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The Regents Of The University Of California
The Regents Of The University Of California A California Corporation
The Regents Of The University Of California Office Of Technology Transfer
The Regents Of The University Of California The Office Of The President
The Regents Of The University Of California Santa Cruz
The Regents Of The University Of California San Diego
The Regents Of The University Of California Corporation A California Corporation
The Regents Of The University Of California Office Of Technology
The Regents Of The University Of California And The Burnham Institute
The Regents Of The University Of California Angiodynamics Inc
The Regents Of The University Of California A University
The Regents Of The University Of California 02307w
The Regents Of The University Of California A U s Entity
The Regents Of The University Of California 1111 Franklin Street 12th Floor
The Regents Of The University Of California A Cali Fornia Corporation
The Regents Of The University Of California Office Of Technology Transfer University Of California
The Regents Of The University Of California_20100121
The Regents Of The University Of California_20100128
The Regents Of The University Of California_20131212
The Regents Of The University Of California_20100114
The Regents Of The University Of California_20100107
The Regents Of The University Of California Irvine
The Regents Of The University Of California Of Technology Transfer
The Regents Of The University Of California Davis

The Regents Of The University Of California patents (2010 archive)

Recent patent applications related to The Regents Of The University Of California. The Regents Of The University Of California is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: The Regents Of The University Of California may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with The Regents Of The University Of California, we're just tracking patents.

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Date The Regents Of The University Of California patents (2010 archive) (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12/30/10Residential solar thermal power plant
12/30/10Photonic structures for efficient light extraction and conversion in multi-color light emitting devices
12/30/10Probe immobilization and signal amplification for polymer-based biosensor
12/30/10Aromatase expression predicts survival in women with non-small cell lung cancer
12/23/10Temperature-robust mems gyroscope with 2-dof sense-mode addressing the tradeoff between bandwith and gain
12/23/10Laser-assisted nanomaterial deposition, nanomanufacturing, in situ monitoring and associated apparatus
12/23/10Etching technique for the fabrication of thin (al, in, ga)n layers
12/23/10Catheter system and method for delivery of therapeutic compounds to cardiac tissue
12/23/10Systems and methods for behavioral monitoring and calibration
12/16/10Micromachined tuning fork gyroscopes with ultra-high sensitivity and shock rejection
12/16/10Photopolymer serum separator
12/16/10Oxyfluoride phosphors and white light emitting diodes including the oxyfluoride phosphor for solid-state lighting applications
12/16/10Sub-wavelength grating integrated vcsel
12/16/10Sub-wavelength grating integrated vcsel
12/16/10Targeted antimicrobial moieties
12/16/10Compositions and methods for regulating erythropoeitin expression and ameliorating anemia and stimulating erythropoiesis
12/16/10Methods and systems to identify operational reaction pathways
12/16/10Synthetic molecules that specifically react with target sequences
12/16/10Isolated brca1 peptides and method of use
12/16/10Use of cis-epoxyeicosantrienoic acids and inhibitors of soluble epoxide hydrolase to reduce pulmonary infiltration by neutrophils
12/16/10Venous modulation of collateral perfusion of cerebral ischemia
12/09/10Trigeneration system and method
12/09/10Long wavelength nonpolar and semipolar (al,ga,in)n based laser diodes
12/09/10Heterocyclic ligands for integrin imaging and therapy
12/09/10Nano-devices having releasable seals for controlled release of molecules
12/09/10Regulatory t cells suppress autoimmunity
12/09/10Inhibitors of naaa and methods thereof
12/09/10Rna-mediated epigenetic regulation of gene transcription
12/09/10Molecular optimization of multiply-functionalized mesostructured materials
12/09/10Critical branching neural computation apparatus and methods
12/09/10Engineering single-gene-controlled staygreen potential into plants
12/02/10Substrate-free gas-phase synthesis of graphene sheets
12/02/10High efficiency light emitting diode (led) with optimized photonic crystal extractor
12/02/10Switchable nano-vehicle delivery systems, and methods for making and using them
12/02/10Antifungal polypeptides
12/02/10Treatment of conditions related to shock
12/02/10Methods of treating non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (nash) using cysteamine products
12/02/10Biomarkers for prenatal diagnosis of congenital cytomegalovirus
12/02/10Methods for generating analogs of coenzyme a
12/02/10Genes differentially expressed in bipolar disorder and/or schizophrenia
12/02/10Phenylsulfoxyoxazole compound inhibitors of urea transporters
12/02/10Nucleic acids for inducing expression of transcripts and proteins and methods for making and using them
11/25/10Nanowire photodetector and image sensor with internal gain
11/25/10Single or multi-color high efficiency light emitting diode (led) by growth over a patterned substrate
11/25/10Supply-modulated rf power amplifier and rf amplification methods
11/25/10Diplexer synthesis using composite right/left-handed phase-advance/delay lines
11/25/10Method and apparatus for generation and detection of rogue waves
11/25/10High power density liquid-cooled pebble-channel nuclear reactor
11/25/10High affinity anti-prostate stem cell antigen (psca) antibodies for cancer targeting and detection
11/25/10Compositions and methods for ameliorating cns inflammation, psychosis, delirium, ptsd or ptss
11/25/10Targeted interferon demonstrates potent apoptotic and anti-tumor activities
11/25/10Preparation of fibers from a supported array of nanotubes
11/25/10Nucleic acids encoding chimeric cd154 polypeptides
11/25/10Peroxide chemical sensor and sensing method
11/25/10Plant superoxidie dismutase expression resistant to micro-rna regulation
11/25/10Plant co2 sensors, nucleic acids encoding them, and methods for making and using them
11/18/10High light extraction efficiency light emitting diode (led) through multiple extractors
11/18/10Microfluidic imaging cytometry
11/18/10Detection of nitro- and nitrate-containing compounds
11/18/10Radioprotective drugs
11/18/10Optical platform for simultaneously stimulating, manipulating, and probing multiple living cells in complex biological systems
11/18/10Elimination of n-glucolylneuraminic acid from animal products for human use
11/11/10Transparent mirrorless light emitting diode
11/11/10Optical cytometry
11/11/10System and methods for fast implementation of equally-sloped tomography
11/11/10Nano-devices having impellers for capture and release of molecules
11/11/10Detecting cyp24 expression level as a marker for predisposition to cancer
11/11/10Compositions and methods for the delivery of oxygen
11/11/10Generation of pluripotent cells from fibroblasts
11/11/10Microfabricated droplet generator for single molecule/cell genetic analysis in engineered monodispersed emulsions
11/11/10Edible and biocompatible metal-organic frameworks
11/11/10Use of inhibitors of soluble epoxide hydrolase to synergize activity of cox and 5-lox inhibitors
11/11/10Micrornas for inhibiting viral replication
11/11/10Wnt pathway mutations in cancer stem cells
11/11/10Genes for enhancing resistance to magnaporthe oryzae and uses thereof
11/04/10High-resolution microscope using optical amplification
11/04/10Novel method and apparatus for mri signal excitation and reception using non-resonance rf method (norm)
11/04/10Method for measuring neurotransmitters in vivo
11/04/10Prevention and treatment of synucleinopathic and amyloidogenic disease
11/04/10N-cadherin: target for cancer diagnosis and therapy
11/04/10Compositions and methods for reducing cancer and inflammation
11/04/10Borrelia diagnostics and screening methods
11/04/10Organo-metallic hybrid materials for micro- and nanofabrication
11/04/10Detection of nucleic acid sequence differences by comparative genomic hybridization
11/04/10Capillary array and related methods
11/04/10Method and system for controlling rate of change of ratio in a continuously variable transmission
11/04/10Compositions and methods for modeling saccharomyces cerevisiae metabolism
11/04/10Low-power fpga circuits and methods
11/04/10Genes which produce staygreen characteristics in maize and their uses
10/28/10Nanotube resonator devices
10/28/10Space-time-state block coded mimo communication system using reconfigurable antennas
10/28/10Emp2 antibodies and their therapeutic uses
10/28/10Combination antibiotic and antibody therapy for the treatment of pseudomonas aeruginosa infection
10/28/10Vaccine for viruses that cause persistent or latent infections
10/28/10High-throughput solution processing of large scale graphene and device applications
10/28/10Amyloid specific peptides and uses thereof
10/28/10Pharmacologically active agents containing esterified phosphonates and methods for use thereof
10/28/10Antimicrobial therapy
10/28/10Inhibitor of apoptosis proteins and nucleic acids and methods for making and using them
10/21/10Low temperature continuous circulation reactor for the aqueous synthesis of zno films, nanostructures, and bulk single crystals
10/21/10Microfluidic free interface diffusion techniques
10/21/10Very low pressure high power impulse triggered magnetron sputtering
10/21/10Detection of magnetic resonance signals using a magnetoresistive sensor
10/21/10Iron-free variable torque motor compatible with magnetic resonance imaging in integrated spect and mr imaging
10/21/10Horizontal emitting, vertical emitting, beam shaped, distributed feedback (dfb) lasers fabricated by growth over a patterned substrate with multiple overgrowth
10/21/10Optical sedimentation recorder
10/21/10Compositions and methods for the delivery of nitric oxide
10/21/10Lipoproteins, lipopeptides and analogs, and methods for making and using them
10/21/10Multivalent clustering targeting strategy for drug carriers
10/21/10Genetic risk factor for neurodegenerative disease
10/21/10Genotoxicity as a biomarker for inflammation
10/21/10Method for expression of small antiviral rna molecules with reduced cytotoxicity within a cell
10/21/10Hybrid synthesis of core/shell nanocrystals
10/21/10Centrifuge with polymerizing energy source
10/21/10Methods and compositions for treating ocular disease
10/21/10Alleviating neuropathic pain with eets and seh inhibitors
10/21/10Method and apparatus for optogenetic treatment of blindness including retinitis pigmentosa
10/14/10Nanocrystal memories and methods of forming the same
10/14/10Compounds and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of amyloid associated diseases
10/14/10Methods of identifying small molecules for renewals, survival and migration of cardiac progenitors
10/07/10Multiplexed latching valves for microfluidic devices and processors
10/07/10Nanoworms for in vivo tumor targeting
10/07/10Mesoporous silica nanoparticles for biomedical applications
10/07/10Methods and compositions for assaying a sample for an aggregant
10/07/10Methods for detecting and inhibiting angiogenesis
10/07/10Selective serine/threonine kinase inhibitors
09/30/10Chitin-based cantilever bimorphs and readout devices
09/30/10Garnet uv phosphor and scintillator materials preparation and use in radiation detection
09/30/10Method and system for accelerating the deterministic enciphering of data in a small domain
09/30/10Hydrogen storage in nanoporous inorganic networks
09/30/10High specificity and high sensitivity detection based on steric hindrance & enzyme-related signal amplification
09/30/10Mutations in the bcr-abl tyrosine kinase associated with resistance to sti-571
09/30/10Metabolically stable alkoxyalkyl esters of antiviral or antiproliferative phosphonates, nucleoside phosphonates and nucleoside phosphates
09/30/10Post-spin-on silylation method for hydrophobic and hydrofluoric acid-resistant porous silica films
09/30/10Method and system for detecting and mapping hydrocarbon reservoirs using electromagnetic fields
09/30/10Information-delivery system and method and applications employing same
09/23/10Procalin polypeptides, antigens, and methods of use
09/23/10Multigene prognostic assay for lung cancer
09/23/10Peptides and peptide mimetics to inhibit the onset and/or progression of fibrotic and/or pre-fibrotic pathologies
09/23/10Single-cell raman spectroscopy for the non-destructive, non-invasive analysis of cells and cellular components
09/23/10Models of atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, lipoprotein oxidation and blood vessel inflammation and methods for making and using them
09/16/10Compensated membrane capacitive bio-chemical sensor
09/16/10Hydrogen storage materials
09/16/10Internalizing human monoclonal antibodies targeting prostate cancer cells in situ
09/16/10Fully human antibodies against n-cadherin
09/16/10Engineered proteins, and methods of making and using
09/16/10Process for directing assemblies of particulate dispersions using surface roughness
09/16/10Thermoplastic polymer microfibers, nanofibers and composites
09/16/10Two-color fluorescent reporter for alternative pre-mrna splicing
09/16/10Method to predict response to treatment for psychiatric illnesses
09/16/10Emx2 in cancer diagnosis and prognosis
09/16/10Robo: a novel family of polypeptides and nucleic acids
09/16/10Peptide for induction of immune tolerance as treatment for systemic lupus erythematosus
09/09/10Fluid control structures in microfluidic devices
09/09/10Semiconductor nanocrystal probes for biological applications and process for making and using such probes
09/09/10Phase change device
09/09/10Ethanol enhances the complete replication of hepatitis c virus: the role of acetaldehyde
09/09/10Insect repellent and attractants
09/09/10Compounds for inhibiting protein aggregation, and methods for making and using them
09/09/10Monomeric and dimeric fluorescent protein variants and methods for making same
09/09/10Peptides and peptide mimetics to treat cancer
09/09/10Aldehyde dehydrogenase inhibitors as novel depigmenting agents
09/09/10Ultra-wideband radios for time-of-flight-ranging and network position estimation
09/02/10Method of improving surface morphology of (ga,al,in,b)n thin films and devices grown on nonpolar or semipolar (ga,al,in,b)n substrates
09/02/10Linearly polarized backlight source in conjunction with polarized phosphor emission screens for use in liquid crystal displays
09/02/10Electrode compositions and processes
09/02/10Suppression of tla1 gene expression for improved photosynthetic productivity
09/02/10Methods for detecting and analyzing n-glycolylneuraminic acid (neu5gc) in biological materials
09/02/10Microorganism engineered to produce isopropanol
09/02/10Compositions and methods for the isolation of biologically active proteins
09/02/10Method to diagnose, predict treatment response and develop treatment for psychiatric disorders using markers
09/02/10Spider silk dragline polynucleotides, polypeptides and methods of use thereof
08/26/10Ion thruster grids and methods for making
08/26/10Wicking condensate evaporator for an air conditioning system
08/26/10Ion mobility analysis of lipoproteins
08/26/10Internal gettering by metal alloy clusters
08/26/10Plastic waveguide-fed horn antenna
08/26/10Methods and compositions for treating tularemia
08/26/10Beta-2 adrenergic receptor agonists and antagonists and modulation of wound healing
08/26/10Peritoneal dialysis methods and apparatus
08/19/10Host cells and methods for producing 3-methyl-2-buten-1-ol, 3-methyl-3-buten-1-ol, and 3-methyl-butan-1-ol
08/19/10Inaudible methods, apparatus and systems for jointly transmitting and processing, analog-digital information
08/19/10Protein kinase modulating compounds and methods for making and using them
08/19/10Oxides for wound healing and body repair
08/19/10Photo-electric device and method for high throughput activation, guidance and poration of targeted cells with high spatial resolution
08/19/10Biofuel production by recombinant microorganisms
08/19/10Device and methods of detection of airborne agents
08/19/10Enantioselective reactions catalyzed by chiral triazolium salts
08/19/10Diarylhydantoin compounds
08/19/10Ct-guided focused ultrasound for stroke treatment
08/19/10Electroactive polymer actuation of implants
08/12/10Time stretch enhanced recording scope
08/12/10Wnt signalling inhibitors, and methods for making and using them
08/12/10Helical synthetic peptides that stimulate cellular cholesterol efflux
08/12/10Systems and methods for producing multi-component colloidal structures
08/12/10Lower extremity enhancer
08/12/10Solar cells arrangement
08/05/10In-situ defect reduction techniques for nonpolar and semipolar (al, ga, in)n
08/05/10Photoelectrochemical etching for laser facets
08/05/10Materials and methods for delivering compositions to selected tissues
08/05/10Nanoscopic biomolecular absorption spectroscopy enabled by single nanoparticle plasmon resonance energy transfer
08/05/10Controlled electroporation and mass transfer across cell membranes
08/05/10Multi-modality phantoms and methods for co-registration of dual pet-transrectal ultrasound prostate imaging
08/05/10Spinal multisegmental cell and drug delivery system
07/29/10Preparation of functionalized zeolitic frameworks
07/29/10Methods for identifying inhibitors of solute transporters
07/22/10Host cells and methods for producing isoprenyl alkanoates
07/22/10Localized synthesis and self-assembly of nanostructures
07/22/10apparatus for magnetic and electrostatic confinement of plasma
07/22/10Unmarked recombinant intracellular pathogen immunogenic compositions expressing high levels of recombinant proteins
07/22/10Novel affinity based method for drug target identification
07/22/10Acidothermus celluloyticus xylanase
07/22/10Low-temperature formation of polycrystalline semiconductor films via enhanced metal-induced crystallization
07/22/10Selective high-affinity polydentate ligands and methods of making such
07/15/10Surface plasmon-enhanced photovoltaic device
07/15/10Ultra-thin organic tft chemical sensor, making thereof, and sensing method
07/15/10System for detection of body motion
07/15/10Compounds and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of amyloid associated diseases
07/15/10Charge storage devices containing carbon nanotube films as electrodes and charge collectors
07/15/10Treatment of conditions related to shock
07/15/10Biodegradable synthetic bone composites
07/15/10Site-specific conjugation of ligands to nanoparticles
07/15/10Method for identifying peptides using tandem mass spectra by dynamically determining the number of peptide reconstructions required
07/08/10Host cells and methods for producing fatty acid derived compounds
07/08/10Bistable electroactive polymers
07/08/10Method for automated, large-scale measurement of the molecular flux rates of the proteome or the organeome using mass spectrometry
07/08/10Targeted interferons demonstrate potent apoptotic and anti-tumor activities
07/08/10Treatment of hyperproliferative disorders with diarylhydantoin compounds
07/08/10Advanced solid oxide fuel cell stack design for power generation
07/08/10Cellular libraries of peptide sequences (clips) and methods of using the same
07/08/10Fluorescence detection of nitrogen-containing explosives and blue organic led
07/08/10Purifications of pomegranate ellagitannins and their uses thereof
07/08/10Phosphonate compounds
07/01/10Capacitive strain sensor
07/01/10Energetic composite and system with enhanced mechanical sensitivity to initiation of self-sustained reaction
07/01/10Extracellular matrix/metastasis modifier genes for the prevention or inhibition of metastasis or growth of tumor and for characterization of tumor
07/01/10Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory therapies and compositions
07/01/10High-discharge-rate lithium ion battery
07/01/10Human torso phantom for imaging of heart with realistic modes of cardiac and respiratory motion
07/01/10Small-molecule inhibitors of the androgen receptor
07/01/10Transgenic mouse models for diseases caused by mtdna mutations and related methods
07/01/10Methods for screening of novel functions of receptor like kinases
06/24/10Semiconductor nanocrystal probes for biological applications and process for making and using such probes
06/24/10Standing transparent mirrorless light emitting diode
06/24/10Method for enhancing growth of semipolar (al,in,ga,b)n via metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
06/24/10Method and apparatus for quantification of optical properties of superficial volumes using small source-to-detector separations
06/24/10Gels with predetermined conductivity used in electroporation of tissue
06/17/10Method for improved growth of semipolar (al,in,ga,b)n
06/17/10Three-dimensional magnetic recording
06/10/10Electrostatic force assisted deposition of graphene
06/10/10Graphite nanoplatelets for thermal and electrical applications
06/10/10Apparatus and method for optically amplified imaging
06/10/10(al,ga,in)n diode laser fabricated at reduced temperature
06/10/10Method for editing multi-channel images
06/10/10Compositions and methods for reducing h2s levels in fermented beverages
06/10/10Crystalline 3d- and 2d covalent organic frameworks
06/10/10Interlocking structure for high temperature electrochemical device and method for making the same
06/10/10Cells modified or altered for a rice-diverged glycosyltransferase
06/10/10Salinosporamides and methods for use thereof
06/10/10Wall-associated kinase-like polypeptide mediates nutritional status perception and response
06/10/10Compositions and methods for increasing cellulose production
06/03/10Adsorptive gas separation of multi-component gases
06/03/103d carbon nanotubes membrane as a solar energy absorbing layer
06/03/10Technique for the growth of planar semi-polar gallium nitride
06/03/10Microfluidic device having regulated fluid transfer between elements located therein
06/03/10Composition for promoting cartilage formation or repair comprising a nell gene product and method of treating cartilage-related conditions using such composition
06/03/10Expression system of nell peptide
06/03/10Probes for enhanced magnetic force microscopy resolution
05/27/10Electronic devices with carbon nanotube components
05/27/10Polymer electronic devices by all-solution process
05/27/10Organic light emitting diodes with structured electrodes
05/27/10Kidney-specific tumor vaccine directed against kidney tumor antigen g-250
05/27/10Compositions to prevent and treat type-1 diabetes
05/27/10Cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator protein inhibitors and uses thereof
05/20/10Systems, methods, and devices for highly interactive large image display and manipulation on tiled displays
05/20/10Peripheral gene expression biomarkers for autism
05/20/10Monocyclic high aspect ratio titanium inductively coupled plasma deep etching processes and products so produced
05/20/10Method and apparatus for improving performance of approximate string queries using variable length high-quality grams
05/13/10Hybrid solar cells with 3-dimensional hyperbranched nanocrystals
05/13/10Collection tubes appratus, systems, and methods
05/13/10Ambient pressure synthesis of zeolite films and their application as corrosion resistant coatings
05/13/10Particulate substrates for improved recovery of microbes
05/13/10Apparatus and method for micromanipulation of microscale objects using laser light delivered through a single optical fiber and axicon lens
05/13/10Methods for detecting modification resistant nucleic acids
05/13/10Methods and devices for biomolecular arrays
05/13/105-phenoxyalkoxypsoralens and methods for selective inhibition of the voltage gated kv1.3 potassium channel
05/13/10Method and apparatus of low strength electric field network-mediated delivery of drug, gene, si-rna, sh-rna protein, peptide, antibody or other biomedical and therapeutic molecules and reagents in solid organs
05/13/10System and method for filtering unwanted internet protocol traffic based on blacklists
05/06/10Bioelectrical treatment of xenobiotics
05/06/10Photopolymer serum separator
05/06/10Optoelectronic device based on non-polar and semi-polar aluminum indium nitride and aluminum indium gallium nitride alloys
05/06/10Method of fabricating semi-insulating gallium nitride using an aluminum gallium nitride blocking layer
05/06/10Submillimeter-wave signal generation by linear superimposition of phase-shifted fundamental tone signals
05/06/10Group-iii nitride monocrystal with improved crystal quality grown on an etched-back seed crystal and method of producing the same
05/06/10Chirality-based separation of carbon nanotubes
05/06/10method for using lowstrength electric field network (lsen) and immunosuppressive strategies to mediate immune responses
05/06/10Cytomegalovirus peptides and methods of use thereof
05/06/10Role of hedgehog signaling in atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease
05/06/10Bifidobacterial gene sequences and their use
05/06/10Method and apparatus for quantitative assessment of neuromotor disorders
05/06/10Apparatus and methods for alteration of anatomical features
04/29/10Method and apparatus for electrokinetic co-generation of hydrogen and electric power from liquid water microjets
04/29/10Single-sided lateral-field and phototransistor-based optoelectronic tweezers
04/29/10Spin injection device having semiconductor-ferromagnetic-semiconductor structure and spin transistor
04/29/10Electron tube
04/29/10Technique to enable efficient adaptive streaming and transcoding of video and other signals
04/29/10Multi-chamber pretreatment reactor for high throughput screening of biomass
04/29/10Cysteine-containing peptides having antioxidant properties
04/29/10Inhibition of ppar gamma expression by specific osteogenic oxysterols
04/22/10Low resistance tunnel junctions for high efficiency tanden solar cells
04/22/10Method and apparatus for real-time feedback control of electrical manipulation of droplets on chip
04/22/10Compositions and methods for convection enhanced delivery of high molecular weight neurotherapeutics
04/22/10Methods of treatment of mitochondrial disorders
04/15/10Mechanical process for producing particles in a fluid
04/15/10Photoelectrochemical etching for chip shaping of light emitting diodes
04/15/10Hadamard multimode optical imaging transceiver
04/15/10Recombinant intracellular pathogen immunogenic compositions and methods of use
04/15/10Laser activated micro accelerator platform
04/15/10Determining effects of turbine blades on fluid motion
04/08/10Compositions of corrosion-resistant fe-based amorphous metals suitable for producing thermal spray coatings
04/08/10Process for sorting dispersed colloidal structures
04/08/10Polymer-zeolite nanocomposite membranes for proton-exchange-membrane fuel cells
04/08/10Vault and vault-like carrier molecules
04/08/10Methods for high sensitivity detection of genetic polymorphisms
04/08/10Process for creating shape-designed particles in a fluid
04/01/10Gas separation using ultrasound and light absorption
04/01/10Active materials for photoelectric devices and devices that use the materials
04/01/10Raman spectrometer having wavelength-selective optical amplification
04/01/10High performance zno-based laser diodes
04/01/10Biomarkers for early detection of ovarian cancer
03/25/10Functionalized nanopipette biosensor
03/25/10Method for producing active glass nanoparticles by laser ablation
03/25/10Hexagonal wurtzite single crystal and hexagonal wurtzite single crystal substrate
03/25/10Method for rapid identification and quantification of microorganisms
03/25/10Monolithic multinozzle emitters for nanoelectrospray mass spectrometry
03/25/10Method and apparatus for fabricating self-assembling microstructures
03/25/10Molecules that selectively home to vasculature of premalignant or malignant lesions of the pancreas and other organs
03/25/10Sweetener preparations and methods of use
03/25/10Environmentally friendly driving navigation
03/18/10Growth and manufacture of reduced dislocation density and free-standing aluminum nitride films by hydride vapor phase epitaxy
03/18/10Spiral rf-induction antenna based ion source for neutron generators
03/18/10Time-resolved and wavelength-resolved spectroscopy for characterizing biological materials
03/18/10Immunoliposomes that optimize internationalization into target cells
03/18/10C-type lectin fold as a scaffold for massive sequence variation
03/18/10Treatment of female sexual dysfunction by compounds that positively modulate ampa-type glutamate receptors
03/18/10Engineered antibody-nanoparticle conjugates
03/11/10Method and system for separating analytes
03/11/10Compact accelerator for medical therapy
03/11/10Rf accelerator method and apparatus used in conjunction with a charged particle cancer therapy system
03/11/10Compact neutron source and moderator
03/11/10Rhamm, a co-receptor and its interactions with other receptors in cancer cell motility and the identification of cancer prognitor cell populations
03/11/10Methods and compounds for lymphoma cell detection and isolation
03/11/10Compliant base to increase contact for micro- or nano-fibers
03/11/10Inhibitors of protein prenyltransferases
03/04/10Nanomechanical resonance detector
03/04/10Complex oxides useful for thermoelectric energy conversion
03/04/10Light source employing laser-produced plasma
03/04/10Enhancement of optical polarization of nitride light-emitting diodes by wafer off-axis cut
03/04/10Ultra-high density diffraction grating
03/04/10Microwave plasma cvd of nano structured tin/carbon composites
03/04/10Fabrication of structural armor
03/04/10Method for genetic identification of unknown organisms
03/04/10Ikb kinase, subunits thereof, and methods of using same
03/04/10Production of cellulase enzymes in plant hosts using transient agroinfiltration
02/25/10Systems, methods, and devices for dynamic management of data streams updating displays
02/25/10Single wafer fabrication process for wavelength dependent reflectance for linear optical serialization of accelerometers
02/25/10Propagation of misfit dislocations from buffer/si interface into si
02/25/10Formation of a field reversed configuration for magnetic and electrostatic confinement of plasma
02/25/10Inhibition of brain enzymes involved in cerebral amyloid angiopathy and macular degeneration
02/25/10Compositions and methods for treating diseases associated with t-box and n-myc
02/25/10Detection of protease and protease activity using a single nanoscrescent sers probe
02/25/10Compositions and methods for screening cardioactive drugs
02/25/10Data mining system for noninvasive intracranial pressure assessment
02/25/10Antimicrobial agents from microbial genomes
02/18/10Joined concentric tubes
02/18/10Adaptive noise cancellation for fractional-n phase locked loop
02/18/10Methods for determining the metabolism of sugars and fats in an individual
02/18/10Drug controlled molecular tags
02/18/10Composition and methods for the design and development of metallo-enzyme inhibitors
02/11/10Tunable white light based on polarization sensitive light-emitting diodes
02/11/10Oxysterol compounds and the hedgehog pathway
02/11/10Combinations of biological control agents with a nematicidal seed coating
02/11/10Method of increasing radiation sensitivity by inhibition of beta one integrin
02/11/10Cutomized lithographic particles
02/11/10Controlled release antimicrobial compositions and methods for the treatment of otic disorders
02/11/10Semantic search engine
02/04/10Electrostatically driven high speed micro droplet switch
02/04/105 ns or less neutron and gamma pulse generator
02/04/10System and method for bullet tracking and shooter localization
02/04/10Use of organic cation transporters for cancer diagnosis and therapy
02/04/10Antifungal polypeptides
01/28/10Large area solar cell
01/28/10Electromotive liquid handling method and apparatus
01/28/10Molded optical package with fiber coupling feature
01/28/10Chemical antibodies for immunotherapy and imaging
01/28/10Controlled-release otic structure modulating and innate immune system modulating compositions and methods for the treatment of otic disorders
01/28/10Salivary biomarkers for sjÖgren's syndrome
01/28/10Methods of modulating lipid concentrations in eukaryotic cells
01/28/10Mechanical process for creating particles in fluid
01/28/10Increasing cell culture population doublings for long-term growth of finite life span human cell cultures
01/28/10Controlled release compositions for modulating free-radical induced damage and methods of use thereof
01/28/10Semi-actuated transfemoral prosthetic knee
01/21/10Solution processable material for electronic and electro-optic applications
01/21/10Controlled release ion channel modulator compositions and methods for the treatment of otic disorders
01/21/10Controlled release auris sensory cell modulator compositions and methods for the treatment of otic disorders
01/21/10Molecular heterostructures for energy conversion and storage
01/21/10Luminescent 1-hydroxy-2-pyridinone chelates of lanthanides
01/21/10Controlled-release apoptosis modulating compositions and methods for the treatment of otic disorders
01/21/10Controlled release delivery devices for the treatment of otic disorders
01/21/10Quantitative eeg method to identify individuals at risk for adverse antidepressant effects
01/14/10Material for electrodes of low temperature plasma generators
01/14/10Pulsed load modulation amplifier and method
01/14/10Tracers for monitoring the activity of sodium/glucose cotransporters in health and disease
01/14/10High temperature superconducting thick films
01/14/10Compositions and methods for the analysis and treatment of aids wasting syndrome and immune cell dysfunction
01/14/10Compositions and methods for detecting noonan syndrome
01/14/10Mutant antibodies with high affinity for egfr
01/14/10Controlled release corticosteroid compositions and methods for the treatment of otic disorders
01/14/10Kinase antagonists
01/14/10Elastic vitrification of emulsions by droplet rupturing
01/14/10Endovascular catheter air block
01/14/10External walking assist device for those with lower leg injuries
01/07/10Cancer biomarkers and methods of use thereof
01/07/10Vesicles of self-assembling block copolymers and methods for making and using the same
01/07/10Methods of fabricating nanostructures and nanowires and devices fabricated therefrom
01/07/10Microfluidic methods for diagnostics and cellular analysis
01/07/10Controlled release aural pressure modulator compositions and methods for the treatment of otic disorders
01/07/10Apparatus and method for in vivo intracellular transfection of gene, sirna, shrna vectors, and other biomedical diagnostic and therapeutic drugs and molecules for the treatment of arthritis and other orthopedic diseases in large animals and humans
12/23/10Novel assay for inhibitors of egfr
05/13/10Novel inhibitors of the egfr kinase targeting the asymmetric activating dimer interface
07/22/10Targeting pseudotyped retroviral vectors
07/08/10Metalloprotein inhibitors
05/13/10N-cadherin: target for cancer diagnosis and therapy
04/29/10Use of a reference source with adaptive optics in biological microscopy
08/19/10Systems and methods for identity-based encryption and related cryptographic techniques
09/30/10Novel ligand involved in the transmigration of leukocytes across the endothelium and uses therefor
08/26/10High frequency nanotube oscillator
02/25/10Novel methods for predicting and treating tumors resistant to drug, immunotherapy, and radiation

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