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The Regents Of The University Of California
The Regents Of The University Of California A California Corporation
The Regents Of The University Of California Office Of Technology Transfer
The Regents Of The University Of California The Office Of The President
The Regents Of The University Of California Santa Cruz
The Regents Of The University Of California San Diego
The Regents Of The University Of California Corporation A California Corporation
The Regents Of The University Of California Office Of Technology
The Regents Of The University Of California And The Burnham Institute
The Regents Of The University Of California Angiodynamics Inc
The Regents Of The University Of California A University
The Regents Of The University Of California 02307w
The Regents Of The University Of California A U s Entity
The Regents Of The University Of California 1111 Franklin Street 12th Floor
The Regents Of The University Of California A Cali Fornia Corporation
The Regents Of The University Of California Office Of Technology Transfer University Of California
The Regents Of The University Of California_20100121
The Regents Of The University Of California_20100128
The Regents Of The University Of California_20131212
The Regents Of The University Of California_20100114
The Regents Of The University Of California_20100107
The Regents Of The University Of California Irvine
The Regents Of The University Of California Of Technology Transfer
The Regents Of The University Of California Davis

The Regents Of The University Of California patents

Recent patent applications related to The Regents Of The University Of California. The Regents Of The University Of California is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: The Regents Of The University Of California may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with The Regents Of The University Of California, we're just tracking patents.

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10/19/17 new patent  Non-ionic and thermoresponsive diblock copolypeptide hydrogels for delivery of molecules and cells
10/19/17 new patent  Nipah virus envelope pseudotyped lentiviruses and methods of their use
10/19/17 new patent  Compositions and methods for imaging
10/19/17 new patent  Immunomodulatory materials for implantable medical devices
10/19/17 new patent  Universal scalable and cost-effective surface modifications
10/19/17 new patent  Mobile molecular diagnostics system with wireless communication
10/19/17 new patent  Crystalline boron nitride aerogels
10/19/17 new patent  Acid-degradable and bioerodible modified polyhydroxylated materials
10/19/17 new patent  Ligand-sensitized lanthanide nanocrystals as ultraviolet downconverters
10/19/17 new patent  Materials and methods for improving the effectiveness of immunomodulatory cancer therapy and related methodologies
10/19/17 new patent  Reconstruction of ancestral cells by enzymatic recording
10/19/17 new patent  Interconnected corrugated carbon-based network
10/19/17 new patent  Method of assessing disease condition of cancer
10/19/17 new patent  System and localization and tracking
10/19/17 new patent  Online provisioning for electronic medical records
10/19/17 new patent  Surveillance information system to facilitate detection and review of potential hipaa violations
10/19/17 new patent  Vacuum chamber for plasma electric generation system
10/19/17 new patent  Micro electromagnetically actuated latched switches
10/12/17Large volume gravid traps
10/12/17Bed bug monitor
10/12/17Estrogen therapy for brain gray matter atrophy and associated disability
10/12/17Nanocarriers for drug delivery
10/12/17Tunable, sheathless, and three dimensional single-stream cell focusing and sorting in high speed flows
10/12/17Modulation of stimulatory and non-stimulatory myeloid cells
10/12/17Methods for identifying arthropod repellents and attractants, and compounds and compositions identified by such methods
10/12/17Selective plane illumination microscopy (spim) systems and methods
10/12/17Graphene oxide as a sulfur immobilizer in high performance lithium/sulfur cells
10/12/17New co-solvents with high coulombic efficiency in propylene carbonate based electrolytes
10/12/17Methods and coding for interference network
10/05/17Herbicidal and fungicidal compositions and their uses
10/05/17Method to concentrate apoa-1 mimetic peptides transgenically expressed in plants
10/05/17Vital signs monitor
10/05/17Method for chemoselection
10/05/17Three-dimensional bioprinted artificial cornea
10/05/17Inhibitors of udp-galactopyranose mutase
10/05/17Peptides having reduced toxicity that stimulate cholesterol efflux
10/05/17Engineered invariant natural killer t (inkt) cells and methods of making and using thereof
10/05/17Specific inhibitors of (per)chlorate respiration as a means to enhance the effectiveness of (per)chlorate as a souring control mechanism in oil reservoirs
10/05/17Method for fabrication of microwells for controlled formation of 3-dimensional multicellular-shapes
10/05/17Early lung cancer detection by dna methylation phenotyping of sputum-derived cells
10/05/17Methods to determine the distribution profiles of circulating micrornas
10/05/17Fluorescence assay for intestinal permeability
10/05/17Automated hardware and software for mobile microscopy
10/05/17Direct growth of polyaniline nanotubes on carbon cloth for flexible and high-performance supercapacitors
10/05/17Luminescent electricity-generating window for plant growth
10/05/17Reduction of unmodulated ambient blockers in reflected data links through manipulation or replication of the transmitting signal source
09/28/17Cardiac phase-resolved non-breath-hold 3-dimensional magnetic resonance angiography
09/28/17Real-time stimulation artifact suppression for simultaneous electrophysiological electrical stimulation and recording
09/28/17Analogs of shk toxin and their uses in selective inhibition of kv1. 3 potassium channels
09/28/17Self-antigen displaying nanoparticles targeting auto-reactive immune factors and uses thereof
09/28/17Saccharide analogs and agents for the diagnosis and therapy of bacterial infections
09/28/17Regulation of autonomic control of bladder voiding after a complete spinal cord injury
09/28/17Palladium hydride nanomaterials
09/28/17Small lipopeptidomimetic inhibitors of ghrelin o-acyl transferase
09/28/17Endosomal escape domains for delivery of macromolecules into cells
09/28/17Single molecule rna detection
09/28/17Evaporation on superhydrophobic surfaces for detection of analytes in bodily fluids
09/28/17Method for quantifying produce shape
09/28/17Devices and methods for high voltage and solar applications
09/28/17Redox-active supramolecular polymer binders derived from perylene bisimide nanowires enable high-rate lithium-sulfur batteries
09/21/17Modulation of chrfam7a for anti-inflammatory therapies
09/21/17Methods of promoting tissue healing and repair
09/21/17Flexible and stretchable electrodes for gastrointestinal implants
09/21/17Trpa1 and trpv4 inhibitors and methods of using the same for organ-specific inflammation and itch
09/21/17Compositions and methods for the delivery of oxygen
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09/21/17Protein a binding polypeptides, anti-epha2 antibodies and methods of use thereof
09/21/17Vaccine for livestock production systems
09/21/17Methods for bacteriophage detection
09/21/17Two-chamber dual-pore device
09/21/17Capacitor with electrodes made of an interconnected corrugated carbon-based network
09/21/17Real-time disaggregation of renewable energy generation on an electricity distribution system
09/14/17Minimally invasive glaucoma surgical instrument and method
09/14/17Optimal dosages for low energy shock wave treatment of vital organs
09/14/17Compositions and methods for reactivating latent viral infections
09/14/17Skin penetrating peptides (spps) and methods of use therefor
09/14/17Inorganically surface-modified polymers and methods for making and using them
09/14/17Bone or osteochondral tissues and uses thereof
09/14/17Devices, treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders
09/14/17Compositions for expanding regulatory t cells (treg), and treating autoimmune and inflammatory diseases and conditions
09/14/17Method for biosynthesis of acetaminophen
Patent Packs
09/14/17Phase noise measurement and filtering circuit
09/07/17Optical intraocular sensor and sensing method
09/07/17Collapsible atrioventricular valve prosthesis
09/07/17Method and system for behavioral training to improve sight
09/07/17Wound healing
09/07/17Nano-scale delivery device and uses thereof
09/07/17Methods and compositions for vaccinating a subject for a sexually transmitted pathogen
09/07/17Cardiomyocyte maturation platform
09/07/17Vacuum battery system for portable microfluidic pumping
09/07/17Stable bromine charge storage in porous carbon electrodes using tetraalkylammonium bromides for reversible solidcomplexation
08/31/17Chemical lure for asian citrus psyllid
08/31/17System and targeting heart rhythm disorders using shaped ablation
08/31/17Cell-free methods of producing vault particles and vault particles resulting therefrom
08/31/17Use of cdk9 inhibitors to reduce cartilage degradation
08/31/17Mtorc1 inhibitors
08/31/17Active agent delivery devices and methods of using the same
08/31/17Methods of fabricating a multi-electrode array for spinal cord epidural stimulation
08/31/17Multi-electrode array for spinal cord epidural stimulation
08/31/17Devices and methods for removing dissolved ions from water using composite resin electrodes
08/31/17Targeting k-ras-mediated signaling pathways and malignancy by anti-hlif antibodies
08/31/17Modulation of ptpra to treat arthritis
08/31/17Single-molecule phenotype analysis
08/31/17Apparatus and label-free analysis of rare cells from bodily fluids
08/31/17Therapeutic antibodies against ror-1 protein and methods for use of same
08/31/17Provably secure virus detection
08/31/17Methods of enhancing performance on a cognitive task by improved self-regulation of internal distraction and computer readable medium and devices for practicing the same
08/24/17Molecules that induce disease resistance in plants
08/24/17Continuous analyte sensor
08/24/17Small-molecule ut-a-selective urea transport inihibitors
08/24/17Phosphonate compounds
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08/24/17Molecular composition for enhancing and rejuvenating maintenance and repair of mammalian tissues
08/24/17Peripherally-acting cannabinoid receptor agonists for chronic pain
08/24/17Compositions and methods for inhibiting tumor cells by inhibiting the transcription factor atf5
08/24/17Compositions and methods for inhibiting tumor cells by inhibiting the transcription factor atf5
08/24/17Internalizing human monoclonal antibodies targeting prostate and other cancer cells
08/24/17Using organic photoredox catalysts to achieve metal free photoregulated controlled radical polymerization
08/24/17Trehalose hydrogels for stabilization and delivery of proteins
08/24/17Dna-linked enzyme-coupled assays
08/24/17Predicting metabolic side effects of transported drugs
08/24/17Multifunctional distributing sensing and fabrics
Patent Packs
08/24/17Devices and methods using pore size modulation for detecting analytes in a fluid sample
08/24/17Neural circuit probe
08/24/17Combo-hepatitis antigen assays and kits for detection of active hepatitis virus infections
08/24/17Subcellular western blotting of single cells
08/24/17Dsp-sift: domain-size pooling for image descriptors for image matching and other applications
08/24/17Impact of membrane characteristics on the performance and cycling of the br2-h2 redox flow cell
08/24/17Digital fractional-n pll based upon ring oscillator delta-sigma frequency conversion
08/17/17Sulfonamides that activate aba receptors
08/17/17Fine needle elastography device and system for the measurement of material properties
08/17/17Flexible penetrating cortical multielectrode arrays, sensor devices and manufacturing methods
08/17/17Volumetric induction phase shift detection system for determining tissue water content properties
08/17/17Administration of serine protease inhibitors to the stomach
08/17/17Compositions and methods for maintaining cognitive function
08/17/17System and identifying sources associated with biological rhythm disorders
08/17/17Ferromagnet infused microstructure array
08/17/17Highly wrinkled metal thin films using lift-off layers
08/17/17Low cost wafer level process for packaging mems three dimensional devices
08/17/17Lithium sulfide-graphene oxide composite material for li/s cells
08/17/17Binding-triggered transcriptional switches and methods of use thereof
08/17/17Internalizing human monoclonal antibodies targeting prostate cancer cells in situ
08/17/17Cultured mammalian limbal stem cells, methods for generating the same, and uses thereof
08/17/17Twist signaling inhibitor compositions and methods of using the same
08/17/17Scaffold rnas
08/17/17System and deforming and analyzing particles
08/17/17Inductive plasma source and plasma containment
08/17/17Iii-v micro-led arrays and methods for preparing the same
08/17/17High throughput communication system
08/17/17Full duplex reconfigurable antenna self-interference cancellation systems
08/10/17Apparatus, systems, and methods for tissue oximetry and perfusion imaging
08/10/17A protecting liver and a liver protecting agent
Patent Packs
08/10/17Oxytocin treatment to improve memory and modify blood glucose
08/10/17Compositions and methods that target regulation of breathing
08/10/17Methods for treating multiple myeloma
08/10/17Metal oxide catalyzed radiofluorination
08/10/17Implants for localized drug delivery and methods of use thereof
08/10/17Electrochemical removal of arsenic
08/10/17Enhanced carbonation and carbon sequestration in cementitious binders
08/10/17Apoe4-targeted theraputics that increase sirt1
08/10/17Sunlight reflecting materials and methods of fabrication
08/10/17Self-locking optoelectronic tweezer and its fabrication
08/10/17Modulation of enhancer rna mediated gene expression
08/10/17Strip-based electrochemical sensors for quantitative analysis of analytes
08/10/17Parallel flow cytometer using radiofrequency multiplexing
08/10/17Imaging flow cytometer using spatial-temporal transformation
08/10/17Bonding of a heterogeneous material grown on silicon to a silicon photonic circuit
08/10/17Methods of enhancing cognition and systems for practicing the same
08/10/17Waveguide embedded plasmon laser with multiplexing and electrical modulation
08/10/17High dynamic range sensing front-end for neural signal recording systems
08/10/17External device leveraged hearing assistance and noise suppression device, method and systems
08/03/17Medical devices comprising curved piezoelectric transducers
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08/03/17Compounds and methods for modulating vascular injury
08/03/17Inorganic halide perovskite nanowires and methods of fabrication thereof
08/03/172-oxo-3,4-dihydroquinolin-6-yl sulphonamide cpds and their use as plant growth regulators
08/03/17Compounds for treating eye disorders or diseases
08/03/17One-pot multiplex gene synthesis
08/03/17Compositions and methods for single-molecule construction of dna
08/03/17Molecular adapter for capture and manipulation of transfer rna
08/03/17Flexible sensor apparatus
08/03/17Salivary transcriptomics and proteomic biomarkers for breast cancer detection
08/03/17Photoactivatable voltage sensitive dyes
08/03/17A protein tagging system for in vivo single molecule imaging and control of gene transcription
08/03/17Device and iterative phase recovery based on pixel super-resolved on-chip holography
08/03/17Error report normalization
08/03/17Redox mediators for metal-sulfur batteries
07/27/17Biodegradable bait station for liquid ant bait
07/27/17System and intraocular pressure sensing
07/27/17Hand-held optical scanner for real-time imaging of body composition and metabolism
07/27/17Predicting weight loss and fat metabolism using optical signal changes in fat
07/27/17System and methods for generating predictive combinations of hospital monitor alarms
07/27/17Compositions and methods for treating dengue virus infection
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07/27/17A peptide therapy to counteract insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes
07/27/17Patient-specific modeling of ventricular activation pattern using surface ecg-derived vectorcardiogram in bundle branch block
07/27/17Self-adaptive control and optimization of membrane filtration
07/27/17Binder compositions of tungsten tetraboride and abrasive methods thereof
07/27/17Peptide fragments of netrin-1 and compositions and methods thereof
07/27/17Novel treatment for polycystic kidney disease
07/27/17Reversible stencils for fabricating micro-tissues
07/27/17Recirculating noble gas internal combustion power cycle
07/27/17Multiple spatial resolution scintillation detectors
07/27/17Sparse and efficient neuromorphic population coding
07/27/17Graphene frameworks for supercapacitors
07/27/17High-voltage devices
07/27/17Walnut variety named 'durham'
07/20/17Organic pruning wound composition
07/20/17Deoxycytidine kinase inhibitors
07/20/17Use of hdl-related molecules to treat and prevent proinflammatory conditions
07/20/17Pmst1 mutants for chemoenzymatic synthesis of sialyl lewis x compounds
07/20/17Crispr/cas transcriptional modulation
07/20/17Methods of transforming a listeria
07/20/17Chemoenzymatic synthesis of heparin and heparan sulfate analogs
07/20/17Evaporation-based manufacturing and recycling of metal matrix nanocomposites
07/20/17In planta leaf bioensor
07/20/17Bambam: parallel comparative analysis of high-throughput sequencing data
07/20/17Indented antenna array for transmitter to receiver isolation
07/13/17Frequency-multiplexed speech-sound stimuli for hierarchical neural characterization of speech processing
07/13/17Method to protect the espohagus and other mediastinal structures during cardiac and thoracic interventions
07/13/17Trunk supporting exoskeleton and use
07/13/17Mucoadhesive devices for delivery of active agents
07/13/17Streptococcal glcnac-lacking glycopolypeptides, cell wall carbohydrates, streptococcus vaccines, and methods for making and using them
07/13/17Nickel titanium oxide coated articles
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07/13/17Image-guided irrigating suction cannula for removal of intracerebral hemorrhage and other lesions
07/13/17System and methods for fabricating boron nitride nanostructures
07/13/17Inhibitors of bacterial dna gyrase with efficacy against gram-negative bacteria
07/13/17Fungal-specific metalloproteases and uses thereof
07/13/17Methods for controlling souring in engineered systems
07/13/17Performance enhancing genetic variants of e. coli
07/13/17Acceptance, commissioning, and ongoing benchmarking of a linear accelerator (linac) using an electronic portal imaging device (epid)
07/13/17Three dimensional vertically structured misfet/mesfet
07/13/17Field-effect transistors based on macroscopically oriented polymers
07/13/17Stable organic field-effect transistors by incorporating an electron-accepting molecule
07/06/17Genetically encoded infrared fluorescent protease reporters
07/06/17Acyclic nucleoside phosphonate diesters
07/06/17Radioactive bone cement
07/06/17Enhanced cell/bead encapsulation methods and apparatuses
07/06/17Sewing as a joint reinforcement between plastics and other materials
07/06/17Recombinant nel-like (nell) protein production
07/06/17Non-invasive gene mutation detection in lung cancer patients
07/06/17Medium independent pressure tolerant release device, system and method
07/06/17Methods of diagnosing and treating autism
07/06/17High performance thin films from solution processible two-dimensional nanoplates
07/06/17Doping of a substrate via a dopant containing polymer film
07/06/17Battery electrode and method
07/06/17Porous silicon electrode and method
07/06/17Microwave reflector link, and cdma-spread spectrum reflector reduction of unmodulated ambient blockers in reflected data links
06/29/17Fungi antagonistic to xylella fastidiosa
06/29/17Substituted benzoxazolone derivatives as acid ceramidase inhibitors, and their use as medicaments
06/29/17Benzoxazolone derivatives as acid ceramidase inhibitors, and their use as medicaments
06/29/17Novel therapeutics for brain cancer
06/29/17Systemic delivery of virus vectors encoding urocortin-2 and related genes to treat diabetes-related cardiac dysfunctions and congestive heart failure

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