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Tohoku University
Tohoku University Foundation For Advancement Of International Science
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Tohoku University patents

Recent patent applications related to Tohoku University. Tohoku University is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Tohoku University may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Tohoku University, we're just tracking patents.

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12/07/17 new patent  Moving device and moving moving device
11/23/17Artificial tissue and producing same
11/23/17Method for the production of vitamin e with a high purity, vitamin e produced by said method, and a composition comprising said vitamin e
11/23/17Electrochemical imaging method, electrochemical measurement apparatus and transducer
11/16/17Sensor device for sensor networks and transmitting data to sensor network
11/09/17Prediction marker
11/09/17Risk prediction device and driving support system
11/09/17Magnetoresistance effect element and magnetic memory
11/09/17Optical sensor, signal reading method therefor, solid-state imaging device, and signal reading method therefor
11/02/17Optical gas concentration measuring method, and monitoring gas concentration by said method
10/26/17Antiallergic agent
10/26/17Pharmaceutical composition including migratory factor for guiding pluripotent stem cells to damage
10/26/17Electrical signal processing device
10/26/17Method and device for particle measurement
10/26/17Rotary system mounted piezoelectric generator, self-powered wireless communication terminal and wireless communication system
10/19/17Electrically conductive material and production method therefor, and bioelectrode
10/19/17Manufacturing magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording medium manufactured by said manufacturing method
10/19/17Stacked body and electronic device
10/19/17Stacked body and electronic device
10/19/17Thermoelectric conversion apparatus
10/12/17Method for producing substrate with fine projection-and-recess pattern, and substrate with fine projection-and-recess pattern obtained thereby
10/12/17Amorphous soft magnetic alloy and inductance component using the same
09/28/17Fundus analysis apparatus and fundus observation apparatus
09/28/17Bispecific antibody targeting human epidermal growth factor receptor
09/21/17Magnetic recording medium
09/14/17Pluripotent stem cell for treating diabetic skin ulcer
09/14/17Spin electronics element and manufacturing thereof
09/07/17High-grade ilmenite ore, manufacturing high-grade tio2 using the said method and high-grade tio2 produced by the said manufacturing method, for ti-raw materials
09/07/17Optical concentration measuring method
09/07/17Concentration measuring method
08/31/17Magnetic memory and writing data into magnetic memory element
08/10/17Heat treatment laminated body of amorphous alloy ribbon and soft magnetic core
08/10/17Magnetic-plate laminated body and motor
08/03/17Corrosion-resistant, high-hardness alloy composition and producing same
08/03/17Magnetoresistance effect element and magnetic memory device
07/20/17Phosphor, light-emitting device, illumination device and image display device
07/20/17Solid-state light-receiving device for ultraviolet light
07/13/17Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
07/06/17Sputtering target and process for production thereof
06/29/17Highly-functional igg2 bispecific antibody
06/29/17Method of production of semiconductor device
06/29/17Negative electrode active material for lithium ion secondary battery, producing the same, negative electrode, and battery
06/29/17Negative electrode active material for lithium ion secondary battery, producing the same, negative electrode, and battery
06/22/17Solid light-receiving device for uv light
06/22/17Method for rinsing compound semiconductor, solution for rinsing compound semiconductor containing gallium as constituent element, fabricating compound semiconductor device, fabricating gallium nitride substrate, and gallium nitride substrate
06/08/17Graft material and preparing same
06/08/17Pyrimidinone derivative having autotaxin-inhibitory activity
06/08/17Alloy powder and magnetic component
06/08/17Communication control method and mobile terminal
05/25/17Layered body and electronic element
05/11/17Pluripotent stem cell for treatment of cerebral infarction
05/11/17Pluripotent stem cell for treatment of chronic kidney disease
05/11/17Method for manufacturing copper alloy and copper alloy
05/04/17Image display apparatus
04/20/17Magnetoresistive element and magnetic memory
03/30/17Method of testing for pulmonary hypertension
03/23/17Quasi-solid state electrolyte and all solid state lithium secondary battery using same
03/16/17Light polarization analyzer
03/02/17Jet stream generating device and jet stream generating method
03/02/17Thermoelectric conversion apparatus
02/23/17Bone regeneration material
02/23/17Method for producing polyisoprenoid, transformed plant, producing pneumatic tire and producing rubber product
02/23/17Combustion experiment device
02/09/17Rubber particle fractionation method, transport method, and storage method
02/02/17Living body state estimation apparatus, living body state estimating method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium
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01/26/17Magnetoresistive element and magnetic memory
01/12/17Fetal state estimation apparatus, fetal state estimating method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium
01/05/17Method for producing rubber particles with reduced coagulation tendency, producing pneumatic tire, and producing rubber product
12/29/16Fused pyrazole derivative having autotaxin inhibitory activity
12/29/16Cu-ai-mn-based alloy material, producing the same, and rod material or sheet material using the same
12/29/16Magnetoresistive element and magnetic memory
12/22/16Amide derivative
12/22/16Semiconductor storage device using stt-mram
12/08/16Pharmaceutical composition including migratory factor for guiding pluripotent stem cells to damage
11/24/16Magnetic sensor
11/10/16Control magnetoresistance effect element and control device for magnetoresistance effect element
10/13/16Ultrasonic treatment device
10/13/16Robot, control unit, and control method
10/13/16Method for producing magnetostrictive material
10/06/16Solar cell, manufacturing method therefor, semiconductor device, and manufacturing method therefor
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09/29/16Layered product for magnetic element, thermoelectric conversion element having layered product, and manufacturing the same
09/29/16Electrostatic induction-type vibration power generation device and manufacturing the same
09/22/16Earphone and earphone system
09/01/16Die-casting apparatus, die-casting method, and diecast article
09/01/16Non-destructive inspection device
09/01/16Substrate having annealed aluminum nitride layer formed thereon and manufacturing the same
08/25/16Magnetoresistive device, magnetoresistive random access memory and magnetic recording method
08/11/16Agent for preventing or ameliorating renal dysfunction
08/11/16Semisolid casting and forging device and method, and cast and forged product
08/11/16Magnetoresistance effect element and magnetic memory
08/04/16Memory cell and storage device
08/04/16Memory circuit
07/28/16Method for determining quantity of biological material in tissue section
07/28/16Magneto-resistance element and magnetic sensor using the same
07/21/16Method of processing organic substance in presence of water, contact reaction device and system including same and recovering waste heat from low-temperature heat source
07/14/16Ingestible sensor, sensing method, and food
07/07/16Method of thawing frozen food
06/30/16Ferromagnetic particles and process for producing the same, anisotropic magnet and bonded magnet
06/23/16Method for recovering zinc from electric furnace steelmaking dust and device for recovering zinc from electric furnace steelmaking dust
06/23/16Fe-based nano-crystalline alloy
06/16/16Nitrogen-containing carbon material and manufacturing the same
06/16/16Sensor chip, detection system, and detecting target substance in analyte
06/16/16Electrode structure and secondary battery
06/02/16Medical successive magnetic pulse generation device
05/19/16Porous substrate electrode body and producing same
05/12/16Wrought material comprising cu-al-mn-based alloy excellent in stress corrosion resistance and use thereof
04/28/16Hand piece for spraying powder
04/28/16High functional bispecific antibody
04/28/16Biomarker of nrf2 activation
04/21/16Breast cancer detection system, breast cancer detection method, breast cancer detection program, and computer-readable recording medium having breast cancer detection program recorded thereon
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04/14/16Intake device
04/14/16Semiconductor integrated circuit and producing the same
04/07/16Method of producing co-ni-based alloy
03/31/16Robot, robot system, control device, and control method
03/24/16Pluripotent stem cell for treatment of cerebral infarction
03/24/16A processing an inner wall surface of a micro vacancy
03/17/16Optical-diffusion film for display and reflective display device using same
03/10/16Optical-diffusion film for display and display device using same
03/10/16Semiconductor device with graphene layer as channel
03/03/16Pluripotent stem cell for treatment of chronic kidney disease
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03/03/16Cu-ai-mn-based alloy rod and sheet exhibiting stable superelasticity, producing the same, vibration damping material using the same, and vibration damping structure constructed by using vibration damping material
03/03/16Method for treating inner wall surface of micro-vacancy
02/25/16Multi-axis sensor and manufacturing the same
02/04/16Electricity storage device and electrode material therefor
01/21/16Animal model resistant to hearing loss
01/21/16Carbon film formation method, and carbon film
01/21/16Information transfer device, delay tolerant network, information transmission method, and recording medium
01/14/16Pharmaceutical composition including migratory factor for guiding pluripotent stem cells to injury
01/14/16Anti-vasohibin 2 antibody
01/07/168-substituted imidazopyrimidinone derivative having autotaxin inhibitory activity
12/31/15Storage medium having stored thereon information processing program, and information processing device
12/31/15Fullerene derivative and manufacturing a fullerene derivative
12/24/15Pulse wave velocity measurement method
12/24/15Osteopontin production inhibitor containing dictyopyrone derivative or dihydrodictyopyrone derivative as active ingredient
12/24/15Method for separating cell from biological tissue
12/17/15Shock wave focusing device, shock wave generation apparatus, and shock wave ablation system
12/17/15Compound having lysophosphatidylserine receptor function modulation activity
12/10/15Erythropoietin expression promoter
12/10/15Surface acoustic wave sensor
12/03/15Crystal material, radiation detector, imaging apparatus, nondestructive inspection apparatus, and lighting apparatus
11/19/15Optical scanning apparatus
11/19/15Storage device, memory cell, and data writing method
11/19/15Magnetic material and manufacturing the same
11/19/15Integrated device
11/12/15Fragment of humanized anti-egfr antibody substituted-lysine variable fragment and use thereof
11/12/15Negative electrode active material for lithium ion secondary battery, producing the same, negative electrode, and battery
10/29/15Method for manufacturing useful substance in which high-density cultured strain of filamentous fungi is used
10/22/15Silicate phosphor and producing the same
10/15/15Parking assist system for vehicle, contactless power transmitting device, and contactless power receiving device
10/15/15Method for testing for cardiovascular disease with cyclophilin a
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10/15/15Lightning-strike electric charge estimation system and method
10/15/15Linear image sensor and driving method therefor
10/08/15Brain electrode system
09/24/15Dental vibration application method and dental vibration application device
09/24/15Fluid injection device
09/10/15Robot, robot system, control device, and control method
09/03/15Magnetic-domain-wall-displacement memory cell and initializing method therefor
08/20/15Nonvolatile content addressable memory and operating same
08/20/15Magnetron sputtering apparatus and magnetron sputtering method
08/13/15Method for smoothing a perfluoro alkoxy alkane film surface
08/13/15Copper alloy and producing same
08/13/15Cu-al-mn-based alloy exhibiting stable superelasticity and producing the same
08/13/15Field electron emission film, field electron emission device, light emission device, and producing them
08/13/15Chip support substrate, chip support method, three-dimensional integrated circuit, assembly device, and fabrication three-dimensional integrated circuit
08/06/15Organic-inorganic composite particles, dispersion and resin composition comprising the same, and producing organic-inorganic composite particles
08/06/15Recombinant cell, and producing beta-phellandrene
07/30/15Illumination device
07/30/15Film forming apparatus, forming low-permittivity film, sico film, and damascene interconnect structure
07/23/15Method for molding amorphous alloy, and molded object prouduced by said molding method
07/23/15Alkaline earth metal silicate phosphor and producing same
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07/16/15Pluripotent stem cell that induces repair and regeneration after myocardial infarction
07/16/15Semiconductor film and semiconductor element
07/16/15Semiconductor device and manufacturing same
07/09/15Method of examining mammary gland disease
07/09/15Health information processing apparatus and method, and health information display apparatus and method
07/09/15Semiconductor integrated circuit and producing the same
07/09/15Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
06/25/15Lh-type bispecific antibody
06/25/15Plasma monitoring method and plasma monitoring system
06/25/15Accumulation-mode mosfet and driving method thereof
06/18/15Method for assessing risk of imprinting disorder
06/18/15Illumination device
06/11/15Magnetic driving pump device
06/11/15A+b type titanium alloy and production method therefor
06/11/15Process for producing amorphous sprayed coating containing a-fe nanocrystals dispersed therein
06/04/15Dual antenna system
05/21/15Nonvolatile logic gate device
05/21/15Etching semiconductor product
05/14/15Heat-absorbing material and process for producing same
04/30/15Metal fluoride crystal, light emitting element, scintillator, detecting neutron, and producing metal fluoride crystal
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04/23/15Semiconductor storage device
04/23/15Magnetoresistance effect element and magnetic memory
04/23/15Acoustic transducer and package module including the same
04/09/15Feed additive, feed, and producing feed
03/26/15Fullerene derivative, manufacturing fullerene derivative and solar cell
03/26/15Organic semiconductor element and cmis semiconductor device including the same
03/26/15Medical image processor and storage medium
03/19/15Method for detecting biological material
03/05/15Power reception device, power transmission device and power transfer system
03/05/15Method for staining tissue
02/26/15Semiconductor device
02/19/15Photodiode array for spectrometric measurements and spectrometric measurement system
02/19/15Medical image processor and storage medium
02/19/15Detection biological substance
02/12/15Semiconductor-device manufacturing method and semiconductor device
02/12/15Brain function improving agent
02/05/15Optical film
02/05/15Cavitating jet performance estimation method and cavitating jet performance estimation device, cavitating jet estimation error calculation method and cavitating jet estimation error calculation device, cavitating jet performance evaluation method and cavitating jet performance evaluation device and cavitating jet performance calculation formula specification device
01/29/159-azanoradamantane n-oxyl compound and producing same, and organic oxidation catalyst and oxidizing alcohols using 9-azanoradamantane n-oxyl compound
01/22/15Method for producing nitride single crystal
01/22/15Compound superconducting wire and manufacturing the same
01/15/15Multi-display device and display modules
12/25/14Secondary battery
12/25/14Water jet spray nozzle, water jet spray device, cleaning method using water jet, gastrointestinal tract cleaning device, and gastric wall cleaning device
12/18/14Method for fabricating semiconductor device and the semiconductor device
12/18/14Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
12/04/14Integrated circuit
11/20/14Tunnel magnetoresistive effect element and random access memory using same
11/13/14Semiconductor laser device and apparatus using non-linear optical effect
11/13/14Plasma processing device and plasma processing method
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10/23/14Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
10/23/14Agent for evading immune response
10/23/14Method for producing alkali metal niobate particles, and alkali metal niobate particles
10/16/14Wiring structure, semiconductor device including wiring structure, and manufacturing semiconductor device
09/11/14Semiconductor device
09/11/14Method for fabricating stable-isotope-labeled target peptide fragment in mass spectrometry
09/11/14Etching method
08/21/14Si/c composite material, manufacturing the same, and electrode
08/21/14Novel phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase inhibitor and pharmaceutical composition
08/07/14Magnesium fuel cell
07/24/14Magnetoresistance effect element and magnetic memory
07/10/14Copper alloy and manufacturing copper alloy
07/10/14Gas exhaust pump system and gas exhaust method
07/03/14Rotation mechanism for gas exhaust pump, manufacturing the same, gas exhaust pump having rotation mechanism, and manufacturing the same
06/12/14Stator for gas exhaust pump, manufacturing the same, pump having the stator, and manufacturing method and assembling the same
05/29/14Method for manufacturing alloy containing transition metal carbide, tungsten alloy containing transition metal carbide, and alloy manufactured by said method
05/15/14Pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating fibrosis
05/08/14Screw rotor for exhaust pump, manufacturing the same, gas exhaust pump having screw rotor, and manufacturing method and assembly the same
05/08/14Fertility restorer gene and fertility restoration cw-type male sterile cytoplasm of rice
05/01/14Quantum nanodots, two-dimensional quantum nanodot array as well as semiconductor device using the same and production method therefor
04/17/14Method for producing alkali metal niobate particles, and alkali metal niobate particles
04/10/14Magnetic memory element and magnetic memory
04/10/14Photodiode and producing the same, photodiode array, spectrophotometer and solid-state imaging device
02/13/14Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
02/13/14Device for cleaning oral cavity and cleaning oral cavity
02/13/14Method for manufacturing metallic glass nanowire, metallic glass nanowire manufactured thereby, and catalyst containing metallic glass nanowire
01/02/14Ferromagnetic particles and process for producing the same, and anisotropic magnet, bonded magnet and compacted magnet
12/05/13Method of etching of soi substrate, and back-illuminated photoelectric conversion module on soi substrate and process of manufacture thereof

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