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The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania And Imclone Llc
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania A University
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania Penn Center For Innovation
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania_20100121
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania_20131212
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania_20100128

The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania patents

Recent patent applications related to The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania. The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania, we're just tracking patents.

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12/07/17 new patent  Aav-mediated gene therapy for nphp5 lca-ciliopathy
11/30/17Universal immune receptor expressed by t cells for the targeting of diverse and multiple antigens
11/30/17Transgenic plants exhibiting enhanced phytochelatin-based heavy metal tolerance and methods of use thereof
11/30/17Fluid separator for point of care molecular diagnostics
11/30/17Biomarkers for seizures
11/23/17A for magnetic resonance imaging data acquisition guided by physiologic feedback
11/23/17Compositions and methods for treating hiv-associated cognitive dysfunction
11/23/17Small molecule activators of mitochondrial function
11/23/17Treatment of cancer using gfr alpha-4 chimeric antigen receptor
11/23/17Anti-properdin antibodies and uses thereof
11/23/17Treatment of cancer using chimeric antigen receptor
11/23/17Altering gene expression in cart cells and uses thereof
11/23/17A parkinson's disease diagnostic biomarker panel
11/16/17Ph-sensitive peptides and their nanoparticles for drug delivery
11/16/17Purification and purity assessment of rna molecules synthesized with modified nucleosides
11/09/17Apparatus and methods for testing visual function and functional vision at varying luminance levels
11/09/17Systems and methods for mesh augmentation and prevention of incisional hernia
11/09/17Novel artificial antigen presenting cells and uses thereof
11/09/17Drug-containing implants and methods of use thereof
11/09/17Measuring hiv reservoirs with optical scanning
11/02/17Compositions comprising ch848 envelopes and uses thereof
10/26/17Apparatus and methods for manufacturing a microfluidic device
10/26/17Potent compstatin analogs
10/26/17Adeno-associated virus (aav) serotype 8 sequences, vectors containing same, and uses therefor
10/26/17Biomarkers predictive of therapeutic responsiveness to chimeric antigen receptor therapy and uses thereof
10/26/17Vivo detection of egfr mutation in glioblastoma via mri signature consistent with deep peritumoral infiltration
10/19/17Targeted carriers for intracellular drug delivery
10/19/17Methods, systems, and computer readable media for physiology parameter-invariant meal detection
10/19/17Small molecule inhibitors of hiv-1 entry and methods of use thereof
10/19/17Method of detecting and/or identifying adeno-associated virus (aav) sequences and isolating novel sequences identified thereby
10/19/17Compositions and methods for isolation of circulating tumor cells (ctc)
10/19/17Biomimetic chemical sensors using nanoelectronic readout of olfactory receptors
10/19/17Apparatus and methods for measuring delivered ionizing radiation
10/12/17Altering gene expression in modified t cells and uses thereof
10/12/17Glypican-3 antibody and uses thereof
10/12/17Tissue preferential codon modified expression cassettes, vectors containing same, and uses thereof
10/05/17Methods for constructing antibiotic resistance free vaccines
10/05/17Anti-tem1 antibodies and uses thereof
10/05/17Compositions and methods for treatment of cancer
10/05/17Edema invariant tractography
09/28/17Combinations of low, immune enhancing, doses of mtor inhibitors and cars
09/28/17Asymmetric bisaminoquinolines and bisaminoquinolines with varied linkers as autophagy inhibitors for cancer and other therapy
09/28/17Methods for detecting genomic dna methylation
09/21/17Dna antibody constructs and using same
09/21/17Nasal air jet insufflator
09/14/17Methods for treating disorders or diseases associated with hyperlipidemia and hypercholesterolemia while minimizing side effects
09/14/17Use of secoisolariciresinol diglucosides (sdgs) and related compounds for protection against radiation and chemical damage
09/14/17Methods and compositions for modified t cells
09/14/17Compositions and methods of stimulating and expanding t cells
09/14/17Mers-cov vaccine
09/14/17Protease triggered release of molecules from hydrogels
09/14/17Ruthenium-based photolinkers and methods of use
09/14/17Nanocomposite films and methods for producing the same
09/14/17Methods for monitoring cd4+ t-helper type 1 response in cancer and immune restoration
09/07/17Situ tribometer and methods of use
09/07/17Ultra low capacitance glass supported dielectric membranes for macromolecular analysis
08/31/17Improved super-resolution tomosynthesis imaging systems and methods
08/31/17Compstatin analogs with improved pharmacokinetic properties
08/24/17Compositions and methods for treating b-lymphoid malignancies
08/24/17Antigen-binding proteins comprising recombinant protein scaffolds
08/24/17Human alpha-folate receptor chimeric antigen receptor
08/24/17A detecting and/or identifying adeno-associated virus (aav) sequences and isolating novel sequences identified thereby
08/17/17Systems and methods for joint activity monitoring
08/17/17Vaccines having an antigen and interleukin-21 as an adjuvant
08/17/17Inhibitors of hiv-1 entry and methods of use thereof
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08/17/17Apparatus and methods for analyzing the output of microfluidic devices
08/17/17Method for making ferroelectric material thin films
08/10/17Volatile organic compound-based diagnostic systems and methods
08/10/17Methods for using exosomes to monitor transplanted organ status
08/10/17Chemical exchange saturation transfer (cest) imaging of lactate (latest)
08/10/17Methods and devices for modeling the eye
08/03/17Compositions and methods for cancer immunotherapy
08/03/17Manufacturing of multi-dose injection ready dendritic cell vaccines, combination therapies for blocking her2 and her3, and estrogen receptor positive her2 breast receptor positive her2 breast cancer therapy
08/03/17Antivirals against molluscum contagiosum virus
08/03/17Targeted protein replacement for the treatment of lysosomal storage disorders
08/03/17Compositions and methods for self-regulated inducible gene expression
07/27/17Subset-optimized chimeric antigen receptor-containing t-cells
07/27/17Silicon-based cross coupling agents and methods of their use
07/27/17Use of pdl1 expressing cells to convert t cells into regulatory t cells
07/27/17Sortase synthesized chimeric antigen receptors
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07/27/17Multi-sensor fusion for robust autonomous flight in indoor and outdoor environments with a rotorcraft micro-aerial vehicle (mav)
07/27/17Methods, systems, and computer readable media for detecting covert timing channels
07/27/17Charged particle system and methods for irradiating a planning target volume
07/20/17Methods of treating or preventing periodontitis and diseases associated with periodontitis
07/20/17Water-equivalent two-dimensional detector methods, systems and proton therapy
07/20/17Simple chemical the separation of rare earth metals
07/13/17Devices and methods for alleviating lymphatic system congestion
07/13/17Mitigation of lung injury
07/13/17Adeno-associated virus serotype i nucleic acid sequences, vectors and host cells containing same
07/06/17Compstatin analogs with improved activity
07/06/17Method of increasing the function of an aav vector
06/29/17New imaging agents and methods of identifying same
06/29/17Effective targeting of primary human leukemia using anti-cd123 chimeric antigen receptor engineered t cells
06/29/17Simian adenoviruses sadv-36, -42.1, -42.2, and -44 and uses thereof
06/29/17Ultralight robust plate materials
06/29/17Methods and compositions for diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy
06/22/17Transparent, flexible, low-noise electrodes for simultaneous electrophysiologyand neuro-imaging
06/22/17Heterocyclic compounds and their use for the treatment of neurodegenerative tauopathies
06/22/17Compstatin analogs with improved potency and pharmacokinetic properties
06/22/17Novel antiviral compounds and methods using same
06/22/17Methods, systems, and computer readable media involving a content coupled physical activity surface
06/15/17Advanced play environment for screening and early diagnosis of infant developmental delays and neurological impairments
06/15/17Filovirus consensus antigens, nucleic acid constructs and vaccines made therefrom, and methods of using same
06/15/17Novel vaccines against multiple subtypes of influenza virus
06/15/17Novel bisaminoquinoline compounds, pharmaceutical compositions prepared therefrom and their use
06/15/17Methods, systems, and computer readable media for a data-driven demand response (dr) recommender
06/15/17Sound propagation and perception for autonomous agents in dynamic environments
06/08/17Adeno-associated virus (aav) clades, sequences, vectors containing same, and uses therefor
06/01/17Compositions and methods for selective phagocytosis of human cancer cells
06/01/17Compositions and methods for treating antibody resistance
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06/01/17Vaccines for human papilloma virus and methods for using the same
06/01/17Fluorescent labeling of transfer rna and study of protein synthesis
05/25/17Valve prosthesis
05/18/17Compositions and methods of regulating bone resorption
05/18/17Machine implemented methods, systems, and apparatuses for improving diagnostic performance
05/11/17Devices and methods for monitoring and quantifying nucleic acid amplification
05/11/17Anisotropic and amphiphilic particles and methods for producing and using the same
05/11/17Systems and methods for producing metal clusters; functionalized surfaces; and droplets including solvated metal ions
05/04/17Scaffolds for inhibitors of menin-mll interactions
05/04/17Cardio-metabolic and vascular effects of glp-1 metabolites
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05/04/17Simian adenovirus nucleic acid and amino acid sequences, vectors containing same, and methods of use
05/04/17Apparatus and methods for making recombinant protein-stabilized monodisperse microbubbles
04/27/17Real-time seizure prediction informed by hidden markov model event states
04/27/17Synthesis of honokiol
04/27/17Novel effective antiviral compounds and methods using same
04/20/17Stat5a and its functional tumor suppressor analogs for treatment of malignancies expressing npm/alk and other oncogenic kinases
04/20/17Micro-fabricated multi-well chips for long term automated imaging of c. elegans growth and behavior
04/20/17Computer-implemented methods, computer-readable media, and systems for tracking a plurality of spermatozoa
04/13/17Compositions and methods comprising klk3 or folh1 antigen
04/13/17Ldlr variants and their use in compositions for reducing cholesterol levels
04/13/17Chemically switchable ultraviolet photoluminescence
04/06/17Modified adenovirus hexon protein and uses thereof
04/06/17Microrna induction of cardiac regeneration
04/06/17Isothermal nucleic acid amplification reactor with integrated solid state membrane
03/30/17Surfaces with tunable adhesion based on composite structures and methods of making the same
03/30/17Adeno-associated virus (aav) serotype 8 sequences, vectors containing same, and uses therefor
03/30/17Applications of automatic anatomy recognition in medical tomographic imagery based on fuzzy anatomy models
03/30/17Methods, systems, and computer readable media for generating software defined networking (sdn) policies
03/23/17Compositions comprising aav expressing dual antibody constructs and uses thereof
03/23/17Regulatable chimeric antigen receptor
03/23/17Non-volatile resistance switching devices
03/16/17Flexible and scalable sensor arrays for recording and modulating physiological activity
03/09/17Systems and methods for percutaneous removal of objects from an internal body space
03/09/17In vivo and ex vivo expansion of hematopoietic stem cells with a targeted combination of clinically tested, fda approved drugs
03/02/17Compositions and methods for targeted epigenetic modification
03/02/17Compositions and methods for controlling plant growth and development
03/02/17Methods for managing care of patients predisposed to progressive mitral valve diseases
02/23/17Compositions comprising angiogenic factors and methods of use thereof
02/23/17Enhanced aav-mediated gene transfer for retinal therapies
02/23/17Compositions and methods of chimeric autoantibody receptor t cells
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02/23/17Compositions useful in treatment of ornithine transcarbamylase (otc) deficiency
02/16/17Methods and compositions for treating metastatic breast cancer and other cancers in the brain
02/16/17Rna containing modified nucleosides and methods of use thereof
02/16/17Novel thioamide-modified peptides and uses thereof
02/16/17Scalable, printable, patterned sheet of high mobility graphene on flexible substrates
02/09/17Non-cartesian retrospective reconstruction of cardiac motion in patients with severe arrhythmia
02/09/17Automatic tract extraction via atlas based adaptive connectivity-based clustering
02/02/17Compositions and methods for treating opioid receptor associated diseases
02/02/17Use of hdac and/or dnmt inhibitors for treatment of ischemic injury
02/02/17Methods for constructing antibiotic resistance free vaccines
02/02/17Adeno-associated virus (aav) clades, sequences, vectors containing same, and uses therefor
02/02/17Use of micro-ribonucleic acid (mirna) to diagnose transplant rejection and tolerance of immunosuppression therapy
01/26/17Compositions useful in treatment of ornithine transcarbamylase (otc) deficiency
01/26/17Compositions and methods for metagenome biomarker detection
01/26/17Systems, devices, and methods for on-board sensing and control of micro aerial vehicles
01/19/17Small molecule hsp70 inhibitors
01/19/17Methods for preventing and treating staphylococcus aureus colonization, infection, and disease
01/19/17Method of treating or retarding the development of blindness
01/12/17Pd1 and pdl1 antibodies and vaccine combinations and use of same for immunotherapy
01/05/17Pharmacologically induced transgene ablation system
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01/05/17Polyphosphazene delivery system for inorganic nanocrystals
01/05/17Linear motion device with extending tube for positioning
01/05/17Compositions and methods for treating cancer
12/22/16Recombinant listeria vaccine strains and methods of using the same in cancer immunotherapy
12/22/16Methods and compositions for treating solid tumors and enhancing tumor vaccines
12/22/16Rna preparations comprising purified modified rna for reprogramming cells
12/15/16Pressure modulation, motion detection, individualized geometry, and improved optic-skin coupling to improve long term clinical monitoring with diffuse optics
12/15/16Compositions and methods for the treatment of her2/neu over-expressing tumors
12/15/16Consensus prostate antigens, nucleic acid molecule encoding the same and vaccine and uses comprising the same
12/15/16Drug-containing implants and methods of use thereof
12/15/16Cd4-mimetic small molecules sensitize human immunodeficiency virus to vaccine-elicited antibodies
12/08/16Probes and pressure modulation algorithms for reducing extratissue contamination in hemodynamic measurement
12/08/16Flow-through paramagnetic particle-based cell separation and paramagnetic particle removal
12/01/16Methods and compositions for inhibiting or reducing hair loss, acne, rosacea, prostate cancer, and bph
12/01/16Fusion proteins for modulating regulatory and effector t cells
12/01/16Activation and expansion of t-cells using an engineered multivalent signaling platform as a research tool
11/24/16Tailored combinatorial epigenetic therapies for p53 gain-of-function tumors
11/24/16Enhanced antigen presenting ability of rna car t cells by co-introduction of costimulatory molecules
11/17/16Methods for treating disorders or diseases associated with hyperlipidemia and hypercholesterolemia while minimizing side-effects
11/17/16Compositions and methods for the treatment of vitiligo
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11/17/16Oral delivery of angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ace2) or angiotensin-(1-7) bioencapsulated in plant cells attenuates pulmonary hypertension, cardiac dysfunction and development of autoimmune and experimentally induced ocular disorders
11/17/16Tumor vascular marker-targeted vaccines
11/17/16Apparatus, preventing retention of surgical drains
11/17/16Polyelectrolyte microcapsules and methods of making the same
11/17/16Methods for the preparation of colloidal nanocrystal dispersion
11/17/16High-performing bulk photovoltaics
11/17/16Methods of forming colloidal nanocrystal-based thin film devices
11/10/16Graphene-passivated implantable electrodes
11/10/16Listeria-based adjuvants
11/10/16Compositions and methods for targeting stromal cells for the treatment of cancer
11/03/16Coaxial ablation probe and real-time monitoring of ablation therapy
11/03/16Nucleic acid molecule encoding hepatitis b virus core protein and vaccine comprising the same
10/27/16High performance knee prostheses
10/27/16Methods for generating new hair follicles, treating baldness, and hair removal
10/27/16Plasma separator apparatus and associated methods
10/27/16Use of b lymphocyte stimulator protein antagonists to promote transplantation tolerance
10/27/16Human mesothelin chimeric antigen receptors and uses thereof
10/20/16Dynamic four-dimensional contrast enhanced tomosynthesis
10/20/16Indomethacin analogs for the treatment of castrate-resistant prostate cancer
10/06/16Prevention of infarct expansion
10/06/16Cationic contrast agents and methods of using the same
10/06/16Compositions and methods for suppression of inhibitor formation against coagulation factors in hemophilia patients
10/06/16Compositions and methods of treating tumors
10/06/16Superamphiphobic surfaces and compositions and methods of forming the same
10/06/16Non-volatile resistance-switching thin film devices
09/29/16Three dimensional printing of supramolecular (hydro)gels
09/29/16Method for diagnosing lung cancers using gene expression profiles in peripheral blood mononuclear cells
09/29/16Interactive non-uniformity correction and intensity standardization of mr images
09/22/16Chitosan-based matrices and uses thereof
09/22/16Chitosan-based matrices and uses thereof
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09/22/16Subfamily e simian adenoviruses a1321, a1325, a1295, a1309, a1316 and a1322 and uses thereof
09/22/16Bismuth-iron oxide contrast agents
09/22/16Highly parallelized droplet microfluidic apparatus
09/15/16High performance knee prosthesis
09/15/16Method of treating or retarding the development of blindness
09/15/16Cell, tissue and organ protection using a magnetic field
09/15/16Methods, systems, and computer readable media for visual odometry using rigid structures identified by antipodal transform
09/08/16Methods for treating disorders or diseases associated with hyperlipidemia and hypercholesterolemia while minimizing side-effects
09/08/16Use of listeria vaccine vectors to reverse vaccine unresponsiveness in parasitically infected individuals
09/08/16Hiv-1 env dna vaccine plus protein boost delivered by ep expands b- and t-cell response and neutralizing
09/08/16Methods for rapid ribonucleic acid fluorescence in situ hybridization
09/01/16Neuronal replacement and reestablishment of axonal connections
09/01/16Compositions and methods for reprogramming eukaryotic cells
08/25/16Compositions and methods comprising a defined microbiome and methods of use thereof
08/25/16Simian subfamily e adenoviruses sadv-39, -25.2, -26, -30, -37, and -38 and uses thereof
08/25/16Polymerized ionic liquid block copolymers as battery membranes
08/18/16Epitope spreading associated with car t-cells
08/18/16Vaccines with interleukin-33 as an adjuvant
08/18/16Compositions, comprising improved il-12 genetic constructs and vaccines, immunotherapeutics and methods of using the same
08/18/16Methods, systems, and computer readable media for automated detection of abnormalities in medical images
08/11/16Assessment of hemodynamic function in arrhythmia patients
08/11/16Combination therapy for use in cancer therapy
08/11/16Compositions and methods for detecting and treating neurological conditions
08/11/16Thin film metal silicides and methods for formation
08/04/16Diagnosing and treating cancer
08/04/16Isolated b7-h4 specific compositions and methods of use thereof
08/04/16Constructs and methods for delivering molecules via viral vectors with blunted innate immune responses
08/04/16Methods for diagnosing pancreatic cancer
07/28/16Tools for transoral surgery

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