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Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha And Sumitomo Metal Mining Co Ltd
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha 1 Toyotacho
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha 1 Toyota shi
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha 1 Toyota cho
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha1
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha_20100107
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha_20131212
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha_20100128
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha_20100121
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha_20100114


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Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha patents

Recent patent applications related to Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha. Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016003887702/11/16  new patent  Catalyst converter
22016003891802/11/16  new patent  Nox storage reduction catalyst and production method thereof
32016003893002/11/16  new patent  Oil degradation suppressor
42016003927002/11/16  new patent  Register fixing structure for a vehicle
52016003928802/11/16  new patent  Electrically powered vehicle
62016003929202/11/16  new patent  Brake control device for vehicle
72016003930602/11/16  new patent  Electrical source control apparatus
82016003930702/11/16  new patent  Electrical source control apparatus
92016003933102/11/16  new patent  Irradiation system
102016003937002/11/16  new patent  Electric power supply device
112016003937302/11/16  new patent  Vehicle body front section structure
122016003937402/11/16  new patent  Vehicle front structure
132016003937602/11/16  new patent  Vehicle bumper structure including a pressure tube-type pedestrian collision detection sensor
142016003938002/11/16  new patent  Right foot protecting structure
152016003938402/11/16  new patent  Vehicle curtain airbag device
162016003939502/11/16  new patent  Deceleration end location storage system, drive assist system, drive assist method, and computer program
172016003940202/11/16  new patent  Hydraulic braking system, air bleeding device, and air bleeding method
182016003940402/11/16  new patent  Hybrid vehicle
192016003941002/11/16  new patent  Driving support device and driving support method
202016003941602/11/16  new patent  Vehicle travel control apparatus
212016003946102/11/16  new patent  Vehicle frame structure
222016003946602/11/16  new patent  Automobile front pillar lower structure
232016003946702/11/16  new patent  Vehicle lower section structure
242016003947902/11/16  new patent  Wheel well rear portion structure
252016003948802/11/16  new patent  Inverted vehicle and load detection device
262016004015102/11/16  new patent  Protein having xylose isomerase activity and use of same
272016004057002/11/16  new patent  Exhaust purification system of internal combustion engine
282016004061702/11/16  new patent  Control device for internal combustion engine
292016004061802/11/16  new patent  Control of an internal combustion engine
302016004062902/11/16  new patent  Internal combustion engine
312016004155302/11/16  new patent  Vehicle control device
322016004155402/11/16  new patent  Driving assistance apparatus and driving assistance method
332016004181102/11/16  new patent  Shared speech dialog capabilities
342016004223702/11/16  new patent  Detection apparatus, detection method, driving assistance apparatus, and driving assistance method
352016004258002/11/16  new patent  Vehicle control apparatus
362016004263902/11/16  new patent  Transportation plan creation support apparatus and transportation plan creation support method
372016004264502/11/16  new patent  Vehicle driving assistance apparatus (as amended)
382016004283302/11/16  new patent  Element wire assembly and manufacturing the same
392016004338202/11/16  new patent  Powder coating manufacturing electrode for lithium ion battery using the same
402016004339502/11/16  new patent  Cathode active material for lithium battery, lithium battery, and producing cathode active material for lithium battery
412016004339902/11/16  new patent  Cathode active material for lithium secondary battery, lithium secondary battery and producing cathode active material for lithium secondary battery
422016004343802/11/16  new patent  Method of producing lithium ion secondary battery, and lithium ion secondary battery
432016004343902/11/16  new patent  Liquid electrolyte for fluoride ion battery and fluoride ion battery
442016004344002/11/16  new patent  Liquid electrolyte for fluoride ion battery and fluoride ion battery
452016004358902/11/16  new patent  All solid state battery system
462016004360502/11/16  new patent  Stator for rotary electric machine
472016004367702/11/16  new patent  Control system for rotary electric machine and controlling the same
482016004368102/11/16  new patent  Switched reluctance motor
492016002994002/04/16 Driving assistance device, driving assistance method, information-providing device, information-providing method, navigation device and navigation method
502016003100302/04/16 Die casting apparatus
512016003112102/04/16 Mold
522016003128902/04/16 Intermittent operation of battery temperature control system
532016003129902/04/16 Vehicle resin back door structure
542016003131802/04/16 Canister
552016003140202/04/16 Vehicle curtain airbag device
562016003141102/04/16 Lift-up buckle device
572016003143002/04/16 Hybrid vehicle and control method therefor
582016003278802/04/16 Variable valve device for internal combustion engine
592016003280002/04/16 Control system of internal combustion engine
602016003280602/04/16 Electrically heated catalyst device
612016003280702/04/16 Electrically heated catalyst device
622016003281102/04/16 Exhaust purification system for internal combustion engine
632016003284802/04/16 Fuel property determination internal combustion engine
642016003285102/04/16 Electronic control unit of internal combustion engine and method thereof
652016003287002/04/16 Multi-cylinder internal combustion engine
662016003288402/04/16 Fuel property determination internal combustion engine
672016003310202/04/16 Illumination system
682016003329002/04/16 Vehicular information providing apparatus
692016003329102/04/16 Departure/destination location extraction apparatus and departure/destination location extraction method
702016003329402/04/16 Travel assist system, travel assist method, and computer program
712016003396402/04/16 Vehicle control apparatus and vehicle control method
722016003422602/04/16 Data storage device, storing data, and on-vehicle control apparatus
732016003571902/04/16 Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
742016003585902/04/16 Igbt and manufacturing the same
752016003604602/04/16 Lithium ion secondary battery
762016003609102/04/16 Solid lithium secondary battery and manufacturing same
772016003620902/04/16 Cutting flat wire, and cutting tool
782016003624302/04/16 Contactless power transfer system
792016003627602/04/16 Rotor for rotary electric machine and rotary electric machine
802016003643302/04/16 Driving device and switching circuit control method
812016003769002/04/16 Electromagnetic shield body and box
822016002319201/28/16 Exhaust gas purification catalyst
832016002327001/28/16 Die casting apparatus and die casting method
842016002329301/28/16 Panel joining structure for a vehicle
852016002353401/28/16 In-vehicle control apparatus
862016002354201/28/16 Side door structure for vehicle
872016002354701/28/16 Temperature adjustment structure
882016002357001/28/16 Vehicle
892016002364801/28/16 Hybrid vehicle
902016002365101/28/16 Hybrid vehicle driving apparatus
912016002365301/28/16 Control vehicle
922016002365501/28/16 Vehicle-behavior control apparatus and vehicle-behavior control system
932016002365601/28/16 Vehicle travelling control device
942016002368601/28/16 Vehicle ceiling and vehicle using same
952016002368701/28/16 Vehicular cowl structure
962016002463601/28/16 Manufacturing steel in which an element of treatment gas is dissolved and diffused
972016002467501/28/16 Film-forming metal soution and metal film-forming method
982016002498201/28/16 Oil deterioration suppressing internal combustion engine
992016002501701/28/16 Control device for internal combustion engine
1002016002502201/28/16 Internal combustion engine control device
1012016002502601/28/16 Exhaust gas purification an internal combustion engine
1022016002504601/28/16 Egr control internal combustion engine
1032016002504801/28/16 Cooling device for internal combustion engine provided with blowby gas recirculation device and turbocharger (as amended)
1042016002516101/28/16 Controller for vehicle transmission
1052016002522301/28/16 Gasket
1062016002694901/28/16 Product production planning method
1072016002755101/28/16 Assembled conductor and manufacturing assembled conductor
1082016002755901/28/16 Manufacturing assembly conductor, and electric motor provided with assembly conductor
1092016002756501/28/16 Method of manufacturing rare earth magnet
1102016002766201/28/16 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
1112016002771401/28/16 Semiconductor device
1122016002788101/28/16 Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
1132016002807401/28/16 Positive electrode for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery using the same
1142016002808001/28/16 Oxide shell formation on inorganic substrate via oxidative polyoxoanion salt deposition
1152016002809001/28/16 Cathode for fuel cell
1162016002810601/28/16 Sulfide solid electrolyte material, battery, and producing sulfide solid electrolyte material
1172016002810701/28/16 Method of manufacturing positive electrode for solid-state battery, manufacturing solid-state battery, and positive electrode slurry
1182016002810801/28/16 Method of manufacturing negative electrode for solid-state battery, manufacturing solid-state battery, and negative electrode slurry
1192016002810901/28/16 Sulfide solid electrolyte material and lithium solid state battery
1202016002818701/28/16 Vehicle
1212016002822901/28/16 Power supply system
1222016002824101/28/16 Electric power transmission device, and electric power reception device and vehicle including the same
1232016002829401/28/16 Manufacturing segment coil
1242016002829501/28/16 Method of manufacturing stator for rotary electric machine
1252016001622801/21/16 Die casting apparatus
1262016001634701/21/16 Fuel tank manufacturing method and fuel tank
1272016001646901/21/16 Vehicle travel control apparatus
1282016001656401/21/16 Travel resistance arithmetic device
1292016001658101/21/16 Travel motion control device for vehicle
1302016001659101/21/16 Method for calculating reference motion state amount of vehicle
1312016001660901/21/16 Vehicle frame structure
1322016001661101/21/16 Vehicle front portion structure
1332016001661201/21/16 Vehicle front part structure
1342016001776901/21/16 Variable valve mechanism for internal combustion engine
1352016001779101/21/16 Centrifugal compressor
1362016001782801/21/16 Control system of internal combustion engine
1372016001782901/21/16 Control system of internal combustion engine
1382016001783101/21/16 Control system of internal combustion engine
1392016001785101/21/16 Fuel injection amount control device
1402016001785601/21/16 Stop control internal combustion engine
1412016001799401/21/16 Hydraulic control system for vehicle
1422016001799501/21/16 Control device for automatic transmission
1432016001801301/21/16 Check valve element and check valve using the same
1442016001835701/21/16 Gas sensor element
1452016001879401/21/16 Control device
1462016002046901/21/16 Air cathode for air batteries and air battery
1472016002049001/21/16 Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery, manufacturing the same, and nonaqueous electrolytic solution
1482016002049501/21/16 Method for restoring battery capacity, restoring battery pack capacity, device for restoring battery capacity, and device for restoring battery pack capacity
1492016002068801/21/16 Electronic device
1502016002076301/21/16 Semiconductor apparatus
1512016002119001/21/16 System provisioning wireless application services in sparsely connected wireless environments
1522016000888501/14/16 Manufacturing sintered compact
1532016000918801/14/16 Vehicle function determination
1542016000919901/14/16 Vehcle seat
1552016000920001/14/16 Vehicle seat
1562016000921801/14/16 Vehicular lighting apparatus
1572016000923001/14/16 Attachment structure for in-vehicle camera
1582016000924201/14/16 Front passenger seat airbag device
1592016000928001/14/16 Vehicle control apparatus
1602016000928101/14/16 Vehicle control apparatus
1612016000928201/14/16 Vehicle control apparatus
1622016000928301/14/16 Vehicle control apparatus
1632016000928401/14/16 Vehicle control apparatus
1642016000929201/14/16 Vehicle control device and vehicle control method
1652016000931801/14/16 Collision avoidance assistance device and collision avoidance assistance method
1662016001002101/14/16 Sliding machine
1672016001023501/14/16 Fuel cell separator and manufacturing the same
1682016001052101/14/16 Oil pan
1692016001052701/14/16 Exhaust purification system of internal combustion engine
1702016001057001/14/16 Fuel supply system for an internal combustion engine
1712016001057101/14/16 Fuel supply system for an internal combustion engine
1722016001057201/14/16 Supercharging system and diagnostic supercharging system
1732016001057301/14/16 Supercharging system and diagnostic supercharging system
1742016001057801/14/16 Control device and control internal combustion engine
1752016001057901/14/16 Engine control apparatus
1762016001059701/14/16 Control device for internal combustion engine
1772016001061601/14/16 Ignition control internal combustion engine (as amended)
1782016001070001/14/16 Engagement device and power transmission device
1792016001071601/14/16 Shock absorber
1802016001079801/14/16 Suction device and suction method
1812016001113301/14/16 Information output apparatus
1822016001126601/14/16 Semiconductor apparatus and power conversion apparatus
1832016001130801/14/16 Radar and object detection method
1842016001160101/14/16 Hydraulic control system
1852016001171201/14/16 Operation device for vehicle
1862016001302701/14/16 Film forming device
1872016001326601/14/16 Vertical semiconductor device
1882016001328601/14/16 Schottky barrier diode formed with nitride semiconductor substrate
1892016001347901/14/16 Composite active material and producing the same
1902016001350301/14/16 Gas diffusion layer for fuel cell, fuel cell, and manufacturing gas diffusion layer for fuel cell
1912016001364401/14/16 Power supply system
1922016001370901/14/16 Laminated rotor core and manufacturing the same
1932016001383001/14/16 Communication system, tuner, and setting method
1942016000034801/07/16 Electroencephalography signal processing device, electroencephalography signal processing method, recording medium, and computer
1952016000125901/07/16 Material for trapping target substance, filter for trapping target substance, container for liquid organic compound, and engine oil
1962016000162701/07/16 Stabilizer bar support device
1972016000164401/07/16 Door structure for vehicle
1982016000166001/07/16 Power supply system
1992016000166701/07/16 Charging device for vehicle
2002016000166801/07/16 Power transmission device, power reception device, vehicle, and contactless power feeding system
2012016000166901/07/16 Vehicle and contactless power feeding system
2022016000167601/07/16 Electrically powered vehicle and controlling electrically powered vehicle
2032016000174301/07/16 Power consumption suppression system for electronic key terminal and power consumption suppression electronic key terminal
2042016000175501/07/16 Braking device for vehicle
2052016000176101/07/16 Control vehicle motor
2062016000176401/07/16 Vehicle drive device
2072016000176601/07/16 Vehicle
2082016000176701/07/16 Hybrid vehicle
2092016000177201/07/16 Hybrid vehicle running control apparatus
2102016000177901/07/16 Vehicle control device and vehicle control method
2112016000181701/07/16 Vehicle lower section structure
2122016000243201/07/16 Peg-assisted deposition of crack-free titania nanocrystalline coatings over ai flakes
2132016000246901/07/16 Sintering-assisted deposition of uniform titania nanocrystalline coatings over al flakes in aqueous solution
2142016000267401/07/16 Method for producing ethanol using recombinant yeast
2152016000312001/07/16 Exhaust gas control system of internal combustion engine
2162016000313901/07/16 Turbocharger
2172016000317301/07/16 Abnormal combustion detection internal combustion engine
2182016000317501/07/16 Control internal combustion engine
2192016000317701/07/16 Control internal combustion engine
2202016000318101/07/16 Control device of internal combustion engine
2212016000320701/07/16 Vehicle control device
2222016000325901/07/16 Turbocharger
2232016000335501/07/16 Vehicle control device
2242016000369501/07/16 Reliability design assistance device, reliability design assistance method, and reliability design assistance program
2252016000562201/07/16 Method for reducing nonuniformity of forward voltage of semiconductor wafer
2262016000567601/07/16 Semiconductor device
2272016000584301/07/16 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
2282016000584401/07/16 Semiconductor device
2292016000586101/07/16 Semiconductor device and manufacturing semiconductor device
2302016000603001/07/16 Positive electrode active material, and lithium secondary battery using same
2312016000604201/07/16 Supported catalyst for fuel cell, manufacturing thereof, and fuel cell
2322016000626001/07/16 Power transmission device and power reception device
2332016000631301/07/16 Stator for rotary electric machine
2342016000631401/07/16 Stator for rotary electric machine
2352016000637701/07/16 Electric drive vehicles
2362015037520212/31/15 Ceria-zirconia complex oxide material and producing same
2372015037520412/31/15 Catalytic converter
2382015037520612/31/15 Catalytic converter
2392015037540412/31/15 Gripping device
2402015037562112/31/15 Vehicle
2412015037562212/31/15 Electric vehicle
2422015037563312/31/15 Charging device for vehicle
2432015037563512/31/15 Control device for vehicle
2442015037573712/31/15 Vehicle drive device
2452015037574012/31/15 Parking support device
2462015037578912/31/15 Vehicle body front portion structure and load receiving member
2472015037579612/31/15 Vehicle panel joint structure
2482015037708812/31/15 Camshaft bearing structure
2492015037709812/31/15 Control device for oil pump

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