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The University Of Tokyo
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The University Of Tokyo patents

Recent patent applications related to The University Of Tokyo. The University Of Tokyo is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: The University Of Tokyo may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with The University Of Tokyo, we're just tracking patents.

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10/19/17 new patent  Activator of adiponectin receptor
10/19/17 new patent  Set of polypeptides exhibiting nuclease activity or nickase activity with dependence on light or in presence of drug or suppressing or activating expression of target gene
10/19/17 new patent  Simultaneous multicompound analysis method and simultaneous multicompound analysis program using mass spectrometry
10/12/17Pressure sensor
10/05/17Organ regeneration method utilizing blastocyst complementation
10/05/17Authentication system and method
10/05/17Navigation server, navigation client and navigation system
10/05/17High-frequency antenna element and high-frequency antenna module
09/28/17Three-dimensional artificial tissue, producing the same, three-dimensional artificial tissue perfusion device, and drug evaluation method using three-dimensional artificial tissue
09/28/17Aptamer capable of binding to hgf receptor
09/21/17Zeolite production method
09/21/17Zeolite production method
09/21/17Film comprising single-layer carbon nanotubes and having dense portions and sparse portions, process for producing same, and material including said film and process for producing same
09/21/17Encoding apparatus, decoding apparatus, and method and program for the same
09/14/17Pluripotent stem cell for treating diabetic skin ulcer
09/14/17Micelle containing epirubicin-complexed block copolymer and anti-cancer agent, and pharmaceutical composition containing said micelle applicable to treatment of cancer, resistant cancer or metastatic cancer
09/07/17Image processing device and image processing method
08/31/17Composition for inducing proliferation or accumulation of regulatory t cells
08/31/17Peptide with safer secondary structure, peptide library, and production methods for same
08/31/17Frequency domain parameter sequence generating method, encoding method, decoding method, frequency domain parameter sequence generating apparatus, encoding apparatus, decoding apparatus, program, and recording medium
08/31/17Method of producing composite photocatalyst and composite photocatalyst
08/17/17Composition for inducing proliferation or accumulation of regulatory t cells
08/17/17Composition for inducing proliferation or accumulation of regulatory t cells
08/17/17Electrophoresis device, manufacturing electrophoresis device, and device for separating extracellular vesicles
08/10/17Anatomical-structure-ligating device
08/03/17Human-derived bacteria that induce proliferation or accumulation of regulatory t cells
08/03/17Zeolite production method
08/03/17Method for producing cyclopentyl alkyl ether compound
08/03/17Grimontia-hollisae-derived recombinant collagenase and enzyme agent for cell separation
08/03/17Method of treating, or at least inhibiting the onset of, urate transport failure
08/03/17Particle detection method, particle detection device and particle detection system
08/03/17Power supply apparatus
08/03/17Conductive hybrid material including covalent organic structure
07/27/17Adiponectin secretion regulator
07/27/17Human-derived bacteria that induce proliferation or accumulation of regulatory t cells
07/27/17Lysophosphatidylserine derivative
07/27/17Image analysis apparatus, image analysis method, and program
07/27/17Magnetic material loaded with magnetic alloy particles and producing said magnetic material
07/13/17Method for producing mesothelial cells and a cell sheet for preventing adhesion
07/13/17Photoelectric conversion element having quantum structure using indirect transition conductor material
07/13/17Quantum cascade laser
07/13/17Nitride semiconductor device and quantum cascade laser using the same
06/29/17Photocatalyst electrode for water decomposition
06/29/17Information processing device, information processing method, program, and recording medium
06/22/17Travelling apparatus
06/22/17Method for detecting nucleic acid, capture probe, detection probe set, microarray, nucleic acid detection kit, nucleic-acid-immobilized solid phase, and fluid device
06/22/17Valve, fluid device, controlling fluid, and manufacturing valve
06/22/17Computer system, inspecting data, and computer
06/15/17Agent containing imidazole dipeptide
06/15/17Therapeutic agent for solid cancer
06/08/17Fluorescent probe for detecting dipeptidyl peptidase iv
06/08/17Pyrimidinone derivative having autotaxin-inhibitory activity
06/08/17Method for producing peptides having azole-derived skeleton
06/08/17Three-dimensional surface potential distribution measurement apparatus
06/01/17Diagnosis and treatment of cancer using anti-desmoglein-3 antibodies
05/25/17Kinase inhibitor
05/25/17Fusion protein suitable for measurement of autophagy, nucleic acid encoding said fusion protein, and use of these
05/25/17Method for reducing side effects of immune checkpoint control agent
05/25/17Carbon nanotube composite material
05/18/17Magnetic iron oxide nanopowder and process for producing the same
05/11/17Hollow microfiber
05/11/17Hydrogen generation electrode and artificial photosynthesis module
05/11/17Pressure sensor
05/04/17Sampling unit and biosensor
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04/27/17Composition for inducing proliferation or accumulation of regulatory t cells
04/27/17Inspection system and inspection method
04/20/17Inspection system and inspection method
04/20/17Biological simulation apparatus and biological simulation apparatus control method
04/06/17Fluorescent probe
04/06/17Lithium secondary battery electrolytic solution and secondary battery including said electrolytic solution
04/06/17Semiconductor light emitting device and optical transceiver
03/30/17Composition for inducing proliferation or accumulation of regulatory t cells
03/30/17Methods of diagnosing hepatocellular carcinoma and pancreatic cancer
03/23/17Depression treatment agent
03/16/17Enzyme-specific fluorescent compound capable of being retained in cells
03/16/17Carbon nanotube array, material, electronic device, process for producing carbon nanotube array, and process for producing field effect transistor
03/02/17Polypeptides and antibodies for assessing predisposition for myelodysplastic syndromes or myelogenous tumor, and screening therapeutic drugs therefor
02/23/17Intracerebral current simulation thereof, and transcranial magnetic stimulation system including intracerebral current simulation device
02/23/17Display system for work vehicle, display control device, work vehicle, and display control method
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02/16/17Glutathione-detecting fluorescent probe
02/09/17Endoparasite control agent
02/02/17Compositions and methods for induction of th17 cells
01/26/17Electron microscope and measurement method
01/26/17Photoelectric conversion element
01/19/17Water-dispersible amorphous particles and preparing same
01/19/17Endoparasite control agent and using the same
01/19/17Method of preparing sample for crystal structure analysis, determining absolute configuration of chiral compound, and polynuclear metal complex monocrystal
01/19/17Carbon nanotube composite material and process for producing same
01/19/17Energy storage dye-sensitized solar cell
01/19/17Organic transistor, compound, organic semiconductor material for non-light-emitting organic semiconductor device, material for organic transistor, coating solution for non-light-emitting organic semiconductor device, manufacturing organic transistor, manufacturing organic semiconductor film, organic semiconductor film for non-light-emitting organic semiconductor device, and synthesizing organic semiconductor material
01/19/17Vibration-driven energy harvester
01/12/17Composition for inducing proliferation or accumulation of regulatory t cells
01/12/17In-wheel motor system
01/12/17Artificial catalyst system substitutable for in vivo acylation function
01/12/17Method for reconstructing immune function using pluripotent stem cells
01/12/17Gas sensor
01/12/17Coating solution for non-light-emitting organic semiconductor device, organic transistor, compound, organic semiconductor material for non-light-emitting organic semiconductor device, material for organic transistor, manufacturing organic transistor, and manufacturing organic semiconductor film
01/05/17Molecule associated with onset of gout, and method and kit for evaluating diathesis of uric acid-related diseases and inflammation-related diseases, and inspection object and drug
01/05/17Database management system, computer, and database management method
12/29/16Separation apparatus, fluid device, separation method and mixing method
12/29/16Fused pyrazole derivative having autotaxin inhibitory activity
12/22/16Endoparasite control agent
12/22/16Pulmonary hypertension treating agent
12/15/16Endoparasite control agent
12/01/16Coil device and transcranial magnetic stimulation system
12/01/16Pressure sensor
11/24/16Method for improving coercive force of epsilon-type iron oxide, and epsilon-type iron oxide
11/17/16Carbon nanotube freestanding membrane, process for production of the same, composites having carbon nanotube membranes and process for production thereof
11/17/16Anti-tissue factor monoclonal antibody
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11/17/16Vehicle control apparatus
11/17/16Database management system, computer, and database management method
11/10/16Organ regeneration method utilizing ips cell and blastocyst complementation
11/10/16Pan-based carbon fiber and production method therefor
11/10/16Corrugated fin and heat exchanger including the same
11/03/16Transformed plant and producing exudate containing sugar using transformed plant
11/03/16Transformed plant and producing exudate containing sugar using transformed plant
11/03/16Valve, fluid control structure, fluid device and manufacturing valve
10/27/16Diagnosis and treatment of cancer using anti-itm2a antibody
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10/20/16Method for detecting predisposition for hepatitis b to become chronic
10/20/16Heat-resistant composite material production method and production device
10/13/16Near-infrared quenching group
10/13/16High-density microchamber array and manufacturing method thereof
10/13/16Heat-resistant composite material production method and production device
10/06/16Carrier for use in delivering drug, conjugate, composition comprising same, and administrating same
10/06/16Hydrogen oxidation catalyst
10/06/16Production charged non-protein amino acid-containing peptide
10/06/16Method of manufacturing protein array or peptide array, identifying functional protein or functional peptide, protein array or peptide array, and functional protein or functional peptide identification kit
10/06/16Method for detecting fluorescence or absorbance, suppressing background, measuring adp, measuring activity of adp-synthesizing enzyme, and measuring activity of glucosyltransferase
10/06/16Control scheme creation method and computer-readable recording medium for creating control scheme
09/29/16Drug solution injection needle and transdermal drug delivery device
09/29/16Water electrolysis system
09/29/16Artificial-photosynthesis module
09/29/16Artificial-photosynthesis array
09/29/16Pressure sensor and pressure detection device
09/22/16Method for producing peptide library, peptide library, and screening method
09/22/16Optical fiber property measuring device and optical fiber property measuring method
09/22/16Separation unit, separation method, fluid device, and composite fluid device and kit
09/08/16Machine tool and workpiece machining method
09/08/16Method for producing pluripotent stem cell having improved chimera forming ability from primed pluripotent stem cell, and composition and combination therefor
09/08/16Blurless image capturing system
08/25/16Anti-dll3 antibody
08/18/16C-met protein agonist
08/18/16Heat storage/dissipation material and heat storage/dissipation system
08/18/16Conveyance machine and management system
08/18/16Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
08/11/16Fluidic device, exosome analysis method, biomolecule analysis method, and biomolecule detection method
08/11/16Database management system and computer system
08/11/16Mine management system
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08/11/16Image analyzing apparatus and program
08/11/16Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
08/04/16Positive electrode material for sodium ion secondary batteries
08/04/16Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
07/28/16Activator of adiponectin receptor
07/28/16Mine mining system
07/28/16Mine management system
07/28/16Nonaqueous secondary battery
07/28/16Electrolytic solution, for electrical storage devices such as batteries and capacitors, containing salt whose cation is alkali metal, alkaline earth metal, or aluminum, and organic solvent having heteroelement, producing said electrolytic solution, and capacitor including said electrolytic solution
07/21/16Polymer nanoparticle composite and composition for mri imaging including same
07/21/16Use of rhoa in cancer diagnosis and inhibitor screening
07/21/16Method of generating organic compound and organic compound-generating system
07/21/16Macrocyclic peptide, producing same, and screening method using macrocyclic peptide library
07/14/16Solution mixer, fluidic device, and solution mixing method
07/14/16Method for producing mtw-type zeolite
07/07/16Human-derived bacteria that induce proliferation or accumulation of regulatory t cells
07/07/16Human-derived bacteria that induce proliferation or accumulation of regulatory t cells
07/07/16Photocatalyst for water splitting, production same, and photoelectrode for water splitting
06/30/16Preventive or therapeutic agent for inflammatory disease
06/30/16Information presentation device
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06/23/16Method for producing two-dimensionally patterned carbon nanotube and two-dimensionally patterned carbon nanotube
06/16/16Exosome analysis method, exosome analysis chip, and exosome analysis device
06/16/16Computer and data read method
06/09/16Line-of-sight direction control device
06/09/16Optical design x-ray focusing system using rotating mirror, and x-ray focusing system
06/09/16Electromagnetic wave absorber and film forming paste
06/02/16Composition for inducing proliferation or accumulation of regulatory t cells
06/02/16Flame resistant polymer, polymer solution, flame resistant fiber, carbon fiber, and methods of producing same
06/02/16Power-supply control apparatus, power-supply control method, server, power-supply control system, and storage medium
06/02/16Database management apparatus, database management method, and storage medium
05/26/16Composition for inducing proliferation or accumulation of regulatory t cells
05/19/16Modeling method and apparatus
05/05/16Skin gas measurement device and skin gas measurement method
05/05/16Ultrasonic medical device
05/05/16Observation device
05/05/16Signal processing method, detection method, and detection device
04/28/16Zeolite production method
04/28/16Novel producing differentiated cells
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04/28/16Light emitting diode element and manufacturing the same
04/21/16Controller for mobile robot
04/21/16Transmitting device, receiving device, and transmitting and receiving system
04/14/16Fluorescent probe for detecting activity of calpain
04/14/16Cancer examination method and examination kit
04/14/16Varifocal lens
04/14/16Image projection device and projection device
04/14/16Iron oxide magnetic nanoparticle powder and producing the same, iron oxide magnetic nanoparticle thin film containing the iron oxide magnetic nanoparticle powder and producing the same
03/31/16Polymers and processes for preparing the polymers
03/24/16Seawater desalination device and seawater desalination method
03/24/16Method for producing compound containing heterocycle
03/24/16Background-differential extraction device and background-differential extraction method
03/17/16Method for producing chimeric animal
03/17/16Nucleic acid linker
03/10/16Method for testing risk of multiple system atrophy, test kit, and drug for the treatment or prevention of multiple system atrophy
03/10/16Inhibitor of extracellular trap formation in leukocytes
03/10/16Bonded structure and bonding-condition detecting method
03/10/16Biosensor and molecular identification member
03/10/16Image processing apparatus
03/03/16Adhesion preventing material
02/18/16Aptamer to il-17 and use thereof
02/18/16Fluorescent probe
02/11/16Surface potential distribution measuring device
02/04/16Hydrocarbon reforming/trapping material and removing hydrocarbon
01/28/16Fluorescent probe
01/21/16Visual field test assistance apparatus
01/21/16Method for reviewing a defect and apparatus
01/21/16Visualization apparatus and visualization method
01/14/16Composition for synthesizing protein with reduced lipopolysaccharide contamination, producing protein using said composition
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01/14/16Determination device, computer readable medium, and marker for obtaining information on lung cancer
01/14/16Film comprising single-layer carbon nanotubes and having dense portions and sparse portions, process for producing same, and material including said film and process for producing same
01/07/16Device for simultaneously prodcing carbon nanotubes and hydrogen
01/07/168-substituted imidazopyrimidinone derivative having autotaxin inhibitory activity
12/31/15Ultrasonic treatment apparatus
12/31/15Apparatus and visualization
12/31/15Optical transceiver and communication system
12/31/15Wireless communication system and wireless apparatus
12/24/15Anti-dll3 antibody
12/24/15Production polar group-containing olefin polymers
12/17/15Process for producing vet-type zeolite
12/17/15Compound having lysophosphatidylserine receptor function modulation activity
12/17/15Pressure-sensitive sensor
12/17/15Photoelectric conversion element
12/10/15Asymmetrical si rhodamine and rhodol synthesis
12/03/15Method for producing exhaust gas purification catalyst
12/03/15Method for manufacturing glass material
12/03/15Flow analyzer and flow analysis method
12/03/15Apparatus and visualization
11/26/15Driving assist device
11/19/15Contrast medium, method and kit for preparing same
11/19/15Long non-coding rna used for anticancer therapy
11/12/15Composition for inducing proliferation or accumulation of regulatory t cells
11/12/15Gas sensor and gas sensor structural body
11/05/15Method for inhibiting signaling mediated by erbb2, signaling inhibitor to be used therefor and use thereof
10/22/15Peptide for inhibiting vascular endothelial growth factor receptor
10/22/15Agent for treating or preventing systemic inflammatory response syndrome
10/15/15Casing for in vivo implantation device, in vivo implantation device, production casing for in vivo implantation device, and treatment support method using in vivo implantation device
10/15/15Operation device

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