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The General Hospital Corporation
The General Hospital Corporation D b a Massachusetts General Hospital
The General Hospital Corporation Dba Massachusetts General Hospital
The General Hospital Corporation A Massachusetts Corporation
The General Hospital Corporation D b a
The General Hospital Corporation D b a Massachusets General Hospital
The General Hospital Corporation D b a Massachuset General Hospital
The General Hospital Corporation D b a Massachuseets General Hospital
The General Hospital Corporation D b a Massachusettes General Hospital
The General Hospital Corporation D b a Massachuset Ts General Hospital
The General Hospital Corporation D b a Massachusetts Gerneral Hospital
The General Hospital Corporation_20100121
The General Hospital Corporation Inc
The General Hospital Corporation Dba Massachusetts Ceneral Hospital
The General Hospital Corporation D b a Massachussetts General Hospital
The General Hospital Corporation D b a Massachusettls General Hospital

The General Hospital Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to The General Hospital Corporation. The General Hospital Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: The General Hospital Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with The General Hospital Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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10/19/17 new patent  Fabrication of vascularized tissue using microfabricated two-dimensional molds
10/19/17 new patent  Rapid measurement of perfusion using optimized magnetic resonance fingerprinting
10/12/17Imaging system, method and distal attachment for multidirectional field of view endoscopy
10/12/17Neurodegenerative disease screening using an olfactometer
10/12/17Combination therapies for the treatment of alzheimer's disease and related disorders
10/12/17Viral vectors and their use in therapeutic methods
10/12/17Biomarkers of cancer
10/05/17Non-lithotripsic kidney-stone therapy
10/05/17Systems and methods for patient rehabilitation using brain stimulation
09/28/17Systems and methods for discovery and characterization of neuroactive drugs
09/28/17Methods and devices for knee joint replacement with anterior cruciate ligament substitution
09/28/17Methods to treat neurodegenerative diseases
09/28/17Anesthetic compounds and related methods of use
09/28/17Injectable slurries and methods of manufacturing and using the same
09/28/17Compositions and methods for treatment of neurological disorders
09/28/17System and administering, monitoring and controlling biomimetic sleep
09/28/17Methods, kits, and systems for multiplexed detection of target molecules and uses thereof
09/28/17Simultaneous dynamic contrast enhanced and dynamic susceptibility magnetic resonance imaging using magnetic resonance fingerprinting
09/28/17System and dual-kernel image reconstruction
09/21/17Prediction, visualization, and control of drug delivery by multiple infusion pumps
09/14/17Closed-circuit breathing device
09/14/17Methods for making oxidation resistant polymeric material
09/14/17Tumor necrosis factor superfamily and tnf-like ligand muteins and methods of preparing and using the same
09/14/17Antigen-binding fusion proteins with modified hsp70 domains
09/14/17Propeptide-luciferase fusion proteins and methods of use thereof
09/14/17Systems and methods for designing magnetic resonance fingerprinting imaging parameters
09/07/17Methods of modulating gastrointestinal tract flora levels with alkaline phosphatase
09/07/17Post-treatment breast cancer prognosis
09/07/17Systems and methods for obtaining information associated with an anatomical sample using optical microscopy
08/31/17Acyclic cucurbit[n]uril type molecular containers to treat intoxication and decrease relapse rate in substance abuse disorders
08/31/17Eluting matrix and uses thereof
08/31/17Neuroactive compounds and methods of using the same
08/31/17Laser speckle micro-rheology in characterization of biomechanical properties of tissues
08/31/17Methods and x-ray imaging from temporal measurements
08/24/17Methods and systems for optical imaging or epithelial luminal organs by beam scanning thereof
08/24/17System and in vitro blood vessel modeling
08/17/17System and annotating and analyzing eeg waveforms
08/17/17Systems and methods for predicting arousal to consciousness during general anesthesia and sedation
08/17/17Cyclooctenes for bioorthogonol reactions
08/17/17Use of tgf-beta antagonists to treat infants at risk of developing bronchopulmonary dysplasia
08/17/17Regulation of mir-33 micrornas in the treatment of cholesterol-related disorders
08/17/17Systems and methods for improved reconstruction of magnetic resonance fingerprinting data with low-rank methods
08/17/17Systems and methods for monitoring and controlling a cardiovascular state of a subject
08/10/17Stabilization of whole blood samples
08/10/17Platelet-targeted microfluidic isolation of cells
08/10/17Methods for determining a nucleotide sequence contiguous to a known target nucleotide sequence
08/03/17Magnetic nanoparticles
08/03/17System and magnetic resonance imaging with prospective motion control
07/27/17Apparatus, devices and methods for in vivo imaging and diagnosis
07/27/17System and an external hip fixator
07/27/17Agents and methods for treating and preventing seborrheic keratosis
07/27/17Self-assembled magnetic arrays
07/20/17Systems and methods for statistical reconstruction of magnetic resonance fingerprinting data
07/13/17System and motion-free computed tomography
07/13/17Microfluidic device for cell separation and uses thereof
07/13/17Protein and peptide libraries
07/13/17Targeting human satellite ii (hsatii)
07/06/17Imaging and/or pressure measurement catheter and use thereof
07/06/17Diagnostic and therapeutic uses of gelsolin in renal failure
06/29/17Methods and compositions to regulate hepcidin expression
06/29/17Dd1alpha receptor and uses thereof in immune disorders
06/22/17Essential fatty acid-producing nonhuman transgenic animals and uses thereof
06/22/17Optical sensor for needle-tip tissue identification and diagnosis
06/22/17Methods of controlling cell fate and consequences for disease
06/15/17Methods, kits, and cooling devices for disrupting function of one or more sebaceous glands
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06/15/17Apparatus and methods for color endoscopy
06/08/17Hif inhibitors and use thereof
06/08/17Laser adjuvants for enhancing immune response
06/08/17Spectrally-encoded endoscopy techniques and methods
06/08/17System and magnetic resonance i maging with prospective motion control
06/01/17Compositions and methods for treating cancer
06/01/17Using truncated guide rnas (tru-grnas) to increase specificity for rna-guided genome editing
05/25/17Apparatus, devices and methods for obtaining omnidirectional viewing by a catheter
05/25/17Combined sorting and concentrating particles in a microfluidic device
05/25/17Systems and methods for segmented magnetic resonance fingerprinting dictionary matching
05/18/17Systems, devices, methods, apparatus and computer-accessible media for providing optical imaging of structures and compositions
05/18/17Patient positioning systems and methods
05/18/17Femoral heads, mobile inserts, acetabular components, and modular junctions for orthopedic implants and methods of using femoral heads, mobile insets, acetabular components, and modular junctions for orthopedic implants
05/18/17Methods of treatment using a pentapeptide derived from the c-terminus of glucagon-like peptide 1 (glp-1)
05/18/17Systems and methods for efficient trajectory optimization in magnetic resonance fingerprinting
Patent Packs
05/11/17Method and grafting of skin tissue
05/11/17Compositions and methods for preventing and treating organ injury and/or dysfunction
05/11/17Methods, assays, and systems relating to sakt
05/04/17Method of fluorination using iodonium ylides
05/04/17Anti-human chemokine (c-c motif) receptor 4 immunotoxins
05/04/17Optical thromboelastography systems and methods
05/04/17Molecular analysis of tumor samples
05/04/17System and reducing specific absorption rate in magnetization transfer magnetic resonance imaging
04/27/17Tale transcriptional activators
04/27/17Nucleic acids analysis
04/20/17Method and discontinuous dermabrasion
04/20/17Methods and compositions for the modulation of beta-endorphin levels
04/20/17Compositions enriched for hox11+ stem cells and methods of preparing the same
04/20/17Predicting morbidity associated with red blood cell volume variance
04/20/17Systems and methods for preserving phase information in diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging
04/13/17Receptor imaging systems and related methods
04/13/17Systems and methods for generalized slice dithered enhanced resolution magnetic resonance imaging
04/06/17Blood glucose control system
04/06/17Systems and methods for joint trajectory and parallel magnetic resonance imaging optimization for auto-calibrated image reconstruction
03/30/17Plectin-1 targeted agents for detection and treatment of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
03/30/17Genetic correction of myotonic dystrophy type 1
03/30/17Comprehensive in vitro reporting of cleavage events by sequencing (circle-seq)
03/30/17Use of microvesicles in diagnosis and prognosis of medical diseases and conditions
03/23/17Novel germ cell ablation compounds and uses thereof
03/23/17Systems and methods for particle focusing in microchannels
03/23/17Engineered crispr-cas9 nucleases
03/23/17Multiplexed proteomics and phosphoproteomics
03/16/17Tongue retractors for frenotomies
03/16/17Regeneration of a functional pulmonary vascular bed
03/16/17Full interrogation of nuclease dsbs and sequencing (find-seq)
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03/16/17Grading of breast cancer
03/16/17Microfluidic real-time measurement of antibody-antigen binding and analyte detection
03/16/17System and low-field, multi-channel imaging
03/09/17Compositions containing alpha-1-antitrypsin and methods for use
03/09/17System and guided removal from an in vivo subject
03/02/17Imaging system, method and distal attachment for multidirectional field of view endoscopy
03/02/17Engineered crispr-cas9 nucleases
02/23/17Molecular activators of the wnt/beta-catenin pathway
02/23/17Methods for making oxidation-resistant cross-linked polymeric materials
02/23/17Benzamide compounds and related methods of use
Patent Packs
02/23/17Molecular imaging probes
02/23/17System and tomographic lifetime multiplexing
02/16/17System and spectral charactierzation of sleep
02/16/17System and monitoring behavior during sleep onset
02/16/17Method for cross-diagnostic identification and treatment of neurologic features underpinning mental and emotional disorders
02/16/17System and methods to predict serum lactate level
02/16/17Fracture fixation device having clip for stabilizing intramedullary nail
02/16/17Compositions comprising scopolamine and ketamine in the treatment of depression
02/16/17Methods targeting mir-128 for regulating cholesterol/lipid metabolism
02/16/17Hybrid system for treating mental and emotional disorders with responsive brain stimulation
02/16/17Integrin antagonists
02/16/17Conversion of somatic cells into nociceptors, and methods of use thereof
02/16/17Polycomb-associated non-coding rnas
02/16/17System and determination of ligand-target binding by multi-photon fluorescence anisotropy microscopy
02/16/17Hierrarchical mapping framework for coil compression in magnetic resonance image reconstruction
02/09/17System and methods for fast multi-contrast magnetic resonance imaging
02/09/17System and tracking sleep dynamics using behavioral and physiological information
02/09/17System and assessment of cardiovascular fitness
02/09/17Polycomb-associated non-coding rnas
02/02/17Convertible simulation apparatus
02/02/17System and improved light delivery to and from subjects
02/02/17Methods for alleviating acne and methods for treating a sebaceous gland
02/02/17Body-coill-constrained reconstruction of undersampled magnetic resonance imaging data
01/26/17Treatment of impaired cognitive flexibility with trkb receptor antagonists
01/26/17Methods for screening antimicrobial and antiviral compounds and uses thereof
01/26/17Polycomb-associated non-coding rnas
01/26/17Tools and methods for targeting oligonucleotide repeat rna toxicity
01/26/17System and correcting intrinsic heterogeneity in magnetic resonance imaging
01/19/17System and evaluating vocal function using an impedance-based inverse filtering of neck surface acceleration
01/19/17System and processing radiation detectors using laser beams
Patent Packs
01/19/17Lung bioreactor
01/19/17Apparatus and controlling propagation and/or transmission of electromagnetic radiation in flexible waveguide(s)
01/12/17System and facilitating manual and/or automatic volumetric imaging with real-time tension or force feedback using a tethered imaging device
01/12/17System and spiral volume imaging
01/12/17System and simultaneous multislice excitation using combined multiband and periodic slice excitation
01/05/17Devices and methods to improve and assess viability of human livers
01/05/17Apparatus, characterizing, imaging and/or modifying an object
01/05/17System and imaging free radicals
01/05/17Methods and assays for determining reduced brca1 pathway function in a cancer cell
01/05/17System and methods for estimation of mechanical properties and size of light-scattering particles in materials
01/05/17Mri imaging using variable density spiral planar coil
01/05/17System and magnetic resonance fingerprinting
01/05/17System and generating magnetic resonance imaging (mri) images using structures of the images
01/05/17System and high resolution diffusion imaging
12/29/16Bone surgical apparatus with ratcheting function
12/29/16Molecular re-engineering of excitation-inhibition balance in memory circuits
12/29/16Polycomb-associated non-coding rnas
12/22/16Process, arrangements and systems for providing frequency domain imaging of a sample
12/22/16Method and skin resurfacing
12/22/16Methods and compositions for eradicating leukemic cells
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12/22/16Agents and methods for treating and preventing seborrheic keratosis
12/15/16Iodine(iii)-mediated radiofluorination
12/15/16Methods and compositions for producing germ cells from peripheral blood derived germline stem cells
12/15/16Use of microvesicles in diagnosis and prognosis of medical diseases and conditions
12/08/16Eluting matrix and uses thereof
12/08/16Method to enhance tissue regeneration
12/08/16Polycomb-associated non-coding rnas
12/08/16Polycomb-associated non-coding rnas
12/08/16System and superfast chemical exchange saturation transfer spectral imaging
12/08/16Systems and methods for care monitoring
12/01/16Apparatus, systems and methods which controls and facilitates information gathering using a tethered capsule catheter
12/01/16Near-infrared spectroscopy and diffuse correlation spectroscopy device and methods
12/01/16Nucleic acids analysis
12/01/16Cadherins as cancer biomarkers
12/01/16System and adaptive dictionary matching in magnetic resonance fingerprinting
12/01/16Systems and methods for acceleration magnetic resonance fingerprinting
12/01/16System and fabrication of miniature endoscope using nanoimprint lithography
11/24/16Method and acquisition of volumetric imaging data within an anatomic structure
11/24/16System and photoluminescence detection
11/24/16Combination therapy with neoantigen vaccine
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11/24/16Methods and compositions for the treatment of cancer
11/24/16Inertio-elastic focusing of particles in microchannels
11/24/16Simultaneous multislice mri with random gradient encoding
11/24/16Optical probe, light intensity detection, imaging method and system
11/17/16Method and recording microscopic images from within a living person of organism using an implantable device
11/17/16Method and processing cardiac signals and deriving non-cardiac physiological informatoin
11/17/16System and characterizing brain states during general anesthesia and sedation using phase-amplitude modulation
11/17/16Heteroaryl disulfide compounds as allosteric effectors for increasing the oxygen-binding affinity of hemoglobin
11/17/16Bisamide compounds as allosteric effectors for reducing the oxygen-binding affinity of hemoglobin
11/17/16Compositions and methods of identifying tumor specific neoantigens
11/17/16Implantable hub and satellite system for neural recording and stimulation
11/17/16Soluble high molecular weight (hmw) tau species and applications thereof
11/17/16Multimodal trail molecules and uses in cellular therapies
11/17/16Treatment of sepsis and septic shock
11/17/16Nano-plasmonic sensor for exosome detection
11/17/16Method and microscopic imaging
11/10/16System and determining neural states from physiological measurements
11/10/16Method and dermatological treatment and fractional skin resurfacing
11/10/16Methods and compositions for treating degenerative and ischemic disorders
11/10/16Treatment of meningeal and neural diseases
11/10/16Compositions and methods for non-myeloablative conditioning
11/10/16Compositions and methods for diagnosing, evaluating and treating cancer
11/03/16Ribonucleotide reductase inhibitors sensitize tumor cells to dna damaging agents
11/03/16Methods of transcription activator like effector assembly
11/03/16Drg11-responsive (dragon) gene and uses thereof
11/03/16Engineered crispr-cas9 nucleases with altered pam specificity
11/03/16Engineered crispr-cas9 nucleases with altered pam specificity
11/03/16Multiplex guide rnas
11/03/16Method and performing optical imaging using frequency-domain interferometry
11/03/16Magnetic-nanoparticle conjugates and methods of use
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11/03/16Methods for detecting and treating cancer
10/27/16Method for treating gefitinib resistant cancer
10/27/16Combination therapies for the treatment of alzheimer's disease and related disorders
10/27/16Compositions and methods comprising energy absorbing compounds for follicular delivery
10/27/16Use of mullerian inhibiting substance (mis) proteins for contraception and ovarian reserve preservation
10/27/16Engineered crispr-cas9 nucleases with altered pam specificity
10/27/16Engineered crispr-cas9 nucleases with altered pam specificity
10/27/16Methods and assays relating to circulating tumor cells
10/27/16Microfluidic devices for isolating particles
10/20/16Stem cell delivered oncolytic herpes simplex virus and methods for treating brain tumors
10/20/16Modular instrumentation for analyzing biological fluids
10/20/16Directed evolution of multivalent glycopeptides that tightly bind to target proteins
10/20/16Genomewide unbiased identification of dsbs evaluated by sequencing (guide-seq)
10/20/16Apparatus and method to compensate for input polarization mode variation
10/13/16Methods and compositions for the treatment of proteinuric diseases
10/13/16Cross-linking of antioxidant-containing polymers
10/13/16System and quantitative mapping of radioactivity production rate during proton therapy
10/13/16Polymorphic gene typing and somatic change detection using sequencing data
10/13/16System and controlling partial volume effects in magnetic resonance fingerprinting
10/13/16System and limited angle positron emission tomography
10/06/163d balanced epi magnetic resonance fingerprinting
09/29/16Microfluidic methods and systems for isolating particle clusters
09/22/16System, method and computer-accessible medium for determining inflammation associated with a central nervous system
09/22/16Apparatus for dermatological treatment and fractional skin resurfacing
09/22/16Combination therapies for the treatment of alzheimer's disease and related disorders
09/22/16Combination therapies for the treatment of alzheimer's disease and related disorders
09/22/16Imaging histone deacetylases with a radiotracer using positron emission tomography
09/22/16Combination therapies for the treatment of alzheimer's disease and related disorders
09/22/16Inhibitors of histone deacetylase

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