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Trane International Inc
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Trane International Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Trane International Inc. Trane International Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Trane International Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Trane International Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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11/16/17 new patent  Lubricant blends to reduce refrigerant solubility
11/09/17Dehumidifier for high airflow rate systems
11/02/17Method of associating a diagnostic module to hvac system components
11/02/17Time-constrained control of an hvac system
11/02/17Packaged hvac unit with secondary system capability
10/26/17Sleep current failure detection
10/19/17Multi-functional heat pump apparatus
10/05/17Systems and methods to detect heater malfunction and prevent dry burning
10/05/17Heat exchanger coil with offset fins
09/28/17Mounting clip
09/21/17Aligning a centerline of a motor shaft in a fan assembly
09/21/17Refrigerant management in a hvac system
08/31/17Methods of controlling fan capacity and coil capacity in hvac systems
08/31/17Heat pump
08/17/17Refrigerant cooling and lubrication system with refrigerant vapor vent line
08/17/17Oil return management in a hvac system
08/10/17Multi-coil microchannel evaporator
08/10/17Lubricant separator for a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system
08/10/17Controls and operation of variable frequency drives
08/03/17Multi-split hvac system
08/03/17Increasing component life in a variable speed drive with stator heating
08/03/17Device and setting network and channel information in a network device
07/06/17System and controlling a system that includes fixed speed and variable speed compressors
07/06/17Double-ended scroll compressor lubrication of one orbiting scroll bearing via crankshaft oil gallery from another orbiting scroll bearing
06/22/17Electronic expansion device
06/22/17Suction conduit flow control for lubricant management
06/22/17System and dynamically determining refrigerant film thickness and dynamically controlling refrigerant film thickness at rolling-element bearing of an oil free chiller
06/22/17Magnet degradation and damage controls and diagnostics for permanent magnet motors
06/15/17Axial thrust control for rotary compressors
05/25/17Refrigerant cooling and lubrication system with refrigerant source access from an evaporator
05/18/17Refrigerant compositions
04/20/17Crimp joint with o-rings enhanced with adhesive and incorporated to manifold feeder tubes
04/13/17Hvac thermostat
04/06/17Fluid management in a hvac system
03/30/17Refrigerant cooling and lubrication system
03/02/17Inclined heat exchanger with tapered ends
02/23/17Air cleaning systems and methods
02/16/17Heat exchange assembly in an air to air heat exchanger
02/16/17Enhanced selection tool for hvac system components
02/09/17Heat exchanger with enhanced airflow
02/02/17Multi-stage control for electromechanical heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (hvac) unit
01/26/17Hvac system with improved control switching
01/19/17Energy management for sensors
01/12/17Systems, aparatuses, and methods of air circulations using compact economizers
01/05/17Active device management for use in a building automation system
12/29/16Adaptable hvac unit base
12/22/16Fault detection and diagnostics system utilizing service personnel feedback for improved accuracy
12/22/16Post-installation learning fault detection
12/22/16Sensor calibration systems and methods
12/22/16Self-learning fault detection for hvac systems
12/15/16Hinged waterbox cover
12/15/16Hvac components having a variable speed drive with optimized power factor correction
12/08/16Bi-directional cascade heat pump system
12/08/16Bi-directional cascade heat pump system
11/24/16Filter assembly
11/10/16Water temperature sensor in a brazed plate heat exchanger
11/10/16Day ahead load nomination system
11/10/16Variable frequency drive self-check
11/10/16Z-wave controller shift in thermostats
11/10/16Method of fragmenting a message in a network
10/27/16Refrigerant line muffler
10/27/16Condensate collector and trap
10/06/16Hvac compressor prognostics
10/06/16Techniques and arrangements for multiple component grounding
09/22/16Centrifugal compressor assembly and method
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09/22/16Mobile device with graphical user interface for interacting with a building automation system
09/15/16Discharge port of a screw compressor
08/18/16Defrost learning algorithm based on time of defrost state operation
08/04/16Indoor liquid/suction heat exchanger
07/28/16Diagnostic data bus for acquiring and communicating diagnostic information from hvac systems
07/28/16Temperature sensor validation
07/28/16Remote monitoring of an hvac system for fault detection and diagnostics
07/14/16Heat exchanger
07/07/16Acoustic dispersing airflow passage
07/07/16Condensate drain devices for heat exchanger coil and methods for making the same
06/16/16Blow through air handler
06/16/16Method of controlling a fluid circulation system
05/26/16System and hvac condensate management
05/26/16Methods and systems of streaming refrigerant in a heat exchanger
05/19/16Refrigerant management in hvac systems
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05/12/16Tip seal
05/12/16Sound control for a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit
05/12/16Contextual scoring in a building automation system
05/12/16Furnace cabinet with three baffles
05/12/16Furnace cabinet with nozzle baffles
05/12/16Furnace burner holders, cartridges, assemblies and methods for their installation
05/12/16Brazed heat exchanger with fluid flow to serially exchange heat with different refrigerant circuits
05/12/16Contextual indexing in a building automation system
05/05/16Systems and methods to clamp an impeller to a compressor shaft
05/05/16Linkage to actuate inlet guide vanes
05/05/16Lubricant temperature control with a flow regulating device
05/05/16Expansion valve control air conditioning apparatus
04/28/16Apparatuses, methods and systems for configuring electronically programmable hvac system
04/28/16Methods and systems to measure fluid flow
04/21/16Valve cap with integral seal
04/14/16Fan blade
03/31/16Furnace cabinet with integral protrusion
03/17/16Turbulators in enhanced tubes
03/10/16Hvac system with motion sensor
03/10/16Oil return management in a hvac system
02/25/16Variable frequency drive self-check
02/18/16Increased efficiency of crank case heating using pulsed stator heat
02/18/16Isentropic expansion device
02/11/16Hvac system with sms capability
02/11/16Methods and systems to manage refrigerant in a heat exchanger
02/04/16Systems and methods for cleaning air
02/04/16Lubricant defoaming additives and compositions
02/04/16Lubricant additives and compositions
02/04/16Air flow mixer
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01/28/16Side mounted refrigerant distributor in a flooded evaporator and side mounted inlet pipe to the distributor
01/14/16Pressure nitrided stainless steel hybrid bearing for a refrigerant lubricated compressor
01/14/16Hvac system with location based operation
01/07/16Thermistor emulating ct clamp
01/07/16Gas-fired tube swaged joint
12/31/15Controls and operation of variable frequency drives
12/31/15Apparatuses, systems, and methods of variable frequency drive operation and control
12/31/15Techniques and arrangements for multiple component grounding
12/24/15Adjustable noise attenuation device for use in blow through air handler/furnace with mixed flow blower wheel
12/17/15Refrigerant cooling and lubrication system with refrigerant source access from an evaporator
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12/17/15Refrigerant cooling and lubrication system
12/17/15Methods and systems for detecting and recovering from control instability caused by impeller stall
12/17/15Methods and systems for controlling a chiller system having a centrifugal compressor with a variable speed drive
12/17/15Refrigerant outlet device of a condenser
12/17/15Capacity modulating an expansion device of a hvac system
12/10/15Refrigerant additives and compositions
12/10/15Five-way heat pump reversing valve
12/10/15Heat pump desuperheater and charge robber
12/10/15Refrigerant cooling and lubrication system with refrigerant vapor vent line
12/10/15Refrigerant management in a hvac system
12/10/15Magnet degradation and damage controls and diagnostics for permanent magnet motors
12/03/15System and sensor location verification
12/03/15Economizer injection assembly and method
12/03/15Refrigerant distributor of micro-channel heat exchanger
12/03/15System and controlling a cooling system
11/26/15System and controlling a system that includes variable speed compressor
11/26/15Heat pump with water heating
11/19/15Hvac electrical system power supply packaging system
11/19/15Multiple load control for variable frequency drive harmonic mitigation
11/19/15Variable frequency drive active harmonic mitigation controls and diagnostics
11/12/15Variable frequency drive temperature determination
11/12/15Variable frequency drive operation to avoid overheating
11/05/15Refrigerant compressor drives offering enhanced robustness, efficiency and rated voltage operability
10/29/15Variable frequency drive overvoltage protection
10/22/15System and controlling hvac equipment so as to obtain a desired range of a sound pressure level and/or sound power level
10/22/15Methods and apparatuses to attenuate acoustic waves
10/22/15Methods and systems to reduce damage caused by vibration
10/22/15Sound level control in an hvac system
10/22/15Electronics cooling using lubricant return for a shell-and-tube style evaporator
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10/15/15Hvac systems and controls
10/15/15Reconfigurable network controller
10/15/15Coil support having condensate management functionality
10/15/15Coil support pad having condensate drainage functionality
10/08/15Protective housing structure
10/08/15Thermostat temperature compensation modeling
10/08/15Permanent magnet motor
10/01/15Diffuser collar
10/01/15Motor cooling system for chillers
10/01/15Phobic/philic structures in refrigeration systems and liquid vapor separation in refrigeration systems
10/01/15Location detection of control equipment in a building
10/01/15Methods and systems to mount a rotor to a shaft
09/17/15Chiller capacity control apparatuses, methods, and systems
09/17/15Reverse rotation braking for a pm motor
09/10/15Blower housing
09/10/15Ventilation controller
09/03/15Low refrigerant high performing subcooler
08/27/15Electric heat defrost alogrithm
08/27/15System, device, and communicating data over a mesh network
08/06/15Hvac system with location determination capability
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08/06/15Sound enclosure for a compressor
08/06/15Evaporator coil mounted electric heater assembly
08/06/15Hvac system with visitor presence sensor
07/30/15Methods and apparatuses to moderate an airflow
07/30/15Latent capacity adjustment
07/30/15Method of attaching electrodes to plated thermoset plastic heated blower housing
07/30/15System and protecting an hvac system
07/30/15Heat exchanger with fluted fin
07/16/15Sealing joint for a compressor casing
07/16/15Evaporative subcooling
07/16/15Active energy budget control management
07/09/15Methods and apparatuses to isolate vibration
07/09/15Phase change compressor cover
07/09/15Charge tolerant microchannel heat exchanger
06/25/15Automated air source and vav box association
06/25/15Methods and systems to measure fluid flow
06/18/15Fluid valve
06/18/15System and configuring a schedule
06/11/15Reduced power heat pump starting procedure
06/11/15Heat pump with exhaust heat reclaim
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06/11/15Micro-combined heat and power heat pump defrost procedure
06/04/15System and cooling power electronics using heat sinks
05/07/15Heat exchanger with aluminum tubes rolled into an aluminum tube support
05/07/15Wear-leveling for components of an auxiliary heat source
05/07/15Hvac system controller configuration
04/16/15Mountable cable interface
04/02/15Ventilation controller
04/02/15Rotary compressors with variable speed and volume control
03/19/15Systems and methods for hvac and irrigation control
03/12/15Apparatus and controlling indoor airflow for heat pumps
03/12/15Hvac system with electronically controlled expansion valve
03/12/15Diagnostics for systems including variable frequency motor drives
03/05/15System and heating or cooling having fluid cooled electronics
03/05/15Method of adaptive control of a bypass damper in a zoned hvac system
03/05/15Systems and methods for hvac and irrigation control
02/26/15Screw compressor drive control
02/12/15Anti-microbial heat transfer apparatus
02/12/15Thrust bearing for hvac compressor
02/12/15Hvac blower impeller
02/05/15Hvac system subcooler
02/05/15Return waterbox for heat exchanger
02/05/15Intermediate oil separator for improved performance in a scroll compressor
02/05/15Double-ended scroll compressor lubrication of one orbiting scroll bearing via crankshaft oil gallery from another orbiting scroll bearing
02/05/15Orbiting crankshaft drive pin and associated drive pin sleeve geometry
02/05/15Structure for stabilizing an orbiting scroll in a scroll compressor
02/05/15Oldham coupling with enhanced key surface in a scroll compressor
02/05/15Scroll compressor with pressurized oil balance piston
02/05/15Terminal assembly for refrigeration compressor
02/05/15Automated system to determine variable frequency drive skip frequency bands for vibration control
01/29/15Variable capacity screw compressor and method
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01/29/15Bearing housing and assembly of a screw compressor
01/22/15Check valve assembly
01/22/15Temperature control system
12/18/14System and monitoring hvac system operation
11/20/14Device and automatic switching of communication protocol of network devices based on user action
11/20/14Device and device identification and file transfer to bacnet devices
11/13/14Surface features to enhance brazing process
11/13/14System and simulating multiple bacnet devices and objects
11/06/14Mounting assembly for heat exchanger coil
10/09/14Heat exchanger with differentiated resistance flowpaths
10/09/14Acoustic dispersing airflow passage
10/09/14Electric motors having modular construction, power sharing and performance configurability
10/09/14Motor and switching apparatuses, systems and methods
10/09/14System and controlling a system that includes fixed speed and variable speed compressors
09/18/14Variable frequency drive apparatuses, systems, and methods and controls for same
09/18/14Cascading heat recovery using a cooling unit as a source
09/18/14Device and setting network and channel information in a network device
09/18/14Method of fragmenting a message in a network
09/18/14Events management
09/18/14Method for fragmented messaging between network devices
09/18/14Device and detecting and visualizing network health
08/14/14Refrigerant management in hvac systems
08/14/14Hvac system with noise reducing tube
08/07/14Axial thrust control for rotary compressors
08/07/14Heater interlock control for air conditioning system
08/07/14Dynamic simulated motor
07/31/14System and updating software
07/24/14Fuel/air furnace mixer
07/17/14Adaptable hvac unit base

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