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The Boeing Copany
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The Boeing Co patents (2012 archive)

Recent patent applications related to The Boeing Co. The Boeing Co is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: The Boeing Co may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with The Boeing Co, we're just tracking patents.

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Date The Boeing Co patents (2012 archive) (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
07/12/12Method and apparatus for examining an object using electromagnetic millimeter-wave signal illumination
12/27/12Graphene nanoplatelet metal matrix
12/27/12Method and apparatus for measuring spaces with limited access
12/27/12Optical sensor systems and methods
12/27/12Automated resin and fiber deposition for resin infusion
12/27/12Overhead stowage bin load transfer and balance system
12/27/12Flight vehicle fairing having vibration-damping blankets
12/27/12Clip attachment system connecting aircraft structures to each other
12/27/12Bulkhead fitting assembly
12/27/12Apparatus for preventing spark propagation
12/27/12Multi-conductor transmission lines for control-integrated rf distribution networks
12/27/12Situational awareness for an electrical distribution system
12/27/12Advanced remote nondestructive inspection system and process
12/27/12Aircraft display system
12/27/12System and method for determining cumulative tow gap width
12/27/12Image registration
12/27/12Solar cell assembly with combined handle substrate and bypass diode and method
12/27/12Manufacturing control system
12/27/12Automated ply layup system
12/27/12Machine shop including computer system that interfaces with different legacy servers
12/20/12Method for swaging components
12/20/12Blunt impact test apparatus and method
12/20/12Crew allertness monitoring of biowaves
12/20/12Autonomous non-destructive evaluation system for aircraft structures
12/20/12Fluidic mixer with controllable mixing
12/20/12On-demand flight data service
12/20/12Integrated backscatter x-ray system
12/20/12Design of curved fiber paths for composite laminates
12/20/12Method for restoring software applications on desktop computers
12/13/12Fluid separation assembly and method
12/13/12Generating images for detection by night vision devices
12/13/12Digitally designed shims for joining parts of an assembly
12/13/12Role-based product management system using proxy objects
12/06/12Aircraft structures bonded with adhesive including magnetostrictive material
12/06/12Method and apparatus for reworking structures using resin infusion of fiber preforms
12/06/12Curing method using electromagnetic force
12/06/12System and method for insulating frame member
12/06/12Aircraft fuselage inspection system
12/06/12Aircraft part control system
12/06/12Liquid lithium first walls for electromagnetic control of plasmas in fusion power reactor environments
12/06/12Geothentication based on network ranging
11/29/12Vacuum bag processing using dual seals
11/29/12Apparatus for void-free debulking of adhesive bonded joints
11/29/12Fuel scavenge water removal system
11/29/12Adjustable width seats
11/29/12Primary flight display pitch- and power-based unreliable airspeed symbology
11/29/12Method for locating a vehicle
11/29/12Portable gauge and method for measuring tape gaps
11/29/12Airdrop controller system
11/29/12Method and apparatus for assessing a translation
11/29/12Multi-sensor surveillance system with a common operating picture
11/29/12Wiring diagram visualization system
11/22/12Aircraft structure for high capacity pull off
11/22/12Thermoelectric energy harvesting system
11/22/12Method and apparatus for aircraft galley cooling
11/22/12Thermoplastic welding apparatus and method
11/22/12Shape memory alloy actuator system and method
11/22/12Vertical laminate noodle for high capacity pull-off for a composite stringer
11/22/12Attachment assembly and method for secondary door
11/22/12Bonded rework template system
11/15/12Wrench for engaging a workpiece having a plurality of flats
11/15/12Solar cells having a transparent composition-graded buffer layer
11/15/12Composite aircraft joint
11/15/12Reconfigurable stators
11/15/12Time phased imagery for an artificial point of view
11/15/12Queuing architectures for orthogonal requirements in quality of service (qos)
11/15/12Drilling machine having hole measurement capability
11/15/12Methods and preforms for forming composite members with interlayers formed of nonwonven, continuous materials
11/15/12Providing data for predicting aircraft trajectory
11/08/12Composite structure power distribution
11/08/12Method of laminar flow control using a door assembly
11/08/12Axially swaged fitting
11/08/12Aircraft task management system
11/08/12Detection of imminent control instability
11/08/12System, method and computer-readable storage medium for valuing a performance option
11/01/12Robot having obstacle avoidance mechanism
11/01/12Automated elongate insert wrapping system
11/01/12Selective weather notification
11/01/12Steering radio frequency beams using negative index metamaterial lenses
11/01/12System and method of wireless optical communication
11/01/12Attachment system for thermal protection system
11/01/12Film adhesive bonding apparatus and process
11/01/12Flight controller management system with a backdrive monitor
10/25/12Global positioning system signal reception with increased resistance to interference
10/25/12Assembly task verification system and method
10/25/12System and method for simulating high-intensity pyrotechnic shock
10/25/12Fuel delivery cost estimation system
10/18/12Extrusion of adhesives for composite structures
10/18/12Fire management system
10/18/12Modular externally accessible batteries for an aircraft
10/18/12Compact high intensity solar simulator
10/18/12Resonator device
10/18/12Device for tensioning a preform
10/18/12Airplane position assurance monitor
10/18/12System and method for monitoring bonding integrity
10/18/12Aircraft emulation system
10/18/12Protocol software component and test apparatus
10/11/12Transducer based health monitoring system
10/11/12Composite induction consolidation apparatus and method
10/11/12Systems and methods for attenuation of noise and wakes produced by aircraft
10/11/12Temperature-activated voltage generator
10/11/12Chemical exposure indication device
10/11/12Method and apparatus for making contoured composite stiffeners
10/11/12Aircraft structural assembly with electromagnetic protection
10/11/12Complex system function status diagnosis and presentation
10/04/12Tape flaw and splice avoidance
10/04/12Landing gear system
10/04/12Flight path control system for aircraft
10/04/12Flight trajectory compensation system for airspeed variations
10/04/12Situational awareness components of an enhanced vision system
10/04/12Complex shape structure for liquid lithium first walls of fusion power reactor environments
10/04/12Model management for computer aided design systems
09/27/12Heat exchanger and associated method employing a stirling engine
09/27/12Dual use cooling systems
09/27/12Metamorphic solar cell having improved current generation
09/27/12Aircraft window and installation method
09/27/12Joint sealing system
09/27/12Space debris removal
09/27/12Collection of process data using in-situ sensors
09/27/12Method of promoting adhesion and bonding of structures and structures produced thereby
09/27/12Systems, methods and computer program products for modeling uncertain future benefits
09/20/12Composite leg for landing gear assembly
09/20/12Method and system for insulating frame member
09/20/12Binderless metal injection molding apparatus and method
09/20/12Backed ply material and apparatus for forming same
09/20/12Variable maximum commandable roll rate for directional control during engine-out rolling maneuver
09/13/12Controlling temperature in exothermic reactions with a phase change material
09/13/12Tow cutting apparatus
09/13/12Aircraft communication bus fault isolator apparatus and method
09/13/12Double bag vacuum infusion process and system for low cost, advanced composite fabrication
09/13/12Use of associative memory to predict mission outcomes and events
09/06/12Diamond shaped window for composite and/or metallic airframe
09/06/12Photogrammetry measurement system
09/06/12Blunt impact indicator tape and method
08/30/12Mapping tow splices in composite structures
08/30/12Precise absolute time transfer from a satellite system
08/30/12Method and apparatus for a wide field of view display
08/30/12Disc rotor retraction system
08/30/12Composite barrel sections for aircraft fuselages and other structures
08/30/12Alternative communications for an air vehicle
08/30/12Distributed operation of a local positioning system
08/30/12Network topology aided by smart agent download
08/23/12Circuit obfuscation
08/23/12Force and normality sensing for end effector clamp
08/23/12Methods and apparatus for aerial recovery of flying apparatus
08/23/12Variable pitch airfoils
08/23/12Air-ground detection system for semi-levered landing gear
08/23/12Continuous, carbon-nanotube-reinforced polymer precursors and carbon fibers
08/16/12Copper grid repair technique for lightning strike protection
08/16/12Common bulkhead for composite propellant tanks
08/16/12Method and apparatus for simulating solar light
08/16/12Frequency selective communications system
08/16/12Aircraft traffic separation system
08/16/12Integrated electronic checklist display system
08/16/12System and method for generating finite element models
08/16/12Scheduled network management
08/16/12Airport security system
08/09/12Solar collector frame
08/09/12Composite structural member and method for producing the same
08/09/12Structural health monitoring system
08/02/12Method and device for locating hole center
08/02/12Sandwich structure having arrestment feature and method of making the same
08/02/12Shape memory alloy actuated torsion lock
08/02/12Aircraft engine nozzle
08/02/12Frequency selective electromagnetic detector
08/02/12Avionic display testing system
08/02/12Frequency selective imaging system
08/02/12Embedded damage detection system for composite materials of an aircraft
07/26/12Method and apparatus for evoking perceptions of affordances in virtual environments
07/26/12Image management and presentation
07/19/12Composite sections for aircraft fuselages and other structures and methods and systems for manufacturing such sections
07/19/12Tank having integral restraining elements and associated fabrication method
07/19/12System and method for energy capture and distribution
07/19/12System and method for determining the location of the phase center of an antenna
07/19/12Augmented collaboration system
07/19/12Trusted communications between untrusting parties
07/19/12Method for characterizing integrated circuits for identification or security purposes
07/19/12Joint for composite tube
07/19/12Computer architectures using shared storage
07/19/12Computer architectures using shared storage
07/19/12Computer architectures using shared storage
07/12/12Geometry compensating transducer attachments for ultrasonic inspection of chamfers or countersunk surfaces
07/12/12Ballistic resistant through insert with floating capability for stopping a ballistic projectile
07/12/12Smart microgrid reconfigurable ac interface
07/12/12Temperature-activated voltage generator
07/12/12Apparatuses and methods for displaying and receiving tactical and strategic flight guidance information
07/05/12Method and device for compressing a composite radius
07/05/12System for depositing microwire
07/05/12Fuselage mounted landing gear
07/05/12Systems and methods for harvesting vibrational energy from vehicles
07/05/12Translating equipment rack system
07/05/12Contoured composite parts
06/28/12Mid-wing airplane
06/28/12Systems and methods for controlling aircraft electrical power
06/28/12Heat shield having strain compliant matrix and method of forming same
06/28/12Use of associate memory learning agent technology to identify interchangeable parts in parts catalogs
06/21/12Morphing structure and method
06/21/12Sandwiched fiber composites for ballistic applications
06/21/12Automated cleaning system and method for an aircraft fuselage interior
06/21/12Power generation using a thermoelectric generator and a phase change material
06/21/12Electrically conductive bushing connection to structure for current path
06/21/12Splice and associated method for joining fuselage sections
06/21/12Adjustment of wings for variable camber for optimum take-off and landing
06/21/12Airfoil manufacturing system
06/21/12Communications effects in network simulations
06/21/12Continuous flow thermodynamic pump
06/21/12Fibers with interlocking shapes
06/21/12Optimized fiber shapes for improved optical performance
06/21/12Selectively coupled fibers in composites
06/21/12Translucent, flame resistant composite materials
06/21/12Controlled fiber-matrix adhesion in polymer fiber composites
06/21/12Water harvesting system
06/21/12Simulation control system for an integrated live and simulation environment for an aircraft
06/21/12Bonding solar cells directly to polyimide
06/21/12Method and apparatus for air flow control in an aircraft sidewall volume
06/21/12Collaborative rules based security
06/14/12Multi-piece fastener with self-indexing nut
06/14/12Method for fabrication of integrated lightning strike protection material
06/14/12Smart heating blanket
06/14/12Curing composites out-of-autoclave using induction heating with smart susceptors
06/14/12Method and apparatus for variable exhaust nozzle exit area
06/14/12Steering method for taxiing aircraft
06/14/12Dynamic electrical load management
06/14/12Managing a plurality of radio frequency identification devices
06/14/12X-ray inspection tool
06/14/12Green aircraft interior panels
06/14/12Composites having distortional resin coated fibers
06/14/12Condition-based maintenance systems and methods
06/14/12Aircraft path conformance monitoring
06/14/12Calculating liquid levels in arbitrarily shaped containment vessels using solid modeling
06/07/12Thrust reverser and variable area fan nozzle actuation system and method
06/07/12Direct wafer bonding
06/07/12End effector and methods for constructing composite members
06/07/12Electric charge dissipation system for aircraft
06/07/12Aircraft configuration with ramp access to multiple decks
06/07/12Modular passenger seat for an aircraft
06/07/12Differential correction system enhancement leverages roving receivers enabled for a non-gps, secondary pn&t signal to characterize local errors
06/07/12Wrinkle control for composite tubes
06/07/12Robotic surface preparation by a random orbital device
06/07/12Rapid rework analysis system
06/07/12Geolocating network nodes in attenuated environments for cyber and network security applications
05/31/12Rfid tag container
05/31/12Unattended ground sensors
05/31/12Method and apparatus for clearing an optical channel
05/24/12Method of varying a fan duct throat area
05/24/12Method of varying a fan duct nozzle throat area of a gas turbine engine
05/24/12Spring loaded pressure relief door
05/24/12Type-ii high bandgap tunnel junctions of inp lattice constant for multijunction solar cells
05/24/12Method for making and joining composite sandwich shell edge joint
05/24/12Methods and apparatus for void-free debulking of adhesive bonded joints
05/24/12Hydraulic actuator for semi levered landing gear
05/24/12Composite sandwich shell edge joint
05/24/12Repeater design and verification tool
05/24/12Methods and systems for filtering traffic information for display
05/17/12Load reducing stores launch tube
05/17/12Thermal integration of thermoelectronic device
05/17/12Application of insulating coating
05/17/12Method and apparatus for reducing aircraft noise
05/17/12Fuselage employing multifunctional crown and method of making the same
05/17/12Resin infusion of composite parts using a perforated caul sheet
05/17/12Conductor assembly, conductor spacer and associated method of separating conductors
05/17/12Cable connection housing providing multiple methods for waterproofing main cables
05/17/12Method of laying up prepreg plies on contoured tools using a deformable carrier film
05/17/12Zero phase real time filtering with a recurrence matrix
05/17/12Onboard data archiving system and method
05/10/12Engine loading system
05/10/12Quick composite repair template tool and method
05/10/12Stringer crawler with attachment mechanism
05/10/12Managing control surfaces for an aircraft
05/03/12One-piece inner shell for full barrel composite fuselage
05/03/12Pneumatic control system for aerodynamic surfaces
05/03/12Method and system to account for angle of attack effects in engine noise shielding tests
04/26/12Systems and methods for reducing noise in aircraft fuselages and other structures
04/26/12Microgrid control system
04/19/12Method for joining sandwich truss core panels and composite structures produced therefrom
04/19/12Technological field
04/19/12Forward swept winglet
04/19/12Aircraft configuration
04/19/12Low profile cargo handling system
04/19/12Systems and methods for providing ac power from multiple turbine engine spools
04/19/12Non-contact surface chemistry measurement apparatus and method
04/19/12Quantum dot illumination devices and methods of use
04/12/12Method and device for forming joints in composite structures
04/12/12Method and system for monitoring for the presence of phosphate esters in jet fuel
04/12/12Rapid response self-closing pressure equalization vent
04/12/12Antenna support bracket
04/12/12Transparent composites with organic fiber
04/05/12Systems and methods for on-aircraft composite repair using double vacuum debulking
04/05/12Robotic end effector and clamping method
04/05/12Load coordinating power draw for limited ampacity circuits
04/05/12Automated visual inspection system
04/05/12Seat track and monument attach fastener
04/05/12Nanomaterial having tunable infrared absorption characteristics and associated method of manufacture
04/05/12Tailored arrivals allocation system trajectory predictor
04/05/12Tailored arrivals allocation system clearance generator
04/05/12Surveillance network system
03/29/12Layup mandrel having changeable shape and method of using the same
03/29/12Method and apparatus for laying up barrel-shaped composite structures
03/29/12Low volume autoclave having configurable shape
03/29/12X-ray backscattering part identification and tagging process and technique
03/29/12Tire monitoring in vehicles
03/29/12Printing methods and systems
03/29/12Method and apparatus for producing contoured composite structures and structures produced thereby
03/29/12Method and apparatus for fabricating highly contoured composite stiffeners with reduced wrinkling
03/29/12Voice messaging prioritization
03/29/12Integrated upsampler and filtering for multi-rate controller for electro-mechanical flight actuation system
03/29/12Airspeed sensing system for an aircraft
03/22/12Exhaust washed structure and associated composite structure and method of fabrication
03/22/12Continuous linear production in a selective laser sintering system
03/22/12Composite leg structure for a lightweight aircraft seat assembly
03/22/12Method and apparatus for making fiber reinforced composite tubes
03/22/12Systems and methods for early detection of aircraft approach to volcanic plume
03/22/12Systems and methods for remote detection of volcanic plumes using satellite signals
03/22/12Method and computer program product for compressing and decompressing imagery data
03/22/12Point cloud generation system
03/22/12Managing fuel in aircraft
03/22/12Microcode for transport triggered architecture central processing units
03/22/12Cost function for data transmission
03/15/12Remotely actuated wind tunnel model rudder using shape memory alloy
03/15/12Apparatus and method for providing acoustic metamaterial
03/15/12Splice joints for composite aircraft fuselages and other structures
03/15/12Management system for unmanned aerial vehicles
03/08/12Mechanism for changing the shape of a control surface
03/08/12Method for determining contamination of material using mid-ir spectroscopy
03/01/12Cutting sequence for net trimming a composite layup at an oblique angle
03/01/12Composite aircraft joint
03/01/12Composite structures having integrated stiffeners with smooth runouts and method of making the same
03/01/12Composite structures using interpenetrating polymer network adhesives
03/01/12Four-dimensional guidance of an aircraft
03/01/12Identifying features on a surface of an object using wavelet analysis
02/23/12Hanging partition and method
02/23/12Multi-spar port box joint
02/23/12Drogue deploying/retrieval method
02/23/12Bulk resin infusion
02/23/12Battery system and method
02/23/12Electrical probe and associated method
02/23/12Aircraft safety and configuration monitoring system and method
02/23/12Composite structures having composite-to-metal joints and method for making the same
02/23/12Composite stringer with web transition
02/23/12Method for curing resin with ultrasound
02/16/12Electronic device protection
02/16/12Braking apparatus and method for an aerial refueling boom system
02/16/12Method and apparatus for treating fuel to temporarily reduce its combustibility
02/16/12Non-pneumatic survivable tire, cover and fabrication processes
02/16/12Non-pneumatic survivable tire mounting system for conventional wheels
02/16/12System and method to assess and report the health of a tire
02/16/12System and method to assess and report the health of landing gear related components
02/09/12Robot-deployed assembly tool and method for installing fasteners in aircraft structures
02/09/12Heterojunction solar cell
02/09/12Wing-to-body fairing with spray-on foam and noise reduction method
02/09/12Method for connecting a tension-torsion strap
02/09/12Method and system for display of guidance reference for traffic situational awareness
02/09/12Data driven route strip
02/09/12Apparatus and method for inspecting laminated structure
02/09/12Analyzing activities of a hostile force
02/02/12Method and apparatus for optimizing a load in a flight control system while an aircraft is on the ground
02/02/12Wireless device association system
02/02/12Toughened resin fiber laminates with titanium particles
02/02/12Systems and methods for handling the display and receipt of aircraft control information
01/26/12Method and apparatus for controlling flow about a turret
01/26/12Tape removal apparatus and process for use with an automated composite tape laying machine
01/26/12Fabric preform insert for a composite tank y-joint
01/26/12Aircraft trailing edge devices, including devices having forwardly positioned hinge lines, and associated methods
01/26/12Insulating washers
01/19/12Agile manufacturing apparatus and method for high throughput
01/19/12Aircraft flap actuator assembly
01/19/12Article retention device
01/19/12Dual evolved expendable launch vehicle (eelv) secondary payload adaptor (espa) port small satellite design
01/19/12Electromagnetic crawler assembly system
01/19/12Apparatus and method for making glass preform with nanofiber reinforcement
01/12/12Method and apparatus for contouring composite pre-preg articles
01/12/12Air traffic control method
01/05/12Methods, systems, and formats for data, such as data used in laser projection of fasteners used in manufacturing
06/14/12Apparatus and method for evaluating layers in a multi-layer structure

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