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United Technologies Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to United Technologies Corporation. United Technologies Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: United Technologies Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with United Technologies Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Geared architecture gas turbine engine with oil scavenge

United Technologies

Geared architecture gas turbine engine with oil scavenge

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Count Application # Date United Technologies Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015006000203/05/15 new patent  Die casting system and cell
22015006528503/05/15 new patent  Geared architecture gas turbine engine with oil scavenge
32015005287302/26/15Torque connector lubrication scuppers
42015005290702/26/15Thermal management system for gas turbine engine
52015005378902/26/15Linkage to control and restrain flap movement
62015005012702/19/15Air with integral spring for a gas turbine engine exhaust drive
72015005104002/19/15Oil baffle for gas turbine fan drive gear system
82015004202302/12/15Hybrid part made from monolithic ceramic skin and cmc core
92015004402802/12/15Low pressure ratio fan engine having a dimensional relationship between inlet and fan size
102015004405202/12/15Geared turbofan with fan blades designed to achieve laminar flow
112015004520002/12/15Ceramic component
122015003760202/05/15System and high temperature die casting tooling
132015002710101/29/15Geared gas turbine engine architecture for enhanced efficiency
142015002713001/29/15Split ring valve
152015002765701/29/15Method and casting core for forming a landing for welding a baffle inserted in an airfoil
162015003044001/29/15Fireshield fastener hood
172015003044301/29/15Split damped outer shroud for gas turbine engine stator arrays
182015002378001/22/15Liner attaching scheme
192015002429601/22/15Method and system for operating a flow battery system based on energy costs
202015001330101/15/15Turbine engine including balanced low pressure stage count
222015001348001/15/15Plated instrumentation probes and sensors
232015001393401/15/15Article with grouped grain patterns
242015001695401/15/15Blade outer air seal assembly and support
252015001696501/15/15Link arm drag reducing device
262015000826801/08/15Pivot thrust reverser with multi-point actuation
272015000008901/01/15Clamp connector
282015000030301/01/15Wireless power for gas turbine engine instrumentation
292015000030401/01/15Removable nosecone for a gas turbine engine
302015000395601/01/15Variable vane scheduling
312015000396801/01/15Gas turbine engine with attached nosecone
322015000399501/01/15Aircraft engine component with locally tailored materials
332015000399701/01/15Method of forming hybrid metal ceramic components
342014037354912/25/14Cooling hole with curved metering section
352014037355412/25/14Air turbine starter pressure monitor system
362014037361012/25/14Engine inspection apparatus and system
372014037505612/25/14Method of operating a power generation system
382014036654812/18/14Turbine engine gearbox
392014036655412/18/14Cross reference to related applications
402014036655612/18/14Gas turbine engine vane-to-transition duct seal
412014036661312/18/14Probe retention-sealing feature
422014036978312/18/14Self-retaining shear pin for blind mount location
432014036980412/18/14Variable bleed slot in centrifugal impeller
442014036981812/18/14Planetary gear system arrangement with auxiliary oil system
452014036015212/11/14Oil tank mount with yoke
462014036015312/11/14Gas turbine engine thermal management system
472014036330512/11/14Hybrid turbine blade for improved engine performance or architecture
482014035656012/04/14Castings and manufacture methods
492014035839812/04/14Use of ss data trends in fault resolution process
502014035850012/04/14Probalistic high cycle fatigue (hcf) design optimization process
512014034857711/27/14Tie bolt employing differential thread
522014034863011/27/14Noise reducing vane
532014034864011/27/14Thrust efficient turbofan engine
542014033833611/20/14Gas turbine engine combustor with integrated combustor vane
552014033835111/20/14Gas turbine engine combustor with tailored temperature profile
562014033835711/20/14Cavity swirl fuel injector for an augmentor section of a gas turbine engine
572014033836011/20/14Bleed port ribs for turbomachine case
582014033219111/13/14Extreme environment heat exchanger
592014033491611/13/14Borescope inspection port fitting
602014032684211/06/14Oil tank mount with stiffeners
612014031813310/30/14Thrust efficient turbofan engine
622014031814310/30/14Multi-circuit buffer system for a gas turbine engine
632014031814710/30/14Low noise compressor rotor for geared turbofan engine
642014032196110/30/14Mate face cooling holes for gas turbine engine component
652014032302210/30/14Airfoil edge form transfer grinding tool
662014032436310/30/14System reliability analysis and management using physics-based models embedded in a baysian network
672014031112110/23/14Pulse detonation engine having a scroll ejector attenuator
682014031114910/23/14Gas turbine engine fan blade airfoil profile
692014031261110/23/14Locking fluid fittings
702014031454010/23/14Gas turbine engine synchronization ring
712014031454110/23/14Turbomachine thrust balancing system
722014031454210/23/14Gas turbine engine exhaust diffuser with movable struts
732014031454610/23/14Turbine engine gearbox mount with multiple fuse joints
742014031454710/23/14Attachment ceramic matrix composite materials
752014031458110/23/14Method for forming single crystal parts using additive manufacturing and remelt
762014029878810/09/14Gas turbine engine including pneumatic actuator system
772014030142510/09/14Backstrike detection system for laser drilling thin materials
782014030182910/09/14Engine bearing support
792014029021110/02/14Turbine engine including balanced low pressure stage count
802014029021310/02/14Duct blocker seal assembly for a gas turbine engine
812014029026910/02/14Duct blocker seal assembly for a gas turbine engine
822014029455810/02/14Turbomachine fluid delivery manifold and system
832014028350009/25/14Thrust efficient turbofan engine
842014028350109/25/14Elongated geared turbofan with high bypass ratio
852014028674809/25/14Fan containment case with thermally conforming liner
862014028675409/25/14Elongated geared turbofan with high bypass ratio
872014028675509/25/14Ring gear mounting arrangement with oil scavenge scheme
882014028678109/25/14Integral fan blade wear pad and platform seal
892014025966109/18/14Variable area fan nozzle with wall thickness distribution
902014026017609/18/14Lube tube expansion and torque retaining device
912014026018209/18/14Free stream intake for reverse core engine
922014026018309/18/14Variable cycle intake for reverse core engine
932014026032109/18/14Gas turbine engine static structure joint with undercuts
942014026179709/18/14Tube fitting having integrated tee fitting
952014026810009/18/14Multiple laser time of arrival probe
962014026981709/18/14Phosphor thermometry fiber sensor
972014027062509/18/14High temperature uncooled optical probe
982014027110109/18/14Modulated turbine vane cooling
992014027111209/18/14Low noise turbine for geared gas turbine engine
1002014027112109/18/14Gas turbine engine architecture with intercooled twin centrifugal compressor
1012014027113509/18/14Turbofan engine bearing and gearbox arrangement
1022014027117809/18/14Fan blades for gas turbine engines with reduced stress concentration at leading edge
1032014027122109/18/14Usage of a witness mark to distinguish support structure from part
1042014027245609/18/14Spallation-resistant thermal barrier coating
1052014027374709/18/14Removing material from a workpiece with a water jet
1062014027375709/18/14Drag finishing system, method and fixture for gas turbine engine airfoils
1072014027453109/18/14Fan drive planetary gear system integrated carrier and torque frame
1082014025086209/11/14Reverse flow gas turbine engine airflow bypass
1092014025086309/11/14Rear mounted reverse core engine thrust reverser
1102014025089509/11/14Modulated ejector cooling
1112014025138109/11/14Pulse jet liquid gas cleaning system
1122014025179109/11/14Cathodic arc deposition stinger
1132014025180309/11/14Cathodic arc mask assembly lock system
1142014025216009/11/14Reverse flow gas turbine engine removable core
1152014025216109/11/14De-couple geared turbo-fan engine and aircraft
1162014025216209/11/14Uav launching from moving platform
1172014025216709/11/14Reverse core engine thrust reverser for under wing
1182014025218309/11/14Sensor hoop storage and transport apparatus
1192014025276409/11/14Two-piece self-locking mechanism for tube assemblies
1202014025463109/11/14Actively cooled gas turbine sensor probe housing
1212014025511209/11/14Broach tool rake face with a tailored surface topography
1222014025514409/11/14Flanged bushing for variable vane
1232014025515609/11/14Non-contacting seals for geared gas turbine engine bearing compartments
1242014025515809/11/14Coating process for gas turbine engine component with cooling holes
1252014025516209/11/14Adjustable floating oil channel for gas turbine engine gear drive
1262014025516709/11/14Consumable assembly tool for a gas turbine engine
1272014025516809/11/14Inter-module flow discourager
1282014025517209/11/14Low profile push-lock device
1292014025517409/11/14Manufacture of full ring strut vane pack
1302014025518209/11/14Push-lock pin connector
1312014025519609/11/14Double split blade lock ring
1322014025519809/11/14Turbine disk fabrication with in situ material property variation
1332014025520209/11/14Turbine engine nosecone with deformation region
1342014024574909/04/14Nacelle anti-ice valve utilized as compressor stability bleed valve during starting
1352014024575009/04/14Circumferentially retained fairing
1362014024575109/04/14Passages to facilitate a secondary flow between components
1372014024575309/04/14Gas turbine engine rotor blade
1382014024651409/04/14Turbomachine thrust reverser
1392014024811509/04/14Active clearance control system with zone controls
1402014024811609/04/14Acoustic treatment in an unducted area of a geared turbomachine
1412014024812609/04/14Inter-module finger seal
1422014024812709/04/14Turbine engine component with dual purpose rib
1432014024812809/04/14Seals for a circumferential stop ring in a turbine exhaust case
1442014024812909/04/14Lpc flowpath shape with gas turbine engine shaft bearing configuration
1452014024813009/04/14Seal hook mount structure with overlapped coating
1462014024813609/04/14Multifunction positioning lock washer
1472014024815209/04/14Plate for directing flow and film cooling of components
1482014024815609/04/14Composite articles and methods
1492014023799008/28/14Variable area fan nozzle with wall thickness distribution
1502014023802708/28/14Thermally compliant dual wall liner for a gas turbine engine
1512014023908308/28/14Pivot thrust reverser surrounding inner surface of bypass duct
1522014023908408/28/14Tandem thrust reverser with sliding rails
1532014024185108/28/14Axial oil scoop for a gas turbine engine
1542014024185608/28/14Gas turbine engine systems involving tip fans
1552014024185708/28/14Flow diverter to redirect secondary flow
1562014024187408/28/14Wear liner spring seal
1572014024189708/28/14Aluminum brazing of hollow titanium fan blades
1582014024227808/28/14Split coating mask system for gas turbine engine component
1592014023024608/21/14Thermally free hanger with length adjustment feature
1602014023040308/21/14Gas turbine engine shaft bearing configuration
1612014023045208/21/14Planetary gear system arrangement with auxiliary oil system
1622014023094308/21/14Support system bumper for exhaust duct liner hanger
1632014023143708/21/14Cap drain plug
1642014023407808/21/14Method for setting a gear ratio of a fan drive gear system of a gas turbine engine
1652014023407908/21/14Geared architecture for high speed and small volume fan drive turbine
1662014023408508/21/14Bushing arranged between a body and a shaft, and connected to the shaft
1672014023408608/21/14Bushing arranged between a body and a shaft, and connected to the shaft
1682014023408708/21/14Inlet guide vane retention feature
1692014023409808/21/14Turbine case retention hook with insert
1702014022391608/14/14Gas turbine engine with compressor inlet guide vane positioned for starting
1712014022391908/14/14Flexible liner hanger
1722014022392008/14/14Consumable assembly mistake proofing tool for a gas turbine engine
1732014022538808/14/14Latch release mechanism
1742014022693008/14/14Test equipment with housing damping system
1752014022707808/14/14Mid-turbine frame vane assembly support with retention unit
1762014022708408/14/14Compound star gear system with rolling element bearings
1772014022708708/14/14Blade outer air seal surface
1782014022709308/14/14Low profile thermally free blind liner hanger attachment for complex shapes
1792014021599708/07/14Flexible shield for fluid connectors
1802014021600208/07/14Gas turbine engine having slim-line nacelle
1812014021600308/07/14Gas turbine engine with geared turbofan and oil thermal management system
1822014021600508/07/14Gas turbine engine assembly including a thrust reverser
1832014021604208/07/14Combustor component with cooling holes formed by additive manufacturing
1842014021605608/07/14Heat exchange module for a turbine engine
1852014021651308/07/14High zt thermoelectric with reversible junction
1862014021977208/07/14Individual inlet guide vane control for tip turbine engine
1872014021977408/07/14Turbomachine geared architecture support assembly
1882014021977808/07/14Gas turbine engine airfoil with vane platform cooling passage
1892014021978308/07/14Gas turbine engine fan drive gear system damper
1902014021978508/07/14Vane arm having a claw
1912014021979108/07/14Lug for preventing rotation of a stator vane arrangement relative to a turbine engine case
1922014021979208/07/14Pylon matched fan exit guide vane for noise reduction in a geared turbofan engine
1932014021979308/07/14Health monitoring for hollow blades
1942014021979408/07/14Bore cavity thermal conditioning system
1952014021980708/07/14Under-root spacer for gas turbine engine fan blade
1962014021980808/07/14Sheath with extended wings
1972014021981508/07/14Multi-lobed cooling hole
1982014022231008/07/14Engine monitor for a multi-engine system
1992014020871407/31/14Thermal management for gas turbine engine
2002014020877107/31/14Gas turbine engine component cooling arrangement
2012014020883707/31/14Gas turbine engine vane embedded beam interrupt optical tip-timing probe system
2022014021099207/31/14Infrared thermography with laser
2032014021226007/31/14Airfoil assembly with paired endwall contouring
2042014021226107/31/14Lightweight shrouded fan
2052014021226207/31/14Variable outer air seal support
2062014021226307/31/14Airfoil with variable profile responsive to thermal conditions
2072014021227007/31/14Gas turbine engine component having suction side cutback opening
2082014021227607/31/14Variable outer air seal fluid control
2092014021228107/31/14Flow feed diffuser
2102014021229207/31/14Airfoil member and composite platform having contoured endwall
2112014021229707/31/14Gas turbine engine serpentine cooling passage with chevrons
2122014021229807/31/14Gas turbine engine turbine blade tip cooling
2132014021278707/31/14Multiple transition flow field and method
2142014021278807/31/14Fuel cell and membrane therefore
2152014020213307/24/14Gas turbine engine mid turbine frame with flow turning features
2162014020217007/24/14Composite articles and methods
2172014020543807/24/14Relationship between fan and primary exhaust stream velocities in a geared gas turbine engine
2182014020545207/24/14Wind turbine blade
2192014020546107/24/14Vacuum degassing laser-blocking material system and procses
2202014020546207/24/14Hvata-hybrid vertical axis turbine assembly operable under omni-directional flow for power generating systems
2212014020549307/24/14High temperature directionally solidified and single crystal die casting
2222014020649607/24/14Method of assembly for gas turbine fan drive gear system
2232014019643307/17/14Gas turbine engine component platform cooling
2242014019643407/17/14Shroud for sealing conduit feed-through
2252014019647007/17/14Gas turbine engine buffer system
2262014019647107/17/14Fan drive gear system flexible support features
2272014019647207/17/14Geared turbofan gas turbine engine architecture
2282014019647307/17/14Geared turbofan gas turbine engine architecture
2292014019917607/17/14Gas turbine engine nose cone attachment configuration
2302014019917707/17/14Airfoil and making
2312014019949007/17/14Deposition substrate temperature and monitoring
2322014019016707/10/14Ceramic combustor can for a gas turbine engine
2332014019017507/10/143d non-axisymmetric combustor liner
2342014019018107/10/14Rotor cover plate
2352014019065407/10/14Cast features for a turbine engine airfoil
2362014019323807/10/14Method for setting a gear ratio of a fan drive gear system of a gas turbine engine
2372014019324607/10/14Cooling hole with crenellation features
2382014019325107/10/14Stator anti-rotation device
2392014019326707/10/14Dmz fracture boundary limit
2402014019424007/10/14Journal pin oil supply for gear system
2412014019427207/10/14Method of treating a preceramic material
2422014018229207/03/14Integral instrumentation in additively manufactured components of gas turbine engines
2432014018229307/03/14Compressor rotor for gas turbine engine with deep blade groove
2442014018230807/03/14Gas turbine engine with v-band clamp connection for collector box
2452014018230907/03/14Geared gas turbine engine exhaust nozzle with chevrons
2462014018280907/03/14Mullite-containing investment casting core
2472014018297207/03/14Case with integral lubricant scavenge passage
2482014018316407/03/14Non-line of sight electro discharge machining system
2492014018329607/03/14Gas turbine engine having fan rotor driven by turbine exhaust and with a bypass

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