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The Regents Of The University Of California
The Regents Of The University Of California A California Corporation
The Regents Of The University Of California Office Of Technology Transfer
The Regents Of The University Of California The Office Of The President
The Regents Of The University Of California Santa Cruz
The Regents Of The University Of California San Diego
The Regents Of The University Of California Corporation A California Corporation
The Regents Of The University Of California Office Of Technology
The Regents Of The University Of California And The Burnham Institute
The Regents Of The University Of California Angiodynamics Inc
The Regents Of The University Of California A University
The Regents Of The University Of California 02307w
The Regents Of The University Of California A U s Entity
The Regents Of The University Of California 1111 Franklin Street 12th Floor
The Regents Of The University Of California A Cali Fornia Corporation
The Regents Of The University Of California Office Of Technology Transfer University Of California
The Regents Of The University Of California_20100121
The Regents Of The University Of California_20100128
The Regents Of The University Of California_20131212
The Regents Of The University Of California_20100114
The Regents Of The University Of California_20100107
The Regents Of The University Of California Irvine
The Regents Of The University Of California Of Technology Transfer
The Regents Of The University Of California Davis

The Regents Of The University Of California patents (2015 archive)

Recent patent applications related to The Regents Of The University Of California. The Regents Of The University Of California is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: The Regents Of The University Of California may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with The Regents Of The University Of California, we're just tracking patents.

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Date The Regents Of The University Of California patents (2015 archive) (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12/31/15Method for accurate and robust cardiac motion self-gating in magnetic resonance imaging
12/31/15Devices for sorting cells in a sample and methods for use thereof
12/31/15Method of forming oriented block copolymer line patterns, block copolymer line patterns formed thereby, and their use to form patterned articles
12/31/15Methods for preparing alkylfurans
12/31/15Antibodies to oxidized phospholipids
12/31/15Anti-cd83 antibodies and use thereof
12/31/15Use of nkg2d inhibitors for treating cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes
12/31/15Cd47 targeted therapies for the treatment of infectious disease
12/31/15Compositions for controlled assembly and improved ordering of silicon-containing block copolymers
12/31/15Biofuel production by recombinant microorganisms
12/31/15Method to generate novel bioactive molecules
12/31/15Compositions and methods for detecting human pegivirus 2 (hpgv-2)
12/31/15Hybrid, planar optofluidic integration
12/31/15Nonlinear ultrasonic testing for non-destructive measurement of longitudinal thermal stresses in solids
12/31/15Compensated patch-clamp amplifier for nanopore polynucleotide sequencing and other applications
12/31/15Methods for identifying arthropod repellents based on modulation of specific ionotropic receptors, and compounds and compositions identified by such methods
12/31/15Biomarkers for radiation exposure
12/31/15System and method for pick-and-drop sampling
12/31/15Ic layout adjustment method and tool for improving dielectric reliability at interconnects
12/31/15Methods of decoding speech from the brain and systems for practicing the same
12/31/15Switchable luminance led light bulb
12/24/15Composition with high antimicrobial activity and low toxicity
12/24/15System and method for modeling brain dynamics in normal and diseased states
12/24/15Sem scanner sensing apparatus, system and methodology for early detection of ulcers
12/24/15Bidirectional vascular filter and method of use
12/24/15Apparatus and methods for bidirectional hyperelastic stent covers
12/24/15Mobilization of hematopoietic stem cells from bone marrow to blood using a combination of a robo4 receptor antagonist and a cxcr4 antagonist or hrvegf-165 and a cxcr4 antagonist
12/24/15Synthetic tlr4 and tlr7 ligands as vaccine adjuvants
12/24/15Cobinamide-based materials for optical sensing and gas removal
12/24/15Chimeric antigen receptor and methods of use thereof
12/24/15Microfluidic devices to extract, concentrate and isolate molecules
12/24/15Vault and vault like carrier molecules
12/24/15High-sensitive fluorescent energy transfer assay using fluorescent amino acids and fluoresent proteins
12/24/15Energy infrastructure sensor data rectification using regression models
12/24/15Method for the fabrication and transfer of graphene
12/24/15Method for the reuse of gallium nitride epitaxial substrates
12/24/15High power blue-violet iii-nitride semipolar laser diodes
12/24/15Anamorphic stretch image compression
12/24/15Peach tree named 'kader'
12/17/15Label free molecular detection methods, systems and devices
12/17/15Assessing endothelial function using a blood pressure cuff
12/17/15Portable heart motion monitor
12/17/15Measuring oxygen levels in an implant, and implants having incorporated oxygen sensing
12/17/15Pretargeted activatable cell penetrating peptide with intracellularly releasable prodrug
12/17/15Methods and devices for sorting cells and other biological particulates
12/17/15Iron pyrite thin films from molecular inks
12/17/15Targeting gli proteins in human cancer by small molecules
12/17/15Centrally active and orally bioavailable antidotes for organophosphate exposure and methods for making and using them
12/17/15In vitro production of medial ganglionic eminence precursor cells
12/17/15Method of producing dicer
12/17/15High index contrast grating structure for light manipulation and related method
12/17/15Methods for genome assembly and haplotype phasing
12/17/15Passivated porous silicon nanowires
12/17/15Flexible porous aluminum oxide films
12/17/15Controlled porosity in electrodes
12/17/15Silicon oxide (sio) anode enabled by a conductive polymer binder and performance enhancement by stabilized lithium metal power (slmp)
12/10/15Portable broadband diffuse optical spectroscopic imaging (dosi) device for noninvasive tissue characterization
12/10/15Integrated multimodality intravascular imaging system that combines optical coherence tomography, ultrasound imaging, and acoustic radiation force optical coherence elastography
12/10/15Growth factor sequestering and presenting hydrogels
12/10/15Systems and methods for tendon-driven robotic mechanisms
12/10/15First row metal-based catalysts for hydosilylation
12/10/15Methods and compositions for treatment of cyanide and hydrogen sulfide toxicity
12/10/15Synthetic transcription factor and uses thereof
12/10/15Rapid fabrication of hierarchically structured supramolecular nanocomposite thin films in one minute
12/10/15Growth arrested cells useful for producing compounds
12/10/15Axi-symmetric small-footprint gyroscope with interchangeable whole-angle and rate operation
12/10/15Ultra-sensitive force sensing based on evanescent light
12/10/15Method and device for isolating cells from heterogeneous solution using microfluidic trapping vortices
12/10/15System and method for deforming and analyzing particles
12/10/15Multi-modal system and method to improve human memory using a video game
12/10/15Rapid identification of optimized combinations of input parameters for a complex system
12/10/15Methods and devices for in situ synthesis of metal oxides in carbon nanotube arrays
12/10/15Frequency divider apparatus
12/10/15Strawberry cultivars
12/03/15Video-guided chest tube insertion system
12/03/15Method and composition for treating spasticity
12/03/15Anti-epha2 antibodies and methods of use thereof
12/03/15Compositions and methods for in vivo imaging
12/03/15Method for direct photopatterning of molecules on surfaces
12/03/15Substituted benzaldehyde compounds and methods for their use in increasing tissue oxygenation
12/03/15System, method and devices for tissue-based diagnosis
12/03/15Polymer enhancement of enzymatic activity
12/03/15Nanoparticle analyzer
12/03/15High spatial and temporal resolution dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging
12/03/15Cardiac late gadolinium enhancement mri for patients with implanted cardiac devices
12/03/15Dynamic infrared-reflective materials based on reflectin films
12/03/15Noise reduction methods for nucleic acid and macromolecule sequencing
12/03/15Asymmetric hybrid supercapacitors based on nanotube nanowire composites
12/03/15Referenceless clock recovery circuit with wide frequency acquisition range
11/26/15Hypersonic laminar flow control
11/26/15Synthesis of difluoromethyl ethers and sulfides
11/26/15Fluorination of aryl compounds
11/26/15Splice modulating oligonucleotides that inhibit cancer
11/26/15Phosphoribosyl pyrophosphate synthetase 2 (prps2) as a therapeutic target in cancer treatment
11/26/15Array for detecting microbes
11/26/15High density nanopore polynucleotide sequencer
11/26/15Chemical vapor deposition growth of graphene
11/26/15Method for the determination of biomolecule turnover rates
11/26/15Full duplex reconfigurable antenna self-interference cancellation systems
11/19/15Noninvasive 4-d time-resolved dynamic magnetic resonance angiography
11/19/15Compositions and methods for treating retinal diseases
11/19/15Modulation of oxidative stress, inflammation, and impaired insulin sensitivity with grape seed extract
11/19/15Modular radiochemistry synthesis system
11/19/15Compstatin analogs
11/19/15Proteins with repetitive bacterial-ig-like (big) domains present in leptospira species
11/19/15Anti-emp2 therapy reduces cancer stem cells
11/19/15Emp2 antibodies and their therapeutic uses
11/19/15Thin film deposition apparatus and thin film deposition method using electric field
11/19/15Interfacial concentration and orientation of droplet contents for enhanced detection using electrical impedance spectroscopy
11/19/15Novel approach to asthma inhaler compliance using breath measurement of tetrafluoroethane
11/19/15Rapid discovery and screening of enzyme activity using mass spectrometry
11/19/15Voltage-controlled magnetic anisotropy (vcma) switch and magneto-electric memory (meram)
11/19/15Sensor-assisted biometric authentication for smartphones
11/12/15Fibrotic non-human animal, and use thereof
11/12/15Intuitive prosthetic interface
11/12/15Nonlinear optical photodynamic therapy (nlo-pdt) of the cornea
11/12/15Viral vector nanocapsule for targeting gene therapy and its preparation
11/12/15New itch treatment using a combination of neurokinin-1, gastrin releasing peptide, and glutamate receptor antagonists
11/12/15Cryopreservation of cells inside a macro-encapsulation device
11/12/15System and method for modulation of cardiac tissue
11/12/15Polymerized metal-organic material for printable photonic devices
11/12/15Escherichia coli engineered for isobutyraldehyde production
11/12/15Real-time, label-free detection of macromolecules in droplets based on electrical measurements
11/12/15Devices, systems and methods for coating surfaces
11/12/15Self-aligning probes and related devices
11/12/15A spatially alternating asymmetric field ion mobility spectrometry
11/12/15Satb1: a determinant of morphogenesis and tumor metastatis
11/12/15Blood markers for lung cancer predisposition
11/12/15Lithographic patterning of insulating or semiconducting solid state material in crystalline form
11/12/15Automated image system for scoring changes in quantitative interstitial lung disease
11/05/15Real-time cortical mapping
11/05/15Configuration and spatial placement of frontal electrode sensors to detect physiological signals
11/05/15System and method for reconstructing cardiac activation information
11/05/15Stent with expandable foam
11/05/15Controlled release corticosteroid compositions and methods for the treatment of otic disorders
11/05/15Controlled release auris sensory cell modulator compositions and methods for the treatment of otic disorders
11/05/15Salinosporamides and methods of use thereof
11/05/15Anticonvulsant activity of steroids
11/05/15Administration of growth factors for the treatment of cns disorders
11/05/15Methods and compositions of protein antigens for the diagnosis and treatment of leptospirosis
11/05/15Compositions and methods for mediating plant stomatal development in response to carbon dioxide and applications for engineering drought tolerance in plants
11/05/15One-pot fermentation process for simvastatin production
11/05/15Methods of identifying biomarkers associated with or causative of the progression of disease
11/05/15Archimedean cages, polyhedra, and nanotube structures and methods
11/05/15Micropillar arrays for assaying myelination
11/05/15Electrophoretic separation devices and methods for using the same
11/05/15Vertically stacked heterostructures including graphene
11/05/15Graphene-based non-boolean logic circuits
11/05/15Full-duplex self-interference cancellation systems
10/29/15Systems and methods for evaluation of neuropathologies
10/29/15In vivo positionable filtration devices and methods related thereto
10/29/15Multi-layer cast systems and methods
10/29/15Hmgb1-derived peptides enhance immune response to antigens
10/29/15Factor viii mutation repair and tolerance induction
10/29/15Model-based personalization scheme of an artificial pancreas for type i diabetes applications
10/29/15Metal-organic framework for the separation of alkane isomers
10/29/15Small molecules for restoring function to p53 cancer mutants
10/29/15Cylindrins as etiologic agents of amyloid diseases
10/29/15Methods of modulating cold sensory perception
10/29/15Producing 3-hydroxycarboxylic acid and ketone using polyketide synthases
10/29/15Modulation of expression of acyltransferases to modify hydroxycinnamic acid content
10/29/15Systems and methods for particle classification and sorting
10/29/15Non-competitive immunoassays to detect small molecules using nanopeptamers
10/29/15Circulating proteolytic biomarkers of cell death and methods for the use thereof
10/29/15Mri-based fat double bond mapping
10/29/15Reduction of thermo-optic effects in silicon photonics
10/29/15Iii-v photonic integration on silicon
10/29/15Practical dynamic proofs of retrievability
10/29/15Core-shell structured nanoparticles for lithium-sulfur cells
10/29/15Electronically conductive polymer binder for lithium-ion battery electrode
10/29/15Scalable serial/de-serial i/o for chip-to-chip connection based on multi-frequency qam scheme
10/29/15Self track scheme for multi frequency band serializer de-serializer i/o circuits
10/22/15Polymer plasticizing agents that produce polymers that do not release endocrine disrupting compounds
10/22/15Methods of decoding speech from brain activity data and devices for practicing the same
10/22/15Inhibition of viral infection-triggered asthma with c-kit inhibitor
10/22/15Methods and compositions for preserving the mucosal barrier
10/22/15Cyclic di-amp induction of type i interferon
10/22/15Interferon-beta production modulating listeria strains and methods for using same
10/22/15Complexes of phosphine ligands comprising a carba-closo-dodecaborate substituent
10/22/15Fully human antibodies and fragments recognizing human c-met
10/22/15Polymer plasticizing agents that produce polymers that do not release endocrine disrupting compounds
10/22/15Methods for engineering non-neuronal cells into neurons and using newly engineered neurons to treat neurodegenerative diseases
10/22/15Ultrahigh throughput microinjection device
10/22/15Methods and compositions for improving sugar transport, mixed sugar fermentation, and production of biofuels
10/22/15Graphene based electrodes and applications
10/22/15Fabrication of enhanced supercapacitors using atomic layer deposition of metal oxide on nanostructures
10/22/15Cvd silicon monolayer formation method and gate oxide ald formation on iii-v materials
10/22/15Bay-annulated indigo (bai) as an excellent electron accepting building block for high performance organic semiconductors
10/22/15Process and systems for stable operation of electroactive devices
10/22/15[01] cost-efficient repair for storage systems using progressive engagement
10/22/15Hidden identifiers for demultiplexing and resolution architecture
10/15/15Molecules that induce disease resistance and improve growth in plants
10/15/15Networked sensor systems for remote patient monitoring
10/15/15System and method for reconstructing cardiac signals associated with a complex rhythm disorder
10/15/15Enterically coated cysteamine, cystamine and derivatives thereof
10/15/15Enterically coated cysteamine, cystamine and derivatives thereof
10/15/15Inhibitors of calcium-activated chloride channels
10/15/15Firmocidin, an antimicrobial molecule produced by staphylococcus epidermidis
10/15/15Inorganically surface-modified polymers and methods for making and using them
10/15/15Compositions and methods for 18f-fluorodeoxyglycosylamines
10/15/15Pictet-spengler ligation for protein chemical modification
10/15/15Nucleic acids useful for integrating into and gene expression in hyperthermophilic acidophilic archaea
10/15/15Oxygen evolution reaction catalysis
10/15/15Chemometric analysis of chemical agents using electrochemical detection and classification techniques
10/15/15Microfluidic devices for liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry and microscopic imaging
10/15/15Electrophoretic bar code assay devices and methods for making and using the same
10/15/15Cathelicidin as novel inflammatory bowel disease marker and therapy for colitis-associated intestinal fibrosis
10/15/15Serial bus interface to enable high-performance and energy-efficient data logging
10/15/15Micro electromagnetically actuated latched switches
10/15/15Interdigitated multiple pixel arrays of light-emitting devices
10/15/15Low-temperature continuous process to derive size-controlled lithium ion anodes and cathodes
10/08/15Enterically coated cysteamine, cystamine and derivatives thereof
10/08/15Cd25 pre-selective combination anti-hiv vectors, targeting vectors, and methods of use
10/08/15Peptides that stimulate subcutaneous adipogenesis
10/08/15Strategy for engineering various 3d tissues, organoids and vasculature
10/08/15Composition of viral vectors in lecithin liposomes, preparation method and treatment methods
10/08/15Endoribonuclease compositions and methods of use thereof
10/08/15Utilization of mechanical quadrature in silicon mems vibratory gyroscope to increase and expand the long term in-run bias stability
10/08/15Systems, methods and components for isolating cells from a fluid sample
10/08/15High efficiency vertical optical coupler using sub-wavelength high contrast grating
10/08/15Electro-optic device having nanowires interconnected into a network of nanowires
10/08/15Vertical cavity surface emitting lasers with silicon-on-insulator high contrast grating
10/01/15Breast support and immobilization device for radiotherapy
10/01/15Combinations of checkpoint inhibitors and therapeutics to treat cancer
10/01/15Degradable silica nanoshells for ultrasonic imaging/therapy
10/01/15Polyaniline membranes, uses, and methods thereto
10/01/15Universal solution for growing thin films of electrically conductive nanostructures
10/01/15Bactericidal surface patterns
10/01/15Novel compositions for cooling materials exposed to the sun
10/01/15Rna-based, amplification-free, organism identification using nano-enabled electronic detection
10/01/15Urine exosome mrnas and methods of using same to detect diabetic nephropathy
10/01/15Condition monitoring and analytics for machines
10/01/15Real-time, single-step bioassay using nanoplasmonic resonator with ultra-high sensitivity
10/01/15Gfp mutagenesis amplification: use of a fluorescence-antibiotic resistance fusion dual reporter construct to provide quantitative and highly sensitive detection of mutations
10/01/15Alkyne-activated fluorogenic azide compounds and methods of use thereof
10/01/15Conductive transition metal oxide nanostructured electrochromic material and optical switching devices constructed thereof
10/01/15Semiconductor infrared photodetectors
09/24/15Surgical applications for bmp binding protein
09/24/15Poly-glutamic acid anti-anthrax compositions and methods for using the same
09/24/15Aromatic sulfide compounds and methods and use thereof
09/24/15Synthesis of open metal carbonyl clusters
09/24/15Methods for modulating c9orf72 expression
09/24/15Rna silencing in animals as an antiviral defense
09/24/15Mechanical phenotyping of single cells: high throughput quantitative detection and sorting
09/24/15Novel lanthanide doped barium mixed halide scintillators
09/24/15Throughput enabled rate adaptation in wireless networks
09/24/15Almond tree named 'kester'
09/17/15System and method for reconstructing cardiac activation information
09/17/15Methods and systems for calculating and using statistical models to predict medical events
09/17/15Realtime imaging and radiotherapy of microscopic disease
09/17/15Treating tumors of the central nervous system
09/17/15Methods and compositions for treatment of th2-mediated and th17-mediated diseases
09/17/15Method of modulating oxidative stress, inflammation, or impaired insulin sensitivity with grape seed extract
09/17/15Method of treating metabolic syndrome with grape seed extract
09/17/15Polymeric nanocarriers with light-triggered release mechanism
09/17/15Novel therapeutics for brain cancer
09/17/15Method for preventing neoplastic transformation by inhibition of retinoblastoma protein inactivation
09/17/15Engineered yeast for cellulosic ethanol production
09/17/15Methods of producing acetoin and 2,3-butanediol using photosynthetic microorganisms
09/17/15Methods for predicting age and identifying agents that induce or inhibit premature aging
09/17/15Selective capture and stimulated release of circulating tumor cells on nanostructured devices
09/17/15Prostatitis-associated antigens and methods of use thereof
09/17/15Method for identifying compounds that modulate a t2r taste receptor
09/17/15Energy efficiency application system and method of its use for empowering consumers to perform energy usage audit at home via energy data aggregation of electronic appliances and devices
09/17/15Two-switch switched-capacitor converters
09/10/15Multisensor wireless abdominal monitoring apparatus, systems, and methods
09/10/15Activation of trpv4 ion channel by physical stimuli and critical role for trpv4 in organ-specific inflammation and itch
09/10/15Method and apparatus for direct measurement of the amplitude and/or phase of a molecular vibration
09/10/15Methods and devices for integrating analyte extraction, concentration and detection
09/10/15Reversible chemoenzymatic labeling of native and fusion carrier protein motifs
09/10/15Systems and methods for identifying drug targets using biological networks
09/10/15System and method for automated detection of lung nodules in medical images
09/10/15Lung, lobe, and fissure imaging systems and methods
09/10/15Semi-polar iii-nitride optoelectronic devices on m-plane substrates with miscuts less than +/- 15 degrees in the c-direction
09/03/15Hiv-1 envelope proteins and fragments thereof that possess epitopes recognized by broadly neutralizing antibodies
09/03/15Bone morphogenic protein binding peptide
09/03/15Systems and methods for selectively migrating cells using electric fields
09/03/15Increasing cell culture population doublings for long-term growth of finite life span human cell cultures
09/03/15Detecting and treating liver damage
09/03/15Mutant cells for protein secretion and lignocellulose degradation
09/03/15Accurate genome sequencing of single cells by single-stranded amplification and sequencing
09/03/15Efficient encoding and storage and retrieval of genomic data
09/03/15Systems and methods for sensory and cognitive profiling
08/27/15Development of pheromone assisted techniques to improve efficacy of insecticide sprays targeting urban pest ant species
08/27/15Apparatus and methods for precise stent placement
08/27/15Oral drug devices and drug formulations
08/27/15Polynucleotides having bioreversible groups
08/27/15Depletion of cancer stem cells
08/27/15Calixarene-bound iridium-containing metal colloids
08/27/15Peripherally-acting cannabinoid receptor agonists for chronic pain
08/27/15Ig-pconsensus gene vaccination protects from antibody-dependent immune pathology in autoimmune disease
08/27/15Internalizing erbb2 antibodies
08/27/15High affinity anti-prostate stem cell antigen (psca) antibodies for cancer targeting and detection
08/27/15Therapeutic rna switches compositions and methods of use
08/27/15Trophic conversion of photoautotrophic bacteria for improved diurnal properties
08/27/15Technique for apex-seal profile design
08/27/15Engineering bright sub-10-nm upconverting nanocrystals for single-molecule imaging
08/27/15Automated advanced resuscitation training generation system and method therefor
08/27/15Charge storage devices containing carbon nanotube films as electrodes and charge collectors
08/27/15Self doping materials and methods
08/27/15Electrical conductive polymer binder for si alloy materials
08/20/15Writing waveguide-like structures in transparent polycrystalline ceramics
08/20/15Antibodies and vaccines for use in treating ror1 cancers and inhibiting metastasis
08/20/15Methods and systems for detecting biological components
08/20/15Adeno-associated virus virions with variant capsid and methods of use thereof
08/20/15Self-powered blood coagulation chip for inr value and hematocrit determination
08/20/15Method for automated, large-scale measurement of the molecular flux rates of the proteome or the organeome using mass spectrometry
08/20/15Body fluid bin1 as a marker of cardiac health
08/20/15Task optimization in remote health monitoring systems
08/20/15Nanoframes with three-dimensional electrocatalytic surfaces
08/13/15Development of pheromone-assisted techniques (pat) to improve efficacy of insecticide baits targeting urban pest ant species
08/13/15Ligands for odor receptors and olfactory neurons
08/13/15Reflowed gold nanostructures for surface enhanced raman spectroscopy
08/13/15Photoreactive regulator of protein function and methods of use thereof
08/13/15Lentiviral vector for stem cell gene therapy of sickle cell disease
08/13/15Spinal cord pulsation-cancelation injection system
08/13/15Electrically conducting reverse osmosis membranes
08/13/15Methods for efficient immortalization of normal human cells
08/13/15Adeno-associated virus virions with variant capsid and methods of use thereof
08/13/15High-power, laser-driven, white light source using one or more phosphors
08/13/15Thermal devices for controlling heat transfer
08/13/15Light harvesting multichromophore compositions and methods of using the same
08/13/15Integrated dielectric waveguide and semiconductor layer and method therefor
08/13/15Screening, diagnosis and prognosis of autism and other developmental disorders
08/13/15Strawberry plant named 'fronteras'
08/13/15Strawberry plant named 'petaluma'
08/13/15Strawberry plant named 'grenada'
08/06/15Dual rotational stent apparatus and method for endovascular treatment of aneurysms
08/06/15Compounds and methods for modulating vascular injury
08/06/15Mva vaccine for delivery of a ul128 complex and preventing cmv infection
08/06/15Hiv integrase inhibitors
08/06/15Modified fc polypeptides, fc conjugates, and methods of use thereof
08/06/15Variant lovd polypeptide
08/06/15Ionic liquid-tolerant cellulase enzymes
08/06/15Electrophysiologically mature cardiomyocytes and methods for making same
08/06/15Synthetic promoter for modulating gene expression
08/06/15Method for expression of small antiviral rna molecules with reduced cytotoxicity within a cell
08/06/15Generation of heritable chimeric plant traits
08/06/15Microfluidic systems for particle trapping and separation
08/06/15Systems and devices for recording and reproducing senses
08/06/15Photoassisted high efficiency conversion of carbon-containing fuels to electricity
08/06/15Method for passivating surfaces, functionalizing inert surfaces, layers and devices including same
07/30/15Method and device for restabilization with axial rotation of the atlantoaxial junction
07/30/15System and method for closed-loop patient-adaptive hemodynamic management
07/30/15Integrated nanowire array devices for detecting and/or applying electrical signals to tissue
07/30/15Reactive limestone as a strategy towards sustainable, low-carbon cements
07/30/15Polypeptides for use in the deconstruction of cellulose
07/30/15Methods and systems for determining a likelihood of adverse prostate cancer pathology
07/30/15Fluidic flow cytometry devices and particle sensing based on signal-encoding
07/30/15Systems and methods for analyzing building operations sensor data
07/30/15Field-effect transistors based on macroscopically oriented polymers
07/23/15Electroporation controlled with real time imaging
07/23/15Treatment of spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury by inhibition of amyloidogenic proteins and synuclein protein accumulation or aggregation
07/23/15Combinations of checkpoint inhibitors and therapeutics to treat cancer
07/23/15Method of creating hydrogels through oxime bond fomration
07/23/15Microinjection catheter
07/23/15Chaotic desynchronization of neural populations with non-pulsatile inputs
07/23/15Apparatus and methods for transurethral treatment of stress urinary incontinence
07/23/15Multimodal dynamic robotic systems
07/23/15Digital microfluidic platform for radiochemistry
07/23/15Multitarget faah and cox inhibitors and therapeutical uses thereof
07/23/15Rnas from pathogens inhibit plant immunity
07/23/15Methods and materials for making simvastatin and related compounds
07/23/15Biomolecular detection test strip design
07/23/15Methods for optical amplified imaging using a two-dimensional spectral brush
07/23/15Magnetic and electrical control of engineered materials
07/23/15High efficiency organic light emitting devices
07/23/15Thin film electrolyte based 3d micro-batteries
07/23/15Monocentric lens designs and associated imaging systems having wide field of view and high resolution
07/16/15System and method for reconstructing cardiac activation information
07/16/15Systems, methods and compositions for improved treatment of acidosis
07/16/15Catheter based balloon for therapy modification and positioning of tissue
07/16/15Catalytic devices
07/16/15Passive chip-based droplet sorting
07/16/15Compositions and methods for modulating tlr4
07/16/15Antibodies that neutralize botulinum neurotoxins
07/16/15Junction - functionalized block copolymers
07/16/15Photothermal substrates for selective transfection of cells
07/16/15Oral delivery of nucleic acid-based gene interfering agents by salmonella
07/16/15Functionalized nanopipette biosensor
07/16/15Image-based point-spread-function modelling in time-of-flight positron-emission-tomography iterative list-mode reconstruction
07/16/15Metalorganic chemical vapor deposition of oxide dielectrics on n-polar iii-nitride semiconductors with high interface quality and tunable fixed interface charge
07/16/15Thermoelectric materials based on tetrahedrite structure for thermoelectric devices
07/16/153-d motion estimation and online temporal calibration for camera-imu systems
07/09/15Methods for arranging and packing nucleic acids for unusual resistance to nucleases and targeted delivery for gene therapy
07/09/15Bladder cancer specific ligand peptides
07/09/15Nanostructures having crystalline and amorphous phases
07/09/15Methods and compositions related to mutant kunitz domain i of tfpi-2
07/09/15Engineered antibody fragments for targeting and imaging cd8 expression in vivo
07/09/15Adipose-derived stem cells and lattices
07/09/15Spectrally encoded microbeads and methods and devices for making and using same
07/09/15Centimeter-scale high resolution metrology of entire cvd grown graphene sheets
07/09/15Cd127 expression inversely correlates with foxp3 and suppressive function of cd4+ tregs
07/09/15Multiplane optical microscope
07/09/15Building block for low bandgap conjugated polymers
07/02/15Transseptal access device and methods
07/02/15Pregnancy hormone combination for treatment of autoimmune diseases
07/02/15Molecules with effects on cellular development and function
07/02/15Modified bacterium useful for producing an organic molecule
07/02/15Diagnostic and screening methods for atopic dermatitis
07/02/15Oxidative biomarkers in predicting risk of stroke, transient ischemic attack (tia) and peripheral arterial disease (pad)
07/02/15Holographic imaging element operable to generate multiple different images of an object
07/02/15Systems and methods for forming and maintaining a high performance frc
06/25/15Tissue ablation with irreversible electroporation
06/25/15Controllable passive artificial knee
06/25/15Mucoadhesive devices for delivery of active agents
06/25/15Peptoids useful for the mineralization of apatite
06/25/15Fluorination of aryl compounds
06/25/15Novel antibodies against cancer target block tumor growth, angiogenesis and metastatis
06/25/15Generating hepatocytes
06/25/15Methods and compositions for the rapid production of retinal pigmented epithelial cells from pluripotent cells
06/25/15Novel methods to regenerate human limbal stem cells
06/25/15Methods for producing cartilage and bone
06/25/15Novel synzymes
06/25/15Modulation of enhancer rna mediated gene expression
06/25/15Nanopore device for reversible ion and molecule sensing or migration
06/25/15Amyloid binding agents
06/25/15Bonding of heterogeneous material grown on silicon to a silicon photonic circuit
06/25/15Electronic displays using optically pumped luminescent semiconductor nanocrystals
06/25/15Avalanche photodiode utilizing interfacial misfit array
06/18/15Personal lung function monitoring device capable of exhaled breath analysis
06/18/15Systems and methods for fabricating spiral coils with atomized bioactive coatings
06/18/15Single molecule nucleic acid nanoparticles
06/11/15Inhibitors of hippo-yap signaling pathway
06/11/15Methods of inducing sedation
06/11/15Photoreactive synthetic regulator of protein function and methods of use thereof
06/11/15Compounds and methods of treating cancer
06/11/15Generation of human ips cells by a synthetic self-replicative rna
06/11/15Solar thermal concentrator and method of forming same
06/11/15Dual-pore device
06/11/15Compositions and methods for detecting unstable arteriosclerotic plaques
06/11/15Methods to identify modulators of ryr calcium channels
06/11/15Self-limiting chemical vapor deposition and atomic layer deposition methods
06/04/15Endovascular probe
06/04/15Controlled release antimicrobial compositions and methods for the treatment of otic disorders
06/04/15Vault immunotherapy
06/04/15Vault complexes for cytokine delivery
06/04/15System and methods for lung isolation and one lung ventilation
06/04/15Extracranial implantable devices, systems and methods for the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders
06/04/15Tactile, interactive neuromorphic robots
06/04/15Carbon nanohoops and methods of making
06/04/15Polymer monoliths for solvent exchange in continuous flow microfluidic device
06/04/15Endoribonuclease and methods of use thereof
06/04/15Wide-field microscopy using self-assembled liquid lenses
05/28/15Crossflow filtration particle separator
05/28/15System and method for solar powered thermal management and transport
05/28/15Instrumentation to dry-deliver slmp particles to the lithium-ion electrode
05/28/15Device and method for correcting obstructive sleep apnea
05/28/15Slow dialysate adaptor apparatus for intermittent hemodialysis
05/28/15Methods of treatment, diagnosis and monitoring for methamphetamine toxicity which target ceramide metabolic pathways and cellular senescence
05/28/15Disposable world-to-chip interface for digital microfluidics
05/28/15Systems and methods for obtaining rheological properties of viscoelastic materials
05/28/15Method and system for in vivo hydrogen peroxide detection with ultrasound
05/28/15Micro-bipolar endoscopic endonasal cautery device
05/28/15Data reduction methods, systems, and devices
05/28/15Methods and compositions for reducing gene expression in plants
05/28/15Crossflow filtration particle separator
05/28/15System and method for solar powered thermal management and transport
05/28/15Instrumentation to dry-deliver slmp particles to the lithium-ion electrode
05/28/15Device and method for correcting obstructive sleep apnea
05/28/15Slow dialysate adaptor apparatus for intermittent hemodialysis
05/28/15Methods of treatment, diagnosis and monitoring for methamphetamine toxicity which target ceramide metabolic pathways and cellular senescence
05/28/15Disposable world-to-chip interface for digital microfluidics
05/28/15Systems and methods for obtaining rheological properties of viscoelastic materials
05/28/15Method and system for in vivo hydrogen peroxide detection with ultrasound
05/28/15Micro-bipolar endoscopic endonasal cautery device
05/28/15Data reduction methods, systems, and devices
05/28/15Methods and compositions for reducing gene expression in plants
05/21/15Organic photovoltaic devices comprising fullerenes and derivatives
05/21/15Current aperture vertical electron transistors with ammonia molecular beam epitaxy grown p-type gallium nitride as a current blocking layer
05/21/15Multiple-bits-per-cell voltage-controlled magnetic memory
05/21/15Magnetoresistance sensor with perpendicular anisotropy
05/21/15Miniaturized magnetic resonance probe
05/21/15Polymers for use in centrifugal separation of liquids
05/21/15Calcium-binding agents induce hair growth and/or nail growth
05/21/15Enzymatic modification of anti-aqp4 autoantibody for modulating neuromyelitis optica
05/21/15Compositions and methods for preventing allogeneic immune rejection
05/21/15Uses of cxcl17, a novel chemokine marker of human lung and gastrointestinal disease
05/21/15Novel oxysterol analogue, oxy149, induces osteogenesis and hedgehog signaling and inhibits adipogenesis
05/21/15Nanoporous silicon network thin films as anodes for lithium ion batteries
05/21/15Anti-alpha(v)beta(6) antibodies
05/21/15In vitro reconstituted plant virus capsids for delivering rna genes to mammalian cells
05/21/15Use of a natural metabolite to increase crop production
05/21/15Method for providing directional therapy to skeletal joints
05/21/15Device, system and method for reducing headache pain
05/21/15Compositions and methods for reducing edema
05/21/15Predicting the influence of mineral additions on reaction and property development in cementitious mixtures
05/21/15Pathway recognition algorithm using data integration on genomic models (paradigm)
05/14/15Magnetically shielded miniature hall thruster
05/14/15Surface micro-machined multi-pole electromagnets
05/14/15Magnetic memory bits with perpendicular magnetization switched by current-induced spin-orbit torques
05/14/15Mutant adeno-associated virus virions and methods of use thereof
05/14/15Novel immune activators: substitute 4-aminoquinazolines
05/14/15Sorafenib derivatives as p21 inhibitors
05/14/15Highly active and durable fuel cell electro-catalyst with hybrid support
05/14/15Combination of spla2 activity and lp(a) cardiovascular risk factors for the diagnosis/prognosis of a cardiovascular disease/event
05/14/15Systems and methods for enhancing gene expression
05/14/15Deactivation of urushiol and method of treament and prevention of contact dermatitis
05/14/15Method and apparatus for mobile rehabilitation exergaming
05/14/15Multiscale platform for coordinating cellular activity using synthetic biology
05/14/15Broad antiviral therapy with membrane modifying oxysterols
05/14/15Anti-cancer polyketide compounds
05/14/15Modification of peptides using a bis(thioether)arylbridge approach
05/14/15Sonification systems and methods for auditory display of physiological parameters
05/14/15Positron emission tomography probe to monitor selected sugar metabolism in vivo
05/14/15Methods for noninvasive intracranial pressure calibration without the need for invasive icp
05/14/15Synergy-based biocontrol of plant pathogens
05/07/15Sugar extraction and ionic liquid recycling using alkaline solutions
05/07/15Programmable logic circuit architecture using resistive memory elements
05/07/15Systems and methods for enhancing isolation of high-temperature reactor containments
05/07/15Multipotent vascular stem cells and methods of use thereof
05/07/15High-rate overcharge-protection separators for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and the method of making the same
05/07/15Novel rapid and highly sensitive cell based system for the detection and characterization of hiv
05/07/15Nanostructured arrays on flexible polymer films
05/07/15Methods for assessing repellant quality of organic materials and methods and compositions for repelling arthropods
05/07/15Modified small activating rna molecules and methods of use
05/07/15Delaminated zeolite catalyzed aromatic alkylation
05/07/15Wearable electrochemical sensors
05/07/15Multielectrode array and method of fabrication
05/07/15Method for in silico modeling of gene product expression and metabolism
04/30/15Corrosion inhibiting cementitious compositions
04/30/15(al, in, ga, b)n device structures on a patterned substrate
04/30/15Monocentric imaging
04/30/15Transmission electron microscope cells for use with liquid samples
04/30/15Novel oxide materials and synthesis by fluoride/chloride anion promoted exfoliation
04/30/15Novel oxide materials and synthesis by fluoride/chloride anion promoted exfoliation
04/30/15Oxysterol analogue oxy133 induces osteogenesis and hedgehog signaling and inhibits adipogenesis
04/30/15Systemic delivery and regulated expression of paracrine genes for cardiovascular diseases and other conditions
04/30/15Proteolysis-resistant capsid of chimeric hepatitis e virus as an oral delivery vector
04/30/15Method for fabrication of high aspect ratio trenches and formation of nanoscale features therefrom
04/30/15Method for delivery of small molecules and proteins across the cell wall of algae using molecular transporters
04/30/15Salivary biomarkers for prediabetes and type 2 diabetes
04/30/15Drug screening platform for rett syndrome
04/30/15Alpha 7 nicotinic acetylcholine allosteric modulators, their derivatives and uses thereof
04/30/15Tricyclic pyrone compounds reduce amyloid beta aggregates
04/30/15Synthesis of boronic esters and boronic acids using grignard reagents
04/30/15Light degradable drug delivery system for ocular therapy
04/30/15Bioactive agent delivery devices and methods of making and using the same
04/23/15Anatomy shading for garments
04/23/15Spectrally selective coatings for optical surfaces
04/23/15Nanostructured transparent conducting oxide electrochromic device
04/23/15Methods for delineating cellular regions and classifying regions of histopathology and microanatomy
04/23/15Expansion of alloantigen-reactive regulatory t cells
04/23/15Enzymes and methods for cleaving n-glycans from glycoproteins
04/23/15Portable rapid diagnostic test reader and methods of using the same
04/23/15Digital microfluidic chips for automated hydrogen deuterium exchange (hdx) ms analysis
04/23/15Acid ceramidase inhibitors and their use as medicaments
04/23/15Pharmaceutical formulations comprising neurotrophin mimetics
04/23/15Diarylhydantoin compounds
04/23/15Methods for identifying drug targets based on genomic sequence data
04/23/15Identifying genetic relatives without compromising privacy
04/16/15Distributedly modulated capacitors for non-reciprocal components
04/16/15Direct drive micro hearing device
04/16/15Enzyme-assisted spatial decoration of biomaterials
04/16/15Compositions and methods for tissue repair
04/16/15Antibiotic susceptibility testing using probes for preribosomal rna
04/16/15Small activating rna molecules and methods of use
04/16/15Nucleoside supplementation to promote cellular function, genetic stability and regenerative applications
04/16/15Compositions and methods for reducing lactate levels
04/16/15Use of cdk9 inhibitors to reduce cartilage degradation
04/16/15Methods for making and using novel semi-synthetic small molecules for the treatment parasitic disease
04/09/15Capacitor with electrodes made of an interconnected corrugated carbon-based network
04/09/15Co-solvents with high coulombic efficiency in propylene carbonate based electrolytes
04/09/15Novel tetrazines and method of synthezising the same
04/09/15Multi-directional microfluidic devices comprising a pan-capture binding region and methods of using the same
04/09/15Regulation of galactan synthase expression to modify galactan content in plants
04/09/15Methods and systems to identify phase-locked high-frequency oscillations in the brain
04/02/15Gyroscopes based on nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond
04/02/15Tunable white light based on polarization sensitive light-emitting diodes
04/02/15Vault and vault like carrier molecules
04/02/15Detection of degradative enzymes and biomolecules in bodily fluids
04/02/15Modular polymer platform for the treatment of cancer
04/02/15Direct-drive acoustic amplification using a tympanostomy tube
04/02/15Volumetric induction phase shift detection system for determining tissue water content properties
04/02/15Bambam: parallel comparative analysis of high-throughput sequencing data
03/26/15Geometry enhancement of nanoscale energy deposition by x-rays
03/26/15Method and kit for forming plastic lenses from molds formed on surface with varied wettability
03/26/15Biomarkers for use in integrin therapy applications
03/26/15Fast diagnosis and personalized treatment for acne
03/26/15Genetically modified host cells and use of same for producing isoprenoid compounds
03/26/15Functionalized porous silicon nanoparticles and use thereof in photodynamic therapy
03/26/15Compositions and methods for treating cancer
03/19/15Synthesis of water soluble doped conjugated polyelectrolytes for applications in organic electronics
03/19/15Novel doped halide scintillators
03/19/15Manufactured product with optically encoded particle tag and id method
03/19/15Interdigitated multiple pixel arrays of light-emitting devices
03/19/15Single-phase and full-color phosphor
03/19/15Polymeric nanocarriers with linear dual response mechanism
03/19/15Sinusitis diagnostics and treatments
03/19/15Ocular therapeutics using embryonic stem cell microvesicles
03/19/15Non-catalytic domain targets in matrix metalloprotease proteins for cancer therapies
03/19/15Emp2 regulates angiogenesis in cancer cells through induction of vegf
03/19/15Diagnostic tools for response to 6-thiopurine therapy
03/19/15Aerosol coating process based on volatile, non-flammable solvents
03/19/15Methods for promoting lipolysis and oxidation in liver and adipose tissue using catestatin
03/19/15Inhibition of tace activity with cyclic peptides
03/19/15Cancer specific mitotic network
03/19/15Mesh enclosed tissue constructs
03/19/15Cell modified in the expression of a nucleotide sugar transporter
03/12/15Air-coupled ultrasonic inspection of rails
03/12/15Independent thread video disparity estimation method and codec
03/12/15Sampling-based multi-lateral filter method for depth map enhancement and codec
03/12/15Internalizing human monoclonal antibodies targeting prostate cancer cells in situ
03/12/15Novel rnai molecule delivery platform based on single-sirna and shrna nanocapsules
03/12/15Aldehyde tags, uses thereof in site-specific protein modification
03/12/15Methods for genome-wide screening and construction of genetic interaction maps
03/12/15Metal oxide particles with uniform multilayer polymer coatings
03/12/15Apparatus and methods for matching of tinnitus
03/05/15High throughput label free nanoparticle detection and size assay
03/05/15High-density, high-temperature thermal energy storage and retrieval
03/05/15Quantitative 3d-endoscopy using stereo cmos-camera pairs
03/05/15Simultaneous 2d and 3d images on a display
03/05/15Nanocrystal-polymer nanocomposite electrochromic device
03/05/15High energy capacitors boosted by both catholyte and anolyte
03/05/15Method and apparatus for layered compression of multimedia signals for storage and transmission over heterogeneous networks
03/05/15Video disparity estimate space-time refinement method and codec
03/05/15Tantalum sputtering target, method for manufacturing same, and barrier film for semiconductor wiring formed by using target
03/05/15Regenerative sera cells and mesenchymal stem cells
03/05/15System for automatic assessment of student learning
03/05/15Treating neuropathic pain with seh inhibitors
03/05/15Diarylhydantoin compounds
02/26/15System and method for time-resolved fluorescence imaging and pulse shaping
02/26/15Method and apparatus for decoding received sequence
02/26/15Iii-v photonic integration on silicon
02/26/15Beta cell growth and differentiation
02/26/15Nanocarriers with multi-photon response elements
02/26/15Peptide mimotopes to oxidation specific epitopes
02/26/15Compositions and methods for activating stimulator of interferon gene-dependent signalling
02/26/15Novel live recombinant booster vaccine against tuberculosis
02/26/15Bone morphogenic protein binding peptide
02/26/15Doping of a substrate via a dopant containing polymer film
02/26/15Cellular microarrays for screening differentiation factors
02/26/15Reaction-based fluorescent probe for selective detection of carbon monoxide using metal-mediated carbonylation
02/26/15Triazolothienopyrimidine compound inhibitors of urea transporters and methods of using inhibitors
02/26/15Preparation of functionalized polypeptides, peptides, and proteins by alkylation of thioether groups
02/19/15Method for the reuse of gallium nitride epitaxial substrates
02/19/15Fractal rf coils for magnetic resonance imaging
02/19/15Nipah virus envelope pseudotyped lentiviruses and methods of their use
02/19/15Novel immunostimulants and synthesis thereof
02/19/15Molecular method for universal detection of citrus viroids
02/19/15Devices, systems, and methods for monitoring, classifying, and encouraging activity
02/19/15Anti-sigmas for programmable transcriptional regulation
02/19/15Genetic variants underlying human cognition and methods of use thereof as diagnostic and therapeutic targets
02/19/15Phosphonate compounds
02/19/15Estriol therapy for autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases and disorders
02/19/15Methods and related compositions for reduction of fat and skin tightening
02/19/15Pi-kinase inhibitors with broad spectrum anti-infective activity
02/19/15Premature-termination-codons readthrough compounds
02/19/15Dominant negative mutations of arabidopsis rwa
02/19/15System, device and method for measurement of esophageal wall blood perfusion
02/12/15Continuous whole-chip 3-dimensional dep cell sorter and related fabrication method
02/12/15Chemically bonded ceramics based on boron and lead
02/12/15Generation and analysis of chemical compound libraries
02/12/15Brain-specific enhancers for cell-based therapy
02/12/15Transparent metal oxide nanoparticle compositions, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same
02/12/15Low temperature sulfur and sodium metal battery for grid-scale energy storage application
02/12/15Engineered antibody-nanoparticle conjugates
02/12/15Methods for increasing production of 3-methyl-2-butenol using fusion proteins
02/12/15Photothermal substrates for selective transfection of cells
02/12/15Kinase inhibitors
02/12/15Compounds and methods for inhibiting cif virulence factor
02/12/15Reversibly crosslinked micelle systems
02/12/15Difluoromethylation of aryl and vinyl iodides
02/12/15Synthetic compounds for vegetative aba responses
02/05/15Bio-inspired method of obtain multifunctional dynamic nanocomposites
02/05/15Thermophilic mutants of trichoderma reesei endoglucanase i
02/05/15Electronically conductive polymer binder for lithium-ion battery electrode
02/05/15Pyroelectric aluminum nitride mems infrared sensor with selective wavelength infrared absorber
02/05/15Laser-driven white lighting system for high-brightness applications
02/05/15Treatment of macrophage-related disorders
02/05/15Adenoviruses and their use
02/05/15Methods of transforming a listeria
02/05/15Diatom-based vaccines
02/05/15Convex equilateral polyhedra with polyhedral symmetry
02/05/15Systemic genotoxicity as blood marker for allergic inflammation
02/05/15Gene signatures that predispose or protect individuals from low-dose radiation induced breast cancer or are associated with disease-free survival
02/05/15Bio-inspired method of obtain multifunctional dynamic nanocomposites
02/05/15Spider silk dragline polynucleotides, polypeptides and methods of use thereof
02/05/15Quantitation and display of impedance data for estimating gastroenterology tract parameters
02/05/15System and method of identifying sources for biological rhythms
01/29/15Chemical protection of metal surface
01/29/15Collection tubes apparatus, systems, and methods
01/29/15Conjugated polymers for electronic devices
01/29/15Antibodies for botulinum neurotoxins
01/29/15Methods and compositions for treating wounds and reducing the risk of incisional hernias
01/29/15Enzymatic preparation of 10 base to 50 kb double-strand dna reagent for sequencing with a nanopore-polymerase sequencing device
01/29/15Compositions and methods for treating cancer
01/29/15Pyrazolo pyrimidine derivatives and methods of use thereof
01/29/15Apparatus and method for quantifying stability of the knee
01/29/15Scalable and parameterized vlsi architecture for compressive sensing sparse approximation
01/22/15Making nanocrystalline mesoporous spherical particles
01/22/15Embryonic stem cell specific micrornas promote induced pluripotency
01/22/15Methods and compositions for detection and analysis of polynucleotides using light harvesting multichromophores
01/22/15Skin permeating and cell entering (space) peptides and methods of use thereof
01/22/15Constructs and systems and methods for producing microcompartments
01/15/15Devices and methods for determining sensitivity to radiation
01/15/15Microfabricated surfaces for the physical capture of insects
01/15/15Acoustically triggered nano/micro-scale propulsion devices
01/15/15Micro-analyzer with passive aggregator
01/15/15Textured phosphor conversion layer light emitting diode
01/15/15Magnetic particle imaging devices and methods
01/15/15Sub-carrier successive approximation millimeter wave radar for high-accuracy 3d imaging
01/15/15Directional optical coherence tomography systems and methods
01/15/15Electro-mechanical diode non-volatile memory cell for cross-point memory arrays
01/15/15Method of enhancing efficacy of blood transfusions
01/15/15Treatment of inflammatory disorders in non-human mammals
01/15/15Compositions and methods for detecting noonan syndrome
01/15/15Biomarkers for diagnosing ischemia
01/15/15Methods of using estrogen receptor-beta ligands as radiation mitigators
01/15/15System and methods for closed-loop cochlear implant
01/15/15Method of thermal treatment for myolysis and destruction of benign uterine tumors
01/15/15Systems, devices, and methods for topical drug delivery to the eye
01/15/15Fine spatiotemporal control of thermolysis and lipolysis using nir light
01/15/15Systems and methods for determining retinal ganglion cell populations and associated treatments
01/15/15System and method for implementing transactions using storage device support for atomic updates and flexible interface for managing data logging
01/08/15Compositions comprising phase change material and concrete and uses thereof
01/08/15Techniques for magnetic particle imaging
01/08/15Short cavity surface emitting laser with double high contrast gratings with and without airgap
01/08/15Small molecule inhibitors of rna silencing
01/08/15Catalytic tagging system to study macro-molecular interactions using engineered ubiquitin ligase and ubiquitin-like proteins to facilitate substrate identification
01/08/15Kidney-specific tumor vaccine directed against kidney tumor antigen g-250
01/08/15Aegyptin and uses thereof
01/08/15Oxygenation of the mucosal barrier by enteral artificial blood to prevent hypoxic breakdown of the mucosal barrier
01/08/15Methods and compositions for improved digestion of milk oligosaccharides
01/08/15Methods and compositions for improving sugar transport, mixed sugar fermentation, and production of biofuels
01/08/15Synthetic transcriptional control elements and methods of generating and using such elements
01/08/15Bacterial metastructure and methods of use
01/08/15Methods for in vivo drug delivery with porous nanostructures
01/08/15Methods and compositions for modulating ire1, src, and abl activity
01/08/15Acyl piperidine inhibitors of soluble epoxide hydrolase
01/08/15Method for treating non-melanoma skin cancer by inducing udp-glucuronosyltransferase activity using pterostilbene
01/08/15Use of trifluoroacetamide for n-terminal protection
01/08/15System for and method of quantifying on-body palpitation for improved medical diagnosis
01/08/15Lignification reduction in plants
01/01/15Electrophoresis devices and methods of making and using the same
01/01/15Dielectrophoresis-based cell destruction to eliminate unwanted subpopulations of cells
01/01/15Real-time integrity monitoring of separation membranes
01/01/15Compositions and methods for treating steatohepatitis, liver fibrosis, and hepatocellular carcinoma (hcc)
01/01/15Nitroxyl progenitors in the treatment of heart failure
01/01/15Methods for treating hematopoietic malignancies
01/01/15Device and methods of detection of airborne agents
01/01/15Methods and materials for the detection of melamine
01/01/15High numerical aperture telemicroscopy apparatus
01/01/15Ultrasensitive assays with a nanoparticle-based photonic crystal
01/01/15Reactive oxygen species-based prodrugs
01/01/15Tissue to end tidal co2 monitor
03/26/15Upper esophageal sphincter dilator
08/06/15Biomarkers for prostate cancer prognosis
01/01/15Battery management converter system
12/31/15Methods for diagnosis of kawasaki disease
07/09/15Neuronal regeneration
05/28/15Seriniquinones, melanoma-specific anticancer agents
05/28/15Seriniquinones, melanoma-specific anticancer agents
04/30/15Mr spectroscopy system and method for diagnosing painful and non-painful intervertebral discs
03/19/15Phosphonates with reduced toxicity for treatment of viral infections
01/08/15Pharmaceutical compositions which inhibit fkbp52-mediated regulation of androgen receptor function and methods of using same

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