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The Regents Of The University Of California
The Regents Of The University Of California A California Corporation
The Regents Of The University Of California Office Of Technology Transfer
The Regents Of The University Of California The Office Of The President
The Regents Of The University Of California Santa Cruz
The Regents Of The University Of California San Diego
The Regents Of The University Of California Corporation A California Corporation
The Regents Of The University Of California Office Of Technology
The Regents Of The University Of California And The Burnham Institute
The Regents Of The University Of California Angiodynamics Inc
The Regents Of The University Of California A University
The Regents Of The University Of California 02307w
The Regents Of The University Of California A U s Entity
The Regents Of The University Of California 1111 Franklin Street 12th Floor
The Regents Of The University Of California A Cali Fornia Corporation
The Regents Of The University Of California Office Of Technology Transfer University Of California
The Regents Of The University Of California_20100121
The Regents Of The University Of California_20100128
The Regents Of The University Of California_20131212
The Regents Of The University Of California_20100114
The Regents Of The University Of California_20100107
The Regents Of The University Of California Irvine
The Regents Of The University Of California Of Technology Transfer
The Regents Of The University Of California Davis

The Regents Of The University Of California patents (2012 archive)

Recent patent applications related to The Regents Of The University Of California. The Regents Of The University Of California is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: The Regents Of The University Of California may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with The Regents Of The University Of California, we're just tracking patents.

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Date The Regents Of The University Of California patents (2012 archive) (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12/27/12Microfluidic devices with flexible optically transparent electrodes
12/27/12Structures and fabrication techniques for solid state electrochemical devices
12/27/12Metamaterial-based optical lenses
12/27/12Integrated wind turbine
12/27/12Nanostructured transition metal oxides useful for water oxidation catalysis
12/27/12Methods and compositions for treating and preventing disease associated with avb5 integrin
12/27/12Antibodies to conformationally trapped proteins
12/27/12Fluorescent probes for reactive sulfur species
12/27/12Luminescent macrocyclic lanthanide complexes
12/27/1214-3-3 sigma as a biomarker of basal cancer
12/27/12Method for making mate-pair libraries
12/27/12Phenotyping tumor-infiltrating leukocytes
12/27/12Mr compatible compression based nuclear imaging system for breast cancer
12/27/12Nonlinear optical photodynamic therapy (nlo-pdt) of the cornea
12/20/12Current aperture vertical electron transistors with ammonia molecular beam epitaxy grown p-type gallium nitride as a current blocking layer
12/20/12Scalable distributed/cooperative/collaborative paradigm for multi-user interaction with projection-based display walls
12/20/12Replenishment and enrichment of ocular surface lubrication
12/20/12Three-dimensional cell adhesion matrix
12/20/12Assessment of solid tumor burden
12/20/12Detecting cyp24 expression level as a marker for predisposition to cancer
12/20/12Methods of inhibiting ire1
12/20/12Neural probe array and method of use
12/20/12Fabric-based pressure sensor arrays and methods for data analysis
12/13/12Low droop light emitting diode structure on gallium nitride semipolar substrates
12/13/12High emission power and low efficiency droop semipolar blue light emitting diodes
12/13/12Protein markers for lung cancer detection and methods of using thereof
12/13/12Methods and materials for making simvastatin and related compounds
12/13/12Recovery of sugars from ionic liquid biomass liquor by solvent extraction
12/13/12Biomarkers for the diagnosis of lacunar stroke
12/13/12Metal colloids with accessible metal surfaces
12/06/12Monolithically formed ewod device and method of making the same
12/06/12Semiconductor light-emitting device
12/06/12Methods to accelerate tissue and wound healing rates and reduce swelling and scar formation
12/06/12Oxysterols that activate liver x receptor signaling and inhibit hedgehog signaling
12/06/12Direct hierarchical assembly of nanoparticles
11/29/12Small volume liquid manipulation, method, apparatus and process
11/29/12Method and apparatus for the assessment of pulpal vitality using laser speckle imaging
11/29/12Novel method of acid hydrolysis of biomass and the recovery of sugars thereof by solvent extraction
11/29/12Graphene nanomesh and method of making the same
11/29/12Nanocrystal assembly for tandem catalysis
11/29/12Compositions and methods for gene signature-based chemical screening
11/29/12Amyloid binding agents
11/22/12Long baseline navigation system
11/22/12Hybrid cross-layer routing protocol for manets
11/22/12Overproduction of ligninolytic enzymes
11/22/12Luciferases and methods for making and using the same
11/22/12Microfluidic device for whole blood sample preparation
11/22/12Treatment of hyperproliferative disorders with diarylhydantoin compounds
11/22/12Methods of treating inflammatory conditions
11/22/12Molecular cobalt pentapyridine catalysts for generating hydrogen from water
11/15/12Method and apparatus for providing beams of nanodroplets for high sputtering rate of inert materials
11/15/12Gold coating of rare earth nano-phosphors and uses thereof
11/15/12Suppression of inclined defect formation and increase in critical thickness by silicon doping on non-c-plane (al,ga,in)n
11/15/12Defining and mining a joint pharmacophoric space through geometric features
11/08/12Simple route for alkali metal incorporation in solution-processed crystalline semiconductors
11/08/12Measuring biological tissue parameters using diffusion magnetic resonance imaging
11/08/12Methods of sensitizing cancer to therapy-induced cytotoxicity
11/08/12Fungi antagonistic to xylella fastidiosa
11/08/12Nanostructured silicon with useful thermoelectric properties
11/08/12Mutations in the bcr-abl tyrosine kinase associated with resistance to sti-571
11/08/12Manipulation of brain in a circuit-specific manner
11/08/12Magnetic resonance imaging using velocity selective excitation
11/08/12Endovascular prosthetic heart valve replacement
11/01/12Concentration independent modulation of local micromechanics in a fibrin gel
11/01/12Nanocomposite and method of making thereof
11/01/12Functionalized boron nitride nanotubes
11/01/12High indium uptake and high polarization ratio for group-iii nitride optoelectronic devices fabricated on a semipolar (20-2-1) plane of a gallium nitride substrate
11/01/12Frequency addressable microactuators
11/01/12Cofactors and methods for use for individuals
11/01/12Androstenediol as an indicator for assessing estrogenicity
11/01/12Tissue ablation with irreversible electroporation
11/01/12Compositions and methods for determining genetic polymorphisms in the tmem216 gene
10/25/12Structures and fabrication techniques for solid state electrochemical devices
10/25/12Methods of making metal-oxides and uses thereof for water treatment and energy applications
10/25/12Non-contact mechanical energy harvesting device and method utilizing frequency rectification
10/25/12Increasing the perfusion signal to noise ratio (snr) in velocity selective arterial spin labeling (vsasl) in magnetic resonance imaging
10/25/12Targeted nanoclusters and methods of their use
10/25/12Proteins with repetitive bacterial-ig-like (big) domains present in leptospira species
10/25/12Mapping vascular perfusion territories using magnetic resonance imaging
10/25/12Peritoneal dialysis methods and apparatus
10/25/12Collaborative targeted maximum likelihood learning
10/18/12Shallow-trench-isolation (sti)-bounded single-photon avalanche photodetectors
10/18/12Single molecule nucleic acid nanoparticles
10/18/12Intracellular molecular delivery based on nanostructure injectors
10/18/12Assay for vitamin b12 absorption and method of making labeled vitamin b12
10/18/12Decellularized and delipidized extracellular matrix and methods of use
10/18/12Methods for diagnosis and treatment of endometrial cancer
10/18/12Methods and systems for phylogenetic analysis
10/18/12Agents for enhanced charge transport across microbial membranes
10/18/12Block copolymer with simultaneous electric and ionic conduction for use in lithium ion batteries
10/11/12Quiet bleed valve for gas turbine engine
10/11/12Al(x)ga(1-x)n-cladding-free nonpolar iii-nitride based laser diodes and light emitting diodes
10/11/12Magnetic resonance imaging using randomized radio frequency pulses
10/11/12Apparatus and method for light emission detection for in-depth imaging of turbid media
10/11/12Systems and methods for fiber optic parametric amplification and nonlinear optical fiber for use therein
10/11/12Systems and methods for data fusion mapping estimation
10/11/12Electrical contact material in high-temperature electrochemical devices
10/11/12Cell-based systems for production of methyl formate
10/11/12Organo-metallic frameworks and methods of making same
10/11/12Complex mixed ligand open framework materials
10/11/12Chemically amplified response strategies for medical sciences
10/11/12Apparatus and method for signal extraction and separation
10/11/12Scar-less multi-part dna assembly design automation
10/04/12Lens-free wide-field super-resolution imaging device
10/04/12Nanometer-scale optical imaging by the modulation tracking (mt) method
10/04/12Peptides whose uptake by cells is controllable
10/04/12Microcapsule and methods of making and using microcapsules
09/27/12Scanning tunneling microscope assembly, reactor, and system
09/27/12Perivascular stem cell composition for bone
09/27/12Nanotechnological delivery of microbicides and other substances
09/27/12Mesh enclosed tissue constructs
09/27/12Mesh enclosed tissue constructs
09/20/12Collection tubes appratus, systems, and methods
09/20/12Spray gun
09/20/12High-speed on demand droplet generation and single cell encapsulation driven by induced cavitation
09/20/12Cardiac compositions
09/20/12Enterically coated cysteamine, cystamine and derivatives thereof
09/20/12Device constructs and methods of coating luminescent phosphors for display and lighting applications
09/13/12Molecular metal-oxo catalysts for generating hydrogen from water
09/13/12Temperature compensated oscillator including mems resonator for frequency control
09/13/12Salinosporamides and methods for use thereof
09/13/12Single wafer fabrication process for wavelength dependent reflectance for linear optical serialization of accelerometers
09/13/12Radioactive bone cement
09/13/12Bone cutting device
09/13/12Method for predicting adsorbent performance
09/06/12Method to produce methane rich fuel gas from carbonaceous feedstocks using a steam hydrogasification reactor and a water gas shift reactor
09/06/12Nanopore device for reversible ion and molecule sensing or migration
09/06/12Nanopipette apparatus for manipulating cells
09/06/12Multiplexed screening of enzyme activities using nanostructure-initiator mass spectrometry
09/06/12Methods for the identification and targeting of brain regions and structures and treatments related thereto
08/30/12Molecular molybdenum persulfide and related catalysts for generating hydrogen from water
08/30/12Incoherent lensfree cell holography and microscopy on a chip
08/30/12Iodine-125 production system and method
08/30/12Novel antiviral agents for enveloped viruses
08/30/12Transcription factor-based biosensors for detecting dicarboxylic acids
08/30/12Producing a trimethylpentanoic acid using hybrid polyketide synthases
08/30/12Transcutaneous multimodal delivery system (tmds)
08/30/12System for analyzing physiological signals to predict medical conditions
08/30/12Cancer specific mitotic network
08/23/12Commingled coal and biomass slurries
08/23/12Nanomotor-based patterning of surface microstructures
08/23/12Systems and methods of detecting force and stress using tetrapod nanocrystal
08/23/12Fast pulsed neutron generator
08/23/12Metabolic biomarkers of crohn's disease
08/23/12Vault complexes for cytokine delivery
08/23/12Methods and compositions for treating neurodegenerative disorders and alzheimer's disease and improving normal memory
08/23/12Methods and compositions for assaying a sample for an aggregant
08/23/12Tyrosine kinase receptor antagonists and methods of treatment for pancreatic cancer
08/23/12Molecular predictors of therapeutic response to specific anti-cancer agents
08/23/12Combination treatment of hydroxpyridonate actinide/lanthanide decorporation agents
08/23/12Preparation of metal-catecholate frameworks
08/23/12Device, methods, and control for sonic guidance of molecules and other material utilizing time-reversal acoustics
08/23/12Multimodal dynamic robotic systems
08/16/12Four degree of freedom (4-dof) single modular robot unit or joint
08/16/12Prohealing endovascular devices
08/16/12Method for fabrication of semipolar (al, in, ga, b)n based light emitting diodes
08/16/12Non-polar (al,b,in,ga)n quantum well and heterostructure materials and devices
08/16/12(al, in, ga, b)n device structures on a patterned substrate
08/16/12Cationic polymer coated mesoporous silica nanoparticles and uses thereof
08/16/12Bioactivation of particles
08/16/12Plasmonic system for detecting binding of biological molecules
08/16/12Pyrimido-pyrrolo-quinoxalinedione inhibitors of cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator protein and uses therefor
08/16/12Fluid delivery system
08/16/12Design and implementation of novel and/or enhanced bacterial microcompartments for customizing metabolism
08/16/12Nitrate-responsive promoter
08/09/12Three dimensional dye-sensitized solar cells with nanoscale architectures
08/09/12Metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (mocvd) growth of high performance non-polar iii-nitride optical devices
08/09/12Low noise, stable avalanche photodiode
08/09/12Preparation and use of nanowrinkles
08/09/12Combinations of biological control agents with a nematicidal seed coating
08/09/12Antibodies capable of specifically binding to a specific amino acid sequence
08/09/12Detection of low concentration biological agents
08/02/12Nanostructure, photovoltaic device, and method of fabrication thereof
08/02/12Novel lanthanide doped strontium-barium cesium halide scintillators
08/02/12Method for heteroepitaxial growth of high-quality n-face gan, inn, and ain and their alloys by metal organic chemical vapor deposition
08/02/12High throughput label free nanoparticle detection and size assay
08/02/12Ring oscillator delta sigma adc modulator with replica path nonlinearity calibration
08/02/12Novel hydrogen storage materials
08/02/12Salivary transcriptomic and microbial biomarkers for pancreatic cancer
08/02/12Methods for detecting autodigestion
07/26/12Preparation of metal-triazolate frameworks
07/26/12Method for conductivity control of (al,in,ga,b)n
07/26/12Lovd mutants exhibiting improved properties towards simvastatin synthesis
07/26/12Microfluidic devices and methods for malaria detection
07/26/12Microbial conversion of plant biomass to advanced biofuels
07/26/12Method for automated, large-scale measurement of the molecular flux rates of the proteome or the organeome using mass spectrometry
07/26/12Biomarker of lung cancer
07/26/12Diarylthiohydantoin compounds
07/26/12Distributed external and internal wireless sensor systems for characterization of surface and subsurface biomedical structure and condition
07/26/12Apparatus and method for cutting costal cartilage
07/19/12Iii-nitride flip-chip solar cells
07/19/12Monoclonal antibodies
07/19/12Graphene-based structure, method of suspending graphene membrane, and method of depositing material onto graphene membrane
07/19/12Methods and compositions for the production of fatty acids in photosynthetic prokaryotic microorganisms
07/19/12Photoactive metal nitrosyls for blood pressure regulation and cancer therapy
07/19/12Stable plasmid expression vector for bacteria
07/19/12System and method for high density assembly and packing of micro-reactors
07/19/12Enhancement of bmp retention
07/12/12Planar nonpolar group-iii nitride films grown on miscut substrates
07/12/12Detection of j-coupling using atomic magnetometer
07/12/12Partially-filled electrode-to-resonator gap
07/12/12Liquid chromatography detection unit, system, and method
07/12/12Spatial biomarker of disease and detection of spatial organization of cellular receptors
07/05/12System and method for at-nozzle injection of agrochemicals
07/05/12Apparatus for producing x-rays for use in imaging
07/05/12Fibromodulin peptide
07/05/12Luminescent porous silicon nanoparticles for targeted delivery and immunization
07/05/12Combination of spla2 activity and oxpl/apob cardiovascular risk factors for the diagnosis/prognosis of a cardiovascular disease/event
07/05/12Extraction of extracellular terpenoids from microalgae colonies
07/05/12Functionalization of nanofluidic channels
07/05/12Damascene process for use in fabricating semiconductor structures having micro/nano gaps
07/05/12Virus discovery by sequencing and assembly of virus-derived sirnas, mirnas, pirnas
07/05/12Open metal organic frameworks with exceptional surface area and high gas storage capacity
07/05/12Multimodality nuclear imaging reconstruction method
06/28/12Dram cell utilizing a doubly gated vertical channel
06/28/12Method for enhancing growth of semi-polar (al,in,ga,b)n via metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
06/28/12Black ge based on crystalline/amorphous core/shell nanoneedle arrays
06/28/12Ammonothermal growth of group-iii nitride crystals on seeds with at least two surfaces making an acute, right or obtuse angle with each other
06/28/12Methods and systems for phylogenetic analysis
06/21/12Ohmic cathode electrode on the backside of nonpolar m-plane (1-100) and semipolar (20-21) bulk gallium nitride substrates
06/21/12Method of fabrication of carbon nanofibers on nickel foam
06/21/12Compact wide-field fluorescent imaging on a mobile device
06/21/12Variants of nrr activate plant disease resistance
06/14/12Magnetic resonance imaging with high spatial and temporal resolution
06/14/12Method and device for multi-parameter imaging within a single fluorescent channel
06/14/12Device and methods of detection of airborne agents
06/14/12Novel oxide materials and synthesis by fluoride/chloride anion promoted exfoliation
06/14/12Peptides and aptamers for targeting of neuron or nerves
06/14/12Engineered demeter 5-methylcytosine dna glyosylase with improved yield, stability and solubility
06/14/12Methods for assessing atherogenesis by determining oxidized phospholipid to apolipoprotein b ratios
06/14/12Microfluidic devices and methods
06/14/12Sortase a inhibitors
06/14/12Nanofibers and morphology shifting micelles
06/14/12Brassica indehiscent1 sequences
06/14/12Treatment of sphincter dysfunction
06/14/12Peptides for stimulating plant disease resistance
06/07/12Method and apparatus for super-high rate deposition
06/07/12Method for reduction of efficiency droop using an (al,in,ga)n/al(x)in(1-x)n superlattice electron blocking layer in nitride based light emitting diodes
06/07/12Method for fabrication of (al,in,ga) nitride based vertical light emitting diodes with enhanced current spreading of n-type electrode
06/07/12Composite right/left (crlh) couplers
06/07/12Compact dual-band metamaterial-based hybrid ring coupler
06/07/12Ig-pconsensus gene vaccination protects from antibody-dependent immune pathology in autoimmune disease
06/07/12Microfabricated integrated dna analysis system
06/07/12Nucleic acids encoding a g-protein coupled receptor involved in sensory transduction
06/07/12Dna-cell conjugates
06/07/12Analogs of shk toxin and their uses in selective inhibition of kv1.3 potassium channels
06/07/12Nucleic acid delivery compositions and methods of use thereof
06/07/12Nanostructured polymer membranes for selective alcohol transport
06/07/12Systems and methods for analyzing building operations sensor data
06/07/12Generating audio annotations for search and retrieval
05/31/12Gas sensor
05/31/12Luminescent solar energy concentrator
05/31/12Carbon dioxide capture and storage using open frameworks
05/31/12Peptides whose uptake in cells is controllable
05/31/12Embryonic stem cell specific micrornas promote induced pluripotency
05/31/12Nucleic acids encoding t2r, a novel family of taste receptors
05/31/12Isoprene hydrocarbon production using genetically engineered cyanobacteria
05/31/12Novel nucleic acid constructs containing orthogonal site selective recombinases (ossrs)
05/31/12Cell handling, electroporation and electrofusion in microfluidic systems
05/31/12Multi-modality nanoparticles having optically responsive shape
05/24/12Light emitting diode for droop improvement
05/24/12High power, high efficiency and low efficiency droop iii-nitride light-emitting diodes on semipolar substrates
05/24/12Monolithically integrated multi-wavelength high-contrast grating vcsel array
05/24/12Methods for detecting and inhibiting angiogenesis
05/24/12Superhydrophilic nanostructure
05/24/12Systems and methods for identifying and disrupting cellular organelles
05/24/12Aligning cells on wrinkled surface
05/24/12Biochemical platform for fuels and chemicals production from cellulosic biomass
05/24/12Thermostable cellulases, and mutants thereof, capable of hydrolyzing cellulose in ionic liquid
05/24/12Oxidative homo-coupling reactions of aryl boronic acids using a porous copper metal-organic framework as a highly efficient heterogeneous catalyst
05/24/12Method for direct functionalization of polyaniline and other molecules having diiminoquinoid ring via c-c bond formation, and product yielded therewith
05/24/12Transaction verification on rfid enabled payment and transaction instruments
05/17/12Heat transfer interface and method of improving heat transfer
05/17/12Nanostructures having crystalline and amorphous phases
05/17/12Methods and devices for sorting cells and other biological particulates
05/17/12Electronically conductive polymer binder for lithium-ion battery electrode
05/17/12Technique for the growth of planar semi-polar gallium nitride
05/17/12Vertical outgassing channels
05/17/12Highly basic ionomers and membranes and anion/hydroxide exchange fuel cells comprising the ionomers and membranes
05/17/12Proteins with repetitive bacterial-ig-like (big) domains present in leptospira species
05/17/12Method and system for controlling rate of change of ratio in a continuously variable transmission
05/17/12Lung-targeted drugs
05/17/12No-carrier-added nucleophilic [f-18] fluorination of aromatic compounds
05/10/12Kohler homogenizer for solar concentrator
05/10/12Spin injection device having semiconductor-ferromagnetic-semiconductor structure and spin transistor
05/10/12Apparatus and method for increasing spin relaxation times for alkali atoms in alkali vapor cells
05/10/12Method and apparatus for interference cancellation and detection using precoders
05/10/12Successive transmit beamforming methods for multiple-antenna orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) systems
05/10/12Mesenchymal stem cells producing inhibitory rna for disease modification
05/10/12Molecular flux rates through critical pathways measured by stable isotope labeling in vivo, as biomarkers of drug action and disease activity
05/10/12Diagnostic methods for the detection of risk of neurodevelopmental disorders
05/10/12Product of fatty acid esters from biomass polymers
05/10/12Nucleic acid molecules encoding tnf-alpha ligand polypeptides having a cd154 domain
05/03/12Group-iii nitride solar cells grown on high quality group-iii nitride crystals mounted on foreign material
05/03/12Magnetically actuated micro-electro-mechanical capacitor switches in laminate
05/03/12Strain compensated short-period superlattices on semipolar or nonpolar gan for defect reduction and stress engineering
05/03/12Textured iii-v semiconductor
05/03/12High light extraction efficiency nitride based light emitting diode by surface roughening
05/03/12Homogeneous dual-rail logic for dpa attack resistive secure circuit design
05/03/12Sensing devices and techniques using 3-d arrays based on surface plasmon excitations
05/03/12Magnesium doping in barriers in multiple quantum well structures of iii-nitride-based light emitting devices
05/03/12Receptors useful for gas phase chemical sensing
05/03/12Inhibitors of intracellular urokinase plasminogen activator and methods of use thereof
04/26/12Imprinted polymer nanoparticles
04/26/12Acoustic substrate
04/26/12Limiting strain relaxation in iii-nitride hetero-structures by substrate and epitaxial layer patterning
04/26/12Defect reduction of non-polar and semi-polar iii-nitrides with sidewall lateral epitaxial overgrowth (sleo)
04/26/12Methods of modulating cold sensory perception
04/26/12Methods and compositions for generating self attenuating genetic circuitry
04/26/12Vicinal semipolar iii-nitride substrates to compensate tilt of relaxed hetero-epitaxial layers
04/26/12Transducible delivery of nucleic acids using modified dsrna binding domains
04/26/12System and method for identifying networks of ternary relationships in complex data systems
04/19/12Synthesis of conducting polymer nanofibers using an oligomer of a monomer as an initiator
04/19/12In-situ defect reduction techniques for nonpolar and semipolar (al, ga, in)n
04/19/12Method of assessing human fall risk using mobile systems
04/19/12Synthetic diblock copolypeptide hydrogels for use in the central nervous system
04/19/12Method of treating degenerative disorders of the nervous system
04/19/12Video games for training sensory and perceptual skills
04/19/12Detecting and treating breast cancer resistance to egfr inhibitors
04/19/12Discovery of selective glucocorticoid receptor modulators by multiplexed reporter screening
04/19/12Histone modification patterns for clinical diagnosis and prognosis of cancer
04/19/122-oxamide inhibitors of phospholipase a2 activity and cellular arachidonate release based on dipeptides and pseudopeptides
04/12/12Furan conjugated polymers useful for photovoltaic applications
04/12/12Method for increasing the area of non-polar and semi-polar nitride substrates
04/12/12Consensus/ancestral immunogens
04/12/12Oligomer functionalized nanotubes and composites formed therewith
04/05/12Apparatus and method for solar thermal energy collection
04/05/12Metal and metal oxide co-functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes for high performance gas sensors
04/05/12Milli-meter-wave-wireless-interconnect (m2w2 - interconnect) method for short-range communications with ultra-high data capability
04/05/12Insulin-like growth factor signaling and integrin
04/05/12Anticancer agents
04/05/12Expandable distension device for hollow organ growth
03/29/12Solution-processed inorganic photo-voltaic devices and methods of production
03/29/12Growth of reduced dislocation density non-polar gallium nitride
03/29/12Growth of non-polar m-plane iii-nitride film using metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (mocvd)
03/29/12Lateral growth method for defect reduction of semipolar nitride films
03/29/12Miscut semipolar optoelectronic device
03/29/12Long distance transmission using multi-mode vcsel under injection locking
03/29/12Asymmetrically cladded laser diode
03/29/12Magneto-optic nanocrystalline oxides and methods of forming the same
03/29/12Human protein scaffold with controlled serum pharmacokinetics
03/29/12Methods of treating cancers
03/29/12Combination anti-hiv vectors, targeting vectors, and methods of use
03/29/12Targets in breast cancer for prognosis or therapy
03/29/12Expression system of nell peptide
03/29/12Infertility associated defb-126 deletion polymorphism
03/29/12Small molecule inhibitors of rna silencing
03/29/12Fluidic flow cytometry devices and particle sensing based on signal-encoding
03/29/12Searching for virtual world objects
03/22/12Dislocation reduction in non-polar iii-nitride thin films
03/22/12Method of controlling stress in group-iii nitride films deposited on substrates
03/22/12Crystal growth of m-plane and semipolar planes of (al, in, ga, b)n on various substrates
03/22/12High resolution structured illumination microscopy
03/22/12Polymeric nano-carriers with a linear dual response mechanism and uses thereof
03/22/12Novel methods for prediciting and treating tumors resistant to drug, immunotherapy and radiation
03/22/12Tissue ablation with irreversible electroporation
03/15/12Biomarker normalization
03/15/12Layered inorganic nanocrystal photovoltaic devices
03/15/12Assembly of magnetically tunable photonic crystals in nonpolar solvents
03/15/12Optoelectronic device based on non-polar and semi-polar aluminum indium nitride and aluminum indium gallium nitride alloys
03/15/12Semiconductor on insulator (xoi) for high performance field effect transistors
03/15/12Cdma-based crosstalk cancellation for on-chip global high-speed links
03/15/12Group-iii nitride crystal ammonothermally grown using an initially off-oriented non-polar or semi-polar growth surface of a group-iii nitride seed crystal
03/15/12Psca: prostate stem cell antigen and uses thereof
03/15/12Serum free culture medium and supplement
03/15/12Modulation of nkg2d
03/15/12Escherichia coli metabolic engineering oxygen independent platform strains and methods of use thereof
03/15/12Apparatus and method for culturing stem cells
03/15/12Pamoic acid blocks ethylene signaling
03/15/12Pyrazolo pyrimidine derivatives and methods of use thereof
03/15/12Renal injury inhibiting devices, systems, and methods employing low-frequency ultrasound or other cyclical pressure energies
03/15/12Isoform nell-1 peptide
03/15/12Method and appliance for cosmetic skincare
03/15/12Digital processors
03/08/12Light emitting diodes with a p-type surface bonded to a transparent submount to increase light extraction efficiency
03/08/12High density non-volatile information storagehigh density non-volatile information storage
03/08/12Photonic devices having degenerate or split spectral band edges and methods for using the same
03/08/12Cytosolic delivery of materials with endosome-disrupting colloids
03/08/12Methods and compositions for stem cell cultures
03/08/12Porous optical sensor with fiducial marker and method for detection of analytes
03/08/12Phosphonate compounds
03/08/12Method for preparation of micellar hybrid nanoparticles for therapeutic and diagnostic applications and compositions thereof
03/08/12Computer tomography sorting based on internal anatomy of patients
03/08/12Method for efficiently supporting interactive, fuzzy search on structured data
03/08/12Web-page-based system for designing database driven web applications
03/01/12Multi-junction solar cells with an aplanatic imaging system and coupled non-imaging light concentrator
03/01/12Enhancement of optical polarization of nitride light-emitting diodes by increased indium incorporation
03/01/12Vaccines against tularemia
03/01/12Culture system for stem cell propagation and neural and oligodendrocyte specification
03/01/12Novel lipoxygenase inhibitors as neuroprotective agents
03/01/12System and method for generating a relationship network
02/23/12Apparatus and methods for high throughput biomolecule separation and analysis
02/23/12Plant-based production of heterologous proteins
02/23/12Mostly natural dna sequencing by synthesis
02/23/12Inhibitors of soluble epoxide hydrolase to inhibit or prevent niacin-induced flushing
02/23/12Novel biomimetic peptoid polymers
02/23/12Method of reducing acetylation in plants to improve biofuel production
02/16/12Tracer method to estimate rates of methane generation through augmentation or biostimulation of the sub-surface
02/16/12Thin p-type gallium nitride and aluminum gallium nitride electron-blocking layer free gallium nitride-based light emitting diodes
02/16/12Novel responsive polymer system and nanohybrid thin films
02/16/12Glioblastoma multiforme-reactive antibodies and methods of use thereof
02/09/12Reversible ethylene oxide capture in porous frameworks
02/09/12Three dimensional folded mems technology for multi-axis sensor systems
02/09/12Conjugated polymers for use in homogeneous and solid state assays
02/09/12Methods to determine atherosclerosis regression, plaque stabiliztion and cardiovascular risk
02/09/12Orally administered peptides synergize statin activity
02/09/12Prokineticin receptor antagonists and uses thereof
02/02/12Disinfestation and disinfection of food, perishables and other commodities
02/02/12Single-sided continuous optoelectrowetting (sceow) device for droplet manipulation with light patterns
02/02/12Method for preparing unique composition high performance anode materials for lithium ion batteries
02/02/12Mesoporous nanocrystalline film architecture for capacitive storage devices
02/02/12Method and apparatus for the use of multiple-input, mutliple output (mimo) systems for multi-packet reception (mpr) in a distributed time slot assignment protocol
02/02/12Inductive plasma source and plasma containment
02/02/12Annular core liquid-salt cooled reactor with multiple fuel and blanket zones
02/02/12Discovery of candidate biomarkers of in vivo apoptosis by global profiling of caspase cleavage sites
02/02/12Gas sensor incorporating a porous framework
02/02/12System and method for recycling surfactant in emulsion production
01/26/12Conductive organometallic framework
01/26/12Surface and gas phase doping of iii-v semiconductors
01/26/12Light emitting devices with embedded void-gap structures through bonding of structured materials on active devices
01/26/12Optoelectronic devices with embedded void structures
01/26/12Photoelectrochemical etching of p-type semiconductor heterostructures
01/26/12Emp2 antibodies and their therapeutic uses
01/26/12Structured silver-mesoporous silica nanoparticles having antimicrobial activity
01/26/12Composite nanostructures and methods for making and using them
01/26/12Id-1 gene and gene products as therapeutic targets for treatment of breast cancer and other types of carcinoma
01/26/12Synthesis of nanopeapods by galvanic displacement of segmented nanowires
01/26/12Mutations in the bcr-abl tyrosine kinase associated with resistance to sti-571
01/26/12Method for the evolutionary design of biochemical reaction networks
01/26/12Compositions to prevent and treat type-1 diabetes
01/19/12Peptides whose uptake by cells is controllable
01/19/12Methods of treating non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (nash) using cysteamine products
01/19/12Enterically coated cysteamine, cystamine and derivatives thereof
01/19/12Method for transurethral delivery of thermal therapy to tissue
01/12/12Disinfestation and disinfection of food, perishables and other commodities
01/12/12Optical determination of glucose utilizing boronic acid adducts
01/12/12Nanofibers from polyaniline derivatives and methods of synthesizing and using the same
01/12/12T2r, a novel family of taste receptors
01/12/12Inorganically surface-modified polymers and methods for making and using them
01/12/12Circumferential ablation device assembly
01/12/12Hyddroperoxide genes and tolerance to abiotic stress in plants
01/05/12Devices and methods for forming double emulsion droplet compositions and polymer particles
01/05/12Imaging arrangement and microscope
01/05/12Loss modulated silicon evanescent lasers
01/05/12Ring resonator based optical isolator and circulator
01/05/12Lateral ventricle cell compositions and use for treating neural degenerative diseases
01/05/12Cancer biomarkers and methods of use thereof
01/05/12Device for capturing circulating cells
01/05/12Compositions for solubilizing tissue
01/05/12G-type peptides and other agents to ameliorate atherosclerosis and other pathologies
01/05/12Chemically inducible cucumber mosaic virus protein expression system
05/03/12Image-based barcode reader
02/16/12Metalloprotein inhibitors
09/13/12Bladder cancer specific ligand peptides
08/23/12Beta-defensin 2 genetic variation predicts h. pylori susceptibility
11/29/12Gfp mutagenesis amplification: use of a fluorescence-antibiotic resistance fusion dual reporter construct to provide quantitative and highly sensitive detection of mutations
05/03/12Novel anti-parasitic compounds
04/19/12Isolation of a c5-deprotonated imidazolium, a crystalline abnormal n-heterocyclic carbene
06/21/12Pathway recognition algorithm using data integration on genomic models (pagadigm)
12/20/12Video frame synchronization for a federation of projectors using camera feedback
12/06/12Direct drive micro hearing device
02/02/12Treatment and prevention of chronic asthma using antagonists of integrin alphavbeta6

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