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Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha And Sumitomo Metal Mining Co Ltd
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha 1 Toyotacho
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha 1 Toyota shi
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha 1 Toyota cho
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha1
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha_20100107
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha_20131212
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha_20100128
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha_20100121
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha_20100114


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Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha patents

Recent patent applications related to Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha. Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016014434205/26/16  new patent  Temperature-responsive hygroscopic material and producing the same
22016014445505/26/16  new patent  Laser cladding apparatus
32016014456005/26/16  new patent  Method of manufacturing tank, heat curing method and heat curing apparatus
42016014470705/26/16  new patent  Drive system for hybrid vehicle
52016014472505/26/16  new patent  Electric vehicle
62016014482105/26/16  new patent  Far side airbag device for vehicle
72016014484605/26/16  new patent  Vehicle driving control device
82016014484905/26/16  new patent  Control system for hybrid vehicle
92016014485505/26/16  new patent  Vibration damping control system for vehicle
102016014486105/26/16  new patent  Driving assistance apparatus
112016014488705/26/16  new patent  Steering device
122016014489805/26/16  new patent  Vehicle panel structure
132016014490505/26/16  new patent  Duct structure on vehicle side surface
142016014607005/26/16  new patent  Control device for internal combustion engine
152016014608505/26/16  new patent  Sox concentration detection device of internal combustion engine
162016014609305/26/16  new patent  Radiator reservoir tank and radiator structure
172016014612005/26/16  new patent  Controller for variable valve mechanism
182016014612905/26/16  new patent  Control device for vehicle
192016014614805/26/16  new patent  Spray coating film, engine having the spray coating film and film-forming the spray coating film
202016014615805/26/16  new patent  Fuel tank sensing perforation
212016014616305/26/16  new patent  Condensed water treatment device for internal combustion engine
222016014617105/26/16  new patent  Control device for vehicle
232016014633205/26/16  new patent  Driving system for vehicle
242016014633805/26/16  new patent  Hydraulic control system for vehicles (as amended)
252016014634005/26/16  new patent  Automatic shift control system
262016014667605/26/16  new patent  Solder degradation information generation apparatus
272016014850305/26/16  new patent  Traffic information guide system, traffic information guide device, traffic information guide method, and computer program
282016014850805/26/16  new patent  Drive assist device
292016014883405/26/16  new patent  Soi wafer fabrication method and soi wafer
302016014902905/26/16  new patent  Semiconductor device and manufacturing semiconductor device
312016014916905/26/16  new patent  Assembled battery, exterior tube equipped battery, and manufacturing assembled battery welded to bus bar
322016014917405/26/16  new patent  Battery assembly and holder
332016014917505/26/16  new patent  Battery assembly and holder
342016014920805/26/16  new patent  Electrode for secondary battery
352016014921705/26/16  new patent  Electrode for non-aqueous secondary battery
362016014922605/26/16  new patent  Method of manufacturing fuel cell
372016014925805/26/16  new patent  Sulfide solid electrolyte material, battery, and producing sulfide solid electrolyte material
382016014925905/26/16  new patent  Sulfide solid electrolyte material, sulfide glass, solid state lithium battery, and producing sulfide solid electrolyte material
392016014945705/26/16  new patent  Three-phase rotary electric machine
402016014950305/26/16  new patent  Power converter
412016014958505/26/16  new patent  Delta sigma modulator
422016013675505/19/16 Laser welding apparatus and laser welding method
432016013675605/19/16 Laser welding method
442016013675805/19/16 Cladding valve seat and production cylinder head
452016013685805/19/16 Method of manufacturing electromagnetic wave shield housing
462016013688005/19/16 Joint structure and joint structure manufacturing method
472016013693605/19/16 Lamination device
482016013702405/19/16 Air conditioner for vehicle
492016013702905/19/16 Method of preventing fuel gas from entering cabin of mobile object including fuel cell and mobile object including fuel cell
502016013705005/19/16 Hybrid vehicle
512016013705505/19/16 Fuel tank system
522016013705605/19/16 High-pressure tank
532016013705705/19/16 Cap
542016013706505/19/16 Method for controlling external electric power supply system of fuel cell-mounted vehicle, and external electric power supply system
552016013706605/19/16 Vehicle
562016013706805/19/16 Braking force control system, vehicle and controlling braking force
572016013706905/19/16 Power supply system
582016013707005/19/16 Power source device for vehicle
592016013708605/19/16 Electrically powered vehicle and power supply system
602016013709405/19/16 Vehicle
612016013709505/19/16 Fuel cell vehicle and control method therefor
622016013709605/19/16 Vehicle including fuel cell system
632016013709705/19/16 Fuel cell system, fuel cell vehicle, and controlling fuel cell system
642016013709805/19/16 Vehicle
652016013709905/19/16 Electric equipment unit and vehicle
662016013710005/19/16 Vehicle driven by electric motor and control vehicle
672016013710805/19/16 Vehicle seat
682016013711305/19/16 Vehicle seat
692016013713705/19/16 Glove box
702016013714305/19/16 Vehicular resin panel structure
712016013715905/19/16 Seatbelt device bezel
722016013716205/19/16 Occupant detection apparatus and seat belt abnormality determination apparatus
732016013718405/19/16 Vehicular information processing device
742016013718505/19/16 Hybrid vehicle
752016013718605/19/16 Control vehicle
762016013718705/19/16 Control hybrid vehicle
772016013719405/19/16 Vehicle with fuel cells mounted thereon and control the vehicle
782016013720105/19/16 Lane keeping assist apparatus
792016013722305/19/16 Steering support structure
802016013722805/19/16 Vehicle lower portion structure
812016013734405/19/16 Pallet and conveyance system
822016013819005/19/16 Silicon carbide semiconductor film-forming apparatus and film-forming method using the same
832016013844805/19/16 Exhaust gas purification filter
842016013845105/19/16 Condensed water treatment device for internal combustion engine
852016013846105/19/16 Compression ignition internal combustion engine
862016013850405/19/16 Diagnosis system of internal combustion engine
872016013850605/19/16 Diagnosis system of internal combustion engine
882016013852105/19/16 Cylinder block
892016013860005/19/16 Fuel cell controlling rotational speed of air compressor
902016013863705/19/16 Joining structure
912016013867405/19/16 Manufacturing multi-layered ring
922016013868305/19/16 Multiple speed transmission
932016013872605/19/16 Pressure reduction valve and gas supply device
942016013877205/19/16 Vehicular lamp
952016013907405/19/16 Nitrogen oxide responsive element and producing same
962016013927405/19/16 Information indication apparatus
972016013959305/19/16 Systems and methods for assuring and improving process quality
982016013959805/19/16 Autonomous driving vehicle system
992016013961405/19/16 Valve control apparatus and valve control method
1002016014084705/19/16 Alerting apparatus
1012016014108305/19/16 Rare-earth magnet and manufacturing same
1022016014108605/19/16 Electromagnetic coil device
1032016014140105/19/16 Semiconductor device
1042016014140205/19/16 Semiconductor device
1052016014140905/19/16 Semiconductor device and manufacturing semiconductor device
1062016014159205/19/16 Rechargeable battery having terminal
1072016014159705/19/16 Method of manufacturing negative electrode for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
1082016014162805/19/16 Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and manufacturing the same
1092016014163305/19/16 Fuel cell stack
1102016014163405/19/16 Separator for fuel cell
1112016014163505/19/16 Flat member for fuel cell and manufacturing flat member
1122016014163705/19/16 Fuel cell separator, fuel cell current collector plate, fuel cell and fuel cell stack
1132016014163805/19/16 Terminal plate for fuel cell, and fuel cell
1142016014163905/19/16 Fuel cell
1152016014164005/19/16 Fuel cell system
1162016014164105/19/16 Fuel cell system
1172016014164405/19/16 Fuel cell system
1182016014164405/19/16 Fuel cell system
1192016014164505/19/16 Fuel cell system, fuel cell vehicle and control fuel cell system
1202016014164605/19/16 Fuel cell vehicle coolant having improved storage stability and producing the same
1212016014164705/19/16 Fuel cell system and control fuel cell system
1222016014165005/19/16 Fuel cell system
1232016014165105/19/16 Fuel cell system and fuel cell system control method
1242016014165205/19/16 Fuel cell system
1252016014165405/19/16 Fuel cell system and air system abnormality determination method
1262016014165505/19/16 Method of discharging water from fuel cell and fuel cell system
1272016014165605/19/16 Fuel cell system and control method therefor
1282016014165705/19/16 Fuel cell system
1292016014165805/19/16 Gas-liquid separator and fuel cell system
1302016014165905/19/16 Fuel cell system
1312016014166005/19/16 Fuel cell system and control method therefor
1322016014166205/19/16 Fuel cell and fuel cell system
1332016014166405/19/16 Fuel cell system
1342016014166505/19/16 Fuel cell system and fuel cell system control method
1352016014166705/19/16 Fuel cell system and operation control the same
1362016014166805/19/16 Fuel cell system and start-up method thereof
1372016014167005/19/16 Fuel cell system and control the same
1382016014167105/19/16 Water drainage device for fuel cell, fuel cell system, moving body and control fuel cell system
1392016014167205/19/16 Fuel cell discharging fluid in the system
1402016014167305/19/16 Fuel cell system, fuel cell vehicle, and control fuel cell system
1412016014167405/19/16 Fuel cell system and recoverying cell voltage thereof
1422016014167505/19/16 Fuel cell system and operation control the same
1432016014167605/19/16 Fuel cell system and control fuel cell system
1442016014167705/19/16 Method of detecting leakage of reactive gas of fuel cell and fuel cell system
1452016014167805/19/16 Fuel cell system and a detecting a hydrogen gas leak
1462016014167905/19/16 Fuel cell system, fuel cell mountable vehicle and controlling fuel cell system
1472016014168005/19/16 Fuel cell system
1482016014168105/19/16 Fuel cell system, fuel cell vehicle, and controlling fuel cell system
1492016014168205/19/16 Power supply system and voltage control fuel cell
1502016014168305/19/16 Fuel cell system, movable body, and control method
1512016014168405/19/16 Control flow regulating valve of oxidizing gas and flow regulation device
1522016014168505/19/16 Fuel cell system and control fuel cell system
1532016014168605/19/16 Fuel cell system
1542016014168705/19/16 Fuel cell system, fuel cell-mounted vehicle and controlling fuel system
1552016014168805/19/16 Fuel cell system and dryness degree acquisition method
1562016014168905/19/16 Fuel cell system and fuel cell control method
1572016014169005/19/16 Fuel cell system and control method thereof
1582016014169105/19/16 Fuel cell system
1592016014169305/19/16 Gas liquid separator and fuel cell system
1602016014169505/19/16 Membrane electrode assembly and fuel cell
1612016014170005/19/16 Fuel cell module
1622016014170105/19/16 Fuel cell device
1632016014170205/19/16 Method of manufacturing fuel cell case
1642016014170305/19/16 Fuel cell case
1652016014171305/19/16 Method for producing lithium solid state battery
1662016014171505/19/16 Method for producing electrode for lithium ion batteries
1672016014177205/19/16 Terminal table and terminal table unit
1682016014190505/19/16 Power supply system and voltage control fuel cell
1692016014200005/19/16 Motor vehicle
1702016012942505/12/16 Exhaust gas purifying catalyst for selective reduction of nox and exhaust gas purifying method
1712016012947005/12/16 Coating apparatus and coating method
1722016012947205/12/16 Double-sided coating device
1732016012967105/12/16 Resin laminated body
1742016012974405/12/16 Wheelhouse structure
1752016012977205/12/16 Vehicle press door structure and door glass run
1762016012977905/12/16 Fuel supplying device
1772016012979605/12/16 Power supply system of electric-powered vehicle
1782016012980405/12/16 Vehicle driven by motor and control charging and discharging of secondary battery provided in vehicle
1792016012980605/12/16 Vehicle
1802016012980705/12/16 Method for controlling fuel cell vehicles and fuel cell vehicles
1812016012980805/12/16 Fuel cell system
1822016012980905/12/16 Vehicle
1832016012981005/12/16 Vehicle
1842016012987605/12/16 Far side airbag device
1852016012990105/12/16 Hybrid car
1862016012990205/12/16 Hybrid vehicle and control method therefor
1872016012990305/12/16 Hybrid vehicle
1882016012990505/12/16 Control system for hybrid vehicle
1892016012990905/12/16 Controller for vehicle
1902016012991005/12/16 Control system for vehicle
1912016012991105/12/16 Motor vehicle
1922016012993805/12/16 Lane keeping assist apparatus
1932016012994305/12/16 Vehicle panel structure, roof panel and vehicle body
1942016013071605/12/16 Forming thermal insulation film
1952016013100305/12/16 Abnormality diagnosis apparatus of exhaust gas purification apparatus
1962016013106305/12/16 Abnormality diagnosis apparatus of exhaust gas purification apparatus
1972016013106405/12/16 Abnormality diagnosis system of air-fuel ratio sensor
1982016013107405/12/16 Control device and control fuel injection valve
1992016013108705/12/16 Multi-cylinder internal combustion engine
2002016013109105/12/16 Internal combustion engine
2012016013109805/12/16 Fuel injection valve
2022016013117805/12/16 Fastening structure of control board to metallic case
2032016013120305/12/16 Electromagnetic actuator
2042016013120805/12/16 Disk brake device and pair of brake pads
2052016013123005/12/16 Belt-driven continuously variable transmission
2062016013125505/12/16 Control system and control vehicle
2072016013125605/12/16 Control device for vehicle
2082016013127305/12/16 Check valve and receptacle structure
2092016013128505/12/16 Piping joint structure
2102016013203505/12/16 Fuel cell system and controlling fuel cell
2112016013312905/12/16 Traffic signal state detection apparatus
2122016013374105/12/16 Silicon carbide semiconductor device and manufacturing the silicon carbide semiconductor device
2132016013388705/12/16 Sealed battery and manufacturing same
2142016013394505/12/16 Method of manufacturing membrane electrode assembly, and membrane electrode assembly
2152016013394605/12/16 Method of manufacturing membrane electrode assembly
2162016013395005/12/16 Fuel cell separator, fuel cell, and fuel cell battery
2172016013395105/12/16 Insulator and fuel cell
2182016013395205/12/16 Fuel cell end plate, manufacturing same, and fuel cell
2192016013395305/12/16 End plate for fuel cell, fuel cell, and fuel cell system
2202016013395405/12/16 Fuel cell module
2212016013395605/12/16 Fuel cell system
2222016013395705/12/16 Fuel cell stack
2232016013396005/12/16 Fuel cell system
2242016013396205/12/16 Fuel cell system and vehicle equipped with fuel cell
2252016013396305/12/16 Residual water scavenging processing method in fuel cell system and fuel cell system
2262016013396505/12/16 Fuel cell system, fuel cell vehicle, and control fuel cell system
2272016013396605/12/16 Fuel cell system and a controlling a fuel cell system
2282016013396705/12/16 Operation control fuel cell and operation control apparatus of fuel cell
2292016013396805/12/16 Fuel cell unit
2302016013396905/12/16 Fuel cell system and power generation monitoring method
2312016013397005/12/16 Fuel cell system and control fuel cell system
2322016013397105/12/16 Flow control cooling medium in a fuel cell system, and fuel cell system
2332016013397205/12/16 Fuel cell system
2342016013397305/12/16 Fuel cell system and operating fuel cell system
2352016013397405/12/16 Fuel cell system and control fuel cell system
2362016013397505/12/16 Fuel cell system
2372016013397805/12/16 Method of producing dispersion liquid of gelatinous electrolyte
2382016013398205/12/16 Fuel cell device
2392016013398305/12/16 Fuel battery
2402016013398405/12/16 Fuel cell and fuel cell system
2412016013398505/12/16 Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
2422016013398905/12/16 Method for producing sulfide solid electrolyte material
2432016013399305/12/16 Sealed battery manufacturing method
2442016013404605/12/16 Connector cover
2452016013413905/12/16 Battery system
2462016013414805/12/16 Electric power converter
2472016013415705/12/16 Charge control device
2482016013416305/12/16 Rotor structure
2492016013481505/12/16 Driving assist device

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