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The Regents Of The University Of California
The Regents Of The University Of California A California Corporation
The Regents Of The University Of California Office Of Technology Transfer
The Regents Of The University Of California The Office Of The President
The Regents Of The University Of California San Diego
The Regents Of The University Of California Office Of Technology
The Regents Of The University Of California Corporation A California Corporation
The Regents Of The University Of California Santa Cruz
The Regents Of The University Of California And The Burnham Institute
The Regents Of The University Of California Angiodynamics Inc
The Regents Of The University Of California A University
The Regents Of The University Of California 02307w
The Regents Of The University Of California A Cali Fornia Corporation
The Regents Of The University Of California 1111 Franklin Street 12th Floor
The Regents Of The University Of California A U s Entity
The Regents Of The University Of California Office Of Technology Transfer University Of California
The Regents Of The University Of California_20100121
The Regents Of The University Of California_20100128
The Regents Of The University Of California_20131212
The Regents Of The University Of California_20100114
The Regents Of The University Of California_20100107
The Regents Of The University Of California Irvine
The Regents Of The University Of California Of Technology Transfer
The Regents Of The University Of California Davis

The Regents Of The University Of California patents

Recent patent applications related to The Regents Of The University Of California. The Regents Of The University Of California is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: The Regents Of The University Of California may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with The Regents Of The University Of California, we're just tracking patents.

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03/23/17 new patent  Methods for assessing repellant quality of organic materials and methods and compositions for repelling arthropods
03/23/17 new patent  Torque-compensating assistive wrist braces
03/23/17 new patent  Hydrogel toxin-absorbing or binding nanoparticles
03/23/17 new patent  Tumor radiosensitization with monomethyl auristatin e (mmae) and derivatives thereof
03/23/17 new patent  Modified cytotoxins and their therapeutic use
03/23/17 new patent  Metal-organic frameworks characterized by having a large number of adsorption sites per unit volume
03/23/17 new patent  Mesoscopic materials comprised of ordered superlattices of microporous metal-organic frameworks
03/23/17 new patent  Mass spectrometry-cleavable cross-linking agents
03/23/17 new patent  Fast and low-power sense amplifier and writing circuit for high-speed mram
03/16/17Integrated fluidic flow network for fluid management
03/16/17Passive mechanical exoskeleton to reduce hand fatigue
03/16/17Methods and compositions for the treatment of glaucoma
03/16/17Anti-auxin compounds
03/16/17Methods and compositions for treating neurodegenerative disorders and alzheimer's disease and improving normal memory
03/16/17Solar energy absorbing coatings and methods of fabrication
03/16/17Generating hepatocytes
03/16/17Polyketide synthase variants and uses thereof
03/16/17Fully alloyed ag-au nanostructures
03/16/17Methods for sealing, detection and marking leaks in structural enclosures
03/16/17Methods for detection, marking and sealing leaks in pipes or ducts
03/16/17A test strip for melamine detection
03/16/17Calcified polymeric valve and vessels for valve-in-valve applications
03/16/17Physical unclonable functions through locally enhanced defectivity
03/16/17Memristors and fabricating memristors
03/16/17Multistep deposition of zinc oxide on gallium nitride
03/16/17Quantum cascade external cavity laser with metasurfaces
03/16/17Fabrication of flexible electronic devices
03/09/17Systems and methods for measuring cardiac timing from a ballistocardiogram
03/09/17Chlorite in the treatment of neurodegenerative disease
03/09/17Compositions and methods for treating skin and mucous membrane diseases
03/09/17Immunogenic peptides for inhibition and treatment of herpes simplex virus infection and conditions
03/09/17Sleep apnea device with valve poppet to positively block exhaling and manufacture
03/09/17Phage wrapping
03/09/17Plant co2 sensors, nucleic acids encoding them, and methods for making and using them
03/09/17Biomarkers of response to cyclin d-cdk4/6 targeted therapies in cancer
03/09/17Methods using dna methylation for identifying a cell or a mixture of cells for prognosis and diagnosis of diseases, and for cell remediation therapies
03/09/17Long non-coding rna expressed in aggressive cancer
03/09/17Systems and methods for facilitating rehabilitation therapy
03/09/17Surface doping of nanostructures
03/09/17Segmented ac-coupled readout from continuous collection electrodes in semiconductor sensors
03/09/17Nanostructured layers of thermoelectric materials
03/09/17Doping preferences in conjugated polyelectrolyte/single-walled carbon nanotube composites
03/09/17Doping-induced carrier density modulation in polymer field-effect transistors
03/02/17Systems and methods for classifying flying insects
03/02/17Microfabricated surfaces for the physical capture of insects
03/02/17Selective activators of the intermediate conductance ca2+activated k+ channel kca3.1 and their methods of use
03/02/17Extracranial implantable devices, the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders
03/02/17Organic synthesis applications of non-aqueous fluoride salt solutions
03/02/17Self-assembled beta solenoid protein scaffolds
03/02/17Fast diagnosis and personalized treatments for acne
03/02/17Devices and methods for forming double emulsion droplet compositions and polymer particles
03/02/17Capacitive pressure sensing using ionic film sensors
03/02/17Mechanical stress response analysis of cells and tissues
03/02/17High throughput biochemical fluorometric measuring hdl redox activity
03/02/17Offset suppression in micromachined lorentz force magnetic sensor by current chopping
03/02/17Partially coherent phase recovery
03/02/17Bootstrapped and correlated double sampling (bcds) non-contact touch sensor for mobile devices
03/02/17Bambam: parallel comparative analysis of high-throughput sequencing data
03/02/17Real-time pose estimation system using inertial and feature measurements
03/02/17Multicolor electroluminescence from intermediate band semiconductor structures
03/02/17Active materials for electro-optic devices and electro-optic devices
02/23/17System and reconstructing cardiac activation information
02/23/17Estrogen combination for treatment of multiple sclerosis
02/23/17Mitochondrial-derived peptide mots3 regulates metabolism and cell survival
02/23/17Bis-polymer lipid-peptide conjugates and nanoparticles thereof
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02/23/17Polyaniline-based chlorine resistant hydrophilic filtration membranes
02/23/17Methods and compositions for rna-directed target dna modification and for rna-directed modulation of transcription
02/23/17Methods and compositions for rna-directed target dna modification and for rna-directed modulation of transcription
02/23/17Modified host cells having tolerance to alpha-olefins
02/23/17Determining fluid reservoir connectivity using nanowire probes
02/23/17Method and device for high-throughput solution exchange for cell and particle suspensions
02/23/17Devices and methods for detecting halogenated organic compounds
02/23/17Methods for identifying drug targets based on genomic sequence data
02/23/17Automated quality control of diagnostic radiology
02/23/17Automated comparison of 3d images
02/23/17High mobility polymer organic field-effect transistors by blade-coating semiconductor:insulator blend solutions
02/16/17Assessing endothelial function and providing calibrated ufmd data using a blood pressure cuff
02/16/17Enterically coated cysteamine, cystamine and derivatives thereof
02/16/17Method of destroying and preventing bacterial and fungal biofilm by amino acid infusion
02/16/17Pharmaceutical packaging for estriol therapy
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02/16/17Analogs of n-acetlyglucosamine and uses thereof
02/16/17Isoform nell-1 peptide
02/16/17Dual lumen endobronchial tube device
02/16/17Adeno-associated virus virions with variant capsid and methods of use thereof
02/16/17Biological platform for production of commodity chemicals
02/16/17Methods and systems for generating a conductivity map of an in vivo tissue
02/16/17Recognizing predictive patterns in the sequence of superalarm triggers for predicting patient deterioration
02/16/17Unobtrusive wireless electronic systems for monitoring and facilitating patient compliance
02/16/17Epitaxial growth of gallium arsenide on silicon using a graphene buffer layer
02/16/17Micromechanical frequency divider
02/09/17Combinations of biological control agents with a nematicidal seed coating
02/09/17Portable brain activity sensing platform for assessment of visual field deficits
02/09/17Biomarkers for painful intervertebral discs and methods of use thereof
02/09/17Compositions and methods for inhibiting pro-inflammatory cytokine gene expression
02/09/17Compositions and methods for tissue repair
02/09/17Catheter for portable lung assist device
02/09/17Highly crystalline 3d graphene
02/09/17Etp derivatives
02/09/17Organoboron compounds and methods of making organoboron compounds
02/09/17Nucleotide analogs
02/09/17Anti-obesity compounds derived from neuromedin u
02/09/17Proteins with repetitive bacterial-ig-like (big) domains present in leptospira species
02/09/17Compositions and methods for treating metabolic disorders
02/09/17G-alpha interacting vesicle associated protein (giv) as a predictive marker in stage ii colorectal cancer
02/09/17Quantitating disease progression from the mri images of multiple sclerosis patients
02/09/17Low temperature ald on semiconductor and metallic surfaces
02/09/17Self-limiting and saturating chemical vapor deposition of a silicon bilayer and ald
02/02/17Suppression of allergic lung inflammation and hyperreactivity
02/02/17Rna interference functions as an antiviral immunity in mammals
02/02/17Systems, devices and methods for the treatment of neurological disorders and conditions
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02/02/17Peptides whose uptake by cells is controllable
02/02/17Regulation of a controlled radical polymerization of acrylates by light
02/02/17Glucomannan scaffolding for three-dimensional tissue culture and engineering
02/02/17Recombinantly engineered cells expressing chlorite dismutase and methods for using same in cell culture
02/02/17Variant lovd polypeptide
02/02/17Methods for selecting plants after genome editing
02/02/17Compositions and methods for controlling pests
02/02/17Useful halophilic, thermostable and ionic liquids tolerant cellulases
02/02/17Biomarkers for diagnosing ischemia
02/02/17Parallel acquisition of spectral signals from a 2-d laser beam array
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02/02/17Protein biomarkers for immune assessment and prediction of transplant rejection
02/02/17Use of lipid particles in medical diagnostics
02/02/17Methods for producing electrochromic films by low temperature condensation of polyoxometalates
02/02/17Wireless high-density micro-electrocorticographic device
02/02/17Moisture-resistive graphene membrane cathode for lithium-air battery in ambient conditions
01/26/17Synergy-based biocontrol of plant pathogens
01/26/17Hesperidin-containing compositions and methods for treatment of skin disorders
01/26/17D-amino acid derivative-modified peptidoglycan and methods of use thereof
01/26/17Peptide amphiphile biomaterials for nerve repair
01/26/17Methods for ameliorating and preventing central nervous system inflammation
01/26/17Bone-selective osteogenic oxysterol bisphosphonate analogs
01/26/17Aqueous dispersion of hydrophobically modified pigment particles
01/26/17Synthetic catalytic mimics of esterases, lipases or desaturases
01/26/17Multiple-emulsion nucleic acid amplification
01/26/17Compositions and methods for identifying anti-cancer, anti-metastatic and anti-stress agents
01/26/17Membrane template synthesis of microtube engines
01/26/17Actively controllable color using high contrast metastructures
01/26/17Sub-volt drive 100 ghz bandwidth electro-optic modulator
01/26/17Apparatus for magnetic and electrostatic confinement of plasma
01/26/17Fabrication of single or multiple gate field plates
01/26/17Low-profile circularly-polarized single-probe broadband antenna
01/26/17Circuit for direct energy extraction from a charged-particle beam
01/26/17Multi-module thermovoltaic power source
01/19/17Androgen receptor modulator for the treatment of prostate cancer and androgen receptor-associated diseases
01/19/17Inhibition of hypoxia-inducible factor activity with carica papaya extracts
01/19/17Site specific deep brain stimulation for enhancement of memory
01/19/17Use of manganese oxide and activated carbon fibers for removing a particle, volatile organic compouond or ozone from a gas
01/19/17Synthetic polypeptide having a xylose import activity
01/19/17Hybrid polyketide synthases
01/19/17Agents for enhancement of production of biofuel precursors in microalgae
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01/19/17Host cells and methods for producing diacid compounds
01/19/17Chemoenzymatic synthesis of heparin and heparan sulfate analogs
01/19/17Method of fabricating micro-glassblown gyroscopes
01/19/17Apparatus and electrical detection of oligonucleotides through pore blockades
01/19/17Compositions and methods for measuring cellular mechanical stress
01/19/17Memristive neuromorphic circuit and training the memristive neuromorphic circuit
01/19/17Memristive neuromorphic circuit and training the memristive neuromorphic circuit
01/19/17Physical deformable lung phantom with subject specific elasticity
01/19/17Flexible organic transistors with controlled nanomorphology
01/19/17Nonlinearity cancellation in fiber optic transmission based on frequency-mutually-referenced carriers
01/12/17System and reconstructing cardiac activation information
01/12/17Low-dose ct perfusion technique
01/12/17Novel interstitial therapy for immediate symptom relief and chronic therapy in interstitial cystitis
01/12/17Methods of manipulating alginate microcapsule size and permeability
01/12/17Combination anti-hiv vectors, targeting vectors, and methods of use
01/12/17Transcutaneous spinal cord stimulation: noninvasive tool for activation of locomotor circuitry
01/12/17Acid, solvent, and thermal resistant metal-organic frameworks
01/12/17Sequencing of nucleic acids via barcoding in discrete entities
01/12/17Broadband metacoaxial optical nanoantennas based on plasmonic modes
01/12/17Data storage devices and methods with frequency-shaped sliding mode control
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01/12/17Current-mode clock distribution
01/05/17Rapid, reproducible, non-invasive predictor of cadaveric donor liver graft utilization
01/05/17Position guidance device with bubble level
01/05/17Controlled-release cns modulating compositions and methods for the treatment of otic disorders
01/05/17Prebiotic oligosaccharides
01/05/17Mesenchymal stem cells for targeted cancer therapy
01/05/17Enzyme directed assembly of particle theranostics
01/05/17Energetically enhanced reforming process
01/05/17Acyclic nucleoside phosphonate diesters
01/05/17Methods of modulating cold sensory perception
01/05/17Host cells and methods using a repressor polypeptide and an inducible promoter for gene expression
01/05/17Network for measuring greenhouse gases in the atmosphere
01/05/17In vitro assays for inhibition of microglial activation
01/05/17Wide-range infra-red-reflection and ultra-violet-cut transparent filters based on magnetically responsive photonic crystals
01/05/17Compressive plenoptic microscopy
01/05/17System and sparse pressure/flowrate reduced modeling of hemodynamics
01/05/17Methods and preparing specimens for electron microscopy
01/05/17Ambient infrared laser ablation mass spectrometry (airlab-ms) with plume capture by continuous flow solvent probe
12/29/16Method for analysis of complex rhythm disorders
12/29/16Systems and methods for noninvasive intracranial pressure calibration without the need for invasive icp
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12/29/16Mechanism for efficient donning and doffing of an exoskeleton
12/29/16Passive power-conservative artificial knee
12/29/16Adeno-associated virus virions with variant capsid and methods of use thereof
12/29/16Multiple-parts based vehicle detection integrated with lane detection for improved computational efficiency and robustness
12/29/16Anti-alphavbeta1 integrin compounds and methods
12/29/16Adeno-associated virus virions with variant capsid and methods of use thereof
12/29/16Anti-epha2 antibodies and methods of use thereof
12/29/16Novel methods to regenerate human limbal stem cells
12/29/16Kidney-specific tumor vaccine directed against kidney tumor antigen g-250
12/29/16Method for optical coating of large scale substrates
12/29/16Two-phase cooling devices with low-profile charging ports
12/29/16Plasmon laser sensor
12/29/16Cephalopod proteins as proton conductors
12/29/16Selective laser ablation in resists and block copolymers for high resolution lithographic patterning
12/29/16Scar-less multi-part dna assembly design automation
12/29/16Frequency tuning and/or frequency tracking of a mechanical system with low sensitivity to electrical feedthrough
12/29/16Practical two-frame 3d+2d tv
12/22/16Non-invasive assessing and monitoring brain injuries
12/22/16Methods of treating neurological disorders
12/22/16Methods of treating mild brain injury
12/22/16Minimizing intestinal dysfunction
12/22/16Vault immunotherapy
12/22/16Portable device to initiate and monitor treatment of stroke victims in the field
12/22/16Compositions and methods for treating cancer
12/22/16Alpha-v beta-6 integrin-binding antibody fragments
12/22/16Identification of cxcr8, a novel chemokine receptor
12/22/16Microbial metabolism of chlorine oxyanions as a control of biogenic hydrogen sulfide production
12/22/16Colostrum/milk protein compositions
12/22/16Recombinant plants and microorganisms having a reverse glyoxylate shunt
12/22/16Detection of chromosomal region copy number changes to diagnose melanoma
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12/22/16Multiple core computer processor with globally-accessible local memories
12/22/16Multi view synthesis method and display devices with spatial and inter-view consistency
12/15/16Animal model of nash-induced hepatocellular carcinoma and methods for developing specific therapeutics
12/15/16System and reconstructing cardiac activation information
12/15/16System and soft tissue gripping
12/15/16Therapeutic hyperbranched polyglycerol encapsulated biomolecules
12/15/16Regulation of specific spinal neurons regulating pain transmission
12/15/16Method and in vitro kidney organogenesis
12/15/16Polymer-metal organic framework materials and methods of using the same
12/15/16Cyclic peroxides as prodrugs for selective delivery of agents
12/15/16Novel therapeutic targets for cancer progression
12/15/16Pooled high throughput screening of trans factors affecting rna levels
12/15/16Interactive occupant-tracking fan for indoor comfort and energy conservation
12/15/16Liquid column-based capacitive sensors
12/08/16Diagnostic knee arthrometer for detecting acl structural changes
12/08/16Compositions and methods for treating aging and age-related diseases and symptoms
12/08/16Substituted pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidines and uses thereof
12/08/16Selective laser sintering using functional inclusions dispersed in the matrix material being created
12/08/16Method for improving protein functionality using vortexing fluid shear foces
12/08/16Mimotopes for use in immunotherapy for shellfish and/or arthropod allergy
12/08/16Methods and compositions for modulating lymphangiogenesis, e.g., to treat transplant rejection, in a subject
12/08/16Method for post-processing flow-sensitive phase contrast magnetic resonance images
12/08/16Nanostructured silicon with useful thermoelectric properties
12/01/16Motion tracking apparatus and method
12/01/16Conical vascular filter having a web
12/01/16Synthetic platelets
12/01/16Compositions and methods for treating or preventing a bone condition
12/01/16Hollow silica nanospheres and methods of making same
12/01/16Synthesis of syrbactin proteasome inhibitors

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