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Tokyo Institute Of Technology
Tokyo Institute Of Technology A Japanese National University Corp
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Tokyo Institute Of Technology patents

Recent patent applications related to Tokyo Institute Of Technology. Tokyo Institute Of Technology is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Tokyo Institute Of Technology may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Tokyo Institute Of Technology, we're just tracking patents.

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An actuator main body (11) is formed by a plurality of artificial muscles (12). Each artificial muscle (12) includes an elastic tube (13) and a braided tube (15) covering an outside of the elastic tube (13). A first outside cylindrical body (21) is attached to one end portion of the... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

Prediction apparatus, prediction method, and prediction program

In a prediction apparatus for a learning system, an obtaining unit obtains, as input variables, at least one parameter indicative of a structure of a convolutional neural network, the number of nodes of a learning system, and a sub-batch number indicative of the number of pieces of training data collectively... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

Zinc ferrite film and manufacturing zinc ferrite film

A method for manufacturing a zinc ferrite film includes forming a zinc ferrite film on a base material by having a reaction liquid, which contains metal ions including only bivalent iron ions and bivalent zinc ions, contact an oxidation liquid, which contains an oxidant that oxidizes the metal ions, in... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

Composite, producing composite, ammonia synthesis catalyst, and ammonia synthesis method

An ammonia synthesis catalyst having high activity is obtained by having a two-dimensional electride compound having a lamellar crystal structure such as Ca2N support a transition metal. However, since the two-dimensional electride compound is unstable, the stability of the catalyst is low. In addition, in cases where a two-dimensional electride... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

Device and detecting abnormality of joint of parallel link robot

A device and method for easily detecting an abnormality of a joint part of a delta-type parallel link robot having a link ball structure, by estimating a friction torque of a ball joint of the robot. A controller of the robot has: a control section configured to control the motion... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

Production system and production for product selected from nitrogen-containing product and fermented and cultured product

Provided is a novel production system for a product selected from a nitrogen-containing product and a fermented and cultured product that does not involve (or can minimize) the transport of liquid ammonia. A production system for a product selected from a nitrogen-containing product and a fermented and cultured product can... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

Production system and production for organic compound or microorganism

Provided is a novel production system that does not involve, or can minimize, the transport of liquid ammonia in the production of an organic compound or the production of a microorganism by microbial fermentation. A production system for an organic compound or a microorganism includes: an ammonia synthesis apparatus in... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

Actuator and channel component

According to one embodiment, an actuator includes a plurality of channel members each including a first port into which fluid flows and a second port from which the fluid flows out. At least one of the channel members includes a different number of second ports from a number of first... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

Superelastic alloy

Cr equivalent=[Cr content (% by mass)]+([Mo content (% by mass)]/1.7)+([Ta content (% by mass)]/15)   [Formula 1]... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

Brain activity estimation device

A brain activity estimation device includes a facial skin temperature acquisition element and a brain activity estimation element. The acquisition element detects a skin temperature of at least part of a human face, and acquires facial skin temperature data including detected temperature data and location data of a detection region... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

Method of manufacturing polymer coated ferromagnetic particles

A method of manufacturing a polymer coated single ferromagnetic particle is provided. The method includes hydrophobizing one single hydrophilic ferromagnetic particle by absorbing an aliphatic acid having a hydrophobic aliphatic group and a hydrophilic acid group onto the single ferromagnetic particle to obtain a single hydrophobic ferromagnetic particle; emulsifying the... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

Micelle containing epirubicin-complexed block copolymer and anti-cancer agent, and pharmaceutical composition containing said micelle applicable to treatment of cancer, resistant cancer or metastatic cancer

The problem addressed by the present invention is to develop a pharmaceutical having therapeutic efficacy against epirubicin-resistant tumors. The present invention provides a micelle having an anti-cancer agent disposed inside the core of the micelle formed by an epirubicin-conjugated copolymer.... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

Liquid crystal display device and fabricating the same

A liquid crystal display device according to an embodiment includes a light source; a first substrate on which a first alignment layer is formed; a second substrate on which a second alignment layer is formed; a liquid crystal layer between the first and second alignment layers; and an electrode layer... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

Sulfide solid electrolyte material, battery, and producing sulfide solid electrolyte material

A main object of the present disclosure is to provide a sulfide solid electrolyte material with favorable Li ion conductivity. To achieve the above object, the present disclosure provides a sulfide solid electrolyte material comprising a composition of Li(4+x)AlxSi(1−x)S4 (0<x<1), and having a peak at a position of 2θ=25.19°±1.00°, 29.62°±1.00°,... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

Flow rate measurement device and flow rate measurement method

A flow rate measurement device is configured to measure a flow rate of a gas flowing inside of a pipeline, and includes an ultrasonic transducer installed so as to be in contact with the pipeline, and a flow rate calculation part configured to calculate the flow rate of the gas... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

Image processing unit, imaging device, computer-readable medium, and image processing method

An image processing unit has an image acquisition part, a correlation determination part, a reference image generation part, and an interpolation image generation part. The image acquisition part acquires an original image. The correlation determination unit determines whether the correlation of an image component of a primary reference band with... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

Thin film of metal oxide, organic electroluminescent device including thin film, photovoltaic cell including thin film, and manufacturing thin film

A thin film of metal oxide includes zinc (Zn); tin (Sn); silicon (Si); and oxygen (O). In terms of oxide, based on 100 mol % of total of oxides of the thin film, SnO2 is greater than 15 mol % but less than or equal to 95 mol %.... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

Light-emitting device, display apparatus and lighting apparatus

A light-emitting device includes a pair of first electrodes arranged separated from and opposing each other on a first surface of a substrate; a light-emitting layer arranged on at least one of the first electrodes; a second electrode arranged on the light-emitting layer; and a bridge layer connecting the first... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

A multiferroic laminated structure, a switching element, a magnetic device and a manufacturing a laminated structure

More stable perpendicular magnetization orientation is attained, and switching of the magnetization orientation between an out-of-plane direction and an in-plane direction is enabled by voltage. A multiferroic laminated structure having ferroelectricity and ferromagnetism includes: a ferroelectric layer made of a ferroelectric substance having the ferroelectricity; a foundation layer composed mainly... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

Sulfide solid electrolyte material, battery, and producing sulfide solid electrolyte material

A sulfide solid electrolyte material has favorable ion conductivity and resistance to reduction. The sulfide solid electrolyte material includes a peak at a position of 2θ=29.86°±1.00° in X-ray diffraction measurement using a CuKα ray, and a composition of Li2y+3PS4 (0.1≦y≦0.175).... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

Frequency-variable terahertz oscillator and manufacturing the same

A small-sized frequency-variable terahertz oscillator has a successive and large frequency-sweeping width even at a room temperature. The frequency-variable terahertz oscillator includes a slot antenna, a resonant tunneling diode and a varactor diode arranged parallel to each other along the slot antenna. The frequency-variable terahertz oscillator oscillates in a terahertz... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

Austenite steel, and austenite steel casting using same

where [Nb], [Ti], [Mo], and [W] represent the contents of Nb, Ti, Mo, and W, respectively, in mass %.... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

Amorphous oxide and field effect transistor

A novel amorphous oxide applicable, for example, to an active layer of a TFT is provided. The amorphous oxide comprises microcrystals.... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

Method for manufacturing zinc oxide films

A method for manufacturing zinc oxide films according to the present invention includes: a step (Step 1) for mixing zinc salt, aqueous ammonia, and organic acid to prepare a source solution containing a zinc ammine complex; a step (Step 2) for depositing a zinc oxide film on a substrate using... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

Method for producing conductive mayenite compound power

If a conductive mayenite compound having a large specific surface area is obtained, the usefulness thereof in respective applications is remarkably increased. A conductive mayenite compound powder having a conduction electron density of 1015 cm−3 or more and a specific surface area of 5 m2g−1 or more is produced by:... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

Method for inducing differentiation of insulin-producing cells

It is an object of the present invention to provide a method for efficiently directing differentiation into insulin-producing cells in a xeno-free culture system. According to the present invention, there is provided a method for directed differentiation into insulin-producing cells, comprising culturing stem cells in the following steps (1) to... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

Optical wavelength conversion element containing ionic liquid, and article equipped with said optical wavelength conversion element

There is provided an optical wavelength conversion element with a good temporal stability and such a high optical wavelength conversion efficiency that the element is viable even under sunlight or similar, low intensity light. Owing to these properties, the element is suited for use in solar cells, photocatalysts, photocatalytic hydrogen... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

Power converter

This power converter is provided with: three clusters (CLu, CLv, CLw) in which unit cells are cascade-connected; and power supplies of the same kind which are respectively connected to one end of each of the three clusters. Terminals of the three clusters at the side not connected to the power... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

Mayenite-type compound containing imide anion, and producing same

The invention related to a material that can stably hold an imide anion (NH2−) therein even in the atmosphere or in a solvent, and a method for synthesizing the material and a use of the material. A mayenite-type compound into which imide anions are incorporated at a concentration of 1×1018... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

Method for preparing triacylglycerol high-productivity algae

The purpose of the present invention is to effectively accumulate triacylglycerol in algae cells, the present invention providing a method for introducing a triacylglycerol synthetase gene, a phosphorus starvation-inducible promoter, and a 3′ untranslated region into algae.... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

Radioactive fluorine labeling precursor compound and manufacturing radioactive fluorine labeled compound using the same

wherein R1 represents an alkynyl group, an alkynyloxy group, an azide group, an azidoalkyl group, an arylazide group, a monocyclic or condensed polycyclic aryl group or a nitrogen-containing heterocycle; R2 and R3 each independently represent an alkyl group or a hydroxyalkyl group which hydroxy group may be protected with a... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

Droplet producing device, droplet producing method, liposome producing method, fixture, and droplet producing kit

A droplet producing device includes an outer tube; and an inner tube that is arranged inside the outer tube and feeds a droplet raw material, in which an inner tube discharge port opens to an inner tube tip portion formed on a downstream in a fluid feed direction, an outer... Tokyo Institute Of Technology


where MI is at least one atomic element selected from the group consisting of K, Li, Na, Rb, Cs, Fr, Cu, and Ag, with K being essential; MII is at least one atomic element selected from the group consisting of Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba, Ra, Mn, Zn, Cd, and Sn;... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

Film for transparent screen and manufacture thereof, and transparent screen comprising same

Provided is a film for a transparent screen which can clearly display merchandise information, advertisement, or the like on a transparent partition or the like by projection without compromising the transmission visibility. A film for a transparent screen according to the present invention includes: a resin layer; and inorganic particles... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

Organic heteropolymer and manufacturing same

wherein M1 and M2 each represent a heteroatom selected from a group 8 element, a group 9 element, a group 10 element, a group 14 element, a group 15 element, and a group 16 element of the Periodic Table, and are different in group; M1 and M2 each have a... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

02/09/17 / #20170039501

Workflow management apparatus, workflow management method, and workflow management program

A workflow management apparatus holds a transition condition for each stage to be switched to a next stage in a workflow that controls an operation of an external device over a plurality of stages, and stage information indicating a current stage of the workflow. Where there is a partially ordered... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

02/02/17 / #20170029759

Cell culturing device, cell culturing system and cell culturing method

A cell culturing device has: a first culture chamber; a first introduction flow channel and a first discharge flow channel which are connected to the first culture chamber; a second culture chamber connected to a halfway part of the first introduction flow channel via a first porous membrane; and a... Tokyo Institute Of Technology

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