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United Technologies Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to United Technologies Corporation. United Technologies Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: United Technologies Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with United Technologies Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date United Technologies Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016017593006/23/16  new patent  High temperature fluidized bed for powder treatment
22016017593306/23/16  new patent  Fabrication of articles from nanowires
32016017598806/23/16  new patent  Method to immobilize an entrapped contaminant within a honeycomb structure
42016017599606/23/16  new patent  Repair material preform
52016017600006/23/16  new patent  Methods of roughing and finishing engine hardware
62016017773006/23/16  new patent  Hybrid airfoil for a gas turbine engine
72016017773206/23/16  new patent  Hollow fan blade for a gas turbine engine
82016017773306/23/16  new patent  Method of forming cooling holes
92016017773406/23/16  new patent  Airfoil showerhead pattern apparatus and system
102016017773506/23/16  new patent  Turbine blade having film cooling hole arrangement
112016017773606/23/16  new patent  Cooled airfoil structure
122016017773706/23/16  new patent  Gas turbine engine component with film cooling hole with accumulator
132016017773806/23/16  new patent  Gas turbine engine component with film cooling hole
142016017774006/23/16  new patent  Gas turbine engine component with conformal fillet cooling path
152016017775406/23/16  new patent  Bonded fan platform
162016017775506/23/16  new patent  Hardware geometry for increasing part overlap and maintaining clearance
172016017775606/23/16  new patent  Airfoil fillet
182016017775806/23/16  new patent  Angled rail holes
192016017776306/23/16  new patent  Gas turbine engine sealing arrangement
202016017776406/23/16  new patent  Compliant seal assembly and operating
212016017776506/23/16  new patent  Pinned seal
222016017776606/23/16  new patent  Mini blind stator leakage reduction
232016017776706/23/16  new patent  Trough seal for gas turbine engine
242016017776806/23/16  new patent  Blade tip clearance systems
252016017777206/23/16  new patent  Thermal inspection system
262016017777406/23/16  new patent  Low noise turbine for geared gas turbine engine
272016017778106/23/16  new patent  System and controlling an environmental condition of an engine electronic component
282016017778206/23/16  new patent  Engine component having platform with passageway
292016017778306/23/16  new patent  Housing support nut connection
302016017778806/23/16  new patent  Intergrated seal supports
312016017781906/23/16  new patent  Simplified engine bleed supply with low pressure environmental control system for aircraft
322016017782006/23/16  new patent  Low pressure environmental control system with safe pylon transit
332016017782806/23/16  new patent  Staged heat exchangers for multi-bypass stream gas turbine engines
342016017783006/23/16  new patent  Diffuser case mixing chamber for a turbine engine
352016017784006/23/16  new patent  Auxiliary component mounts
362016017784106/23/16  new patent  Planetary gear system for turbomachine
372016017806306/23/16  new patent  Tiered brush seal
382016017819906/23/16  new patent  Combustor dilution hole active heat transfer control apparatus and system
392016017820106/23/16  new patent  Gas turbine engine components and cooling cavities
402016016711206/16/16 Ceramic core for component casting
412016016712206/16/16 Die casting system and method
422016016718006/16/16 Direct deposition of metallic coating
432016016719006/16/16 Systems and methods for finishing flow elements
442016016719606/16/16 Systems and methods for polishing airfoils
452016016719706/16/16 System and polishing airfoils
462016016779106/16/16 Plated polymer aviation components
472016016779206/16/16 Aircraft anti-icing system
482016016866306/16/16 Aluminum alloys and manufacture methods
492016016871606/16/16 Plated polymer composite molding
502016016872106/16/16 Cold spray nozzle assembly
512016016899606/16/16 Removable riveted balance ring
522016016900006/16/16 Heat transfer pedestals with flow guide features
532016016900106/16/16 Diffused platform cooling holes
542016016900206/16/16 Airfoil trailing edge tip cooling
552016016900406/16/16 Cooling passages for gas turbine engine component
562016016900506/16/16 Gas turbine engine component with increased cooling capacity
572016016900806/16/16 System and blade with protective layer
582016016901106/16/16 Turbine airfoil attachment with multi-radial serration profile
592016016901206/16/16 Plated polymer components for a gas turbine engine
602016016901306/16/16 Gas turbine engine component with abrasive surface formed by electrical discharge machining
612016016901606/16/16 Reversible flow blade outer air seal
622016016902006/16/16 Gas turbine engine non-rotating structure wedge seal
632016016902106/16/16 Splined dog-bone seal
642016016902206/16/16 Annular cartridge seal
652016016902906/16/16 Geared turbofan engine with low pressure environmental control system for aircraft
662016016903206/16/16 Borescope plug assembly for gas turbine engine
672016016903406/16/16 Core case heating for gas turbine engines
682016016903606/16/16 Gas turbine engines with heated cases
692016016903906/16/16 Slots for turbomachine structures
702016016904006/16/16 Secondary sealing system
712016016904206/16/16 Temporary post maintenance oil filter for gas-turbine engine
722016016904406/16/16 Liners for turbomachinery cases
732016016904906/16/16 Pre-diffuser strut for gas turbine engine
742016016905006/16/16 Gas turbine engine mid-turbine frame tie rod arrangement
752016016910206/16/16 Reverse core flow gas turbine engine
762016016910806/16/16 Stepped fairing modulated exhaust cooling
772016016911806/16/16 Dual tower shaft gearbox for gas turbine engine
782016016912006/16/16 Fuel schedule for robust gas turbine engine transition between steady states
792016016915706/16/16 Gas turbine engine and thrust reverser assembly therefore
802016016924506/16/16 High compressor exit guide vane assembly to pre-diffuser junction
812016016924606/16/16 Plastic variable inlet guide vane
822016016925606/16/16 Method and assembly for attaching components
832016016926106/16/16 Ceramic bolt for exhaust panel
842016016942606/16/16 Variable cross-section tube profile apparatus and system
852016016951206/16/16 Cooled wall assembly for a combustor and design
862016016951406/16/16 Gas turbine engine diffuser-combustor assembly inner casing
872016016951506/16/16 Edge cooling for combustor panels
882016016951606/16/16 Gas turbine engine combustor bulkhead assembly
892016016952106/16/16 Swirler mount interface for gas turbine engine combustor
902016016952206/16/16 Fuel injector guide(s) for a turbine engine combustor
912016016978306/16/16 Tensile test geometry
922016016993906/16/16 System and coil sensor design, alignment and tuning
932016015883406/09/16 Castings and manufacture methods
942016015883506/09/16 Die casting system and cell
952016015896406/09/16 Ceramic-encapsulated thermopolymer pattern or support with metallic plating
962016015948806/09/16 Plated polymer nosecone
972016016035306/09/16 Interlocked plated polymers
982016016064806/09/16 Rotor disk assembly for a gas turbine engine
992016016065106/09/16 Airfoil including loose damper
1002016016065206/09/16 Cooled pocket in a turbine vane platform
1012016016065406/09/16 Turbine airfoil segment having film cooling hole arrangement
1022016016065606/09/16 Turbine airfoil segment having film cooling hole arrangement
1032016016065706/09/16 Staggered crossovers for airfoils
1042016016065806/09/16 Composite airfoil
1052016016066206/09/16 Turbine airfoil attachment with serration profile
1062016016066506/09/16 Gas turbine engine stator vane asymmetry
1072016016066606/09/16 Pre-diffuser with multiple radii
1082016016066806/09/16 Inner diffuser case cone and skirt
1092016016066906/09/16 Abrasive flow media fixture with end contour
1102016016067006/09/16 Vane assembly of a gas turbine engine
1112016016067306/09/16 Stiffness controlled abradable seal system and methods of making same
1122016016067406/09/16 Gas turbine engine forward bearing compartment architecture
1132016016067606/09/16 Gas turbine engine variable stator vane
1142016016067806/09/16 Ground handling system for a composite fan case and a using the same
1152016016068006/09/16 Compressed chopped fiber composite structural guide vane
1162016016068106/09/16 Plated polymer nacelle
1172016016068506/09/16 Eliminatin of unfavorable outflow margin
1182016016068606/09/16 Lubrication system for a gear system of a gas turbine
1192016016068706/09/16 Outer diffuser case for a gas turbine engine
1202016016071406/09/16 Gas turbine engine with split lubrication system
1212016016075806/09/16 Gas turbine engine nacelle anti-icing system
1222016016076006/09/16 Self-opening cooling passages for a gas turbine engine
1232016016076106/09/16 Gas turbine engine with single turbine driving two compressors
1242016016086306/09/16 Plated polymer fan
1252016016086906/09/16 Plated polymer compressor
1262016016087506/09/16 Gas turbine engine with fan clearance control
1272016016092406/09/16 Integral oil damper and jet for lubrication of bearings and seals
1282016016112106/09/16 Gas turbine engine with ceramic panel
1292016016112406/09/16 Single-fitting, dual-circuit fuel nozzle
1302016016124206/09/16 Non-contact strain measurement
1312016015182906/02/16 Additively manufactured core
1322016015185606/02/16 Transient liquid phase bonding of surface coatings metal-covered materials
1332016015197706/02/16 Additive manufacturing system and manufacture
1342016015200506/02/16 Hybrid plated composite stack
1352016015232006/02/16 Gas turbine engine spinner
1362016015284006/02/16 Hydrophobic coating for coated article
1372016015310206/02/16 High temperature additive manufacturing for organic matrix composites
1382016015327906/02/16 Low noise turbine for geared turbofan engine
1392016015328006/02/16 Drill to flow mini core
1402016015328206/02/16 Stress reduction for film cooled gas turbine engine component
1412016015328306/02/16 Gas turbine engine component with converging/diverging cooling passage
1422016015328606/02/16 Turbine clearance control utilizing low alpha material
1432016015328706/02/16 Plated polymer turbine component
1442016015328906/02/16 Gas turbine engine ceramic component assembly attachment
1452016015329106/02/16 Cooling system of a stator assembly for a gas turbine engine having a variable cooling flow mechanism and operation
1462016015329606/02/16 Flow discourager for vane sealing area of a gas turbine engine
1472016015330106/02/16 Non-linearly deflecting brush seal land
1482016015330306/02/16 Snap in platform damper and seal assembly for a gas turbine engine
1492016015330406/02/16 Low loss airfoil platform rim seal assembly
1502016015330506/02/16 Tuned rotor disk
1512016015330606/02/16 Radial position control of case support structure with splined connection
1522016015330706/02/16 Turbine blade tip clearance control
1532016015331006/02/16 Three spool turbofan engine with low noise intermediate turbine rotor
1542016015331106/02/16 Bleed valve resonator drain
1552016015331306/02/16 Flange partial section replacement repair
1562016015331506/02/16 Moment accommodating fastener assembly
1572016015335606/02/16 Geared turbofan engine gearbox arrangement
1582016015335806/02/16 Acoustic panel repair methods and apparatus
1592016015336106/02/16 Bleed valve resonance augmentations
1602016015336206/02/16 Turbomachine bypass flow diverting assembly and method
1612016015336306/02/16 Liquid separating air inlets
1622016015339706/02/16 Gas turbine engine system for modulating flow of fan by-pass air and core engine air
1632016015339906/02/16 Gas turbine engine and thrust reverser assembly therefore
1642016015346306/02/16 Fiber reinforced spacer for a gas turbine engine
1652016015346406/02/16 Aluminum airfoil
1662016015365806/02/16 Combustor wall for a gas turbine engine and acoustic dampening
1672016015365906/02/16 Gas turbine engine ceramic component assembly and bonding material
1682016015366006/02/16 Swirler mount interface for gas turbine engine combustor
1692016015386506/02/16 Gas turbine engine airfoil growth inspection method
1702016014442805/26/16 Build plate and additive manufacturing
1712016014610405/26/16 Angled core engine
1722016014442705/26/16 Fluidized bed for degassing and heat treating powders
1732016014443405/26/16 Method of additively manufacturing articles incorporating a substrate
1742016014446505/26/16 Repair or remanufacture of combustor liner panels with an oxidation resistant braze
1752016014457505/26/16 System and process for evaluating and manufacturing additively manufactured components
1762016014460105/26/16 Reinforced plated polymers
1772016014460205/26/16 Metal-encapsulated polymeric article
1782016014497205/26/16 Blended wing body boundary layer ingesting inlet design integration
1792016014544705/26/16 Plated polymers with intumescent compositions and temperature indicators
1802016014574705/26/16 Brush plating repair plated polymers
1812016014575505/26/16 Lightweight metal parts produced by plating polymers
1822016014575805/26/16 In-situ balancing of plated polymers
1832016014585005/26/16 Plated tubular lattice structure
1842016014602205/26/16 High-modulus coating for local stiffening of airfoil trailing edges
1852016014602305/26/16 Rotor with blades secured by woven fiber attachment system
1862016014603005/26/16 Non-metallic engine case inlet compression seal for a gas turbine engine
1872016014603205/26/16 Pressure seal with non-metallic wear surfaces
1882016014603305/26/16 Gas turbine engine clearance control
1892016014604005/26/16 Alternating vane asymmetry
1902016014604405/26/16 Internally cooled turbine platform
1912016014604805/26/16 Lubrication of journal bearing during clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation
1922016014604905/26/16 Sealing interface for a case of a gas turbine engine
1932016014605205/26/16 Forged cast forged outer case for a gas turbine engine
1942016014605305/26/16 Blade outer air seal support structure
1952016014605505/26/16 Liner hanger with spherical washers
1962016014610205/26/16 Geared architecture gas turbine engine with oil scavenge
1972016014610305/26/16 Gas turbine engine shaft members and maintenance method
1982016014610905/26/16 Compact aero-thermo model based control system estimator starting algorithm
1992016014646505/26/16 Nozzle guide for a combustor of a gas turbine engine
2002016014660105/26/16 Throat area calculation for a section of a gas turbine engine
2012016013785605/19/16 Nanocellular and nanocellular particle filled polymer composite coating for erosion protection
2022016013839905/19/16 Reinforced gas turbine engine rotor disk
2032016013841205/19/16 Shroud seal and wearliner
2042016013841605/19/16 Variable fan nozzle using shape memory material
2052016013842105/19/16 Nonlinear rolling bearing radial support stiffness
2062016013842205/19/16 Gear carrier flex mount lubrication
2072016013842505/19/16 Turbofan engine front section
2082016013847405/19/16 Low noise compressor rotor for geared turbofan engine
2092016013847705/19/16 Three spool geared turbofan with low pressure compressor drive gear system
2102016013852305/19/16 Optimal thrust control of an aircraft engine
2112016012967205/12/16 Underpotential deposition of metal monolayers from ionic liquids
2122016013070305/12/16 Cold spray nozzles
2132016013094605/12/16 Method to repair variable vanes
2142016013094905/12/16 Low noise turbine for geared turbofan engine
2152016013095005/12/16 Gas turbine engine component with rib support
2162016013095205/12/16 Vibration-damped composite airfoils and manufacture methods
2172016013095805/12/16 Gas turbine engine structural guide vanes
2182016013096305/12/16 Gas turbine engine and seal assembly therefore
2192016013096405/12/16 Gas turbine engine flow control device
2202016013096805/12/16 Platforms with leading edge features
2212016013097705/12/16 Turbine rotor segmented sideplates with anti-rotation
2222016013103605/12/16 Thermal management system for a gas turbine engine
2232016013103705/12/16 Supply duct for cooling air
2242016013103905/12/16 Gas turbine engine heat exchanger manifold
2252016013104305/12/16 Turbine engine gearbox
2262016013104405/12/16 Gas turbine engine driving multiple fans
2272016013108405/12/16 Geared turbofan arrangement with core split power ratio
2282016013115105/12/16 Gas turbine engine airfoil
2292016013136305/12/16 Combustor wall aperture body with cooling circuit
2302016013136405/12/16 Combustor dilution hole cooling
2312016013136505/12/16 Impingement film-cooled floatwall with backside feature
2322016013396405/12/16 Flow battery with manifold passage that varies in cross-section
2332016013527905/12/16 Instrumented article having compliant layer between conformal electronic device and substrate
2342016012138905/05/16 Additively manufactured casting articles for manufacturing gas turbine engine parts
2352016012200505/05/16 Embedded engines in hybrid blended wing body
2362016012255205/05/16 Abrasive rotor coating with rub force limiting features
2372016012255705/05/16 Corrosion resistant hydrophobic coatings and methods of production thereof
2382016012316005/05/16 Thermal-sprayed bonding of a ceramic structure to a substrate
2392016012316505/05/16 Variable area gas turbine engine component having movable spar and shell
2402016012316605/05/16 Turbine vanes with variable fillets
2412016012317005/05/16 Sealing systems
2422016012317605/05/16 High pressure compressor rotor thermal conditioning using outer diameter gas extraction
2432016012317705/05/16 Vane arm with inclined retention slot
2442016012318005/05/16 Over speed monitoring using a fan drive gear system
2452016012318405/05/16 Combined fan case ice liner and rear liner
2462016012318705/05/16 Heatshield assembly with double lap joint for a gas turbine engine
2472016012318805/05/16 Stator shroud systems
2482016012323005/05/16 Curved plate/fin heater exchanger
2492016012323305/05/16 Spline ring for a fan drive gear flexible support

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