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United Technologies Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to United Technologies Corporation. United Technologies Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: United Technologies Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with United Technologies Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date United Technologies Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015033603711/26/15  new patent  Fuel system with ice and large debris separator filter
22015033623311/26/15  new patent  Conditioning one or more internal surfaces of an object
32015033665511/26/15  new patent  Box wing with angled gas turbine engine cores
42015033685011/26/15  new patent  Thermal barrier coating for cmas resistance and low thermal conductivity
52015033766111/26/15  new patent  T-shaped platform leading edge anti-rotation tabs
62015033766611/26/15  new patent  Platform with curved edges adjacent suction side of airfoil
72015033766711/26/15  new patent  Airfoil cooling device and manufacture
82015033766811/26/15  new patent  Blade rub material
92015033767111/26/15  new patent  Abrasive blade tip treatment
102015033767211/26/15  new patent  Grooved blade outer air seals
112015033767311/26/15  new patent  Segmented clearance control ring
122015033767411/26/15  new patent  Seal assembly for arranging between a stator and a rotor
132015033767511/26/15  new patent  Active clearance control for gas turbine engine
142015033767711/26/15  new patent  Geared turbofan with high speed generator
152015033768111/26/15  new patent  Scupper channelling in gas turbine modules
162015033768211/26/15  new patent  Cooling architecture for turbine exhaust case
172015033768311/26/15  new patent  Angled cut to direct radiative heat load
182015033768411/26/15  new patent  Acoustic treatment to mitigate fan noise
192015033768711/26/15  new patent  Split cast vane fairing
202015033773111/26/15  new patent  Oil pump transfer plate
212015033773211/26/15  new patent  Gas turbine engine mid turbine frame bearing support
222015033773811/26/15  new patent  Two spool gas generator with improved air porting
232015033776211/26/15  new patent  Turbofan thrust reverser system
242015033789111/26/15  new patent  Linkage with spherical or journal bearing assembly
252015033800511/26/15  new patent  Cooling systems for gas turbine engine components
262015033827811/26/15  new patent  Gas turbine engine optical system
272015033836411/26/15  new patent  Multiple-excitation multiple-receiving (memr) capacitance tomography
282015034071011/26/15  new patent  Carbon electrode and method therefor
292015032868111/19/15 Multi-shot casting
302015032871711/19/15 Methods of repairing integrally bladed rotors
312015033022511/19/15 Rotor and gas turbine engine including a rotor
322015033022711/19/15 Blades and blade dampers for gas turbine engines
332015033022811/19/15 Airfoil tip pocket with augmentation features
342015033022911/19/15 Tip leakage flow directionality control
352015033023011/19/15 Tip leakage flow directionality control
362015033023911/19/15 Seal support disk and assembly
372015033024111/19/15 Gas turbine seal assembly and seal support
382015033024411/19/15 Multi-purpose gas turbine seal support and assembly
392015033024511/19/15 Flow diverter element and assembly
402015033024811/19/15 Heat shield for cooling a strut
412015033024911/19/15 Frame strut cooling holes
422015033025011/19/15 Turbine exhaust case architecture
432015033025111/19/15 Gas turbine engine with fluid damper
442015033025411/19/15 Compact nacelle with contoured fan nozzle
452015033025511/19/15 Anti-torsion assembly with wedge-shaped torque block
462015033030011/19/15 Two spool engine core with a starter
472015033030211/19/15 Geared turbofan gas turbine engine architecture
482015033030511/19/15 Anti-icing internal manifold
492015033030611/19/15 Gas generator with mount having air passages
502015033064511/19/15 Comfort estimation and incentive design for energy efficiency
512015033333511/19/15 Flow battery having electrodes with a plurality of different pore sizes and or different layers
522015033335411/19/15 Proton exchange material and method therefor
532015032121711/12/15 Solid state metal powder consolidation for structural components
542015032124911/12/15 Hybrid turbine blade for improved engine performance or architecture
552015032125011/12/15 Method for forming a directionally solidified replacement body for a component using additive manufacturing
562015032125311/12/15 Surface treatment of powers
572015032129611/12/15 Repair material preform
582015032129711/12/15 Systems and methods for repairing a surface of damaged metal components
592015032138211/12/15 Integral ceramic matrix composite fastener with non-polymer rigidization
602015032141711/12/15 Method for producing void-free additively manufactured components
612015032142211/12/15 Sensor fusion for powder bed manufacturing process control
622015032176411/12/15 Gas turbine engine inlet wall design
632015032256311/12/15 Fixture for application of coatings and using same
642015032258411/12/15 System and methods for electrochemical grinding with a screen
652015032279711/12/15 Blade element cross-ties
662015032279911/12/15 Method for forming components using additive manufacturing and re-melt
672015032280111/12/15 Airfoil leading edge film array
682015032280511/12/15 Blade underroot spacer with hook removal
692015032280611/12/15 High temperature compliant metallic elements for low contact stress ceramic support
702015032280711/12/15 Multi-ply finger seal
712015032280911/12/15 Blade rub material
722015032281611/12/15 Gas turbine engine and seal assembly therefore
732015032282011/12/15 Shrouded conduit for arranging a fluid flowpath
742015032285411/12/15 Gas turbine engine oil tank
752015032285511/12/15 Reverse flow gas turbine engine core
762015032286011/12/15 Variable vane segment
772015032292211/12/15 Generator with stator supported on rotor
782015032305611/12/15 Fan drive gear system integrated carrier and torque frame
792015032310711/12/15 Fluid couplings and methods for additive manufacturing thereof
802015032318211/12/15 Conjoined grommet assembly for a combustor
812015032318311/12/15 Case with integral heat shielding
822015032318611/12/15 Cooled fuel injector system for a gas turbine engine and operating the same
832015032346711/12/15 Chemiluminescence imaging system and monitoring a combustor flame of a turbine engine
842015031437311/05/15 Additive manufacturing system for minimizing thermal stresses
852015031591611/05/15 Platform with curved edges
862015031591811/05/15 Shrouded turbine blade with cut corner
872015031592211/05/15 Gas turbine engine with reinforced spinner
882015031592411/05/15 Universal seal
892015031592511/05/15 Gas turbine seal assembly and seal support
902015031592911/05/15 Gas turbine engine airfoil cooling passage configuration
912015031593011/05/15 Reducing variation in cooling hole meter length
922015031597411/05/15 Two spool gas generator with improved pressure split
932015031597611/05/15 Gas turbine engine variable area fan nozzle control
942015031597711/05/15 Gas turbine engine with low stage count low pressure turbine
952015031600011/05/15 Gas turbine engine systems and methods involving enhanced fuel dispersion
962015031667711/05/15 Capacitive probe fabricating from spray deposition
972015031855911/05/15 Fuel cell catalyst treatment
982015030671310/29/15 A fabricating a rotor of a turbofan engine
992015030799010/29/15 Method and system for controlling coating in non-line-of-sight locations
1002015030827410/29/15 Engine component with wear surface protection
1012015030828110/29/15 Low permeability high pressure compressor abradable seal for bare ni airfoils having continuous metal matrix
1022015030829210/29/15 Cowl with rate limited lock
1032015030833510/29/15 Method for setting a gear ratio of a fan drive gear system of a gas turbine engine
1042015030833910/29/15 Gas turbine engine with lower bifurcation heat exchanger
1052015030834110/29/15 Compressor injector apparatus and system
1062015030834210/29/15 Gas turbine engine vapor cooled centrifugal impeller
1072015030834310/29/15 Installation mounts for a turbine exhaust case
1082015030834410/29/15 Combination flow divider and bearing support
1092015030834810/29/15 Continuous detonation wave turbine engine
1102015030835110/29/15 Fundamental gear system architecture
1112015030835210/29/15 Gas turbine engine with fan-tied inducer section
1122015030844510/29/15 Gas turbine engine and buffer system therefor
1132015030844910/29/15 Gas turbine engine component with brazed cover
1142015030848510/29/15 Threaded fastener lock
1152015030851010/29/15 Systems and methods for engine bearings
1162015031097110/29/15 Magnetic material and method therefor
1172015029826110/22/15 Mitigating distortion of coated parts during laser drilling
1182015029879410/22/15 Aircraft with forward sweeping t-tail
1192015029881410/22/15 Clocked thrust reversers
1202015029881510/22/15 Redundant mount system
1212015029988410/22/15 Alloying interlayer for electroplated aluminum on aluminum alloys
1222015030017610/22/15 Spinner for electrically grounding fan blades
1232015030018010/22/15 Gas turbine engine turbine blade tip with coated recess
1242015030018610/22/15 Turbine engine variable area vane with feather seal
1252015030018710/22/15 Turbomachine thermal management
1262015030019510/22/15 Blade outer air seal with cored passages
1272015030019710/22/15 Gas turbine engine with geared architecture
1282015030019910/22/15 Turbofan with optical diagnostic capabilities
1292015030020110/22/15 Method of reducing manufacturing variation related to blocked cooling holes
1302015030020510/22/15 Systems and methods for anti-rotational features
1312015030020710/22/15 Gas turbine engine with low stage count low pressure turbine
1322015030025010/22/15 Two spool gas generator to create family of gas turbine engines
1332015030025210/22/15 Accessory gearbox with tower shaft removal capability
1342015030025310/22/15 Reduced length transition ducts
1352015030025610/22/15 Multiple bearing stack retention
1362015030025810/22/15 Cooling hole arrangement for engine component
1372015030026410/22/15 Geared turbofan architecture for regional jet aircraft
1382015030026510/22/15 Gas turbine engine with cooling scheme for drive gear system and pitch control
1392015030026610/22/15 Gas turbine engine buffer system
1402015030029310/22/15 Reverse core turbine engine mounted above aircraft wing
1412015030040110/22/15 Moment relief barrel washer
1422015030047710/22/15 Hardened silver coated journal bearing surfaces and method
1432015030091810/22/15 Combustor flameout detection logic
1442015029070710/15/15 Working additively manufactured parts
1452015029128910/15/15 Asymmetric thrust reversers
1462015029147310/15/15 Energy preparation of ceramic fiber for coating
1472015029233410/15/15 Turbine airfoil tip shelf and squealer pocket cooling
1482015029233610/15/15 Root lightening holes with slot
1492015029233810/15/15 Electrically grounding fan platforms
1502015029234210/15/15 Stator assembly for a gas turbine engine
1512015029234310/15/15 Turbine engine vane arrangement having a plurality of interconnected vane arrangement segments
1522015029234410/15/15 Ingestion blocking endwall feature
1532015029235310/15/15 High pressure compressor thermal shield apparatus and system
1542015029235610/15/15 Heat shield based air dam for a turbine exhaust case
1552015029235810/15/15 Gas turbine engine inner case including non-symmetrical bleed slots
1562015029235910/15/15 Lubricating a rotating component during forward and/or reverse rotation
1572015029240810/15/15 Dual filtration particle separator
1582015029241010/15/15 Gas turbine engine with plural accessory air paths
1592015029241110/15/15 Angled core gas turbine engine mounting
1602015029241510/15/15 Torsion spring internal damper
1612015029243710/15/15 Gas turbine engine convergent/divergent exhaust nozzle divergent seal with dovetail interface
1622015029257510/15/15 Anti-rotational systems and methods
1632015029257710/15/15 Damped anti-rotational systems
1642015029257810/15/15 Systems and methods for shock load reduction
1652015029274110/15/15 Combustor wall assembly for a turbine engine
1662015029393010/15/15 Portable memory device data modeling for effective processing for a gas turbine engine
1672015028360310/08/15 Rib bumper system
1682015028406710/08/15 Stabilizer with structural box and sacrificial surfaces
1692015028407110/08/15 Contra-rotating open rotor distributed propulsion system
1702015028407210/08/15 Drag reduction through ion field flow control
1712015028429510/08/15 Method of forming in-situ boron nitride for ceramic matrix composite environmental protection
1722015028429710/08/15 Formation of voids within components formed from porous substrates
1732015028508110/08/15 Gas turbine engine component with flow separating rib
1742015028508610/08/15 Gas turbine engine turbine vane platform cooling
1752015028509010/08/15 Gas turbine engine forward bearing compartment architecture
1762015028509510/08/15 Air stream mixing inner diameter (id) cavity
1772015028509610/08/15 Enclosed baffle for a turbine engine component
1782015028509710/08/15 Gas turbine engine component with platform cooling circuit
1792015028509910/08/15 Multi-purpose mounting
1802015028514710/08/15 Cooling system with a bearing compartment bypass
1812015028514810/08/15 Carbureted fuel injection system for a gas turbine engine
1822015028515210/08/15 Gas turbine engine and seal assembly therefore
1832015028515410/08/15 Load balanced journal bearing pin
1842015028515510/08/15 Method for setting a gear ratio of a fan drive gear system of a gas turbine engine
1852015028515710/08/15 Variable vane and seal arrangement
1862015028518410/08/15 Metallic-coated polymer thrust reverser cascades
1872015028518610/08/15 Integrated heat exchangers for low fan pressure ratio feared turbofan
1882015028549710/08/15 Thermally compliant grommet assembly
1892015028549810/08/15 Grommet assembly and design
1902015028583710/08/15 Apparatus and facilitating transmission of a wireless signal from embedded sensors
1912015028801110/08/15 Electrochemical device and controlling corrosion
1922015027430610/01/15 Hybrid drive for gas turbine engine
1932015027430710/01/15 Nacelle inner flow structure leading edge latching system
1942015027567910/01/15 Abrasive tip blade manufacture methods
1952015027568910/01/15 Composite fan containment case assembly
1962015027569010/01/15 Vented tangential on-board injector for a gas turbine engine
1972015027569210/01/15 Reduced fan containment threat through liner and blade design
1982015027569410/01/15 Structural guide vane circumferential load bearing shear pin
1992015027575710/01/15 Bleed duct for laminar fan duct flow
2002015027576110/01/15 Seal assembly with cooling feature
2012015027576610/01/15 Geared turbine engine with a d-duct and a thrust reverser
2022015027576710/01/15 Method of defining gas turbine engine control ratings
2032015026754109/24/15 Fan blade composite cover with tapered edges
2042015026755109/24/15 Auxiliary device for three air flow path gas turbine engine
2052015026761009/24/15 Turbine enigne including balanced low pressure stage count
2062015026761709/24/15 Integrated thermal system for a gas turbine engine
2072015026761809/24/15 Geared turbofan high gearbox power density
2082015026773709/24/15 Pitch diameter shank bolt with shear sleeve
2092015026780209/24/15 Oil baffle for gas turbine fan drive gear system
2102015025860809/17/15 Casting funnel
2112015025905909/17/15 Stabilizer sacrificial surfaces
2122015026004809/17/15 Component with cooling hole having helical groove
2132015026005109/17/15 Geared low fan pressure ratio fan exit guide vane stagger angle
2142015026005409/17/15 Low compressor having variable vanes
2152015026005709/17/15 Mid-turbine frame with fairing attachment
2162015026021509/17/15 High temperature thread locking compound
2172015026039909/17/15 Combustor section of a gas turbine engine
2182015026040409/17/15 Interface heat shield for a combustor of a gas turbine engine
2192015026335809/17/15 Flow battery with mixed flow
2202015025124209/10/15 Casting cores and manufacture methods
2212015025177409/10/15 Engine installation system
2222015025246409/10/15 Equipment for plasma spray with liquid injection
2232015025267209/10/15 Ring gear mounting arrangement with oil scavenge scheme
2242015025267809/10/15 Fan blade spacer
2252015025267909/10/15 Static guide vane with internal hollow channels
2262015025268009/10/15 Synchronization ring runner with cradle
2272015025268209/10/15 Hybrid blade outer air seal for gas turbine engine
2282015025268609/10/15 Rotor blade tip clearance
2292015025272309/10/15 Compressor areas for high overall pressure ratio gas turbine engine
2302015025272809/10/15 Gas turbine engine having support structure with swept leading edge
2312015025272909/10/15 Inner diffuser case struts for a combustor of a gas turbine engine
2322015025273009/10/15 Geared turbine engine with relatively lightweight propulsor module
2332015025273109/10/15 Gas turbine engine including bleed system coupled to upstream and downstream locations of compressor
2342015025273209/10/15 Gas turbine engine with intercooling turbine section and intercooling turbine section bypass
2352015025275109/10/15 Geared gas turbine engine integrated with a variable area fan nozzle with reduced noise
2362015025275209/10/15 Low weight large fan gas turbine engine
2372015025301009/10/15 Dual fuel nozzle with concentric fuel passages for a gas turbine engine
2382015025326209/10/15 Systems and methods for x-ray diffraction
2392015025579809/10/15 Platinum alloy nano catalyst with a non-platinum core
2402015024742409/03/15 Geared turbofan engine with optimized diffuser case flange location
2412015024742509/03/15 Non-circular aft nacelle cowling geometry
2422015024745409/03/15 Geared turbofan engine with inter-shaft deflection feature
2432015024745509/03/15 External core gas turbine engine assembly
2442015024745609/03/15 Offset core engine architecture
2452015024745809/03/15 Bearing support stiffness control
2462015024746009/03/15 Sensor adapter
2472015024746109/03/15 Geared turbofan with high fan rotor power intensity
2482015024746209/03/15 Gas turbine engine thermal management system for heat exchanger using bypass flow
2492015024949909/03/15 Support system for fiber optic components in harsh environment machines

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