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The Boeing Copany
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The Boeing Co patents (2016 archive)

Recent patent applications related to The Boeing Co. The Boeing Co is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: The Boeing Co may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with The Boeing Co, we're just tracking patents.

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04/28/16Integrated live and simulation environment system for an aircraft
08/18/16Joining a thermoplastic material and a metal
12/29/16Air filter monitoring tab
12/29/16Welding thermoplastic structures
12/29/16System and method for manufacturing a stiffened composite structure
12/29/16Systems and methods for additive manufacturing processes
12/29/16Composite sandwich panel and associated methods of manufacture
12/29/16Method and apparatus for forming contoured stiffeners
12/29/16Apparatuses and methods for flexurally controlling elongated structures
12/29/16Method and apparatus for robust lift generation
12/29/16System and method for enhancing the high-lift performance of an aircraft
12/29/16Flight deck takeoff duct and trim air mix muff
12/29/16Aircraft receptacle
12/29/16Structurally embedded lighting for display panels
12/29/16Efficient stationkeeping design for mixed fuel systems
12/29/16Efficient stationkeeping design for mixed fuel systems in response to a failure of an electric thruster
12/29/16Novel fire retardant compounds
12/29/16Thermally conductive flexible adhesive for aerospace applications
12/29/16Supersonic caret inlet system leading edge slat for improved inlet performance at off-design flight conditions
12/29/16Flow straightener apparatus and systems for ducted air
12/29/16Magneto rheological fixture damping system
12/29/16Apparatus for drainage of condensate in mixing duct exposed to sub-freezing air
12/29/16System and method for high pressure, passive condensing of water from hydrogen in a reversible solid oxide fuel cell system
12/29/16Automated resin ridge reduction system
12/29/16Systems and methods for automatically inspecting wire segments
12/29/16Method and system for automatically sequencing hole drilling operations supporting one-up assembly
12/29/16Management of a display of an assembly model
12/29/16Mobile robotic system
12/29/16Volume measuring station
12/29/16Cursor enhancement effects
12/29/16Communication system, method and computer program product for transferring an electronic file
12/29/16Method and system of controlling a flight of an aircraft subjected to a required time of arrival constraint
12/29/16Methods and systems for controlling the flight of aircraft
12/29/16Ventilation systems for use with a plasma treatment system
12/29/16Utilizing phase change material, heat pipes, and fuel cells for aircraft applications
12/29/16Apparatus and method for in-situ charging of superconductors
12/29/16Reducing call setup delay in geomobile satellite networks
12/29/16Device and a method for detecting and analyzing signals in the ultrasounds frequency spectrum for electronic communications devices
12/22/16Light-curable material applicator and associated methods
12/22/16Cleaning apparatus
12/22/16Hybrid laser machining of multi-material stack-ups
12/22/16Apparatus for automated maintenance of aircraft structural elements
12/22/16Compliant end effectors, robots that include compliant end effectors, and methods of utilizing the same
12/22/16Prepreg compositions, their manufacture, and determination of their suitability for use in composite structures
12/22/16Method and apparatus for reducing post-cure extraction force of a tooling mandrel
12/22/16Composite structure fabrication systems and methods
12/22/16Panel-insert assembly and method
12/22/16Thermal barrier apparatus
12/22/16Dual valve gas pressure equalization system and method
12/22/16Methods for sealing an internal composite vent stringer
12/22/16Bonding composite structures using interpenetrating polymer network adhesives
12/22/16High efficiency erosion resistant silicone ablator composition
12/22/16System and method for transitioning a reversible solid oxide fuel cell system between generation and electrolysis modes
12/22/16Single-layer ceramic-based knit fabric for high temperature bulb seals
12/22/16Aircraft bleed air and engine starter systems and related methods
12/22/16Integrated spring and induction coil for shape-memory alloy (sma) apparatus
12/22/16Composite sandwich shell edge joint
12/22/16Pilot valve controlled positive and negative pressure relief valves
12/22/16Sensor system for laminated structures
12/22/16Methods and systems for determining an allowable moisture content in a composite structure
12/22/16Magnetic characterization of bond strength
12/22/16Systems and methods for non-destructive testing involving remotely located expert
12/22/16System and method for computational planningin a data-dependent constraint management system
12/22/16Method and apparatus for tracking targets
12/22/16Method and apparatus for detecting targets
12/22/16Apparatus for planning air refueling for aircraft
12/22/16Computer-implemented method and system for estimating impact of new operational conditions in a baseline air traffic scenario
12/22/16Power division and recombination netwrokf with internal signal adjustment
12/22/16Vme p2 five row interface adapter assembly, system, and method
12/22/16Free space optical communications network with bent pipe channel and pilot channel
12/22/16System and method for identifying performance characteristics in asynchronous networks
12/22/16Mapping network service dependencies
12/15/16Portable drill assist tool
12/15/16Methods of internally insulating a fluted core sandwich structure
12/15/16Wing fold controller
12/15/16Mobile seat systems that utilize seat tracks
12/15/16Stand-off panel thermal protection system and method of fabricating the same
12/15/16Fractal stiffening
12/15/16Thrust reverser apparatus and method
12/15/16Temporary fastener for simultaneous workpiece and drill jig clamping
12/15/16Optical scanning assembly and method of inspecting a channel
12/15/16Wind tunnel for erosion testing
12/15/16Automated detection of fatigue cracks around fasteners using millimeter waveguide probe
12/15/16Optimization and integration of thermal and structural analyses
12/15/16Multilayer system having reconfigurable dynamic structure reinforcement using nanoparticle embedded supramolecular adhesive and method
12/15/16System and method for vehicle attitude control
12/15/16Methods and systems for prioritizing replacement of at least one part for vehicle fault analysis
12/15/16Modeling holes and fasteners for finite element analysis
12/15/16Automatic measuring boot process using an automatic measuring processor coupled to a memory
12/15/16Locating light sources using aircraft
12/15/16Method and system for assembling and installing a wire bundle assembly group
12/15/16Variable core electromagnetic device
12/15/16Liquid crystal filled antenna assembly, system, and method
12/15/16Aircraft communications during different phases of flight
12/08/16Multifunction programmable foodstuff preparation
12/08/16Receivers and methods for forming such receivers
12/08/16System and method for assembly manufacturing
12/08/16Fuselage stuffing building and feeder lines
12/08/16Additive manufacturing methods
12/08/16Method and apparatus for forming contoured composite laminates
12/08/16Multi-layer plies for improved composite performance
12/08/16Automated system and method for printing images on a surface
12/08/16Method for attaching a split winglet to a wing
12/08/16Spring assembly for aircraft components
12/08/16Quick installation fuel dam
12/08/16Systems and methods for analyzing flutter test data using damped sine curve fitting with the closed form shape fit
12/08/16Door alignment system
12/08/16Nacelle inlet having an angle or curved aft bulkhead
12/08/16Ceramic fastener
12/08/16Shanks and methods for forming such shanks
12/08/16Electromagnetic effects-sensitive pass-through mounting assemblies with adjustable offset
12/08/16Gust compensation system and method for aircraft
12/08/16Autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle decision-making
12/08/16Advanced analytical infrastructure for machine learning
12/08/16Identifying a selected feature on tessellated geometry
12/08/16System and method for determining an alternative flight route based on sector geometry
12/08/16System and method for evaluating cyber-attacks on aircraft
12/08/16Method for training crew in a flight simulator
12/08/16Containment system and method for high energy density devices
12/01/16Method to reduce residual stress in an integrally-stiffened co-bonded structure
12/01/16Self-sealing bladders and related methods
12/01/16Method and apparatus for moving a robotic vehicle
12/01/16Interior module installation in an aircraft fuselage
12/01/16Energy-harvesting-based control and communication for a cabin services system
12/01/16Removable seat divider for placement in a seat
12/01/16Positive lock latching mechanism
12/01/16Vehicle health management systems and methods
12/01/16Wearable electronic display and method for displaying information to a pilot
12/01/16Enhancing z-conductivity in carbon fiber reinforced plastic composite layups
12/01/16Composition and method for inhibiting corrosion
12/01/16Aircraft thermal energy harvesting using rotary shape memory alloy apparatus
12/01/16Electrically shielded lighting apparatus
12/01/16Airflow in autoclaves
12/01/16Interferometric rotary encoder
12/01/16Pre-strained composite test coupons
12/01/16Systems and methods for testing internal bonds
12/01/16Real-time fusion of ultrasound and eddy current data during non-destructive examination
12/01/16Device, system and methods using angle of arrival measurments for ads-b authentication and navigation
12/01/16Method and apparatus for detecting energetic materials
12/01/16High temperature range and high strain range transparent composites based on matrices having optically tunable refractive indices
12/01/16Solving a combinatorial problem using a quality metric value of a characteristic solution thereof
12/01/16Concealing data within images
12/01/16Methods and systems for detecting moving objects in a sequence of image frames produced by sensors with inconsistent gain, offset, and dead pixels
11/24/16Systems and methods of cooling a galley of an aircraft
11/24/16Failsafe locating device for drilling holes
11/24/16Adjustable part holding fixture, system and method
11/24/16Fabrication of stiffened composite panels
11/24/16Thermoplastic composite part and method of fabrication
11/24/16Coating soluble tooling inserts
11/24/16Automated fabrication of composite fillers
11/24/16High rate production fiber placement system and method
11/24/16Remote advanced repair guidance
11/24/16Bladder system for curing composite parts
11/24/16Galley refrigeration system of an aircraft
11/24/16Galley cart and galley system of an aircraft
11/24/16Flight termination for air vehicles
11/24/16Systems and methods for detecting a security breach in an aircraft network
11/24/16Methods and systems for waste mangement
11/24/16Methods and systems for waste management
11/24/16Methods and systems for waste management
11/24/16Carbon nanotube coated structure and associated method of fabrication
11/24/16Thrust reverser system and method with flow separation-inhibiting blades
11/24/16Power transmissions
11/24/16Bearing apparatus for power transmissions
11/24/16System and method for detecting objects
11/24/16Apparatus and methods to provide a surface having a tunable emissivity
11/24/16Aircraft flight control using a required time of arrival index
11/24/16System and method for defining and predicting aircraft trajectories
11/24/16Switchable transmit and receive phased array antenna
11/24/16Field-stabilized induction heating
11/24/16Balanced eccentric gear design and method
11/24/16Multiband wireless data transmission between aircraft and ground systems
11/24/16Constant-envelope phase-optimized transmission methods and apparatus
11/24/16Multi-directional, multi-spectral star tracker with a common aperture and common camera
11/17/16Sealing system for fasteners
11/17/16Back spotfacing system and method
11/17/16Surface area of fixtures
11/17/16Fiber placement system and method with modulated laser scan heating
11/17/16Compaction method and device for automated fiber placement
11/17/16Process or system to reduce cost and weight of aerospace interior structural thermoplastic or composite panel constructions
11/17/16Systems and methods for forming composite materials
11/17/16Laser-reflective compaction roller and associated fiber placement system and method
11/17/16Systems and methods for duct protection of a vehicle
11/17/16Apparatus and methods for attaching panels to support structures
11/17/16Storage capacity status indicator and associated systems and methods
11/17/16Very low profile anti collision light
11/17/16Loading of aircraft landing gear
11/17/16Stringer alignment tool
11/17/16Synthetic vacuum generator
11/17/16Piezoelectric actuators optimized for synthetic jet actuators
11/17/16Energy-absorbing composite tension-shear fitting
11/17/16Sensing of a magnetic target
11/17/16Apparatus for automated maintenance of aircraft structural elements
11/17/16Crew pairing reliability analyzer
11/17/16Wire harness assembly
11/17/16Terminal area alert system
11/17/16Stacks having hermetic capping layers over porous ceramic matrix composite structures
11/17/16Newborn domain screening of electronic mail messages
11/17/16Scalable security architecture systems and methods
11/17/16Operational network planning
11/10/16Viscous fluid applicator
11/10/16Systems, methods, and apparatuses for applying viscous fluids to components
11/10/16Method and apparatus for hot forming metal parts
11/10/16Method and system for defining the position of a fastener with a peen mark
11/10/16Systems, methods, and apparatus for automated sealant application
11/10/16Methods and apparatus for repairing composite materials
11/10/16Monolithic part and method of forming the monolithic part
11/10/16System and method for manufacturing off-axis prepreg material
11/10/16Fabric jacketed unidirectional noodle
11/10/16Aerodynamic microstructures having sub-microstructures
11/10/16Vibration dampening for horizontal stabilizers
11/10/16Optical effects for aerodynamic microstructures
11/10/16Color applications for aerodynamic microstructures
11/10/16Airplane cabin panoramic view system
11/10/16Mobile platform thermal management systems and methods
11/10/16Aircraft construction protection apparatus
11/10/16Assembly of an aircraft structure assembly without shimming, locating fixtures or final-hole-size drill jigs
11/10/16Workbench assembly
11/10/16Automated index pin locking apparatus
11/10/16Hybrid ablative thermal protection systems and associated methods
11/10/16Dual walled titanium tubing and methods of manufacturing the tubing
11/10/16Optical modifications for changing power density of solar simulator systems
11/10/16Model-based definition for machining aircraft parts
11/10/16Occlusion-robust visual object fingerprinting using fusion of multiple sub-region signatures
11/10/16Methods and apparatus for operating flight control systems of aircrafts
11/10/16Method and apparatus for building a taxiing route
11/10/16Method for configurable usb power management
11/10/16Reconfigurable electromagnetic interference filter network
11/10/16Integrated resource planning for satellite systems
11/10/16Inline arinc data authenticity inspection module, method and computer program product
11/10/16Active aperture partitioning for an imaging system
11/10/16Distribution of in-flight entertainment content to portable electronic devices
11/03/16Locating a workpiece using a measurement of a workpiece feature
11/03/16Method to cast in place threaded inserts into honeycomb composite panels
11/03/16Brake selection system and methods
11/03/16Brake device
11/03/16Joints between a composite skin and a load-bearing component and methods of forming same
11/03/16Apparatuses and methods for manufacturing a structure
11/03/16Aerodynamic surface assembly defining a fluidic actuation orifice
11/03/16Rigid tipped riblets
11/03/16Methods and apparatuses for integrated noise control and flow control in an aircraft environmental control system
11/03/16Segmented aircraft wing having solar arrays
11/03/16Systems and methods for electronically pairing devices
11/03/16Nose landing gear rigging alignment tool holding fixture
11/03/16Environmentally friendly aluminum coatings as sacrificial coatings for high strength steel alloys
11/03/16Textured leading edge for aerospace and nautical structures
11/03/16Dynamic shape maintenance of aerospace subsystems using tuned mass dampers
11/03/16Methods and systems for performing charting tasks
11/03/16Ultrasound scanning system, assembly, and method for inspecting composite structures
11/03/16Bond inspection system and method
11/03/16Method and apparatus for stabilizing a line of sight of a radiant energy system
11/03/16Method for tracking a device in a landmark-based reference system
11/03/16Angled facet broad-ridge quantum cascade laser
11/03/16System and method of determining network locations for data analysis in a distributed ecosystem
10/27/16Reaction tool and method for forming openings in an aircraft fuselage joint
10/27/16Embedded tear straps in metal structures
10/27/16Hybrid structure and methods for forming the same
10/27/16Systems and tooling for manufacturing composite parts and related methods
10/27/16Non-vented bladder system for curing composite parts
10/27/16System and method for automated backing film removal
10/27/16Aircraft frame for tailstrike angle enhancement
10/27/16Split level forward double deck airliner
10/27/16Method of determining a seating arrangement
10/27/16Weeping ferrofluid anti-ice system
10/27/16Actuatable microstructures and methods of making the same
10/27/16Low temperature segmented copolymer compositions and methods
10/27/16System and method for an electrostatic bypass
10/27/16Vibration-harvesting, variable-stiffness system and method
10/27/16Hyperspectral demixing using foveated compressive projections
10/27/16Method and apparatus for identifying shim geometries
10/27/16Maintenance systems and methods for use in analyzing maintenance data
10/27/16System and method for detecting vehicle system faults
10/27/16Data driven airplane intent inferencing
10/27/16System and method for providing a decorative lighting display
10/27/16Electronic quantum information probability transfer
10/27/16Method and apparatus for forming a heat-treated material
10/20/16Vacuum attachment
10/20/16Surface materials for decontamination with decontaminants
10/20/16Gradient tool system for composite parts
10/20/16Systems and methods for constructing complex composite structures
10/20/16Conductive water borne coatings and methods for enhancing coating conductivity
10/20/16Systems and methods for restricting movement in flexible ducts
10/20/16Inline cross flow heat exchangers
10/20/16Integrated part analysis (ipa) weight calculation process
10/20/16Methods and apparatus to monitor components of an aircraft landing system
10/20/16Methods and devices for adaptive autonomous polynomial interpolation of time series data
10/20/16Electrical monitoring system and assembly
10/20/16Systems and methods for modular ladar scanning
10/20/16Fault tolerant battery cell bypass device and system
10/20/16Low energy activation fault tolerant battery cell bypass device and system
10/20/16Methods and systems for improved computer network analysis
10/20/16Mobile multilateration systems and related methods
10/13/16Apparatuses, systems, and methods for applying a viscous material
10/13/16Systems and methods for assembling aircraft wing skins
10/13/16Method of fabricating a vacuum barrier system
10/13/16Rib structure and method of forming thereof
10/13/16Bonded and tailorable composite assembly
10/13/16High-positioned 2-postion variable camber krueger
10/13/16Amorphous metal riblets
10/13/16Overhead stowage bin assembly for a vehicle
10/13/16Systems and methods for positioning a section divider assembly within a vehicle
10/13/16Crown cabin configuration for an aircraft
10/13/16Aircraft position display system
10/13/16Aircraft wing slat skew detection systems and methods
10/13/16Lightning damage resistant aircraft skin fasteners
10/13/16Autonomous crawling assembly system
10/13/16Method to form fe16n2
10/13/16Spring-assisted deployment of a pivotable rocket motor
10/13/16Tool with over pressure indicator and lockout
10/13/16Apparatus and methods of inspecting a wire segment
10/13/16Methods and apparatus to determine relative positioning between moving platforms
10/13/16Automated local positioning system calibration using optically readable markers
10/13/16Core-shell particles, compositions incorporating the core-shell particles and methods of making the same
10/13/16Tunable bandpass filter for communication system
10/13/16Methods and systems for communicatively coupling vehicles and ground systems
10/13/16Method for communication in a tactical network
10/13/16Device and method for transferring files from a portable storage device
10/13/16Vibration monitoring systems
10/13/16Aircraft system and method for indicating available communication channels
10/06/16Method of cleaning a contaminated surface
10/06/16Method and system for incremental sheet forming of tailored blanks
10/06/16Orbital cutting tool having cutting edges with axially varying circumferential spacing
10/06/16Deposition head for additive manufacturing
10/06/16Automated dynamic manufacturing systems and related methods
10/06/16Low-cost tooling and method for manufacturing the same
10/06/16Method and apparatus for high-temperature post-curing of uv-cured photopolymers
10/06/16Tool and method of installing a bulkhead within a structure
10/06/16Composite rib for an aircraft
10/06/16Airborne system and method for removing pollutants from a volume of air
10/06/16Ram air system and methods of manufacturing the same
10/06/16Variable-capture supersonic inlet
10/06/16Method and systems for integrated global view of operations
10/06/16Motionless flight control surface skew detection system
10/06/16Self-forming fuel tank sealant system
10/06/16Composite tank having joint with softening strip
10/06/16Stripping solution for zinc/nickel alloy plating from metal substrate
10/06/16Hybrid structure and methods for forming the same
10/06/16Offset bushing and method of use
10/06/16Condenser apparatus and method
10/06/16Communication of flight management computer data via a wireless interface of a control display unit
10/06/16Dual-band infrared detector and method of detecting multiple bands of infrared radiation
10/06/16Apparatus and methods for testing suction cups mounted to a track
10/06/16Tracking measurement system and method
10/06/16Methods and systems for inferred information propagation for aircraft prognostics
10/06/16System and method for calculating a fuel consumption differential corresponding to an aircraft trajectory revision
10/06/16Associative memory system and method for flight plan modification
10/06/16System and method for securely connecting portions of a composite structure together
10/06/16Integrated compliant boundary for piezoelectric bimorph actuator
10/06/16Secure provisioning of devices for manufacturing and maintenance
09/29/16Centrifugal air separators
09/29/16Systems and methods for sealant layering
09/29/16Monitoring composite manufacturing and repair processes using chromatic films
09/29/16Wingtip control system
09/29/16Spacecraft landing and recovery inflation system
09/29/16Rapidly curing adhesives using encapsulated catalyst and focused ultrasound
09/29/16Controlling nozzle areas of variable area fan nozzles
09/29/16Automated mobile boom system for crawling robots
09/29/16High thermal conductivity composite base plate
09/29/16Ring laser measurement apparatus and method
09/29/16System and method to monitor a thermal environment of a composite structure using a thermochromatic witness assembly
09/29/16System and method to map a thermal profile of a composite structure using a thermochromatic witness assembly
09/29/16Large scale automated test system reconfiguration
09/29/16Multi-function shared aperture array
09/29/16Advanced logistics analysis capabilities environment
09/29/16Flexible electromagnetic clamp
09/29/16Methods for manufacturing magnetic composite structures with high mechanical strength
09/29/16System and method for controlling a dual-axis solar array tracker based on solar array output signals
09/29/16Balancing multiple transmission lines forming a single phase of an electrical power distribution system
09/29/16System and method for developing a cyber-attack scenario
09/29/16High thermal conductivity joint utlizing continuous aligned carbon nanotubes
09/22/16Apparatuses and methods for bead application
09/22/16Systems and methods for applying materials to interface areas
09/22/16Magnet sensing hole driller and method therefor
09/22/16System for manufacturing monolithic structures using expanding internal tools
09/22/16Flight control system command selection and data transport
09/22/16Methods and apparatus for robust lift generation
09/22/16Methods and assembly for use in storing or transporting vehicle seats
09/22/16Supersonic caret inlet system
09/22/16System, method, and assembly for adaptively shielding a structure
09/22/16Cable angle sensor
09/22/16Sonar system and method using arrays of optical ring resonator sensors
09/22/16Method and assembly for inspecting a partially cured repair patch prior to installation
09/22/16Variable radius inspection using sweeping linear array
09/22/16Programmable actuator simulation card
09/22/16Aircraft medical management system
09/22/16System and method for tamper detection using rfid devices
09/22/16Multi-phase autotransformer
09/22/16Internally heated concentrated solar power (csp) thermal absorber
09/22/16Pre-cured eme edge seal
09/22/16Automated reflector tuning systems and methdos
09/22/16Spatially mapping radio frequency data in 3-dimensional environments
09/15/16Systems and methods for making indexed prepreg composite sheets and laminated composite articles
09/15/16Forming highly contoured composite parts
09/15/16Method for forming and applying composite layups having complex geometries
09/15/16Apparatuses and methods for creating layered tape composite structures
09/15/16Apparatus and method for automated layup of composite structures
09/15/16Fused porogen process for acoustic septa fabrication
09/15/16Unique system and method of creating scenes within a moving vehicle such as an aircraft
09/15/16Folding galley unit
09/15/16Hybrid sandwich ceramic matrix composite
09/15/16Bonding dissimilar ceramic components
09/15/16Engine lubrication heating system
09/15/16Valve controller for pressure stabilization
09/15/16Energy absorbing link
09/15/16Duct assembly and method of assembling thereof
09/15/16Systems and methods for duct protection
09/15/16Optical fiber coupled photonic crystal slab strain sensor, system and method of fabrication and use
09/15/16Systems and methods for detecting light
09/15/16Laser phase diversity for beam control in phased laser arrays
09/15/16Real time multi dimensional image fusing
09/15/16System and method for large scale data processing of source data
09/15/16Digital seat ordering and management
09/15/16Apparatus, system, and method for enhancing image data
09/15/16Internally heated concentrated solar power (csp) thermal absorber
09/15/16Methods and system for increasing data transmission rates across a three-phase power system
09/15/16Wireless data concentrators for aircraft data networks
09/15/16Composite panel with integrated heater and associated methods for manufacturing
09/15/16Composite panel with integrated heater system and associated methods for manufacturing
09/08/16Net-shaped duct forming apparatus
09/08/16Crack-free fabrication of near net shape powder-based metallic parts
09/08/16System for forming perforations in a barrel section
09/08/16Reconfigurable flexible rail method
09/08/16Enclosure for heating three dimensional structure
09/08/16Method for achieving low porosity in composite laminates
09/08/16Fabrication of composite laminates having thin interlayers
09/08/16Conductive thermoplastic ground plane for use in an aircraft
09/08/16Thermoplastic truss structure for use in wing and rotor blade structures and methods for manufacture
09/08/16Aircraft galley sink stations having movable sink covers
09/08/16Larder systems having interlocking larder cases
09/08/16Icing condition detection method
09/08/16Method for optimum maximum range cruise speed in an aircraft
09/08/16Co-curing process for the joining of composite structures
09/08/16Method of assembling components
09/08/16Integrated locks with visual indicators for aircraft galley systems
09/08/16Dual-cam bellcrank mechanism
09/08/16Non-cylindrical fastening systems and related methods
09/08/16Panel systems and methods of assembling panel systems
09/08/16Aerial refueling boom elevation estimation system
09/08/16Method for ultrasonic inspection of irregular and variable shapes
09/08/16Ultrasound probe assembly, system, and method that reduce air entrapment
09/08/16Associative templates for machining operations and systems and methods including the same
09/08/16Method for optimum economy cruise speed in an aircraft
09/08/16Approach to improve pointing accuracy of antenna systems with offset reflector and feed configuration
09/08/16Sleeved fastener assembly
09/08/16Parallel wire conductor for use with a heating blanket
09/08/16Susceptor wire array
09/01/16Systems and methods for sanitizing a tray table
09/01/16Apparatus for co-curing composite skins and stiffeners in an autoclave
09/01/16Fire-resistant, gas permeable decorative laminate
09/01/16Splice joints for composite aircraft fuselages and other structures
09/01/16Backup system
09/01/16System and method for operating a droop panel using a pin joint linkage assembly
09/01/16Method of attaching nacelle structure to minimize fatigue loading
09/01/16Systems, methods, and vacuum chucks for transferring flexible elongate bodies
09/01/16Use of a disulfide/dithiol compound in a seal for anodized aluminum
09/01/16Supersonic projectile nose cones with flat tips
09/01/16Detecting gaps between fasteners and openings
09/01/16Aero-wave instrument for the measurement of the optical wave-front disturbances in the airflow around airborne systems
09/01/16Multiple-scale digital image correlation pattern and measurement
09/01/16Sound attenuation using a cellular core
09/01/16Aero-wave instrument for the measurement of the optical wave-front disturbances in the airflow around airborne systems
08/25/16Drag reduction riblets integrated in a paint layer
08/25/16Substantially simultaneous manufacturing functions
08/25/16Composite mandrel for autoclave curing applications
08/25/16Systems and methods for making prepreg composite sheets including contoured charges
08/25/16Composite stiffener positioning and vacuum bag installation device
08/25/16Single piece fuselage barrel
08/25/16Composite wing edge attachment and method
08/25/16Shock absorber assembly for power drive unit of a vehicle
08/25/16Systems and methods for operating flight control surfaces
08/25/16Rotatable wing tip joint and method of making same
08/25/16Cargo power drive unit with water extraction mechanism
08/25/16Flow inlet
08/25/16Method, system and apparatus for assembling a composite wing skin with stiffeners
08/25/16Flight test equipment installation system and method
08/25/16Frictional coupling
08/25/16Electromagnetic muzzle velocity controller and booster for guns
08/25/16Three dimensional manufacturing positioning system
08/25/16Multi-level/multi-threshold/multi-persistency gps/gnss atomic clock monitoring
08/25/16System and method for process-based analysis
08/25/16System and method for discovering optimal network attack paths
08/18/16Roughened tool surfaces for thermoset composite layups and systems and methods including the same
08/18/16Aft rest area assembly within an aircraft cabin
08/18/16Aircraft tipping alarm system and method using fluid pressure measurement on nose landing gear shock strut
08/18/16Aircraft engine inlet assembly apparatus
08/18/16Method for manufacturing anodized aluminum alloy parts without surface discoloration
08/18/16Propellant gauging at microgravity within the pressure - temperature - density inflection zone of xenon
08/18/16Location calibration for automated production manufacturing
08/18/16Electro-permanent magnetic attachment of a vehicle to an object
08/18/16Conductive sleeved fastener assembly
08/18/16System and method for battery management
08/18/16Methods and apparatus to point a payload at a target
08/11/16Stored gas pressure recovery system
08/11/16Method and system for applying a coating
08/11/16Dual walled titanium tubing and methods of manufacturing the tubing
08/11/16Staggered bevel for continuous compression molding tooling dies
08/11/16Thiol based resin system for removal of copper ions from hydraulic fluid
08/11/16Shape memory alloy actuator system for composite aircraft structures
08/11/16Closed loop control of aircraft control surfaces
08/11/16Methods and apparatus for integrating rotary actuators in flight control systems
08/11/16Winglet system having upper and lower winglet
08/11/16Variable opening overhead stowage bins and related methods
08/11/16Controlling flow of dry ice sublimation inside a galley cart
08/11/16Cabin pressure outflow valve noise suppression devices and methods
08/11/16Intermetallic and composite metallic gap filler
08/11/16System to accelerate and decelerate aircraft for take-off and landing
08/11/16Rupture constraint mechanism
08/11/16System and method for providing guidance during a flare maneuver of an aircraft
08/11/16Multi-functional fiber optic fuel sensor system having a photonic membrane
08/11/16Flight vehicle autopilot
08/11/16Systems and methods for temporally-based geospatial data conflation
08/11/16Methods and systems for dynamically providing contextual weather information
08/11/16Bandwidth optimization and hitless transport in dynamic free space optical communications networks
08/04/16Lavatory disinfection system
08/04/16System and method for high speed fod detection
08/04/16Apparatus and method for manufacturing an anti-counterfeit three-dimensional article
08/04/16Installation assembly and asssociated method for forming a bonded joint
08/04/16Material placement system
08/04/16Apparatus for making preformed seals
08/04/16Gradient curing of composite laminate parts
08/04/16Methods of making and purifying carbon nanotubes
08/04/16Sol-gel coating method and composition
08/04/16Methods and apparatus to control movement of a component
08/04/16Half system torque brakes
08/04/16Strength prediction system and method for composite laminates
08/04/16Adaptive compression of data
08/04/16Adaptive compression of data
08/04/16Automated close-loop electromagnetic (em) datalink testing
07/28/16Robotic surface-cleaning assemblies and methods
07/28/16Pin tool assemblies for friction stir welding and apparatus and methods including the same
07/28/16Auxiliary milling unit for a milling machine
07/28/16Method and apparatus for fabricating contoured laminate structures
07/28/16Composite structure and method of forming thereof
07/28/16Lighting assembly for interior cabin of a vehicle
07/28/16Position-locking for a watercraft using an auxiliary water vessel
07/28/16Flap mechanism and associated method
07/28/16Electrical conductor pathway system and method of making the same
07/28/16Fire-retarding artillery shell
07/28/16Methods and apparatus to determine airflow conditions at an inlet of an engine
07/28/16Method and apparatus for determining the direction of arrival of a sonic boom
07/28/16Lightweight gas pressure regulator
07/21/16Torque-wrench apparatuses and methods of assembling the same
07/21/16Pre-molded seal cap installation tool
07/21/16Tool changer
07/21/16Apparatus for void-free debulking of adhesive bonded joints
07/21/16Composite forming apparatus
07/21/16Laminate composite wing structures
07/21/16Latch pin assembly for folding wing tip system
07/21/16Hydraulic strut assembly for semi-levered landing gear
07/21/16Mobile unmanned aerial vehicle infrastructure and management system and method
07/21/16Systems, methods, and apparatus for automated predictive shimming for large structures
07/21/16Extrudable ceramic composition and method of making
07/21/16Nanomodified backbones for polyimides with difunctional and mixed-functionality endcaps
07/21/16Phase measurement by phase transfer
07/21/16Systems and methods for aligning an aperture
07/21/16Instructional assessment system for a vehicle
07/14/16Rotating shielding devices and methods of welding
07/14/16Fuselage mandrel insert and method
07/14/16Method and system for forming masks
07/14/16Optimized cross-ply orientation in composite laminates
07/14/16Devices and methods for applying surface coverings
07/14/16Methods and apparatus to control aircraft horizontal stabilizers
07/14/16Dual function movement component for automated assembly systems
07/14/16Spacecraft and spacecraft radiator panels with composite face-sheets
07/14/16Spacecraft and spacecraft protective blankets
07/14/16Pallet adapter
07/14/16Methods and apparatus to vary reverse thrust of aircraft engines
07/14/16Methods and apparatus to vary reverse thrust of aircraft engines
07/14/16Integrated high thermal conductive fiber as cooling fin for sma actuator with expandable sleeve
07/14/16Latch with a built-in adjustment mechanism
07/14/16Inspection apparatuses, systems, and methods
07/14/16Approach for control redistribution of coriolis vibratory gyroscope (cvg) for performance improvement
07/14/16High bandwidth coriolis vibratory gyroscope (cvg) with in-situ bias self-calibration
07/14/16Rigging methods to calibrate control bodies of vehicles, and related systems
07/14/16Methods and apparatus for providing a dynamic target impact point sweetener
07/14/16Systems and methods for coordinate transformation using non-destructive imaging
07/14/16System and method for using an internet of things network for managing factory production
07/14/16Integrated image distortion correction with motion compensated integration
07/14/16Wireless fuel sensor system
07/14/16System and method for connecting aircraft to networks on ground
07/07/16Ceramic refractory insulation block including reinforcing rods
07/07/16Graphene-augmented composite materials
07/07/16Systems and methods for curing composite structures
07/07/16System and method of forming a component using a mandrel assembly
07/07/16Skin-stringer design for composite wings
07/07/16Graphene aerospace composites
07/07/16Forming method for a honeycomb structure
07/07/16Ventilated aero-structures, aircraft, and associated methods
07/07/16Apparatus and method for arrestment of a flight control surface
07/07/16Air diffuser systems, methods, and apparatuses
07/07/16System and method of securing a component in position for machining using a fixture assembly
07/07/16Self-contained stud adhesive bonding apparatus and method of use
07/07/16New formulation methodology for distortional thermosets
07/07/16Soluble nanoparticles for composite performance enhancement
07/07/16Graphene-augmented composite materials
07/07/16Graphene-augmented carbon fiber for aerospace composites
07/07/16Graphene fiber for aerospace composites
07/07/16Methods of forming a workpiece made of a naturally aging alloy
07/07/16Apparatuses and methods for processing a metal ribbon
07/07/16Induction consolidation for wind blade fabrication
07/07/16Environmental aspect control assembly
07/07/16Systems and methods for monitoring ultraviolet light exposure in an environment
07/07/16Systems and methods for monitoring temperatures of batteries
07/07/16Portable device for quantifying thermochromatic coating signatures
07/07/16Magnetic permeability measurement of ferromagnetic wires
07/07/16Method for mitigating edge glow
07/07/16Thermoelectric generator
07/07/16Wireless power system for electric motors
07/07/16Aircraft control domain communication framework
07/07/16Ceramic refractory insulation block including reinforcing rods
07/07/16Graphene-augmented composite materials
07/07/16Systems and methods for curing composite structures
07/07/16System and method of forming a component using a mandrel assembly
07/07/16Skin-stringer design for composite wings
07/07/16Graphene aerospace composites
07/07/16Forming method for a honeycomb structure
07/07/16Ventilated aero-structures, aircraft, and associated methods
07/07/16Apparatus and method for arrestment of a flight control surface
07/07/16Air diffuser systems, methods, and apparatuses
07/07/16System and method of securing a component in position for machining using a fixture assembly
07/07/16Self-contained stud adhesive bonding apparatus and method of use
07/07/16New formulation methodology for distortional thermosets
07/07/16Soluble nanoparticles for composite performance enhancement
07/07/16Graphene-augmented composite materials
07/07/16Graphene-augmented carbon fiber for aerospace composites
07/07/16Graphene fiber for aerospace composites
07/07/16Methods of forming a workpiece made of a naturally aging alloy
07/07/16Apparatuses and methods for processing a metal ribbon
07/07/16Induction consolidation for wind blade fabrication
07/07/16Environmental aspect control assembly
07/07/16Systems and methods for monitoring ultraviolet light exposure in an environment
07/07/16Systems and methods for monitoring temperatures of batteries
07/07/16Portable device for quantifying thermochromatic coating signatures
07/07/16Magnetic permeability measurement of ferromagnetic wires
07/07/16Method for mitigating edge glow
07/07/16Thermoelectric generator
07/07/16Wireless power system for electric motors
07/07/16Aircraft control domain communication framework
06/30/16Method and apparatus for reducing structural vibration and noise
06/30/16Dual-rib morphing leading edge
06/30/16Flight test hinge assembly
06/30/16Temperature-resistant silicone resins
06/30/16Polymer nanoparticles for improved distortion capability in composites
06/30/16Process and formulation to join ceramic forms while maintaining structural and physical characteristics across the bond surface
06/30/16Panel-insert assembly
06/30/16Thermoformed cascades for jet engine thrust reversers
06/30/16Low cost, connectorless, ruggedized small form factor optical sub-assembly (osa) and data bus-in-a-box (bib)
06/23/16Tool for applying a fluid onto a surface
06/23/16Device for compressing a composite radius
06/23/16Placement of prepreg tows in high angle transition regions
06/23/16Manufacturing system for composite structures
06/23/16Verifiable quick patch repair for composite structures
06/23/16Compacting uncured composite members on contoured mandrel surfaces
06/23/16Method and system for insulating frame member
06/23/16Stiffened composite panels
06/23/16Mechanisms for deploying and actuating airfoil-shaped bodies on unmanned aerial vehicles
06/23/16Wing fold controller
06/23/16Trailing edge device with bell crank mechanism
06/23/16Cove lip door slaved to trailing edge control device
06/23/16Automatic activation of a fog protection system onboard a vehicle
06/23/16Image capture systems and methods and associated mobile apparatuses
06/23/16Rapid cure polymeric resins
06/23/16Blunt impact indicator methods
06/23/16Automatic data bus wire integrity verification device
06/23/16Dc-based peer-to-peer network for aircraft
06/23/16Pin-configurable internal bus termination system
06/23/16System and method to improve object tracking using multiple tracking systems
06/23/16System and method to improve object tracking using tracking fingerprints
06/23/16Grommets for supporting harnesses and systems and methods including the same
06/23/16Solar array simulation using common power supplies
06/23/16Computer defenses and counterattacks
06/23/16Policy-based network security
06/16/16Systems and methods of inducing rainfall
06/16/16Device and method for electrostatically cleaning a surface
06/16/16Bagging process and mandrel for fabrication of elongated composite structure
06/16/16Positioning systems
06/16/16Structures using composite modules and structures made thereby
06/16/16Wing airfoil stiffening for solar powered aircraft
06/16/16Spring assembly for aircraft components
06/16/16Rotor assembly apparatus
06/16/16Light-limiting header assembly for a transition area within an interior cabin of an aircraft
06/16/16Take-off system and method for unmanned aerial vehicles
06/16/16Methods and apparatuses for forming large-area carbon coatings
06/16/16Polyvinylbutyral coating containing thiol corrosion inhibitors
06/16/16Speed card-controlled override fuel pump assist
06/16/16Scalable multi-element shape memory alloy rotary motor
06/16/16Plasma actuating propulsion system for aerial vehicles
06/16/16Diffuser techniques for searchlights
06/16/16High resolution thermo-electric nanowire and graphene coupled detector system
06/16/16Multicode transmitter
06/16/163d models utilizing 3d markers to indicate engineering requirements
06/16/16Aircraft turns for interval management
06/16/16Dielectric slab circular waveguide polarizer
06/16/16Switchable transmit and receive phased array antenna
06/16/16Feed re-pointing technique for multiple shaped beams reflector antennas
06/16/16Congruent non-uniform antenna arrays
06/16/16Reluctance motor with virtual rotor
06/16/16Reluctance motor with dual-pole rotor system
06/16/16System and method for non-contact identification of a passive target
06/16/16Detecting and processing weak signals using an array of antennas
06/16/16Methodology for re-establishing communication, navigation, and power links in a marine environment
06/16/16Detection of infected network devices and fast-flux networks by tracking url and dns resolution changes
06/16/16Portable communication devices with accessory functions and related methods
06/16/16Wireless metrology communication
06/16/16Super light weight electronic circuit and low power distribution in aircraft systems
06/09/16Embedded, autonomous, stand alone fire detection and suppression apparatus
06/09/16Systems for removing lubricants from superplastic-forming or hot-forming dies
06/09/16Systems for removing lubricants from superplastic-forming or hot-forming dies
06/09/16Cutting tool
06/09/16Method and apparatus for multi-stage spar assembly
06/09/16Bends in composite panels
06/09/16Method of forming a layered composite assembly
06/09/16Forming of staged thermoset composite materials
06/09/16Ambient lighting system to mitigate the impact of travel across time zones
06/09/16Underbody energy absorption device
06/09/16Composite blade stringer edge protection and visual damage indication
06/09/16Laminar flow panel
06/09/16Multi-position landing gear
06/09/16Premixed liquid propellant propulsion system and method with anti-flashback quenching liquid injector
06/09/16Systems, methods, and apparatus for a flow control device for an emergency power generator
06/09/16Composite structure and method
06/09/16Apparatus and method for coupling an end effector to a structure
06/09/16Systems and methods for securing virtual machines
06/09/16Model for managing variations in a product structure for a product
06/09/16Redox polymer energy storage system
06/09/16Concentric ring generators
06/09/16Apparatuses, methods and systems for active counter directed energy platform protection
06/09/16Apparatuses, methods and systems for passive counter-directed energy platform protection
06/02/16Methods, systems, and devices for radio-frequency assisted removal of sealant
06/02/16High-quality flame-retardant decorative finish for interior panels
06/02/16Splice assembly for joining structural components
06/02/16Cooling system for a center wing tank of an aircraft
06/02/16Locating luggage with rfid tags
06/02/16Nanomaterial having tunable infrared absorption characteristics and associated method of manufacture
06/02/16Redox couple-based mitigation of fluid-flow-driven electrochemical surface degradation
06/02/16Systems and methods for the determination of a user's 4d trajectory
06/02/16Automated postflight troubleshooting sensor array
06/02/16Integrated upsampler and filtering for multi-rate controller for electromechanical flight actuation system
06/02/16Aircraft software configuration selection and installation
06/02/16Distributed collaborative operations processor systems and methods
06/02/16Removal of defects by in-situ etching during chemical-mechanical polishing processing
06/02/16Systems and methods for signal processing using power spectral density shape
06/02/16Curing composites out-of-autoclave using induction heating with smart susceptors
05/26/16Folded composite filler
05/26/16Apparatus for forming thick thermoplastic composite structures
05/26/16Apparatuses and methods to prevent or minimize the effect of voids in bonded systems
05/26/16Composite laminate including interlayers with through-plane regions fused to fiber beds
05/26/16Methods of forming a thinned prepreg sheet
05/26/16Rotational joint having preloading element for a railway car
05/26/16Passive switch for a railway track
05/26/16Composite structure and methods of forming thereof
05/26/16Floor panel retention system
05/26/16Wing aerial refueling system
05/26/16Wing tip device for an aircraft wing
05/26/16Integrated pusher turbofan for aircraft
05/26/16Solar powered airplane
05/26/16Regulated transformer rectifier unit for aircraft systems
05/26/16Corrosion-inhibiting sol-gel coating systems and methods
05/26/16Variable supersonic engine inlet
05/26/16Multispectral imaging system and method for detecting foreign object debris
05/26/16Chromatic witness for thermal mapping and certification of heat blankets
05/26/16Range enhancement for lidar systems and ir camera systems
05/26/16Detecting and removing spoofing signals
05/26/16Engine driven pump (edp) automatic depressurization system
05/26/16Plasma-integrated switching devices
05/26/16Stable electrical power system with regulated transformer rectifier unit
05/19/16Friction stir weld plugs and methods of using thereof
05/19/16Apparatuses and methods for additive manufacturing
05/19/16Thermal curing of cell-based structural arrays
05/19/16Seal molding system
05/19/16In-situ injection molded fastener cap seal using thermoplastic elastomer materials
05/19/16Susceptor welding tape
05/19/16Installation tool and associated method for applying a patch to a surface
05/19/16Method and apparatus for wing-to-fuselage integration
05/19/16Enhancing aerodynamic performance of an aircraft wing assembly
05/19/16Structural arrangement and method of fabricating a composite trailing edge control surface
05/19/16Aircraft interior module support system including shared fittings
05/19/16Carbon-based barrier coatings for high-temperature polymer-matrix composites
05/19/16Self-contained electronic stowage bin system
05/19/16Fireproof flexible hoses with polyimide inner structures
05/19/16Detachable protective coverings and protection methods
05/19/16Optical impedance modulation for fuel quantity measurement
05/19/16Combined loading in composite materials
05/19/16Automated low cost method for illuminating, evaluating, and qualifying surfaces and surface coatings
05/19/16Short-range point defense radar
05/19/16Visualization of an object using a visual query system
05/19/16Lean product modeling systems and methods
05/19/16Aviation weather and performance optimization system and method
05/19/16Laser cooling via stimulated photon emissions
05/19/16Composite and nanowire conduit
05/19/16Air cooled laser systems using oscillating heat pipes
05/19/16System and method for generator main field energy extraction
05/19/16Coaxial smart susceptor
05/12/16Hand-tool brace
05/12/16Hydraulic composites separator
05/12/16Fuselage with structural and non-structural stanchions
05/12/16Self-dampening tie-rod
05/12/16Systems for multiple zone heaters for rotor craft and methods of operation
05/12/16Jet noise suppressor
05/12/16Performing surface treatments using an automated guided vehicle
05/12/16Method for creating non-inserted artificial disbonds or delaminations for nondestructive inspection test standards
05/12/16Systems and methods for coherent signal fusion for time and frequency estimation
05/12/16Hyperspectral resolution using three-color camera
05/12/16Systems and methods for training multipath filtering systems
05/12/16Turbulence detection and monitoring
05/12/16Methods for steering a magnetic field for smart wireless power transmission
05/05/16Drill guides for right angle drills
05/05/16Apparatus for and method of compaction of a prepreg
05/05/16Method, device and apparatus for vacuum forming composite laminates
05/05/16Method and system of forming a composite laminate
05/05/16Roller covers and assemblies
05/05/16Spoiler for an aircraft bay
05/05/16System and method for optimizing horizontal tail loads
05/05/16Induction heating coils with uniform heating
05/05/16Electrical power distribution system with localized distribution conversion units
05/05/16Thrust apparatuses, systems, and methods
05/05/16Modular thrust system
05/05/16Waste heat reclamation system, method for reclamation of waste heat, and system and method for using waste heat
05/05/16Witness enabled fasteners and related systems and methods
05/05/16Electrostatic discharge protected ferrule
05/05/16Non-destructive ultrasonic inspection apparatus, systems, and methods
05/05/16Apparatuses, systems, and methods for inspecting a component
05/05/16Predictive analysis of complex datasets and systems and methods including the same
05/05/16Data bus-in-a-box (bib) system design and implementation
05/05/16System and method to produce tunable synthesized optical frequency
05/05/163d visualizations of in-process products based on machine tool input
05/05/16System and method for storage and analysis of time-based data
05/05/16Methods and apparatus for analyzing fatigue of a structure and optimizing a characteristic of the structure based on the fatigue analysis
05/05/16Programmable alternating current (ac) load having regenerative and dissipative modes
05/05/16P-channel mosfet high voltage driver
05/05/16Method for combining multiple signal values in the dendritic cell algorithm
05/05/16Method and system for stereoscopic simulation of a performance of a head-up display (hud)
04/28/16Riveting tool and method with electromagnetic bucking bar normalization
04/28/16Actively-controlled superhydrophobic surfaces
04/28/16Galley compartment for a galley system of an aircraft
04/28/16System and method for cruise monitoring and alerting
04/28/16Augmented reality system for assessing an affected area of an aircraft
04/28/16Lifting apparatus and method of lifting
04/28/16System and method for integrated magnetic slider assembly for hanging partition
04/28/16Object transfer system for a flight of steps
04/28/16Engine installation using machine vision for alignment
04/28/16Rotary fluid coupling
04/28/16Gyro rate computation for an interferometric fiber optic gyro
04/28/16Non-linear optical ellipsometry for surface monitoring and characterization
04/28/16Terahertz material evaluation and characterization via material difference frequency generation
04/28/16Second and third order simultaneously non-linear optical processes and measurements for surface analysis
04/28/16Terahertz imaging via simultaneous surface and sub-surface evaluation via non-linear optical response
04/28/16Systems and methods for verifying a location of an item
04/28/16Systems and methods for machining to nominal geometry using local features
04/28/16Lightweight combined ductwork/plenums for space applications
04/28/16Systems and methods for monitoring health of vibration damping components
04/28/16Method of generating and displaying a flare drift vector symbol
04/28/16Mapping network service dependencies
04/28/16Method and apparatus for processing data packets
04/28/16Mapping network service dependencies
04/28/16Active real-time characterization system
04/21/16Line connector having a link detection system and method of making same
04/21/16Clearing of apertures by plasma jets
04/21/16Systems and methods for forming near net-shape metal parts from binderless metal powder
04/21/16Methods of making parts from at least one elemental metal powder
04/21/16Apparatus and method for the installation of a thermoformable fastener assembly at a predetermined preload torque value
04/21/16Multifunctional mandrel end cap and method
04/21/16Tailored coefficient of thermal expansion of composite laminates using fiber steering
04/21/16Heated tool assembly for forming a structural member
04/21/16Method of manufacturing a variable-radius laminated radius filler
04/21/16Aircraft supplemental electrical power systems and methods
04/21/16Aircraft fuselages
04/21/16Hybrid power rotary wing aircraft
04/21/16Motor health management apparatus and method
04/21/16Nanosat electrothermal deployment system
04/21/16Devices and methods for handling radius fillers
04/21/16Smart aircraft overhead luggage bin system
04/21/16Diagnostic for spectrally combined laser
04/21/16Bond interface testing
04/21/16Methods and systems for airborne vehicle wind depiction
04/21/16Sensor array measurements using select sensor pairs
04/21/16Systems and methods for tracking and analyzing information associated with a life cycle of a composite part
04/21/16Multiple pixel pitch super resolution
04/21/16Multiband wireless data transmission between aircraft and ground systems based on availability of the ground systems
04/21/16Methods and apparatus for generating composite code sequences
04/21/16Parallelizable cipher construction
04/21/16Onboard electronic distribution system
04/21/16System and method for secure wireless communications between a vehicle and a source
04/14/16Hybrid laminate and molded composite structures
04/14/16Composite filler forming apparatus
04/14/16Systems and methods for monitoring an air treatment assembly of a vehicle
04/14/16Hybrid electrically powered transportation system utilizing renewable energy stored in supercapacitors
04/14/16Marman clamp with a shape memory alloy actuator
04/14/16Systems and methods for fiber placement inspection during fabrication of fiber-reinforced composite components
04/14/16Method and system for determining and verifying ply orientation of a composite laminate
04/14/16Tool and method for use in measuring a pressure induced by a biasing member on a surface
04/14/16Vehicle power flow monitoring
04/14/16Using frequency diversity to detect objects
04/14/16Optical design of a wide field of view pupil forming hud
04/14/16System and method for reducing information leakage from memory
04/14/16Computing system and method for providing information relating to maintenance actions
04/14/16Systems and methods for detecting faults within operative sub-systems of a vehicle
04/14/16Systems and methods for monitoring operative sub-systems of a vehicle
04/14/16Methods and apparatus for operating flight control systems of aircrafts
04/14/16Method and system to enable selective smoke detection sensitivity
04/14/16Method for creating and choosing a determinate piloting strategy for an aircraft
04/14/16Laser system and method for controlling the wave front of a laser beam
04/14/16Phantom electric motor system with parallel coils
04/14/16Anti-hacking system for quantum communication
04/14/16Apparatus for curing composite materials and method of use thereof
04/07/16Hybrid fastener and method of making the same
04/07/16Methods and apparatus for curing composite nacelle structure
04/07/16System and method for molding amorphous polyether ether ketone
04/07/16Structure including a light-curable adhesive and associated method for assembling and curing same
04/07/16Composite material cutting system and method utilizing a weight distribution map
04/07/16Guided lift system
04/07/16Lavatory wash basin handle assembly
04/07/16Aircraft ventilation system
04/07/16Automated non-destructive inspection of surface skins using transporter system
04/07/16Packaging apparatuses, systems, and methods
04/07/16Thermal spray for durable and large-area hydrophobic and superhydrophobic/icephobic coatings
04/07/16System and method for inspecting a composite part during manufacture
04/07/16Automated mobile invertible measurement device
04/07/16Backfilling clouds of 3d coordinates
04/07/16Software aircraft part installation system
04/07/16Analysis of a structure modeled with intraply interface elements
04/07/16Joint assemblies and method of inspecting thereof
04/07/16Universal dhcp helpers
04/07/16Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for allocation and renewal of ip addresses
04/07/16Enforcing policy compliance on a device
03/31/16Air filter monitoring tab
03/31/16Gas separation modules and methods for forming
03/31/16Composite part forming system
03/31/16In-situ annealing of polymer fibers
03/31/16Nonwoven decorative laminates and methods of making the same
03/31/16Filament network for a composite structure
03/31/16Composite structures having reduced area radius fillers and methods of forming the same
03/31/16Vehicle external component having reduced vortex shedding
03/31/16System for fatigue detection using a suite of physiological measurement devices
03/31/16Removable window system for space vehicles
03/31/16Methods and apparatus to control pitch and twist of blades
03/31/16Apparatus, system, and method for flying an aircraft
03/31/16Forward looking turret
03/31/16System and method for transporting wire components through pneumatic tubes between wire component processing stations
03/31/16Polymer nanoparticles for controlling resin reaction rates
03/31/16Compositions and coatings with non-chrome corrosion inhibitor particles
03/31/16Micro dampers for prevention of un-commanded motion in mechanical feedback actuators
03/31/16Apparatus, system, and method for retaining a nut element to a part
03/31/16Noise and drag reducing cabin pressure outflow valve
03/31/16Optical devices for light mixing
03/31/16Array-based lighting systems and methods of manufacturing
03/31/16Methods and systems for forming aligned holes
03/31/16Visual indicator of an exposed gamma source
03/31/16Multi-component sensing coating for pressure and temperature measurements
03/31/16Methods and apparatus to automatically fabricate fillers
03/31/16Priority based personnel assignment optimization
03/31/16Predictive fatigue risk management
03/31/16Automated buffer setting
03/31/16Duty block time control via statistical analysis
03/31/16Move based and sonic based super resolution
03/31/16Virtual reality envrionment color and contour processing system
03/31/16Automatic real-time flight plan updates
03/31/16Flight path discontinuities
03/31/16Flight object communications system
03/31/16Flight analogous and projection system
03/31/16Automated flight object procedure selection system
03/31/16Aircraft performance predictions
03/31/16Investigating chemical-based events that occur in vehicles
03/31/16Current drivers that utilize short circuit protection
03/31/16Emi filter systems and methods for parallel modular converters
03/31/16Parallel modular converter architecture
03/31/16Systems and methods for reducing circulating current and phase to phase imbalance in a parallel modular converter system
03/31/16Synchronous machine with common motor/generator exciter stage
03/31/16No-break power transfer
03/31/16System and method for jamming cellular signals using aerial vehicles
03/31/16Dynamic loading and configuation of threat detectors based on feedback from other nodes
03/31/16Self-optimizing mobile satellite systems
03/31/16Cooling system for use with a power electronics assembly and method of manufacturing thereof
03/24/16Nanotube particle device and method for using the same
03/24/16Extruded deposition of fiber reinforced polymers
03/24/16Extruded deposition of polymers having continuous carbon nanotube reinforcements
03/24/16Composite filler
03/24/16Method and system for compacting composite part layup utilizing a single release film layer
03/24/16Aircraft cabin pressure regulating subfloor
03/24/16Horizontal folding wingtip
03/24/16Single blade propeller with variable pitch
03/24/16Vortex generators responsive to ambient conditions
03/24/16Communications quality analysis
03/24/16Uav take-off method and apparatus
03/24/16Placement of modifier material in resin-rich pockets to mitigate microcracking in a composite structure
03/24/16Polymer nanoparticles for controlling permeability and fiber volume fraction in composites
03/24/16Polymer nanoparticle additions for resin modification
03/24/16Nanoparticles for improving the dimensional stability of resins
03/24/16Methods and systems for shape memory alloy structures
03/24/16Printing patterns onto composite laminates
03/24/16Pre-cooler inlet ducts that utilize active flow-control and systems and methods including the same
03/24/16Methods and apparatus for a microtruss heat exchanger
03/24/16Systems and methods for cooling using galley monuments
03/24/16Real-time non-linear optical strain gauge system
03/24/16Flashlamp degradation monitoring system and method
03/24/16Tapered optical mixing rods
03/24/16Optical sensor and method of manufacture
03/24/16Interactive imaging system
03/24/16Parallelization in virtual machine operation
03/24/16Broadband antireflection coatings under coverglass using ion gun assisted evaporation
03/17/16Fuselage manufacturing system
03/17/16Methods and systems for automatically inspecting an object
03/17/16Methods and systems of repairing a structure
03/17/16Fused filament fabricated part using multi-directional layering
03/17/16Process and apparatus for handling, installing, compacting, splicing, and/or assembling composite stringers
03/17/16Method of manufacturing a spiral laminated structural cone
03/17/16Stowage bin with closing force assistance
03/17/16Systems and methods for securing seats within a vehicle cabin
03/17/16Auxilliary power and thrust unit drive system
03/17/16Cradle system for shaping fuselage sections
03/17/16Fuselage manufacturing system
03/17/16Space structure deployment system
03/17/16Dual fuel gas turbine thrust and power control
03/17/16System and method for improved thrust reverser with increased reverse thrust and reduced noise
03/17/16Metrology system for generating measurements of fuselage sections
03/17/16Systems and methods for icing flight tests
03/17/16Detection of chemical changes of system fluid via near infrared (nir) spectroscopy
03/17/16Utilization of aircraft bondline embedded current sensors in the determination of a lightning damage index
03/17/16Portable constant resolution visual system (crvs) with defined throw distance
03/17/16Component measurement apparatus, system, and method
03/17/16Systems and methods for analyzing a bondline
03/17/16Electrical circuit breaker safety system
03/17/16Computer implemented method of analyzing x.509 certificates in ssl/tls communications and the dataprocessing system
03/10/16Apparatuses and methods for processing a confined area of a workpiece
03/10/16Apparatuses and methods for cutting a reverse spot-face in a workpiece
03/10/16Clamping method and apparatus
03/10/16Modular end effector
03/10/16Method and apparatus for microwave and convection composite curing
03/10/16Determining part orientation for incremental sheet forming
03/10/16Recovery systems and methods for unmanned underwater vehicles
03/10/16Dual boarding system for aircraft
03/10/16Winglet system
03/10/16Hardened titanium structure for transmission gear applications
03/10/16Convertible door system and method of operation
03/10/16Method for installing a seal cap
03/10/16Translational tuned mass damper with continuously adjustable damping characteristics for application to high speed wind tunnel testing
03/10/16Methods and systems for forming a mandrel assembly for use with a locating system
03/10/16Nonaqueous radiopaque fluid and associated imaging system and method
03/10/16Automatic material cutting system
03/10/16Obtaining metrics for a position using frames classified by an associative memory
03/10/16Obtaining metrics for a position using frames classified by an associative memory
03/10/16Vehicle auditing and control of maintenance and diagnosis for vehicle systems
03/10/16Configurable onboard information processing
03/10/16High-intensity discharge lamp assembly and method
03/10/16Coordinating image sensing with motion
03/10/16High efficiency motion blur reduction
03/10/16High efficiency motion blur reduction and infrared projection
03/10/16Data acquisition node and method of operating same
03/03/16Apparatuses and methods for applying viscous material to a fastener
03/03/16Method and system of forming a releasable support and method of pre-cure removal of a composite laminate
03/03/16Systems and methods for curing complex fiber-reinforced composite structures
03/03/16Chopped fiber composite sorting and molding systems and methods
03/03/16Torque tube door
03/03/16Vessel insulation assembly
03/03/16Cutting tool and method of operating same
03/03/16Nanomodified backbones for polyimides with difunctional and mixed-functionality endcaps
03/03/16Nanomodified backbones for polyimides with difunctional and mixed-functionality endcaps
03/03/16Core cowl for a turbofan engine
03/03/16Variable geometry inlet for a ducted fan and method of assembling same
03/03/16Barrel nut with stress reduction features
03/03/16Satellite transfer orbit search methods
03/03/16Systems and methods for detecting crack growth
03/03/16Fluidless roller probe device
03/03/16Remote source light-guiding light assembly
03/03/16Active finish system for providing an image on a surface
03/03/16Double-mix feistel network for key generation or encryption
03/03/16Address-dependent key generation with a substitution-permutation network
03/03/16Periodic memory refresh in a secure computing system
03/03/16System and method for detecting a structural opening in a three dimensional point cloud
03/03/16Aircraft-noded data communication network
03/03/16Address-dependent key generator by xor tree
03/03/16Peer to peer provisioning of data for flight simulators across networks
03/03/16Systems and methods for configuring a computing device to use a communication protocol
03/03/16Microwire circuit and deposition system
02/25/16Valve for extracting air pockets from viscous fluids
02/25/16Apparatus and method for synchronized multi-stage electromagnetic rivet guns
02/25/16Recycling of broad goods with thermoplastic stabilizer materials
02/25/16System and method for optimizing composite laminate structures
02/25/16Sandwich composite with shape memory alloy core and method of making same
02/25/16Systems and methods for forming radius fillers for composite structures
02/25/16Hat stringer closeout fitting and method of making same
02/25/16Noise reducing profile for helicopter rotor blade tracking wedges
02/25/16Bunk assembly and method of manufacturing thereof
02/25/16Methods and apparatus for supporting engines and nacelles relative to aircraft wings
02/25/16Open air plasma deposition method
02/25/16Thrust reverse variable area fan nozzle
02/25/16Method and system for imaging a target
02/25/16Integrated visualization and analysis of a complex system
02/25/16Visualization and diagnostic analysis of interested elements of a complex system
02/25/16Deferred aircraft maintenance impact assessment apparatus, system, and method
02/25/16Visualization and analysis of a topical element of a complex system
02/25/16Composite materials with improved electrical conductivity and methods of manufacture thereof
02/25/16Signal combining system for constant envelope transmission of information
02/18/16Method for production of performance enhanced metallic materials
02/18/16System for facilitating fluid movement in closed molds
02/18/16Reinforced bladder
02/18/16Apparatuses and methods for seal cap installation
02/18/16Composite layup tools for aircraft fuselage barrels, methods of assembling the layup tools, and aircraft fuselage barrel sections formed utilizing the layup tools
02/18/16Dual layer sandwich for thermal management
02/18/16Bonded and tailorable composite assembly
02/18/16Split ventilation system
02/18/16Aircraft engine mounting system
02/18/16Methods and apparatus for use in forming a lightning protection system
02/18/16Methods and apparatus for performing propulsion operations using electric propulsion systems
02/18/16System and method for managing momentum accumulation
02/18/16Dual layer sandwich for thermal management
02/18/16Multiple space vehicle launch system
02/18/16Electrically reconfigurable deposition masks
02/18/16Enhanced thermally conductive pivot bushing
02/18/16Harmonic drive apparatus
02/18/16Multi-wavelength light emitting assembly
02/18/16Electromagnetic radiation shielding assembly
02/18/16Systems and methods for ignition source testing with flammable foam
02/18/16Composite test specimen
02/18/16Multi-spectral reflectometer
02/18/16Magnetic coupling for electrical conductivity assessment
02/18/16Combined orbit and attitude determination system and methods
02/18/16Systems and methods for determining a position of a transmitter of a bistatic radar system
02/18/16System and method for array lateral effect position sensing detector
02/18/16Dynamic memory address remapping in computing systems
02/18/16System and method for wiring an aircraft
02/18/16Conjugated polymer coatings and methods for atmospheric plasma deposition thereof
02/11/16Automated system and method for smoothing wrinkled material
02/11/16Composite structure and method of forming thereof
02/11/16Variable area nozzle and associated propulsion system and method
02/11/16Hole-filling sleeve and washer design for bolt installation
02/11/16Ice crystal icing engine event probability estimation apparatus, system, and method
02/11/164d volumetric weather data processing and display
02/11/16System and method for reading geometric data from a computer-aided design (cad) model
02/11/16Central server for managing maintenance and materials for commercial aircraft fleets with fleet-wide benchmarking data
02/11/16Solar cell wafer connecting system
02/11/16Fabrication of sensor chip assemblies with microoptics elements
02/11/16Apparatus and method for an active and programmable acoustic metamaterial
02/04/16Translating stowage bin and method of assembly
02/04/16Alignment tool
02/04/16Free-form spatial 3-d printing using part levitation
02/04/16Automated ply forming and compaction using flexible roller contact
02/04/16Bladder system for curing composite parts
02/04/16Panel-insert assembly and method
02/04/16Methods and systems for damping a cabin air compressor inlet
02/04/16System and method for applying pressure to structural components
02/04/16Electronic stopper in actuator control
02/04/16Submerged vortex generator
02/04/16Laminar flow winglet
02/04/16Multiple stage tractor propulsion vehicle
02/04/16Magnesium-zinc-manganese-tin-yttrium alloy and method for making the same
02/04/16Methods for optimized engine balancing based on flight data
02/04/16Systems, methods, and apparatus for rotary vane actuators
02/04/16Thrust reverser actuator systems
02/04/16Diverter duct for fluidly decoupling fans in a ventilation system
02/04/16Macro fiber for composite articles
02/04/16Determining aerosol material compatibility
02/04/16Portable x-ray backscattering imaging system including a radioactive source
02/04/16Methods and systems for determining a structural parameter for noise and vibration control
02/04/16Central server for managing maintenance and material for fleet of aircraft using operational data
02/04/16Flight control test simulator system and method
02/04/16Surface-wave waveguide with conductive sidewalls and application in antennas
02/04/16Apparatus for cable processing
02/04/16Method and apparatus for non-uniform analog-to-digital conversion
01/28/16Apparatus and method for a shape memory alloy mandrel
01/28/16Two piece mandrel manufacturing system
01/28/16Apparatus for forming fuselage stringers
01/28/16Molded-in insert and method for fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite structure
01/28/16Fabric jacketed unidirectional noodle
01/28/16Refueling boom control system
01/28/16Composite panel tool
01/28/16Multi-material integrated knit thermal protection for industrial and vehicle applications
01/28/16Noise attenuating lipskin assembly and methods of assembling the same
01/28/16Torque tubes and manufacturing methods thereof
01/28/16System and method for evaluating remaining life of an operative sub-system of a vehicle
01/28/16Visible x-ray indication and detection system for x-ray backscatter applications
01/28/16Systems and methods of monitoring a thermal protection system
01/28/16Nonconductive position verification systems for devices utilizing magnetic sensors
01/28/16Adaptable automatic nacelle conversion for tilt rotor aircraft
01/28/16Security against memory replay attacks in computing systems
01/28/16Blast sensor and mobile communication device
01/28/16Methods for evaluating human performance in aviation
01/28/16Battery pack including stacked battery-board assemblies
01/28/16In-phase and quadrature radio frequency digital-to-analog converter
01/28/16Network address-based encryption
01/21/16Adaptive composite structure using shape memory alloys
01/21/16Apparatus and methods for bonding laminate structures
01/21/16Apparatus for reducing porosities in composite resin parts
01/21/16Forming presses and methods for forming joggled, stiffened composite structures
01/21/16Input congruence system for flight control surfaces
01/21/16Fuel cutoff testing system
01/21/16Nondestructive inspection using hypersound
01/21/16Rf reflector
01/21/16Devices and method for scoring data to quickly identify relevant attributes for instant classification
01/21/16Transforming sensory representations
01/21/16Aerial vehicle radome assembly and methods for assembling the same
01/21/16Dendritic cell algorithm module with inflammatory inter-node signaling
01/21/16Process level locality and specialization for threat detection in the dendritic cell algorithm
01/21/16Close proximity vehicular data transmission
01/14/16Manufacturing composite tubular structures using adjustable cylindrical mechanical pressure device and process
01/14/16Two-stage riveting
01/14/16Titanium alloy for fastener applications
01/14/16Apparatus and methods for manipulating a fastener
01/14/16Utility fixture for creating a distributed utility network
01/14/16Blast nozzle targeting apparatus
01/14/16Metrology-based system for operating a flexible manufacturing system
01/14/16Opaque fiber reinforcement of composites
01/14/16In-situ induction cured radius filler
01/14/16Composite filler
01/14/16Veil-stabilized composite with improved tensile strength
01/14/16Septumization of cellular cores
01/14/16Wheel mounting system
01/14/16Low stress stiffener runout in pi bonded structure
01/14/16Hatch assembly for use in a vehicle and method of assembling the same
01/14/16Composite laminated plate having reduced crossply angle
01/14/16Morphing airfoil leading edge
01/14/16One-piece composite bifurcated winglet
01/14/16Winglet system and method
01/14/16Vehicle braking system having braking control and skid reduction functions
01/14/16Autonomous propulsion apparatus and methods
01/14/16Mobile platforms for performing operations inside a fuselage assembly
01/14/16Dual-interface coupler
01/14/16Clamping feet for an end effector
01/14/16Towers for accessing an interior of a fuselage assembly
01/14/16Assembly fixture for supporting a fuselage assembly
01/14/16Adjustable retaining structure for a cradle fixture
01/14/16Autonomous flexible manufacturing system for building a fuselage
01/14/16Temperature-resistant silicone resins
01/14/16Temperature-resistant silicone resins
01/14/16Load estimation system for aerodynamic structures
01/14/16Strength testing of a flatwise material coupon
01/14/16Nondestructive inspection using acousto-optics
01/14/16Mobile platforms for performing operations along an exterior of a fuselage assembly
01/14/16Mobile tag reader portal
01/14/16Systems and method of controlling airport traffic
01/14/16Systems and methods of airport traffic control
01/14/16Linear electromagnetic device
01/14/16Symmetrical step-up and step-down autotransformer delta topology
01/14/16Group-iv solar cell structure using group-iv or iii-v heterostructures
01/14/16Solar cell with delta doping layer
01/14/16Orthotropic bimorph for improved performance synthetic jet
01/14/16Remotely deployable, unmanned satellite antenna
01/14/16Method and apparatus for modifying a reconfiguration algorithm for an antenna system
01/14/16Location-based emergency application providing efficient response
01/07/16Method and apparatus for automated multi-drilling and multi-rivet machine
01/07/16Collapsible, coiled mandrel
01/07/16Active strut apparatus for use with aircraft and related methods
01/07/16Configurable tray table
01/07/16System and method for identifying a receiving aircraft during airborne fueling
01/07/16Web roll handling & loading system
01/07/16Assemblies including shape memory alloy fittings and composite structural members
01/07/16Design of electromagnetic interference filters for power converter applications
01/07/16System and method for predicting runway risk levels
01/07/16Combined voice and data communications in a distributed hybrid allocation and reservation multiple access mobile wireless network
04/07/16Aircraft fire suppression system and method

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