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Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha And Sumitomo Metal Mining Co Ltd
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha 1 Toyotacho
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha 1 Toyota shi
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha 1 Toyota cho
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha1
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha_20100107
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha_20131212
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha_20100128
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha_20100121
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha_20100114


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Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha patents

Recent patent applications related to Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha. Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015033621211/26/15  new patent  Laser welding method
22015033645711/26/15  new patent  Torque indicating device and vehicle including same
32015033646811/26/15  new patent  Power supply system for vehicle, vehicle comprising the same, and controlling power supply system for vehicle
42015033651611/26/15  new patent  Tool storage device used in a vehicle
52015033653111/26/15  new patent  Head-protecting airbag device and folding airbag thereof
62015033655111/26/15  new patent  Brake control device
72015033655911/26/15  new patent  Drive control device
82015033656711/26/15  new patent  Control device for hybrid vehicle
92015033656911/26/15  new patent  Drive control device for hybrid vehicle
102015033657011/26/15  new patent  Control device for hybrid vehicle
112015033657111/26/15  new patent  Driving hybrid vehicle and control method thereof
122015033657411/26/15  new patent  Drive assist device
132015033657911/26/15  new patent  Drive assist device and method, collision prediction device and method, and alerting device and method
142015033658711/26/15  new patent  Driving assist device
152015033660711/26/15  new patent  Vehicle control device
162015033706411/26/15  new patent  Method of fabricating an electrolyte material
172015033732211/26/15  new patent  Gene capable of improving material productivity in seed and use thereof
182015033732511/26/15  new patent  Gene capable of improving material productivity in seed and use thereof
192015033769711/26/15  new patent  Oil separator
202015033770711/26/15  new patent  Abnormality diagnosis exhaust gas purification apparatus
212015033771811/26/15  new patent  Wastegate valve control device
222015033774411/26/15  new patent  Control device for internal combustion engine
232015033775211/26/15  new patent  Control device for internal combustion engine
242015033775611/26/15  new patent  Internal combustion engine
252015033777111/26/15  new patent  Exhaust gas recirculation device
262015033778411/26/15  new patent  Pump cover
272015033778911/26/15  new patent  Vehicle control apparatus
282015033791311/26/15  new patent  Engaging/disengaging mechanism
292015033794211/26/15  new patent  Gear device
302015033802211/26/15  new patent  High-pressure gas tank and liner with mouthopiece
312015033817411/26/15  new patent  Heat transfer sheet and heat dissipation structure
322015033846811/26/15  new patent  Battery system
332015033847111/26/15  new patent  Reconstructed battery pack applicability determination used secondary battery, and reconstruction reconstructed battery pack
342015033851411/26/15  new patent  Radar device
352015033902511/26/15  new patent  Operation apparatus
362015033986511/26/15  new patent  Vehicle information acquiring apparatus, vehicle information supplying apparatus, and information communicating system of vehicle having vehicle information acquiring apparatus and vehicle information supplying apparatus
372015034014611/26/15  new patent  Magnetizing device and magnetizing rotor core
382015034068111/26/15  new patent  Method of producing coated active material
392015034071611/26/15  new patent  Fuel cell system and control same
402015034088411/26/15  new patent  Electric power supply control device and electric power supply control method
412015034094611/26/15  new patent  Charge pump circuit and pll circuit
422015034096611/26/15  new patent  Inverter device
432015034156811/26/15  new patent  Video display apparatus, video switching apparatus, and video display method
442015032858511/19/15 Exhaust gas purification an internal combustion engine
452015032864811/19/15 Electrostatic coating apparatus and grounded state checking method
462015032871811/19/15 Powder supply method in cladding
472015032892511/19/15 Wheel oil supply device and wheel driving device
482015032894711/19/15 Vehicle suspension apparatus and assembling vehicle suspension apparatus
492015032895911/19/15 Air-conditioning register
502015032897411/19/15 Power transmission unit for vehicle
512015032898211/19/15 Control device for 4wd vehicle
522015032898311/19/15 Control 4wd vehicle
532015032900711/19/15 Power supply control device
542015032904611/19/15 Driving-assistance device and driving-assistance method
552015032908411/19/15 Wiper device
562015032909011/19/15 Travel control apparatus and vehicle control apparatus
572015032910611/19/15 Control device for hybrid vehicle
582015032910811/19/15 Driving assistance device and driving assistance method
592015032910911/19/15 Vehicle control system
602015032914311/19/15 Vehicle body front portion structure
612015032914411/19/15 Vehicle body front portion structure
622015032914711/19/15 Hood structure for a vehicle
632015032915111/19/15 Vehicle-body rear structure
642015032931511/19/15 Tank manufacturing method, helical winding device, and filament winding apparatus
652015032976011/19/15 Graphite sheet
662015032987111/19/15 Gene capable of increasing plant biomass production and utilizing the same
672015032996711/19/15 Film-forming manufacturing apparatus and method
682015032998211/19/15 Electroplating cell, and forming metal coating
692015033026511/19/15 Control device of internal combustion engine and variable valve device of internal combustion engine
702015033026611/19/15 Variable valve device
712015033027511/19/15 Exhaust purification system for internal combustion engine
722015033027611/19/15 Internal combustion engine
732015033029111/19/15 Internal combustion engine
742015033032311/19/15 Control device for internal combustion engine
752015033037511/19/15 Control device for vehicle drive device
762015033047211/19/15 Attachment structure for urging member
772015033080711/19/15 Poor visibility estimation system and poor visibility estimation method
782015033105511/19/15 Vehicle control apparatus
792015033109511/19/15 Sound detection device and sound detection method
802015033304611/19/15 Integrated device
812015033312711/19/15 Silicon carbide semiconductor device
822015033324411/19/15 Thermoelectric generator
832015033324511/19/15 Thermoelectric generator
842015033332311/19/15 Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
852015033332411/19/15 Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and producing same
862015033333311/19/15 Positive electrode paste and manufacturing method therefor
872015033334911/19/15 Fuel cell system and power generation performance recovery a fuel cell in a fuel cell system
882015033335411/19/15 Proton exchange material and method therefor
892015033336711/19/15 Sulfide solid electrolyte material, battery, and producing sulfide solid electrolyte material
902015033336811/19/15 Sulfide solid electrolyte material, battery, and producing sulfide solid electrolyte material
912015033338011/19/15 Temperature regulation estimating foreign matter clogging amount
922015033356411/19/15 Vehicle control apparatus, vehicle, and vehicle control method
932015033455711/19/15 Information display apparatus, in-vehicle apparatus, and data update method
942015032117611/12/15 Method for producing catalyst for exhaust gas removal and catalyst obtained by the production method
952015032123611/12/15 Roll-bending process apparatus and roll-bending process method
962015032124011/12/15 Swaging device and swaging method
972015032157311/12/15 Power control system of hybrid vehicle
982015032157411/12/15 Electric motor vehicle
992015032157711/12/15 Power storage system and temperature control the same
1002015032165611/12/15 Control a hybrid vehicle drive system
1012015032165911/12/15 Control device for hybrid vehicle
1022015032166011/12/15 Control device of hybrid vehicle
1032015032166111/12/15 Drive control device for hybrid vehicle
1042015032170011/12/15 Vehicle front section structure
1052015032283111/12/15 Sub-muffler and manufacturing sub-muffler
1062015032283211/12/15 Exhaust purification filter
1072015032283411/12/15 Exhaust purification system of internal combustion engine
1082015032283611/12/15 Exhaust gas purification internal combustion engine
1092015032283711/12/15 Exhaust emission control system of internal combustion engine
1102015032283911/12/15 Exhaust gas purification internal combustion engine
1112015032284211/12/15 Sub-muffler and manufacturing sub-muffler
1122015032287111/12/15 Plant control device
1132015032287211/12/15 Drive system for hybrid vehicle
1142015032287811/12/15 Control system of internal combustion engine
1152015032288111/12/15 Control device for internal combustion engine
1162015032288411/12/15 Preformed article for cylinder head, cylinder head, and manufacturing cylinder head
1172015032305811/12/15 Continuously variable transmission
1182015032306011/12/15 Automatic transmission
1192015032546211/12/15 Wafer carrier
1202015032553811/12/15 Semiconductor device and producing semiconductor device
1212015032570911/12/15 Semiconductor device
1222015032583211/12/15 Battery
1232015032583411/12/15 Method for manufacturing all-solid-state battery
1242015032583811/12/15 Lithium secondary battery and vehicle with the same
1252015032584411/12/15 Cathode for secondary batteries, producing cathode for secondary batteries, and all-solid-state secondary battery
1262015032588311/12/15 Electrochemical energy storage device
1272015032589611/12/15 Fuel cell system
1282015032604211/12/15 On-board control apparatus
1292015032612411/12/15 Boost converter device
1302015032615611/12/15 Inverter
1312015031423911/05/15 Exhaust gas control internal combustion engine (as amended)
1322015031438011/05/15 Cutting method and cutting apparatus
1332015031471111/05/15 Vehicle child safety seat and harness cover
1342015031472711/05/15 Motive power operation guidance apparatus
1352015031474211/05/15 Vehicle body front section structure
1362015031474311/05/15 Vehicle end section structure
1372015031474311/05/15 Vehicle end section structure
1382015031476711/05/15 Vehicle brake control device
1392015031477011/05/15 Power transmission device
1402015031477211/05/15 Power transmission device
1412015031477911/05/15 Vehicle, control vehicle, and control vehicle
1422015031480211/05/15 Steering-column device
1432015031480311/05/15 Vehicle control device
1442015031480411/05/15 Electric power steering device for vehicle
1452015031480911/05/15 Vehicle-body lower structure with side collision sensor
1462015031554911/05/15 Bioreactor comprising immobilized enzyme, improving activity of immobilized enzyme, and biofuel cell
1472015031569911/05/15 Heat radiation member and manufacturing the same
1482015031595011/05/15 Abnormality detection device for exhaust gas purification apparatus
1492015031598711/05/15 Control device for diesel engine
1502015031599111/05/15 Vehicle control system
1512015031599311/05/15 Control internal combustion engine
1522015031601911/05/15 Control internal combustion engine (as amended)
1532015031790011/05/15 New road detection logic
1542015031838511/05/15 Semiconductor device
1552015031851711/05/15 Rectangular battery and rectangular battery manufacturing method
1562015031856011/05/15 Method for producing a catalyst for fuel cells
1572015031856911/05/15 Method for manufacturing sulfide solid electrolyte
1582015031879311/05/15 Converter apparatus
1592015031880911/05/15 Vehicle and control vehicle
1602015031881111/05/15 Electrically-driven vehicle
1612015030891810/29/15 Leak testing method
1622015030676710/29/15 Motion limiting device and motion limiting method
1632015030677410/29/15 Non-contact transfer hand
1642015030693610/29/15 Vehicle
1652015030695110/29/15 Fuel tank structure
1662015030696610/29/15 Inductively charged vehicle with automatic positioning
1672015030698210/29/15 Vehicle seat control device and vehicle seat device
1682015030699910/29/15 Vehicle seat
1692015030700910/29/15 Vehicle seat and coupling use in vehicle seat
1702015030705410/29/15 Curtain airbag device and occupant protecting device
1712015030707810/29/15 Vehicle
1722015030708010/29/15 Control system of hybrid vehicle
1732015030708310/29/15 Hybrid vechicle and controlling hybrid vehicle
1742015030708510/29/15 Control a vehicle
1752015030709010/29/15 Parking assistance device
1762015030709210/29/15 Route evaluation device
1772015030709510/29/15 Driving assistance apparatus
1782015030709610/29/15 Driving support apparatus, driving support method, and vehicle
1792015030709810/29/15 Vehicle control apparatus
1802015030710210/29/15 Vehicle travel control device
1812015030710310/29/15 Vehicle travel control device
1822015030712510/29/15 Vehicle steering control device
1832015030713010/29/15 Driving assistance apparatus and method
1842015030713410/29/15 Vehicle front portion structure
1852015030713710/29/15 Vehicular mud guard structure
1862015030830810/29/15 Oil circulation structure in internal combustion engine
1872015030832210/29/15 Failure diagnosis exhaust gas control apparatus (as amended)
1882015030835810/29/15 Control device for internal combustion engine
1892015030836410/29/15 Internal combustion engine control device
1902015030836710/29/15 Internal combustion engine and control method thereof
1912015030836910/29/15 Cylinder head of multi-cylinder internal combustion engine
1922015030851110/29/15 Torque limiter, variable transmission ratio device, and tolerance ring
1932015030856810/29/15 Oil pressure control device for automatic transmission
1942015030884410/29/15 Travel time information providing apparatus and travel time information providing method
1952015030891810/29/15 Leak testing method
1962015030892610/29/15 Vibration analysis method and vibration analysis device of vehicle
1972015031148410/29/15 Battery, battery pack, and manufacturing battery
1982015031150210/29/15 Hydrogen-storage alloy particles
1992015031150710/29/15 Composite active material, solid state battery and producing composite active material
2002015031154310/29/15 Fuel cell system and control method thereof
2012015031156310/29/15 Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and assembly thereof
2022015031168810/29/15 Electrical junction box
2032015031170410/29/15 Power conversion circuit
2042015031176110/29/15 Slot insulating paper
2052015031177210/29/15 Slip ring device
2062015029805810/22/15 Exhaust gas purification filter
2072015029806110/22/15 Exhaust gas purification an internal combustion engine
2082015029809910/22/15 Complex oxide particles and exhaust gas purifying catalyst using the same
2092015029820510/22/15 Hoisting type continuous casting device, hoisting type continuous casting method, and solidification interface detection device
2102015029825510/22/15 Welding method and welding structure
2112015029851310/22/15 Air-pressure monitoring device and malfunction-determination-threshold-value determination method
2122015029852210/22/15 Vehicle and controlling vehicle
2132015029853410/22/15 Drive device for hybrid vehicle
2142015029855110/22/15 Electric power conversion control device for vehicle, control method, and vehicle equipped therewith
2152015029856810/22/15 Power supply system for vehicle
2162015029856910/22/15 Vehicle
2172015029857010/22/15 Hybrid vehicle having mode of increasing amount of charge stored in power storage device to target value and control hybrid vehicle
2182015029861110/22/15 Warning device for vehicle
2192015029862110/22/15 Object detection apparatus and driving assistance apparatus
2202015029863410/22/15 Vehicle body end section structure
2212015029864710/22/15 Vehicle child safety seat and shoulder pad
2222015029866410/22/15 Vehicle brake control device
2232015029867610/22/15 Vehicle state determination device, vehicle state determination method, and driving operation diagnosis device
2242015029868110/22/15 Control hybrid vehicle
2252015029868210/22/15 Power transmission device for hybrid vehicle and hybrid system
2262015029868310/22/15 Running state control hybrid vehicle
2272015029868510/22/15 Drive system for hybrid vehicle
2282015029868610/22/15 Hybrid vehicle control apparatus
2292015029868710/22/15 Control apparatus of hybrid vehicle
2302015029868810/22/15 Control vehicle and vehicle (as amended)
2312015029869110/22/15 Vehicle cruise control device
2322015029869510/22/15 Vehicle cruise control device
2332015029869810/22/15 Vehicle travel control device
2342015029870010/22/15 Vehicle drive controller
2352015029870110/22/15 Vehicle travel control device
2362015029870410/22/15 Hybrid vehicle control apparatus
2372015029872610/22/15 Steering control system for vehicle and steering control vehicle
2382015029875610/22/15 Inverted vehicle
2392015029989610/22/15 Method for producing n-type sic single crystal
2402015029990010/22/15 Method for producing sic single crystal
2412015029994410/22/15 Laminated sheet and manufacturing the same
2422015030020210/22/15 Turbocharger
2432015030020310/22/15 Turbine housing
2442015030021710/22/15 Internal combustion engine and control internal combustion engine
2452015030022910/22/15 Exhaust emission control system for internal combustion engine (as amended)
2462015030023810/22/15 Cooling fan device for vehicle
2472015030024510/22/15 Apparatus for controlling an internal combustion engine
2482015030027410/22/15 Vehicle travel control device
2492015030028310/22/15 Control device for internal combustion engine

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