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The University Of Akron
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The University Of Akron patents

Recent patent applications related to The University Of Akron. The University Of Akron is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: The University Of Akron may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with The University Of Akron, we're just tracking patents.

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12/14/17 new patent  Well-defined degradable poly(propylene fumarate) polymers and scalable methods for the synthesis thereof
11/16/17Integrated zwitterionic conjugated polymers for bioelectronics, biosensing, regenerative medicine, and energy applications
10/12/17Device and three-dimensional video communication
09/14/17Synthesis of -s-ch2ch2-oh telechelic polyisobutylenes and their use for the preparation of biostable polyurethanes
08/24/17Novel polyisobutylene-based thermoplastic elastomers
08/17/17Flexible sensors and methods for making the same
08/10/17System and condition monitoring of electricity transmission structures
07/27/17Degradable amino acid-based poly (ester urea) copolymer adhesives
07/20/17Imaging and display system for guiding medical interventions
07/06/17Composition and methods for tethering bioactive peptides to metal oxide surfaces
06/22/17Polyisobutylenes and process for making same
06/22/17A charging batteries
05/18/17Co-network of high and low molecular weight 3-arm star cyanoacrylate-telechelic polyisobutylene and 2-octyl cyanoacrylate
05/04/17Perovskite hybrid solar cells
03/30/17Modular device for preventing compression and instability in a segmental defect repair scaffold
03/23/17Radioopaque, iodine functionalized phenylalanine-based poly(ester urea)s
03/02/17Flexible tactile sensors and methods of making
03/02/17Photodetector utilizing quantum dots and perovskite hybrids as light harvesters
02/23/17Smart sensor network for power grid health monitoring
02/02/17Method for the production of poly(2-octyl cyanoacrylate)-polyisobutylene co-network, and super initiators therefor
01/26/17Ultrasensitive solution-processed perovskite hybrid photodetectors
01/19/17Nanoporous films derived from polycyclo-olefinic block polymers
12/22/16Minimal shock set screw
12/08/16Conductive film and making same
11/17/16Biomarker assay using microparticle aggregation
10/20/16Apparatus and analyzing samples with nmr
10/06/16Decalcification solution with preservation of rna
09/29/16System and iterative condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of electric machines
09/22/16Method of making mesoporous carbon from natural wood and mesoporous carbon hollow tubes made thereby
09/22/16Polymer solar cell using a low-temperature, solution-processed metal-oxide thin film as a hole-extraction layer
09/01/16Resorbable, amino acid-based poly(ester urea)s scaffold for vascular graft tissue engineering
09/01/16Zwitterionic polysaccharide polymers having antifouling, antimicrobial and optical transparency properties
08/25/16Integrated zwitterionic conjugated polymers for bioelectronics, biosensing, regenerative medicine, and energy applications
08/25/16Multipurpose imaging and display system
08/18/16Methods for post-fabrication functionalization of poly(ester ureas)
07/28/16Rubbery polysiloxanes carrying cyanoacrylate functions and related methods for their preparation and uses therefor
06/23/16Ballistic materials having a three-dimensional sphere structure
05/12/16Hyperbranched amino acid-based poly(ester urea)s for regenerative medicine and drug delivery
05/05/16Generation of amphiphilic network with an ability to distinguish the transport of igg and insulin
03/31/16Digestion of waste activated sludge with algae
03/31/16Polyisobutylenes and process for making same
03/24/16Low-power for cooling prosthetic limb socket based on phase change
03/24/16Automated cell and tissue bioprinter
02/18/16Method for design and customization of a multiphase electric motor
02/18/16Direct-drive digital audio amplifier for electrostatic loudspeakers
01/28/16Tashinones and their derivatives: novel excellent drugs for alzheimer disease
01/28/16Methods and the production of multi-component fibers
01/07/16Preparation of polyisobutylene-based polymer networks by thiol-ene chemistry
11/19/15Wound protecting polymers
11/19/15Adhesive attachment discs
11/12/15High sensitivity inductive sensor for measuring blade tip clearance
10/01/15Terpene/isoolefin copolymers having substantially heterogeneous compositional distribution and displaying thermoplastic elastomeric properties
10/01/15Electrospun microtubes and nanotubes containing rheological fluid
08/20/15Dextran-peptide hybrid for efficient gene delivery
08/20/15Wearable inductive-force sensor
08/13/15Fast auto-balancing ac bridge
07/30/15Novel polyisobutylene-based thermoplastic elastomers
07/16/15Polymeric structures containing strained cycloalkyne functionality for post-fabrication azidealkyne cycloaddition functionalization
07/16/15D-q control controlling a switched reluctance motor
07/09/15Polyisobutylene-based polyurethanes containing organically modified montmorillonite
07/02/15Strain-promoted crosslinking of peg-based hydrogels via copper-free cycloaddition
06/25/15Fabrication of nanofibers as dry adhesives and applications of the same
06/25/15Hydrogenated alkenyl aromatic-diene copolymers containing comonomers having silyl hydride units and their functionalized analogs
05/28/15Class of near infrared optical probes for biological applications
05/21/15Thermoplastic elastomers containing an oligopeptide hard component
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05/21/15Smart fiber-optic sensor optical spectroscopy in robotic surgical systems
04/30/15Enzyme-based protein separation and enrichment from soy meal, wheat meal, and other protein-rich materials derived from plant seeds, fruits and other biomass
04/02/15Biodegradable polymers with pendant functional groups attached through amide bonds
02/26/15Method for identifying stochastic information of heterogeneous materials
01/15/15Fluorinated polymerizable hydrogels for wound dressings and methods of making same
12/25/14Silver based gels for antimicrobial applications
10/09/14Coated fibers exhibiting beads-on-a-string morphology
10/09/14Multi-phase self-stratifying coating exhibiting gradient behavior
10/02/14P-type transition metal oxide-based films serving as hole transport layers in organic optoelectronic devices
09/25/14Method of characterization of viscoelastic stress in elongated flow materials
09/18/14Process of preparing functionalized polymers via enzymatic catalysis
08/21/14Real-time measurement system for monitoring and/or controlling properties of a composition transitioning from liquid state to solid state
08/21/14Method for the synthesis of low cost initiators for telechelic polyisobutylenes
08/21/14Reduced shock breakaway set screw for use with a surgical construct
07/31/14Filters for oil-water separation having zwitterionic polymers coated or grafted thereon
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07/31/14Carbon nanotube-based robust steamphobic surfaces
07/10/14Thermoresponsive cell culture supports
06/26/14Electron donor-fullerene conjugated molecules for organic photovoltaic cells
06/19/14Peptide-crosslinked bioactive polymeric materials
06/12/14Single and twin screw extruders with ultrasound horns for decrosslinking and devulcanization
05/29/14Integrated ultrasonic-inductive pulse sensor for wear debris detection
05/15/14Suppression of dewetting of polymer films via inexpensive soft lithograpy
05/08/14Biomimetic controller for increased dexterity prosthesis
05/01/14Mixed hydrophilic/hydrophobic fiber media for liquid-liquid coalescence
05/01/14Engineering individually addressable cellular spheroids using aqueous two-phase systems
04/24/14Method of encapsulation and immobilization
03/27/14Thermal energy harvesting device
03/20/14Class of near infrared optical probes for biological applications
03/20/14Interleaved parallel implementation of the fast fourier transform
03/13/14Poly(octylcyanoacrylate)-polyisobutylene polymer conetwork, the production thereof and uses thereof
03/13/14Variable-frequency stimulator for electrosurgery
03/06/14Polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane organic/polymeric dyads and its application for organic photovoltaic cells
03/06/14Method for the preparation of poly(disulfide) polymers and gels
02/27/14Magnetic macroinitiators and magnetically induced chain reactions
02/06/14Algae having intracellular lipid particles and high lipid content
02/06/14Methods and systems for accurate simulation of surfaces and interfaces of fcc metals
01/09/14Liquid drainage from coalescing filter medium with drainage channels
01/09/14Two-stage microfluidic device for acoustic particle manipulation and methods of separation
01/02/14Highly selective pyrophosphate sensor
01/02/14Polyisobutylenes and process for making same
12/26/13Device and controlling nerve growth
12/12/13Melt processible polyureas and polyurea-urethanes, the production thereof and products made therefrom
12/05/13Electrorheological fluids incorporated into polymeric articles and tires
11/21/13System and polarimetric wavelet fractal detection and imaging
10/31/13Low cost immobilized amine regenerable solid sorbents
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10/24/13Method and synthesis of initiators for telechelic polyisobutylenes
10/17/13Mixed hydrophilic/hydrophobic fiber media for liquid-liquid coalescence
08/01/13Flexible electrode for detecting changes in temperature, humidity, and sodium ion concentration in sweat
07/25/13Nonadherent and superabsorbent wound dressings based on electrospun zwitterionic monomers
07/25/13Mechanically strong absorbent non-woven fibrous mats
07/18/13Functional biodegradable polymers
06/06/13Arborescent polymers and process for making same
06/06/13Process and the efficient preparation of fullerynes
05/16/13Ethylene polymerization using discrete nickel(ii) iminophosphonamide complexes
05/09/13Production of arabital
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04/25/13Method of purifying block copolymers
04/11/13Synthesis of hyperbranched polyacrylates by emulsion polymerizsation of inimers
05/10/12Battery pack manager unit and using same to extend the life of a battery pack
05/10/12Stabilization and ionic triggering of nitric oxide release
03/22/12Lanthanide ion complexes and imaging method
03/15/12Mechanically attached medical device coatings
02/09/12Molecule-based magnetic polymers and methods
12/08/11Humidity responsive materials and systems and methods using humidity responsive materials
11/10/11Method of characterization of viscoelastic stress in elongated flow materials
11/10/11Synthesis and characterization of amine terminated cycloaliphatic substituted polysiloxanes
10/06/11Aligned carbon nanotube-polymer materials, systems and methods
09/29/11Polymer composition and dialysis membrane formed from the polymer composition
09/22/11Nanofibers with high enzyme loading for highly sensitive biosensors
09/15/11Materials and methods of introducing genetic material into living cells
09/08/11Method for the preparation of poly (disulfide) polymers and gels
09/01/11Hydrophobic surface coating metals
09/01/11Nanofiber enhanced functional film manufacturing method using melt film casting
09/01/11Polymers having both hard and soft segments, and process for making same
08/04/11Polymer composition with phytochemical and dialysis membrane formed from the polymer composition
07/28/11Synthesis of modified tung oil as a reactive diluent
06/16/11Synthesis of arborescent polymers via controlled inimer-type reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer (raft) polymerization
06/09/11N-type conjugated compounds containing diborylene units, methods of making, and a device comprising the compound
05/05/11Method of making coiled and buckled electrospun fiber structures
04/14/11Metal complexes of n-heterocyclic carbenes
04/07/11Singly-terminated polyisobutylenes and process for making same
02/24/11Synthesis of inimers and hyperbranched polymers
02/03/11Non-woven fiber assemblies
01/13/11Apparatus and manipulating micro component
01/13/11Protected metallic tip or metallized scanning probe microscopy tip for optical applications
12/23/10Process for making strain-hardened polymer products
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12/02/10Polymer networks, process for producing same, and products made therefrom
11/25/10Method for strain rate dependence analysis
11/11/10Bubble launched electrospinning jets
11/11/10Metal-mediated reversible self-assembly of carbon nanotubes
11/04/10Position estimation at starting and lower speeds in three-phase switched reluctance machines
11/04/10Synthesis of cycloaliphatic substituted silane monomers and polysiloxanes for photo-curing
10/21/10Amine absorber for carbon dioxide capture and processes for making and using the same
10/21/10Thermoplastic amphiphilic co-networks
09/30/10Methods and systems for accurate simulation of surfaces and interfaces of fcc metals
09/23/10Process of preparing functionalized polymers via enzymatic catalysis
09/09/10Nanoporous materials for use in intelligent systems
08/26/10Self-acting self-circulating fluid system without external pressure source and use in bearing system
08/26/10Electrospinning control for precision electrospinning of polymer fibers
08/26/10Carbon-filled polymer composite bipolar plates for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
08/19/10Implantable devices for producing insulin
08/19/10Metal complexes incorporated within biodegradable nanoparticles and their use
08/12/10Metal complexes incorporated within biodegradable nanoparticles and their use
07/29/10Radon monitoring system for earthquake prediction
06/24/10Molecule-based magnetic polymers and methods
06/17/10Hurricane suppression by supersonic boom
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06/17/10Bio-artificial pancreas and a procedure for preparation of same
06/17/10Method and performing apertureless near-field scanning optical microscopy
06/10/10Shape memory polymer aerogel composites
06/10/10Injectible cyanoacrylate-functionalized polyisobutylenes
06/03/10Dendron-tethered and templated quantum dots on carbon nanotubes
06/03/10Molecular and photonic nanostructures, optical biomaterials, photo-sensitizers, molecular contrast agents and metamaterials
06/03/10Amphiphilic networks, process for producing same, and products made therefrom
05/06/10Metal wear detection apparatus and method employing microfluidic electronic device
05/06/10Acidic oil-in-water-type emulsified food , producing same, antioxidant, and flavor improving agent
04/08/10Organic-inorganic hybrid nanomaterials and synthesizing same
03/25/107-ethynyl-2,4,9-trithiaadamantane and related methods
03/25/10Aligned carbon nanotube-polymer materials, systems and methods
02/25/10Amphiphilic grafts and co-networks and process for making same
02/25/10Thermoplastic polyphenoxyquinoxaline and preparing the same
02/18/10Convenient synthesis of 1 --> 3 c-branched dendrons
01/21/10Methods for producing materials with photo and electroluminescence properties and systems using such materials.
01/21/10Use of chemical admixtures as promotors, recovery agents
01/14/10Electrospun structures and methods for forming and using same
01/14/10Metal oxide fibers and nanofibers, making same, and uses thereof
01/07/10Construction of quantum dots via a regioselective dendritic funtionalized cellulose template
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12/31/09Process for controlling the manufacture of electrospun fiber morphology
12/31/09Nanofiber-reinforced composition for application to surgical wounds
12/10/09Systems and methods for wireless control of equipment
12/10/09Catalysts compositions for use in fuel cells
12/03/09Electrolyte membranes and methods of use
11/05/09Ultrasound assisted continuous process for dispersion of nanofibers and nanotubes in polymers
10/08/09Analysis for glucose products using pyridinylboronic acid
10/01/09Nanoporous materials for use in the conversion of mechanical energy and/or thermal energy into electrical energy
09/24/09Radical polymerization method and products prepared thereby
09/10/09Method of purifying block copolymers
08/27/09Topical nitric oxide donor devices and methods for their therapeutic use
08/13/09Photocurable polymers for ophthalmic applications
08/06/09Poly(aryletherimides) for negative birefringent films for lcds
07/02/09Reversible self-assembly of imbedded metallomacrocycles within a macromolecular superstructure
05/28/09Rheometer allowing direct visualization of continuous simple shear in non-newtonian fluid
05/07/09Molecular imaging and nanophotonics imaging and detection principles and systems, and contrast agents, media makers and biomarkers, and mechanisms for such contrast agents
03/19/09Nanofiber structures for supporting biological materials
03/12/09Dynamic modulation for multiplexation of microfluidic and nanofluidic based biosensors
03/12/09Carbon nanotubes on carbon nanofiber substrate
03/12/09Ethambutol based nitric oxide donors
02/19/09Interleaved parallel implementation of the fast fourier transform
12/12/13Melt processible polyureas and polyurea-urethanes, the production thereof and products made therefrom
01/21/10Use of chemical admixtures as promotors, recovery agents
01/14/10Metal oxide fibers and nanofibers, making same, and uses thereof
01/07/10Construction of quantum dots via a regioselective dendritic funtionalized cellulose template
07/31/14Synthesis of reversibly protected silanes

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