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The Regents Of The University Of Michigan
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan Office Of Technology Transfer
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan_20100107
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan University Of Michigan
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan_20100114
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan_20131212
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan_20100128

The Regents Of The University Of Michigan patents

Recent patent applications related to The Regents Of The University Of Michigan. The Regents Of The University Of Michigan is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with The Regents Of The University Of Michigan, we're just tracking patents.

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03/23/17Raf gene fusions
03/23/17Single cycle arbitration
03/23/17System and forming semiconductor device
03/23/17Epitaxial lift-off processed gaas thin-film solar cells integrated with non-tracking mini-compound parabolic concentrators
03/16/17Pulse amplifier for driving ultrasound transducers
03/16/17Non-destructive epitaxial lift-off of large area iii-v thin-film grown by metal organic chemical vapor deposition and substrate reuse
03/16/17Energy harvesting for leadless pacemakers
03/09/17Method for treating age-related hearing loss (arhl)
03/09/17Process for fluorinating compounds
03/09/17Wide dynamic range rectifier circuits
03/02/17Dendrite-suppressing ion-conductors from aramid nanofibers withstanding extreme battery conditions
02/23/17Methods and optimizing therapeutic temperature control
02/23/17Method and kit for detecting lead in a solid sample
02/23/17Markers for sepsis treatment
02/16/17Pyrrolopyrimidine nucleosides and analogs thereof
02/16/17Energy harvesting from constrained buckling of piezoelectric beams
02/09/17Mineralization and biological modification of biomaterial surfaces
02/09/17Copper catalyzed [18f]fluorination of iodonium salts
02/09/17Bioreactor and forming complex three-dimensional tissue constructs
02/09/17Unidirectional near-field focusing using near-field plates
02/09/17Inverted organic photosensitive devices
02/02/17Thromboresistant/bactericidal s-nitroso-n-acetylpenicillamine (snap)-doped nitric oxide release polymers with enhanced stability
02/02/17Interrogating subterranean hydraulic fractures using magnetoelastic resonators
02/02/17Vehicle trajectory determination
02/02/17Online per-feature descriptor customization
02/02/17Flexible antenna integrated with an array of solar cells
02/02/17Field-based torque steering control
01/26/17Non-surgical treatment for cataract
01/26/17Integrated vascular delivery system
01/26/17Controlling translocation through nanopores with fluid walls
01/26/17Frame-suspended magnetoelastic resonators
01/26/17Devices combining thin film inorganic leds with organic leds and fabrication thereof
01/19/17Blast/impact frequency tuning and mitigation
01/19/17Field effect transistor memory device
01/12/17Prevention of ventilator associated pneumonia (vap)
01/05/17Highly efficient small molecule multi-junction organic photovoltaic cells
12/29/16Method and diagnosing bone tissue conditions
12/29/16Error recovery within integrated circuit
12/22/16Compounds and methods for treating aberrant adrenocortical cell disorders
12/22/16Multicolor neural optoelectrode
12/22/16Ultra-low power long range transceiver
12/15/16Single-shaft dual expansion internal combustion engine
12/15/16Atom-based electromagnetic radiation electric-field sensor
12/15/16Assembly system configuration
12/08/16Pixel circuit and optical sensing
12/08/16System for implementing a sparse coding algorithm
12/01/16Optic disc detection in retinal autofluorescence images
12/01/16Treatment of neurological disorders
12/01/16Ncrna and uses thereof
12/01/16Polydiacetylene water sensors
12/01/16Systems and methods for parallel processing of imaging information
12/01/16Non-destructive wafer recycling for epitaxial lift-off thin-film device using a superlattice epitaxial layer
12/01/16Phosphorescent organic light emitting diodes using singlet fission material
11/24/16Graphene-based molecular/enzymatic integrated catalysts
11/24/16Nitric oxide delivery devices
11/24/16Imu system for assessing head and torso orientation during physical motion
11/24/16High efficiency multi-junction small-molecule photovoltaic devices
11/17/16E-selectin inhibition works in combination with low-molecular weight heparin to decrease venous thrombosis and bleeding risk
11/17/16Ultrafiltration membrane device, bioartificial organ, and related methods
11/17/16Nonlinear resonance circuit for wireless power transmission and wireless power harvesting
11/10/16Photoacoustic physio-chemical tissue analysis
11/10/16Integration of epitaxial lift-off solar cells with mini-parabolic concentrator arrays via printing method
11/03/16Method and system for mapping and analyzing cardiac electrical activity
11/03/16Lysosomal phospholipase a2 (lpla2) activity as a diagnostic and therapeutic target for identifying and treating systemic lupus erythematosus
11/03/16Vaccine compositions and uses thereof
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11/03/16Preparation of ag18f and its use in the synthesis of pet radiotracers
11/03/16Fig4 gene mutations in neurodegeneration
11/03/16Methods for diagnosing episodic movement disorders and related conditions
11/03/16Recurrent gene fusions in prostate cancer
11/03/16Biomarkers and methods for progression prediction for chronic kidney disease
10/27/16Detecting vehicle maneuvers with mobile phones
10/27/16Compositions and methods for obtaining stem cell derived lung tissue, and related uses therof
10/27/16Coherent combining pulse bursts in time domain
10/27/16System and scheduling time-shifting traffic in a mobile cellular network
10/20/16Small molecule inhibitors of mcl-1 and uses thereof
10/20/16Compositions and destabilizing, altering, and dispersing biofilms
10/20/16Methods, systems, and devices for designing molecules
10/20/16Fabrication of thin-film electronic devices with non-destructive wafer reuse
10/20/16Enhancement of organic photovoltaic cell open circuit voltage using electron/hole blocking exciton blocking layers
10/13/16Blast/impact frequency tuning and mitigation
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10/13/16Kirigami patterned polymeric materials and tunable optic devices made therefrom
10/06/16Adaptive epsilon-tube filter for blunt noise removal
10/06/16Graphene nanoelectronic heterodyne sensor for rapid and sensitive vapor detection
10/06/16System for detecting rare cells
10/06/16Current-mode matched filter architecture for signal acquisition
10/06/16Organic electroluminescent devices
10/06/16Double-sided lclc-compensated topology for capacitive power transfer
09/29/16Ultrasound-triggerable agents for tissue engineering
09/29/16Applicator for cryoanesthesia and analgesia
09/29/16Apparatuses and methods for energy efficient separations including refining of fuel products
09/29/16Rechargeable magnesium oxygen battery
09/29/16Autonomous solar tracking in flat-plate photovoltaic panels using kirigami-inspired microstructures
09/22/16Vitrification of biological material
09/22/16Anti-kir antibodies
09/22/16Integrated circuit using topology configurations
09/22/16Thermally-assisted cold-weld bonding for epitaxial lift-off process
09/22/16Stacked white oled having separate red, green and blue sub-elements
09/15/16Catheter and method to localize ectopic and reentrant activity in the heart
09/15/16Phage microarray profiling of the humoral response to disease
09/15/16Controlled coalescence of gas phase segmented droplets
09/15/16Frequency domain discrimination of tissue proteins
09/15/16Nanoporous bioelectrochemical sensors for measuring redox potential in biological samples
09/15/16Detecting at least one predetermined pattern in stream of symbols
09/15/16High performance transition metal carbide and nitride and boride based asymmetric supercapacitors
09/15/16Dual-loop programmable and dividerless clock generator for ultra low power applications
09/08/16Therapeutic antibodies and uses thereof
09/08/16Apparatus and direct writing of single crystal super alloys and metals
09/08/16Dielectric elastomer actautor
09/01/16Epsilon-tube filter for blunt noise removal
09/01/16Deuterated amlexanox
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09/01/16Stem cell factor inhibitor
09/01/16Ncrna and uses thereof
09/01/16Silane based surfaces with extreme wettabilities
09/01/16Static random access memory cell having improved write margin for use in ultra-low power application
09/01/16Decorative dual-function photovoltaic devices generating angle insensitive transmissive or reflective colors
09/01/16High efficiency small molecule tandem photovoltaic devices
09/01/16Exciton management in organic photovoltaic multi-donor energy cascades
08/25/16Magnetic beacon self-localization using mobile device magnetometers
08/25/16Actuation and sensing platform for sensor calibration and vibration isolation
08/25/16Interactive projection system
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08/25/16Reciprocal unit
08/25/16Iterative detection-decoding system
08/18/16Compositions and destabilizing, altering, and dispersing biofilms
08/18/16Deubiquitinase inhibitors and methods for use of the same
08/11/16Compositions and methods for detecting and treating neurological conditions
08/11/16Microfabricated gas flow structure
08/11/16Patterned nano-engineered thin films on flexible substrates for sensing applications
08/04/16Compositions and methods for delivering pharmaceutical agents
08/04/16Last-mile navigation using smartphones
07/28/16Atraumatic tip geometry for indwelling devices
07/28/16Metallacrown complexes and methods of making the same
07/21/16Method for joining dissimilar metal parts for improved weldability, weld quality, mechanical performance
07/21/16Electrodeless plasma thruster
07/21/16Mipol1-etv1 gene rearrangements
07/21/16Biomarkers for lower urinary tract symptoms (luts)
07/21/16Visual localization within lidar maps
07/21/16Multi-axis piezoelectric transducer
07/14/16Converging/diverging magnetic nozzle
07/14/16Rivet with cutting mandrel tip and one-sided joining method
07/14/16Smart messaging system for medication adherence
07/14/16Exciton-blocking treatments for buffer layers in organic photovoltaics
07/14/16Thick-etl oleds with sub-ito grids with improved outcoupling
07/07/16Three dimensional microstructures and fabrication process
07/07/16Reconfigurable device for terahertz (thz) and infrared (ir) filtering and modulation
07/07/16Thin film lift-off via combination of epitaxial lift-off and spalling
07/07/16Enhancing light extraction of organic light-emitting diodes via nanoscale texturing of electrode surfaces
06/30/16Histotripsy using very short ultrasound pulses
06/30/16A storage device supporting logical operations, methods and storage medium
06/23/16Systems and methods for imaging changes in tissue
06/23/16Method and system for charge air cooler condensate control
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06/23/16Active indoor location sensing for mobile devices
06/23/16Non-contact on-wafer s-parameter measurements of devices at millimeter-wave to terahertz frequencies
06/16/16Amelioration of intestinal fibrosis and treatment of crohn's disease
06/16/16Synthesis of chiral nanoparticles using circularly polarized light
06/16/16Runtime compiler environment with dynamic co-located code execution
06/16/16Optically-induced charge separation and induced magnetism in dielectrics for optical energy conversion and intense magnetic field generation
06/09/16Nanoemulsion therapeutic compositions and methods of using the same
06/09/16Integrated vascular delivery system
06/09/16Compact organic vapor jet printing print head
06/09/16Environment-resistant module, micropackage and methods of manufacturing same
06/09/16Anti-cocaine compositions and treatment
06/09/16Non-coding rnas and uses thereof
06/09/16Oscillator regulation circuitry and method
06/02/16Adapting electroforming techniques for the manufacture of architectural building elements
06/02/16Growth of ordered crystalline organic films
05/26/16Neural probe with optical stimulation capability
05/26/16Method for amplifying signals from individual nerve fascicles
05/26/16Inhibitors of myocardin-related transcription factor and serum response factor (mrtf/srf)-mediated gene transcription and methods for use of the same
05/26/16Systems, devices, and methods for printing on three-dimensional objects
05/19/16Compositions comprising thienopyrimidine and thienopyridine compounds and methods of use thereof
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05/19/16Microdischarge-based transducer
05/19/16Systems and methods for automatically evaluating medical patient symptoms and providing tailored prescriptions
05/19/16Integrated solar collectors using epitaxial lift off and cold weld bonded semiconductor solar cells
05/12/16Superhydrophilic and oleophobic porous materials and methods for making and using the same
05/12/16Systems and methods for electronically mining genomic data
05/05/16Compositions and methods for generation of biofuels
04/28/16Automatically placed-and-routed adpll with pwm-based dco resolution enhancement
04/21/16Personalized auditory-somatosensory stimulation to treat tinnitus
04/21/16Switch gain scheduled explicit model predictive control of diesel engines
04/14/16Integrated fluidic system for gas chromatography
04/14/16Operation parameter control based upon queued instruction characteristics
04/14/16Issue control for multithreaded processing
04/14/16Vehicle interface docking system for dsrc-equipped user devices in a vehicle
04/07/16Lung ventilation measurements using ultrasound
04/07/161,4-benzodiazepone-2,5-diones and related compounds with therapeutic properties
04/07/16Nanofibrous spongy microspheres
04/07/16Recurrent gene fusions in prostate cancer
04/07/16Querying input data
04/07/16Querying input data
03/31/16Conjugated gold nanoparticles
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03/31/16Real-time warning for distracted pedestrians with smartphones
03/31/16Negative group delay circuit
03/31/16Remote interface device for vehicular remote control
03/24/16Compositions and methods for detecting s-nitrosylation and s-sulfinylation
03/24/16Panel with reduced glare
03/24/16Wireless power transfer using multiple near-field plates
03/17/16Nucleotide phosphate dissipation as a treatment for vascular disorders
03/17/16Methods to increase structural performance, strength and durability of fabric-reinforced composite materials by pre-stressing
03/17/16Adjustable panel closure bumpers incorporating shape memory polymers
03/17/16Discrete time rate-based model predictive control internal combustion engine air path control
03/17/16Machine learning for hepatitis c
03/10/16Systems and methods for single cell isolation and analysis
03/10/16Systems and methods for single cell isolation and analysis
03/10/16Water-free titania-bronze thin films with superfast lithium ion transport
03/03/16Electrocardiogram data analysis rapid diagnosis
03/03/16Cleavable polymeric micelles
03/03/16Deuterated amlexanox
03/03/16Physical unclonable function using augmented memory for challenge-response hashing
03/03/16Network maliciousness susceptibility analysis and rating
02/25/16Porous bidirectional bellowed tracheal reconstruction device
02/25/16Compositions and methods relating to inhibiting cancer cell growth and/or proliferation
02/25/16Organic photosensitive devices with exciton-blocking charge carrier filteres
02/18/16Automated detector and classifier of high frequency oscillations and indicator seizure onset
02/18/16Compositions and methods for treatment of leukemia
02/18/16Compositions comprising thienopyrimidine and thienopyridine compounds and methods of use thereof
02/18/16Detection of nucleic acids
02/18/16Floating-gate transistor array for performing weighted sum computation
02/11/16Using phage epitopes to profile the immune response
02/04/16Treatment of staphylococcal disorders
02/04/16Crystalline explosive material
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02/04/16Multiphase microarrays and uses thereof
02/04/16Error recovery within integrated circuit
02/04/16Directly heated rf phase change switch
01/28/16Adaptive machine learning method to predict and control engine combustion
01/28/16Chemical sensing device
01/28/16Metamaterial sensor platforms for terahertz dna sensing
01/28/16Microfluidic device for immunoblotting
01/28/16Tetradymite layer assisted heteroepitaxial growth and applications
01/21/16Compositions for treatment of retinal detachment
01/21/16Stable organic photosensitive devices with exciton-blocking charge carrier filters utilizing high glass transition temperature materials
01/21/16Rating network security posture and comparing network maliciousness
01/14/16System for providing continuous systolic blood pressure measurement to maintain permissive hypotension
01/14/16Compounds and methods for treating aberrant adrenocortical cell disorders
01/14/16Plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 inhibitors and methods of use thereof to modulate lipid metabolism
01/14/16Protocol for an electronic device to receive a data packet from an external device
01/07/16Fluoroscopy-independent, endovascular aortic occlusion system
01/07/16Compositions and methods relating to induction of intestinal stem cell homeogenesis and/or regeneration
01/07/16Apparatus and deposition for organic thin films
01/07/16Dual mek/pi3k inhibitors and therapeutic methods using the same
01/07/16Methods and compositions for the treatment of bone remodeling disorders
01/07/16Control of switching between executed mechanisms
01/07/16Silicon based nanoscale crossbar memory
01/07/16Organic photosensitive devices comprising aryl squaraines and methods of making the same
01/07/16Organic electronic devices with multiple solution-processed layers
12/31/15Early detection of hemodynamic decompensation using taut-string transformation
12/31/15Composition and treating tinnitus
12/31/15Hybrid friction stir welding for dissimilar materials through electroplastic effect
12/31/15Thermally adaptive ductile concrete
12/31/15Method for bacterial species identification and strain typing

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