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Tokyo Institute Of Technology
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Tokyo Institute Of Technology patents

Recent patent applications related to Tokyo Institute Of Technology. Tokyo Institute Of Technology is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Tokyo Institute Of Technology may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Tokyo Institute Of Technology, we're just tracking patents.

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03/23/17Method for inducing differentiation of insulin-producing cells
03/23/17Optical wavelength conversion element containing ionic liquid, and article equipped with said optical wavelength conversion element
03/23/17Power converter
03/16/17Mayenite-type compound containing imide anion, and producing same
03/16/17Method for preparing triacylglycerol high-productivity algae
03/09/17Radioactive fluorine labeling precursor compound and manufacturing radioactive fluorine labeled compound using the same
03/02/17Droplet producing device, droplet producing method, liposome producing method, fixture, and droplet producing kit
03/02/17Film for transparent screen and manufacture thereof, and transparent screen comprising same
02/16/17Organic heteropolymer and manufacturing same
02/09/17Workflow management apparatus, workflow management method, and workflow management program
02/02/17Cell culturing device, cell culturing system and cell culturing method
12/15/16Supported metal catalyst and synthesizing ammonia using the same
12/15/16Superelastic alloy
11/24/16Catalyst for producing hydrogen and producing hydrogen
11/17/16Voltage-controlled oscillator and analog-digital converter
11/10/16Bimetal-exchanged zeolite beta from organotemplate-free synthesis and use thereof in the selective catalytic reduction of nox
10/27/16Optical wavelength conversion element containing ionic liquid, and article equipped with said optical wavelength conversion element
10/13/16Logic circuit generation device and method
10/06/16Image processing system
09/29/16Liver tissue culturing device, liver tissue culturing system, liver tissue culturing method, and liver function evaluation method
09/29/16Thin film of metal oxide, organic electroluminescent device including the thin film, photovoltaic cell including the thin film and organic photovoltaic cell including the thin film
09/22/16Electroplating method and electroplating device
09/08/16Block copolymer, producing block copolymer, and producing structure containing phase-separated structure
08/25/16Fused gene, vector, transgenic plant, manufacturing vegetable fat or oil, constructing transgenic plant, and kit for constructing transgenic plant
08/25/16Vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser diode and optical transmission apparatus
08/11/16Polyester fiber
07/14/16Photo-alignment material and photo-alignment method
07/07/16Suspension processing device
06/09/16Method for producing mold for minute pattern transfer, producing diffraction grating using the same, and producing organic el element including the diffraction grating
06/09/16Interface apparatus
05/26/16Peptide-presenting protein and peptide library using same
05/26/16Sulfide solid electrolyte material, battery, and producing sulfide solid electrolyte material
05/19/16Method for analyzing psa, and a distinguishing prostate cancer from prostatic hypertrophy using that analyzing psa
04/14/16Sequence conversion and signal amplifier dna having locked nucleic acids and detection methods using same
04/14/16Sequence conversion and signal amplifier dna having poly dna spacer sequences and detection methods using same
04/07/16Multocular imaging system, synthesis process acquired images, and program
03/10/16Reception apparatus, reception method and reception program
02/18/16Organic thin film, and organic semiconductor device and organic transistor using same
02/11/16Endoscopic operating system and endoscopic operation program
02/11/16Production copolymer polyhydroxyalkanoate using genetically modified strain of fatty acid ß-oxidation pathway
02/11/16Monolithically integrated surface emitting laser with modulator
02/04/16Method of manufacturing polymer coated ferromagnetic particles
01/07/16Walking support apparatus and walking support method
01/07/16Fluorine-containing nitrile-oxide compound
01/07/16Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and non-transitory computer readable medium
01/07/16Electroconductive nanowire network, and electroconductive substrate and transparent electrode using same, and manufacturing electroconductive nanowire network, electroconductive substrate, and transparent electrode
12/10/15Sulfide solid electrolyte material, battery, and producing sulfide solid electrolyte material
12/03/15Endoscope operation system
12/03/15Coelenterazine analogs and manufacturing method thereof
11/19/15Evaluation mental state of human being
11/12/15Amorphous oxide and field effect transistor
11/05/15Forceps manipulator and forceps system comprising forceps manipulator
10/22/15Photodynamic diagnostic agent and photobleaching inhibitor
10/15/15Feature value extraction apparatus and place estimation apparatus
09/10/15Multifunctional nitrileoxide compound
08/27/15Method for producing conductive mayenite compound powder
08/20/15Polymer particle containing fluorescent molecule and producing the same
08/13/15Benzothienobenzothiophene derivative, organic semiconductor material, and organic transistor
08/06/15Catalyst for producing hydrogen and producing hydrogen
08/06/15Apparatus that measures the amount of hydrogen penetrated into metal
08/06/15Composition including light-emitting compound exhibiting afterglow
07/30/15Suspension processing device using ultrasonic waves
07/30/15Sulfide solid electrolyte
07/30/15Reception device, reception method, and program
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07/23/15Metal fine-particle composite and fabricating the same
07/16/15Covered sequence conversion dna and detection methods
06/18/15Display apparatus and control method thereof
05/28/15Method for producing olefin
05/28/15Endoscope operation system
05/28/15Electret type vibration detection system, creating external vibration information, creating transfer function information regarding external vibration, program for creating external vibration information, and program for creating transfer function information regarding external vibration
05/21/15Organic electroluminescence element
05/14/15Signal processing device, signal processing method, and program
05/07/15Detection system of test substance
04/30/15Three-port valve
04/16/15Microlens for organic el element, organic el element using the same, and manufacturing methods thereof
04/09/15Catalyst layer for gas diffusion electrode, manufacturing the same, membrane electrode assembly, and fuel cell
04/09/15Information processing system and recording device
04/02/15C12a7 electride thin film fabrication method and c12a7 electride thin film
03/26/15Resistance change memory device
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03/19/15Method for producing compound semiconductor thin film and solar cell including compound semiconductor thin film
03/05/15Poppet valve
03/05/15Method for manufacturing metamaterial
03/05/15Perovskite related compound
02/12/15Vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser diode and optical transmission apparatus
02/05/15Sulfide solid electrolyte material, battery, and producing sulfide solid electrolyte material
01/22/15Stress assessment device, stress assessment method and recording medium
01/01/15Titanium oxide laminated film, titanium oxide film, manufacturing same, precursor liquid for titanium oxide, and dye-sensitized agent type photoelectric conversion element
12/25/14Aluminum or aluminum alloy-coated steel material and manufacturing the same
12/11/14Negative electrode active material and use of same
10/16/14Motor control apparatus
09/04/14Data editing device and data editing method
08/07/14Maneuvering system having inner force sense presenting function
08/07/14Maneuvering system having inner force sense presenting function
08/07/14Method and program for detecting change-point of time-series data, and method and program for predicting probability density distribution of future time-series data values
07/10/14Receiving device, receiving method, and receiving program
07/03/14Method for analyzing mucin 1 using probe capable of binding to 3'-sulfonated core 1 carbohydrate chain, and detecting or monitoring breast cancer
07/03/14Technique for cleaving out part of poly(a) chain and/or 3'-terminal sequence of mrna to inhibit translation reaction
06/05/14Photovoltaic power generation system
05/22/14Porous composite with graded bioabsorbability, artificial bone using the same, and manufacturing method thereof
05/08/14Perovskite oxide containing hydride ion, and manufacturing same
05/01/14Imaging apparatus
03/20/14Organic semiconductor material
02/27/14Color filter array and image sensor
02/27/14Photodynamic therapy or diagnostic agent, using infrared-spectrum light
02/20/14Force calculating system
02/13/14High-strength collagen fiber membrane and a manufacturing method thereof
02/06/14Optical transmission line connection system and optical transmission line connection method
01/16/14Method and kit for detecting target nucleic acid
12/19/13Non-fibrogenesis collagen material and a manufacturing method thereof
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12/05/13Nuclear reactor and power generation facility
12/05/13Diacetylene derivative and liquid crystalline polymer having diacetylene structure
11/28/13Maneuvering system having inner force sense presenting function
11/21/13Method for producing optically active fluorine-containing oxeten
10/31/13Screening antidiabetic agent using newly identified insulin secretion regulation factor
10/17/13Method and system for storing solar heat
10/17/13Light conversion element containing ionic liquid, a process for making same, and an apparatus comprising the light conversion element
08/29/13Piezoelectric element, liquid discharge head and liquid discharge apparatus
08/22/13Map generation apparatus, map generation method, moving moving body, and robot apparatus
08/22/13Antimalarial drug comprising alaremycin or derivative thereof as active ingredient
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07/18/13Ammonia synthesis catalyst and ammonia synthesis method
06/06/13Rigid body characteristic identification system and rigid body characteristic identification method
05/23/13Piezoelectric material and devices using the same
05/23/13Microdroplet-producing apparatus
05/23/13Method for detecting gastric cancer
05/09/13Method for analyzing mucin 1 having siaalpha2-8siaalpha2-3galbeta glycans
05/02/13Position estimation device, position estimation method, and program
04/18/13Thermochromic resin composite, adjusting clouding point of thermochromic resin composite, and dimmer
04/18/13Liquid introducing plasma system
04/04/13Solar cell having porous structure in which metal nanoparticles are carried in pores
04/04/13Image processing apparatus
04/04/13Pharmaceutical composition utilizing pancreatic beta cell proliferation factor
03/21/13Metal fine-particle composite and fabricating the same
03/21/13Process for production of polyhydroxyalkanoic acid using genetically modified microorganism having enoyl-coa hydratase gene introduced therein
02/21/13Pipeline a/d converter and a/d converting method
02/14/13Method of adhering hard silicone resin, adhering substrate having fine structure, and preparation micro fluidic device utilizing adhesion method
02/14/13Sulfide solid electrolyte material, battery, and producing sulfide solid electrolyte material
02/07/13Electron emitting source and substrate for thin film growth
12/27/12Odor generator
12/27/12Method for producing 18f-labeled compound and high molecular compound to be used in the method
12/13/12Storage device, control same and system management program
11/08/12Method for analyzing psa, and a distinguishing prostate cancer from prostatic hypertrophy using that analyzing psa
10/25/12Polymer coated ferrite fine particles and preparing polymer coated ferrite fine particles
10/18/12Fuel cell electrode and production process thereof
10/04/12Biosensor using magnetic microparticles
09/13/12Solar light condensing system
08/16/12Disposable centrifugal blood pump with magnetic coupling
08/02/12Spherical ferrite nanoparticles and producing the same
08/02/12Method for producing strongly acidic zirconium particles, proton conducting material, producing proton conducting membrane, proton conducting membrane, electrode for fuel cell, membrane electrode assembly, fuel cell
07/26/12Sterilization method
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06/28/12Construct coated with virus coat-constituting protein and producing same
06/21/12Disposable magnetically-levitated centrifugal pump
05/17/12Thiophene derivative, producing same, and polymer of thiophene derivative
05/17/12Core of nuclear reactor and nuclear reactor
05/10/12Self-supporting thin polymer film
04/12/12Process for producing nanoparticle monolayers
03/22/12Composite magnetic ring and energy converter
02/23/12Age estimation apparatus, age estimation method, and age estimation program
12/15/11Method for detecting gynecologic cancer
12/15/11Method for producing optically active fluorinated oxetane
11/10/11Nonvolatile sram/latch circuit using current-induced magnetization reversal mtj
11/03/11Piezoelectric material
09/15/11Crosslinker, crosslinked polymer material, and production the crosslinked polymer material
09/08/11Comparator and analog/digital converter
08/25/11Surface-modified carbon nanotube and production method thereof
07/28/11Liquid crystal display element and mehtod for manufacturing the same
07/28/11Polymer particle containing fluorescent molecule and producing the same
07/14/11Image registration processing apparatus, region expansion processing apparatus, and image quality improvement processing apparatus
06/02/11Power converting apparatus
05/12/11Execution time estimation method, execution time estimation program, and execution time estimation device
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04/07/11Polyhydroxyalkanoic acid copolymer and process for preparing same
03/03/11Modified polymer material modified by nitrile oxide, and production method thereof
02/10/11Carbon fiber and producing the same
02/03/11Integrated circuits utilizing amorphous oxides
01/27/11Light-emitting device
01/27/11Polarization-independent optical isolator
01/20/11Field effect transistor
12/23/10Biosensing method using coated magnetic fine particles and biosensing biosensing method
12/16/10Organic el element and manufacturing the organic el element and organic el element evaluating method
12/16/10Tial-based alloy, process for producing same, and rotor blade using same
12/09/10Physical quantity detection device
11/25/10Ocular motor controller using principle of vestibulo-ocular reflex
10/21/10Field effect transistor manufacturing method
10/14/10Soft switching power converter
10/14/10Data converting apparatus and medium having data converting program
10/07/10Process for production of surface-coated inorganic particles
09/23/10Parameter control processing apparatus and image processing apparatus
09/16/10Power conditioner and solar photovoltaic power generation system
09/16/10Power conversion apparatus, power conditioner, and power generation system
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09/16/10Diene polymer and production process thereof
08/26/10Method for producing sulfonic acid group-containing carbonaceous material, solid acid catalyst, producing alkylation reaction product, and producing olefin polymer
07/22/10Image processing method, image processing apparatus and computer readable storage medium
07/22/10Image processing method, image processing apparatus and computer readable storage medium
07/08/10Method of forming ferromagnetic material, transistor and manufacturing the same
06/24/10A-d convert apparatus, d-a convert apparatus and adjustment method
06/24/10Polymer electrolyte, polymer electrolyte membrane, membrane-electrode assembly and polymer electrolyte fuel cell
06/17/10Method for producing bilayer membrane and planar bilayer membrane
06/10/10Maneuvering system having inner force sense presenting function
05/06/10Image quality improvement processing method and image quality improvement processing program which support plural regions
04/29/10Method for generating a high-resolution virtual-focal-plane image
04/15/10Ac/dc power converter using magnetic energy recovery switch
03/18/10Mimo mesh network
03/04/10Three-dimensional surface generation method
02/25/10Sulfonic acid group-containing carbonaceous material
02/04/10Pressure regulator and vibration isolator
01/21/10A-d convert apparatus
01/21/10Electric power unit for induction heating
01/21/10Three-phase power converting apparatus
01/21/102'-hydroxyl group-modified ribonucleoside derivatives
01/07/10High-resolution image generation method
12/17/09Method for producing optically active fluorine-containing carbonyl-ene product
12/03/09Liquid introducing plasma system
11/05/09Piezoelectric substance, piezoelectric element, and liquid discharge head and liquid discharge apparatus using piezoelectric element
10/01/09Image registration method
09/17/09Connection structure of two-dimensional array optical element and optical circuit
09/17/09Hyperbranched polymer and producing the same
09/03/09Diene polymer and production process thereof
08/20/09Signal readout solid-state imaging device and image signal processing method
08/20/09Wireless communication device and wireless communication method
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07/16/09Field effect transistor with amorphous oxide layer containing microcrystals
06/25/09Laser device
06/04/09Piezoelectric element, and liquid jet head and ultrasonic motor using the piezoelectric element
05/28/09Odor blender, odor recorder, odor reproducer, and odor recording and reproducing system
05/28/09Method for hydrating olefins
05/21/09Extreme ultraviolet light source device and a generating extreme ultraviolet radiation
05/21/09Piezoelectric substance element, piezoelectric substance film manufacturing method, liquid discharge head and liquid discharge apparatus
05/21/09Processes for producing higher fatty acid esters
05/14/09D-a convert apparatus and a-d convert apparatus
05/07/09Method of producing charcoal
04/16/09Carbon-based solid acid, catalyst comprising the solid acid, and reaction using the solid acid as catalyst
04/16/09Method for producing flavan derivative
04/09/09Light source for generating extreme ultraviolet light from plasma
04/02/09Method for generating extreme ultraviolet radiation and an extreme ultraviolet light source device
03/26/09Method of producing copper-clad laminate, producing coverlay, and producing flexible printed circuit board
03/26/09Fast super-resolution processing
03/26/09Fast super-resolution processing
03/05/09Ge channel device and fabricating ge channel device
02/26/09Oscillation device and inspection apparatus
02/26/09Program processing device, parallel processing program, program processing method, parallel processing compiler, recording medium containing the parallel processing compiler, and multi-processor system
02/05/09Optical isolator
02/05/09Monomolecular conductive complex, conductive self-assembled film and assembly of electrode composed of metal and semiconductor making use of the same
01/21/102'-hydroxyl group-modified ribonucleoside derivatives
01/07/10High-resolution image generation method
04/21/16Substrate for flexible display device and flexible display device

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