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Toyota Motor Engineering x26 Manufacturing North America Inc
Toyota Motor Engineering x26 Manufacturing North America Inc tema
Toyota Motor Engineering x26 Manufacturing North America Inc s
Toyota Motor Engineering x26 Manufacturing North America Inc_20100121
Toyota Motor Engineering x26 Manufacturing North America Inc_20100128

Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America Inc. Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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11/16/17Programmable ultrasonic thermal diodes
11/16/17Wearable airbag
11/16/17Automated mailbox
11/16/17Vehicle safety plastic mold tools and methods of use for localized stiffness reduction
11/16/17Fuel door status indicating system for pressurized fuel system
11/16/17Heat pipe heat flux rectifier
11/16/17Programmable ultrasonic thermal diodes
11/16/17Vehicle suspension system bracket pocket dimensional verifier tools and methods of use
11/16/17Autonomous vehicle advanced notification system and use
11/16/17Cooperative driving and collision avoidance by distributed receding horizon control
11/09/17Systems and methods for providing environment information using an unmanned vehicle
11/09/17Systems and methodologies for controlling an autonomous vehicle
11/09/17Vehicles including an engine compartment spacer member
11/09/17Integrated inductor
11/09/17Quasi-resonant operation of a power conversion circuit including switches symmetrically arranged about a transformer
11/09/17System and recovering voltage in a power conversion circuit
11/09/17Transformer with integrated leakage inductance
11/09/17Packaging of a power conversion circuit
11/02/17Methods and materials for direct nox decomposition in lean exhaust gases
11/02/17Systems and methods for seat positioning modification in a vehicle
11/02/17High level instruction for navigational routing systems
11/02/17System and selectively displaying images in an autonomous vehicle
11/02/17Intelligent tutorial for gestures
11/02/17Isolated dc-dc power conversion circuit
10/26/17Programmable tool orientation based, assembly tightening control
10/26/17Systems and methods for infotainment system startup
10/19/17Anti-glare panels
10/19/17System and driver preferences for autonomous vehicles
10/19/17Vision-assist systems with room scanners to detect and notify users of out-of-order room states
10/19/17Automatic full screen display
10/19/17Method and current/power balancing
10/12/17Systems and methods for testing convergence of closed-loop control systems
10/12/17Drive shaft press
10/12/17Apprising a driver of confidence in operation of a vehicle
10/12/17Adaptive alert system for autonomous vehicle
10/12/17Confidence icons for apprising a driver of confidence in an autonomous operation of a vehicle
10/12/17Underbody air spat
10/12/17Compressed air system and operating same
10/12/17Determining areas to avoid for navigation guidance
10/12/17Systems and methods for testing convergence of closed-loop control systems
10/05/17Systems and methods for smooth stopping of a vehicle
10/05/17Occupancy based navigation system
10/05/17Apparatus and method transitioning between driving states during navigation for highly automated vechicle
10/05/17Electronic apparatus with pocket of low permittivity material to reduce electromagnetic interference
09/28/17Adjustably positionable spacer for vehicle door assembly
09/28/17Stowable seats
09/28/17Vehicle hood assemblies including a reinforcement strap and vehicles including the same
09/28/17Pneumatic lifting device
09/28/17Autonomous vehicle virtual reality navigation system
09/28/17Magnesium battery having an electrolyte containing cations of magnesium and sodium
09/21/17Textured-crystal nanoparticles from ligated anionic element reagent complex
09/21/17Reduction of condensation in vehicle hvac systems
09/21/17Truss clamp assemblies
09/21/17Vision-assist systems adapted for inter-device communication session
09/21/17Voice interface for a vehicle
09/14/17Vehicle hood assemblies including a hood reinforcement strap with lobe structures and vehicles including the same
09/14/17Vehicle hood assemblies including a hood reinforcement strap with lobe structures and vehicles including the same
09/14/17High surface area carbon opals and inverse opals obtained therefrom
09/14/17Sewing apparatus
09/14/17Integrated waste heat recovery and motor assisted turbocharger system
09/14/17Engine assembly having a cover
09/14/17Auto adjust communication
09/14/17System and monitoring and alerting vehicle occupant to operating efficiencies of autonomous driving assistance systems
09/14/17Systems and methods for providing and detecting thermal energy patterns in electronic devices
09/14/17Power electronics assemblies having a wide bandgap semiconductor device and an integrated fluid channel system
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09/14/17Power electronics assemblies having a semiconductor cooling chip and an integrated fluid channel system
09/14/17Methods and apparatuses for high temperature bonding and bonded substrates having variable porosity distribution formed therefrom
09/14/17Non-aqueous lithium-air battery
09/07/17Systems and methods for directing a vision-impaired user to a vehicle
09/07/17Weighing apparatuses including positioning fixture assemblies for weighing connecting rods
09/07/17System and contact information access
09/07/17Vision-assist systems for orientation and mobility training
09/07/17Vision-assist devices for providing information to a user through thermal feedback and methods
09/07/17Systems and methods for spring-based device attachment
09/07/17Systems of bonded substrates and methods for bonding substrates with bonding layers
09/07/17System and controlling a modular energy management system
08/31/17System and controlling a synchronous rectifier
08/31/17Catalyst for direct nox decomposition and a forming and using the catalyst
08/31/17Vehicle automatic defrost system and method
08/31/17Vehicle information display systems
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08/31/17Non-dichroic omnidirectional structural color
08/31/17Operation of vehicle controls to effect autonomous passing, road exit and exit search operations
08/31/17System and controlling a synchronous rectifier
08/31/17System and multimedia capture
08/24/17Expander piston ring overlap protection and methods of use
08/24/17Systems and methods for communicating with a guide animal
08/24/17Expander piston ring overlap protection and methods of use
08/24/17Aerodynamic lift enhancing system for a flying automotive vehicle
08/24/17Systems and methods for advanced resting time suggestion
08/24/17Driving ratings for leading or following vehicle selection
08/17/17Exercise controlling a vehicle
08/17/17System and enhanced comfort prediction
08/17/17Systems and methods for composite thermal interface material microstructure property prediction
08/10/17Clip installation tool
08/10/17Vehicle with system for detecting arrival at cross road and automatically displaying side-front camera image
08/10/17Apparatuses and methods for making an object appear transparent
08/10/17System and methods for autonomous and semi-autonomous toll facility navigation
08/03/17Systems and methods for charging and warming vehicle components
08/03/17Control of vehicle exterior lights based on vehicle location and/or planned route information
08/03/17Under seat capture device
08/03/17Retractable storage apparatus
08/03/17Dual purpose temporary clip for vehicle
08/03/17Detection of left turn across path/opposite direction oncoming objects
08/03/17System and acceleration event prediction
08/03/17Navigation determining a vehicle route optimized for maximum solar energy reception
08/03/17Vehicle fluid replacement monitoring system and method
08/03/17Sensor blind spot indication for vehicles
08/03/17System and driving hazard estimation using vehicle-to-vehicle communication
07/27/17Attachment for electrical components
07/27/17Systems and methods for improving gear shifts
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07/27/17Surrounding vehicle classification and path prediction
07/27/17Systems and methods for predicting current and potential ranges of vehicles based on learned driver behavior
07/27/17Systems and methods for detecting and distributing hazard data by a vehicle
07/20/17Vehicle proximity condition detection and haptic notification system
07/20/17Method and system for improving ride quality in an autonomous vehicle
07/20/17System and detection of surrounding vehicle lane departure
07/20/17Access detection of an unauthorized device
07/13/17Rear seat having two independent modes
07/13/17Apparatus and providing an extended forward collision warning
07/13/17Clearcoat containing thermolysin-like protease for easy-cleaning of insect body stains
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07/13/17Control of vehicle interior sound levels based on vehicle location
07/13/17Solid-phase magnesium boranyl electrolytes for a magnesium battery
07/13/17Switching circuit
07/06/17Stowable seats
07/06/17Formation of slurry for high loading sulfur cathodes
07/06/17Hybrid sulfur particles and cathode active materials containing the hybrid particles
07/06/17Functionalization of carbon for embedding in chalcogen particles to enhance electronic conductivity
06/29/17Barrel drum transporter
06/29/17Rapid warm-up schemes of engine and engine coolant for higher fuel efficiency
06/29/17Filter box assembly for a branched intake system
06/29/17Autonomous vehicle operation in view-obstructed environments
06/29/17Detection of overhanging objects
06/29/17Apparatus and object tracking
06/22/17Modular robot with smart device
06/22/17One step synthesis of non-chlorinated magnesium electrolytes
06/15/17Deformable attachment for electrical components
06/15/17Assessment of human driving performance using autonomous vehicles
06/15/17Engines with multiple thrust bearings
06/15/17Dynamic vehicle automation level availability indication system and method
06/08/17Apparatus and methods for door assemblies of vehicles
05/25/17Vehicle floor with corrugated carpeting for increased rigidity
05/25/17Operator and manufacturing quality traceability
05/18/17Water management for vehicles with tonneau covers
05/18/17Magnetic field activated powertrain mount
05/18/17Personal storage for shared vehicles
05/11/17Methods and apparatuses for high temperature bonding controlled processing and bonded substrates formed therefrom
05/11/17Vehicle waste energy harvesting system
05/11/17Removable vehicle seating
05/11/17Systems and methods for determining fuse loads for fuses having multiple loads from multiple sub-models
05/11/17Methods and apparatuses for assessing high temperature bonding systems and bonded substrates therefrom
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05/04/17Lane suggestion systems
05/04/17Absorption-based system for automotive waste heat recovery
05/04/17Hybrid vehicles and methods for providing electrical energy to motor-generators
05/04/17Systems and methods for traffic learning
05/04/17Systems and methods for determining action at traffic signals
05/04/17Vehicles and methods for controlling internal combustion engine rotational speeds
05/04/17Vehicle navigation presenting driving directions on familiar routes
05/04/17Methods for orienting material physical properties using constraint transformation and isoparametric shape functions
05/04/17Novel thermal management solution for battery pack
04/27/17Device, system, and fused deposition modeling
04/27/17Engine cover grommets and methods
04/27/17Object detection system
04/27/17Method for synthesis of boron cluster based electrolytes for rechargeable magnesium battery
04/27/17Intermediate ground for vehicles
04/20/17Trim assemblies for mounting working subassemblies
04/20/17Automatic settings for vehicle components based on measured anthropometric features
04/20/17Vehicle lights including moisture management apparatuses
04/20/17Vehicle operational data acquisition responsive to vehicle occupant voice inputs
04/20/17Assessing driver readiness for transition between operational modes of an autonomous vehicle
04/13/17Vehicle emblem alignment and installation tools and methods of use
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04/13/17Interlocking primary and secondary cart assemblies with lock and release mechanisms
04/13/17Vehicle turn-on-red indicator systems
04/06/17Personalized suggestion of automated driving features
04/06/17Cuttable solar wrap
03/30/17Systems, methods, and vehicles for generating cues to drivers
03/30/17Fluid turbine systems for harnessing light radiant energy, thermal energy and kinetic energy in vehicles and methods of operating thereof
03/30/17Systems and methods for reducing the cost of vehicle charging based on route prediction
03/30/17Vehicle headlight leveling control
03/30/17External indicators and notifications for vehicles with autonomous capabilities
03/30/17Systems, methods, and vehicles for generating cues to drivers
03/30/17Mother daughter cart system
03/30/17Connection confirmation using acoustic data
03/30/17Two-phase jet impingement cooling devices and electronic device assemblies incorporating the same
03/23/17Methods for evaluating the properties of transient liquid phase bonds
03/23/17Systems of bonded substrates and methods for bonding substrates
03/23/17Airbag flap fold
03/23/17Wind turbine systems and air channels in vehicles for enhancing energy generation, cooling, and aerodynamics
03/23/17Non-isolated dc-dc conversion circuit
03/23/17Electric drive systems including smoothing capacitor cooling devices and systems
03/16/17Classifying objects detected by 3d sensors for autonomous vehicle operation
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03/02/17Tether with j-shaped hook
03/02/17Systems and methods for adjusting a stopping position
03/02/17Push-up ledge for trim panel
03/02/17Vehicle floor
03/02/17Bumper assemblies including spacer members and vehicles incorporating the same
03/02/17Autonomous vehicle operation within a center turn lane
03/02/17Path determination for automated vehicles
03/02/17Autonomous vehicle operation at multi-stop intersections
03/02/17System and increasing engine sound during a downshift
03/02/17Heads up display system having dual fresnel lens magnification
03/02/17Spare parts list builder and compiler tools and methods of use
03/02/17Systems and methods for driver coaching
03/02/17Multi-step processes for high temperature bonding and bonded substrates formed therefrom
03/02/17Lithium deposition with multilayer nanomembrane
02/23/17Suspension control arm with frangible bushing collar
02/23/17Universal combination meters
02/23/17Vehicles with fender structure assemblies and deforming fender attachment brackets
02/23/17System for supporting the confirmation of a fluid connection
02/23/17Portable display apparatuses
02/23/17Speech recognition system with abbreviated training
02/23/17Systems and methods for operating a lighting system based on user lighting preferences
02/23/17Configurable double-sided modular jet impingement assemblies for electronics cooling
02/16/17Adaptable wheel assembly
02/16/17Leaf spring vibration dampening pad
02/16/17Heads up display for side mirror display
02/16/17Inspection windows for curtain side airbag systems
02/16/17Autonomous vehicle operation relative to unexpected dynamic objects
02/16/17Connections with selectively variable dampening characteristics
02/16/17System and alerting/downshifting in response to an upcoming downgrade
02/16/17Remote operation of autonomous vehicle in unexpected environment
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02/16/17Free location item and storage retrieval
02/16/17Electric power transfer system using optical power transfer
02/16/17Electronic assemblies incorporating heat flux routing structures for thermoelectric generation
02/16/17Mobile energy generator
02/16/17Audio system with removable speaker
02/09/17Vehicle having interchangeably storable and mountable stowable folding seat and center console
02/09/17Modular smart necklace
02/02/17Die compatibility adaptor for machine press communication
02/02/17Wireless charging of a vehicle power source
02/02/17Offset deforming fender attachment bracket
02/02/17Gap assessment tool
02/02/17User-worn devices, systems, and methods for directing a user in an emergency
02/02/17Adapter assemblies including engagement assemblies
02/02/17Minimizing incorrect sensor data associations for autonomous vehicles
02/02/17Smart necklace with stereo vision and onboard processing
02/02/17Dc-dc power conversion and balancing circuit
01/26/17Vehicular entropy for random number generation
01/19/17Smart notification systems for wearable devices
01/19/17Size adjustment of forward objects for autonomous vehicles
01/12/17Systems and methods for controlling a vehicle's deceleration level by controlling the alternator output
01/12/17System and determining whether a cvt is set to a maximum gear ratio at vehicle startup
01/12/17Systems of bonded substrates and methods for bonding substrates with bonding layers
01/12/17Audio system with removable speaker
01/05/17End effector cleaning devices and systems
01/05/17Door assemblies including an engagement member and vehicles incorporating the same
01/05/17Wireless charging of electric vehicles
01/05/17Method and determining lane identification in a roadway
01/05/17Few-layered tis2 as li-ion battery anode
12/29/16Low resistance, multivalent metal anodes

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