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Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha 1 Toyotacho
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha 1 Toyota shi
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha 1 Toyota cho
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha And Sumitomo Metal Mining Co Ltd
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha_20100114
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha_20131212
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha_20100128
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha_20100121
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha_20100107


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Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha patents

Recent patent applications related to Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha. Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha, we're just tracking patents.

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Optical axis ascertaining device for in-vehicle camera

Toyota Jidosha

Optical axis ascertaining device for in-vehicle camera

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Count Application # Date Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12014033832611/20/14 new patent  Control device for internal combustion engine
22014033842711/20/14 new patent  Leak test method and leak test apparatus
32014033864211/20/14 new patent  Vehicle and control method for vehicle
42014033903911/20/14 new patent  Cable winding device
52014033914411/20/14 new patent  Oil filter
62014033985511/20/14 new patent  Pillar structure for vehicle
72014033988911/20/14 new patent  Vehicle braking apparatus
82014034000711/20/14 new patent  Rotary electric machine control system and rotary electric machine control method
92014034052111/20/14 new patent  Optical axis ascertaining device for in-vehicle camera
102014034143211/20/14 new patent  Object recognition device and vehicle controller
112014034175711/20/14 new patent  Oil pump for vehicle and vehicle with the same
122014034224811/20/14 new patent  Fuel cell
132014034226011/20/14 new patent  Fuel cell vehicle air-conditioning apparatus and control method thereof
142014034286511/20/14 new patent  Drive control device for hybrid vehicle
152014034287111/20/14 new patent  Controller of hybrid system
162014034287311/20/14 new patent  Vehicle control apparatus
172014034290211/20/14 new patent  Production method of base metal catalyst for exhaust gas purification (as amended)
182014034377611/20/14 new patent  Power supply system for vehicle
192014034377711/20/14 new patent  Vehicle and method of controlling vehicle
202014034378011/20/14 new patent  Control system of a vehicle
212014034378111/20/14 new patent  Hybrid vehicle control device
222014034378711/20/14 new patent  A vehicle information integrity verification
232014034379211/20/14 new patent  Driving assistance apparatus for vehicle
242014034381511/20/14 new patent  Vehicle control system
252014034381611/20/14 new patent  Vehicle braking/driving force control device
262014034382311/20/14 new patent  Engine control device
272014034382411/20/14 new patent  Control device for internal combustion engine
282014034387111/20/14 new patent  Combustion ratio calculating method for exhaust gas heating apparatus
292014034387611/20/14 new patent  Electric storage system
302014033164911/13/14Control device of internal combustion engine and method of controlling the same
312014033165211/13/14Exhaust gas purification device of internal combustion engine
322014033165311/13/14Fuel injection system for internal combustion engine
332014033195711/13/14Combustion chamber structure for internal combustion engine
342014033197311/13/14Internal combustion engine
352014033312811/13/14Electric power transmission device, vehicle, and non-contact electric power transmission and reception system
362014033331511/13/14Monitoring system and vehicle
372014033331611/13/14Fuel cell system
382014033346711/13/14Object detection device
392014033456811/13/14Communication device, communication system, and communication method
402014033537811/13/14Electric storage device, substrate assembly, and assembly method for electric storage device
412014033538611/13/14Bus bar modules
422014033538711/13/14Electric storage system
442014033541711/13/14Lithium-ion secondary battery
452014033543311/13/14Fuel cell system and control method of fuel cell system
462014033543511/13/14Fuel cell system, and control method for fuel cell system
472014033577111/13/14Cooling device for power storage device and cooling control method for power storage device
482014033598111/13/14Pulley mechanism of vehicular belt-type continuously variable transmission
492014033599411/13/14Driving assistance apparatus
502014033599811/13/14Power transmission device for vehicle
512014033600111/13/14Transfer device
522014033604211/13/14Exhaust gas purifying catalyst and method for producing same
532014033687811/13/14Rotational-angle detection device and electric power-steering device provided with rotational-angle detection device
542014033689311/13/14Vehicle control device
552014033689611/13/14Brake control apparatus
562014033690411/13/14Vehicle control device
572014033691711/13/14Vehicle controller
582014033696511/13/14Charge/discharge assist device
592014033754611/13/14Information inputting apparatus, information providing apparatus, and information providing system provided with these apparatuses
602014032583311/06/14Method for manufacturing electrode sheets and apparatus therefor
612014032598311/06/14Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
622014032601011/06/14Cooling device
632014032609211/06/14Toothed wheels and transmission
642014032619911/06/14Engine cooling control device
652014032621311/06/14Control device for supercharged engine
662014032652311/06/14Vehicle front structure
672014032652411/06/14Vehicle battery mounting structure
682014032725411/06/14Front vehicle body structure
692014032726811/06/14Vehicle underbody structure
702014032739511/06/14Vehicular power reception device and vehicle equipped with the same, power supply apparatus, and electric power transmission system
712014032835211/06/14Communication system and communication method
722014032872611/06/14Exhaust gas purification system
732014032911811/06/14All solid state battery
742014032962811/06/14Hydraulic control system for automatic transmission
752014033045311/06/14Vehicle remote control system, server, and remote control terminal
762014033046511/06/14Control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
772014033047211/06/14Vehicle control device
782014033047311/06/14Vehicle control device, vehicle and vehicle control method
792014033047511/06/14Hybrid vehicle
802014033049211/06/14Engine control device for vehicle
812014033050011/06/14Apparatus for controlling vehicle
822014033050111/06/14Braking force control system and braking force control method
832014033050711/06/14Method of estimating mounting angle error of gyroscopes by using a turning device, and corresponding turning device
842014033112911/06/14Mobile terminal device
852014031825010/30/14Method for inspecting weld penetration depth
862014031829410/30/14Vehicle shift control device
872014031848110/30/14Thermoelectric power generating device
882014031850010/30/14Fuel property determination system for vehicle
892014031850110/30/14Control device for internal combustion engine
902014031861910/30/14Solar cell module
912014031892410/30/14Vehicle front structure
922014031954010/30/14Semiconductor device
932014031957710/30/14Semiconductor device
942014031967110/30/14Semiconductor device and grinding method of semiconductor device
952014031980810/30/14Tether clip and garnish attachment device including the same
962014031987410/30/14Vehicle body structure
972014032004710/30/14Drive system and vehicle including drive system
982014032007810/30/14Vehicle and power transfer system
992014032008710/30/14Control apparatus and control method for electricity storage device
1002014032016210/30/14Wiring state detection device and intelligent power module
1022014032118210/30/14Control apparatus and control method for voltage conversion apparatus
1042014032208410/30/14Air-purifying device for vehicles
1052014032245310/30/14Method for producing ionomer-coated, catalyst-supporting carbon nanotubes
1072014032302710/30/14Vent duct structure for vehicle
1082014032325910/30/14Electric drive device for vehicle
1092014032426010/30/14Power feeding system for vehicle, electrically powered vehicle and power feeding apparatus for vehicle
1102014032426110/30/14Vehicle and method for controlling vehicle
1112014032426310/30/14Control device for vehicle drive device
1122014032426410/30/14Hybrid-vehicle control device
1132014032521810/30/14Wireless charging system using secure wireless charging protocols
1142014031112910/23/14Control apparatus and control method for internal combustion engine
1152014031113110/23/14Secondary air supply system for internal combustion engine
1162014031113410/23/14Control device for electrically heated catalyst
1172014031115910/23/14Variable nozzle mechanism
1182014031118010/23/14Heat exchanging system
1192014031142510/23/14Vehicle drive device
1202014031142610/23/14Control device of a vehicle, vehicle including control device, and control method of vehicle
1212014031156410/23/14Znmgo film and method of manufacturing znmgo film
1222014031181210/23/14Vehicle front structure
1232014031184210/23/14Vehicular torque rod and supporting structure for power unit
1242014031202410/23/14Method for producing steel sheet for press molding, and method and device for producing press-molded component
1252014031204310/23/14Pressure vessel liner, molding die thereof, and pressure vessel
1262014031301710/23/14Safety controller and safety control method
1272014031362210/23/14Safety control apparatus, safety control method, and control program
1282014031367110/23/14Power conversion apparatus
1292014031460810/23/14Internal-gear-type oil pump for vehicle
1302014031509810/23/14Solid electrolyte microparticle production method
1312014031510710/23/14Metal-air battery
1322014031556510/23/14Frequency selection method and cognitive wireless system
1332014031568710/23/14Hydraulic pressure control device and vehicle control device
1342014031662410/23/14Hybrid vehicle and control method thereof
1352014031662610/23/14Vehicle and method for controlling vehicle
1362014031662810/23/14Driving environment prediction device, vehicle control device and methods thereof
1372014031663110/23/14Drive control device for hybrid vehicle
1382014031666810/23/14Vehicular driving support system
1392014031667810/23/14Air-fuel ratio detection device and air-fuel ratio detection method
1402014030510110/16/14Internal combustion engine
1412014030510210/16/14Control device for an electrically heated catalyst, and electrode deterioration degree estimation device for an electrically heated catalyst
1422014030510510/16/14Exhaust purification system
1432014030510810/16/14Exhaust gas evacuation system structure for internal combustion engine
1442014030511410/16/14Automatic transmission device for automobile
1452014030515310/16/14Cooling device for electric equipment
1462014030539710/16/14Camshaft support structure
1472014030541110/16/14Fastening structure of fuel delivery pipe and cylinder head of internal combustion engine
1482014030550410/16/14Solar cell
1502014030575110/16/14Brake apparatus and braking control apparatus
1512014030609110/16/14Casting member and method for manufacturing same
1522014030626710/16/14Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
1532014030647810/16/14Structure for joining center pillar and roof side rail
1542014030649710/16/14Vehicular seat
1552014030660610/16/14Stop lamp system
1562014030665810/16/14Charging system and charging reservation method
1572014030844110/16/14Method of manufacturing rare-earth magnets
1582014030857210/16/14Cathode active material, cathode active material layer, all solid state battery and producing method for cathode active material
1592014030858910/16/14Fluid compressor and fuel cell vehicle
1602014030907910/16/14Control device for vehicle drive device
1612014030982710/16/14Motor vehicle having traction motor
1632014030983210/16/14Hybrid vehicle
1642014030990210/16/14Vehicle behavior control apparatus
1652014030990310/16/14Driving assistance apparatus
1662014030990710/16/14Inter-cylinder air-fuel ratio variation abnormality detection apparatus
1672014029860710/09/14Wiper device for vehicle
1682014029879010/09/14Automatic transmission for vehicle
1692014029888910/09/14Apparatus for detecting variation abnormality in air-fuel ratio between cylinders
1702014029907610/09/14Vehicle front portion structure
1712014029939610/09/14Vehicle front portion structure
1722014030008810/09/14Vehicle seat
1732014030013910/09/14Vehicle upper-body structure
1742014030014110/09/14Resin floor structure of vehicle
1752014030022310/09/14Rotor for rotating electrical machine, and rotating electrical machine provided with said rotor
1762014030030210/09/14Vehicle and method of controlling vehicle
1772014030031610/09/14Power supply device and power supply method
1782014030074310/09/14Vehicle surroundings monitoring apparatus and vehicle surroundings monitoring method
1792014030190810/09/14Electrically heated catalyst device and its manufacturing method
1802014030234110/09/14Hot press molding method, article molded by hot press molding, and mold for hot pressing
1812014030239010/09/14Electrode body
1822014030241910/09/14Membrane electrode assembly for fuel cell
1832014030295410/09/14Electrical power steering apparatus
1842014030296410/09/14Vehicle control apparatus
1852014030296510/09/14Hydraulic control device and control method of hydraulic control device
1862014030334910/09/14Genes that increase plant oil and method for using the same
1872014030335010/09/14Genes that increase plant oil and method for using the same
1882014030335110/09/14Genes that increase plant oil and method for using the same
1892014030335210/09/14Genes that increase plant oil and method for using the same
1902014030381810/09/14Hybrid vehicle and method for controlling hybrid vehicle
1912014030381910/09/14Hybrid vehicle
1922014030382010/09/14Hybrid vehicle and control method thereof
1932014030382110/09/14Vehicle including secondary battery and control method for vehicle including secondary battery
1942014030382310/09/14Hybrid vehicle control apparatus
1952014030386110/09/14Vehicle control apparatus
1962014030387510/09/14Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
1972014030387610/09/14Control system for internal combustion engine
1982014030387710/09/14Feedback control system
1992014030388310/09/14Object path prediction method, apparatus, and program, and automatic operation system
2002014029021910/02/14Control device of internal combustion engine
2012014029022510/02/14Control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
2022014029028910/02/14Control device and control method for cooling system
2032014029034810/02/14Abnormality detecting device of internal combustion engine
2042014029042910/02/14Power transmission device
2052014029060610/02/14Valve timing control device for internal combustion engine
2062014029062210/02/14Air-fuel ratio imbalance detection device for internal combustion engine
2072014029104610/02/14Vehicular battery mounting structure
2082014029156410/02/14Electromagnetic linear valve
2092014029175710/02/14Semiconductor device
2102014029181410/02/14Insulating substrate, method of manufacturing the same, and semiconductor device
2112014029183110/02/14Semiconductor device and manufacturing method for semiconductor device
2122014029183310/02/14Semiconductor device
2132014029197210/02/14Knee airbag device for an automobile
2142014029199410/02/14Vehicle and method of controlling vehicle
2152014029225310/02/14Vehicle comprising battery
2162014029227010/02/14Electric power reception device for vehicle, electric power transmission device, and non-contact electric power transmission/reception system
2172014029235010/02/14Failure detection apparatus for an electrically heated catalyst
2192014029254510/02/14Vehicle identification system and vehicle identification device
2202014029256010/02/14Pedestrian detecting device for vehicle, pedestrian protection system for vehicle and pedestrian determination method
2212014029404510/02/14Capacitor module and detection apparatus
2222014029460010/02/14Control device for electric pump
2232014029463110/02/14Water pump
2242014029524210/02/14Electric storage apparatus and vehicle
2252014029525910/02/14Sealing arrangement of a battery filling port using a rivet
2262014029526010/02/14Method for producing sulfide solid electrolyte
2272014029526210/02/14Electrolyte solution for lithium metal battery, and lithium metal battery
2282014029529210/02/14Electrolyte solution for lithium-air battery
2292014029530710/02/14Fuel cell system
2302014029563310/02/14Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
2312014029601310/02/14Hybrid vehicle driving device
2322014029602510/02/14Control system for vehicle
2332014029602710/02/14Control apparatus for vehicle
2342014029603210/02/14Hydraulic control device
2352014029706310/02/14Vehicle specifying apparatus
2362014029707510/02/14Control system for vehicle
2382014029708510/02/14Electrically-powered vehicle and method of controlling the same
2392014029708710/02/14Vehicle and control method for vehicle
2402014029708810/02/14Hybrid vehicle and control method for hybrid vehicle
2412014029714210/02/14Speed ratio control device of continuously variable transmission for vehicle
2422014029715310/02/14Vehicle driving force control device
2432014029716510/02/14Idling stop control device, vehicle and vehicle control method
2442014029823110/02/14Task changing apparatus, task changing method, and task changing program
2452014029854010/02/14Genes that increase plant oil and method for using the same
2462014028337109/25/14Method for manufacturing sealed battery
2472014028350409/25/14Air-fuel ratio control device for internal combustion engine
2482014028351409/25/14Control device for turbocharged diesel engine
2492014028378609/25/14Spark ignition type internal combustion engine

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