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Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha
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Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha patents

Recent patent applications related to Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha. Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha, we're just tracking patents.

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10/19/17 new patent  Inkjet head and inkjet printer
10/19/17 new patent  Liquid circulation module and liquid ejection apparatus
10/19/17 new patent  Sheet pasting and binding apparatus and sheet post-processing apparatus
10/19/17 new patent  Fixing device and image forming apparatus
10/19/17 new patent  Information provision system and information provision method
10/19/17 new patent  Settlement terminal and stably providing privilege service of house card
10/19/17 new patent  Commodity sales data processing processing validation commodity by the same
10/19/17 new patent  Sales data processing apparatus, server and acquiring attribute information
10/19/17 new patent  Information processing apparatus and program
10/19/17 new patent  Image forming apparatus, and control program and operation method thereof
10/12/17Inkjet head and inkjet printer
10/12/17Inkjet head and inkjet printer
10/12/17Inkjet head and inkjet printer
10/12/17Ink jet head recording apparatus
10/12/17Ink supply device and inkjet recording device
10/12/17Ink circulation device and inkjet recording device
10/12/17Printing device and printing method
10/12/17Sheet post-processing device
10/12/17Sheet post-processing apparatus and image forming system
10/12/17Wireless tag communication apparatus, wireless tag communication system, and communication method
10/12/17Code recognition device
10/12/17Image processing device
10/12/17Shopping support device and shopping support method
10/12/17Image display device
10/12/17Photovoltaic system and control photovoltaic element
10/12/17Image processing apparatus
10/05/17Printer and printing method
10/05/17Image forming apparatus and image forming method
10/05/17Image forming system, control the same and recording medium
10/05/17Weighing device
10/05/17Image processing system and user information sharing method
09/28/17Image forming apparatus and control fixing device
09/28/17Document detecting device and document detecting method
09/28/17Image reading device, image forming apparatus, and setting white reference value
09/21/17Toner cartridge with memory for image forming apparatus
09/21/17Sheet post-processing apparatus, image forming system and sheet post-processing method
09/14/17Inkjet head and inkjet printer
09/14/17Liquid circulation device, liquid discharge device and liquid discharge method
09/14/17Decoloring determining whether to decolor a sheet
09/14/17Image forming apparatus with transport for magnetic sheets
09/14/17Individual verification apparatus, individual verification method and computer-readable recording medium
09/14/17Tax-free processing system and related information processing apparatus and program
09/14/17Power transmission apparatus, power transmission device and power reception device for power transmission apparatus
09/07/17Liquid circulation device and liquid discharging apparatus
09/07/17Toner container
09/07/17System and managing inventory based on captured images
09/07/17Money dispensing device and accounting device
09/07/17Image processing apparatus
08/31/17Ink circulation device and ink ejection device
08/31/17Signature input device
08/31/17Antenna control apparatus
08/31/17Work assignment support server, method, and program
08/31/17Electronic receipt system
08/31/17Electronic receipt system, electronic receipt management server, and program therefor
08/31/17Receipt server, electronic receipt system, and program
08/31/17Checkout system and settlement device
08/31/17Information processing device and program
08/31/17Register system capable of disabling security tags
08/31/17Weighing system
08/31/17Information output control apparatus and point-of-sale system
08/24/17Inkjet head having a plurality of lid members connected to nozzles and an inkjet apparatus having the inkjet head
08/24/17Liquid discharge apparatus having a pressure regulator
08/24/17Reading apparatus
08/17/17Thermal printer, control method, and computer program
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08/17/17Decoloring apparatus and paper conveyance method
08/17/17Fixing device and fixing temperature control fixing device
08/17/17Image forming apparatus, image forming method and non-transitory computer readable recording medium
08/10/17Money depositing/dispensing apparatus
08/10/17Toner container
08/10/17Desktop information processing apparatus and control input device
08/10/17Image forming system and image forming apparatus
08/10/17Point calculation apparatus and point calculation method
08/10/17Portable terminal
08/10/17Networked computer system including register, payment machine, and central computer
08/10/17Checkout system and registration apparatus
08/10/17Image forming apparatus
08/10/17Server apparatus and control method
08/10/17Money handling apparatus
08/03/17Ink jet head and ink jet printer
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08/03/17Ink circulation device and printer
08/03/17Ink jet head
08/03/17Ink circulation device and ink jet recording apparatus
08/03/17Developer with toner and carrier, and image forming apparatus using the same
08/03/17Image forming apparatus
08/03/17Information processing apparatus and related program
08/03/17Checkout system and settlement apparatus
08/03/17Printer, recording medium, and sales data processing apparatus
08/03/17Method for processing a purchase transaction using a plurality of transaction systems
08/03/17Coin depositing device
08/03/17Checkout system, settlement executing settlement processing
08/03/17Electric apparatus and power control method
08/03/17Guiding apparatus and guiding method
08/03/17System and proximity-based discovery of multifunction devices
08/03/17Proximity-based user interface multifunction devices
08/03/17System and document rendering
08/03/17Dynamic font size management multifunction devices
07/27/17Punching mechanism and sheet processing apparatus
07/27/17Ink composition for inkjet recording
07/27/17Deformation detecting device
07/27/17Sheet processing apparatus
07/27/17Sheet folding mechanism and sheet processing apparatus
07/27/17Post-processing apparatus and image forming system
07/27/17Image forming system and image forming apparatus
07/27/17Register system that tracks a position of a customer for checkout
07/27/17Minutes taking system, minutes taking method, and image forming apparatus
07/27/17Image forming apparatus and printing sheet to be watched by using smart glass
07/27/17Image forming apparatus
07/20/17Correction data setting apparatus and inkjet head
07/20/17Printer apparatus
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07/20/17Toner containing particles having flaky shape and made of bright pigment material
07/20/17Developer device and image forming apparatus
07/20/17System and distributed information processing
07/20/17Self-registration system for products
07/20/17Graphical user interface for a self-registration system for products
07/20/17Beacon system
07/20/17Money reception device
07/20/17Point-of-sale (pos) terminal having a lock system
07/20/17Non-contact power transmission apparatus and power transmission and reception apparatus
07/20/17Non-contact power reception apparatus
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07/20/17Job management apparatus of print job in delivery system for delivering sheet printed by image forming apparatus to delivery destination with autonomously moving delivery apparatus
07/20/17Image forming apparatus and control the same
07/13/17Liquid circulation apparatus, liquid ejection apparatus and liquid ejection method
07/13/17Magnetic ink character reader and magnetic ink character reading method
07/13/17Display displaying shift state of power saving mode, display method and storage medium
07/13/17Image forming system and image forming method
07/06/17Image forming apparatus and control the same
07/06/17Image forming demanding more flexible printing processing
07/06/17Commodity registration apparatus and commodity registration method
07/06/17Image recognition apparatus
07/06/17Item management system
07/06/17Image forming ming location free print system and print job retrieval method by the same
06/29/17Sheet processing apparatus
06/29/17Thermal printer and controlling the same
06/29/17Sheet feeding apparatus and image processing apparatus
06/29/17Image forming apparatus
06/29/17Sheet processing apparatus
06/29/17Sheet processing apparatus
06/29/17Aromatic printed object and manufacture the same
06/29/17Transfer apparatus and image forming apparatus
06/29/17Fixing device and fixing temperature control fixing device
06/29/17Point-of-sale terminal including a touch panel screen having expanded areas for selecting objects when the objects are partially obscured
06/29/17Method and device activity mapping with device placement
06/29/17Server apparatus
06/29/17Sales data processing executing data processing of article
06/29/17Product information print device and product information print system
06/29/17Electronic apparatus and output apparatus
06/29/17Register system configured to automatically generate notifications regarding product registrations
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06/29/17Eco-cost document processing job quota management
06/29/17Information processing apparatus
06/29/17Register system configured to communicate with wireless communication devices to authenticate user attributes
06/29/17System and brokered delivery of three-dimensional objects
06/29/17Shopping support system and server
06/29/17Coin teller machine and self-checkout apparatus
06/29/17Register system configured to communicate with a control terminal to enable or disable user attribute authentication
06/29/17Register system that deactivates a security tag attached to a product
06/29/17System and predictive device control
06/29/17System and print job forwarding
06/29/17Image processing device
06/29/17System and on-screen management of scanned documents
06/29/17Marking apparatus and decoloring apparatus
06/29/17Method and gesture-based device access
06/29/17Image forming apparatus and authentication method
06/22/17Lens array and image forming apparatus
06/22/17Image processing apparatus
06/22/17Method of causing a printer to carry out a printing operation with decolorable material
06/22/17Check-out system and registration apparatus
06/22/17Sales data processing apparatus
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06/22/17Checkout system, commodity registration apparatus and settlement apparatus
06/22/17Optical scanning device and optical scanning method
06/22/17Image processing apparatus with memory storing pre-processed image data
06/22/17Image processing system and user information sharing method
06/22/17Portable terminal apparatus
06/15/17Liquid-tolerant liquid droplet ejecting apparatus
06/15/17Decoloring apparatus and paper conveyance method
06/15/17Sheet processing apparatus
06/15/17Image processing apparatus
06/15/17Setting control method and program
06/15/17Image reading reading images formed on a sheet
06/15/17Commodity sales data processing apparatus, information terminal and control method
06/15/17System and intelligent entry of fax numbers
06/15/17Scanner capable of reading double sides of sheet once
06/08/17Marker and sensing system using the same
06/08/17Display device of a point-of-sale terminal and control method thereof
06/08/17Image forming apparatus and image forming both side copying
06/01/17Inkjet head and inkjet recording apparatus
06/01/17Image forming apparatus, image forming method and non-transient recording medium for storing image forming method
06/01/17Image forming system, control the same and recording medium
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06/01/17Power transmission device, and power transmitter and power receiver for the same
06/01/17Information processing apparatus and control method
06/01/17Character recognition apparatus and character recognition method
06/01/17Image processing apparatus and information management apparatus
06/01/17Image forming apparatus
06/01/17Display device and notifying the position of an authentication device in a display area
05/25/17Paper post-processing apparatus and paper post-processing method
05/25/17Toner particle, electrophotographic toner, developing agent, toner cartridge and image forming apparatus, and manufacture toner particle
05/25/17Image forming apparatus
05/25/17Image processing apparatus
05/25/17Commodity sales data processing apparatus
05/25/17Image processing apparatus
05/25/17Method of processing a graphical user interface (gui) displayed on a touch panel display
05/25/17Electronic apparatus and peripheral apparatus
05/25/17Settlement apparatus
05/25/17Image forming apparatus and controlling a display for selecting a sheet feeding cassette source
05/25/17Image reading apparatus and image reading method
05/25/17Image forming apparatus, method and storage medium for sharing setting information
05/25/17Image processing system, image processing method and recording medium
05/18/17Printer and ribbon roll
05/18/17Power control device, power control method, and recording medium
05/18/17Fixing apparatus
05/18/17Fixing device that fixes images of decolorable and non-decolorable materials
05/18/17Image processing apparatus, image processing method and computer-readable storage medium
05/18/17Checkout apparatus
05/18/17Electronic apparatus
05/18/17Image forming displaying template in image forming apparatus
05/18/17Image processing apparatus, image processing method and image forming apparatus
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05/18/17Image reading apparatus
05/11/17Toner cartridge
05/11/17Image forming apparatus and image forming method
05/11/17Image forming apparatus
05/11/17Interface system, object for operation input, operation input supporting method
05/11/17Information processing device and management system
05/11/17Accounting apparatus
05/11/17Merchandise sales data processing apparatus, and program therefor
05/11/17Accounting apparatus
05/04/17Erasing apparatus and image forming apparatus that uses the erasing apparatus
05/04/17Image erasing method that selectively decolors a sheet based on user information encoded on the sheet
05/04/17Toner containing crystalline polyester resin and manufacturing the same
05/04/17Image forming apparatus and image forming method
05/04/17Image forming apparatus
05/04/17Reading apparatus and reading method
04/27/17Inkjet head and inkjet printer
04/27/17Inkjet head and inkjet printer
04/27/17Image processing forming and decoloring an image on a sheet
04/27/17Image processing apparatus
04/27/17Sheet conveyance apparatus and image erasing apparatus
04/27/17Sheet conveyance apparatus
04/27/17Commodity recognition apparatus and commodity recognition method
04/27/17Document processing device and data processing device
04/27/17Multi-function printer
04/20/17Cartridge, image forming apparatus and quality determining cartridge
04/20/17Printing result estimation apparatus and computer program
04/20/17Image processing apparatus
04/13/17Ink-jet head and printer
04/13/17Liquid discharging adjusting pressure of liquid therein

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