orbit sun acquisition using only wing current measurement feedback
02/03/11Leading edge flap method
02/03/11Method and apparatus for reducing radiation and cross-talk induced data errors
02/03/11Visual occultation to measure refractivity profile
02/03/11Tangent radiography using brilliant x-ray source
02/03/11Pre-coated, ultra-fine, submicron grain titanium and titanium-alloy components
02/03/11Corner-consolidating inflatable method for manufacturing composite structures
02/03/11Multi-functional aircraft structures
02/03/11Apparatus and method for controlling inventory
02/03/11Apparatus, method and computer program product for transferring an electronic file
02/03/11Systems and methods enabling interoperability between network-centric operation (nco) environments
01/27/11Window installation method
01/27/11Mapping tow splices in composite structures
01/27/11Shape-changing control surface
01/27/11Electromagnetic clamping system for manufacturing large structures
01/27/11Method and apparatus for wireless sensing with power harvesting of a wireless signal
01/27/11Tactile pilot alerting system and method
01/27/11Visualization of product build using precedence transversal method
01/20/11Metal powder production system and method
01/20/11Berth sleeper system
01/20/11Multijunction photovoltaic cell grown on high-miscut-angle substrate
01/20/11Visual detection of clear air turbulence
01/20/11Composite member defining a contour surface
01/13/11Curing system and method using electromagnetic force and conductive heat transfer
01/13/11Electrostatic colloid thruster
01/13/11System and method for automatic stereo measurement of a point of interest in a scene
01/13/11Autonomous robotic platform
01/13/11Systems and methods for remotely collaborative vehicles
01/06/11Protective shield assembly for space optics and associated methods
01/06/11Composite material for geometric morphing wing
01/06/11Method of predicting thermal or chemical effect in a coated or painted composite material
01/06/11Self calibrating conformal phased array
01/06/11Flat panel loudspeaker system
01/06/11Guide assembly and method
01/06/11Rotor blade adjustable weight retention system
01/06/11Reworking ceramic structures
01/06/11Refractivity retrieval via direct measurement of gnss bending angle
01/06/11Supporting application effectiveness in a network environment

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