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Recent patent applications related to Thomson Licensing. Thomson Licensing is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Thomson Licensing may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Thomson Licensing, we're just tracking patents.

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11/16/17Device for transporting light
11/16/17Device for transporting light
11/16/17Method and estimating depth of unfocused plenoptic data
11/16/17Fast access to internet apps with a remote control
11/16/17Method and content distribution for multiscreen viewing
11/16/17Method and video picture playback
11/16/17System and redirecting a mobile device
11/09/17Digital authentication using augmented reality
11/09/17Method and composition subtitles
11/09/17Method and encoding/decoding a high dynamic range picture into a coded bitstream
11/09/17Method and device for transmitting content
11/02/17Methods and collaborative partition coding for region based filters
11/02/17Methods and determining quantization parameter predictors from a plurality of neighboring quantization parameters
11/02/17Downloading of media based on user profile
11/02/17Electronic program guide displaying media service recommendations
10/26/17Electrical activity sensor device for detecting electrical activity and electrical activity monitoring apparatus
10/26/17Image recognition using descriptor pruning
10/26/17Method and separating speech data from background data in audio communication
10/26/17Method of audio/video broadcast play out handover and corresponding apparatus
10/26/17System and combining text with three-dimensional content
10/26/17Movie night
10/19/17Use of depth perception as indicator of search, user interest or preference
10/19/17A search query formulation
10/19/17Filtering identifier for an ofdm system
10/19/17Plenoptic camera comprising a spatial light modulator
10/19/17Method for color mapping a video signal based on color mapping data and encoding a video signal and color mapping data and corresponding devices
10/12/17Adding a keypad to a device configured with a wireless receiver
10/12/17Method for assigning a tag with an action within a network, respective network and control device
10/05/17Multiple light pipe structure for electronic devices
10/05/17Method for obtaining an electronic device housing panel and corresponding housing, device and apparatus
10/05/17Method and enhancing sound sources
10/05/17Method for predicting a level of qoe of an application intended to be run on a wireless user equipment
10/05/17Network checking plausibility of value returned by device therein
09/28/17Method and device for registering an image to a model
09/28/17Apparatus for a shielded f-connector
09/28/17Messaging service export
09/28/17Methods and adaptive geometric partitioning for video decoding
09/21/17Haptic to capture and render sliding friction
09/21/17Method and device for providing verifying application integrity
09/21/17Method for testing performance of a storage device and corresponding device
09/21/17Operation stopping switch for an electronic device
09/21/17Method and interconnection between networks
09/21/17Methods, apparatus, and systems for extended high dynamic range ("hdr") hdr to hdr tone mapping
09/21/17Method and improving the prediction of a block of the enhancement layer
09/21/17Method for updating service information tables in a digital content decoder and corresponding decoder
09/21/17Method for configuring an audio rendering and/or acquiring device, and corresponding audio rendering and/or acquiring device, system, computer readable program product and computer readable storage medium
09/21/17Method and wlan device pairing
09/14/17Method and image retrieval with feature learning
09/14/17Method and device for providing verifying application integrity
09/14/17Method and device for providing verifying application integrity
09/14/17Method and device for providing verifying application integrity
09/14/17System for identifying a location of a mobile tag reader
09/14/17Method and device for processing lightfield data
09/14/17Method and generating shorter signatures almost tightly related to standard assumptions
09/14/17Method and decoupling frame number and/or picture order count (poc) for multi-view video encoding and decoding
09/14/17Method and device for encoding at least one image unit, and for decoding a stream representative of at least one image unit
09/14/17Method and device for predictive coding/decoding of a group of pictures of a sequence of images with conversion of the dynamic of the values of the pixels
09/07/17Method and improved entropy encoding and decoding
09/07/17Apparatus and determining delay and gain parameters for calibrating a multi channel audio system
09/07/17Method and device for pairing devices
08/31/17Adaptive depth-guided non-photorealistic rendering method, corresponding computer program product, computer-readable carrier medium and device
08/24/17Code generation method, code generating apparatus and computer readable storage medium
08/24/17A filter-termination combination for multi-band receiver
08/24/17Socket for an electrical plug and flexible electrical plug
08/24/17Methods and mapping input image
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08/24/17Method, computer readable storage medium, and multichannel audio playback adaptation for multiple listening positions
08/24/17Method, computer readable storage medium, and determining a target sound scene at a target position from two or more source sound scenes
08/17/17Light pipe texturing intensity gradient for electronic devices
08/17/17Method and gesture-based searching
08/17/17Device and process for improving efficiency of image rendering
08/17/17Apparatus and controlling a filter in a signal communication device
08/17/17Swallow exerciser
08/17/17Methods and in-loop de-artifact filtering
08/10/17Method and providing interactive content
08/10/17Method and device for reducing noise in a component of a picture
08/10/17Emergency alert system (eas) atsc alarms
08/10/17Method and power amplifier stability test
08/10/17Method and locally sharpening a video image using a spatial indication of blurring
08/10/17Downloading of media based on deletion of a consumed episode of the same show
08/03/17Screw boss locators and torque resistors
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08/03/17Method and creating arrangements of spaces for virtual reality
08/03/17Method for managing device replacements
08/03/17Method for obtaining a position of a main lens optical center of a plenoptic camera
08/03/17Per port ethernet packet processing mode by device type
08/03/17Method and processing image data
08/03/17Management methods of a video device and corresponding video device
07/27/17Method and device for processing a video sequence
07/27/17Method and delocalized management of video data
07/20/17Method and up-scaling an image
07/20/17Method for modifying a portmap of a cpe device, respective cpe device and computer/program
07/20/17Lightness mapping in two steps
07/20/17Method and switch on/off impulse detection
07/13/17Method of determination of stable zones within an image stream, and portable device for implementing the method
07/13/17Color distance determination
07/13/17Method and system for switching and simultaneous replay of home media streaming
07/13/17Enhancing video content according to metadata
07/13/17Use of scannable codes associated with an access device
07/06/17Method and device for saving data
07/06/17Method for selecting a content comprising audiovisual data and corresponding electronic device, system, computer readable program product and computer readable storage medium
07/06/17Method and device for managing personal media items
07/06/17Antenna structure with self supporting feature
07/06/17Method and composition of subtitles
07/06/17Improvement to graphical user interface (gui) for updating multimedia over cable (moca)
06/29/17Sphere-like mobile interactive user interface
06/29/17Tridimensional rendering with adjustable disparity direction
06/29/17Method and device for providing adapted learning information to a user
06/29/17Methods for storing and reading digital data on a set of dna strands
06/29/17Method and device for encoding a frame and/or decoding a bitstream representing a frame
06/29/17Method of controlling handover in mobile communication networks and apparatus and system implementing the method
06/22/17A driveable vehicle unit
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06/22/17Method and apparatus to identify co-entities based on sparse location information
06/22/17Method for performing super-resolution on single images and performing super-resolution on single images
06/22/17Method and device for synthesizing an image of a face partially occluded
06/22/17Methods and systems for image processing of digital images
06/22/17Method for determining missing values in a depth map, corresponding device, computer program product and non-transitory computer-readable carrier medium
06/22/17Method for controlling movement of at least one movable object, computer readable storage medium and apparatus configured to control movement of at least one movable object
06/22/17Method and detecting packet loss in staggercasting
06/22/17Method of encoding raw color coordinates provided by a camera representing colors of a scene having two different illuminations
06/22/17Method and system for estimating the position of a projection of a chief ray on a sensor of a light-field acquisition device
06/22/17Method and processing audio content
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06/22/17Method for using a mobile device equipped with at least two microphones for determining the direction of loudspeakers in a setup of a surround sound system
06/22/17Method for controlling a wireless link in a local area network including a wireless bridge, respective wireless bridge, program storage medium and computer program
06/22/17Electronic circuit board shielding with open window heat transfer path
06/22/17Electronic circuit board shielding with open window heat transfer path
06/15/17Apparatus and resetting to factory default with bootloader program
06/15/17Device and executing protected ios software modules
06/15/17Devices and methods for encryption and decryption of graphical 3d objects
06/15/17Method and device for enhancing quality of an image
06/15/17Method for distributing available bandwidth of a network amongst ongoing traffic sessions run by devices of the network, corresponding device
06/15/17Method and correcting vignetting effect caused on an image captured by lightfield cameras
06/15/17Method and predicting image samples for encoding or decoding
06/15/17Unilateral transmission of second screen information in proximity of a first screen
06/08/17Multimedia content recommendations based on consumption velocity
06/08/17Annotation method and corresponding device, computer program product and storage medium
06/01/17Method and determining a sharpness metric of an image
06/01/17Dc/dc converter and driving dc/dc converter
06/01/17Method and transmission and reception of media data
06/01/17Information exchange for hand-held electronic devices
05/25/17Method for generating a user interface presenting a plurality of videos
05/25/17Method and generating a combined calendar
05/25/17Optical disc authentication by interferometric fingerprinting
05/25/17Battery reversed polarity protection
05/25/17Vertical electronic device with solid antenna bracket
05/25/17Methods and devices for encoding and decoding a matrix of views obtained from light-field data, corresponding computer program and non-transitory program storage device
05/25/17Wire retention cover for printed circuit boards in an electronic device
05/18/17Method for processing a video scene and corresponding device
05/18/17Enhanced search strategies for hierarchical motion estimation
05/18/17Method and device for encoding a hdr picture
05/18/17Method and system for backward recording
05/11/17Method for upscaling an image and upscaling an image
Patent Packs
05/11/17Method for upscaling noisy images, and upscaling noisy images
05/11/17Method for denoising an image and denoising an image
05/11/17Method and encoding information units in code word sequences avoiding reverse complementarity
05/11/17Method for operating a network equipment arranged along a transmission path between a client terminal and at least one server, and corresponding network equipment
05/11/17Personalization of information content by monitoring network traffic
05/11/17Method and device for processing images
05/04/17Circuit board for an antenna assembly
05/04/17Method for adapting the downloading behavior of a client terminal configured, to receive multimedia content, and corresponding terminal
05/04/17Method and video content recommendation for night-time viewing
05/04/17Digital video broadcasting network system and obtaining program information in digital video broadcasting
05/04/17System, distribution of a signal on a single cable
05/04/17Set top box having paste-in-hole tuner shield
04/27/17Cloud service supplementing embedded natural language processing engine
04/27/17Methods and systems for color processing of digital images
04/27/17Method of mapping source colors of a source content
04/27/17Multi-band rfid device
04/27/17Method and secure access of a service via customer premise equipment
04/27/17Hybrid plenoptic camera
04/27/17Method and composition of subtitles
04/27/17Method and device for decoding a hdr picture from a bitstream representing a ldr picture and an illumination picture
Social Network Patent Pack
04/27/17Luma and chroma decoding using a common predictor
04/20/17Data processing for recovering valid code words from a corrupted code word sequence
04/20/17Scene labeling of rgb-d data with interactive option
04/20/17Method for fast channel change and corresponding device
04/13/17Method and de-noising an image using video epitome
04/13/17Method of transitioning color transformations between two successive main sequences of a video content
04/13/17High frame rate tiling compression technique
04/06/17Method and detecting frame synchronicity between master and ancillary media files
04/06/17Device and discontinuous hashing of digital data
03/30/17Method for color grading of a digital visual content, and corresponding electronic device, computer readable program product and computer readable storage medium
03/30/17Audio event detection for automatic plenoptic video refocusing
03/30/17Text data associated with separate multimedia content transmission
03/23/17Method and estimating reflectance parameters and a position of a light source in a scene
03/23/17Method and system for calibrating an image acquisition device and corresponding computer program product
03/23/17Reflectance parameter estimation in real scenes using an rgb-d sequence
03/23/17An antenna structure with dielectric loading
03/23/17System comprising vehicle keys and a docking station, respective vehicle key, docking station, method and computer program
03/23/17Method and an generating data representative of a light field
03/16/17Electrical activity sensor device for detecting electrical activity and electrical activity monitoring apparatus
03/16/17Methods and apparatus of transmitting a rotation angle information to a set of at least one actuator associated with a surface
Social Network Patent Pack
03/16/17Method and system of on-the-fly audio source separation
03/16/17Method and device for synthesizing a sound
03/16/17Method and device for capturing a video in a communal acquisition
03/16/17Method and sharpening a video image using an indication of blurring
03/16/17Methods and apparatus of composing an image of a textured material distorted when rubbing a touch surface
03/16/17A surge protector for a transceiver
03/16/17Packet retransmission method in a wireless transmitter
03/16/17Forecasting and guidance of content consumption
03/16/17Forecasting and guidance of content consumption
03/09/17Apparatus and receiving a signal
03/02/17Method and system for embedding and retrieving information through marker transformation
03/02/17Method and device for classifying an object of an image and corresponding computer program product and computer-readable medium
03/02/17Method and device for determining the shape of an object represented in an image, corresponding computer program product and computer-readable medium
03/02/17Method and device for processing an image of pixels, corresponding computer program product and computer-readable medium
03/02/17Method for inverse tone mapping of a sequence of images
03/02/17Methods, systems and over-exposure correction
03/02/17Method for ciphering and deciphering digital data, based on an identity, in a multi-authorities context
03/02/17Device and synchronizing different parts of a digital service
03/02/17Method for generating a bitstream relative to image/video signal, bitstream carrying specific information data and obtaining such specific information
03/02/17Adaptive weighting of reference pictures in video encoding
03/02/17Methods and reduced complexity template matching prediction for video encoding and decoding
03/02/17Screwless three piece vertical electronic device
03/02/17Vertical electronic device and modular unit
02/23/17A self-contained deadbolt sensing arrangement
02/16/17Antenna and wireless deadbolt sensor
02/16/17Method and adjusting display settings of a display according to ambient lighting
02/16/17Plenoptic camera comprising a shuffled color filter array
02/16/17Method, systems and hdr to hdr inverse tone mapping
02/16/17Electrical grounding component and corresponding electronic board and electronic device
02/09/17Wide area network, wan, sensing igmp proxy
Social Network Patent Pack
02/09/17Publish/subscribe network enabled for multimedia signaling control, initating a session within the network and respective network device
02/09/17Plenoptic camera and controlling the same
02/09/17Methods and adaptive motion vector candidate ordering for video encoding and decoding
02/09/17Methods and uni-prediction of self-derivation of motion estimation
02/09/17Method and hierarchical motion estimation using dfd-based image segmentation
02/02/17Method and determining in a 2nd screen device whether the presentation of watermarked audio content received via an acoustic path from a 1st screen device has been stopped
02/02/17Method for selecting sequences of frames and corresponding electronic device, computer readable program product and computer readable storgae medium
01/26/17Method for monitoring a software program and corresponding electronic device, communication system, computer readable program product and computer readable storage medium
01/26/17Signal for carrying washout request in haptic audiovisual content, related
01/26/17Front end multiplexer topology for a set top box
01/26/17User interface for displaying video play relative to episodes in a series
01/26/17Satellite receiver and communication satellite receivers
01/26/17Determination method and corresponding terminal, computer program product and storage medium
01/26/17White space usage for wireless local area network devices
01/19/17Method and object tracking in image sequences
01/19/17Method and device for processing a picture
01/19/17Method for scheduling wake/sleep cycles by a central device in a wireless network
01/12/17Method for controlling tracking using a color model, corresponding apparatus and non-transitory program storage device
01/12/17Multiple account registration using optical code image
01/05/17Gaze tracking device and a head mounted device embedding said gaze tracking device
01/05/17Method and charging electronic device with usb connection
01/05/17Apparatus and adaptively connecting devices in a network with gateways coupled to external networks
01/05/17Mthod for an automatic selection of an ip qos mechanism, respective cpe device and computer readable storage medium
01/05/17Method and apparatus to distribute an access credential to multiple devices using ultrasonic communication
01/05/17Apparatus and a modifying colors of a focal stack of a scene according to a color palette
01/05/17Method and device for processing a part of an immersive video content according to the position of reference parts
01/05/17Plenoptic foveated camera
01/05/17Method and device for quantising the floating value of a pixel in an image
01/05/17Method for restitution of an availability of an item of audiovisual content, and associated device, computer program product and data medium

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