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The Boeing Company
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The Boeing Company And Universal Alloy Corporation
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The Boeing Company patents

Recent patent applications related to The Boeing Company. The Boeing Company is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: The Boeing Company may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with The Boeing Company, we're just tracking patents.

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10/19/17 new patent  Systems and methods for assessing ergonomics utilizing visual sensing
10/19/17 new patent  Method for production of performance enhanced metallic materials
10/19/17 new patent  Collapsible, coiled mandrel
10/19/17 new patent  Thermal composite material repair utilizing vacuum compression
10/19/17 new patent  Panel apparatus including multiple panels and mechanical fasteners and methods of assembling the panel apparatus
10/19/17 new patent  Thermoplastic and titanium sandwich structures
10/19/17 new patent  Formation of composite laminates having one or more divergent flanges
10/19/17 new patent  Protective removable cover
10/19/17 new patent  Hat section door frame with integral gussets
10/19/17 new patent  Thermally controlled active flow control system
10/19/17 new patent  Emergency landing stability system for aircraft
10/19/17 new patent  Active landing gear damper
10/19/17 new patent  Uav capture of micro cargo aloft
10/19/17 new patent  Small uavs with radar receivers to be used as bistatic radar launched from tactical fighter jets
10/19/17 new patent  Toilet system and assembling
10/19/17 new patent  Condensate removal system of an aircraft cooling system
10/19/17 new patent  Convertible chilled stowage compartment in an aircraft
10/19/17 new patent  Using radar derived location data in a gps landing system
10/19/17 new patent  Methods and performing propulsion operations using electric propulsion systems
10/19/17 new patent  Modular roadway structure and runway constructed therefrom
10/19/17 new patent  Gas turbine engine nozzle including housing having scalloped root regions
10/19/17 new patent  Bladder assembly and associated bore alignment system and method
10/19/17 new patent  Telescoping cap assembly for encapsulating a fastener disposed within a confined space
10/19/17 new patent  Ultrasonic inspection of wrinkles in composite objects
10/19/17 new patent  Systems and methods for icing flight tests
10/19/17 new patent  Systems and methods for ignition source testing with flammable foam
10/19/17 new patent  System and performing a test on a pitot probe heating element
10/19/17 new patent  Synthetic aperature radar data compression and transmission
10/19/17 new patent  Manufacturing materiel supply chain disruption management system
10/19/17 new patent  Systems and methods for monitoring maintenance intervals
10/19/17 new patent  Airspace deconfliction system and method
10/19/17 new patent  Methods and apparatus to establish optimized holding patterns for aircraft
10/19/17 new patent  Conformal composite antenna assembly
10/19/17 new patent  Omnidirectional antenna system
10/19/17 new patent  Methods and apparatus to implement a third-order signal scrambler
10/19/17 new patent  Methods and apparatus to implement a signal scrambler
10/19/17 new patent  Automated production of acoustic structures
10/19/17 new patent  Automated production of acoustic structures
10/19/17 new patent  System and a computer-implemented multi path communication with an unmanned aerial vehicle during a mission
10/19/17 new patent  Active composite panel assemblies, systems, and methods
10/12/17Dual hidden point bars
10/12/17Conductive pre-impregnated composite sheet and making the same
10/12/17Support tooling for composite parts
10/12/17Compression relief tie rod
10/12/17Sidewall mounting hardware for aircraft
10/12/17Pressure bulkhead apparatus
10/12/17Structure having joined unitary structures
10/12/17Stiffened beam assembly
10/12/17Composite tubes for a fluid transport system
10/12/17Commercial aircraft interior monument protection system
10/12/17Nanomaterial having tunable infrared absorption characteristics and associated manufacture
10/12/17Colorimetric indicators for photocurable sealants
10/12/17Assemblies including shape memory alloy fittings and composite structural members
10/12/17System and improved visual detection of protective coatings
10/12/17Real time multi dimensional image fusing
10/12/17Computer-implemented sharing information between passengers and air traffic management stakeholders
10/12/17Camera pose estimation
10/12/17Real-time, in-flight simulation of a target
10/12/17Antenna array system for producing dual circular polarization signals utilizing a meandering waveguidw
10/12/17System and context aware network filtering
10/05/17Signal processing for ultrasound imaging systems
10/05/17Collision prevention in robotic manufacturing environments
10/05/17Veil-stabilized composite with improved tensile strength
10/05/17Tailored coefficient of thermal expansion of composite laminates using fiber steering
10/05/17System and transporting an object to be moved
Patent Packs
10/05/17Decompression panel assembly and methods of manufacturing the same
10/05/17Methods and forming and installing insulation blankets in a vehicle compartment
10/05/17Methods and apparatus to control a gap between movable aircraft wing components
10/05/17System and controlling aircraft wing flap motion
10/05/17Systems and methods for cleaning a lavatory floor
10/05/17On-board structural load assessment of an aircraft during flight events
10/05/17Systems and methods for cleaning interior portions of a vehicle
10/05/17Systems and methods for satellite orbit and momentum control
10/05/17Interwoven carbon nanotube mats
10/05/17Interwoven carbon nanotube mats
10/05/17Tooling having a durable metallic surface over an additively formed polymer base and forming such tooling
10/05/17Systems and methods for automatically cleaning a lavatory floor
10/05/17Thrust reverser honeycomb panel load distribution systems and methods
10/05/17Spark plug and associated propellant ignition system
10/05/17Actuator having an internal conductive path
Patent Packs
10/05/17Threaded adjustable-height inserts and related methods
10/05/17Anti-rotation rivetless nut plate
10/05/17Conformal clearance fit fastener, fastener system, and composite structures
10/05/17Grommet, conduit support assembly, and supporting a conduit
10/05/17Projectile delivery of disruptive media for target protection from directed energy
10/05/17Apparatuses and methods for high-precision measurement
10/05/17Methods, systems and apparatuses for optically addressed holographic imaging system
10/05/17Pin-configurable internal bus termination system
10/05/17System and automatic generation of filter rules
10/05/17Methods, systems and apparatuses for optically addressed imaging system
10/05/17Heat pipe with printed heater and associated methods for manufacturing
09/28/17Dust mitigation system utilizing conductive fibers
09/28/17Systems and methods for making indexed prepreg composite sheets and laminated composite articles
09/28/17Composite structures with stiffeners and making the same
09/28/17Fabrication of composite laminates using temporarily stitched preforms
09/28/17Modular equipment center solid state primary power switching network
09/28/17Method and latent fault detection and management for fly-by-wire flight control systems
09/28/17Thrust recovery outflow valves for use with aircraft
09/28/17Apparatus to store a drogue hose on an aircraft
09/28/17Apparatus to store a drogue hose on an aircraft
09/28/17Fastener systems that provide eme protection
09/28/17Robots, robotic systems, and related methods
09/28/17Witness enabled fasteners and related systems and methods
09/28/17Radar image formation within a distributed network
09/28/17Vehicle map icon
09/28/17System architecture for battery charger based on gan-based power devices
09/28/17Unified data networking across heterogeneous networks
09/28/17Content delivery across heterogeneous networks
09/21/17Drag reduction riblets integrated in a paint layer
09/21/17Atmospheric pressure plasma coating methods, systems and apparatuses
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09/21/17Charge shaping method, system, and apparatus
09/21/17Systems and methods for forming radius fillers for composite structures
09/21/17Customizing aircraft performance systems and methods
09/21/17Damage tolerant and fail-safe (dtfs) high strength preloaded pin assembly
09/21/17Damage tolerant and fail-safe (dtfs) high strength preloaded pin assembly
09/21/17Deployable clearance panel system, method, and assembly for a monument within an internal cabin of an aircraft
09/21/17System and protecting the structural integrity of an engine strut
09/21/17Satellite control system using electrically controllable variable reflection glass panels
09/21/17Floating, bottom-filled and twist insert and methods for use thereof
09/21/17Guided projectile and enabling guidance thereof
Patent Packs
09/21/17Variable load and load vector application system
09/21/17Unmanned aerial vehicle flight control system
09/21/17Extraction, aggregation and query of maintenance data for a manufactured product
09/21/17Open-core flywheel architecture
09/14/17Systems and methods for viscous material vacuum deaeration, and depositing compounds in a structure
09/14/17Tool for removing sealant around a seal cap
09/14/17Machining/burnishing dual geometry orbital drilling tool
09/14/17Systems and methods for depositing compounds in a structure
09/14/17Multi-layer film adhesive
09/14/17Methods for insulating frame members
09/14/17Heat shield assembly and method
09/14/17Aerodynamic structures having lower surface spoilers
09/14/17Aircraft wing structure and associated addressing lift and drag
09/14/17Multiple missile and bomb carriage system
09/14/17Automated flight throttle control
09/14/17Ventilation conduit for an aircraft
09/14/17Methods of making and purifying carbon nanotubes
09/14/17Polyarylether ketone imide adhesives
09/14/17Polyarylether ketone imide sulfone adhesives
09/14/17One-sided fastener assembly and methods and systems for installing the same
09/14/17Torque tubes and manufacturing methods thereof
09/14/17Blow back prevention device, and associated method
09/14/17System and method to test a contact of a connector
09/14/17Server algorithms to improve space based authentication
09/14/17Composite filler
09/14/17Combined structural and electrical repair for multifunctional wideband arrays
09/14/17Air-filled quad-ridge radiator for aesa applications
09/14/17Reconfigurable electromagnetic interference filter network
09/14/17Selective extended archiving of data
09/07/17System and processing a workpiece
Patent Packs
09/07/17Apparatus for and processing an edge of a tube
09/07/17Dynamic forming tools for composite parts
09/07/17Adjustable-height inserts and related methods
09/07/17Rotor blade stands
09/07/17Rudder control pedal assembly with linear pedal travel path
09/07/17Non-contact power supply and data transfer on aerial vehicles
09/07/17Conductive radius filler system and method
09/07/17In-line centrifugal sealant debubbler
09/07/17Coatings, coating compositions, and methods of delaying ice formation
09/07/17Electromodification of conductive surfaces
09/07/17Fuel consumption predictions using associative memories
09/07/17Radiographic detection of cracks, defects, or leak pathways in materials and assemblies
09/07/17Apparatus and simulating a failure response in an electromechanical actuator
09/07/17Aircraft landing systems and methods
09/07/17System and developing and managing a training program
08/31/17Apparatuses and methods for applying a glutinous substance
08/31/17Tapered extraction device
08/31/17Apparatuses and methods for coupling threaded fasteners
08/31/17Apparatuses and methods for coupling threaded fasteners
08/31/17Apparatuses and methods for coupling threaded fasteners
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08/31/17Apparatuses and methods for coupling and decoupling a tool and a tool retainer of a rotary drive sub-assembly
08/31/17Bit puller
08/31/17Large scale smart susceptor heater blankets requiring multi zone control
08/31/17Integrated smart susceptor heater blanket and vacuum bag deployment system for large composite skin laminate debulk
08/31/17Integrated smart susceptor heater blanket debulk system for composites
08/31/17Disbond resistant composite stiffener runout
08/31/17Vehicle cabin wayfinding assembly
08/31/17Systems and methods for providing emergency location functionality
08/31/17Fuselage manufacturing system
08/31/17Structurally integrated thermal management system for aerospace vehicles
08/31/17Engine accessory drives systems and methods
08/31/17Valve controller for pressure stabilization
08/31/17Low-profile, rotating-shaft transmission device, and associated method
08/31/17System and measuring liquid levels
08/31/17Nonaqueous radiopaque fluid and associated imaging system and method
08/31/17Method and system for non-destructive testing of composites
08/31/17Inspection of structures
08/31/17Fault detection in variable differential transformer sensors based on zero-crossings of signals
08/31/17Emergency locator transmitter activation device for enhanced emergency location performance
08/31/17Integrated interface architecture and control logic for enhanced emergency location functionality
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08/31/17Window protection from bright light sources
08/31/17Lightweight plenum system for spacecraft application
08/31/17Non-conformance mapping and visualization
08/31/17Method and electronic device for optimizing a flight trajectory of an aircraft subject to time of arrival control constraints
08/31/17Radio frequency energy harvesting system
08/31/17Balancing current within a modular converter system
08/31/17Pneumatic energy harvesting and monitoring
08/31/17System and highly deterministic media access control
08/31/17Method and system for integration of portable devices with flight deck displays
08/24/17Centrifugal air separator coil manufacturing tools and methods
08/24/17High viscosity fluid dispensing system
08/24/17High rate pulsing wing assembly line
08/24/17Limited access fastener installation
08/24/17Natural path forming for composite material
08/24/17Double diaphragm vacuum bagging assembly and use
08/24/17Thermal insulation for aircraft components
08/24/17Movable control surface ejection system
08/24/17Real time galley power management and fault monitoring system
08/24/17Methods of repairing an acoustic sandwich panel and acoustic sandwich panel repair kits therefor
08/24/17Artificial gravity system with rotating hub that is sealed with rotary seals
08/24/17Artificial gravity system with a rotating structure that rotates about a stationary structure
08/24/17Reduction of chromium waste in an aluminum conversion coat processing line
08/24/17Internal mounted cylindrical turbine for electricity generation using exterior flush and scoop intakes
08/24/17Integrated gas purge path for welded sandwich structure
08/24/17Miniaturized tuned mass damper for application to high speed wind tunnel testing
08/24/17System and protection of eyes against laser light
08/24/17Systems and methods to prevent an aircraft from tail contact with the ground
08/24/17Modeling the connection between the software signal path and hardware signal path using routes
08/24/17System and communication of software
08/24/17Methods for localization using geotagged photographs and three-dimensional visualization
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08/24/17Quad-t transformer to convert ac single-phase to three-phase power
08/24/17Adaptable high efficiency power inverter system
08/24/17Micro-concentrator module and deployment method
08/24/17Blocking jamming signals intended to disrupt communications
08/24/17Optical monitoring imaging a component under test
08/17/17Systems and methods for biaxial symmetric canted holes
08/17/17Methods of forming holes in a workpiece and associated systems
08/17/17Dynamic off-axis torque wrench compensation
08/17/17Enhanced systems that facilitate vacuum bag curing of composite parts
08/17/17Enhanced systems that facilitate vacuum bag curing of composite parts
08/17/17Hydraulic an aircraft flight control system
08/17/17Multi-directional elastomeric dampened ball joint assembly
08/17/17Thermal management systems and methods
08/17/17Thermal management systems and methods
08/17/17Electronic display mounting apparatus
08/17/17Component deployment system
08/17/17Integration of fuel cell with cryogenic source for cooling and reactant
08/17/17Polysynchronous constellation design
08/17/17Devices and methods for handling radius fillers
08/17/17Collision avoidance system for scissor lift
08/17/17Self-releasing ceiling support latch
08/17/17Load relief tie rod
08/17/17Mine-blast impact shield and methods for use thereof
08/17/17Systems for intelligent batch processing
08/17/17Real-time interactive modeling & simulation process for factory layout
08/17/17Systems and methods for temporally-based geospatial data conflation
08/17/17Aircraft maintenance and inspection with data analytics enhancement
08/17/17Dual-locking loto locking pins
08/17/17System and verifying ads-b messages

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