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Uchicago Argonne Llc
Uchicago Argonne Llc Operator Of Argonne National Laboratory

Uchicago Argonne Llc patents

Recent patent applications related to Uchicago Argonne Llc. Uchicago Argonne Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Uchicago Argonne Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Uchicago Argonne Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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10/19/17 new patent  Continuous flow synthesis of vo2 nanoparticles or nanorods by using a microreactor
09/28/17Materials to improve the performance of lithium and sodium batteries
09/14/17Consumable anode and anode assembly for electrolytic reduction of metal oxides
09/07/17Systems and methods for top-down fabrication of wafer scale tmdc monolayers
08/10/17Refractory solar selective coatings
08/10/17Refractory solar selective coatings
08/03/17Ultrafast all-optical modulation of the visible and infrared spectrum with nanorod arrays
07/27/17Phosphorus-carbon composites as battery anode materials
07/20/17Magnetic nanotube composite membranes
07/20/17Hydrophilic, light active coating for membranes
07/20/17Electroactive materials for rechargeable batteries
07/20/17Nonlinearity induced synchronization enhancement in mechanical oscillators
06/22/17Positive electrode for lithium ion secondary battery and lithium ion secondary battery using the same
06/22/17High capacity lithium ion batteries having oxides, peroxides, or superoxides as cathode active material
06/15/17Oleophilic foams for oil spill mitigation
06/15/17Immobilization of organic radioactive and non-radioactive liquid waste in a composite matrix
06/08/17Continuous winding magnets using thin film conductors without resistive joints
05/25/17Method and system for continuous atomic layer deposition
05/18/17Ordered nanoscale domains by infiltration of block copolymers
05/18/17Pitting resistant carbon coating
05/18/17Salts for multivalent ion batteries
05/04/17Low friction wear resistant graphene films
04/20/17Graphene-coated metal oxide spinel cathodes
03/30/17Subnanometer to nanometer transition metal co oxidation catalysts
03/23/17Mechanical design of thin-film diamond crystal mounting apparatus with optimized thermal contact and crystal strain for coherence preservation x-ray optics
03/23/17Device for cooling fluid, cooling fluid
03/02/17Two-electron redox active molecules with high capacity and energy density for energy storage applications
03/02/17Multi-electron redox active molecules for energy storage applications
03/02/17Two-electron high potential and high capacity redox active molecules for energy storage applications
02/16/17Dynamic aperture for three-dimensional control of thin-film deposition and ion-beam erosion
02/16/17Method for high-throughput micro-sampling analysis of electrochemical process salts
02/16/17Ultrananocrystalline diamond contacts for electronic devices
02/16/17Stabilized electrodes for lithium batteries
02/09/17Molybdenum recovery from aqueous nitric acid solution by solvent extraction
02/09/17Non-hydrolytic metal oxide films for perovskite halide overcoating and stabilization
02/02/17Lithium-sulfur batteries
01/26/17Methods for systematic control of protein stability
01/26/17Magnetic nanofiber composite materials and devices using same
01/12/17Transparent nanocrystalline diamond coatings and devices
01/05/17Magnetically enhanced phase separation for solvent extraction
12/29/16Method for fabrication of crack-free ceramic dielectric films
12/22/16Carbon nanofiber materials and lubricants
12/01/16Piezoresistive boron doped diamond nanowire
11/24/16Producing carbon-based boundary films from catalytically active lubricant additives
11/17/16Direct synthesis of reduced graphene oxide films on dielectric substrates
11/17/16Recovery and purification of transition elements
10/27/16Digital electron amplifier with anode readout devices and methods of fabrication
10/20/16Magnesium electrochemical cells
10/20/16Ultrastable cathodes for lithium sulfur batteries
10/20/16Electrolytes for magnesium electrochemical cells
10/20/16Thermally conductive lithium ion electrodes and batteries
10/06/16Multimetallic core/interlayer/shell nanoparticles
09/29/16Methods for producing cu-67 radioisotope with use of a ceramic capsule for medical applications
09/22/16Low resistivity materials for use in electroides
09/08/16Metal fluoride passivation coatings prepared by atomic layer deposition on licoo2 for li-ion batteries
09/08/16Cathode materials for lithium ion batteries
09/01/16Method and implementing material thermal property measurement by flash thermal imaging
09/01/16Fast reactor and feature scale coupling in ald and cvd
08/25/16Nanofibrous electrocatalysts
08/11/16Microelectromechanical (mems) manipulators for control of nanoparticle coupling interactions
08/04/16Artificial zeolites
08/04/16Hydrogen evolution reaction catalyst
07/21/16Noble metal superparticles and methods of preparation thereof
07/21/16Piezoresistive boron doped diamond nanowire
07/14/16System for cooling hybrid vehicle electronics, cooling hybrid vehicle electronics
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07/14/16Planar field emitters and high efficiency photocathodes based on ultrananocrystalline diamond
06/30/163d printed modular centrifugal contactors and separating moieties using 3d printed optimized surfaces
06/30/16Layered-spinel electrodes for lithium batteries
06/16/16Method and system for icing condition detection
06/02/16Ceramic dielectric films, making ceramic dielectric films
05/26/16Plug-in electric vehicle (pev) smart charging module
05/26/16Method to produce catalytically active nanocomposite coatings
05/19/16Method for generating methane from a carbonaceous feedstock
04/21/16Production of isotopes using high power proton beams
04/14/16Low-stress doped ultrananocrystalline diamond
04/07/16Electrolyte compositions for high voltage lithium-ion batteries
03/31/16Extended residence time centrifugal contactor design modification and centrifugal contactor vane plate valving extending mixing zone residence time
03/31/16Acoustic building infiltration measurement system
03/17/16Selective alkane activation with single-site atoms on amorphous support
03/03/16Intermetallic nanoparticles
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03/03/16Self-assembled tunable networks of sticky colloidal particles
03/03/16Compact liquid nitrogen pump
03/03/16Undulator with dynamic compensation of magnetic forces
03/03/16Multiple operating system rotation environment moving target defense
02/04/16Compact mobile-reader system for two-way wireless communication, tracking and status monitoring for transport safety and security
02/04/16Bi-metallic nanoparticles as cathode electrocatalysts
01/28/16Plzt capacitor on glass substrate
01/21/16Electrolytes comprising metal amide and metal chlorides for multivalent battery
12/24/15Low friction wear resistant graphene films
12/17/15Wound/stacked ceramic film capacitors, making ceramic film capacitors
12/17/15Materials for solid state electrolytes and protective electrode coatings for lithium batteries
12/10/15Method and strategy for multiplexing battery cycler hardware
12/03/15Atomic layer epitaxy of hematite on indium tin oxide for application in solar energy conversion
12/03/15Vitrified chemically bonded phosphate ceramics for immobilization of radioisotopes
11/26/15Mechanical design of multiple zone plates precision alignment hard x-ray focusing in twenty-nanometer scale
11/19/15Electrode materials for rechargeable battery
11/05/15Cobalt-stabilized lithium metal oxide electrodes for lithium batteries
11/05/15Process for the production of low flammability electrolyte solvents
10/29/15Nanoparticles for heat transfer and thermal energy storage
10/29/15Ultrananocrystalline diamond films with optimized dielectric properties for advanced rf mems capacitive switches
10/29/15Method to fabricate portable electron source based on nitrogen incorporated ultrananocrystalline diamond (n-uncd)
10/22/15Charge gradient microscopy
10/22/15All 2d, high mobility, flexible, transparent thin film transistor
10/15/15Thermal kinetic inductance detector
10/08/15Surface modification agents for lithium batteries
10/08/15Functionalized ionic liquid electrolytes for lithium ion batteries
10/01/15Intermetallic nanoparticles
09/17/15Creation of high-pinning microstructures in post production ybco coated conductors
09/10/15Sequential infiltration synthesis for advanced lithography
09/10/15Anode materials for lithium ion batteries
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08/27/15Modular latent heat thermal energy storage systems
08/20/15Materials for use with aqueous redox flow batteries and related methods and sysytems
08/13/15Electroactive materials for rechargeable batteries
08/06/15High voltage redox shuttles, making high voltage redox shuttles
07/23/15Method for ultra-fast boriding
07/23/15Graphene layer formation at low substrate temperature on a metal and carbon based substrate
07/16/15Superlubricating graphene and graphene oxide films
07/09/15Electrocatalysts using porous polymers and preparation
06/25/15Transient multivariable sensor evaluation
06/25/15Electrode materials for rechargeable batteries
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06/25/15Multi-component intermetallic electrodes for lithium batteries
06/25/15Lithium metal oxide electrodes for lithium batteries
06/25/15Cobalt-stabilized lithium metal oxide electrodes for lithium batteries
06/25/15Non-platinum group metal electrocatalysts using metal organic framework materials and preparation
06/18/15Carbon nanofiber materials and lubricants
06/18/15Method for fabrication of ceramic dielectric films on copper foils
06/18/15Hollow nanoparticle cathode materials for sodium electrochemical cells and batteries
06/18/15Lithium air batteries having ether-based electrolytes
04/23/15Method for coating ultrafine particles, system for coating ultrafine particles
04/02/15Enhanced methods for operating refueling station tube-trailers to reduce refueling cost
04/02/15Microfluidic process monitor for industrial solvent extraction system
04/02/15X-ray monitoring optical elements
04/02/15Lithium-air batteries, making lithium-air batteries
03/26/15Tribological synthesis producing low-friction surface film coating
03/05/15Designed porosity materials in nuclear reactor components
03/05/15Coating of nuclear fuel cladding materials, coating nuclear fuel cladding materials
03/05/15Ald coating of nuclear fuel actinides materials
02/26/15Radiation beam collimation system and method
02/26/15Non-platinum group metal electrocatalysts using metal organic framework materials and preparation
02/19/15High voltage lithium ion batteries having fluorinated electrolytes and lithium-based additives
02/12/15Compositions and methods for direct capture of organic materials from process streams
02/12/15Amorphous titania/carbon composite electrode materials
02/05/15Redox shuttles for lithium ion batteries
02/05/15Superabsorbing gel for actinide, lanthanide, and fission product decontamination
01/29/15Resource loading use in atmosphere-containment scenarios
01/29/15Method and system for continuous atomic layer deposition
01/22/15Carbon dioxide capture using resin-wafer electrodeionization
01/01/15Positive electrodes for lithium batteries
12/25/14Resonance-shifting luminescent solar concentrators
12/25/14Wireless remote monitoring of critical facilities
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12/18/14Organic non-aqueous cation-based redox flow batteries
12/18/14Hydrogen oxidation reaction rate by promotion of hydroxyl adsorption
11/13/14Diffraction leveraged modulation of x-ray pulses using mems-based x-ray optics
10/30/14Interferometric millimeter wave and thz wave doppler radar
10/30/14Surface protected lithium-metal-oxide electrodes
10/23/14Advanced thermal properties of a suspension with graphene nano-platelets (gnps) and custom functionalized f-gnps
10/16/14Subnanometer catalytic clusters for water splitting, splitting water using subnanometer catalyst clusters
10/09/14High resolution characterization of biological matrices
09/18/14Non-aqueous electrolyte for lithium-ion battery
09/18/14Porous graphene nanocages for battery applications
09/18/14Novel materials as additives for advanced lubrication
09/11/14Sulfur cathode hosted in porous organic polymeric matrices
09/11/14Coating of porous carbon for use in lithium air batteries
09/11/14Functional electrolyte for lithium-ion batteries
09/11/14Simultaneous topographic and elemental chemical and magnetic contrast in scanning tunneling microscopy
08/21/14Redox shuttle additives for lithium-ion batteries
08/07/14Ald reactor for coating porous substrates
08/07/14Heteroaromatic-based electrolytes for lithium and lithium-ion batteries
07/31/14High capacity electrode materials for batteries and process for their manufacture
07/31/14Advanced separators based on aromatic polymer for high energy density lithium batteries
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07/31/14Electroactive materials for rechargeable batteries
07/03/14Non-aqueous electrolyte for lithium-ion battery
06/19/14Ultrananocrystalline diamond films with optimized dielectric properties for advanced rf mems capacitive switches
06/05/14Production of battery grade materials via an oxalate method
05/29/14Graphene layer formation on a carbon based substrate
05/15/14Silicon-carbonaceous encapsulated materials
05/08/14Electrode structures and surfaces for li batteries
05/01/14Hydrogen evolution reaction catalyst
04/03/14Transmission-geometry electrochemical cell for in-situ scattering and spectroscopy investigations
03/20/14Generic approach for synthesizing asymmetric nanoparticles and nanoassemblies
03/20/14Transformable rhodobacter strains, producing transformable rhodobacter strains
03/06/14Sodium chalcogenide electrodes for sodium batteries
02/27/14Micro-balance sensor integrated with atomic layer deposition chamber
02/27/14Mechanical design of deformation compensated flexural pivots structured for linear nanopositioning stages
02/06/14Electrode materials for rechargeable battery
01/30/14Nanowire and microwire fabrication technique and product
01/23/14Non-aqueous electrolytes for lithium-air batteries
01/23/14Precision mechanical structure of an ultra-high-resolution spectrometer for inelastic x-ray scattering instrument
12/19/13Tunable resistance coatings
12/19/13Ultrasound assisted in-situ formation of carbon/sulfur cathodes
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12/19/13Method of making dielectric capacitors with increased dielectric breakdown strength
10/31/13Multiscale light amplification structures for surface enhanced raman spectroscopy
10/17/13Synthesis of electrocatalysts using metal-organic framework materials
10/17/13Graphene layer formation on a carbon based substrate
10/17/13Graphene layer formation at low substrate temperature on a metal and carbon based substrate
10/17/13Method for crystallizing amorphous silicon thin film and fabricating poly crystalline thin film transistor using the same
10/10/13Nanolaminates of al2o3/tio2 with giant dielectric constant low-leakage-low loss-extended frequency operation for new-generation nanoelectronics and energy storage devices
10/03/13Sequential infiltration synthesis for enhancing multiple-patterning lithography
10/03/13Compressive passive millimeter wave imager
09/26/13Frequency stabilization in nonlinear mems and nems oscillators
09/12/13Hybrid radiator cooling system
09/12/13Internal gas and liquid distributor for electrodeionization device
09/05/13Cathode material for lithium batteries
09/05/13Superabsorbing gel for actinide, lanthanide, and fission product decontamination
08/29/13Organic non-aqueous cation-based redox flow batteries
08/29/13Dual-stage trapped-flux magnet cryostat for measurements at high magnetic fields
08/29/13Controlling the emissive properties of materials-improved lasers and upconversion materials
05/23/13Surface stabilized electrodes for lithium batteries
05/16/13Method for improving catalyst function in auto-thermal and partial oxidation reformer-based processors
04/04/13Method for producing highly conformal transparent conducting oxides
04/04/13Bimetallic alloy electrocatalysts with multilayered platinum-skin surfaces
04/04/13Bioprocess utilizing carbon dioxide and electrodeionization
04/04/13Electron linac for medical isotope production with improved energy efficiency and isotope recovery
04/04/13Methods for producing cu-67 radioisotope with use of a ceramic capsule for medical applications
04/04/13Method for making particle/polymer composites and applications
04/04/13Simple method to fabricate nano-porous diamond membranes
04/04/13Method for fabrication of crack-free ceramic dielectric films
04/04/13Method for patterning nano particles
04/04/13Novel formulation of hexa-aluminates for reforming fuels
04/04/13Low-cost fabricating palladium and palladium-alloy thin films on porous supports
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03/28/13Interface colloidal robotic manipulator
03/28/13Method for spatially modulating x-ray pulses using mems-based x-ray optics
03/28/13Semiconductor-based detection and decontamination system
03/28/13Electrode structures and surfaces for li batteries
03/28/13Novel materials as additives for advanced lubrication
03/28/13Autogenic reaction synthesis of photocatalysts for solar fuel generation
03/21/13Method for producing thin film electrodes
03/07/13Ultra-fast boriding of metal surfaces for improved properties
02/28/13Resonance-shifting luminescent solar concentrators
02/28/13Electrolyte compositions for lithium and lithium-ion batteries
02/07/13Frequency based electric vehicle charge controller implementing demand response and regulation services to power grid using frequency detection
01/24/13Positive electrode for a lithium battery
01/17/13Method and extraction of strontium from urine
01/03/13Multi-layer micro/nanofluid devices with bio-nanovalves
11/01/12Surface modification agents for lithium batteries
10/18/12Electrode structures and surfaces for li batteries
10/11/12System and implementing enhanced optics fabrication
10/11/12Multilayer capacitors, making multilayer capacitors
09/27/12Sequential infiltration synthesis for advanced lithography
09/27/12Radar detection of radiation-induced ionization in air
09/13/12Autogenic pressure reactions for battery materials manufacture
08/30/12Atomic layer deposition of super-conducting niobium silicide
08/30/12Microfluidic mixer, mixing fluids
08/23/12Doping control by ald surface functionalization
08/16/12Highly durable nanoscale electrocatalyst based on core shell particles
08/02/12Ultrananocrystalline diamond films with optimized dielectric properties for advanced rf mems capacitive switches
08/02/12Rf-mems capacitive switches with high reliability
08/02/12Containerless synthesis of amorphous and nanophase organic materials
07/26/12Microchannel plate detector and methods for their fabrication

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