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The Regents Of The University Of California
The Regents Of The University Of California A California Corporation
The Regents Of The University Of California Office Of Technology Transfer
The Regents Of The University Of California The Office Of The President
The Regents Of The University Of California Santa Cruz
The Regents Of The University Of California San Diego
The Regents Of The University Of California Corporation A California Corporation
The Regents Of The University Of California Office Of Technology
The Regents Of The University Of California And The Burnham Institute
The Regents Of The University Of California Angiodynamics Inc
The Regents Of The University Of California A University
The Regents Of The University Of California 02307w
The Regents Of The University Of California A U s Entity
The Regents Of The University Of California 1111 Franklin Street 12th Floor
The Regents Of The University Of California A Cali Fornia Corporation
The Regents Of The University Of California Office Of Technology Transfer University Of California
The Regents Of The University Of California_20100121
The Regents Of The University Of California_20100128
The Regents Of The University Of California_20131212
The Regents Of The University Of California_20100114
The Regents Of The University Of California_20100107
The Regents Of The University Of California Irvine
The Regents Of The University Of California Of Technology Transfer
The Regents Of The University Of California Davis

The Regents Of The University Of California patents (2011 archive)

Recent patent applications related to The Regents Of The University Of California. The Regents Of The University Of California is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: The Regents Of The University Of California may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with The Regents Of The University Of California, we're just tracking patents.

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Date The Regents Of The University Of California patents (2011 archive) (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12/29/11Piezotube borehole seismic source
12/29/11Single protein nanocapsules for protein delivery with long-term effect
12/29/11Tumor-selective e1a and e1b mutants
12/29/11Novel targets for treatment of hypercholesterolemia
12/29/11Compositions and methods for re-programming and re-differentiating cells
12/29/11Methods and compositions for modulating ire1, src, and abl activity
12/29/11Porous reactive framework
12/22/11Ferroic materials having domain walls and related devices
12/22/11Encapsulated agent guided imaging and therapies
12/22/11Recombinant bacteriophages useful for tissue engineering
12/22/11Therapeutic compositions and methods for treating hiv including identification and manipulation of particular domains associated with immunogenicity
12/22/11Hollow metal oxide spheres and nanoparticles encapsulated therein
12/22/11Stimulus-triggered prodrugs
12/22/11Unobstructing microdevices for self-clearing implantable catheters
12/22/11Functionalized titanium implants and related regenerative materials
12/15/11Methods and instruments for material testing
12/15/11Compact aerosol time-of-flight mass spectrometer
12/15/11Method of synthesizing pyrite nanocrystals
12/15/11Supramolecular approach for preparation of size controllable nanoparticles
12/15/11Engineering of yeast for cellulosic ethanol production
12/15/11Pharmacological modulation of positive ampa receptor modulator effects on neurotrophin expression
12/08/11Electron injection nanostructured semiconductor material anode electroluminescence method and device
12/08/11Systems and methods for material layer identification through image processing
12/08/11Disposable, high pressure microfluidic chips
12/08/11Group-iii nitride monocrystal with improved purity and method of producing the same
12/08/11Peptoids useful for catalyzing the mineralization of calcium carbonate
12/08/11Pharmaceutical compositions for treating or preventing bone conditions
12/08/11Luminescent porous silicon nanoparticles, methods of making and using same
12/08/11Fabrication of structural armor
12/08/11Methods and probe combinations for detecting melanoma
12/08/11On-wafer crystallization for pure-silica-zeolite ultra low-k films
12/08/11Kinase antagonists
12/08/11Inhibitors of cyclin kinase inhibitor p21
12/08/11Methods and compositions of targeted drug development
12/08/11Reducing cabling complexity in large-scale networks
12/01/11Method and apparatus for providing beams of nanodroplets for high sputtering rate of inert materials
12/01/11Aluminum substituted mixed transition metal oxide cathode materials for lithium ion batteries
12/01/11Photonic structures for efficient light extraction and conversion in multi-color light emitting diodes
12/01/11Application of high toughness, low viscosity nano-molecular resin for reinforcing pothole patching materials in asphalt and concrete base pavement
12/01/11Modified host cells with efflux pumps
12/01/11Methods and materials for the detection of melamine
12/01/11Metal responsive mri-agents
12/01/11Apparatus for solubilizing tissue
11/24/11Low cost amorphous steel
11/24/11Characterization and correction of macular distortion
11/24/11Nanocarriers for drug delivery
11/24/11Translation factors as anti-aging drug targets
11/24/11Swallow expansion device
11/17/11Systems and methods for solar energy storage, transportation, and conversion
11/17/11Metal organic frameworks (mofs) for air purification
11/17/11Photovoltaic devices employing ternary compound nanoparticles
11/17/11Growth of reduced dislocation density non-polar gallium nitride
11/17/11High contrast grating integrated vcsel using ion implantation
11/17/11Ultra-low loss hollow core waveguide using high-contrast gratings
11/17/11System and method for efficient coherence anti-stokes raman scattering endoscopic and intravascular imaging and multimodal imaging
11/10/11Localized droplet heating with surface electrodes in microfluidic chips
11/10/11Surface tension mediated conversion of light to work
11/10/11Methods for protease assisted protein delivery
11/10/11Allosteric control of proteins by manipulating mechanical tension
11/10/11Semiconductor nanocrystal probes for biological applications and process for making and using such probes
11/10/11Fused ring heteroaryl kinase inhibitors
11/03/11High brightness light emitting diode covered by zinc oxide layers on multiple surfaces grown in low temperature aqueous solution
11/03/11Metal-supported, segmented-in-series high temperature electrochemical device
11/03/11Direct chemical vapor deposition of graphene on dielectric surfaces
11/03/11Compositions and methods related to sirt1 function
11/03/11Reducing nephropathy with inhibitors of soluble epoxide hydrolase and epoxyeicosanoids
11/03/11New approach for designing diabetes drugs
11/03/11Virtual topology adaptation for resource optimization in telecommunication networks
10/27/11Window system useful for blocking direct sunlight
10/27/11Light concentration apparatus, systems and methods
10/27/11Solid-state image pickup element and method for controlling the same
10/27/11Camera system with autonomous miniature camera and light source assembly and method for image enhancement
10/27/11Charge storage device architecture for increasing energy and power density
10/27/11Method and apparatus for the use of multiple-input, mutliple output (mimo) systems for multi-packet reception (mpr)
10/27/11Collection tubes apparatus, systems and methods
10/27/11Ca9 gene single nucleotide polymorphisms predict prognosis and treatment response of metastatic renal cell carcinoma
10/27/11Acetolactate synthase having 2-ketoisovalerate decarboxylase activity and uses thereof
10/27/11Bifunctional griffithsin analogs
10/27/11Simplified one-pot synthesis of [18f]sfb for radiolabeling
10/27/11Recombinant nell protein production
10/20/11Iii-v nitride-based thermoelectric device
10/20/11Nanoscale solar cell configuration
10/20/11Controlled alignment in polymeric solar cells
10/20/11Integrated optical vapor cell apparatus for precision spectroscopy
10/20/11Vertical group iii-v nanowires on si, heterostructures, flexible arrays and fabrication
10/20/11Endoscopic tube delivery system
10/13/11Photonic crystal solar cell
10/13/11Optical spectral concentrator, sensors and optical energy power systems
10/13/11Nano-fabricated plasmonic optical transformer
10/13/11Gamma ray generator
10/13/11Core-shell nanocatalyst for high temperature reactions
10/13/11Methods and compositions for eliciting an amyloid-selective immune response
10/13/11Method for producing aldehyde from co2
10/13/11Short chain volatile hydrocarbon production using genetically engineered microalgae, cyanobacteria or bacteria
10/13/11Methods and compositions for high-resolution micropatterning for cell culture
10/13/11Solvent-based infiltration of porous structures
10/13/11One-pot synthesis of alpha/beta-o-glycolipids
10/13/11Methods, system and apparatus for the detection, diagnosis and treatment of biological rhythm disorders
10/06/11Three-dimensional wafer-scale batch-micromachined sensor and method of fabrication for the same
10/06/11Membrane compositions and methods for making and using them
10/06/11In-situ soil nitrate ion concentration sensor
10/06/11Aluminum gallium nitride barriers and separate confinement heterostructure (sch) layers for semipolar plane iii-nitride semiconductor-based light emitting diodes and laser diodes
10/06/11Somatostatin analogs with inhibitory activity to growth hormone release
10/06/11Methods and systems for identifying modulators of longevity
10/06/11Methods and compositions for treating p. acnes
10/06/11Plasmon resonant particles, methods and apparatus
09/29/11Vertical integrated silicon nanowire field effect transistors and methods of fabrication
09/29/11Spin transistor having multiferroic gate dielectric
09/29/11Hierarchical nanowire composites for electrochemical energy storage
09/29/11Carbon dioxide (co2) as cushion gas for compressed air energy storage (caes)
09/29/11Nanoparticle labeling reagents and methods of use
09/29/11Planar nonpolar group iii-nitride films grown on miscut substrates
09/29/11Highly basic ionomers and membranes and anion/hydroxide exchange fuel cells comprising the ionomers and membranes
09/29/11Defect detection in objects using statistical approaches
09/22/11Amorphous silicon solar cells
09/22/11System and method for solar energy capture and related method of manufacturing
09/22/11Rf-driven ion source with a back-streaming electron dump
09/22/11Nano-soldering to single atomic layer
09/22/11Acid-degradable and bioerodible modified polyhydroxylated materials
09/22/11Hollow silica nanospheres and methods of making same
09/22/11Non-polar gallium nitride thin films grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
09/22/11Nanostructured superhydrophobic, superoleophobic and/or superomniphobic coatings, methods for fabrication, and applications thereof
09/22/11Luciferases and methods for making and using the same
09/22/11Potential prognostic markers and therapeutic targets for neurological disorders
09/15/11Reactor designs for use in ammonothermal growth of group-iii nitride crystals
09/15/11Composite semiconductor substrates for thin-film device layer transfer
09/15/11Using boron-containing compounds, gasses and fluids during ammonothermal growth of group-iii nitride crystals
09/15/11Method for synthesis of high quality graphene
09/15/11Process for making a topical scrub
09/15/11Neuromodulators and methods of use
09/15/11Small-molecule inhibitors of the androgen receptor
09/15/11Logic system for dpa resistance and/or side channel attack resistance
09/08/11Electrochemical removal of arsenic
09/08/11Semi-polar iii-nitride optoelectronic devices on m-plane substrates with miscuts less than +/-15 degrees in the c-direction
09/08/11Visual-servoing optical microscopy
09/08/11Lithographic dry development using optical absorption
09/08/11Detection of chromsomal region copy number changes to diagnose melanoma
09/08/11Gene expression in duchenne muscular dystrophy
09/08/11Therapeutic uses of ampa receptor modulators for treatment of motor dysfunction
09/08/11Non-steroidal ligands for the glucocorticoid receptor, compositions and uses thereof
09/08/11Internalizing erbb2 antibodies
09/08/11Methods for treating acute myocardial infarctions and associated disorders
09/08/11Systems, devices and methods for the treatment of neurological disorders and conditions
09/08/11Devices, systems and methods for treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders
09/01/11Controlling relative growth rates of different exposed crystallographic facets of a group-iii nitride crystal during the ammonothermal growth of a group-iii nitride crystal
09/01/11Architecture for high efficiency polymer photovoltaic cells using an optical spacer
09/01/11Phase coherent differential structures
09/01/11Addition of hydrogen and/or nitrogen containing compounds to the nitrogen-containing solvent used during the ammonothermal growth of group-iii nitride crystals
09/01/11Neuregulin/erbb signaling and integrin
09/01/11Lymphatic zip codes in tumors and pre-malignant lesions
09/01/11System, method and device for tissue-based diagnosis
09/01/11Using phylogenetic probes for quantification of stable isotope labeling and microbial community analysis
09/01/11Salivary transcriptomic and proteomic biomarkers for breast cancer detection
09/01/11Nell-1 enhanced bone mineralization
09/01/11Compositions and methods for modeling human metabolism
08/25/11Novel vessel designs and relative placements of the source material and seed crystals with respect to the vessel for the ammonothermal growth of group-iii nitride crystals
08/25/11Non-polar (al,b,in,ga)n quantum well and heterostructure materials and devices
08/25/11Constructive feedback traveling wave device and method
08/25/11Compositions and methods for reducing the mutation rate of viruses
08/25/11Gel polymer electrolytes for batteries
08/25/11Spatio-temporal control of protein interactions using phytochromes
08/25/11Dna template tailoring using pna and modified nucleotides
08/25/11Methods for detecting the presence of expanded cgg repeats in the fmr1 gene 5' untranslated region
08/25/11Transcriptional and post-transcription regulation of transcription factor for drought resistance
08/25/11Salivary biomarkers for lung cancer detection
08/18/11Treatment and diagnosis of central nervous system disorders
08/18/11Monoclonal antibodies specific for pathological amyloid aggregates common to amyloids formed from proteins of differing sequence
08/18/11Suspended thin film structures
08/18/11Production of c5-c8 alcohols using evolved enzymes and metabolically engineered microorganisms
08/18/11Enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulosic biomass through enhanced removal of oligomers
08/18/11Vault complexes for facilitating biomolecule delivery
08/18/11Methods and compositions for treating neurodegenerative disorders and alzheimer's disease and improving normal memory
08/18/11Morphological clustering and analysis of intracranial pressure pulses (mocaip)
08/11/11Growth of and defect reduction in nanoscale materials
08/11/11Peptide-coated nanoparticles with graded shell compositions
08/11/11computational method for comparing, classifying, indexing, and cataloging of electronically stored linear information
08/04/11Synthesis of fluorescent metal nanoclusters
08/04/11Mini-channel tube solar collector
08/04/11Compositions and methods for tissue repair with extracellular matrices
08/04/11Nanoparticle based therapy for aggregating mucin
08/04/11Carbon nanotube arrays as thermal interface materials
08/04/11Protein biomarkers and methods for diagnosing kawasaki disease
08/04/11Biomarkers for diagnosis and treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia
08/04/11Improved peptide mediators of cholesterol efflux
08/04/11Web application development framework
08/04/11Architecture to enable energy savings in networked computers
07/28/11Tunable multiwalled nanotube resonator
07/28/11Devices useful for vacuum ultraviolet beam characterization
07/28/11Staged z-pinch for the production of high-flux neutrons and net energy
07/28/11Method to predict responsiveness of breast cancer to polyamine-type chemotherapy
07/28/11Salicylanilide modified peptides for use as oral therapeutics
07/28/11Fullerene composite membranes for direct methanol fuel cell
07/28/11Authentication device for full intact wine bottles
07/21/11Apparatus and methods for controlling electron microscope stages
07/21/11Capacitance displacement and rotation sensor
07/21/11Symbol timing relative offset multi antenna system and method
07/21/11Chemical modification of nanocrystal surfaces
07/21/11Using highly sensitive suspended carbon nanotubes for molecular-level sensing based on optical detection
07/21/11Methods for detecting and inhibiting angiogenesis
07/21/11Nucleic acids encoding chimeric cd154 polypeptides
07/21/11Inhibitors of protein prenyltransferases
07/21/11Nucleophilic fluorination of aromatic compounds
07/21/11Assisting transdermal drug delivery by means of tissue freezing, vacuum pressure and photoheating procedures
07/21/11Lower-complexity layered belief propagation decoding ldpc codes
07/14/11Design of higher efficiency silicon solar cells
07/14/11Apparatus and method for dispersive fourier-transform imaging
07/14/11Novel lanthanide doped barium phosphorous oxide scintillators
07/14/11Fluidic nanotubes and devices
07/14/11Micro- and nano-structured led and oled devices
07/14/11Method using low temperature wafer bonding to fabricate transistors with heterojunctions of si(ge) to iii-n materials
07/14/11Techniques for achieving low resistance contacts to nonpolar and semipolar p-type (al,ga,in)n
07/14/11Multiple superimposed interface pattern porous microstructure multi layer biosensing method
07/14/11Semipolar iii-nitride laser diodes with etched mirrors
07/14/11Methods of diagnosing endometriosis
07/14/11Methods and compositions for production of methane gas
07/14/11Peptides whose uptake by cells is controllable
07/14/11Graph querying, graph motif mining and the discovery of clusters
07/07/11Layered semiconductor neutron detectors
07/07/11Nanowire array-based light emitting diodes and lasers
07/07/11Mems sensor enabled rfid system and method for operating the same
07/07/11Surgical object tracking system
07/07/11Incorporation of mathematical constraints in methods for dose reduction and image enhancement in tomography
07/07/11Methods to prevent cytotoxicity using n-acetyl-cysteine
07/07/11Method for targeted and sustained antiviral therapy
07/07/11Novel lanthanide doped strontium barium mixed halide scintillators
07/07/11Method of treating degenerative disorders of the nervous system by administration of fibrinogen fragment
07/07/11Compositions and methods for ameliorating myosin viia defects
07/07/11Gold catalyzed hydroamination of alkynes and allenes
06/30/11Method and system for high recovery water desalting
06/30/11Interdigitated multiple pixel arrays of light-emitting devices
06/30/11Vertical axis wind turbine airfoil
06/30/11Antibodies with mannose binding lectin effector function for inhibiting pathologic inflammatory conditions
06/30/11Biomaterials and implants for enhanced cartilage formation, and methods for making and using them
06/30/11Molecular diagnosis and classification of malignant melanoma
06/23/11Nanoneedle plasmonic photodetectors and solar cells
06/23/11Network and device aware video scaling system, method, software, and device
06/23/11Method and apparatus for quantitative analysis of breast density morphology based on mri
06/23/11High-speed optical transmitters using cascaded optically injection-locked lasers
06/23/11Residential integrated ventilation energy controller
06/23/11Development of new selective estrogen receptor modulators
06/23/11Methods and instruments for assessing bone fracture risk
06/23/11Control of fruit dehiscence in plants by indehiscent1 genes
06/16/11Nanoporous inorganic membranes and films, methods of making and usage thereof
06/16/11Tunable artificial dielectrics
06/16/11Novel antibodies against cancer target block tumor growth, angiogenesis and metastatis
06/16/11Composite nanorods
06/16/11Anti-inflammatory pyrazolopyrimndines
06/16/11Biomarker normalization
06/09/11Thin film bismuth iron oxides useful for piezoelectric devices
06/09/11Contour-mode piezoelectric micromechanical resonators
06/09/11Prevention and treatment of synucleinopathic disease
06/09/11Recombinant bicistronic flaviviruses and methods of use thereof
06/09/11Controlled release encapsulated anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory nanoparticles
06/09/11Nanoparticle based therapy for dispersing mucin
06/09/11Integrated microfluidics for parallel screening of chemical reactions
06/09/11Chemical framework compositions and methods of use
06/02/11Hierarchical motion vector processing method, software and devices
06/02/11Method and system for hydrogen evolution and storage
06/02/11Pro-fluorescent probes
05/26/11Titanium-based thermal ground plane
05/26/11System and method for light source employing laser-produced plasma
05/26/11Processes for rapid microfabrication using thermoplastics and devices thereof
05/26/11Molecular diagnosis and classification of malignant melanoma
05/26/11Graded core/shell semiconductor nanorods and nanorod barcodes
05/26/11Switch mode voltage rectifier, rf energy conversion and wireless power supplies
05/26/11Methods of diagnosing and characterizing cannabinoid signaling in crohn's disease
05/19/11Nanostructures having high performance thermoelectric properties
05/19/11Coupled waveguide photo detector
05/19/11High-sensitive fluorescent energy transfer assay using fluorescent amino acids and fluoresent proteins
05/19/11Diagnosis and treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (cll)
05/19/11Single cell surgery tool and a cell transfection device utilizing the photothermal properties of thin films and/or metal nanoparticles
05/19/11Polymer-zeolite nanocomposite membranes for proton-exchange-membrane fuel cells
05/19/11Controlled irreversible electroporation
05/19/11Hydrazide-containing cftr inhibitor compounds and uses thereof
05/12/11Ex vivo multi-dimensional system for the separation and isolation of cells, vesicles, nanoparticles and biomarkers
05/12/11Light emitting diode structure utilizing zinc oxide nanorod arrays on one or more surfaces, and a low cost method of producing such zinc oxide nanorod arrays
05/12/11Method of controlling stress in group-iii nitride films deposited on substrates
05/12/11Memory capacitor made from field configurable ion-doped materials
05/12/11Use of iron-related pathways and genes for treatment and diagnosis of parkinson's disease
05/12/11Amides as inhibitors of human secreted phospholipase a2
05/12/11Mandarin tree named 'fairchildls'
05/05/11Solid solution phosphors based on oxyfluoride and white light emitting diodes including the phosphors for solid state white lighting applications
05/05/11Light emitting device with a coupled quantum well structure
05/05/11Light emitting diodes with zinc oxide current spreading and light extraction layers deposited from low temperature aqueous solution
05/05/11Graphene device and method of using graphene device
05/05/11Light emitting diode packaging method with high light extraction and heat dissipation using a transparent vertical stand structure
05/05/11Accurate and rapid micromixer for integrated microfluidic devices
05/05/11Superluminescent diodes by crystallographic etching
05/05/11Chemically modified viral capsids as targeted delivery vectors for diagnostic and therapeutic agents
05/05/11Targeted interferons demonstrate potent apoptotic and anti-tumor activities
05/05/11Claudin-4 binding peptides, compositions and methods of use
05/05/11Integrated seal for high-temperature electrochemical device
05/05/11Water soluble small molecule inhibitors of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator
05/05/11Process and system for reducing sizes of emulsion droplets and emulsions having reduced droplet sizes
05/05/11Nucleic acids encoding a g-protein coupled receptor involved in sensory transduction
05/05/11Monitoring method and/or apparatus
05/05/11Exoskeleton and method for controlling a swing leg of the exoskeleton
05/05/11Devices and methods for suppression of tinittus
04/28/11Micromachined gyroscopes with 2-dof sense modes allowing interchangeable robust and precision operation
04/28/11Plasma driven neutron/gamma generator
04/28/11Method and materials for use in diagnosing viral myocarditis
04/28/11Preparation of novel 1,3-substituted ureas as inhibitors of soluble epoxide hydrolase
04/28/11Ultrasound guided optical coherence tomography, photoacoustic probe for biomedical imaging
04/28/11Microfluidic samplers and methods for making and using them
04/21/11Biological particles
04/21/11Light emitting device with a stair quantum well structure
04/21/11Epitaxial growth of single crystalline mgo on germanium
04/21/11Optical designs for high-efficacy white-light emitting diodes
04/21/11Composite right/left (crlh) couplers
04/21/11Ige antibodies for the treatment of cancer
04/21/11Wireless sensors and applications
04/21/11Ammosamides as anticancer agents
04/14/11Articles comprising nano-materials for geometry-guided stem cell differentiation and enhanced bone growth
04/14/11Novel antibodies against cancer target block tumor growth, angiogenesis and metastasis
04/14/11Implantable thermal treatment method and apparatus
04/07/11Bymixer apparatus and method for fast-response, adjustable measurement of mixed gas fractions in ventilation circuits
03/31/11Method of manufacture of atomically thin boron nitride
03/31/11Magnetic recording medium
03/31/11Cross-coupling of phenolic derivatives
03/31/11Minimally invasive glaucoma surgical instrument and method
03/31/11Layout decomposition for double patterning lithography
03/24/11Microelectromechanical system (mems) resonant switches and applications for power converters and amplifiers
03/24/11Chemical modulation of electronic and magnetic properties of graphene
03/24/11Solvated hyperpolarized xenmr and mri signal amplification by gas extraction
03/24/11Gnaq mutations in melanoma
03/24/11Carbon electrodes for electrochemical applications
03/24/11Analysis of ex vivo cells for disease state detection and therapeutic agent selection and monitoring
03/24/11Abeta-binding small molecules
03/17/11Apparatus and method for implementing a mobility aid device
03/17/11Process for making customized particles by stochastic excitation
03/17/11Anisotropic strain control in semipolar nitride quantum wells by partially or fully relaxed aluminum indium gallium nitride layers with misfit dislocations
03/17/11Semipolar nitride-based devices on partially or fully relaxed alloys with misfit dislocations at the heterointerface
03/17/11Apparatus and method for surface capturing and volumetric analysis of multidimensional images
03/17/11Novel transcription factor-based biosensor
03/17/11Assays for mutagenesis detection
03/17/11Compositions and methods for modulating neuron degeneration and neuron guidance
03/17/11Rf coil for use in magnetic resonance imaging in integrated spect and mr imaging
03/17/11Method and system for parallel statistical inference on highly parallel platforms
03/10/11Fluorescence detection of nitrogen-containing explosives and blue organic led
03/10/11Single nanoparticle tracking spectroscopic microscope
03/10/11Nonpolar iii-nitride light emitting diodes with long wavelength emission
03/10/11Technique for development of high current density heterojunction field effect transistors based on (10-10)-plane gan by delta-doping
03/10/11Rfid reader revocation checking using low power attached displays
03/10/11Time resolved single-step protease activity quantification using nanoplasmonic resonator (npr) sensor
03/10/11Compositions and methods for determining cancer stem cell self-renewal potential
03/10/11Feeding tube system
03/03/11Neutron detectors made of inorganic materials and their method of fabrication
03/03/11Imaging detector thermal control
03/03/11Cell culture media to differentiate embryonic stem cells into neuronal lineages
03/03/11Cell culture device to differentiate stem cells in a specific orientation
03/03/11Near infra-red pulsed laser triggered drug release from hollow nanoshell disrupted vesicles and vesosomes
03/03/11Cu-based cermet for high-temperature fuel cell
03/03/11Methods of modulating cold sensory perception
03/03/11Acid-sensitive linkers for drug delivery
03/03/11Benzenesulfonanilide compound inhibitors of urea transporters
03/03/11Device and method for an atomic force microscope for the study and modification of surface properties
02/24/11Non-contact biopotential sensor
02/24/11Structure and method for achieving selective etching in (ga,al,in,b)n laser diodes
02/24/11All-optical am-to-fm up-conversion for radio-over-fiber
02/24/11Microfluidic system and method for using same
02/24/11Methods and compositions for localized secretion of anti-ctla-4 antibodies
02/24/11Glycopeptides and methods of making and using them
02/24/11Polymer-phospholipid shelled microbubbles
02/24/11Digital analysis of gene expression
02/24/11Snps associated with fatty acid composition of bovine meat and milk
02/24/11Short chain volatile isoprene hydrocarbon production using the mevalonic acid pathway in genetically engineered yeast and fungi
02/24/11Methods and apparatus for integrated cell handling and measurements
02/24/11Novel ion channel-forming peptides
02/24/11Long interspersed nuclear element polypeptide compositions and methods of use thereof
02/24/11Methods and compositions using selective delta opioid receptor-1 agonists, delta opioid receptor-2 antagonists, and/or mu opioid receptor antagonists for treatment of substance-related disorders
02/24/11Constuction of targeted adaptive designs and maximum likelihood learning for adaptive designs
02/17/11Method and apparatus for fabricating optoelectromechanical devices by structural transfer using re-usable substrate
02/17/11Thin p-type gallium nitride and aluminum gallium nitride electron-blocking layer free gallium nitride-based light emitting diodes
02/17/11Methods of diagnosing and treating autism
02/17/11Small humanin-like peptides
02/17/11Treatment of conditions related to cecal ligation shock
02/17/11Neurological stimulation and analysis
02/10/11Pulsed laser triggered high speed microfluidic switch and applications in fluorescent activated cell sorting
02/10/11Universal three phase controllers for power converters
02/10/11Controllable nanostructuring on micro-structured surfaces
02/10/11Superhydrophobic and superhydrophilic materials, surfaces and methods
02/10/11Sintered porous structure and method of making same
02/03/11Light collection apparatus, system and method
02/03/11Light concentration apparatus, systems and methods
02/03/11Methods and compositions for the production of orthogonal trna-aminoacyltrna synthetase pairs
02/03/11Biomarkers for detection of early- and late-stage endometrial cancer
01/27/11Composite nanorods with distinct regions
01/27/11Fabrication of single or multiple gate field plates
01/27/11Integrated magnetic field generation and detection platform
01/27/11Radionuclide production using a z-pinch neutron source
01/27/11Ige directed dna vaccination
01/27/11Rapid dna sequencing by peroxidative reaction
01/27/11Rapid assay for detecting ataxia-telangiectasia homozygotes and heterozygotes
01/27/11Microfabricated integrated dna analysis system
01/27/11Salivary protein biomarkers for human oral cancer
01/27/11Inhibitors for the soluble epoxide hydrolase
01/27/11Use of epicatechin and derivatives and salts thereof for cardiac protection of ischemic myocardium and to ameliorate adverse cardiac remodeling
01/27/11Activators of executioner procaspases 3, 6 and 7
01/27/11Tubulysin d analogues
01/27/11Producing biofuels using polyketide synthases
01/27/11Method for providing directional therapy to skeletal joints
01/27/11Method and system for modeling bone structure from collagen bundle orientations
01/27/11Multimedia user interfaces for documents and associated digital videos
01/27/11Engineering single-gene-controlled staygreen potential into plants
01/20/11Method for growth of semipolar (al,in,ga,b)n optoelectronic devices
01/20/11Multimodal therapeutic hybrid particle complex and system
01/20/11Producing dicarboxylic acids using polyketide synthases
01/20/11Biocatalytic solgel microarrays
01/20/11Inhibitors of calcium-activated chloride channels
01/20/11Measuring outflow resistance/facility of an eye
01/20/11Method for identification and sequencing of proteins
01/13/11Structure for improving the mirror facet cleaving yield of (ga,al,in,b)n laser diodes grown on nonpolar or semipolar (ga,al,in,b)n substrates
01/13/11Dose reduction and image enhancement in tomography through the utilization of the objects surroundings as dynamic constraints
01/13/11Oxysterols for activation of hedgehog signaling, osteoinduction, antiadipogenesis, and wnt signaling
01/13/11Method for controlling glucose uptake and insulin sensitivity
01/13/11Methods of tissue generation and tissue engineered compositions
01/13/11High numerical aperture telemicroscopy apparatus
01/13/11Endovascular optical coherence tomography device
01/13/11Endoscopic long range fourier domain optical coherence tomography (lr-fd-oct)
01/13/11Methods and systems for genome-scale kinetic modeling
01/06/11Magnetic resonance imaging of living systems by remote detection
01/06/11Explosives tester
01/06/11Molecules that selectively home to vasculature of pre-malignant dysplastic lesions or malignancies
01/06/11Microfluidic gradient devices
01/06/11Proteins and polynucleotides of vibrio cholerae
01/06/11Androgen receptor modulator for the treatment of prostate cancer and androgen receptor-associated diseases
01/06/11Antiviral compounds for the treatment of hcv infection
01/06/11Scalable, cross-platform method for multi-tile display systems
10/27/11Colorimetric bioassay for perchlorate
03/31/11Method and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy using multiple-mode coils
09/22/11Alleviating disorders with combining agents that increase epoxygenated fatty acids and agents that increase camp
10/27/11Combination therapy to combat helminth resistance
08/11/11Amino acid and peptide conjugates of amiloride and methods of use thereof
11/24/11Treatment and prevention of chronic asthma using antagonists of integrin alphavbeta6
11/17/11Identifying high risk clinically isolated syndrome patients
10/20/11Cells with non-natural physiologies derived by expressing light-powered proton pumps in one or more membranes
03/17/11Detection of degradative enzymes and biomolecules in bodily fluids

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