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The University Of Hong Kong
The University Of Hong Kong Shenzhen Institute Of Research And Innovation
The University Of Hong Kong_20100114

The University Of Hong Kong patents

Recent patent applications related to The University Of Hong Kong. The University Of Hong Kong is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: The University Of Hong Kong may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with The University Of Hong Kong, we're just tracking patents.

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Bismuth(iii) compounds and methods thereof

The present disclosure relates to a pharmaceutical composition comprising: (a) β-lactam antibiotics and (b) a metallo-β-lactamases (MBLs) inhibitor. The inhibitor relates to Bi(III) compounds or the pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof. The present patent also provides methods of making Bi(III) compounds or the pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof. Also provided is a... The University Of Hong Kong

Ac-dc single-inductor multiple-output led drivers

A single-stage AC-DC single-inductor multiple-output (SIMO) LED driver uses a single inductor (L) to drive multiple independent LED strings (341-34n) with Power Factor Correction (PFC). The driver uses a diode bridge (20) to achieve initial AC to DC conversion. The output of the bridge (20) is provided to a buck... The University Of Hong Kong

Inclinometer methods and systems for generating and calibrating an in-vehicle inclination angle

Provided herein are inclinometer methods and systems for generating an in-vehicle inclination angle (θr). An inclinometer method can include measuring an acceleration ({dot over (ν)}) of a vehicle or a vehicle member, measuring a pitch angular velocity (q) of a computer, measuring a longitudinal accelerometer signal (ax,S) of the computer,... The University Of Hong Kong

Power converter and power conversion method

A power converter comprising one or more switch blocks. Each switch block has: a plurality of switch-pairs each having two switches connected in series to each other; a plurality of primary nodes each interconnecting the switches in a respective switch-pair; and a plurality of secondary nodes, each switch-pair being connected... The University Of Hong Kong

Robotic catheter system for mri-guided cardiovascular interventions

MRI-guided robotics offers possibility for physicians to perform interventions remotely on confined anatomy. While the pathological and physiological changes could be visualized by high-contrast volumetric MRI scan during the procedure, robots promise improved navigation with added dexterity and precision. In cardiac catheterization, however, maneuvering a long catheter (1-2 meters) to... The University Of Hong Kong

Graphene-semiconductor based wavelength selective photodetector for sub-bandgap photo detection

Graphene photodetectors capable of operating in the sub-bandgap region relative to the bandgap of semiconductor nanoparticles, as well as methods of manufacturing the same, are provided. A photodetector can include a layer of graphene, a layer of semiconductor nanoparticles, a dielectric layer, a supporting medium, and a packaging layer. The... The University Of Hong Kong

Power controller and power control method

A power controller for an AC power converter connected in series with a load and receiving power from or delivering power to a power source, the power controller comprising: a radial control block controlling a radial component of an electrical parameter of the AC power converter; and a chordal control... The University Of Hong Kong

Method for rapid and precise manipulation of a tiny volume of liquid droplets

An apparatus and method are provided for rapid and precise manipulation and transfer of tiny liquid droplets. by dynamically introducing microstructures with relatively high surface energy to a non-wettable surface, which surface has in-situ switchable adhesion to liquid droplets. By penetrating microstructures on the background surface, the chemical property of... The University Of Hong Kong

Fast generation adjustment algorithm for energy management system

A method is proposed for real-time economic dispatch in power system operation, especially in systems that include renewable power sources that may cause heavy deviations from a generation schedule due to their uncertain outputs. According to the method an optimal generation schedule is obtained based on forecasted load data. This... The University Of Hong Kong

Antibacterial cyclic lipopeptides

Described are design and generation of a set of novel cyclic lipopeptides as potential antibacterial agents. New daptomycin analogues are generated by chemical synthesis, which makes introduction of an unnatural amino acid and any modification into daptomycin possible.... The University Of Hong Kong

Compositions and methods relating to living supramolecular polymerization and polymers

A supramolecular polymer with living characteristics is provided based on small molecules or metal complexes of a planar or linear geometry and a polymer. The small molecules are solvophobic and can associate or assemble with each other through non-covalent interactions such as but not limited to metal-metal, π-π, hydrogen-bonding, and/or... The University Of Hong Kong

Shape-adaptive model-based codec for lossy and lossless compression of images

The present invention relate to methods and codecs for image and video compression. Embodiments of the present invention include a novel shape-adaptive model-based codec (SAM) that supports binary shapes as well as matte and soft segmentation image compression by decomposing input shapes into deterministic and stochastic components for flexible lossy... The University Of Hong Kong

Order o(1) algorithm for first-principles calculation of transient current through open quantum systems

A fast algorithm is used to study the transient behavior due to the step-like pulse. This algorithm consists of two parts: The algorithm I reduces the computational complexity to T0N3 for large systems as long as T<N; The algorithm II employs the fast multipole technique and achieves scaling T0N3whenever T<N2... The University Of Hong Kong

Luminescent tetradentate gold(iii) compounds for organic light-emitting devices and their preparation

A highly rigid tetradentate ligand is combined with a gold(III) ion as a thermally stable tetradentate gold(III) complex. The tetradentate gold(III) complex is a tetradentate gold(III) compound that can be used as a light-emitting material which can be used for fabricated of light-emitting devices such as an organic light-emitting diode... The University Of Hong Kong

Platinum complexes for blue oled application

Described herein are compounds that are platinum emitters and, more particularly compounds that are platinum emitters of blue light and their applications in blue emitting organic light-emitting diodes (OLED). Also disclosed herein are devices that comprise the platinum emitters and methods of making and using the platinum emitters.... The University Of Hong Kong

Correlated colour temperature control system and method

A correlated colour temperature control system (1) for a LED lighting system (2) having at least two LED sources (3, 4) with different correlated colour temperatures. The LED lighting system (2) has a combined correlated colour temperature resulting from the combination of the different correlated colour temperatures of the at... The University Of Hong Kong

Auxiliary data for artifacts - aware view synthesis

Original or compressed Auxiliary Data, including possibly major depth discontinuities in the form of shape images, partial occlusion data, associated tuned and control parameters, and depth information of the original video(s), are used to facilitate the interactive display and generation of new views (view synthesis) of conventional 2D, stereo, and... The University Of Hong Kong

Nanomotor propulsion

Self-propelling, programmable nanoscopic motors capable of harvesting energy from absorbed photons and undergoing subsequent photoeletrochemical (PEC) reactions are provided. A nanomotor can have a three-dimensional Janus configuration and can sense the direction of a light source. By controlling the zeta potential of different parts of the nanomotor with chemical modifications,... The University Of Hong Kong

Gold porphyrin-peg conjugates and methods of use

Disclosed are conjugates, compositions, and methods that include or use one or more gold(III) porphyrin complexes. Preferred conjugates are gold(III) porphyrin-poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) conjugates. Preferred compositions and methods include or use such gold(III) porphyrin-PEG conjugates. Disclosed is a method for treatment of cancer comprising administering to a human in need... The University Of Hong Kong

Stapled helical peptides and methods of synthesis

The present disclosure relates to the design and generation of stapled helical peptides that perturb protein-protein interactions (PPIs). The methods disclosed herein for preparing stapled peptides involve providing a peptide having a first amino acid that is functionalized with a salicylaldehyde ester side group and a second amino acid functionalized... The University Of Hong Kong

Wireless power transfer system

Novel and advantageous insulator discs with embedded resonator coils are provided. By linking the insulator discs in a series using an appropriate mechanical mechanism, the insulator discs form an insulator or insulator string for a high power transmission line system. The resonator coils embedded inside the insulator discs therefore form... The University Of Hong Kong

Simple approach for preparing post-treatment-free solution processed non-stoichiometric niox nanoparticles as conductive hole transport materials

High-quality non-stoichiometric NiOx nanoparticles are synthesized by a facile chemical precipitation method. The NiOx film can function as an effective p-type semiconductor or hole transport layer (HTL) without any post-treatments, while offering wide temperature applicability from room-temperature to 150° C. For demonstrating the potential applications, high efficiency is achieved in... The University Of Hong Kong

Method and system of atmospheric pressure megavolt electrostatic field ionization desorption (apme-fid)

On field ionization under ambient conditions is described and applied on both ionization and desorption of various chemicals and biochemical present on the surface of materials in solid, liquid or gas states. The Atmospheric Pressure Megavolt Electrostatic Field Ionization Desorption (APME-FID) method generates ions directly from the surface of samples... The University Of Hong Kong

Combination use of cd47 antibodies/inhibitors with sorafenib for treatment of liver cancer

The subject invention pertains to methods, and related compositions, for treating or inhibiting liver cancer, comprising administering an effective amount of sorafenib; and an inhibiting agent selected from a CD47 inhibiting agent, a NF-κB inhibiting agent, and combination thereof.... The University Of Hong Kong

Pleural fluid markers for malignant pleural effusions

Methods of diagnosis and/or prognosis of malignant disease from pleural effusion samples are disclosed. The methods typically include determining the normalized intensity of one or more biomarkers, such as acetone and 3-hydroxybutyate, in pleural effusion samples using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), such as proton NMR (1H-NMR) spectroscopy. Reference values for... The University Of Hong Kong

Use of annexin a3 as a diagnostic and prognostic biomarker and therapeutic target for treating hepatocellular carcinoma

Annexin A3 (ANAX3) is utilized as a biomarker for the diagnosis and prognosis of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and the utilization of a monoclonal antibody against ANXA3 or antisense polynucleotide against ANXA3 mRNA for the suppression or treatment of HCC, alone or in combination with other HCC treatment. Monoclonal antibody against... The University Of Hong Kong

Bismuth(iii) complexes as adjuvants in the treatment of cancer using platinum-based chemotherapy

The present disclosure relates to methods of using cisplatin active agents in which reduced organ toxicity is observed are provided. In the subject methods, an effective amount is administrated to the host before administration of an effective amount of cisplatin active agents. The cisplatin toxicity reducing agent comprising of stable... The University Of Hong Kong

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