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The Johns Hopkins University
The Johns Hopkins University School Of Medicine
The Johns Hopkins University School Of Medicine Licensing And Technology Development
The Johns Hopkins University Maryland
The Johns Hopkins University C o Johns Hopkins Technology Transfer
The Johns Hopkins University School Of Medicine Licensing And Technology Development_20100128
The Johns Hopkins University Technology Ventures
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The Johns Hopkins University_20100114
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The Johns Hopkins University patents

Recent patent applications related to The Johns Hopkins University. The Johns Hopkins University is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: The Johns Hopkins University may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with The Johns Hopkins University, we're just tracking patents.

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06/22/17 new patent  Reservoir device for intraocular drug delivery
06/22/17 new patent  Selective dendrimer delivery to brain tumors
06/22/17 new patent  Engineered cardiac derived compositions and methods of use
06/22/17 new patent  Mimetic peptides derived from collagen type iv and their use for treating angiogenesis- and lymphangiogenesis- dependent diseases
06/22/17 new patent  The tgf(beta)-mir200-mig6 pathway and its use in the treatment of cancer as an indicator of resistance to egfr inhibitors
06/22/17 new patent  Methods and compositions for correlating genetic markers with risk of aggressive prostate cancer
06/22/17 new patent  Detection of hiv-1-associated neurocognitive disorders
06/22/17 new patent  System and velocity selective pulses with arbitrary shape using mri
06/22/17 new patent  Method for deformable 3d-2d registration using multiple locally rigid registrations
06/15/17Cancer cell migration inhibitors and their use in therapeutic treatments
06/15/17Biomarkers for assessing cancer patients for treatment
06/15/17Method and remote malware monitoring
06/08/17Tool exchange interface and control algorithm for cooperative surgical robots
06/08/17Tool and tool system having independent axial and transverse force sensing
06/08/17Glucocorticoid-loaded nanoparticles for prevention of corneal allograft rejection and neovascularization
06/08/17Compositions and methods for targeted immunomodulatory antibodies and fusion proteins
06/08/17Method of production of recombinant glycoproteins with increased circulatory half-life in mammalian cells
05/25/17Nanocomposites of gold and polymers
05/25/17Adenosine receptor agonists and antagonists to modulate t cell responses
05/25/17System and flexible human-machine collaboration
05/25/17Differential phase contrast x-ray imaging system and components
05/25/17Capacity independent fast charging of batteries
05/18/17Coherent optical imaging for detecting neural signatures and medical imaging applications using common-path coherent optical techniques
05/18/17Coherent optical imaging for detecting neural signatures and medical imaging applications using holographic imaging techniques
05/18/17System, method and computer readable medium for preview of low-dose x-ray projection and tomographic images
05/18/17Prostate specific membrane antigen (psma) targeted nanoparticles for therapy of prostate cancer
05/18/17Compositions and methods for rendering tumor cells susceptible to cd8+ t cell-mediated killing
05/11/17Laparoscopic ultrasound robotic surgical system
05/11/17Laparoscopic ultrasound robotic surgical system
05/11/17Laparoscopic ultrasound robotic surgical system
05/11/17Nanocrystals, compositions, and methods that aid particle transport in mucus
05/11/17Photodetection circuit and operating method thereof
05/11/17Robust particle velocity measurement
05/11/17Systems and methods for human-machine subconscious data exploration
05/04/17Hypotonic microbicidal formulations and methods of use
05/04/17Biopolymer-encapsulated glycosyl transferase inhibitor compositions and methods for treating diabetes and cardiac indications
05/04/17Dendrimer compositions and use in treatment of necrotizing enterocolitis and other gastrointestinal disorders
05/04/17Compositions and methods for treatment of peroxisomal disorders and leukodystrophies
05/04/17Method, device, and computer-readable medium for mobile device management of collaborative industrial robot
05/04/17Generation of robotic user interface responsive to connection of peripherals to robot
05/04/17Detection and prognosis of lung cancer
05/04/17Detector and detecting an agent in an aerosol
05/04/17Method for rapidly designing pharmaceutical preparations for preventing viral infection
04/27/17Informatics radiomics integration system (iris): a novel combined informatics and radiomics integration of many types of data for classification into different groups for improved visualization
04/27/17Low calcemic, highly antiproliferative, analogs of calcitriol
04/27/17Genetically encoded histone reporter allele constructs
04/27/17Improvements to eukaryotic transposase mutants and transposon end compositions for modifying nucleic acids and methods for production and use in the generation of sequencing libraries
04/20/17Combinatorial immunotherapy for pancreatic cancer treatment
04/20/17Kinematic and morpometric analysis of digitized handwriting tracings
04/13/17Compositions and methods for treating kabuki syndrome and related disorders
04/06/17System and seizure detection and responsivity testing
04/06/17Methods for treating mendelian disorders of the epigenetic machinery
04/06/17In vitro pre-conditioned bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells and uses thereof
04/06/17Malarial antigens derived from subtilisin-like protease 2 and vaccines and methods of use
04/06/17Compositions and methods for enhancing transport through mucus
04/06/17Device and a nanofiber wrap to minimize inflamation and scarring
04/06/17Universal microport
04/06/17Fabrication of hierarchical silica nanomembranes and uses thereof for solid phase extraction of nucleic acids
03/30/17Quantitative tissue property mapping for real time tumor detection and interventional guidance
03/30/17Methods and systems using non-labeled antimetabolites and analogs thereof as theranostic agents
03/30/17Gapdh cascade inhibitor compounds and methods of use and treatment of stress induced disorders including mental illness
03/30/17Engineering synthethic brain penetrating gene vectors
03/30/17Drug loaded microfiber sutures for ophthalmic application
03/30/17Bluetooth beacon system for industrial machine safety
03/23/17Mri-guided intraarterial catheter-based predicting territory of local blood brain barrier opening
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03/23/17Vetebral osteotomy saw guide
03/23/17Highly soluble aquaporin-4 extracellular loop c peptide immunization for treatment of neuromyelitis optica
03/23/17Metal/radiometal-labeled psma inhibitors for psma-targeted imaging and radiotherapy
03/23/17Compounds which inhibit rna polymerase, compositions including such compounds, and their use
03/23/17Genetic alterations in isocitrate dehydrogenase and other genes in malignant glioma
03/23/17Method, system and computer-readable media for treatment plan risk analysis
03/16/17An imaging toolbox for guiding cardiac resynchronization therapy implantation from patient-specific imaging and body surface potential mapping data
03/16/17Mesothelin vaccines and model systems
03/16/17Highly stable biodegradable gene vector platforms for overcoming biological barriers
03/16/17Method for identifying and validating dominant t helper cell epitopes using an hla-dm-assisted class ii binding assay
03/16/17Pca3, pca3 genes, and methods of use
03/16/17Methods and systems of assessing tissue vascular permeability using non-labeled dextran
03/16/17Apparatus and preventing access by malware to locally backed up data
03/09/17Hypoxia-induced mitogenic factor
03/09/17Chimeric vaccines
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03/09/17Rigid temporary attachment device for a robotic gripper
03/09/17Cationic polymer systems for selective bacterial capture
03/09/17Small maritime target detector
03/09/17Metasurface antenna
03/02/17A spinal probe incorporating an electromechanical system for detection and prevention of breaches during surgery
03/02/17Compositions and methods for promoting skin regeneration and hair growth
03/02/17Compositions for targeted dna methylation and their use
03/02/17Platform and identifying past exposure to chemical agents or heavy metals
03/02/17Methods for diagnosis and prognosis of inflammatory bowel disease using cytokine profiles
02/23/17Device and detection of periodic leg movements
02/23/17Gastric device and use thereof
02/23/17Homomultivalent and heteromultivalent inhibitors of prostate specific membrane antigen (psma) and uses thereof
02/23/17Meldrum's acid, barbituric acid and pyrazolone derivatives substituted with hydroxylamine as hno donors
02/23/17Regulated switch for gene expression
02/23/17Safe sequencing system
02/16/17Surgical system providing hands-free control of a surgical tool
02/16/17Methods of preparing polyelectrolyte complex nanoparticles
02/16/17Procaspase combination therapy for glioblastoma
02/16/17Synthetic hepatitis c genome and methods of making and use
02/16/17Compositions comprising cyclodextrin incorporated collagen matrices for use in biomedical applications
02/16/17Dendrimer compositions and their use in treatment of diseases of the eye
02/16/17Catheter hub with removable extensions
02/16/17Securement device with attachable members for use with a catheter
02/16/17Inhibitors of drug-resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis
02/16/17Identification of compounds which inhibit atg8-atg3 protein-protein interaction and their use as antiparasitical agents
02/09/17Assay reagents for a neurogranin diagnostic kit
02/09/17Dual autonomous telemetry data acquisition system and real time opto-isolated receivers for use therewith
02/02/17Treatment of autoimmune disorders and infections using antagonists of sgk1 activity
02/02/17Method of manufacturing an implantable pressure-actuated drug delivery system
02/02/17Inhibitors of histone lysine specific demethylase (lsd1) and histone deacetylases (hdacs)
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02/02/17Derivatives of rufinamide and their use in inhibtion of the activation of human voltage-gated sodium channels
02/02/17Self-organized vascular networks from human pluripotent stem cells in a synthetic matrix
02/02/17Method for estimating permeability of fractured rock formations from induced slow fluid pressure waves
02/02/17System and detecting and tracking a curvilinear object in a three-dimentional space
01/26/17Multi-modal neural interfacing for prosthetic devices
01/26/17Use of bacteria, bacterial products, and other immunoregulatory entities in combination with anti-ctla-4 and/or anti-pd-1 antibodies to treat solid tumor malignancies
01/26/17Vaccine adjuvants for cytomegalovirus prevention and treatment
01/26/17N-hydroxylsulfonamide derivatives as new physiologically useful nitroxyl donors
01/26/17Two-hybrid based screen to identify disruptive residues at multiple protein interfaces
01/26/17Tert and braf mutations in human cancer
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01/26/17Three dimensional lattice weaves with tailored damping properties
01/26/17Three dimensional woven lattices as novel multi-functional architectures
01/26/17Structural component that will fragment into particles of selected geometry and reactivity
01/19/17Eye alignment monitor and method
01/19/17Induction of thyroid iodide-handling gene expression in human cancers
01/19/17A novel, high-throughput, nanotopographic platform for screening cell migratory behavior
01/19/17Genes encoding secreted proteins which identify clinically significant prostate cancer
01/19/17Face detection, augmentation, spatial cueing and clutter reduction for the visually impaired
01/19/17Skyrmion based universal memory operated by electric current
01/12/17Compositions and methods relating to reduced mucoadhesion
01/12/17Compositions and methods for treating diabetes
01/12/17Low oxygen tension enhances endothelial fate of human pluripotent stem cells
01/12/17Crispr-mediated genome engineering for protein depletion
01/12/17Predicting response to epigenetic drug therapy
01/05/17Cranial reference mount
01/05/17Patient-specific trackable cutting guides
01/05/17Real-time cephalometry for cranimaxillofacial surgery
01/05/17Computer-assisted craniomaxillofacial surgery
01/05/17Computer-assisted planning and execution system
01/05/17Orthognathic biomechanical simulation
01/05/17Computer-assisted face-jaw-teeth transplantation
01/05/17Methods for efficient, expansive, user-defined dna mutagenesis
12/29/16Peptide/particle delivery systems
12/29/16Methods for reducing anxiety and impulsivity in subjects initiating treatment with serotonin reuptake inhibitors
12/29/16Methods for beaming
12/29/16System and medical data analysis and sharing
12/22/16Compositions and methods for treatment of neurodegenerative disease
12/22/16Therapy regimen and methods to sensitize cancer cells treated with epigenetic therapy to parp inhibitors in ovarian cancer
12/22/16Therapy regimen and methods to sensitize cancer cells treated with epigenetic therapy to parp inhibitors in lung cancer
12/22/16Compositions and methods of treating cancer
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12/22/16Instrumented rail system
12/22/16Hardware and system for single-camera stereo range determination
12/22/16Compositions and methods for diagnosing and treating inflammatory bowel disease and related disorders
12/22/16System and structured low-rank matrix factorization: optimality, algorithm, and applications to image processing
12/22/16System for preventing instrument retention
12/22/16Non-linear associator and motion discriminator
12/15/16Cooperatively-controlled surgical robotic system with redundant force sensing
12/15/16Cd4-mimetic small molecules sensitize human immunodeficiency virus to vaccine-elicited antibodies
12/15/16Three dimensional woven lattices as multi-functional heat exchanger
12/08/16Compositions and methods for modulating an immune response
12/08/16Imaging and therapy of virus-associated tumors
12/08/16Devices for and methods of treatment of metabolic syndromes
12/08/16Virion display array for profiling functions and interactions of human membrane proteins
12/08/16Fiber-optic methods and devices enabling multiphoton imaging with improved signal-to-noise ratio
12/01/16Therapy regimen and methods to sensitize cancer cells treated with epigenetic therapy to parp inhibitors in multiple cancers
12/01/16Flip (fluorescence immunoprecipitation) for high-throughput immunoprecipitation
11/24/16Methods and compositions for killing senescent cells and for treating senescence-associated diseases and disorders
11/24/16Methods and compositions for enhanced cellular selectivity using nanocarrier-associated ligands
11/24/16Antimicrobial compositions comprising single domain antibodies and pseudomonas exotoxin
11/24/16System and determining radiation dose to circulating blood
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11/24/16Compositions and methods for targeted immunomodulatory antibodies and fusion proteins
11/24/16Combining complex flow manifold with three dimensional woven lattices as a thermal management unit
11/24/16System and obtaining spatially-encoded nmr parameters from arbitrarily-shaped compartments and linear algebraic modeling
11/24/16Automated anatomical labeling by multi-contrast diffeomorphic probability fusion
11/24/16Patterning devices using fluorinated compounds
11/17/16Automated methods to count corneal subbasal nerves
11/17/16Method and selective treatment inside a body lumen
11/17/16Activation of marrow infiltrating lymphocytes in hypoxic alternating with normoxic conditions
11/17/16Compositions of nucleic acid-containing nanoparticles for in vivo delivery
11/17/16System and device for high throughput generation of combinatorial droplets and methods of use
11/17/16Methods for forming three-dimensional human retinal tissue in vitro
11/17/16Therapeutic and diagnostic methods for autism spectrum disorders and other conditions
11/17/16Intelligent atlas for automatic image analysis of magnetic resonance imaging
11/10/16Immunogenic fusion proteins for the treatment of cancer
11/10/16Alternative splice variant patterns of human telomerase reverse transcriptase (htert) in thyroid tumors to distinguish benign from malignant
11/10/16Capacitive liquid crystal biosensors
11/10/16Diagnostic biomarkers and therapeutic targets for pancreatic cancer
11/03/16Nanoparticle formulations with enhanced mucosal penetration
11/03/16Multiepitope fusion antigens and vaccines and their use in treatment of enterotoxigenic diarrhea
11/03/16Methods of treatment of hpv related diseases
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11/03/16Methods of improved protein production using mirnas and sirnas
11/03/16Modulators of glycerophosphodiester phosphodiesterase proteins
11/03/16Method and compositions for detection and enumeration of genetic variations
11/03/16Ddx3 as a biomarker for cancer and methods related thereto
10/27/16Vehicle for navigating within an enclosed space
10/27/16Combination of immunotherapy with local chemotherapy for the treatment of malignancies
10/27/16Devices with low melting point alloy for control of device flexibility
10/27/16Release system for deploying satellites
10/27/16Activators of myosin ii for modulating cell mechanics
10/27/16Interferon-gamma release assays for diagnosis of invasive fungal infections
10/27/16Apparatus and enabling safe handling of malware
10/20/16Autoimmune antigens and cancer
10/20/16Compositions and methods for characterizing a myopathy
10/20/16Elevated ccl19 after completion of therapy for acute lyme disease identifies patients at risk for development of post-treatment lyme disease syndrome who will benefit from further antibiotic therapy
10/20/16Methods and systems for analyzing anatomy from multiple granularity levels
10/20/16Gross feature recognition of anatomical images based on atlas grid
10/13/16Method for highly efficient conversion of human stem cells to lineage-specific neurons
10/13/16Multiplexed, continuous-flow, droplet-based platform for high-throughput genetic detection
10/13/16Dynamical display based on chemical release from printed porous voxels
10/06/16Computational tool for pre-surgical evaluation of patients with medically refractory epilepsy
10/06/16System and determining amount of radioactive material to administer to a patient
09/29/16Cvs transplantation for treatment of bacterial vaginosis
09/29/16Fluidic tissue augmentation compositions and methods
09/29/16Systems and methods for conformal additive manufacturing
09/29/16Programmed droplet rupture for directed evolution
09/22/16Minimally invasive laparoscopic retractor
09/22/16Atrial septal aneurysm transseptal access system
09/22/16Synthesis and use of targeted radiation enhancing iron oxide-silica-gold nanoshells for imaging and treatment of cancer
09/22/16Use of the zmiz1 marker in directing treatment and predicting survival in cancer
09/22/16Urothelial cancer and methods of detection and targeted therapy
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09/15/16Programmable multispectral illumination system for surgery and visualization of light-sensitive tissues
09/15/16Dual-energy cone-beam computed tomography with a multiple source, single-detector configuration
09/15/16Itraconazole analogs and use thereof
09/08/16Drugs and gene carrier particles that rapidly move through mucous barriers
09/08/16Compositions and methods for prediction and treatment of human cytomegalovirus infections
09/08/16Robot control, training and collaboration in an immersive virtual reality environment
09/01/16Methods of making and using thioxothiazolidine and rhodanine derivatives as hiv-1 and jsp-1 inhibitors
09/01/16Galectin-3 as immunological target
09/01/16Hypermethylation biomarkers associated with poor survival outcomes for head and neck squamous cell cancer
08/25/16Systems and methods for diagnosis and therapy of vision stability dysfunction
08/25/16Mucus penetrating gene carriers
08/25/16Unpowered respiratory protective headset and body suit and additional improvements to personal protective equipment
08/25/16System and screening a library of samples
08/18/16Cell impregnated sleeve for paracrine and other factor production
08/18/16Active echo fishing lure
08/18/16Method and system for improving aiming during optical coherence tomography on young children by synchronization with retinal bifringence scanning
08/18/16Sustained delivery of therapeutic agents to an eye compartment
08/18/16Prostate-specific membrane antigen-targeted photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy
08/18/16Derivatives of dibenzothiophene imaging of alpha-7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors
08/18/16Tissue extracellular matrix particles and applications
08/18/16Diagnostic and prognostic test for sturge-weber syndrome, klippel-trenaunay-weber syndrome, and port-wine stains (pwss)
08/18/16Solid phase extraction of global peptides, glycopeptides, and glycans using chemical immobilization in a pipette tip
08/11/16Device and methods for color corrected oct imaging endoscope/catheter to achieve high-resolution
08/11/16Photoacoustic tracking and registration in interventional ultrasound
08/11/16Nitroxyl progenitors in the treatment of heart failure
08/11/16Compressive imaging systems and methods
08/04/16Combination therapy for tuberculosis
08/04/16Novel self-assembling drug amphiphiles and methods for synthesis and use
08/04/16Targeting the m2-tumor associated macrophage for cancer therapy

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