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The Regents Of The University Of California
The Regents Of The University Of California A California Corporation
The Regents Of The University Of California Office Of Technology Transfer
The Regents Of The University Of California The Office Of The President
The Regents Of The University Of California Santa Cruz
The Regents Of The University Of California San Diego
The Regents Of The University Of California Corporation A California Corporation
The Regents Of The University Of California Office Of Technology
The Regents Of The University Of California And The Burnham Institute
The Regents Of The University Of California Angiodynamics Inc
The Regents Of The University Of California A University
The Regents Of The University Of California 02307w
The Regents Of The University Of California A U s Entity
The Regents Of The University Of California 1111 Franklin Street 12th Floor
The Regents Of The University Of California A Cali Fornia Corporation
The Regents Of The University Of California Office Of Technology Transfer University Of California
The Regents Of The University Of California_20100121
The Regents Of The University Of California_20100128
The Regents Of The University Of California_20131212
The Regents Of The University Of California_20100114
The Regents Of The University Of California_20100107
The Regents Of The University Of California Irvine
The Regents Of The University Of California Of Technology Transfer
The Regents Of The University Of California Davis

The Regents Of The University Of California patents (2009 archive)

Recent patent applications related to The Regents Of The University Of California. The Regents Of The University Of California is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: The Regents Of The University Of California may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with The Regents Of The University Of California, we're just tracking patents.

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Date The Regents Of The University Of California patents (2009 archive) (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12/31/09Detecting spin perturbations using magnetic resonance imaging
12/31/09Separation of carbon nanotubes into chirally enriched fractions
12/31/09Controlled release cytotoxic agent compositions and methods for the treatment of otic disorders
12/31/09Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies that neutralize botulinum neurotoxins
12/31/09Osteogenic enhancer composition
12/31/09Massively parallel assembly of composite structures using depletion attraction
12/31/09Methods for detecting a cyclophilin b snp associated with herda
12/31/09Determination of lipid, hydrocarbon or biopolymer content in microorganisms
12/31/09Controlled-release cns modulating compositions and methods for the treatment of otic disorders
12/31/09Inhibitors for the soluble epoxide hydrolase
12/31/09Electroporation to deliver chemotherapeutics and enhance tumor regression
12/24/09Self-pressurizing stirling engine
12/24/09Biomimetic microfabricated compound eyes
12/24/09Photoelectrochemical roughening of p-side-up gan-based light emitting diodes
12/24/09Fuel injector utilizing non-thermal plasma activation
12/24/09Phospholipid oxidation and lp-pla2 as predictors of coronary artery disease
12/24/09Micro-rna profile in human saliva and its use for detection of oral cancer
12/24/09Annexin a9 (anxa9) biomarker and therapeutic target in epithelial cancer
12/24/09Methods and compositions for the treatment of skin diseases and disorders
12/24/09Method of fabrication of nanoparticulate composites using monomer stabilization
12/17/09Tunable multiwalled nanotube resonator
12/17/09Mocvd growth technique for planar semipolar (al, in, ga, b)n based light emitting diodes
12/17/09Spread-spectrum receiver and reception method
12/17/09Determining orientation of cilia in connective tissue
12/17/09Engineered anti-prostate stem cell antigen (psca) antibodies for cancer targeting
12/17/09Compositions and methods related to rad51 inactivation in the treatment of neoplastic diseases, and especially cml
12/17/09Methods for therapy of neurodegenerative disease of the brain
12/17/09Optical detection of seizure, a pre-seizure state, and cerebral edema and optical fiber detection of the same
12/17/09Methods for altering organ mass, controlling fertility and enhancing asexual reproduction in plants
12/10/09Frequency tuning of disc resonator gyroscopes via resonator mass perturbation based on an identified model
12/10/09Treated bottom ash medium and method of arsenic removal from drinking water
12/10/09Device for quantification of radioisotope concentrations in a micro-fluidic platform
12/10/09Analytical scanning evanescent microwave microscope and control stage
12/10/09Methods and compositions for detecting neoplastic cells
12/10/09High efficiency light emitting diode (led) with optimized photonic crystal extractor
12/10/09Methods and compositions for treating neurodegenerative disorders and alzheimer's disease and improving normal memory
12/10/09Immunomodulatory agents for treatment of inflammatory diseases
12/10/09Auris formulations for treating otic diseases and conditions
12/10/09Preparation of 3,3'-diamino-4,4'-azoxyfurazan, 3,3'-4,4'-azofurazan, and pressed articles
12/10/09Ocular scaffolds and methods for subretinal repair of bruch's membrane
12/03/09Method for identifying compounds that affect a transport of a protein through menbrane trafficking pathway
12/03/09Hexagonal wurtzite type epitaxial layer possessing a low alkali-metal concentration and method of creating the same
12/03/09Labeled alpha4beta2 ligands and methods therefor
12/03/09Controlled release immunomodulator compositions and methods for the treatment of otic disorders
11/26/09Graphene-based structure, method of suspending graphene membrane, and method of depositing material onto graphene membrane
11/26/09Biomarker of lung injury and repair
11/26/09Array for detecting microbes
11/26/09Device for assessing ischemia in nerve root tissue using oxygen saturation
11/26/09Eeg feedback controlled sound therapy for tinnitus
11/19/09Electrochemical detection of single molecules using abiotic nanopores having electrically tunable dimensions
11/19/09Photoelectrochemical etching of p-type semiconductor heterostructures
11/19/09Visual-servoing optical microscopy
11/19/09Electrically conducting poylmer glue, devices made therewith and methods of manufacture
11/19/09Electrolyte mixtures useful for li-ion batteries
11/19/09Methods for improving the structure and function of arterioles
11/19/09Method of converting a polyol to an olefin
11/12/09Tunable thermal link
11/12/09Spin injector
11/12/09Inhibitory effects of nordihydroguaiaretic acid (ndga) on the igf-1 receptor and androgen dependent growth of lapc-4 prostate cancer cells
11/12/09Methods and compositions for treating and preventing disease associated with alphavbeta5 integrin
11/12/09Impaired alleles of genes involved in metabolic pathways and methods for detecting and using the same
11/05/09Robust six degree-of-freedom micromachined gyroscope with anti-phase drive scheme and mehtod of operation of the same
11/05/09Indefinite materials
11/05/09Method and system for aligning and classifying images
11/05/09Targeting tnf-alpha converting enzyme(tace)- dependent growth factor shedding in cancer therapy
11/05/09Biotin-ligase system for secretion of biotinylated protein
11/05/09Guide wire extension for shape memory polymer occlusion removal devices
10/29/09Digital imaging system and method using multiple digital image sensors to produce large high-resolution gapless mosaic images
10/29/09Stimulation of t cells against self-antigens using ctla-4 blocking agents
10/29/09Surface nanopatterning
10/29/09Method and apparatus for increasing blood flow in a body part
10/29/09Device to store and inject corneal graft
10/22/09Retrocyclins: antiviral and antimicrobial peptides
10/22/09Small dimension high-efficiency high-speed vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers
10/22/09Nucleic acids encoding multimeric fusion proteins of tnf superfamily ligands
10/22/09High elastic modulus polymer electrolytes
10/22/09Method and system for measuring single cell mechanics using a modified scanning probe microscope
10/22/09Nanowires and nanoribbons as subwavelength optical waveguides and their use as components in photonic circuits and devices
10/22/09Antifungal polypeptides
10/22/09Method of diagnosing gum disease-wound healing using single nucleotide polymorphism profiles
10/22/09Lipid-assisted synthesis of polymer compounds and methods for their use
10/22/09Method and apparatus of low strengh electric field network-mediated delnery of drug, gene, sirna, shrn, protein, peptide, antibody or other biomedical and therapeutic molecules and reagents in skin, soft tissue, joints and bone
10/22/09Maize plants with reduced gene silencing
10/15/09Integrated microchip incorporating atomic magnetometer and microfluidic channel for nmr and mri
10/15/09Carbon materials with interconnected pores
10/15/09Methods and compounds for treatment or prevention of substance-related disorders
10/15/09Antifungal polypeptides
10/08/09Forward scattering nanoparticle enhancement method and photo detector device
10/08/09Method for fabrication of semipolar (al, in, ga, b)n based light emitting diodes
10/08/09Methods of expressing integrin beta6 subunits
10/08/09Semiconductor nanocrystal probes for biological applications and process for making and using such probes
10/08/09Divalent hydrazide compound conjugates for inhibiting cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator
10/08/09Memantine protects inflammation-related degeneration of dopamine neurons through inhibition of over-activated microglia and release of neurotrophic factors from astroglia
10/01/09Tear film osmometry
10/01/09Method of controlling stress in gallium nitride films deposited on substrates
10/01/09Hybrid silicon laser-quantum well intermixing wafer bonded integration platform for advanced photonic circuits with electroabsorption modulators
10/01/09Method for heteroepitaxial growth of high-quality n-face gan, inn, and aln and their alloys by metal organic chemical vapor deposition
10/01/09Process for production of triptane and triptene
10/01/09Irreversible electroporation device and method for attenuating neointimal
09/17/09Interdigitated multiple pixel arrays of light-emitting devices
09/17/09Iterative methods for dose reduction and image enhancement in tomography
09/17/09Construction of a multivalent scfv through alkyne-azide 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition
09/17/09Systems, devices and methods for treatment of intervertebral disorders
09/10/09Surface-enhanced raman spectroscopy substrate for arsenic sensing in groundwater
09/10/09Suspended structures
09/10/09Methods, devices and systems using signal processing algorithms to improve speech intelligibility and listening comfort
09/10/09Biological control of pathogenicity in microbes that use alpha, beta unsaturated fatty acid signal molecules
09/10/09Microfabricated surgical device for interventional procedures
09/10/09Spa wax heating device
09/10/09Device and method for the delivery and/or elimination of compounds in tissue
09/10/09Methods and apparatus for context-sensitive telemedicine
09/03/09Polarization-induced barriers for n-face nitride-based electronics
09/03/09Multi-sensor system for the detection and characterization of unexploded ordnance
09/03/09Formation of a field reversed configuration for magnetic and electrostatic confinement of plasma
09/03/09Chemical protection of metal surface
09/03/09Diagnosis, prevention and treatment of crohn's disease using the ompc antigen
09/03/09Diagnosis, prevention and treatment of crohn's disease using the ompc antigen
09/03/09Safe biodegradable fluorescent particles
09/03/09Method for patterning crystalline indium tin oxide using femtosecond laser
09/03/09Nanofabrication processes and devices for the controlled assembly of functionalized nanostructures
09/03/09Compositions and methods for treating nervous system disorders
09/03/09Selective serine/threonine kinase inhibitors
09/03/09Compositions and methods for disruption of brca2-rad51 interaction
09/03/09Circumferential ablation device assembly
09/03/09Systems and methods for blind source signal separation
08/27/09Yellow emitting phosphors based on ce3+-doped aluminate and via solid solution for solid-state lighting applications
08/27/09Identifying new semiconductor detector materials by d.c. ionization conductivity
08/27/09Ultrathin integrated circuit and method of manufacturing an ultrathin integrated circuit
08/27/09Metallic nanostructures adapted for electromagnetic field enhancement
08/27/09Biaxially oriented film on flexible polymeric substrate
08/27/09Quantitative assessment of individual cancer susceptibility by measuring dna damage-induced mrna in whole blood
08/27/09Compositions and methods for treatment of neural disorders using transforming growth factor-beta superfamily proteins and their antagonists
08/27/09Compositions and methods for regulating gene transcription
08/27/09Engineering resistance to pierce's disease by expression of a xyella fastidiosa heca-like hemagglutinin protein
08/27/09Nematode resistant grape rootstock '9407-14'
08/20/09Copolymer-stabilized emulsions
08/20/09Method and apparatus for an adaptive multiple-input multiple-output (mimo) wireless communications systems
08/13/09Molecules with effects on cellular development and function
08/13/09Human telomerase reverse transcriptase peptides
08/13/09Agents and methods for osteogenic oxysterols inhibition of oxidative stress on osteogenic cellular differentiation
08/13/09Polarized light-emitting film and method for producing the same
08/13/09Fluorescent proteins with increased photostability
08/13/09Molecular signaling pathways triggered by rituximab: prognostic, diagnostic, and therapeutic uses
08/13/09Targets in breast cancer for prognosis or therapy
08/13/09Genomic editing in zebrafish using zinc finger nucleases
08/06/09Enhancement of optical polarization of nitride light-emitting diodes by increased indium incorporation
08/06/09Vertical outgassing channels
08/06/09Biocidal fibers
08/06/09Lithographically patterned nanowire electrodeposition
08/06/09Marine actinomycete taxon for drug and fermentation product discovery
07/30/09Semiconductor nanocrystal probes for biological applications and process for making and using such probes
07/30/09Pharmacological modulation of positive ampa receptor modulator effects on neurotrophin expression
07/30/09Brassica indehiscent1 sequences
07/23/09Optimization of carbon coatings
07/16/09Control of materials and porous magnetic particles
07/16/09Template matching scheme using multiple predictors as candidates for intra-prediction
07/16/09Cancer drug delivery using modified transferrin
07/16/09Novel apolipoprotein gene involved in lipid metabolism
07/16/09Method of prevention and alleviation of toxicity by modulation of irf3
07/16/09Pyrazolo pyrimidine derivatives and methods of use thereof
07/16/09Nematode resistant grape rootstock '9365-85'
07/09/09Device for light-based particle manipulation on waveguides
07/02/09In-situ soil nitrate ion concentration sensor
07/02/09Novel alkali metal and alkali earth metal gadolinium halide scintillators
07/02/09Apparatus for magnetic and electrostatic confinement of plasma
07/02/09Treatment of epilepsy by expressing st3gal-iii
07/02/09Method of forming conductors at low temperatures using metallic nanocrystals and product
07/02/09Langmuir-blodgett nanostructure monolayers
07/02/09Moesin, caveolin 1 and yes associated protein 1 as predictive markers of response to dasatinib in breast cancers
07/02/09Engineering single-gene-controlled staygreen potential into plants
06/25/09Compositions and methods for diagnosing and treating brain cancer and identifying neural stem cells
06/25/09Salicylanilides enhance oral delivery of therapeutic peptides
06/25/09(r)-2-methyl-(2,5-dimethylphenyl)propanol and (s)-(2-methyl-2,5-dimethylphenyl)propanol
06/25/09General method for increasing stereoselectivity in stereoselective reactions
06/18/09Antibodies to mt-sp1 serine protease
06/18/09Kinase anchor protein muteins, peptides thereof and related methods
06/18/09Method and apparatus for monitoring biometrical data
06/18/09Modulating robo: ligand interactions
06/11/09Contour-mode piezoelectric micromechanical resonators
06/11/09High light extraction efficiency nitride based light emitting diode by surface roughening
06/11/09Isotopic imaging via nuclear resonance fluorescence with laser-based thomson radiation
06/11/09Novel alkali metal hafnium oxide scintillators
06/11/09Method for inhibition of phospholamban activity for the treatment of cardiac disease and heart failure
06/04/09Polymers for use in centrifugal separation of liquids
06/04/09Light output enhanced gallium nitride based thin light emitting diode
06/04/09Hollow nanocrystals and method of making
05/28/09System and method for at-nozzle injection of agrochemicals
05/28/09Rotanone analogs: method of preparation and use
05/28/09Non-steroidal ligands for the glucocorticoid receptor, compositions and uses thereof
05/28/09Synergy of dopamine d2 and adenosine a2 receptors activates pka signaling via beta/gamma dimers
05/21/09Trigeneration system and method
05/21/09Photovoltaic devices in tandem architecture
05/21/09Highly efficient polymer solar cell by polymer self-organization
05/21/09Vertical gate-depleted single electron transistor
05/21/09Metal-insulator-metal (mim) switching devices
05/21/09Nano-electro-mechanical memory cells and devices
05/21/09Cryotomography x-ray microscopy state
05/21/09Collection tubes apparatus, systems and methods
05/21/09N-cadherin and ly6 e: targets for cancer diagnosis and therapy
05/21/09Coating for leak detection and method
05/21/09Tapered probe structures and fabrication
05/14/09Formation of self-assembled monolayers on silicon substrates
05/14/09Apparatus configured to provide functional and aesthetic lighting from a fan
05/14/09Multiple sub-carrier selection diversity architecture and method for wireles ofdm
05/14/09Methods and compositions for stabilizing the myocardium
05/14/09Compositions and methods to inhibit rna viral reproduction
05/14/09Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies that neutralize botulinum neurotoxins
05/14/09Mammalian monocyte chemoattractant protein receptors
05/14/09Selective estrogen receptor modulator compositions and methods for treatment of disease
05/14/09Doubly ranked information retrieval and area search
05/07/09High-speed massively parallel scanning
05/07/09Granulysin peptides and methods of use thereof
05/07/09Methods of oligosaccharide profiling for the detection of ocular rosacea
05/07/09Apparatus and method for widefield functional imaging (wifi) using integrated structured illumination and laser speckle imaging
04/30/09Contour-mode piezoelectric micromechanical resonators
04/30/09Automated texture mapping system for 3d models
04/30/09Methods and compositions for pre-symptomatic or post-symptomatic diagnosis of alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative disorders
04/30/09Butanol production by recombinant microorganisms
04/30/09Diarylhydantoin compounds
04/23/09System and method for treating produced water
04/23/09Optically interface electrically controlled devices
04/23/09High elastic modulus polymer electrolytes suitable for preventing thermal runaway in lithium batteries
04/23/09Nanoscale electric lithography
04/23/09Nucleic acids encoding proteins involved in sensory transduction
04/23/09Methods of selecting internalizing antibodies
04/23/09Positron emission tomography probes for imaging immune activation and selected cancers
04/23/09Apparatus and method to predict individual maximum safe radiant exposure (imsre) based on measurement of temporal temperature increase induced by a sub-therapeutic laser pulse
04/16/09Copolymers of alkoxythiophene
04/16/09Thiol-ene based poly(alkylsiloxane) materials
04/16/09Targeting transducible molecules to specific cell types
04/16/09Multiple-layer microbubble liposphere drug delivery vehicle and system
04/16/09Human milk oligosaccharides to promote growth of beneficial gut bacteria
04/16/09Method for non-destructive patterning of photonic crystals employed for solid-state light extraction
04/16/09Full karyotype single cell chromosome analysis
04/16/09Biomarker for sensitivity to mtor inhibitor therapy in kidney cancer
04/16/09Nucleic acids encoding modified cytochrome p450 enzymes and methods of use thereof
04/16/09Methods and compositions for preventing and treating male erectile dysfunction and female sexual arousal disorder
04/09/09Method and apparatus for target detection using electrode-bound viruses
04/09/09Transducible delivery of sirna by dsrna binding domain fusions to ptd/cpps
04/09/09Transducible delivery of nucleic acids by reversible phosphotriester charge neutralization protecting groups
04/02/09Non-invasive fluid density and viscosity measurement
04/02/09Effective organic solar cells based on triplet materials
04/02/09Method to fabricate iii-n semiconductor devices on the n-face of layers which are grown in the iii-face direction using wafer bonding and substrate removal
04/02/09Microwave determination of location and speed of an object inside a pipe
04/02/09Antifungal polypeptides
03/26/09Non-contact feature detection using ultrasonic lamb waves
03/26/09Non-contact fluid characterization in containers using ultrasonic waves
03/26/09Composite right/left handed (crlh) branch-line couplers
03/26/09Method for mapping of dispersion and other optical properties of optical waveguides
03/26/09High-throughput cell assays
03/26/09Biofuel production by recombinant microorganisms
03/26/09Mitochondrial dna variants associated with metabolic syndrome
03/19/09Modification of polymer surface with shielded plasma
03/19/09(al,in,ga,b)n device structures on a patterned substrate
03/19/09Gallium nitride bulk crystals and their growth method
03/19/09Method for increasing the area of non-polar and semi-polar nitride substrates
03/19/09Highly efficient polymer light-emitting diodes
03/19/09Apparatus and method for raman spectroscopy and microscopy with time domain spectral analysis
03/19/09Optical injection locking of vcsels for wavelength division multiplexed passive optical networks (wdm-pons)
03/19/09Thermal cycler
03/19/09Diagnostic methods for the detection of risk of neurodevelopmental disorders
03/19/09Composition and method for inducing and enhancing a telomerase reverse transcriptase-reactive cytotoxic t lymphocyte response
03/19/09Continuous-feed electrochemical cell
03/19/09Solid electrolyte material manufacturable by polymer processing methods
03/19/09Eukaryotic mechanosensory transduction channel
03/19/09Aptamers and methods for their in vitro selection and uses thereof
03/19/09Plus end-directed microtubule motor required for chromosome congression
03/12/09Methods for treating and detecting beta-cell disease
03/12/09Delivery of pharmaceutical agents via the human insulin receptor
03/12/09In vivo incorporation of unnatural amino acids
03/12/09Compositions and methods for modification of biomolecules
03/12/09Marine actinomycete taxon for drug and fermentation product discovery
03/12/09Monitoring method and/or apparatus
03/05/09Nanostructured micro heat pipes
03/05/09Fluid control structures in microfluidic devices
03/05/09Diamondoid stabilized fine-grained metals
03/05/09Methods for enhancing bacterial cell display of proteins and peptides
02/26/09Methods and composition for the production of orthogonal trna-aminoacyl trna synthetase pairs
02/26/09Microfluidic devices and methods
02/26/09Increasing grain yield through targeted reduction in ethylene signaling
02/19/09Method for controlling the operating characteristics of a hybrid electric vehicle
02/19/09Expression of class ii transactivator fusion proteins for control of tumor growth
02/19/09Species detection methods and systems
02/19/09Salivary transcriptome diagnostics
02/19/09Membrane receptor for retinol binding protein mediates cellular uptake of vitamin a, methods of use and compositions
02/19/09Hydrazide-containing cftr inhibitor compounds and uses thereof
02/19/09Multi-port catheter system with medium control and measurement systems for therapy and diagnosis delivery
02/19/09Apparatus and method for magnetic alteration of anatomical features
02/05/09Small volume liquid manipulation, method, apparatus and process
02/05/09Stopped flow, quenched flow and continuous flow reaction method and apparatus
02/05/09Inline-injection microdevice and microfabricated integrated dna analysis system using same
02/05/09Aromatic triamide-lanthanide complexes
02/05/09Highly efficient synthesis of alpha-o-galactosyl ceramides
07/30/09Viscous budesonide for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
07/16/09Topical corticosteroids for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
12/31/09Tlr agonists
05/28/09Passage expansion device for patients
09/10/09Preparation of dense nanostructured functional oxide materials with fine crystallite size by field activation sintering
03/19/09Apparatus and methods for manipulation and optimization of biological systems
10/01/09Balloon catheter method for reducing restenosis via irreversible electroporation
09/17/09Matrix formulation of kohler integrating system and coupled non-imaging light concentrator
07/23/09Anti-alpha v beta 6 antibodies

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