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Toppan Printing Co Ltd patents

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11/16/17 new patent  Display and display observation method
11/09/17Transdermal administration device
11/09/17Display medium provided with diffraction structure and light control element
11/09/17Identification device, identification method, identification program and computer readable medium including the identificatioin program
11/02/17Optical element, article, and producing optical element
10/26/17Transdermal administration device
10/26/17Transdermal administration device packaged body
10/26/17Reflective mask, reflective mask blank, and manufacturing method therefor
10/19/17Incombustible decorative sheet, metal decorative member and fabricating a metal decorative member
10/19/17Thermal transfer recording medium
10/19/17Display body and article
10/19/17Packaging material for power storage device
10/05/17Needle-shaped body
09/28/17Detection method and kit of base mutation, and limiting pcr amplification of nucleic acid sample
09/21/17Embossed sheet and decorative sheet
09/21/17Reflective mask, reflective mask blank and manufacturing method therefor
09/21/17Printed wiring board and producing the same
09/14/17Image producing device, transfer ribbon and image producing method
08/31/17Wiring circuit board, semiconductor device, manufacturing wiring circuit board, and manufacturing semiconductor device
08/24/17Microneedle set
08/24/17Transdermal administration devices and methods for producing transdermal administration devices
08/17/17Needle assembly for transdermal administration and producing the same
08/17/17Nucleic acid introduction method, nucleic acid detection method, biomolecule analysis method, array device for biomolecule quantification, and biomolecule analysis kit
08/17/17Optical film, and optical barrier film, color conversion film and backlight unit each using the same
08/10/17Spout stopper and packaging container
08/10/17Electrophoretic display device and manufacturing the same
08/03/17Thin-film transistor array and manufacturing the same
08/03/17Thin-film transistor and fabricating the same
07/27/17Method for forming film on flexible substrate by vapor deposition
07/20/17Counterfeit preventing structure and counterfeit preventing article
07/20/17Packing container
07/13/17Content generating device, content inspecting device, content generating method, and computer-readable medium including content data structure
06/29/17Film formation apparatus and film formation method
06/22/17Hollow container and manufacturing hollow container
06/15/17Display panel and large-sized display panel
06/08/17Laminate film and laminate, and wavelength conversion sheet, backlight unit and electroluminescent light-emitting unit
06/01/17Liquid crystal display device and display device substrate
05/25/17Resin sheet and booklet
05/18/17Laminate and manufacturing the same, and gas barrier film and manufacturing the same
05/18/17Power storage device packaging material and power storage device using the same
05/11/17Microneedle unit
05/11/17Lipid membrane structure, lipid-membrane-structure-immobilization carrier, and fusing vesicles
05/04/17Microneedle and microneedle assembly
05/04/17Thermal transfer image receiving sheet and fabricating the same
04/27/17Drug solution injection device
04/27/17Black electrode, manufacturing black electrode substrate and display device
04/20/17Line-of-sight measurement system, line-of-sight measurement method and program thereof
04/13/17Image display and labeled device
04/13/17Touch sensor substrate, touch panel, display device, and producing touch sensor substrate
04/13/17Wiring substrate, semiconductor device and manufacturing semiconductor device
03/30/17Microneedle unit
03/23/17Needle shaped body and manufacturing needle shaped body
03/23/17Method for imparting heat sealability to a biaxially oriented polyester film, and producing a packaging container
03/23/17Optical element
03/23/17Touch sensor electrode, touch panel, and display device
03/23/17Image reading device
03/16/17Coated film removing apparatus
03/16/17Complex, producing complex, dispersion liquid, producing dispersion liquid, and optical material
03/16/17Fine cellulose fiber dispersion liquid and manufacturing method thereof, cellulose film and laminate body
03/16/17Outer package material for lithium-ion battery and producing lithium-ion battery using the outer package material
03/09/17Manufacturing needle-shaped body, and needle-shaped body
03/02/17Droplet producing device, droplet producing method, liposome producing method, fixture, and droplet producing kit
03/02/17Nonflammable sheet and manufacturing the same
03/02/17Gas barrier packaging material
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02/16/17Packaging material for power storage device and power storage
02/09/17Gas barrier film and gas barrier laminate
02/09/17Gas barrier multilayer film and producing the same
02/09/17Power storage device package material and storage device using the same
02/09/17Electrode for a non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
02/09/17Negative electrode agent for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery, negative electrode for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery, and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
02/09/17Crimp terminal and manufacturing the same, wire assembly, and wire harness
02/02/17Diffraction structure transfer foil and forgery prevention medium using same
02/02/17Method for recovering short-chain nucleic acids
02/02/17Touch sensor electrode, touch panel and display device
02/02/17Membrane-electrode assembly producing apparatus and membrane-electrode assembly producing method
02/02/17Packaging material for power storage device
01/26/17Puncture injection instrument
01/26/17Injection instrument
01/26/17Composition for film formation, laminate, film, sheet base material, producing a composition for film formation, and preparing a cellulose dispersion
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01/26/17Packaging material for electrical storage devices, electrical storage device, and producing embossed packaging material
01/19/17Heat-sensitive transfer recording medium
01/19/17Wavelength conversion sheet, backlight unit, and phosphor protective film
01/19/17Interposers, semiconductor devices, manufacturing interposers, and manufacturing semiconductor devices
01/19/17Lithium battery packaging material
01/12/17Display body and observing display body
01/12/17Method for producing membrane electrode assembly, membrane electrode assembly, and polymer electrolyte fuel cell
01/05/17Anti-counterfeiting medium and fabricating anti-counterfeiting medium
01/05/17Method for predicting long-term efficacy of vegf inhibitor
01/05/17El element, el element substrate, lighting device, display device, and liquid crystal display device
01/05/17Transparent conductive laminates and touch panels having transparent conductive laminates
01/05/17Production system for printing electronic devices
01/05/17Secondary battery
01/05/17Electrode for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
12/29/16Electrolytic copper plating solution analyzer, and electrolytic copper plating solution analysis method
12/22/16Self-standing pouch
12/22/16Odor adsorbent material, odor detection kit, and using same
12/22/16Lithium battery packaging material
12/15/16Liquid crystal display device
12/15/16Liquid crystal display device
12/08/16Method for manufacturing hollow needle-shaped body, and hollow needle-shaped body
12/08/16Thin-film transistor array device, el device, sensor device, driving thin-film transistor array device, driving el device, and driving sensor device
12/08/16Thin film transistor array and manufacturing the same
12/08/16Color estimation system, separation data generation system, color estimation method and separation data generation method
11/24/16Method for manufacturing oriented film, and manufacturing display body
11/24/16El device use front plate and lighting device
11/17/16Biomolecule analysis kit and biomolecule analysis method
11/17/16Image display device and image display medium
11/17/16Biomolecule analysis kit and biomolecule analysis method
11/17/16Electrical storage device terminal film, and electrical storage device
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11/10/16Microneedle unit and microneedle assembly
11/10/16Microneedle unit
11/10/16Protective film for wavelength conversion sheet, wavelength conversion sheet and backlight unit
11/10/16Quantum dot protective film, quantum dot film using same, and backlight unit
11/03/16Touch sensor electrode, touch panel, and display device
11/03/16Radiation shielding sheet
10/27/16Packaging material for vacuum insulator, vacuum insulator, and insulating container
10/27/16Light-emitting device and fabricating light-emitting device
10/20/16Packaging material for lithium cell
10/06/16Flexible package
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09/29/16Display having light-scattering property
09/29/16Color reflective display and manufacturing the same
09/29/16Thin film transistor array and image display device
09/22/16Steam release standing pouch and content-enclosing standing pouch
09/15/16Laminate and gas barrier film
09/15/16Transparent conductive laminate, touch panel and display device
09/15/16Ic module, ic card, and ic module substrate
09/01/16Liquid crystal display device
09/01/16Apparatus for measuring three dimensional shape, measuring three dimensional shape and three dimensional shape measurment program
09/01/16Underlayer for cell electrodes, current collector using the same, electrode, and lithium ion secondary cell
08/25/16Packaging material for secondary battery, secondary battery, and manufacturing packaging material for secondary battery
08/18/16Gas barrier film
08/18/16Gas-barrier laminate film
08/18/16Coloring forgery prevention structure and coloring forgery prevention medium
08/18/16Membrane vesicle recovery device, membrane vesicle recovery method, and membrane vesicle analysis method
08/11/16Gas barrier packaging material precursor and gas barrier packaging material
08/04/16Test pattern layout for test photomask and evaluating critical dimension changes
08/04/16Test pattern layout for test photomask and evaluating critical dimension changes
07/28/16Acicular body
07/21/16Reaction container, nucleic acid analysis device, and nucleic acid analysis method
07/21/16Thin-film transistor array, fabrication method therefor, image display device and display method
07/21/16Thin film transistor array and manufacturing the same
07/21/16Electrode for secondary battery, and secondary battery
07/21/16Electrode for lithium ion secondary cells, and lithium ion secondary cell
07/14/16Touch panel
07/14/16Packaging material for power storage device
07/14/16Negative electrode for nonaqueous-electrolytic-solution secondary cells, nonaqueous-electrolytic-solution secondary cell, and fabricating negative electrode for nonaqueous-electrolytic-solution secondary cells
07/07/16Wavelength conversion sheet and backlight unit
07/07/16Non-contact ic label
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06/23/16Reflective photomask and production method therefor
06/09/16Water-based coating agent for gravure printing and gas barrier film
06/09/16Method for manufacturing transparent electrode, transparent electrode, and organic electroluminescence device provided with the same
06/02/16Display and labeled article
05/19/16Microneedle and manufacturing microneedle
05/12/16Sheet material and barrier packaging container using the same, and fabricating the sheet material
05/05/16Microneedle unit
05/05/16Display and information-printed matter
04/28/16Hollow needle device
04/21/16Laminated transfer medium and printed matter
04/14/16Display device substrate, display device using same
04/14/16Display device substrate and display device
04/14/16Ic module, dual ic card, and manufacturing ic module
04/14/16Dual ic card
04/14/16Device and authentication system
04/07/16Resin film, metal terminal member, and secondary cell
04/07/16Terminal covering resin film for secondary cell, tab member for secondary cell, and secondary cell
03/31/16Multiple-image display body
03/24/16Acicular body
03/24/16Manufacturing method and manufacturing acicular body
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03/24/16Flexible package
03/24/16Flexible package
03/17/16Gas-barrier packaging material
03/17/16Wiring board provided with through electrode, manufacturing same and semiconductor device
03/03/16Packaging material for lithium ion cell
03/03/16Lidded container
02/25/16Anti-counterfeit medium, manufacturing the same and preventing counterfeiting
02/25/16Color image processing device
02/11/16Method for producing acicular body
02/11/16Aqueous coating agent and gas barrier film
02/11/16Three-dimensional shape measurement device, three-dimensional shape measurement method, and three-dimensional shape measurement program
02/11/16Three-dimensional shape measurement device, three-dimensional shape measurement method, and three-dimensional shape measurement program
01/28/16Color image processing device
01/28/16Electrodes for a touch sensor, touch panel and display unit
01/21/16Gas barrier laminate and producing the gas barrier laminate
01/21/16Laminate, barrier film and manufacturing these
01/14/16Laminate and gas barrier film
01/14/16Method for manufacturing sealing key, sealing key, and sealing device
01/14/16Image processing device, image processing system, image processing method and image processing program
01/14/16Thin film transistor array
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01/14/16Substrate film for use in catalyst transfer film and producing the same, producing catalyst transfer film, and catalyst coated membrane
01/07/16Method for predicting sensitivity to egfr inhibitor
12/24/15Touch panel and manufacturing touch panel
12/17/15Display and article with label
12/10/15Coating film removing apparatus
12/10/15Transparent conductive film, and touch panel and display device having the same
12/03/15Container and container with enclosed contents
12/03/15Container and container with enclosed contents
12/03/15Container and container with enclosed contents
11/26/15Liquid crystal display device and color filter substrate
11/19/15Wiring substrate and manufacturing same
11/19/15Wiring substrate and manufacturing same
11/19/15Color filter substrate, liquid crystal display device, and manufacturing color filter substrate
11/19/15Touch panel and display apparatus
11/19/15Touch panel and display apparatus
11/19/15Color prediction system and color prediction method
11/12/15Flexible package
10/29/15Rechargeable battery
10/29/15El panel, and illumination device and display device using the same
10/22/15Liquid crystal display device, substrate for liquid crystal display device and manufacturing substrate for liquid crystal display device
10/22/15Liquid crystal display device, color filter substrate, and producing color filter substrate
10/22/15Method for manufacturing antenna sheet
10/22/15Photoelectrode for dye-sensitized solar cells, and dye-sensitized solar cell
10/15/15Laminate, gas barrier film, and manufacturing method therefor
10/01/15Label, adhesive label, and printed product
10/01/15Ink for inkjet, color filter, manufacturing method therefor, color reflection-type display, and manufacturing method therefor
09/17/15Display device and display method
09/10/15Counterfeit prevention structure and manufacturing method therefor
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09/03/15Cover material
09/03/15Anti-reflection film, manufacturing method thereof, polarizing plate and transmission type lcd
08/27/15Needle-like structure and manufacturing the same
08/20/15Coating solution for gas barrier, gas barrier laminate, packaging material and packaging material for heat sterilization
08/20/15Thin film transistor array
08/13/15Cover material
08/06/15Instrument for manipulating fluid injector that uses multi-microneedle device
08/06/15Layered structure, thin film transistor array, and manufacturing the same
07/30/15Laminated film and packaging container
07/30/15Test pattern layout for test photomask and evaluating critical dimension changes
07/30/15Color reflective display
07/16/15Refill container
07/02/15Counter electrode for dye sensitized solar cell and dye sensitized solar cell
06/25/15Cover material and packaging container
06/18/15Electrophoretic display substrate, inspecting same, and electrophoretic display device
06/18/15Reflection-type display panel and producing the same
06/04/15Display having light-scattering property
05/14/15Thin film transistor, manufacturing same, and image display apparatus
05/14/15Heat-sensitive transfer recording medium
05/14/15Method for determining hla-a*24 group
05/14/15Operation tool for fluid injector using multi-microneedle device
05/07/15Display and labeled article
05/07/15Anti-counterfeit paper
05/07/15Detection system of test substance
04/23/15Operational instrument for fluid injector using multi-microneedle device
04/23/15Needle-shaped body and manufacturing needle-shaped body
04/02/15Non-contact ic label and nameplate
03/26/15Rolled film formation apparatus
03/19/15Method for producing compound semiconductor thin film and solar cell including compound semiconductor thin film

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