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Tsinghua University
Tsinghua University And Nuctech Company Limited
Tsinghua University Shenzhen Graduate School
Tsinghua University_20100114
Tsinghua University_20131212

Tsinghua University patents

Recent patent applications related to Tsinghua University. Tsinghua University is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Tsinghua University may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Tsinghua University, we're just tracking patents.

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04/27/17 new patent  Coarse motion and fine motion integrated reticle stage driven by planar motor
04/27/17 new patent  Additive, electrolyte and lithium ion battery using the same
04/27/17 new patent  Cathode composite material, lithium ion battery using the same and making the same
04/20/17High-speed rheometer
04/13/17Method and coding matrix and decoding matrix
04/06/17Integrated microfluidic device for target amplification and microarray detection
03/30/17Method and optimizing recovery of single-disk failure
03/23/17Method and multiple accesses in memory and storage system
03/23/17Fast model generating and solving security-constrained power system operation simulation
03/16/17Inspection devices, inspection methods and inspection systems
03/16/17Light emitting diode
03/16/17Polyolefin composite separator, making the same, and lithium ion battery using the same
03/16/17Polyolefin composite separator, making the same, and lithium ion battery using the same
03/09/17Safety inspection detector and goods safety inspection system
03/09/17Robust restoration active distribution network
03/02/17Method for growing carbon nanotubes
03/02/17Tera hertz reflex klystron
02/23/17Magnetically suspended coarse motion and fine motion integrated reticle stage driven by planar motor
02/23/17Reconfigurable processor and conditional execution the same
02/23/17Method and device for generating configuration information of dynamic reconfigurable processor
02/23/17Method for making sulfur-graphene composite material
02/23/17Method for making implantable lead
02/16/17Nkt-like cell subpopulation and using the same in the treatment of tumor
02/16/17Method for making oxide semiconductor film
02/16/17Method and generating source-independent quantum random number
02/16/17Method for making thim film transistor
02/09/17Sputtering target, oxide semiconducting film, and making the same
02/09/17Sputtering target, oxide semiconducting film, and making the same
02/09/17Touch panel
02/09/17Methods for making lithium manganese phosphate and lithium manganese phosphate/carbon composite material
02/09/17Method for making cathode active material of lithium ion battery
02/02/17Method for growing carbon nanotubes
01/26/17Ultrasound fusion imaging method and ultrasound fusion imaging navigation system
01/26/17Methods and devices for estimating weight of an object to be inspected in an inspection system
01/26/17Method for distributed transaction processing in flash memory
01/26/17Method and system for estimating point spread function
01/26/17Double-layer planar phase modulation device
01/19/17Multi-index detection microfluidic chip and methods of use
01/19/17Vehicle inspection methods and systems
01/12/17Compositions and methods for detecting snp(s) associated with diabetes
01/12/17Pedestal and controlling the same, tray, and process chamber
01/05/17Activating agent for treatment of radioactive wastewater and method using the same for radioactive wastewater treatment
01/05/17Packaging structure, packaging method and template used in packaging method
12/29/16Epitaxial structure and making the same
12/29/16Organic electroluminescent and preparation method thereof
12/29/16Cathode and lithium-air battery using the same
12/29/16Cathode and metal-air battery using the same
12/29/16Image coding/decoding method, device, and system
12/22/16Electric power peak-shaving and combined heat and power waste heat recovery device and operation method thereof
12/22/16Magnetic head, hard disk device, and transferring two-dimensional atomic crystal layer to head slider of magnetic head
12/22/16Heat-dissipation structure and electronic device using the same
12/22/16Method for making phase change memory cell
12/22/16Method, apparatus and system for sending physical layer signal
12/15/16Foldable mouse
12/01/16Method and cache management of transaction processing in persistent memory
12/01/16Fuel cell modules
12/01/16Method for making fuel cell system
12/01/16Fuel cell system
12/01/16Lithium ion battery electrode
11/24/16Method for making metal nanowires film
11/24/16Touch panel
11/24/16Metal nanowires film
11/17/16Transparent oled device and display device employing same
11/17/16Electronic device, method and computer-readable medium for sensing spectrum usage in a cognitive radio communication system
11/10/16Method for making culture medium
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11/10/16Sputtering target and making the same
11/10/16Tin oxide sputtering target and making the same
11/10/16Fuel ball detecting method and system with self-diagnosis function
11/10/16Array of carbon nanotube micro-tip structures
11/10/16Method for making tin oxide thin film
11/10/16Oxide semiconductor film
11/10/16Thim film transistor and making the same, thim film transistor panel and display device
11/03/16Methods for extracting shape feature, inspection methods and apparatuses
11/03/16Organic electroluminescent device and manufacture thereof
10/27/16Optical based subject motion detection in imaging systems
10/27/16Recognizing flaky or blocky prohibited articles, explosives or drugs
10/27/16Method and system for detecting normalization of forwarding behavior of router in core routing area
10/27/16Cathode control multi-cathode distributed x-ray apparatus and ct device having said apparatus
10/13/16Luminophore-labeled molecules coupled with particles for microarray-based assays
10/13/16Method of making polymer lithium ion battery
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10/13/16Verifying for consistency of forwarding behaviors of router data based on action codes
10/13/16Collaboration for verifying behavior in route switching system
10/06/16Wideband microstrip antennas and antenna arrays
10/06/16Method for making thermoacoustic device array
09/29/16Spreading signal generating method, generating device, receiving method and receiving device
09/22/16Method and device for estimating orientation field of fingerprint
09/08/16Systems and methods for inspecting an aircraft
09/01/16Method and processing radioactive wastewater
09/01/16Distributed amplifier
08/25/16Impact resisting column assembly of train station
08/25/16Phase change memory
08/25/16Method for acquiring comfort degree of motion-sensing binocular stereoscopic video
08/11/16Fluidic chip for flow cytometry and methods of use
08/11/16Detector in a scattered configuration applied to x/gamma ray container/vehicle inspection equipment
08/11/16Method for parsing and calculating performance of satellite gravity field measurement by low-to-low satellite-to-satellite tracking
08/11/16Method for designing off-axial optical system with freeform surface
08/11/16Method for designing freeform surfaces off-axial imaging system with a real exit pupil
08/11/16Method for designing three-dimensional freeform surface
08/11/16Electrostrictive composite and electrostrictive element using the same
08/11/16Method for making lithium-ion battery electrode material
08/11/16Cathode active material and making the same
08/11/16Method and device for controlling local voltage
08/04/16Air water agricultural system
08/04/16Method for making solar cells
07/28/16Method and obtaining size of transform block
07/14/16Method for making lithium cobalt oxide
07/14/16Light emitting diode
07/07/16Patch net model and construction method thereof
07/07/16Reactivity control method and telescoped control rod for pebble-bed high-temperature gas-cooled reactor
07/07/16Quantization method and apparatus in encoding/decoding
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06/30/16Variable frequency stimulation therapy method and implantable medical device
06/30/16Electrostatic distribution measuring instrument
06/30/16Method for processing ceramic scintillator array
06/30/16X-ray beam intensity monitoring device and x-ray inspection system
06/30/16Human body security inspection apparatus
06/30/16Touch and hover sensing device
06/30/16Electrostatic sensing device
06/30/16Electrostatic sensing device
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06/30/16Electrostatic sensing method
06/30/16Electrostatic sensing device
06/30/16Electrostatic sensing device
06/30/16Touch and hover sensing device
06/30/16Hover controlling device
06/30/16Hover controlling device
06/30/16Systems and methods for inspecting cargoes
06/30/16Light emitting diode
06/30/16Light emitting diode
06/30/16Light emitting diode
06/30/16Method of making n-type thin film transistor
06/30/16N-type thin film transistor
06/30/16Method of making n-type thin film transistor
06/30/16N-type thin film transistor
06/30/16N-type thin film transistor
06/30/16N-type thin film transistor
06/30/16Battery separator and making the same
06/30/16Generating , receiving for dual-frequency constant envelope signal with four spreading signals
06/23/16Method and quantifying pipeline defect based on magnetic flux leakage testing
06/23/16Tumor biomarker
06/23/16Dual-source security inspection ct scanning system and scanning method
06/23/16Quick vehicle check system and method adopting multi-dose regional scanning
06/23/16Method for measuring x-ray energy of an accelerator in an inspection system
06/23/16Virtual service migration routing and switching platform and scheduler
06/16/16Method for making spherical cobalt oxyhydroxide
06/16/16Alignment container or vehicle inspection system
06/16/16Off-axis three-mirror optical system with freeform surfaces
06/16/16Method for designing off-axis three-mirror imaging system with freeform surfaces
06/16/16Bonding method and bonding structure formed using the same
06/09/16Pneumatic manufacturing system for complex tissues and organs, having multiple degrees of freedom and multiple nozzles
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06/09/16Method for forming carbon nanotube array and forming carbon nanotube structure
06/09/16Imaging method and apparatus based on magnetic fulx leakage testing
06/09/16Thin film transistor
06/09/16Method for making lithium ion battery anode active material
06/02/16Three-dof heterodyne grating interferometer displacement measurement system
06/02/16Method of assessing risk of power system with high penetration of wind power
06/02/16Magnetic field shielding system based on closed superconducting coil groups and magnetic field shielding device
05/26/16Method for making lithium iron phosphate
05/26/16Method and device for testing defect based on ultrasonic lamb wave tomography
05/26/16Light emitting diode
05/26/16Method for making thin film transistor
05/19/16Two-dof heterodyne grating interferometer displacement measurement system
05/19/16Method for making nano-pillar array on substrate
05/19/16Method and assembling component in router
05/19/16Image encoding and decoding method and apparatus
05/12/16Method for making cathode material of lithium ion battery
05/12/16Kernel state and user state data exchange disaster recovery of virtual container system
05/12/16Method and system for rectifying distorted fingerprint
04/28/16Method for making touch panel
04/28/16Method for forming stacked structure
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04/21/16Method for preparing a molybdenum disulfide film used in a field emission device
04/21/16Cell structure of random access memory, random access memory and operation methods
04/21/16Method for making polyimide microporous separator
04/21/16Electrolyte additive, electrolyte and lithium ion battery using the same
04/21/16Rechargeable battery
04/21/16Programming core routing and switching system
04/14/16Integrated dc/dc converter, electrochemical energy storage system, and methods for analyzing electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and working state of electrochemical energy storage apparatus
04/14/16Multiple-power multiple-dosage accelerators, rapid examination systems and rapid examination methods thereof
04/07/16Partition for power system
03/31/16Apparatus and method to measure a molecular diffusion coefficient in a porous powder
03/31/16Method for constructing real-time solar irradiation metering network of gigawatts level photovoltaic power generation base
03/24/16Continuous solid-state separation device and process for producing fuel ethanol
03/24/16Ethanol production device and process through continuous solid-state fermentation and having self-control system
03/24/16Method and controlling voltage in wind farm
03/24/16Low-angle self-swinging, large-scale multi-slice spiral computed tomography apparatus and inspection method
03/24/16Method and controlling voltage in near direct current area
03/24/16Method and controlling reactive power of generator in power plant
03/17/16Three-dimensional scene model generating method
03/17/16Aluminum based electroactive materials
03/10/16Al-w-o stack structure applicable to resistive random access memory
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03/03/16Method for imaging 1-d nanomaterials
03/03/16Method and device for chirality assignment of carbon nanotube
03/03/16Method and device for chirality assignment of carbon nanotubes
03/03/16Method and device for imaging 1-d nanomaterials
03/03/16Vehicle-mounted inspection system
03/03/16Light emitting device and display device using the same
03/03/16Simulation wind farm common coupling region
03/03/16Method for making epitaxial structure
03/03/16Light emitting device and display device using the same
03/03/16Method and device for determining safe threshold for power grid voltage of wind farm converging area
02/25/16Vehicle dragging system and vehicle inspection system
02/25/16Vehicle inspection system
02/25/16Vehicle inspection system
02/25/16Method and system for initializing rf module through non-volatile control
02/25/16Led optical communication receiving lens and led optical communication system
02/18/16System and emulsion breaking and phase separation by droplet adhesion
02/18/16Process for the preparation of gadolinium oxysulfide scintillation ceramics
02/18/16Process for the preparation of gadolinium oxysulfide (gd2o2s) scintillation ceramics
02/18/16Manufacturing grating
02/11/16Organic light emitting devices
02/11/16High-gain thompson-scattering x-ray free-electron laser by time-synchronic laterally tilted optical wave
02/04/16All-optical time slice switching method and system based on time synchronization
01/28/16Method for making electrothermal actuators
01/28/16Method for making carbon fiber film
01/28/16Carbon fiber film
01/28/16Electrothermal composite material and electrothermal actuator using the same
01/28/16Electrothermal actuators
01/28/16Electrothermal actuators
01/28/16System and customs in-transit supervision
01/28/16Cathode of lithium-ion battery
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01/28/16Membrane electrode assembly of fuel cell
01/28/16Apparatus and method in radio communications system
01/21/16Method and processing signals of semiconductor detector
01/21/16Thermoacoustic device and making the same
01/14/16Carbon nanotube sponge and making the same
01/14/16Field emission cathode and field emission device
01/14/16Field emission cathode and field emission device
01/14/16Method for making field emission cathode
01/07/16X-ray backscattering safety inspection system having distributed x-ray source and method using the same
01/07/16Mobile back scattering imaging security inspection apparatus and method
12/31/15Method for making microstructure on substrate
12/31/15Detector device, dual energy ct system and detection method using the system
12/31/15Radiation image inspection system and method based on b/s architecture
12/31/15Ct image calibration and ct system
12/31/15High-temperature superconducting film
12/31/15Method for making high-temperature superconducting film
12/31/15Electron emission device and reflex klystron with the same
12/31/15Method and gateway for automatically controlling relays and wireless sensor network
12/24/15Method for making patterned carbon nanotube array and carbon nanotube device
12/24/15Method for transferring carbon nanotube array and forming carbon nanotube structure
12/24/15Method for making carbon nanotube wire structure
12/24/15Method for making composite carbon nanotube structure
12/24/15Negative stiffness system for gravity compensation of micropositioner
12/24/15Portable computer
12/24/15Method and system for calibrating surveillance cameras
12/24/15X-ray generator with adjustable collimation
12/17/15Method for transferring carbon nanotube array and forming carbon nanotube structure
12/17/15Method for making carbon nanotube composite wire

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