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The Boeing Co patents (2015 archive)

Recent patent applications related to The Boeing Co. The Boeing Co is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: The Boeing Co may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with The Boeing Co, we're just tracking patents.

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11/12/15System and method for code multiplexing
10/01/15Vertically landing aircraft
02/12/15New formulation methodology for distortional thermosets
09/17/15Method and apparatus for measuring a preload of a fastener
12/31/15Twist lock tool system
12/31/15Stand-off delivery of unmanned underwater vehicles
12/31/15Elongated structures and related assemblies
12/31/15Tilt-rotor vertical-lift aircraft
12/31/15Method for testing a maintenance and materials management system
12/31/15Closeout cover for waste receptacle openings
12/31/15High efficiency erosion resistant silicone ablator composition
12/31/15Method and apparatus for fuel tank spark containment
12/31/15Mems-based conformal air speed sensor
12/31/15Electrical power diagnostic system and methods
12/31/15Portable ground based augmentation system
12/31/15Passive timing of asynchronous imu attitude data
12/31/15Automatic aircraft monitoring and operator preferred rerouting system and method
12/31/15Heat reclamation and temperature control for submersible vehicles that utilize fuel cells
12/31/15Battery cell charge equalization
12/24/15Self-extinguishing receptacle
12/24/15System and method for producing carbon dioxide
12/24/15Stabilization of an end of an extended-reach apparatus in a limited-access space
12/24/15Robot alignment systems and methods of aligning a robot
12/24/15Systems and methods for assembling a structurally reinforced composite structure
12/24/15Bond assembly jig and method
12/24/15Forming tools and flexible ultrasonic transducer arrays
12/24/15Composite radius fillers and methods of forming the same
12/24/15Airline door retractable wave fence with steps for evacuation
12/24/15Collision avoidance system for scissor lift
12/24/15Flow control actuator with an adjustable frequency
12/24/15Joint bearing lubricant system
12/24/15Techniques deployment system
12/24/15System and method for mitigating an occurrence of a dry spot in a field of view of a star tracker
12/24/15Methods and systems for particle collection and analysis
12/24/15System and method for detecting pin-holes in fiberglass and composite parts
12/24/15Viewpoint control of a display of a virtual product in a virtual environment
12/24/15Power division and recombination network with internal signal adjustment
12/24/15Enhanced hybrid-tee coupler
12/24/15Antenna array optimization system
12/24/15Arinc 629 ethernet converter
12/24/15Automated production of acoustic structures
12/17/15Aircraft fuel tank flammability reduction method and system
12/17/15Fastener removal aid devices
12/17/15Lattice reinforced radius filler
12/17/15Pre-filled radius layups
12/17/15Lock actuation system for aircraft
12/17/15Fire seal for an aircraft
12/17/15Methods and apparatus for passive thrust vectoring and plume deflection
12/17/15Ventilated drainage system
12/17/15Methods and systems for determining optical properties for light transmitted mediums
12/17/15Test method and fixture for obtaining material properties under biaxial loading
12/17/15Aircraft departure profile generation compliant with noise abatement limits
12/17/15Distributed data authority system
12/17/15Locating parts with electromagnetic identification (emid) tags for contextual visualization
12/17/15Cargo compartment indication for tie down restraint locations
12/17/15Flat panel loudspeaker system and method of making
12/10/15Distortion prediction and minimisation in additive manufacturing
12/10/15Systems and methods for defining a surface contour of a layered charge of material
12/10/15Bonded tab and tooling device
12/10/15Leading edge assembly for an aircraft
12/10/15Slidable divergent trailing edge device
12/10/15Cargo aircraft for transporting intermodal containers in transverse orientation
12/10/15Braking apparatus and method for an aerial refuleing boom system
12/10/15Thermal seal with thermally induced shape change
12/10/15Method and apparatus for variable exhaust nozzle exit area
12/10/15Rotorcraft and planetary gear systems
12/10/15Aircraft and planetary gear systems
12/10/15High heat transfer rate reusable thermal protection system
12/10/15Method for controlling tensile stress during evaluation of a bond between structures
12/10/15Simplified passenger service unit (sspu) tester
12/10/15Security information for software parts
12/10/15Nonlinear filtering using polyphase filter banks
12/03/15Aircraft coating application system and method
12/03/15System and method of forming a nanotube mesh structure
12/03/15Systems and methods for dispensing a substance on a surface
12/03/15Table saw guide and safety guard
12/03/15Method and apparatus for releasing a cable tie
12/03/15Methods for bonding metal and thermoplastic components
12/03/15Modular replaceable slip joint intercostal
12/03/15External case heater for an angle of attack sensor
12/03/15Fluid separation assembly and method
12/03/15Visual fuel predictor system
12/03/15Failure analysis system
12/03/15Modular stanchion system
12/03/15Positioning fixture and method of using the fixture
12/03/15Turbofan engine with variable exhaust cooling
12/03/15Thrust reverser torque box with discrete major fittings
12/03/15Apparatus and method for spectroscopic analysis of residue
12/03/15Noise source decomposition system and method using an adaptable aperture phased array
12/03/15Positioning in indoor locations and other gps-denied environments
12/03/15Variably controlled ground vehicle
12/03/15Method and apparatus for identifying structural deformation
12/03/15Airspace deconfliction system and method
12/03/15Augmented power converter
12/03/15Computer system synchronization
11/26/15Hand-held pneumatic vacuum
11/26/15Methods, systems, and devices for radio-frequency assisted removal of sealant
11/26/15Turnbuckle wrench assembly
11/26/15Concurrent infusion of dissimilar resins
11/26/15Aircraft body mounted energy absorbing rub strip
11/26/15Vent stringer fitting
11/26/15Rotary drive assembly for wing tip
11/26/15Co-bonded electroformed abrasion strip
11/26/15Modified shank fasteners for electromagnetic effect (eme) technology
11/26/15Self-locking molded-in blind inserts
11/26/15Structural repair having optical witness and method of monitoring repair performance
11/26/15Piezoelectric sensor configuration for detecting damage in a structure
11/26/15Universal grip system
11/26/15Methods and optical interrogation system for monitoring structural health of a structure
11/26/15Determining a descent trajectory described by an aircraft intent description language (aidl)
11/26/15Built-in test for satellite digital payload verification
11/26/15Method and apparatus for performing bilingual word alignment
11/26/15Mid-surface extraction for finite element analysis
11/26/15Lighting and data communication system using a remotely located lighting array
11/26/15Nanotube electronics templated self-assembly
11/26/15Integrated wiring system for composite structures
11/19/15Method and apparatus for layup tooling
11/19/15Manufacture of a resin infused one-piece composite truss structure
11/19/15Composite structures having integrated stiffeners with smooth runouts and method of making the same
11/19/15Thermal protection system and method of manufacturing thereof
11/19/15Method and apparatus for repairing composite materials
11/19/15Aircraft deployment and retrieval of unmanned aerial vehicles
11/19/15Seating arrangement and method
11/19/15Automated scanning systems for non-destructive inspection of curved cylinder-like workpieces
11/19/15Methods and apparatus to determine airflow conditions at an inlet of an engine
11/19/15Optical filtering system for solar cell testing
11/19/15Method and apparatus for fabricating an optical device using a treated surface
11/19/15Control method to damp quadrotor slung payload mode
11/19/15Group-iv solar cell structure using group-iv or iii-v heterostructures
11/19/15Structures with pzt nanoparticle ink based piezoelectric sensor assembly
11/19/15Vehicle data delivery
11/12/15Method and apparatus for applying torque
11/12/15Composite layer forming system
11/12/15Thermoplastic composite structures embedded with at least one load fitting and methods of manufacturing same
11/12/15Cart control systems and methods for controlling cart caster direction
11/12/15Nacelle-to-pylon fairing
11/12/15Aircraft interior monitoring
11/12/15Apparatus and method to measure durometer hardness at, above, and below room temperature
11/12/15Backscatter inspection systems, and related methods
11/12/15Extended reach inspection apparatus
11/12/15Compact spacecraft antenna field aperture load coupler
11/12/15Methods and apparatus to determine a position using light sources
11/12/15Path repeatable machining for full sized determinant assembly
11/12/15System and method of reduction of irrelevant information during search
11/12/15Semantically determining a security classification of data
11/12/15Sensor fusion using detector confidence boosting
11/12/15Redundant current-sum feedback actuator
11/12/15Motor control for stability and power supply protection
11/05/15Method and apparatus for cooling an airline galley cart using a skin heat exchanger
11/05/15Mobile automated assembly tool for aircraft structures
11/05/15Crawler robot and supporting platform
11/05/15Aircraft foam insulation method and apparatus
11/05/15Structural integrated repair method and system tool device for repairing delaminated composite structures
11/05/15System and method for automated initial separation of composite ply backing
11/05/15Lipskin for a nacelle and methods of making the same
11/05/15Power management method and system for an unmanned air vehicle
11/05/15Optimally configured air-flow galley cart
11/05/15Aircraft having a recessed cavity in an aft pressure bulkhead wall surface and a galley moved rearwardly into the recessed cavity increasing floor space in front of the galley
11/05/15Aircraft engine nacelle bulkheads and methods of assembling the same
11/05/15System and method for positioning an automated assembly tool relative to a structure
11/05/15Flexible manufacturing system for aircraft structures
11/05/15Mobile automated overhead assembly tool for aircraft structures
11/05/15Metrology system for positioning assemblies
11/05/15Apparatus, system, and method for supporting a wing assembly
11/05/15Composite material containing graphene
11/05/15Hypersonic vehicle base drag reduction and improved inlet performance through venting forebody bleed air to base area using open core ceramic composites
11/05/15Methods and apparatus for noise attenuation in an engine nacelle
11/05/15Self-sealing apparatus that adjusts a throat area of a nozzle
11/05/15Pneumatic energy harvesting and monitoring
11/05/15Self-indexing nut plate
11/05/15Optical fiber coupled photonic crystal slab strain sensor, system and method of fabrication and use
11/05/15Aircraft enhanced reference system and method
11/05/15Integrated information exchange management and control of design configurations
11/05/15Systems and methods for use in authenticating an object
11/05/15Hitless rearrangement of a satellite-hosted switch via propagated synchronization
11/05/15Transferring files between different operating systems
11/05/15System and method for quantifying x-ray backscatter system performance
11/05/15Conduction cooled module
10/29/15Molybdenum composite hybrid laminates and methods
10/29/15Energy recovery of an aircraft
10/29/15Boundary layer flow sensor
10/29/15Automated assembly of panelized aircraft fuselages
10/29/15Thrust-reverser assemblies that utilize active flow-control and systems and methods including the same
10/29/15Damping mechanical linkage
10/29/15Dual stream system and method for producing carbon dioxide
10/29/15Witness material and method for monitoring the environmental history of an object
10/29/15Z-axis test coupon structure and method for additive manufacturing process
10/29/15System for modeling production of a product
10/29/15Flexible low impedance power bus
10/29/15Systems and methods for the control and operation of a parallel motor controller architecture
10/29/15Network revision evaluator
10/29/15Perform an action based on dialed digits
10/29/15Apparatus and method for monitoring performance characteristics of a component of a vehicle
10/22/15Fire-retarding apparatus and methods of their manufacture
10/22/15Clamping method and apparatus
10/22/15Automated apparatus for use in selectively cutting side walls of a honeycomb core
10/22/15Joining composite components using low temperature thermoplastic film fusion
10/22/15Method for forming a fabric preform insert for a composite tank y-joint
10/22/15Structural inserts for honeycomb structures
10/22/15Symmetric wing rib with center plane fastened shear ties
10/22/15Wing fold system rotating latch
10/22/15Modular pod system for aircraft
10/22/15Apparatus for preventing lightning strike damage to a structural component
10/22/15Modular stanchion system
10/22/15Automated apparatus for use in selectively installing temporary fasteners in an assembly
10/22/15Dis-bond membrane for a lined pressure vessel
10/22/15Method and system for electronically shaping detonated charges
10/22/15Method and system for tuning a musculoskeletal model
10/22/15Apparatus and method for managing multiple user accounts on a memory card
10/22/15Systems and methods for managing job candidate information and proposals
10/22/15Method for improving linear feature detectability in digital images
10/22/15Landing alerts for preventing runway excursions
10/22/15Shaft assembly for rotary switch
10/22/15Layered bonded structures formed from reactive bonding of zinc metal and zinc peroxide
10/22/15Control system for a battery
10/22/15Modular antenna assembly
10/22/15Radio performance calculator
10/15/15Optical scanner and projection apparatus for thermal management of composite repairs
10/15/15Filling and leveling methods and apparatus for building tight tolerance surfaces
10/15/15Monolithic part and method of forming the monolithic part
10/15/15Methods and systems for distributing inert gas in an aircraft
10/15/15Vehicle ablator system
10/15/15Advanced ballistic tolerant fuel containment tank
10/15/15Valve system
10/15/15Non-contact measurement of multi-temperature profile of an object
10/15/15Aerial positioning systems and methods
10/15/15Identifying movements using a motion sensing device coupled with an associative memory
10/15/15Vehicle configuration driven loading of software parts
10/15/15Predictive shimming for flexible surfaces
10/15/15Time zone sensitive calendar
10/15/15System and method for surface vehicle trajectory description
10/15/15Configurable antenna assembly
10/15/15Voice communication system for simulated radio networks
10/15/15Secure data communication
10/15/15Secure data transmission using quantum communication
10/15/15Aircraft window heating system
10/08/15Curtain hanger
10/08/15Method and system for forming masks
10/08/15Rework system for composite structures
10/08/15Localization within an environment using sensor fusion
10/08/15Radius fillers for composite structures, composite structures that include radius fillers, and systems and methods of forming the same
10/08/15Nonwoven interlayers made using polymer-nanoparticle polymers
10/08/15Bilaterally asymmetric design for minimizing wave drag
10/08/15Modular rotor craft rotor hub system
10/08/15Propeller/rotor control apparatus and method
10/08/15Fast-low energy transfer to earth-moon lagrange point l2
10/08/15System and method for ammonia distillation
10/08/15Primer saturated carrier medium assembly and method of applying to a surface
10/08/15Pyramid waffle core structure and method of fabrication
10/08/15Aircraft door dampening system
10/08/15Methods and apparatus to predict landing system operating parameters
10/08/15Adjustment mechanisms for virtual knobs on a touchscreen interface
10/08/15Context-aware object detection in aerial photographs/videos using travel path metadata
10/08/15Intelligence analysis
10/08/15Cable support shield termination device
10/08/15Network resource requirements of traffic through a multiple stage switch network
10/08/15Threat modeling and analysis
10/01/15Verifying calibration points against mark lines on workpiece surfaces
10/01/15Method and apparatus for reworking inconsistencies on parts
10/01/15Heating system for composite rework of aircraft
10/01/15System and method for reducing core of a metallic honeycomb panel structure
10/01/15Apparatuses and methods for efficient sealing of vacuum bag seams
10/01/15Air vehicle, actuator assembly and associated method of manufacture
10/01/15Pneumatic positioning system
10/01/15Structure and method for reducing air flow in a wall volume of an aircraft
10/01/15Structure and method for reducing air flow in a wall volume of an aircraft
10/01/15Three-dimensional filament network for a composite laminate
10/01/15Circular galley drain strainer
10/01/15Bleed air systems for use with aircraft and related methods
10/01/15Bleed air systems for use with aircraft and related methods
10/01/15Propulsion system and launch vehicle
10/01/15Blind tack bolt with higher clamp-up strength
10/01/15Systems, methods, and apparatus for internally supported shafts
10/01/15Bulkhead fitting assembly
10/01/15Quasi-virtual locate/drill/shim process
10/01/15Systems and methods for radiation monitoring
10/01/15Model-independent battery life and performance forecaster
10/01/15Methods and apparatus to detect and control plasma fires
10/01/15Method for controlling aircraft time of arrival
10/01/15Ship course obstruction warning transport
10/01/15Establishing availability of a two-engine aircraft for an etops flight or an etops flight path for a two-engine aircraft
10/01/15Aircraft fuel optimization analytics
10/01/15Positioning system for an electromechanical actuator
10/01/15Self-monitoring controlled optical component system
10/01/15Three-dimensional stereoscopic projection on complex surfaces
09/24/15System and method for assembly manufacturing
09/24/15Apparatus and method for remote fastener installation
09/24/15Fabrication of composite laminates using temporarily stitched preforms
09/24/15Seal design for vehicle and structure application
09/24/15Flight control surface seal
09/24/15Hybrid structure including built-up sandwich structure and monolithic spf/db structure
09/24/15Short landing warning
09/24/15Air-ground detection system for semi-levered landing gear
09/24/15Multi-stage space launch systems with reusable thrust augmentation and associated methods
09/24/15Spacecraft docking system
09/24/15Systems and methods for controlling a fuel tank environment
09/24/15System and method for forming elongated perforations in an inner barrel section of an engine
09/24/15Integrated primary nozzle
09/24/15Bulkhead fitting assembly and method of sealing a bulkhead opening
09/24/15Bulkhead fitting assembly and method of making
09/24/15Relative object localization process for local positioning system
09/24/15Method and apparatus for measuring static pressure
09/24/15Self charging door sensor system
09/24/15Interference geolocation using a satellite constellation
09/24/15Systems and methods for providing interactive production illustration information
09/24/15System and method for monitoring a traveling passenger requiring assistance
09/24/15Vehicle maintenance using identification tags and onboard data processing system
09/24/15Arrival traffic scheduling system incorporating equipage-dependent in-trail spacing
09/24/15Bandwidth optimization and hitless transport in dynamic free space optical communications networks
09/24/15Wireline communication system and method employing a military standard 1553 bus
09/24/15Lighting device to simulate natural motion
09/24/15Method and apparatus for covering a fastener system
09/17/15Monolithic contactor and associated system and method for collecting carbon dioxide
09/17/15Method and system for installing fasteners with electromagnetic effect protection
09/17/15Composite structure and method for inspecting a pre-bond surface of a composite structure
09/17/15Latching apparatus and methods
09/17/15Electronic display mounting apparatus
09/17/15Method and apparatus to construct metal securement member for an aircraft
09/17/15Integrated armor for hypervelocity impacts
09/17/15Enhanced temperature control anti-ice nozzle
09/17/15One piece inlet lip skin design
09/17/15Method and system for producing electricity from airport acoustical energy
09/17/15Temporary clamp up system for sealant squeeze out in lock bolt installations
09/17/15Calibration of sensor arrays
09/17/15Apparatuses and methods for testing adhesion of a seal to a surface
09/17/15Airspeed calculation system for an aircraft
09/17/15Electromagnetic effect testing
09/17/15Method and apparatus for detecting and classifying signals
09/10/15Method and system for vibratory finishing of composite laminate parts
09/10/15Repair apparatus and method for composite panels having a conductive layer
09/10/15Autonomous power generation in submersible environments
09/10/15System and method for commanding a payload of an aircraft
09/10/15Controlling flow of dry ice sublimation inside a galley cart
09/10/15Control module unit for services systems for a vehicle
09/10/15Dry ice draw through galley cooling
09/10/15Turbo-compressor system and method for extracting energy from an aircraft engine
09/10/15Systems and methods for passive deicing
09/10/15System and method of mapping user notes to flight charts
09/10/15Chromium-free conversion coating
09/10/15Antivortex device and method of assembling thereof
09/10/15Motion-damping systems and methods including the same
09/10/15Light assembly having light homogenizer
09/10/15Co2 ventilation bulb seal for insulated galley cart
09/10/15Flexible chassis interface device
09/10/15Device for emulating temperature of a composite structure through a thermal cure cycle
09/10/15Aircraft intent processor
09/10/15Locking system for an actuator device
09/10/15System and method to predict whether a protection circuit is likely to prevent a latent failure within a monitored circuit
09/10/15Smart process management
09/10/15Composite inspection and structural check of multiple layers
09/10/15Graphene coated electronic components
09/10/15Lightning protected radome system
09/10/15Six-phase supplied transformer rectifier unit
09/10/15Wirelessly powered electric motor
09/10/15Method and apparatus for calibrating a micro-concentrator solar array
09/10/15Graphene-based thermal management systems
09/03/15Method and apparatus for contouring composite pre-preg articles
09/03/15Systems and methods for locking a control lever
09/03/15Air conditioning system and methods of assembling the same
09/03/15Systems and methods for predicting and controlling ice formation
09/03/15Systems and methods for containing ignition within equipment dry bays
09/03/15Bung plug extractor and methods for transferring fluid with a pressurized tank
09/03/15Passive control fin stops for air launched boosted (two stage) high speed vehicles
09/03/15Automatic window placement
09/03/15Power frequency converter and associated method
08/27/15System and method for surface cleaning
08/27/15System and method for surface cleaning
08/27/15Method and apparatus for making preformed seals
08/27/15Plasma-assisted synthetic jets for active air flow control
08/27/15Active landing gear damper
08/27/15Variable thermal resistance device for vehicular seats
08/27/15Fluid dynamic vent dam
08/27/15Systems and methods for movement of objects
08/27/15Health-adaptive reaction control system
08/27/15Thermally conductive flexible adhesive for aerospace applications
08/27/15Direct electrochemical synthesis of doped conductive polymers on metal alloys
08/27/15Temperature control system for shape-memory alloy
08/27/15Method and apparatus for removably attaching photogrammetric targets to a surface
08/27/15Movement detection of hanging loads
08/27/15Portable computer and associated method of modeling a sealant spraying process
08/27/15Remote data delivery system
08/27/15Two-dimensional model of triangular sectors for use in generating a mesh for finite element analysis
08/27/15Effecting voice communication in a sound-restricted environment
08/27/15Micro-concentrator solar array using micro-electromechanical systems (mems) based reflectors
08/27/15Modular self-tracking micro-concentrator for space power
08/27/15Alternative path cooling of a high temperature fuel cell
08/27/15Method and system for controlling synchronous machine as generator/starter
08/27/15Micro-concentrator solar array using micro-electromechanical systems (mems) based reflectors
08/27/15Dynamically setting a threshold output level for a solar array
08/27/15Inline optoelectronic converter and associated methods
08/20/15Multifunction programmable foodstuff preparation
08/20/15Method and apparatus for atomizing a deposition mixture
08/20/15Friction stir weld plugs and methods of using thereof
08/20/15Adhesive scoop
08/20/15Systems and methods of separating tubing sleeves from a tubing holder
08/20/15Formation of thermoplastic parts
08/20/15Method of fabricating fiber reinforced composite structure having stepped surface
08/20/15Verifiable quick patch repair for composite structures
08/20/15Composite filler
08/20/15Composite filler
08/20/15Apparatus, controller and method for controlling the cool down of an aircraft engine rotor
08/20/15Electronics operation for temperature controlled systems
08/20/15System and method for testing compression panels
08/20/15Systems and methods for providing landing exceedance warnings and avoidance
08/20/15System and method for fuel cell degradation management
08/20/15Adaptive interference suppression via subband power measurements of a phased-array antenna
08/20/15Antenna array system for producing dual circular polarization signals utilizing a meandering waveguide
08/13/15Handheld tool for applying a fluid onto a surface
08/13/15Automated installation of frangible elements
08/13/15Extrusion apparatus and method
08/13/15Composites comprising adhered components
08/13/15Tire pressure monitoring system
08/13/15Retaining device for insulation in an aircraft
08/13/15Methods and apparatus to increase a payload capacity of an aircraft
08/13/15Combined pressure and thermal window system for space vehicles
08/13/15Ir absorbing coatings comprising fluorinated nanoparticles
08/13/15Thruster grid clear circuits and methods to clear thruster grids
08/13/15Methods of manufacturing a fluid distribution system assembly
08/13/15Automated mobile boom system for crawling robots
08/13/15Predicting aircraft trajectory
08/13/15Geo-location using known target co-calibration
08/13/15Virtual aircraft network
08/13/15Prediction of flight path privacy
08/06/15System and method of vacuum bagging composite parts
08/06/15Radius filler and method of manufacturing same
08/06/15Fitting doublers using gap mapping
08/06/15Laminated i-blade stringer
08/06/15Pressure vessel penetrator isolation device
08/06/15Systems and methods for measuring polarization of light in images
08/06/15System and method for testing a material system
08/06/15Oxygen analysis system and method for measuring, monitoring and recording oxygen concentration in aircraft fuel tanks
08/06/15Determination of anisotropic conduction characteristics
08/06/15Doppler radar test system
08/06/15Touch surface overlay panel
08/06/15Removal of idle time in virtual machine operation
08/06/15Wirelessly connecting an aircraft at an airport
07/30/15Method of transporting a patient
07/30/15Apparatus for friction stir welding
07/30/15System and method for processing a workpiece
07/30/15Baffle configuration for a liquid storage tank
07/30/15System for latching and locking a folding wing
07/30/15Unmanned aerial vehicle
07/30/15Remote controlled air nozzles and methods of assembling the same
07/30/15Dehumidification system for use in a vehicle and method of assembling thereof
07/30/15Method for modeling aircraft performance through adaptive aircraft performance models
07/30/15Systems for in-process quality control during drill-fill assembly
07/30/15Tube fitting
07/30/15Pressure equalization vent for use in an aircraft assembly
07/30/15Eddy current probe rotator
07/30/15Two-dimensionally electronically-steerable artificial impedance surface antenna
07/30/15Three-phase inverter with a repositioned choke
07/30/15Conversion system for converting direct current into alternating current
07/30/15Simultaneous nulling and beamfocusing from disparate antennas
07/30/15Non-destructive evaluation of structures using motion magnification technology
07/30/15Secure aircraft data transmission using multiple communication channels
07/23/15Systems and methods for forming an opening in a stack
07/23/15Joints between a composite skin and a load-bearing component and methods of forming same
07/23/15Continuously curved spar and method of manufacturing
07/23/15Winglet attach fitting and method for attaching a split winglet to a wing
07/23/15Optimized real-time antiskid control initialization for travel surfaces as a function of wheel spinup
07/23/15Waste disposal system for aircraft
07/23/15Systems and methods for simulating time phased solar irradiance plots
07/23/15Optical switch using optical fibers
07/23/15Structure placement using prior design location identification and feedback
07/23/15Aircraft antenna mounting system
07/23/15Systems and methods for estimating net solar energy production for airborne photovoltaic systems
07/23/15System and method to remove heat from a power amplifier
07/23/15Executing unprotected mode services in a protected mode environment
07/23/15Systems and methods for tracking location of movable target object
07/16/15Device for transporting, placing and compacting composite stiffeners
07/16/15Methods and apparatus of notification of a flight asymmetry influencing an aircraft
07/16/15Aircraft environmental control system and method
07/16/15Active vibration control system
07/16/15Monitoring of high-lift systems for aircraft
07/16/15Methods and apparatus for controlling a plurality of satellites using node-synchronous eccentricity control
07/16/15Aircraft anti-icing systems having deflector vanes
07/16/15Bracket for mounting/removal of actuators for active vibration control
07/16/15Optical measurement of fastener preload
07/16/15Swaging features that lock retaining elements for bearings
07/16/15Tube fitting
07/16/15Tube fitting
07/16/15Mandrel configuration monitoring system
07/16/15Laser metrology system and method
07/16/15Methods and apparatus to determine integrity of composite structures
07/16/15Systems and methods for creating altered adhesive bonds
07/16/15Self-healing array system and method
07/16/15Method and system for managing aircraft parts
07/16/15System and methods of inspecting an object
07/16/15Smoke detector sensor network system and method
07/16/15Directly bonded, lattice-mismatched semiconductor device
07/16/15Conductive sleeved fastener assembly
07/09/15Masking plug
07/09/15Method of making fire resistant sustainable aircraft interior panels
07/09/15Fire resistant sustainable aircraft interior panels
07/09/15Augmented situation awareness
07/09/15Jam protection and alleviation for control surface linkage mechanisms
07/09/15Duct apparatus for use with aircraft and related methods
07/09/15Composition and method for inhibiting corrosion of an anodized material
07/09/15Composition and method for inhibiting corrosion
07/09/15Track fitting assembly having a visible indicator to confirm engagement with a track
07/09/15Tube hangers and systems for very early smoke detection
07/09/15Electronic gage apparatus
07/09/15Gyro quadrature stabalization with demodulation phase error nulling
07/09/15System and method for determining whether an apparatus or an assembly process is acceptable
07/09/15Electrical conductors and methods of forming thereof
07/09/15Translating equipment rack system
07/02/15Method and apparatus for reducing ply wrinkling of composite laminates during forming
07/02/15Sandwich structure having arrestment feature
07/02/15Charging system for battery-powered unmanned aerial vehicles
07/02/15Electric system stabilizing system for aircraft
07/02/15Short takeoff and landing aircraft
07/02/15Detection and assessment of damage to composite structure
07/02/15Supplier technical oversight risk assessment
06/25/15Graphene nanoplatelet metal matrix
06/25/15Clamps and methods of forming clamps
06/25/15Aircraft interior panels and methods of panel fabrication
06/25/15Disbond resistant composite stiffener runout
06/25/15Aircraft engine anti-icing (eai) barrier assembly, system and method
06/25/15Bleed air systems for use with aircrafts and related methods
06/25/15Optical angle of arrival sensors and methods for determining an angle of arrival of incident light
06/25/15Avalanche photodiode detector
06/25/15Integral rf-optical phased array module
06/18/15High temperature decontamination of aircraft compartments
06/18/15System and method of joining components
06/18/15Electric system stabilizing system for aircraft
06/18/15Methods and systems for retrieving personnel
06/18/15Uav capture of micro cargo aloft
06/18/15Air cycle machine pack system and method for improving low inlet pressure cooling performance
06/18/15Tooling system for processing workpieces
06/18/15Gradient thin films
06/18/15Motion-damping systems and methods including the same
06/18/15Methods and systems for use in indicating directions for direction finding systems
06/18/15Customizable situational awareness dashboard and alerts, and associated systems and methods
06/18/15Selective notam notification
06/18/15Assessing feasibility of an aircraft trajectory
06/18/15Solar cell structure and composition and method for forming the same
06/18/15Group-v doping of gaas-based layers to improve radiation tolerance of solar cells
06/11/15Aircraft air supply system for reducing an effective altitude experienced at a selected location
06/11/15Oxygen enriched user compartment on an aircraft
06/11/15Systems and methods for on-aircraft composite repair using double vacuum debulking
06/11/15Ceramic matrix composite component and method of forming thereof
06/11/15Methods and apparatus to cooperatively lift a payload
06/11/15End effector for cleaning objects having multiple surfaces
06/11/15Engine cooling system
06/11/15Method, system, and device for liquid drainage
06/11/15Thermoelectric devices and methods of manufacture
06/11/15Aircraft configuration and software part management using a configuration software part
06/11/15Near-field connectivity for hosted payloads
06/04/15Shape-distorting tooling system for curing composite parts
06/04/15Thermoplastic composite support structures with integral fittings and method
06/04/15Method and apparatus for compression molding fiber reinforced thermoplastic parts
06/04/15Non-propulsive utility power (npup) generation system for providing secondary power in an aircraft
06/04/15Methods and assembly for illuminating a surface of an aircraft passenger cabin
06/04/15Environmental waypoint insertion
06/04/15Systems and methods of transmitter location detection
06/04/15System and method for operating a machine and performing quality assurance
05/28/15Aircraft window and installation method
05/28/15Cryogenically cooled radiation shield device and associated method
05/28/15Low radio frequency loss, static dissipative adhesives
05/28/15Methods to monitor components of an aircraft landing system
05/28/15Methods of inerting lithium-containing batteries and associated containers
05/28/15Integrated resource planning for satellite systems
05/28/15Method and apparatus for optimizing a load in a flight control system while an aircraft is on the ground
05/28/15Aircraft system verification
05/28/15Aircraft window and installation method
05/28/15Cryogenically cooled radiation shield device and associated method
05/28/15Low radio frequency loss, static dissipative adhesives
05/28/15Methods to monitor components of an aircraft landing system
05/28/15Methods of inerting lithium-containing batteries and associated containers
05/28/15Integrated resource planning for satellite systems
05/28/15Method and apparatus for optimizing a load in a flight control system while an aircraft is on the ground
05/28/15Aircraft system verification
05/21/15Method of making a modular off-axis solar concentrator
05/21/15Method and apparatus for making fiber reinforced composite tubes
05/21/15Apparatus for applying film material to elongate members
05/21/15Stowable computer workstation
05/21/15System and method for manufacturing monolithic structures using expanding internal tools
05/21/15Consolidation of complex contoured thermoplastic structures
05/21/15Over-molded vacuum barrier and inner mold line bag carrier with soluble details in trapped closed mold tooling
05/21/15Visual detection of volcanic plumes
05/21/15Modulated echo underwater communications and energy harvesting
05/21/15Relative trajectory cost
05/21/15Safety analysis of a complex system using component-oriented fault trees
05/21/15Computer architectures using shared storage
05/14/15Positioning system for electromagnetic riveting
05/14/15Structural bond inspection
05/14/15Nacelle inlet configuration
05/14/15Multi-layer metallic structure and composite-to-metal joint methods
05/14/15Compression molding of composite structures using flexible tooling
05/14/15Cure tool with integrated edge breather and method of making the same
05/14/15Shape memory alloy rods for actuation of continuous surfaces
05/14/15Synthetic wave laser ranging sensors and methods
05/14/15Position determination using synthetic wave laser ranging
05/14/15Transponded anti-jam satellite communications
05/14/15Satellite communications management system
05/14/15Low temperature segmented copolymer compositions and methods
05/14/15Dual hidden point bars
05/14/15Microgrid control system
05/14/15Microgrid control system
05/14/15Authentication based on random bits in satellite navigation messages
05/14/15Apparatus, method, and system for hardware-based filtering in a cross-domain infrastructure
05/07/15Edge distance gauge
05/07/15Continuous flow thermodynamic pump
05/07/15Methods and systems for non-destructive inspection
05/07/15Photodiode and method for making the same
05/07/15Elevated platform system including restraining systems and vision system
05/07/15Fan nozzle drive systems that lock thrust reversers
05/07/15Methods and tools for forming contoured composite structures with shape memory alloy
05/07/15Virtual cell for battery thermal management
05/07/15Flight deck touch screen interface for interactive displays
05/07/15Low profile cargo handling system
05/07/15Resin infusion of composite parts using a perforated caul sheet
05/07/15Laminated composite radius filler with geometric shaped filler element and method of forming the same
05/07/15Infectious disease detection system
05/07/15Real-time numerical control tool path adaptation using force feedback
04/30/15T-style grommet attachment system and method
04/30/15Methods and apparatus for passive thrust vectoring and plume deflection
04/30/15Inlet system for a precooler
04/30/15Cold working holes in a composite and metal stack
04/30/15Apparatus and method for inspecting a laminated structure
04/30/15Inlet system having dual inlets
04/30/15Convertible compounded rotorcraft
04/30/15Decompression panel for use in an aircraft
04/30/15Decompression panel for use in an aircraft assembly
04/30/15Decompression panel for use in an aircraft assembly
04/30/15Aircraft electric motor system
04/30/15Mapping damaged regions on objects
04/30/15Clamp device for use with a decompression panel in an aircraft assembly
04/30/15Aircraft stopping performance display and warning
04/30/15Airplane off ground advisory system
04/30/15System and method for visualization and optimization of system of systems
04/30/15Product chemical profile system
04/23/15Battery cell isolation system
04/23/15Vacuum bag sealing system and method for composite parts
04/23/15Portable cleco type fastener dispenser
04/23/15Anti-icing system for aircraft
04/23/15Differential throttling control enhancement
04/23/15Decompression panel assembly and method of equalizing air pressure differential
04/23/15Wingtip control system
04/23/15Method and system for enhancing spectrometer function
04/23/15Self-centering sealant applicator
04/23/15Multi-band antenna
04/23/15Unstable imaging resonator
04/23/15Method of coating a composite material and a coated edge of a composite structure
04/23/15Overlapping cells for wireless coverage
04/23/15Managing the manufacturing lifecycle of fasteners of a product
04/23/15Variable aperture phased array incorporating vehicle swarm
04/23/15Datum reference frame for mechanical parts
04/23/15Analyzing structural durability in the frequency domain
04/16/15Method and apparatus for fitting a sleeve
04/16/15Ratcheting shape memory alloy actuators and systems and methods including the same
04/16/15Aircraft missile launcher cover
04/16/15Bends in composite panels
04/16/15Electronic device protection
04/16/15Synthetic jet muffler
04/16/15Method for a leading edge slat on a wing of an aircraft
04/16/15Quiet landing gear door
04/16/15Method and apparatus for changing a deployed position for a tail skid assembly
04/16/15System and method for reducing the stopping distance of an aircraft
04/16/15Method and apparatus for attaching a trim to a cover of a bin assembly
04/16/15Joint assembly and method of assembling same
04/16/15Self-aligning fitting assemblies and systems and methods including the same
04/16/15Modular equipment center lightning threat reduction architecture
04/16/15Modular equipment center distributed equipment packaging truss
04/16/15Modular equipment center distributed primary power architecture
04/16/15Modular equipment center zonal standalone power system control architecture
04/16/15Remote modular equipment center architecture
04/16/15Modular equipment center distributed independent protections
04/16/15Modular equipment center solid state primary power switching network
04/16/15Modular equipment center integrated truss sensors
04/16/15Methods and apparatus for detecting ice formation on aircraft
04/16/15Methods and apparatus to adjust bleed ports on an aircraft engine
04/16/15Frequency response and health tracker for a synthetic jet generator
04/16/15Apparatus, system and method for aero-contouring a surface of an aerodynamically functional coating
04/16/15Control interface for leading and trailng edge devices
04/16/15Methods and systems for estimation of propellant transfer in an ion propulsion system
04/09/15Modular lavatory system
04/09/15Method for preparing highly-deformable titanium and titanium-alloy one-piece fasteners
04/09/15Static dissipative fluid conveying coupler and methods of assembling the same
04/09/15Systems and methods for heat balance and transport for aircraft hydraulic systems
04/09/15Smart susceptor for a shape memory alloy (sma) actuator inductive heating system
04/09/15Methods and systems for channeling aircraft hydraulic fluid
04/09/15Ecological method for constructing circuit boards
04/09/15Aircraft wing-to-fuselage joint with active suspension and method
04/09/15Swing wing tip system, assembly and method with dual load path structure
04/09/15Heated flight attendant jumpseats for commercial airplane applications
04/09/15Strain amplification structure and synthetic jet actuator
04/09/15Recharging an aircraft battery
04/09/15Additive manufacturing for radio frequency hardware
04/09/15Pre-formed thermoplastic filler for thermoset structure
04/09/15High temperature hybridized molecular functional group adhesion barrier coating and method
04/09/15Automated sanding system
04/09/15Systems and methods for controlling airflow in a vehicle
04/09/15Redox couple-based mitigation of fluid-flow-driven electrochemical surface degradation
04/09/15Health management of rechargeable batteries
04/09/15Horizon night view simulation
04/09/15System and method for utilizing a three dimensional model for accessing databases
04/02/15Airplane shade handle and sliding mechanism
04/02/15Method of using a retention clip to close hardware
04/02/15Engine cowl and inlet cover
04/02/15Gas sensing system and method
04/02/15Leak detection in composite structures
04/02/15Vortex generators
04/02/15Printed circuit board assembly methods
04/02/15Automated production and installation of patches for reworking structures
04/02/15Restraining system including near field rfid detection
04/02/15Electromagnetic energy surface protection
04/02/15Stowage bin systems
04/02/15Apparatus for preventing spark propagation
04/02/15Systems, methods, and apparatus for an emergency power generator
04/02/15Reluctance motor system
04/02/15Software network behavior analysis and identification system
03/26/15Systems and methods for use in covering a portion of a fastener protruding from a surface
03/26/15Automated installation of frangible elements
03/26/15Isoelectronic surfactant induced sublattice disordering in optoelectronic devices
03/26/15Efficient fluid dynamic and structural design and integration method to achieve extended hybrid laminar flow control
03/26/15System and method for optimizing performance of an aircraft
03/26/15Leading and trailng edge device deflections during descent of an aircraft
03/26/15Variable camber flap system and method
03/26/15Adaptive trailing edge actuator system and method
03/26/15Leading edge system and method for approach noise reduction
03/26/15System and method for indicating pressure in aerial refueling assembly
03/26/15Multiple spacecraft launch system
03/26/15Apparatus and methods to operate laminar flow control doors
03/26/15Leading edge variable camber system and method
03/26/15Electric motor phase control system
03/26/15Electric motor signature reduction system
03/26/15Portable augmented reality
03/26/15System and method for graphically entering views of terrain and other features for surveillance
03/26/15Communication effects in network simulations
03/26/15Automated drilling through pilot holes
03/26/15Systems and methods for use in covering a portion of a fastener protruding from a surface
03/26/15Concentric nozzles for enhanced mixing of fluids
03/26/15Rotorcraft rotor including primary pitch horns and secondary horns
03/26/15Composite textiles including spread filaments
03/26/15Spectrally selective coatings and associated methods for minimizing the effects of lightning strikes
03/26/15Corrosion-resistant, chromium-free, self-priming coatings curable by ultraviolet light
03/26/15Grille for vehicle wall opening
03/26/15Interference suppression in a satellite communication system using onboard beamforming and ground-based processing
03/26/15Optimized flap positioning for go-around operations
03/26/15Brake load alleviation functions
03/26/15Optical communications and obstacle sensing for autonomous vehicles
03/19/15Manufacturing method and robotic assembly system
03/19/15Control feedback loop for real-time variable needle peen forming
03/19/15Method and apparatus for impacting metal parts for aerospace applications
03/19/15Valve and method of relieving overpressure in a fluid supply system
03/19/15Method using low volume autoclave having configurable shape
03/19/15Scalable cargo fire-suppression agent distribution system
03/19/15Carbon fiber reinforced polymer cargo beam with integrated cargo stanchions and c-splices
03/19/15Ferrofluid motor
03/19/15High current event mitigation circuit
03/19/15Systems and methods for interference geolocation and mitigation using a phased array receiving antenna
03/19/15Laser signature vision system
03/19/15Adjustable fixture for a multi-spindle machine
03/19/15Contra-rotating open fan propulsion system
03/19/15Joining curved composite sandwich panels
03/19/15Bead-stiffened composite parts
03/19/15Fiber-reinforced resin composites and methods of making the same
03/19/15Robotic object coating system
03/19/15On-ground braking alerts for airplanes
03/19/15Systems and methods for assuring the accuracy of a synthetic runway presentation
03/19/15Visual flight rules approach to airports
03/19/15Systems and methods for controlling aircraft arrivals at a waypoint
03/19/15Detection of infected network devices and fast-flux networks by tracking url and dns resolution changes
03/12/15Automated tube straightening apparatus
03/12/15Device and method for determining fluid streaming potential
03/12/15Multilayer aircraft shade material
03/12/15Cooling system for aerospace vehicle components
03/12/15Containers for fire containment
03/12/15Fire-retaining containers
03/12/15Fuselage-mounted landing gear assembly for use with a low wing aircraft
03/12/15Cryogenic fuel tanks for use in aircraft structures
03/12/15Filtered radiation hardened flip flop with reduced power consumption
03/12/15Flat panel loudspeaker system
03/12/15Isotropic feature matching
03/12/15Method and apparatus for supporting an aircraft structure during repair
03/12/15Modularized electrochemical cell system
03/12/15Tool support
03/12/15Mobile communication device and method of operating thereof
03/12/15Mobile computing device and method of transmitting data therefrom
03/12/15Mobile communication device and method of operating thereof
03/12/15Method of authorizing an operation to be performed on a targeted computing device
03/05/15Transducer with dry adhesive couplant
03/05/15Solar cells having a transparent composition-graded buffer layer
03/05/15Retractable shade and method sealing an over-wing exit in an aircraft
03/05/15Locomotion system for robotic snake
03/05/15Adjustable clamp
03/05/15Integrated antenna transceiver for sensor and data transmission on rotating shafts
03/05/15Methods and apparatus to identify components from images of the components
03/05/15System and method for forming perforations in a barrel section
03/05/15Vehicle base station
03/05/15Mechanism for translation/rotation in x-y directions
03/05/15Air diffuser systems, methods, and apparatuses
03/05/15Three dimensional printing of parts
03/05/15Tool for applying a fluid onto a surface
03/05/15Systems and methods for refrigerating galley compartments
03/05/15Method and system for calculating aircraft speed changes
03/05/15Method and system for estimating aircrft course
03/05/15Correlation of maximum configuration data sets
03/05/15Metadata for compressed video streams
02/26/15Slam latch bolt dampener
02/26/15Apparatus for inspecting a tube
02/26/15Apparatus for non-destructive inspection of stringers
02/26/15Method for fabricating thermoplastic composite parts
02/26/15Method and apparatus for exchanging nozzles and tips for a fluid dispensing system
02/26/15Upper joints between outboard wing boxes and wing center sections of aircraft wing assemblies
02/26/15Sail-based electrical generation system and method
02/26/15Translating stowage bin and method of assembly
02/26/15Aircraft monitoring system
02/26/15Vehicle position validation
02/26/15Method of supporting an item in a mounting apparatus
02/26/15Method and system for non-destructively evaluating a hidden workpiece
02/26/15Dual coil loudspeaker system
02/26/15Automated inspection system
02/26/155-axis hole transfer system and method
02/26/15Stopping energy based selection logic for taxi brake release
02/26/15Using aircraft trajectory data to infer aircraft intent
02/26/15System and method for trusted mobile communications
02/26/15System and method for discovering optimal network attack paths
02/19/15Methods for recovering waste energy from bleed air ducts
02/19/15Hybrid acoustic barrier and absorber
02/19/15Methods for fabrication of thermoplastic components
02/19/15Unsteady aerodynamics mitigation for multi-body aerospace apparatus
02/19/15Additive-manufacturing systems, apparatuses and methods
02/19/15Spectral balancing technique
02/19/15Fluid-fed vacuum cutters
02/19/15Apparatuses and methods for manipulating curved sheets
02/19/15Aircraft system control and reporting via a mobile device
02/19/15Systems and methods for detecting aircraft maintenance events and maintenance intervals
02/19/15Methods and systems for communicatively coupling vehicles and ground systems
02/19/15Quality factor estimation of a reverberant cavity
02/12/15Circumferential shear test method and apparatus for a sandwich structure
02/12/15Reduction of chromium waste water in an aluminum conversion coat processing line
02/12/15Systems and methods for duct protection of a vehicle
02/12/15Peel-resistant mechanism for use in bonding components
02/12/15Method and apparatus for fabricating contoured laminate structures
02/12/15Systems and methods for assembling conformal arrays
02/12/15Method of removing a metal detail from a substrate
02/12/15Aircraft side of body joint
02/12/15Multipurpose flying boom
02/12/15Methods for making static dissipative coatings
02/12/15Method for forming an angled flange
02/12/15Method and system for characterizing battery cells for use in battery packs
02/12/15Exterior aircraft display system
02/12/15Electrical power distribution network monitoring and control
02/12/15Wired ethernet adaptor for portable electronic devices
02/12/15Long-duct, mixed-flow nozzle system for a turbofan engine
02/12/15High-viscosity sealant application system
02/12/15Method and apparatus for concurrently dispensing and fairing high viscosity fluid
02/12/15Coatings, coating compositions, and methods of delaying ice formation
02/12/15Wrinkle diffuser system for composites
02/12/15Advanced energy monitoring and control in a complex system
02/12/15Demand based field of view (fov) allocation for remote sensing systems
02/12/15Clustering with virtual entities using associative memories
02/05/15Door snubber and strike plate
02/05/15Blade cover
02/05/15Formed sheet metal composite tooling
02/05/15Automated resin and fiber deposition for resin infusion
02/05/15Modal acoustic aircraft weight system
02/05/15Vented launch vehicle adaptor for a manned spacecraft with "pusher" launch abort system
02/05/15Method and apparatus for improving leakage performance of a multi-port amplifier
02/05/15Clamp assembly including permanent magnets and coils for selectively magnetizing and demagnetizing the magnets
02/05/15Automated graph local constellation (glc) method of correspondence search for registration of 2-d and 3-d data
02/05/15Stereo-motion method of three-dimensional (3-d) structure information extraction from a video for fusion with 3-d point cloud data
02/05/15Plastic and glass optical fiber bus network
02/05/15Plastic optical fiber bus network
02/05/15Self-indexing nut plate
02/05/15Natural-path tearstraps and stiffeners for spherical composite pressure bulkheads
02/05/15Machine tool for removing an out-of-tolerance area in a composite structure
02/05/15Maintenance systems and methods for use in analyzing maintenance data
02/05/15Attendant control panel virtual trainer
01/29/15Gas separation systems and methods using membranes
01/29/15Hydraulic valve with helical actuator
01/29/15Septumization of honeycomb sandwiches
01/29/15Hybrid composite structure having damped metallic fibers and method for making the same
01/29/15Acoustic barrier support structure
01/29/15Feedback control system for performing fluid dispensing operations
01/29/15Chair for use in a vehicle
01/29/15Transformer core flux control for power management
01/29/15Systems and methods for locating and prioritizing cargo
01/29/15Method and system for dynamically determining and displaying navigation information
01/29/15Controlling movement of a camera to autonomously track a mobile object
01/29/15Fish tracker
01/29/15Methods of manufacturing elongate weldments
01/29/15Composite laminates having hole patterns produced by controlled fiber placement
01/29/15Auxiliary power unit inlet apparatus and methods
01/29/15Structural health management with active control using integrated elasticity measurement
01/29/15Shared space for crew communication
01/22/15Method to fixture and inspection contoured aerodynamic surfaces
01/22/15Apparatus, system and method for compression testing of test specimens
01/22/15Apparatus for curing a composite part layup
01/22/15Methods and device for mixing airflows in environmental control systems
01/22/15Redundant current-sum feedback actuator
01/22/15Wheel system for a vehicle
01/22/15Aircraft universal power converter
01/22/15Power converter having emi filter common to multiple converters
01/22/15Parallel transistor circuit controller
01/22/15Wireless fuel sensor system
01/22/15Wireless fuel sensor system
01/22/15Flight deck touch-sensitive hardware controls
01/22/15Fault-tolerant self-indicating surge protection system for aircraft
01/22/15Direct current signal transmission system
01/22/15Systems and methods for physical security of information flows over a power cable connection
01/22/15Composite structures having composite-to-metal joints and method for making the same
01/22/15Quality control of additive manufactured parts
01/22/15Aircraft location system for locating aircraft in water environments
01/22/15Precision multiple vehicle navigation system
01/15/15Apparatus and method for moving a structure in a manufacturing environment
01/15/15Apparatus and method for momentum-balanced forging
01/15/15Ultrasonic inspection system for non-planar surfaces
01/15/15Tubular composite strut having internal stiffening and method for making the same
01/15/15Thermoplastic sandwich structures
01/15/15Thermoplastic structures
01/15/15Short course fiber placement head
01/15/15Metallic bladders
01/15/15Systems and methods for heat balance and transport for aircraft hydraulic systems
01/15/15Induction welding system
01/15/15Edge seals for composite structure fuel tanks
01/15/15Wing fold controller
01/15/15Independent power generation in aircraft
01/15/15Rail mounted beverage dispenser for commercial airplanes
01/15/15Apparatus and methods for joining composite structures of aircrafts
01/15/15Systems and methods for detecting multiple infrared bands
01/15/15Method and apparatus for installing a seal cap
01/15/15Active-active redundant motor gear system
01/15/15Method for extracting optical energy from an optical beam
01/15/15Electrostatic charge dissipation system
01/15/15System for communication in a tactical network
01/15/15Systems and methods for broadband over power line multiple interface devices and systems
01/15/15Thermoplastic and titanium sandwich structures
01/15/15Methods of making large-area carbon coatings
01/15/15Methods and apparatuses for forming large-area carbon coatings
01/15/15Electrical power system stability
01/15/15System and method for assessing cumulative effects of a failure
01/15/15Server system for providing current data and past data to clients
01/15/15Systems and methods of analyzing a software component
01/15/15Systems and methods of analyzing a software component
01/08/15Systems and methods for maintaining pressure in cryogenic storage tanks
01/08/15Modal impact testing assembly, system and method
01/08/15Adhesive bonded solar cell assembly
01/08/15Methods and apparatuses for mitigating tin whisker growth on tin and tin-plated surfaces by doping tin with gold
01/08/15Pressure panels
01/08/15Flow control structure and associated method for controlling attachment with a control surface
01/08/15Conductive water-borne coatings and methods for enhancing coating conductivity
01/08/15Vacuum bag processing of composite parts using a conformable vacuum bag assembly
01/08/15Motor control for stability and power supply protection
01/08/15Quadrant change control in brushless dc motors
01/08/15Two-dimensionally electronically-steerable artificial impedance surface antenna
01/08/15Two-dimensionally electronically-steerable artificial impedance surface antenna
01/08/15Pressure foot offset nose piece
01/08/15Methods and apparatuses for mitigating tin whisker growth on tin and tin-plated surfaces by doping tin with germanium
01/08/15Integrated circulator for phased arrays
01/08/15System and method for configuring a direct lift control system of a vehicle
01/08/15Robotic-mounted monument system for metrology systems
01/08/15System and method for journey planning, finding k shortest paths through a time/space network
01/01/15Pivoting ring petal actuation for variable area fan nozzle
01/01/15Aircraft fuel tank flammability reduction methods and systems
01/01/15Sealed bladder assembly and method
01/01/15Systems and methods for acoustic resonance mitigation
01/01/15Multiple space vehicle launch system
01/01/15System and method for vehicle power system isolation
01/01/15Modular reflector assembly for a reflector antenna
01/01/15Integrated photonic frequency converter and mixer
01/01/15Aircraft communication bus fault isolator apparatus
01/01/15Flat panel loudspeaker system
01/01/15Magnet sensing hole driller and method therefor
01/01/15Binderless metal injection molding apparatus and method
01/01/15Collection of process data using in-situ sensors
01/01/15Aircraft skin attachment system
01/01/15Whisker-reinforced hybrid fiber by method of base material infusion into whisker yarn
01/01/15Truss interconnect
01/01/15Real-time feedback control for performing tooling operations in assembly processes
01/01/15Handle bar route extension

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