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Toray Industries Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Toray Industries Inc. Toray Industries Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Toray Industries Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Toray Industries Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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04/20/17 new patent  Coating agent for solid preparation, and film and coated solid preparation formed therewith
04/20/17 new patent  Layered product and process for producing same
04/20/17 new patent  Antibody having infection-inhibiting activity against hepatitis c virus
04/20/17 new patent  Biliary tract cancer detection kit or device, and detection method
04/06/17Polyester resin composition and producing same
03/30/17Polyester film
03/30/17Method of producing polymer microparticles
03/23/17Polyphenylene sulfide porous body and production method thereof, polyphenylene sulfide-thermoplastic resin block copolymer and production method thereof
03/16/17Porous membrane and water purifier
03/16/17Hollow fiber membrane module and manufacturing method thereof
03/16/17Laminate and production method therefor
03/16/17Support film for solution film forming, and producing electrolyte membrane using same
03/09/17Endovascular treatment aid
03/09/17Substrate film, catalyst transfer sheet, producing membrane electrode assembly, and producing catalyst layer-coated electrolyte membrane
03/09/17Carbon fibers, and production method therefor
03/09/17Airbag base fabric and manufacturing method therefor
03/02/17Method of producing sugar solution
02/23/17Endovascular treatment assistance tool
02/23/17Polyvinylidene fluoride resin particles and producing same
02/16/17Polymer laminate
02/16/17Method for operating clarifying-film module
02/09/17Vascular prosthesis
02/09/17Immune response inducer
02/09/17Immune response inducer
02/09/17Immune response inducer
02/09/17Polymer electrolyte composition, polymer electrolyte membrane using same, catalyst coated membrane, membrane electrode assembly and polymer electrolyte fuel cell
02/09/17Method of producing chemical substance by continuous fermentation
02/09/17Photosensitive resin composition, manufacturing conductive pattern, substrate, element, and touch panel
02/02/17Preform, sheet material, and composite sheet material
02/02/17Fiber-reinforced thermoplastic-resin molding material
02/02/17Fiber-reinforced thermoplastic-resin molding material and manufacturing fiber-reinforced thermoplastic-resin molding material
02/02/17Polyamide resin composition for molded article exposed to high-pressure hydrogen and molded article made of the same
02/02/17Method of manufacturing total heat exchange element, and total heat exchanger element
02/02/17Photovoltaic element
02/02/17Polymer electrolyte composition and polymer electrolyte membrane, polymer electrolyte membrane with catalyst layer, membrane electrode assembly, and polymer electrolyte fuel cell each using the same
01/26/17Dyed artificial leather and a production method therefor
01/19/17Sea-island composite fiber, composite ultra-fine fiber, and fiber product
01/19/17Sea-island composite fiber, composite ultra-fine fiber, and fiber product
01/19/17Organic light-emitting element
01/19/17Polymer electrolyte membrane, catalyst coated membrane, membrane electrode assembly, and polymer electrolyte fuel cell
01/12/17Composite sliding member and heat-resistant composite sliding member for oa equipment
01/12/17Negative photosensitive resin composition, cured film obtained by curing same, producing cured film, optical device provided with cured film, and backside-illuminated cmos image sensor
01/12/17Gas diffusion electrode substrate, and membrane electrode assembly and fuel cell provided therewith
01/12/17Gas diffusion electrode substrate
01/12/17Gas diffusion electrode substrate, and membrane electrode assembly and fuel cell equipped with same
01/05/17Therapeutic or prophylactic agent for multiple sclerosis
01/05/17Separation membrane, sheet channel material, and separation membrane element
01/05/17Fiber-reinforced multilayered pellet, molded article molded therefrom, and producing fiber-reinforced multilayered pellet
01/05/17Sizing agent-coated reinforcing fibers, producing sizing agent-coated reinforcing fibers, prepreg, and fiber-reinforced composite material
01/05/17Multi-layer tubular woven construct
12/29/16Biosignal detecting garment
12/22/16Method for manufacturing laminated resin black-matrix substrate
12/22/16Positive photosensitive resin composition, cured film formed by curing same, and optical device equipped with same
12/22/16Polyimide resin, resin composition using same, and laminated film
12/22/16Impurity-diffusing composition and producing semiconductor element
12/15/16Porous carbon material, composite material reinforced with carbon material, porous carbon material precursor, porous carbon material precursor production method, and porous carbon material production method
12/15/16Polyarylene sulfide resin powder/grain composition and producing same
12/15/16Porous carbon material, composite material reinforced with carbon material, porous carbon material precursor, porous carbon material precursor production method, and porous carbon material production method
12/15/16A sheet-like article and a production method therefor (as amended)
12/15/16Gas diffusion electrode and manufacturing the same
12/08/16Artificial blood vessel
12/08/16Conductive paste, producing pattern, producing conductive paste, and sensor
12/01/16Resin laminate and relief printing original plate
12/01/16Photoelectric conversion element and image sensor
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12/01/16Graphene composite, producing graphene composite and electrode for lithium ion battery containing graphene composite
11/24/16Electrode material and device
11/24/16Hollow fiber membrane module for cleaning platelet suspension
11/24/16Method for producing frp
11/24/16Stampable sheet
11/24/16Epoxy resin composition, resin cured product, fiber-reinforced composite material, and prepreg
11/24/16Polyamide acid and resin composition containing same
11/24/16Adhesive composition and adhesive film having same, substrate provided with adhesive composition, and semiconductor device and manufacturing same
11/24/16Liquid crystal polyester fiber and producing method thereof
11/24/16Curved sliding liner and curved sliding unit
11/17/16Electrode and manufacturing electrode
11/17/16Thermoplastic resin composition
11/10/16Method of producing sugar liquid
11/03/16Vascular prosthesis
11/03/16Hollow-fiber membrane module
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11/03/16Semipermeable membrane production process and semipermeable membrane
11/03/16Porous film, waterproof and moisture-permeable material, and medical clothing and protective clothing that use the same
11/03/16Polyphenylene sulfide block copolymer, manufacturing same, and manufacturing polyphenylene sulfide porous body
11/03/16Polyarylene sulfide resin composition and molded article comprising same
11/03/16Toner cleaning sheet and manufacturing same
11/03/16Low-friction sliding material and low-friction pressurizing member for toner fixing devices
11/03/16Aromatic amine compound, light-emitting element materials and light-emitting element
11/03/16Carbon fiber nonwoven fabric, production carbon fiber nonwoven fabric, and nonwoven fabric of carbon fiber precurser fibers
10/27/16Multilayer separation membrane
10/27/16Polyphenylene sulfide microparticles
10/27/16Method of producing touch sensor member, and touch sensor member
10/20/16Separation membrane element
10/20/16Method of producing polmyer fine particle
10/13/16Method of producing 2,3-butanediol
10/13/16Antithrombotic material
10/13/16Laminated body and process for producing the same
10/13/16Pharmaceutical composition for treatment and/or prevention of cancer
10/13/16Method of producing 2,3-butanediol
10/13/16Plasma electrode, plasma processing electrode, cvd electrode, plasma cvd device, and manufacturing substrate with thin film
10/13/16Semiconductor resin composition, semiconductor resin film, and semiconductor device using the same
10/06/16Balloon ablation catheter and balloon ablation catheter system
10/06/161,5-pentamethylene diamine and production method therefor
10/06/16Reinforcing fiber fabric substrate, preform, and fiber-reinforced composite material
10/06/16Thermoplastic polyester resin composition and molded article
10/06/16Sheet-like article
10/06/16Scintillator panel
09/29/16Method for manufacturing three-dimensional structure, manufacturing scintillator panel, three-dimensional structure, and scintillator panel
09/22/16Separation membrane, sheet flow path material, and separation membrane element
09/22/16Molding material, producing same, and master batch used in same
09/15/16Fiber-reinforced resin composition, and fiber-reinforced composite material
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09/15/16Multi-stage immersion membrane separation device and membrane separation method
09/15/16Polyamide resin composition, manufacturing and molded product
09/15/16Method for producing purified soybean oligosaccharide liquid
09/08/16Method of producing carbon fiber-reinforced polyarylene sulfide
09/08/16Lighting plastic optical fiber and manufacturing same
09/01/16Molded article and molding material
09/01/16Heat exchange element and heat exchanger
08/25/16Composite semipermeable membrane and manufacturing same
08/25/16Polyarylene sulfide resin composition
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08/25/16Method for detecting pancreatic tumor, antibodies, and kit for the detection of pancreatic tumor
08/18/16Two-pack epoxy resin composition for fiber-reinforced composite materials, and fiber-reinforced composite material
08/18/16Base paper for heat exchanger, and total heat exchange element using same
08/11/16Non-woven fabric, separation membrane support, separation membrane, fluid separation element, and manufacturing non-woven fabric
08/11/16Method for producing butadiene
08/11/16Method for producing sizing agent-coated carbon fibers, and sizing agent-coated carbon fibers
08/11/16Photosensitive light-shielding paste and process for producing laminated pattern for touch sensor
08/04/16Fresh water generation system and fresh water generation method
08/04/16Porous membrane, blood purifying module incorporating porous membrane, and producing porous membrane
08/04/16Method for producing 1,3-butadiene and/or 3-buten-2-ol
08/04/16Polyimide precursor, polyimide resin film produced from said polyimide precursor, display element, optical element, light-receiving element, touch panel and circuit board each equipped with said polyimide resin film, organic el display, and methods respectively for producing organic el element and color filter
08/04/16Selvage portion gripping device for loom, loom, and manufacturing woven fabric
08/04/16Substrate and manufacturing same, light-emitting element and manufacturing same, and device having substrate or light-emitting element
07/28/16Sandwich structure and integrally formed article using the same, and methods for production thereof
07/28/16Sheet-shaped object and process for producing same
07/28/16Sliding seismic isolation device
07/21/16Separation membrane module, driving same, separation membrane element, thrust load maintaining member, and thrust load adjustment maintaining member
07/21/16Method of producing lactic acid and polylactic acid
07/21/16Pharmaceutical composition for treatment and prevention of cancers
07/21/16Polyphenylene sulfide resin composition, and moulding and manufacturing process for moulding thereof
07/21/16Method of producing a sugar liquid
07/21/16Flame-resistant paper for wave absorber member and wave absorber member
07/07/16Cartridge-type hollow fiber membrane module and manufacturing cartridge-type hollow fiber membrane module
07/07/16Cyclic amine derivative and pharmaceutical use thereof
07/07/16Method for recovery of gaseous hydrocarbons and/or liquid hydrocarbons from underground
07/07/16Elastic monofilament
06/30/16Alcohol production method
06/30/16Method of inhibiting body cavity fluid accumulation
06/23/16Material for fused deposition modeling type three-dimensional modeling, and filament for fused deposition modeling type 3d printing device
06/16/16Method of producing a chemical product
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06/16/16Carbon fiber bundle and stabilized fiber bundle
06/09/16Laminate comprising film and fiber sheet
06/09/16Epoxy resin composition, fiber-reinforced composite material, and producing the same
06/09/16Method of producing alcohol from cellulose-containing biomass
06/09/16Wear-resistant multilayer fabrics
06/09/16Negative-type photosensitive white composition for touch panel, touch panel and touch panel production method
06/09/16Method for producing polyanionic positive electrode active material composite particles, and polyanionic positive electrode active material precursor-graphite oxide composite granulated bodies
06/02/16Epoxy resin composition, prepreg, and carbon fiber-reinforced composite material
06/02/16Carbon nanotube composite, semiconductor device, and sensor using same
05/26/16Filter device, manufacturing device for chemical, and operation filter device
05/26/16Method for producing liquid crystalline polyester, and liquid crystalline polyester
05/26/16Method of operating continuous sterilizing apparatus, continuous sterilizing apparatus, fermenting system, and continuous fermenting system
05/26/16Method of producing sugar liquid
05/19/16Immunity-inducing agent
05/19/16Sheet, inorganic-substance-laminated sheet and electronic device using same
05/19/16Polyarylene sulfide resin composition and producing same
05/19/16Method for producing polyester fibers
05/12/16Composite semipermeable membrane
05/12/16Epoxy resin composition, prepreg, and fiber-reinforced composite material
05/05/16Ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer microparticles, dispersion liquid and resin composition containing same, and producing said microparticles
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05/05/16Epoxy resin composition, prepreg and fiber-reinforced composite material
05/05/16Polyamide woven fabric and down product using same
04/28/16Decorative molding film and decorative molding article
04/28/16Vehicle link component, and manufacturing method therefor
04/28/16Conductive paste, producing conductive pattern, and touch panel
04/21/16Immunity induction agent
04/21/16Adsorption carrier-packed column
04/21/16Cartridge type hollow fiber membrane module
04/07/16Sun-blocking multilayered sheet and hand-held parasol, tent, tarp, hood, hat, and fixed parasol comprising said sun-blocking multilayered sheet
03/24/16Sweeper roller, plastic film manufacturing device that uses same, and manufacturing method
03/24/16Resin composition, resin sheet, and production semiconductor device
03/24/16Fibrous structure
03/17/16Table tennis ball and table tennis ball-use thermoplastic resin composition
03/17/16Mixed fiber nonwoven fabric and a production method therefor (as amended)
03/17/16Gas barrier film and producing same
03/17/16Spun yarn and woven or knitted fabric
03/17/16Joining structure
03/10/16Antithrombotic artificial blood vessel
03/10/16Antithrombotic artificial blood vessel
03/03/16Artificial blood vessel
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03/03/16Production method and production fiber-reinforced plastic
02/25/16Method for cleaning hollow fiber membrane module
02/25/16Porous membrane and water purifier
02/25/16Process of producing 1,4-butanediol
02/25/16Carbon fiber nonwoven fabric
02/18/16Porous carbon material, precursor for porous carbon material, process for producing precursor for porous carbon material, and process for producing porous carbon material
02/11/16Immunogenic composition
02/04/16Immunity inducing agent
02/04/16Polyphenylene sulfide resin composition, molded product of polyphenylene sulfide resin composition and production polyphenylene sulfide resin composition
02/04/16Field effect transistor
01/28/16Seatback frame and resin for employing in a seatback frame
01/28/16Biaxially oriented polypropylene film, metallized film and film capacitor
01/28/16Plasma cvd device and plasma cvd method
01/28/16Biaxially oriented polypropylene film for capacitor, metallized film, and film capacitor
01/21/16Process for producing spongelike structure
01/14/16Composite semipermeable membrane and production thereof
01/14/16Block copolymer and production the same
01/14/16Apparatus for producing sugar solution
01/14/16Sugar-solution production method
01/07/16Method of producing reinforcing fiber sheet
01/07/16Laminated film
01/07/16Bumper device for automobile
01/07/16Epoxy resin composition, prepreg, fiber reinforced plastic material, and manufacturing fiber reinforced plastic material
01/07/16Polyimide precursor, polyimide, flexible substrate prepared therewith, color filter and production method thereof, and flexible display device
01/07/16Laminate film using polylactic acid-based resin
01/07/16Epoxy resin composition, prepreg, and fiber-reinforced composite material
01/07/16Reinforcement structure for structural body having fastening sections
01/07/16Method of producing reinforcing fiber sheet
12/31/15Blood purification column
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12/31/15Fiber-reinforced resin sheet, integrated molded product and process for producing same
12/31/15Method of producing sugar solution
12/31/15Negative-type photosensitive coloring composition, cured film, light-shielding pattern for touch panel, and touch panel manufacturing method
12/31/15Aromatic sulfonic acid derivative, sulfonic acid group-containing polymer, block copolymer, polymer electrolyte material, polymer electrolyte form article, and polymer electrolyte fuel cell
12/24/15Resin printing plate precusor for laser engraving
12/24/15Prepreg and carbon fiber reinforced composite materials
12/24/15Conductive paste and producing conductive pattern
12/24/15Substrate and touch panel member using same
12/24/15Fuel-cell gas diffusion layer, and producing same
12/24/15Conductive paste and producing conductive pattern
12/17/15Nonwoven fabric
12/17/15Polylactic resin composition, molded product, and producing polylactic resin composition
12/17/15Polyphenylene sulfide resin composition, production the same and molded product (as amended)
12/17/15Sizing agent-coated carbon fiber bundle, carbon fiber bundle production method, and prepreg
12/17/15Substrate and touch panel member using same
12/10/15Method and producing preform
12/10/15Method and producing preform
12/10/15Multi-stage immersion-type membrane separation device and membrane separation method
12/10/15Stampable sheet
12/10/15Device that produces sugar solution and producing sugar solution
12/10/15Diaphragm cloth for water electrolyzer and manufacturing method therefor
12/10/15Stampable sheet
12/03/15Composite semipermeable membrane
12/03/15Hollow fiber membrane module, producing hollow fiber membrane, and producing hollow fiber membrane module
12/03/15Separation membrane module
12/03/15Water treatment method
12/03/15Film for molding
12/03/15Prepreg, fiber-reinforced composite material, and thermoplastic resin particles
11/26/15Airbag fabric and airbag

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