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The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology
The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology Technology Transfer Center
The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology_20100128
The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology_20100114


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The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology patents

Recent patent applications related to The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology. The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016018769106/30/16  new patent  Field sequential color ferroelectric liquid crystal display cell
22016018773006/30/16  new patent  Polymer film with geometrically anisotropic nanostructures
32016016850106/16/16 Giant electrorheological fluid surfactant additives
42016017257606/16/16 Twin engineering to improve the switchability and rotatability of polarizations and domains in ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials
52016015261806/02/16 Epha4 inhibitors as neuroprotective agents
62016010447204/14/16 Acoustic and vibrational energy absorption metamaterials
72016007885703/17/16 Extraordinary acoustic absorption induced by hybrid resonance and electrical energy generation from sound by hybrid resonant metasurface
82016008017703/17/16 Adaptive cascaded equalization circuits with configurable roll-up frequency response for spectrum compensation
92016003859902/11/16 Biocompatible in situ hydrogel
102016002320201/28/16 Development of a high-efficiency adsorbent from e-waste and aluminosilicate-based materials for the removal of toxic heavy metal ions from wastewater
112016002742701/28/16 Sound attenuating structures
122016002855401/28/16 Handoff free wireless network architecture
132016002009501/21/16 Metal-induced crystallization of amorphous silicon in an oxidizing atmosphere
142015033124711/19/15 2d/3d switchable liquid crystal lens unit
152015033263511/19/15 Passive-matrix light-emitting diodes on silicon micro-display
162015032349911/12/15 Artificial sieving structures
172015031277410/29/15 Autonomous robot-assisted indoor wireless coverage characterization platform
182015028989210/15/15 Low force thrombectomy device
192015028000210/01/15 Metal oxide thin film transistor with channel, source and drain regions respectively capped with covers of different gas permeability
202015026432709/17/15 Projection device and fabrication a polarization grating
212015024761709/03/15 Patterned polarization grating polarization converter
222015023843308/27/15 Design and manufacture of nonelectronic, active-infusion patch and device for transdermal delivery across skin
232015023659308/20/15 Area-efficient differential difference amplifier compensator
242015022920708/13/15 Charge pumping low voltage and high efficiency operation
252015015537506/04/15 Gate-controlled p-i-n switch with a charge trapping material in the gate dielectric and a self-depleted channel
262015013920805/21/15 Systems and methods facilitating joint channel and routing assignment for wireless mesh networks
272015013934705/21/15 Weighted sum data rate maximization using linear transceivers in a full-duplex multi-user mimo system
282015014291405/21/15 Physical layer caching for flexible mimo cooperation in wireless networks
292015012199705/07/15 Non-destructive measurement of mechanical properties of an ellipsoidal shell
302015011934804/30/15 Cdk5 inhibitors and therapeutic uses thereof
312015011137104/23/15 Passivation of group iii-nitride heterojunction devices
322015007930203/19/15 Patterned polarization converter
332015007119003/12/15 Large deviation delay analysis of queue-aware multi-user mimo systems with multi-timescale mobile-driven feedback
342015007136803/12/15 Csi feedback reduction for mimo interference alignment
352015007184403/12/15 Synthesis of ultra-large graphene oxide sheets
362015007297903/12/15 Methods and compositions for treating viral infections
372015005568802/26/15 Distributive source coding and signal processing
382015005742102/26/15 Thermosetting poly(siloxane-diphenylbutadiyne) with readily tunable glass transition temperature and high thermal stability
392015004923102/19/15 Sensory array with non-correlated double sampling random access-reset pixel and multi-channel readout
402015005049402/19/15 Incorporating metals, metal oxides and compounds on the inner and outer surfaces of nanotubes and between the walls of the nanotubes and preparation thereof
412015003608402/05/15 Switchable liquid crystal fresnel lens
422015003160701/29/15 Water-soluble aie luminogens for monitoring and retardation of fibrillation of amyloid proteins
432015002674701/22/15 Stream-switching in a content distribution system
442015000426101/01/15 Rhizoma arisaematis extracts and uses thereof for wound-healing effects
452014037665512/25/14 Interference alignment for partially connected cellular networks
462014032876411/06/14 Biocompatible nanoparticles with aggregation induced emission characteristics as fluorescent bioprobes and methods of using the same for in vitro and in vivo imaging
472014029520810/02/14 Roll-to-roll fabrication of ordered three-dimensional nanostructure array, related techniques, materials and products
482014029668810/02/14 Surface deformation sensor
492014025569609/11/14 Biotin-decorated fluorescent silica nanoparticles with aggregation-induced emission for tumor cell targeting and long-term tumor cell tracking
502014024755709/04/14 Phase-change chamber with patterned regions of high and low affinity to a phase-change medium for electronic device cooling
512014022987108/14/14 System and constrained manipulations of 3d objects by multitouch inputs
522014021235907/31/14 Photostable aie luminogens for specific mitochondrial imaging and its manufacturing thereof
532014021237307/31/14 Multi-vinylsulfone containing molecule
542014019969007/17/14 Materials and methods for high-throughput determination of genome-wide dna methylation profile
552014020131107/17/14 Cache-induced opportunistic mimo cooperation for wireless networks
562014017427906/26/14 Composition using correlation between melody and lyrics
572014016464106/12/14 Congestion control for data center traffic
582014011680205/01/14 Acoustic metamaterial with simultaneously negative effective mass density and bulk modulus
592014011693905/01/14 Method for wastewater treatment by urine separation, seawater addition, and nitrification and in-sewer denitrification
602014011004904/24/14 Three dimensional interconnected porous graphene-based thermal interface materials
612014011057204/24/14 In-microresonator linear-absorption-based real-time photocurrent-monitoring and tuning with closed-loop control for silicon microresonators
622014011072804/24/14 Submount with cavities and through vias for led packaging
632014011140804/24/14 Ledos projection system
642014008267903/20/14 Linear programming based distributed multimedia storage and retrieval
652014006096203/06/14 Acoustic and vibrational energy absorption metamaterials
662014006426903/06/14 High-performance routers with multi-stage, multi-layer switching and single-stage shared buffering
672014006608503/06/14 Secondary user selection in cooperative sensing scheduling
682014004481002/13/14 Use of amide compounds for preventing marine biofouling
692014004519002/13/14 Method and device for monitoring real-time polymerase chain reaction (pcr) utilizing electro-active hydrolysis probe (e-tag probe)
702014003737902/06/14 All-weather landfill soil cover system for preventing water infiltration and landfill gas emission
712014002966401/30/14 Frame-level dependent bit allocation in hybrid video encoding
722014001808901/16/14 Bandwidth and power allocations for communication networks with imperfect spectrum sensing
732013032361312/05/13 Graphene-based self-humidifying membrane and self-humidifying fuel cell
742013031463111/28/13 Pixel structure of liquid crystal display utilizing asymmetrical diffraction
752013030697811/21/13 Passivation of group iii-nitride heterojunction devices
762013029921711/14/13 Electrical and thermal conductive thin film with double layer structure provided as a one-dimensional nanomaterial network with graphene/graphene oxide coating
772013030112611/14/13 Polarization converter by patterned polarization grating
782013029773111/07/13 Content distribution over a network
792013026695310/10/13 Aggregation induced emission of fluorescent bioprobes and methods of using the same
802013025674710/03/13 Power semiconductor field effect transistor structure with charge trapping material in the gate dielectric
812013025102809/26/13 Video encoding and decoding with channel prediction and error correction capability
822013023053209/05/13 Myomegalin variant 8 and uses thereof
832013022149508/29/13 Oxide microchannel with controllable diameter
842013021004708/15/13 Silica nanoparticles with aggregation induced emission characteristics as fluorescent bioprobe for intracellular imaging and protein carrier
852013017798507/11/13 Dna sequence encoding a retinoic acid regulated protein
862013016990907/04/13 Fast switchable and high diffraction efficiency grating ferroelectric liquid crystal cell
872013014850606/13/13 Bufferless nonblocking networks on chip
882013013397905/30/13 Acoustic energy absorption metamaterials
892013013776205/30/13 Composition for treating neurodegenerative disease or neuropathological condition
902013009295804/18/13 Normally-off iii-nitride metal-2deg tunnel junction field-effect transistors
912013008988904/11/13 Aggregation induced emission active cytophilic fluorescent bioprobes for long-term cell tracking
922013008279804/04/13 Magnetization switching through magnonic spin transfer torque
932013008379304/04/13 Scalable 3-stage crossbar switch
942013006829203/21/13 Aluminum nanostructure array
952013005939203/07/13 Aggregation-induced emission luminogens for metal ion detection
962013004884602/28/13 Two-dimensional magneto-optical trap for neutral atoms
972013003714902/14/13 Liquid-electronic hybrid divider
982013003779802/14/13 Metal-oxide based thin-film transistors with fluorinated active layer
992013000879401/10/13 Fluidic logic gates and controlling flow of er fluid in a channel
1002013001072501/10/13 Transmitting and/or receiving data in a side channel
1012013001106901/10/13 Architectural pattern detection and modeling in images
1022012030604212/06/12 Mgs solar-blind uv radiation detector
1032012030736312/06/12 Photo-induced dichroic polarizers and fabrication methods thereof
1042012029947411/29/12 Light emitting tetraphenylene derivatives, its preparation and light emitting device using the same derivatives
1052012028657611/15/12 Single-inductor-multiple-output regulator with synchronized current mode hysteretic control
1062012028164111/08/12 Orthogonal frequency division multiple access (ofdma) subband and power allocation
1072012028164311/08/12 Fair and efficient channel allocation and spectrum sensing for cognitive ofdma networks
1082012028177811/08/12 Dynamic interference alignment for partially connected quasi-static mimo interference channel
1092012028178011/08/12 Partial interference alignment for k-user mimo interference channels
1102012028270311/08/12 Specific detection of d-glucose by a tetraphenylethene-base fluorescent sensor
1112012027082110/25/12 Cdk5 inhibitors and therapeutic uses thereof
1122012026460010/18/12 Activated carbon/silica-gel/cacl2 composite adsorbent material for air-conditioning applications and a preparing the same
1132012024727510/04/12 Method of producing silver nanowires in large quantities
1142012024728110/04/12 Ratcheting wrench
1152012024928210/04/12 Large inductance integrated magnetic induction devices and methods of fabricating the same
1162012025190310/04/12 Self-humidifying membrane and self-humidifying fuel cell
1172012024291809/27/12 Cholesteric liquid crystal structure
1182012023446509/20/12 Compositions containing thermally-induced self-assembly of nonionic surfactants and their application in smart glass technologies
1192012023796409/20/12 Luminogen compounds and the use of the same for biosensing and cellular imaging
1202012022412709/06/12 Method of producing spatially variable pretilt angles across a liquid crystal cell
1212012021892608/30/12 Delay-constrained and energy-efficient online routing for asynchronous sensor networks
1222012022003908/30/12 Method and system for detecting residual poison in human body
1232012021306108/23/12 Cognitive relay techniques
1242012020734408/16/12 Method and hiding data for halftone images
1252012019521208/02/12 Cooperative sensing scheduling for energy-efficient cognitive radio networks
1262012017204907/05/12 Bandwidth and power allocations for communication networks with imperfect spectrum sensing
1272012017229607/05/12 Water-soluble aie luminogen for monitoring and retardation of amyloid fibrillation of insulin
1282012015431306/21/12 Multi-touch finger registration and its applications
1292012015833306/21/12 Pore structure analyzer based on non-contact impedance measurement for cement-based materials
1302012014816206/14/12 Joint semantic segmentation of images and scan data
1312012014895806/14/12 Sulfur-containing macromolecules and methods for their preparation
1322012014079606/07/12 Soft forwarding for cooperative wireless communication
1332012010646405/03/12 Spectrum sharing with implicit power control in cognitive radio networks
1342012010827605/03/12 Cooperative spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networks
1352012009266804/19/12 Patterned polarization converter
1362012006830103/22/12 Monolithic magnetic induction device
1372012007110203/22/12 Multiple-input, multiple-output cognitive radio
1382012006058803/15/12 Humidity and osmotic suction-controlled box
1392012006239903/15/12 Determination of long binary sequences having low autocorrelation functions
1402012005751303/08/12 Sleep mode selection employing a semi-markov decision process
1412012005847203/08/12 Method and system for nucleic acid detection using electroconductive or electrochemically active labels
1422012005854703/08/12 Method and system for nucleic acid detection using electroconductive or electrochemically active labels
1432012004172202/16/12 Generating three-dimensional models from images
1442012002053001/26/12 Motion estimation and compensation of feature-motion decorrelation
1452012000256701/05/12 Cross-layer optimization for next-generation wifi systems
1462011030518912/15/11 Exploiting buffers in cognitive multi-relay systems for delay-sensitive applications
1472011030765612/15/11 Efficient lookup methods for ternary content addressable memory and associated devices and systems
1482011029854912/08/11 Method and tuning frequency of lc-oscillators based on phase-tuning technique
1492011029101912/01/11 Quantum-limited highly linear cmos detector for computer tomography
1502011029180712/01/11 Low voltage low power cmos temperature sensor circuit
1512011029301212/01/11 Motion estimation of images
1522011028592811/24/11 Liquid crystal display cell with fast response and continuous gray scale
1532011025484710/20/11 Subpixel-based image down-sampling
1542011022277009/15/11 Subpixel-based image down-sampling
1552011018158907/28/11 Image-based procedural remodeling of buildings
1562011017144807/14/11 Preparation of hyperbranched poly(triazole)s by in situ click polymerization and adhesive containing the same
1572011015961006/30/11 Polycrystalline silicon as an electrode for a light emitting diode and making the same
1582011011419005/19/11 Microfluidic droplet generation and/or manipulation with electrorheological fluid
1592011008700604/14/11 Dna sequence encoding a retinoic acid regulated protein
1602011004318102/24/11 Single-inductor-multiple-output regulator with auto-hopping control and the use
1612011004371702/24/11 Low voltage liquid crystal lens with variable focal length
1622011004518002/24/11 Method of manipulating the surface density of functional molecules on nanoparticles
1632011001800201/27/11 Transistors and rectifiers utilizing hybrid electrodes and methods of fabricating the same
1642010032230612/23/10 Scalar quantization using bit-stealing for video processing
1652010030195512/02/10 Frequency divider using an injection-locking-range enhancement technique
1662010029603911/25/10 Photo-aligned liquid-crystal micropolarimeter array and its manufacturing method
1672010029745011/25/10 Implementing self-assembly nanometer-sized structures within metal - polymer interface
1682010028981611/18/10 Adaptive subpixel-based downsampling and filtering using edge detection
1692010027803611/04/10 Method and device for user cooperative communication
1702010028133711/04/10 Analog iterative decoder with early-termination
1712010027508910/28/10 Iterative decoding of punctured low-density parity check codes by selection of decoding matrices
1722010026600210/21/10 Exploiting multiple antennas for spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networks
1732010026033710/14/10 Context-free protocol for enforcing data forwarding in wireless ad hoc networks
1742010023508809/16/10 Safety-based road map navigation
1752010021978909/02/10 Method and energy harvesting using cmos sensor
1762010021360008/26/10 Apparatus having thermal-enhanced and cost-effective 3d ic integration structure with through silicon via interposers
1772010021510608/26/10 Efficient multi-frame motion estimation for video compression
1782010021531408/26/10 Apparatus having an embedded 3d hybrid integration for optoelectronic interconnects
1792010020168208/12/10 Generating three-dimensional fadeÇade models from images
1802010019495608/05/10 Apparatus and improving dynamic range and linearity of cmos image sensor
1812010017154607/08/10 Polycrystalline silicon thin film transistors with bridged-grain structures
1822010014931506/17/10 Apparatus and optical imaging for medical diagnosis
1832010015046306/17/10 Efficient rate allocation for multi-resolution coding of data
1842010015067406/17/10 System, providing cooling
1852010012875705/27/10 Spreading sequences with dual low correlation windows for quasi-synchronous code-division multiple-access communications
1862010012975705/27/10 Synthesis of acylarylenes and hyperbranched poly(aclarylene)s by metal-free cyclotrimerization of alkynes
1872010008468704/08/10 Aluminum gallium nitride/gallium nitride high electron mobility transistors
1882010008099404/01/10 Methods for producing carbon nanostructures
1892010007176003/25/10 Ultrathin film multi-crystalline photovoltaic device
1902010007433303/25/10 Method and system for transcoding based robust streaming of compressed video
1912010007732103/25/10 Custom rendering of webpages on mobile devices
1922010006768803/18/10 Method and system for encoding multimedia content based on secure coding schemes using stream cipher
1932010006922903/18/10 Method for synthesising a nano-product
1942010003955602/18/10 Multi-resolution temporal deinterlacing
1952010003473002/11/10 One-step, paste-state mechanochemical process for the synthesis of zinc oxide nanoparticles
1962010003712102/11/10 Low power layered decoding for low density parity check decoders
1972010002790902/04/10 Convex optimization approach to image deblocking
1982010002922102/04/10 Polyphase sequences for wireless communications
1992010001927901/28/10 Integrated hemt and lateral field-effect rectifier combinations, methods, and systems
2002010002087701/28/10 Multiple reference frame motion estimation in video coding
2012010000936201/14/10 Fluorescent water-soluable conjugated polyene compounds that exhibit aggregation induced emission and methods of making and using same
2022009031678312/24/09 Bidirectionally decodable wyner-ziv video coding
2032009031701712/24/09 Image characteristic oriented tone mapping for high dynamic range images
2042009030976912/17/09 System and encoding data based on a compression technique with security features
2052009030426412/10/09 Free view generation in ray-space
2062009029415312/03/09 Printing using a structure coated with ultraviolet radiation responsive material
2072009029473412/03/09 Percolation efficiency of the conductivity of electrically conductive adhesives
2082009029560712/03/09 Finding a variable length code with optimal error recovery
2092009029593412/03/09 Color demosaicking using direction similarity in color difference spaces
2102009027903211/12/09 Method to obtain a controlled pretilt and azimuthal angles in a liquid crystal cell
2112009027960011/12/09 Flexible wyner-ziv video frame coding
2122009027961511/12/09 Error concealment for frame loss in multiple description coding
2132009026882110/29/09 Block parallel and fast motion estimation in video coding
2142009022123109/03/09 Multi-user mimo relay protocol with self-interference cancellation
2152009022125209/03/09 Low complexity agc for mb-ofdm
2162009021374108/27/09 Multi-user mimo systems with imperfect csit and arq
2172009020773508/20/09 Robust cooperative spectrum sensing for cognitive radios
2182009020776808/20/09 Optimal cross-layer scheduling for multi-user communication systems with imperfect channel state information and unknown interference
2192009020920608/20/09 Optimal mimo isi channel estimation using loosely synchronized codes and their variations
2202009019636008/06/09 Lattice-reduction-aided mimo detectors
2212009019636108/06/09 Non-binary source-to-channel symbol mappings with minimized distortion
2222009019637908/06/09 Multiple-input multiple-output signal detectors based on relaxed lattice reduction
2232009019053607/30/09 Resource allocation for ofdma systems with half-duplex relay(s) and corresponding transmission protocol
2242009019084507/30/09 Motion-compensated residue based temporal search range prediction
2252009017920607/16/09 Method and generating giant spin-dependent chemcial potential difference in non-magnetic materials
2262009018045407/16/09 Linear precoding for mimo channels with outdated channel state information in multiuser space-time block coded systems with multi-packet reception
2272009017438307/09/09 Frequency compensation based on dual signal paths for voltage-mode switching regulators
2282009017444007/09/09 Frequency-hopping pulse-width modulator for switching regulators
2292009016996207/02/09 Integrated flow field plate and diffusion electrode in a fuel cell
2302009014718706/11/09 Transflective liquid crystal display
2312009014784906/11/09 Intra frame encoding using programmable graphics hardware
2322009014162406/04/09 Method and system for a novel flow admission control framework
2332009013479005/28/09 Polycrystalline silicon as an electrode for a light emitting diode & making the same
2342009013590105/28/09 Complexity adaptive video encoding using multiple reference frames
2352009013591105/28/09 Fast motion estimation in scalable video coding
2362009012949605/21/09 Full-rate distributed space-time codes for cooperative communications
2372009012285405/14/09 Frequency domain equalization with transmit precoding for high speed data transmission
2382009010995304/30/09 Robust timing synchronization for mb-ofdm frequency hopping systems in a sop environment
2392009011006204/30/09 Optimal heegard-berger coding schemes
2402009010361704/23/09 Efficient error recovery with intra-refresh
2412009009667604/16/09 Durable wideband antenna fabricated on low resistivity silicon substrate
2422009009669904/16/09 Compact 3-port orthogonally polarized mimo antennas
2432009008670604/02/09 Cross-layer multi-packet reception based medium access control and resource allocation
2442009008964804/02/09 Low power viterbi decoder using scarce state transition and path pruning
2452009008068803/26/09 Digital watermarking for few-color images
2462009007407403/19/09 Multiple description encoder and decoder for transmitting multiple descriptions
2472009007407503/19/09 Efficient real-time rate control for video compression processes
2482009006749503/12/09 Rate distortion optimization for inter mode generation for error resilient video coding
2492009006897503/12/09 Quadrature-input, quadrature-output, divider and phase locked loop, frequency synthesiser or single side band mixer

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