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The Regents Of The University Of California
The Regents Of The University Of California A California Corporation
The Regents Of The University Of California Office Of Technology Transfer
The Regents Of The University Of California The Office Of The President
The Regents Of The University Of California Santa Cruz
The Regents Of The University Of California San Diego
The Regents Of The University Of California Corporation A California Corporation
The Regents Of The University Of California Office Of Technology
The Regents Of The University Of California And The Burnham Institute
The Regents Of The University Of California Angiodynamics Inc
The Regents Of The University Of California A University
The Regents Of The University Of California 02307w
The Regents Of The University Of California A U s Entity
The Regents Of The University Of California 1111 Franklin Street 12th Floor
The Regents Of The University Of California A Cali Fornia Corporation
The Regents Of The University Of California Office Of Technology Transfer University Of California
The Regents Of The University Of California_20100121
The Regents Of The University Of California_20100128
The Regents Of The University Of California_20131212
The Regents Of The University Of California_20100114
The Regents Of The University Of California_20100107
The Regents Of The University Of California Irvine
The Regents Of The University Of California Of Technology Transfer
The Regents Of The University Of California Davis

The Regents Of The University Of California patents (2016 archive)

Recent patent applications related to The Regents Of The University Of California. The Regents Of The University Of California is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: The Regents Of The University Of California may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with The Regents Of The University Of California, we're just tracking patents.

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Date The Regents Of The University Of California patents (2016 archive) (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12/29/16Method for analysis of complex rhythm disorders
12/29/16Systems and methods for noninvasive intracranial pressure calibration without the need for invasive icp
12/29/16Mechanism for efficient donning and doffing of an exoskeleton
12/29/16Passive power-conservative artificial knee
12/29/16Adeno-associated virus virions with variant capsid and methods of use thereof
12/29/16Multiple-parts based vehicle detection integrated with lane detection for improved computational efficiency and robustness
12/29/16Anti-alphavbeta1 integrin compounds and methods
12/29/16Adeno-associated virus virions with variant capsid and methods of use thereof
12/29/16Anti-epha2 antibodies and methods of use thereof
12/29/16Novel methods to regenerate human limbal stem cells
12/29/16Kidney-specific tumor vaccine directed against kidney tumor antigen g-250
12/29/16Method for optical coating of large scale substrates
12/29/16Two-phase cooling devices with low-profile charging ports
12/29/16Plasmon laser sensor
12/29/16Cephalopod proteins as proton conductors
12/29/16Selective laser ablation in resists and block copolymers for high resolution lithographic patterning
12/29/16Scar-less multi-part dna assembly design automation
12/29/16Frequency tuning and/or frequency tracking of a mechanical system with low sensitivity to electrical feedthrough
12/29/16Practical two-frame 3d+2d tv
12/22/16Non-invasive method for assessing and monitoring brain injuries
12/22/16Methods of treating neurological disorders
12/22/16Methods of treating mild brain injury
12/22/16Minimizing intestinal dysfunction
12/22/16Vault immunotherapy
12/22/16Portable device to initiate and monitor treatment of stroke victims in the field
12/22/16Compositions and methods for treating cancer
12/22/16Alpha-v beta-6 integrin-binding antibody fragments
12/22/16Identification of cxcr8, a novel chemokine receptor
12/22/16Microbial metabolism of chlorine oxyanions as a control of biogenic hydrogen sulfide production
12/22/16Colostrum/milk protein compositions
12/22/16Recombinant plants and microorganisms having a reverse glyoxylate shunt
12/22/16Detection of chromosomal region copy number changes to diagnose melanoma
12/22/16Multiple core computer processor with globally-accessible local memories
12/22/16Multi view synthesis method and display devices with spatial and inter-view consistency
12/15/16Animal model of nash-induced hepatocellular carcinoma and methods for developing specific therapeutics
12/15/16System and method for reconstructing cardiac activation information
12/15/16System and method for soft tissue gripping
12/15/16Therapeutic hyperbranched polyglycerol encapsulated biomolecules
12/15/16Regulation of specific spinal neurons regulating pain transmission
12/15/16Method and apparatus for in vitro kidney organogenesis
12/15/16Polymer-metal organic framework materials and methods of using the same
12/15/16Cyclic peroxides as prodrugs for selective delivery of agents
12/15/16Novel therapeutic targets for cancer progression
12/15/16Pooled method for high throughput screening of trans factors affecting rna levels
12/15/16Interactive occupant-tracking fan for indoor comfort and energy conservation
12/15/16Liquid column-based capacitive sensors
12/08/16Diagnostic knee arthrometer for detecting acl structural changes
12/08/16Compositions and methods for treating aging and age-related diseases and symptoms
12/08/16Substituted pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidines and uses thereof
12/08/16Selective laser sintering using functional inclusions dispersed in the matrix material being created
12/08/16Method for improving protein functionality using vortexing fluid shear foces
12/08/16Mimotopes for use in immunotherapy for shellfish and/or arthropod allergy
12/08/16Methods and compositions for modulating lymphangiogenesis, e.g., to treat transplant rejection, in a subject
12/08/16Method for post-processing flow-sensitive phase contrast magnetic resonance images
12/08/16Nanostructured silicon with useful thermoelectric properties
12/01/16Motion tracking apparatus and method
12/01/16Conical vascular filter having a web
12/01/16Synthetic platelets
12/01/16Compositions and methods for treating or preventing a bone condition
12/01/16Hollow silica nanospheres and methods of making same
12/01/16Synthesis of syrbactin proteasome inhibitors
12/01/16Psca: prostate stem cell antigen and uses thereof
12/01/16Human blood molecular biodosimeter panel for distinguishing radiation exposure from inflammation stress
12/01/16G-protein coupled receptor-associated diagnostics and therapeutics for b-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia
12/01/16Sub-terahertz/terahertz interconnect
12/01/16Electric field control element for phonons
11/24/16Salivary biosensors and biofuel cells
11/24/16Materials and methods for delivering compositions to selected tissues
11/24/16Skin probiotic
11/24/16Wound healing
11/24/16Graphene-based molecular/enzymatic integrated catalysts
11/24/16Pulse generator for cranial nerve stimulation
11/24/16Method and apparatus for human arm supporting exoskeleton
11/24/16Multifunctional cement composites with load-bearing and self-sensing properties
11/24/16Mutant adeno-associated virus virions and methods of use thereof
11/24/16Non-thermal cycling for polymerase chain reaction
11/24/16Detection of nucleic acid sequence differences by comparative genomic hybridization
11/24/16Methylation haplotyping for non-invasive diagnosis (monod)
11/24/16Light harvesting multichromophore compositions and methods of using the same
11/24/16Metabolic screening for gestational diabetes
11/24/16Ionic gel electrolyte, energy storage devices, and methods of manufacture thereof
11/24/16Architecture and control plane for data centers
11/24/16Materials and methods for delivering compositions to selected tissues
11/17/16Delivery system for transcatheter detachment of a stent from the delivery device
11/17/16Enterically coated cysteamine, cystamine and derivatives thereof
11/17/16Enterically coated cysteamine, cystamine and derivatives thereof
11/17/16Selectively targeted antimicrobial peptides and the use thereof
11/17/16Renal injury inhibiting devices, systems, and methods employing low-frequency ultrasound or other cyclical pressure energies
11/17/16Redox-active metal-organic frameworks for the catalytic oxidation of hydrocarbons
11/17/16Read-through compound prodrugs suppressing premature nonsense mutations
11/17/16Methods of generation of pores in sheets of hexagonal boron nitride and applications thereof
11/17/16Magnetic resonance imaging based on altering the shape of the inversion region in pulsed arterial spin labeling
11/17/16Device and method for tunable vapor condensed nanolenses
11/17/16Diomej cell devices
11/17/16Coupling inductor based hybrid millimeter-wave switch
11/10/16System and method of identifying sources for biological rhythms
11/10/16Polymeric nanocarriers with light-triggered release mechanism
11/10/16Amyloid targeting agents and methods of using the same
11/10/16Thermal interface materials with alligned fillers
11/10/16Apparatus and methods for manipulation and optimization of biological systems
11/10/16Methods for detecting modification resistant nucleic acids
11/10/16Method and device for detection and spatial mapping of mercury concentration in water samples
11/10/16Silicon-photonics-based optical switch
11/10/16Formation of a field reversed configuration for magnetic and electrostatic confinement of plasma
11/10/16Lithium sulfide materials and composites containing one or more conductive coatings made therefrom
11/10/16Scalable fabrication techniques and circuit packaging devices
11/03/16Xerostomia markers
11/03/16System and method of combined tissue imaging and image-guided laser therapy
11/03/16Extracranial implantable devices, systems and methods for the treatment of neurological disorders
11/03/16External beam radiotherapy and imaging with radioactive isotope
11/03/16Method and device to synthesize boron nitride nanotubes and related nanoparticles
11/03/16Method for the fabrication and transfer of graphene
11/03/16Small molecule modifiers of the hec1-nek2 interaction in g2/m
11/03/16Intrinsically disordered protein brushes
11/03/16Dna-cell conjugates
11/03/16Cas9 crystals and methods of use thereof
11/03/16Using machine learning to filter monte carlo noise from images
11/03/163d piezoelectric polymer materials and devices
11/03/16System and method for returning material from the br2 side of an h2/br2 flow battery back after crossover
11/03/16Monolithic integration of optically pumped iii-nitride devices
11/03/16Wireless wearable big data brain machine interface
10/27/16Controlled release compositions for modulating free-radical induced damage and methods of use thereof
10/27/16Sinusitis diagnostics and treatments
10/27/16Compositions comprising nanostructures for cell, tissue and artificial organ growth, and methods for making and using same
10/27/16Photovoltaic desalination system
10/27/16Method and device for patterning an interface
10/27/16Flywheel/battery hybrid energy storage and power management system
10/27/16Triazine mediated living radical controlled polymerization
10/27/16Therapeutic and diagnostic methods using tim-3
10/27/16Modulation of nkg2d
10/27/16Modified pyr/pyl receptors activated by orthogonal ligands
10/27/16Biomimetic virus-based colorimetric sensors
10/27/16Label-free detection of macromolecules binding to compound libraries
10/27/16Functional illumination in living cells
10/27/16Fast three dimensional t2 weighted balanced steady-state free precession imaging
10/27/16System and method for converting handheld diagnostic ultrasound systems into ultrasound training systems
10/27/16Charged particle beam processing of thermoelectric materials
10/27/16Variable thickness diaphragm for a wideband robust piezoelectric micromachined ultrasonic transducer (pmut)
10/27/16Polymer network single ion conductors
10/27/16Phase noise measurement and filtering circuit
10/27/16End-to-end scheduling for all-optical data centers
10/20/16System for detecting and treating heart instability
10/20/16Expandable vascular sheath and method of use
10/20/16Compositions and method for treatment of inflammatory bowel disease
10/20/16Interferon-ß production modulating listeria strains and methods for using same
10/20/16Regionally activated drug delivery nanoparticles
10/20/16Exercise promotion, measurement, and monitoring system
10/20/16Ventilated seatbelt for efficient cooling and heating of vehicle passengers
10/20/16Fibromodulin peptide
10/20/16Receptor tyrosine kinase-like orphan receptor 1 (ror1) single chain fv antibody fragment conjugates and methods of use thereof
10/20/16Host cell modified to produce 2-pyrrolidone
10/20/16Differential diagnosis of liver disease
10/20/16Method and apparatus for polyphonic audio signal prediction in coding and networking systems
10/20/16Method for the reuse of gallium nitride epitaxial substrates
10/20/16Hydrogen/bromine flow battery in which hydrogen is freely exchanged between two cell compartments
10/20/16Spatial frequency domain imaging using custom patterns
10/20/16Sensor-assisted user authentication
10/20/16Male pistachio variety named 'famoso'
10/20/16Female pistachio variety named 'gumdrop'
10/13/16Retinal cellscope apparatus
10/13/16Methods of inducing sedation
10/13/16Stepped cannula
10/13/16Nerve stimulation device for treating or reducing paralysis
10/13/16Pulsed laser triggered high speed microfluidic switch and applications in fluorescent activated cell sorting
10/13/16Identification of a novel b cell cytokine
10/13/16Compositions and methods for producing and administering brown adipocytes
10/13/16Liver-mimetic device and method for simulation of hepatic function using such device
10/13/16Plant tolerance to stress through the control of chloroplast stability
10/13/16Host cells and methods for producing 1-deoxyxylulose 5-phosphate (dxp) and/or a dxp derived compound
10/13/16Mini-channel tube solar collector
10/13/16Method for extraction of spatial frequency information for quantitative tissue imaging
10/13/16Molecular semiconductors containing diketopyrrolopyrrole and dithioketopyrrolopyrrole chromophores for small molecule or vapor processed solar cells
10/13/16Hybrid nanostructured materials and methods
10/06/16Saturation-tolerant electrophysical recording interface
10/06/16Controlled irreversible electroporation
10/06/16Enzymes and methods for cleaving n-glycans from glycoproteins
10/06/16Polymers functionalized with brØnsted acid groups
10/06/16Therapy for treatment or prevention of conditions associated with bleeding or hypocoagulation
10/06/16Treatment of cancer using inhibitors of tgf-beta and pd-1
10/06/16Methods and compositions for modifying a single stranded target nucleic acid
10/06/16Optimized small guide rnas and methods of use
10/06/16Biosynthesis of 1-undecene and related terminal olefins
10/06/16Compositions, devices, systems, and methods for using a nanopore
10/06/16Biomarkers for the diagnosis of lacunar stroke
10/06/16Methods for energy-efficient high solids liquefaction of biomass
10/06/16Method for analyzing droplets
10/06/16Conductive hydrogels for affinity sensing
10/06/16Luminescent beam stop
10/06/16In-air ultrasonic rangefinding and angle estimation
10/06/16Synthetic biology tools
10/06/16Graphene oxide and carbon nanotube ink and methods for producing the same
10/06/16Hybrid carbon nanotube and graphene nanostructures
10/06/16System and method of occupancy estimation utilizing transmitted signals
09/29/16System and method for reconstructing cardiac activation information
09/29/16System for analysis of complex rhythm disorders
09/29/16Internalizing erbb2 antibodies
09/29/16Controllable self-annealing microgel particles for biomedical applications
09/29/16Compounds that induce aba responses
09/29/16An automated, multi-pot high-pressure radio-synthesizer for production of pet tracers
09/29/16Biomarker normalization
09/29/16Three-dimensional graphene framework-based high-performance supercapacitors
09/29/16Sequential processing with vapor treatment of thin films of organic-inorganic perovskite materials
09/29/16All-analog and hybrid radio interference cancelation using cables, attenuators and power splitters
09/29/16Method and apparatus for transmitting signal using sliding-window superposition coding in wireless network
09/22/16Portable thermoelectric cooling device for therapeutic craniocervical hypothermia
09/22/16Compositions comprising perivascular stem cells and nell-1 protein
09/22/16Patient-specific temporary implants for accurately guiding local means of tumor control along patient-specific internal channels to treat cancer
09/22/16Anthropod repellent chemicals
09/22/16Interferometric focusing of guide-stars for direct wavefront sensing
09/22/16Bambam: parallel comparative analysis of high-throughput sequencing data
09/22/16Methods for genome assembly and haplotype phasing
09/22/16Bambam: parallel comparative analysis of high-throughput sequencing data
09/22/16Bambam: parallel comparative analysis of high-throughput sequencing data
09/22/16Method and system of driving assistance for collision avoidance
09/15/16Pamoic acid blocks ethelyne signaling
09/15/16Device, system and method for functional imaging of episcleral vessels
09/15/16Compositions, devices and methods for diagnosing heart failure and for patient-specific modeling to predict outcomes of cardiac resynchronization therapy
09/15/16Miniature ultrasonic imaging system
09/15/16Mesenchymal stem cells producing inhibitory rna for disease modification
09/15/16Ionic liquids for transdermal drug delivery
09/15/16Methods and systems for treating neurological movement disorders
09/15/16Anti-alphavbeta1 integrin inhibitors and methods of use
09/15/16Novel adenovirus isolated from titi monkeys
09/15/16Binding-triggered transcriptional switches and methods of use thereof
09/15/16Gasoline prepared from biomass-derived levulinic acid
09/15/16Artificial photosynthesis systems and methods for producing carbon-based chemical compounds
09/15/16Methods for modulating and assaying m6a in stem cell populations
09/15/16Duplicating dna with contiguity barcodes for genome and epigenome sequencing
09/15/16Single-cell forensic short tandem repeat typing within microfluidic droplets
09/15/16Biomarkers for diagnosis of stroke and its causes
09/15/16Metal-oxide anchored graphene and carbon-nanotube hybrid foam
09/15/16Tunable q resonator
09/15/16A method for distance-vector routing using adaptive publish-subscribe mechanisms
09/08/16Glucose rate increase detector: a meal detection module for the health monitoring system
09/08/16Electrical wearable capacitive biosensor and noise artifact suppression method
09/08/16Tissue grafts with fenestrations
09/08/16Compositions and methods of inhibiting n-acylethanolamine-hydrolyzing acid amidase
09/08/16Catalytic scavengers of organophosphates to potentiate butyrylcholinesterase (hbche) as a catalytic bioscavenger and methods for making and using them
09/08/16Method for combined conditioning and chemoselection in a single cycle
09/08/16Methods of treating parkinson's disease using viral vectors
09/08/16Method for preventing neoplastic transformation by inhibition of retinoblastoma protein inactivation
09/08/16Colostrum/milk protein compositions
09/08/16Identification of structurally similar small molecules that enhance therapeutic exon skipping
09/08/16Method and device for detecting molecules or particles using fractionalized volumes
09/08/16Enrichment and detection of nucleic acids with ultra-high sensitivity
09/08/16Predicting patient responsiveness to immune checkpoint inhibitors
09/08/16Mulitplex assay for the detection of citrus pathogens
09/08/16Producing a separation medium using grayscale mask
09/08/16Blade coating on nanogrooved substrates yielding aligned thin films of high mobility semiconducting polymers
09/08/16Electrochemical devices comprising compressed gas solvent electrolytes
09/01/16Bladder denervation for treating overactive bladder
09/01/16Aurora kinase inhibitors
09/01/16Scintillator nanocrystal-containing compositions and methods for their use
09/01/16Metal-organic frameworks with a high density of highly charged exposed metal cation sites
09/01/16Copolymer formulation for directed self-assembly, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same
09/01/16Copolymer formulation for directed self-assembly, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same
09/01/16Copolymer formulation for directed self-assembly, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same
09/01/16Modified plants and methods for producing modified lignin by modulating expression of acyltransferases
09/01/16Endometriosis classifier
09/01/16Nanoparticle assisted scanning focusing x-ray fluorescence imaging and enhanced treatment
09/01/16Microscale micropatterned engineered in vitro tissue
09/01/16Biomolecular interaction detection devices and methods
09/01/16Copolymer formulation for directed self-assembly, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same
09/01/16Electrolyte structure for metal batteries
08/25/16Systems and methods for electrocorticography signal acquisition
08/25/16Optical coherence elastography (oce) method under acoustic radiation force excitation using oct doppler variance methods and oct correlation-based methods
08/25/16Integrated ultrasound, oct, pa and/or florescence imaging endoscope for diagnosing cancers in gastrointestinal, respiratory, and urogenital tracts
08/25/16Methods of diagnosing and treating neonatal reversion to fetal consciousness
08/25/16Auris formulations for treating otic diseases and conditions
08/25/16Compositions and methods for modification of biomolecules
08/25/16Novel anti-viral therapeutic
08/25/16Puma protein expression vector and use thereof in gene therapy
08/25/16Fusion molecule based on novel taa variant
08/25/16Treating inflammation using llp2a-bisphosphonate conjugates and mesenchymal stem cells
08/25/16Enzyme-encapsulated nanoparticle platform
08/25/16Hyaluronic acid and alginate hydrogel composition
08/25/16Methods of mammalian retinal stem cell production and applications
08/25/16Expanded therapeutic potential in nitroheteroaryl antimicrobials
08/25/16Mass spectrometry-cleavable cross-linking agents to facilitate structural analysis of proteins and protein complexes, and method of using same
08/25/16Predictive optimization of network system response
08/25/16Physics-based high-resolution head and neck biomechanical models
08/25/16Conductive open frameworks
08/25/16Durable carbon-coated li2s core-shell materials for high performance lithium/sulfur cells
08/25/16Cellscope apparatus and methods for imaging
08/18/16System and method to identify sources associated with biological rhythm disorders
08/18/16System, method and devices for tissue-based diagnosis
08/18/16Multicomponent, internally structured nanoemulsions and methods of production
08/18/16Compounds and methods for treating an epileptic disorder
08/18/16Compositions for treating dry eye disease
08/18/16Vaults engineered for hydrophobic drug delivery
08/18/16Engaging the cervical spinal cord circuitry to re-enable volitional control of hand function in tetraplegic subjects
08/18/16Selective fat removal using photothermal heating
08/18/16Deoxycytidine kinase inhibitors
08/18/16Leukemia stem cell targeting ligands and methods of use
08/18/16Tspan 33 is a candidate for antibody targeted therapy for the treatment of b cell hodgkin lymphomas
08/18/16Methods for modulating expression of c9orf72 antisense transcript
08/18/16Biomarkers for diagnosis of transient ischemic attacks
08/18/16Microfluidic assay devices and methods for making and using the same
08/18/16Identity authorization and authentication
08/11/16Auris formulations for treating otic diseases and conditions
08/11/16Methods for treating seizure disorders and pain
08/11/16Nitroxyl progenitors in the treatment of heart failure
08/11/16Methods of treating ischemic spasticity
08/11/16Digital fluid sample separation apparatus and methods for one-step quantitative sample analysis
08/11/16Photoreactive synthetic regulator of protein function and methods of use thereof
08/11/16Non-enzymatic, salt-mediated synthesis of polynucleic acids
08/11/16Antibodies for botulinum neurotoxins
08/11/16Methods and devices for non-thermal polymerase chain reaction
08/11/16Generation of lineage-restricted progenitor cells from differentiated cells
08/11/16Planar nonpolar group-iii nitride films grown on miscut substrates
08/11/16Method and device for high throughput cell depormability measurements
08/11/16Encapsulated sensors and sensing systems for bioassays and diagnostics and methods for making and using them
08/11/16Multiple donor/acceptor bulk heterojunction solar cells
08/11/16Pnictide containing catalysts for electrochemical conversion reactions and methods of use
08/04/16Sem scanner sensing apparatus, system and methodology for early detection of ulcers
08/04/16Methods for determining total body skeletal muscle mass
08/04/16Identification of small molecules that facilitate therapeutic exon skipping
08/04/16Radiomitigating pharmaceutical formulations
08/04/16Automated carbohydrate synthesis
08/04/16Constructs for expressing biological molecules that integrate into bacterial microcompartments
08/04/16Proteins with repetitive bacterial-ig-like (big) domains present in leptospira species
08/04/16Novel polymer useful for an ion exchange membrane
08/04/16Method to estimate the age of tissues and cell types based on epigenetic markers
08/04/16Methods for diagnosing ischemia
08/04/16Urine exosome mrnas and methods of using same to detect diabetic nephropathy
08/04/16Real-time label-free high-throughput cell screening in flow
08/04/16Tetrazine-containing compounds and synthetic methods thereof
08/04/16Distributed lc resonant tanks clock tree synthesis
08/04/16Method and system for analysis of volumetric data
08/04/16Solid-state supercapacitor
08/04/16Strawberry plant named 'cabrillo'
07/28/16Somatostatin analogs with inhibitory activity to growth hormone release
07/28/16Polyphosphate-functionalized inorganic nanoparticles as hemostatic compositions and methods of use
07/28/16Peptidomimetic inhibitors of psma
07/28/16Antibodies specific for urokinase-type plasminogen activator and methods of use thereof
07/28/16Methods of modulating compliance of the trabecular meshwork
07/28/16Methods of modulating lymphangiogenesis, e.g., to treat corneal transplant rejection, in a subject
07/28/16Yeast cell modified to overproduce fatty acid and fatty acid-derived compounds
07/28/16Methods of identifying and treating subjects having inflammatory subphenotypes of asthma
07/28/16Lafora's disease gene
07/28/16Metal and metal oxide co-functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes for high performance gas sensors
07/28/16Unified face representation for individual recognition in surveillance videos and vehicle logo super-resolution system
07/28/16Lithium and sodium containing layered oxide material, cathodes and sodium ion electrochemical cells
07/21/16Integrated intraoperative diagnosis and thermal therapy system
07/21/16Trunk supporting exoskeleton and method of use
07/21/16Compounds and methods for inhibiting cif virulence factor
07/21/16Oxysterols that activate liver x receptor signaling and inhibit hedgehog signaling
07/21/16Anti-trypanosome compounds and treatments
07/21/16Real-time feedback system control technology platform with dynamically changing stimulations
07/21/16Biomimetic interfaces for biodegradable metallic implants
07/21/16Liquid-repellent surfaces made of any materials
07/21/16Synthesis of alkylfurans
07/21/16Broad spectrum antiviral and antiparasitic agents
07/21/16Method and device for restoring and maintaining superhydrophobicity under liquid
07/21/16Bacteria engineered for ester production
07/21/16Gel extraction device and methods to recover biomolecules from agar and agarose gels
07/21/16Microfluidic logic circuit
07/21/16Compositions, devices, systems, and methods for using a nanopore
07/21/16Device for capturing circulating cells
07/21/16Diagnostic and predictive metabolite patterns for disorders affecting the brain and nervous system
07/21/16Microstructured waveguide illuminator
07/21/16Method and system for determining cancer status
07/21/16Solid lithium electrolyte via addition of lithium salts to metal-organic frameworks
07/21/16Battery thermal management systems, apparatuses, and methods
07/14/16Bidirectional vascular filter and method of use
07/14/16Use of mesenchymal stem cells for the treatment of oral inflammation
07/14/16Controlled-release apoptosis modulating compositions and methods for the treatment of otic disorders
07/14/16Uses of phospholipid conjugates of synthetic tlr7 agonists
07/14/16Acyl piperidine inhibitors of soluble epoxide hydrolase
07/14/16Modified mini-hepcidin peptides and methods of using thereof
07/14/16Polymerization enhanced by nanostructures under x-ray irradiation
07/14/16Composition and methods for culturing cells
07/14/16Methods for the site-selective introduction of halogen into natural products
07/14/16Fatty acid production in cell-free systems
07/14/16Single molecule-overlapping read analysis for minor variant mutation detection in pathogen samples
07/14/16A high-throughput assay to identify molecules that modulate rb-e2f binding
07/14/16Ultrathin calcinated films on a gold surface for highly effective laser desorption/ ionization of biomolecules
07/14/16Highly sensitive system and method for analysis of troponin
07/07/16Focused recording and stimulation electrode array
07/07/16Small molecules to enhance p53 activity
07/07/16Silicone-based enteric ct contrast material
07/07/16Phenyl carbamates and their use as inhibitors of the fatty acid amide hydrolase (faah) enzyme and modulators of the d3 dopamine receptor (d3dr)
07/07/16Activation of trpv4 ion channel by physical stimuli and critical role for trpv4 in organ-specific inflammation and itch
07/07/16Pi-kinase inhibitors with anti-infective activity
07/07/16Engineering antiviral t cell immunity through stem cells and chimeric antigen receptors
07/07/16Hypersensitive aba receptors
07/07/16Reactor vessels for ammonothermal and flux-based growth of group-iii nitride crystals
07/07/16Borrelia diagnostics and screening methods
07/07/16System and method for groundwater detection and evaluation
07/07/16Raw sensor image and video de-hazing and atmospheric light analysis methods and systems
07/07/16A multicomponent approach to enhance stability and capacitance in polymer-hybrid supercapacitors
07/07/16Multi-band interconnect for inter-chip and intra-chip communications
07/07/16Focused recording and stimulation electrode array
07/07/16Small molecules to enhance p53 activity
07/07/16Silicone-based enteric ct contrast material
07/07/16Phenyl carbamates and their use as inhibitors of the fatty acid amide hydrolase (faah) enzyme and modulators of the d3 dopamine receptor (d3dr)
07/07/16Activation of trpv4 ion channel by physical stimuli and critical role for trpv4 in organ-specific inflammation and itch
07/07/16Pi-kinase inhibitors with anti-infective activity
07/07/16Engineering antiviral t cell immunity through stem cells and chimeric antigen receptors
07/07/16Hypersensitive aba receptors
07/07/16Reactor vessels for ammonothermal and flux-based growth of group-iii nitride crystals
07/07/16Borrelia diagnostics and screening methods
07/07/16System and method for groundwater detection and evaluation
07/07/16Raw sensor image and video de-hazing and atmospheric light analysis methods and systems
07/07/16A multicomponent approach to enhance stability and capacitance in polymer-hybrid supercapacitors
07/07/16Multi-band interconnect for inter-chip and intra-chip communications
06/30/16Volumetric induction phase shift detection system for determining tissue water content properties
06/30/16Citrate containing beverage
06/30/16Placenta-derived multipotent stem cells
06/30/16Adeno-associated virus virions with variant capsid and methods of use thereof
06/30/16Functionalized magnetic nanoparticles and use in imaging amyloid deposits and neurofibrillary tangles
06/30/16Solubilization of antigen components for removal from tissues
06/30/16Minimally invasive implantable brain stimulation devices and methods for implanting same
06/30/16High throughput screening of crystallization of materials
06/30/16Chimeric antigen receptor and methods of use thereof
06/30/16Pyrite shrink-film laminate as a hydroxyl radical generator
06/30/16Cleavable probes for isotope targeted glycoproteomics and methods of using the same
06/30/16Formation of a field reversed configuration for magnetic and electrostatic confinement of plasma
06/30/16Self-limiting chemical vapor deposition and atomic layer deposition methods
06/30/16Household appliance that dynamically controls spectral illumination to enhance way-finding and dark-adaptation
06/23/16Sem scanner sensing apparatus, system and methodology for early detection of ulcers
06/23/16Protease assisted native-protein delivery approach (panda)
06/23/16Combination therapy to promote wound healing
06/23/16Apparatus for uv disinfection of a liquid
06/23/16Hmf production from glucose in ionic liquid media
06/23/16Regioselective silyl exchange of per-silylated oligosaccharides
06/23/16Mps peptides and use thereof
06/23/16Photobacterium sp. alpha-2-6-sialyltransferase variants
06/23/16Transposon vector for vertebrate and invertebrate genetic manipulation
06/23/16Methods and systems for detecting biological components
06/23/16Methods for diagnosing and assessing kidney disease
06/23/16Diagnostic and monitoring system for huntington's disease
06/23/16System and method for solar energy capture and related method of manufacturing
06/23/16Method to fabricate quantum dot field-effect transistors without bias-stress effect
06/23/16Piezoelectric nanoparticle-polymer composite structure
06/23/16Channelized active noise elimination (cane) for bit stream rf transmitters
06/16/16System and method for targeting heart rhythm disorders using shaped ablation
06/16/16Blood analyte collection device and methods of use thereof
06/16/16In-vivo monitoring of molecular targets
06/16/16Systemic delivery of virus vectors encoding urocortin-2 and related genes to treat diabetes-related cardiac dysfunctions and congestive heart failure
06/16/16Centrifugal microfluidic platform for automated media exchange
06/16/16Through-wafer interconnects for mems double-sided fabrication process (twids)
06/16/16Pyrazolo pyrimidine derivatives and methods of use thereof
06/16/16Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies that neutralize botulinum neurotoxins
06/16/16Anti-immunoglobulin e antibodies and methods of using thereof
06/16/16Controlled synthesis of bright and compatible lanthanide-doped upconverting nanocrystals
06/16/16Enhanced cellulose degradation
06/16/16Evaporation on superhydrophobic surfaces for detection of analytes in bodily fluids
06/16/16Patterning silica islands onto thermoplastic shrink film
06/16/16Detection of degradative enzymes and biomolecules in bodily fluids
06/16/16Methods of diagnosis and treatment for pulmonary arterial hypertension
06/16/16Multi-axis chip-scale mems inertial measurement unit (imu) based on frequency modulation
06/16/16Feature-preserving noise removal
06/16/16Dispenser printed mechanically-alloyed p-type flexible thermoelectric generators
06/16/16Electrolyte and negative electrode structure
06/09/16Magnetoencephalography source imaging for neurological functionality characterizations
06/09/16Mr spectroscopy system and method for diagnosing painful and non-painful intervertebral discs
06/09/16Diffusion reproducibility evaluation and measurement (dream)-mri imaging methods
06/09/16Device, system and method for facilitating breathing via simulation of limb movement
06/09/16On demand vesicle formation from vesicle precursors suitable for long-term storage
06/09/16Methods and treatments for the learning and memory deficits associated with noonan syndrome
06/09/16Tungstate treatment of the dysbiosis associated with gastrointestinal inflammation
06/09/16Articles comprising large-surface-area bio-compatible materials and methods for making and using them
06/09/16Single-sided light-actuated microfluidic device with integrated mesh ground
06/09/16High-speed on demand droplet generation and single cell encapsulation driven by induced cavitation
06/09/16Scalable manufacturing of superhydrophobic structures in plastics
06/09/16Metal-organic frameworks for aromatic hydrocarbon separations
06/09/16Azacyclic constrained analogs of fty720
06/09/16Bone-selective osteogenic oxysterol-bone targeting agents
06/09/16Adhesive materials and methods of making and using the same
06/09/16Personalized protease assay to measure protease activity in neoplasms
06/09/16Amdinocillin for rapid determination of susceptibility to beta-lactam antibiotics
06/09/16Method for processing feature measurements in vision-aided inertial navigation
06/09/16Fluorescent imaging using a flatbed scanner
06/09/16Novel inflammatory bowel disease markers and therapies for colitis-associated intestinal fibrosis
06/09/16Angularly unbounded three-axis spacecraft simulator
06/09/16Highly conductive nanocomposite, biological and small molecule materials for enhanced resin conductivity
06/09/16Metalorganic chemical vapor deposition of oxide dielectrics on n-polar iii-nitride semiconductors with high interface quality and tunable fixed interface charge
06/09/16Porous silicon oxide (sio) anode enabled by a conductive polymer binder and performance enhancement by stabilized lithium metal power (slmp)
06/09/16High energy density silicide-air batteries
06/09/16Hollow supports and anchors for mechanical resonators
06/09/16Method for camera motion estimation and correction
06/02/16Enterically coated cysteamine, cystamine and derivatives thereof
06/02/16Pharmaceutical compositions which inhibit fkbp52-mediated regulation of androgen receptor function and methods of using same
06/02/16Combination therapies for malaria
06/02/16Therapies for diseases caused by arthropod-borne parasites
06/02/16T-cell immunogens derived from anti-viral proteins and methods of using same
06/02/16Anti-microbial peptides and methods of use thereof
06/02/16Microfluidic devices with flexible optically transparent electrodes
06/02/16Magnetically controlled casting process for multistructural materials
06/02/16Compounds for the treatment of hypertension and hypertensive end stage renal disease
06/02/16Compositions and methods related to structures that cross the blood brain barrier
06/02/16Methods to produce fuels
06/02/16Neuronal cells cultured on microparticles and methods of using same
06/02/16Novel gold nanoparticle aggregates and their applications
06/02/16Micromechanical resonant switches and charge pumps
06/02/16Complex pnictide metal halides for optoelectronic applications
06/02/16Polymer electrolytes for electrochemical cells
06/02/16Structure and method for the fabrication of a gallium nitride vertical cavity surface emitting laser
06/02/16Non-reciprocal, tunable notch amplifying rf front-ends based on distributedly modulated capacitors (dmc)
06/02/16Electrostatic graphene speaker
05/26/16Plant growth-promoting microorganisms and methods of use thereof
05/26/16Transcatheter mitral valve
05/26/16Methods of treating non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (nash) using cysteamine products
05/26/16Treatment of conditions related to shock
05/26/16Carboxymethylcellulose-peptide conjugates and methods for using the same
05/26/16Proximal degas driven microfluidic actuation
05/26/16Reactor vessel useful for performing multiple pretreatments
05/26/16Multiplex assay for the detection of at least two citrus pathogens
05/26/16Methods and compositions involving lincrna and leukemia
05/26/16Compositions and methods for treating cancer and diseases and conditions responsive to cell growth inhibition
05/26/16Insect repellent and attractants
05/26/16Genetically encoded sensors for imaging proteins and their complexes
05/26/16Methods for detecting antibodies
05/26/16Fast behavior and abnormality detection
05/26/16Porous interconnected corrugated carbon-based network (iccn) composite
05/26/16Through silicon vias and thermocompression bonding using inkjet-printed nanoparticles
05/26/16Magnetic flux-to-voltage transducer based on josephson junction arrays
05/26/16Phase synchronization of modulation or demodulation for qam-based multiband tsv-link
05/19/16Magnetic particle imaging devices and methods
05/19/16Fabric-based pressure sensor arrays and methods for data analysis
05/19/16Nanoparticles leverage biological membranes to target pathogens for disease treatment and diagnosis
05/19/16Systems, compositions, and methods for local imaging and treatment of pain
05/19/16Composite filtration membranes from conducting polymer nanoparticles and conventional polymers
05/19/16Synthesis of fluorinated radiopharmaceuticals via electrochemical fluorination
05/19/16Compositions and methods for treating cancer
05/19/16Integrin alpha-v beta8 neutralizing antibody
05/19/16Methods and compositions for rna-directed target dna modification and for rna-directed modulation of transcription
05/19/16Substantially unbiased amplification of genomes
05/19/16Methods and compositions for target dna modification
05/19/16Oxygen-tolerant coa-acetylating aldehyde dehydrogenase containing pathway for biofuel production
05/19/16Acetolactate synthase having 2-ketoisovalerate decarboxylase activity and uses thereof
05/19/16Biomarkers of response to inhibition of poly-adp ribose polymerase (parp) in cancer
05/19/16Method and device for isolating cells from heterogeneous solution using microfluidic trapping vortices
05/19/16Methods for determining total body skeletal muscle mass
05/19/16Electronic displays using optically pumped luminescent semiconductor nanocrystals
05/19/16Sub-volt drive 100 ghz bandwidth electro-optic modulator
05/19/16Value-based health care management systems and methods
05/19/16Systems and methods for automatically evaluating medical patient symptoms and providing tailored prescriptions
05/19/16Visual-inertial sensor fusion for navigation, localization, mapping, and 3d reconstruction
05/19/16Ultrasound-based volumetric particle tracking method
05/19/16Automated 3d reconstruction of the cardiac chambers from mri and ultrasound
05/19/16A long-life, high-rate lithium/sulfur cell utilizing a holistic approach to enhancing cell performance
05/19/16Contour-mode piezoelectric micromechanical resonators
05/12/16Devices, systems and methods for treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders
05/12/16Multiplex chemotyping microarray (mcm) system and methods
05/12/16Imprinter for conformal coating of three-dimensional surfaces
05/12/16Modular radiochemistry synthesis system
05/12/16Rhamm, a co-receptor and its interactions with other receptors in cancer cell motility and the identification of cancer prognitor cell populations
05/12/16Screening of nucleic acid agents via particle display
05/12/16Methods and compositions for rna-directed target dna modification and for rna-directed modulation of transcription
05/12/16Methods and compositions for rna-directed target dna modification and for rna-directed modulation of transcription
05/12/16System and method for detection of nucleic acids
05/12/16Mutations in the bcr-abl tyrosine kinase associated with resistance to sti-571
05/12/16Electroactive smart hvac vent register
05/12/16Fire urgency estimator in geosynchronous orbit (fuego)
05/12/16Textured phosphor conversion layer light emitting diode
05/12/16Rate-sensitive and self-releasing battery cells and battery-cell structures as structural and/or energy-absorbing vehicle components
05/12/16Operation frequency band customizable and frequency tunable filters with ebg substrates
05/12/16Differential current mode low latency modulation and demodulation for chip-to-chip connection
05/05/16Hydrogel pressure sealant system
05/05/16Chemical structures for localized delivery of therapeutic agents
05/05/16Erythroferrone and erfe polypeptides and methods of regulating iron metabolism
05/05/16Activatable binding polypeptides and methods of identification and use thereof
05/05/16Particle size distribution measurements of particles and droplets using optical gel electrophoresis
05/05/16Visualization of p-tefb by fluorescence complementation
05/05/16Methods for stratifying non-responders to therapies that block pd1/pdl1 axis
05/05/16Mitigating thermal runaway in lithium ion batteries using damage-initiating materials or devices
04/28/16Artifact removal techniques with signal reconstruction
04/28/16Halogenated ether compounds and methods of inducing anesthesia
04/28/16Methods and systems of treating wounds
04/28/16Ameliorating nervous systems disorders
04/28/16System and method for dose verification and gamma ray imaging in ion beam therapy
04/28/16Methods for producing fuels, gasoline additives, and lubricants
04/28/16Compositions and methods for regulating angiogenesis and cholesterol and treating dyslipidemia, atherosclerosis, cancer and inflammatory conditions
04/28/16Proteolytic release of cell surface antigens for phage biopanning
04/28/16Cd138-targeted interferon demonstrates potent apoptotic and anti-tumor activities
04/28/16Anti-cspg4 fusions with interferon for the treatment of malignancy
04/28/16Digital microfluidic platform for creating, maintaining and analyzing 3-dimensional cell spheroids
04/28/16Modified pyr/pyl receptors activated by ligands
04/28/16Diagnosing and monitoring cns malignancies using microrna
04/28/16Droplet-based capacitive pressure sensor
04/28/16Ferrofluid droplets as in situ mechanical actuators and rheometers in soft materials and biological matter
04/28/16Mut fingerprint id system
04/28/16Magnonic holographic memory and methods
04/21/16Fractal index analysis of human electroencephalogram signals
04/21/16Systems, devices and methods for the treatment of neurological disorders and conditions
04/21/16Inorganic admixtures for mitigating against conversion phenomena in high-alumina cements
04/21/16Digital microfluidic platform for radiochemistry
04/21/16Synthesis of syrbactin proteasome inhibitors
04/21/16Compositions and methods for treating neurodegenerative diseases and cardiomyopathy
04/21/16Pluripotent human adipose adult stem cells: isolation, characterization and clinical implications
04/21/16Carpet of wave energy conversion (cwec)
04/21/16Continuous mode reversal for rejecting drift in gyroscopes
04/21/16Disease-associated antigens and methods of use thereof
04/21/16Fiber tractography using entropy spectrum pathways
04/21/16Multiferroic transducer for audio applications
04/21/16Voltage-responsive coating for lithium-sulfur battery
04/21/16Self-biased and sustainable microbial electrohydrogenesis device
04/14/16Autonomous temperature control of heating devices for medical treatment
04/14/16Mucoadhesive devices for delivery of active agents
04/14/16Small molecule activators of nrf2 pathway
04/14/16Method for therapeutic replenishment and enrichment of ocular surface lubrication
04/14/16Cycle adenosine monophosphate-incompetent adenylyl cyclase and compositions and methods for treating heart failure and increasing cardiac function
04/14/16Copolymer membrane for high-dose chemotherapy delivery during transarterial chemoemblization
04/14/16Method and system for ultra-high dynamic range nucleic acid quantification
04/14/16Method to synthesize colloidal iron pyrite (fes2) nanocrystals and fabricate iron pyrite thin film solar cells
04/14/16Neurotensin-induced tumor formation is regulated by micro rna 133a-aftiphilin-dependent receptor recycling
04/14/16Identifying desirable t lymphocytes by change in mass responses
04/14/16Robust single-phase dc/ac inverter for highly varying dc voltages
04/14/16Methods for cancellation of radio interference in wireless communication systems
04/07/16System and method for reconstructing cardiac signals associated with a complex rhythm disorder
04/07/16Microneedle arrays for biosensing and drug delivery
04/07/16Textile-based printable electrodes for electrochemical sensing
04/07/16Non-invasive radiofrequency coil for magnetic resonance imaging
04/07/16Auris formulations for treating otic diseases and conditions
04/07/16Modulators of the eif2alpha pathway
04/07/16Glioblastoma multiforme-reactive antibodies and methods of use thereof
04/07/16Insulated window frame system
04/07/16System for detection of analytes
04/07/16System and method for detection of mercury
04/07/16System and method for detection of silver
04/07/16Method for detection of analytes
04/07/16Methods and kits for detecting misfolded proteins
04/07/16Therapeutic antibodies against ror-1 protein and methods for use of same
04/07/16Fractional turn coil winding
04/07/16Methods and systems for detection of a genetic mutation
04/07/16Neuromorphic circuit that facilitates information routing and processing
04/07/16Voltage-controlled magnetic anisotropy (vcma) switch and magneto-electric memory (meram)
03/31/16Use of a natural metabolite to increase crop production
03/31/16Ultraviolet disinfection of produce, liquids and surfaces
03/31/16Thermoplastic 3-d phantom
03/31/16Radiomitigating pharmaceutical formulations
03/31/16Antisense compounds and uses thereof
03/31/16Mobile plume integrator system
03/31/16System and methods for early warning of natural and man-made disasters
03/24/16Gaba agonists in the treatment of disorders associated with metabolic syndrome and gaba combinations in treatment or prophylaxis of type i diabetes
03/24/16Activatable membrane-interacting peptides and methods of use
03/24/16Transplantation device and method of use
03/24/16Polyaniline membranes formed by phase inversion for forward osmosis applications
03/24/16Organoboron compounds and methods of making organoboron compounds
03/24/16Nucleotide analogs
03/24/16Human protein scaffold with controlled serum pharmacokinetics
03/24/16Lone star virus
03/24/16Method for producing aldehyde from co2
03/24/16Methods for determining response to a hypomethylating agent
03/24/16Fully balanced micro-machined inertial sensor
03/24/16Biomarker composite test for hepatic vein pressure gradient and cirrhosis treatment
03/24/16System and method for stability monitoring, analysis and control of electric power systems
03/24/16Waveguide arrangements based on adiabatic elimination
03/24/16Dynamic natural language conversation
03/24/16Non-reciprocal components with balanced distributedly modulated capacitors (dmc)
03/17/16Llp2a-bisphosphonate conjugates for osteoporosis treatment
03/17/16Novel target for diagnosis and treatment of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases
03/17/16Aquaporin-4 peptide compositions and methods of use
03/17/16Bay-annulated indigo (bai) as an excellent electron accepting building block for high performance organic semiconductors
03/17/16Methods and apparatus for cell culture array
03/17/16Compositions and methods for diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy
03/17/16Co-solvent to produce reactive intermediates from biomass
03/17/16Multi-junction artificial photosynthetic cell with enhanced photovoltages
03/17/16System and method for controlling depth of imaging in tissues using fluorescence microscopy under ultraviolet excitation following staining with fluorescing agents
03/17/16Colorimetric sensors for alkylating agents
03/17/16Interconnected corrugated carbon-based network
03/17/16Active microphonic noise cancellation in radiation detectors
03/17/16Optical designs for high-efficacy white-light emitting diodes
03/17/16Technique for the growth and fabrication of semipolar (ga,al,in,b)n thin films, heterostructures, and devices
03/10/16Controlled release antimicrobial compositions and methods for the treatment of otic disorders
03/10/16Nanoscale coatings for encapsulation of biological entities
03/10/16Topical pterostilbene compositions for use in treating uv-induced skin damage and hyperplasia
03/10/16Topical pterostilbene compositions for use in treating uv-induced loss of barrier function in skin
03/10/16Phosphonate compounds
03/10/16Herpes virus vaccines and treatments
03/10/16Switchable gas and liquid release and delivery devices, systems, and methods
03/10/16Highly active, selective, accessible, and robust zeolitic sn-baeyer-villiger oxidation catalyst
03/10/16Highly active, selective, accessible, and robust zeolitic ti-epoxidation catalyst
03/10/16Carbamate derivatives of lactam based n-acylethanolamine acid amidase (naaa) inhibitors
03/10/16Amide derivatives of lactam based n-acylethanolamine acid amidase (naaa) inhibitors
03/10/16Analgesic compounds and methods of use
03/10/16Structure-based peptide inhibitors of p53 aggregation as a new approach to cancer therapeutics
03/10/16Vault complexes for facilitating biomolecule delivery
03/10/16Notch pathway inhibition
03/10/16Method to expand and transduce cultured human small and large intestinal stem cells
03/10/16Producing alpha-olefins using polyketide synthases
03/10/16Drought and submergence tolerance in plants
03/10/16Methods and compositions for rna-directed target dna modification and for rna-directed modulation of transcription
03/10/16Adenoviruses and their use
03/10/16Biomarkers for early detection of ovarian cancer
03/10/16Method and device for fluorescent imaging of single nano-particles and viruses
03/10/16Electrochemical solar cells
03/10/16Metals-semiconductor nanowire composites
03/10/16Low jitter tunable voltage control oscillator with self calibration circuits to reduce chip fabrication process variation
03/03/16Generation of haploid plants and improved plant breeding
03/03/16Methods of using secondary lymphoid organ chemokine to modulate physiological processes in mammals
03/03/16Radioactive bone cement
03/03/16Thiosaccharide mucolytic agents
03/03/16Prevention and treatment of synucleinopathic and amyloidogenic disease
03/03/16Recombinant microorganisms having a methanol elongation cycle (mec)
03/03/16Methods and compositions for rna-directed target dna modification and for rna-directed modulation of transcription
03/03/16Methods and compositions for rna-directed target dna modification and for rna-directed modulation of transcription
03/03/16Active cryogenic electronic envelope
03/03/16Devices for detecting a particle in a sample and methods for use thereof
03/03/16Structured illumination microscope apparatus and an image forming apparatus
03/03/16Local doping of two-dimensional materials
03/03/16Hollow plastic waveguide for data center communications
02/25/16Minimally invasive glaucoma surgical instrument and method
02/25/16Controlled release antimicrobial compositions and methods for the treatment of otic disorders
02/25/16High-speed on demand microfluidic droplet generation and manipulation
02/25/16Metal-catalyzed coupling of aryl and vinyl halides with alpha, alpha-difluorocarbonyl compounds
02/25/16Ethylsulfonated hyaluronic acid biopolymers and methods of use thereof
02/25/16Composition and methods for the production of l-homoalanine
02/25/16Sulfonamide-based separation media for rare earth element separations
02/25/16Synthesis of nanopeapods by galvanic displacement of segmented nanowires
02/25/16Nanofibers from substituted polyaniline and methods of synthesizing and using the same
02/25/16High numerical aperture telemicroscopy apparatus
02/25/16Low temperature atomic layer deposition of oxides on compound semiconductors
02/25/16Nanowire nanoelectromechanical field-effect transistors
02/18/16Calcium sulfate-resin hybrid materials and methods of using and making the same
02/18/16Viscous budesonide for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
02/18/16Compositions and methods for improving the functional efficacy of stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes
02/18/16Method and system for altering body mass composition using galvanic vestibular stimulation
02/18/16Electrical charge balancing method for functional stimulation using precision pulse width compensation
02/18/16Vectors and methods to treat ischemia
02/18/16Methods and compositions for treating and preventing disease associated with alpha-v beta-8 integrin
02/18/16Methods and compositions for rna-directed target dna modification and for rna-directed modulation of transcription
02/18/16Environmentally robust micro-wineglass gyroscope
02/11/16Method for debittering olives
02/11/16Material for mitigating impact forces with collision durations in nanoseconds to milliseconds range
02/11/16Controlled release auris sensory cell modulator compositions and methods for the treatment of otic disorders
02/11/16Compositions and methods for immune tolerance induction to factor viii replacement therapies in subjects with hemophilia a
02/11/16Controlled release antimicrobial compositions and methods for the treatment of otic disorders
02/11/16Polymeric antibiotics
02/11/16Porphyrin modified telodendrimers
02/11/16Circuit architecture for high channel count high-voltage neural stimulator
02/11/16Antibacterial compounds targeting isoprenoid biosynthesis
02/11/16Novel nna-dna adducts as biomarkers for detecting exposure to thirdhand smoke
02/11/16Compositions, devices, systems, and methods for using a nanopore
02/11/16Vision correcting display with aberration compensation using inverse blurring and a light field display
02/11/16Rf current drive for plasma electric generation system
02/11/16Liquid flow cells having graphene on nitride for microscopy
02/11/16Non-polar (al,b,in,ga)n quantum wells
02/11/16Ion conducting fluoropolymer carbonates for alkali metal ion batteries
02/04/16Heated and cooled chair apparatus
02/04/16Methods and devices for diagnosis of blood vessel blockage or hemorrhage
02/04/16Prevention of rosacea inflammation
02/04/16Therapeutic agents and methods for the treatment of dna repair deficiency disorders
02/04/16Compositions and methods for inhibiting viral activity
02/04/16Vectors for delivery of agents across biological membranes
02/04/16Methods of delivering nanoshells into sebaceous glands
02/04/16Multi-site transcutaneous electrical stimulation of the spinal cord for facilitation of locomotion
02/04/16High density epidural stimulation for facilitation of locomotion, posture, voluntary movement, and recovery of autonomic, sexual, vasomotor, and cognitive function after neurological injury
02/04/16System and method for improved high dose radiation therapy treatment planning
02/04/16Modulation of k2p channels
02/04/16Synthesis of novel ionic liquids from lignin-derived compounds
02/04/16Peptides having reduced toxicity that stimulate cholesterol efflux
02/04/16Nanopore sensor for enzyme-mediated protein translocation
02/04/16Nanopipette device and method for subcellular analysis
02/04/16Polypeptide display libraries and methods of making and using thereof
02/04/16Controlling fungal pathogens by disabling their small rna pathways using rnai-based strategy
02/04/16Methods of diagnosing endometriosis
02/04/16Device and methods of detection of airborne agents
02/04/16System and method for utilizing exhaled breath for monitoring inflammatory states
02/04/16Compositions and methods for cancer diagnosis
02/04/16Methods for selecting peptides that bind to disease specific antibodies, disease specific peptides and uses thereof
02/04/16System and method of magnetic resonance imaging using variable flip angle balanced steady-state free precession (vfa-bssfp)
02/04/16Network architectures for boundary-less hierarchical interconnects
02/04/16Charged particle acceleration device
02/04/16Doping of a substrate via a dopant containing polymer film
02/04/16Active layer-incorporated, spectrally-tuned nanostructure-based light trapping for organic photovoltaic devices
02/04/16Self-steering antenna arrays
02/04/16Fine-grained power gating in fpga interconnects
01/28/16Mitigation of alternate bearing
01/28/16System and method to define drivers of sources associated with biological rhythm disorders
01/28/16Multi-modal depth-resolved tissue status monitor
01/28/16Multifunctional nanoparticle designs and applications
01/28/16Siderophore-based immunization against gram-negative bacteria
01/28/16Compositions comprising anti-cd38 antibodies and carfilzomib
01/28/16Synthesis of high silica zeolite via interzeolite transformation without osdas
01/28/16Interzeolite transformation and metal encapsulation in the absence of an sda
01/28/16Modulation of ire1
01/28/16Atp driven direct photosynthetic production of fuels and chemicals
01/28/16Electro-autotrophic synthesis of higher alcohols
01/28/16Circulating small noncoding rna markers
01/28/16Method and application of gapo4 crystal microbalance to high acid crude corrosion testing
01/28/16High throughput dna damage quantification of human tissue with home-based collection device
01/28/16Non-invasive nutrition monitor
01/28/16Method and system providing mutli-level security to gate level information flow
01/28/16Method and apparatus for solving an optimization problem using an analog circuit
01/28/16Drift-corrected, high-resolution optical trap and high-sensitivity angular interferometer
01/28/16Systems and methods for implementing magnetoelectric junctions
01/21/16Systems and methods for sensing intraocular pressure
01/21/16System and method to identify sources associated with biological rhythm disorders
01/21/16System for health monitoring on prosthetic and fixation devices
01/21/16Lever-operated wheelchair
01/21/16Compositions and methods for treating cancer and diseases and conditions responsive to cell growth inhibition
01/21/16Acyclic nucleoside phosphonate diesters
01/21/16Therapeutic modulation of ocular surface lubrication
01/21/16Analogs of shk toxin and their uses in selective inhibition of kv1.3 potassium channels
01/21/16Luciferin derivatives from bicyclic reactants and aminothiol derivatives and methods of use thereof
01/21/16Portable transcutaneous magnetic stimulator and systems and methods of use thereof
01/21/16Blade with a varying cutting angle
01/21/16Protective molecules against anthrax toxin
01/21/16Rgd-containing cyclic peptides
01/21/16Methods for immediate souring control in gases or fluids produced from sulfidogenic reservoir systems
01/21/16Microbial concretion as a method for controlling wormhole events during oil recovery from unconsolidated matrices
01/21/16Tumor-selective e1a and e1b mutants
01/21/16Adeno-associated virus variants and methods of use thereof
01/21/16Non-co2 evolving metabolic pathway for chemical production
01/21/16High-throughput cargo delivery into live cells using photothermal platforms
01/21/16Methods and compositions for targeting rna polymerases and non-coding rna biogenesis to specific loci
01/21/16Tissue specific reduction of lignin
01/21/16Collection of probes for autistic spectrum disorders and their use
01/21/16System and method for non-invasively and non-destructively authenticating bottled beverages
01/14/16Multifrequency signal processing classifiers for determining a tissue condition
01/14/16Point-of-care device for monitoring renal function
01/14/16Lipid bilayer coated mesoporous silica nanoparticles with a high loading capacity for one or more anticancer agents
01/14/16Methods of improving cell-based therapy
01/14/16Transplantation of neural cells
01/14/16Vault compositions for immunization
01/14/16Metal-organic frameworks with exceptionally large pore aperatures
01/14/16Methods for modulating nuclear acetyltransferase activity in living brain, memory accuracy and fear generalization
01/14/16Poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid (plga) composites with magnesium wires enhanced networking of primary neurons
01/14/16Catheter with a rotation capability
01/14/16Single channel cochlear implant artifact attenuation in late auditory evoked potentials
01/14/16System for optimizing electricity use from an electric grid and related method
01/14/16Methods of patterning cells on a surface of a substrate and programmed assembly of three-dimensional living tissues
01/14/16Generation of thymic epithelial progenitor cells in vitro
01/14/16Expansion of hematopoietic progenitor cells by histone methyltransferase g9a inhibition
01/14/16Methods for enhancing bacterial cell display of proteins and peptides
01/14/16Cellular libraries of peptide sequences (clips) and methods of using the same
01/14/16Method for promoting the synthesis of collagen and proteoglycan in chondrocytes
01/14/16Molecular molybdenum persulfide and related catalysts for generating hydrogen from water
01/14/16Microfluidic devices and methods for separating and detecting constituents in a fluid sample
01/14/16System and method of use for energy efficient applications driven by multiple context clocks for personal energy footprint management
01/14/16Temperature-based estimation of building occupancy states
01/14/16Transparent organic solar cells for agronomic applications
01/14/16Electronically conductive polymer binder for lithium-ion battery electrode
01/07/16Novel small molecule inhibitors of biofilm formation and the novel use of previously identified compounds for inhibition of biofilm formation and applications for drug therapy and medical device coating
01/07/16Thin film vascular stent for arterial disease
01/07/16Method for increasing muscle growth by blocking sirtuin activity
01/07/16Improving cognitive function
01/07/16Mtor modulators and uses thereof
01/07/16Compositions and methods for promoting growth of beneficial microbes to treat or prevent disease or prolong life
01/07/16Enhancement of bmp retention
01/07/16Oral drug devices and drug formulations
01/07/16Universal scalable and cost-effective surface modifications
01/07/16Surface functionalized porous silicon material and method of making thereof
01/07/16Amphiphilic derivatives of thioether containing block copolypeptides
01/07/16Recombinant bacillus subtilis that can grow on plant biomass
01/07/16Frequency readout gyroscope
01/07/16Fluidic flow cytometry devices and particle sensing based on signal-encoding
01/07/16Interferometric focusing of guide-stars for direct wavefront sensing
01/07/16Apparatus and methods for fluorescence imaging using radiofrequency-multiplexed excitation
01/07/16Methods and apparatus for analysis of sealed containers
01/07/16Methods for identifying arthropod repellents and attractants, and compounds and compositions identified by such methods
01/07/16Engineered antibody scaffolds
01/07/16Use of lipid particles in medical diagnostics
01/07/16Organic tandem photovoltaic device and methods
01/07/16Highly efficient optical to electrical conversion devices and methods
01/07/16Devices and methods for controlllng magnetic anistropy with localized biaxial strain in a piezoelectric substrate
01/07/16Fast frequency estimator
01/07/16Method for data compression and time-bandwidth product engineering
06/16/16Inhibitors of human 12/15-lipoxygenase
07/28/16Carcinoma diagnosis and treatment, based on odc1 genotype
01/28/16Gamma-secretase modulators

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