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Recent patent applications related to United Technologies Corporation. United Technologies Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: United Technologies Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with United Technologies Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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01/19/17 new patent  Systems and methods for dissimilar material welding
01/19/17 new patent  Ceramic coating polishing method
01/19/17 new patent  Method of bonding a metallic component to a non-metallic component using a compliant material
01/19/17 new patent  Method for closed pore ceramic
01/19/17 new patent  Case hardening high performance long life martensitic stainless steel bearings
01/19/17 new patent  Ceramic coating deposition
01/19/17 new patent  Seal runner with controlled oil lubrication
01/19/17 new patent  Method for coating compressor blade tips
01/12/17Chill plate for equiax casting solidification control for solid mold casting of reticulated metal foams
01/12/17Working additively manufactured parts
01/12/17An additive manufacturing system with a multi-energy beam gun and operation
01/12/17Method for generating an airfoil including an aerodynamically-shaped fillet and airfoils including the aerodynamically-shaped fillet
01/12/17Circumferential axial segmented trough seal
01/12/17Toggle seal for a rim seal
01/12/17Non-contact seal assembly for rotational equipment with linkage between adjacent rotors
01/12/17Thermally compliant heatshield
01/12/17Nacelle anti-ice system and method with equalized flow
01/12/17Gas turbine engine aft bearing arrangement
01/12/17Cooled cooling air system for a turbofan engine
01/12/17Fbo torque reducing feature in fan shaft
01/12/17Compressor endwall boundary layer removal
01/12/17Variable exhaust mixer and cooler for a three-stream gas turbine engine
01/12/17Integrated metal c-seal with threaded adapter
01/12/17Stepped heat shield for a turbine engine combustor
01/12/17Film cooling a combustor wall of a turbine engine
01/05/17Variable diameter investment casting mold for casting of reticulated metal foams
01/05/17Metal powder casting
01/05/17Vibratory mass media fixture with tip protector
01/05/17A self-monitoring additive manufacturing system and operation
01/05/17Method for fabricating a ceramic material
01/05/17Apparatus and ionic liquid electroplating
01/05/17Tip shrouded high aspect ratio compressor stage
01/05/17Gas turbine engine airfoil with bi-axial skin core
01/05/17Gas turbine engine airfoil squealer pocket cooling hole configuration
01/05/17Airfoil with variable profile responsive to thermal conditions
01/05/17Axial transfer tube
01/05/17Seal for a gas turbine engine
01/05/17Break-in system for gapping and leakage control
01/05/17Fan-drive gear system with separate scavenge pump
01/05/17Advanced distributed engine architechture - design alternative
01/05/17Auxiliary oil system for geared gas turbine engine
01/05/17Seals for gas turbine engine nacelle cowlings
01/05/17Cooled compressor
01/05/17Gas turbine engine combustor liner panel with synergistic cooling features
12/29/16Industrial products formed from plated polymers
12/29/16Rotor heat shield
12/29/16Gas turbine engine component platform cooling
12/29/16Gas turbine engine component cooling with resupply of cooling passage
12/29/16Low loss baffled serpentine turns
12/29/16Reversible blade rotor seal with protrusions
12/29/16Segmented non-contact seal assembly for rotational equipment
12/29/16Roller bearings for high ratio geared turbofan engine
12/29/16Variable vane actuation system
12/29/16Non-integral blade and platform segment for rotor
12/29/16Seal support structures for turbomachines
12/29/16Concentric axial oil scoop
12/29/16Lubricant valve monitoring method and assembly
12/29/16Geared turbofan with independent flexible ring gears and oil collectors
12/29/16Windmill and negative-g oil system for geared turbofan engines
12/29/16Core assembly for gas turbine engine
12/29/16Preloaded aft vent area for low pressure fan ducts
12/29/16Shroudless adaptive fan with free turbine
12/29/16Exhaust nozzle control for a gas turbine engine
12/29/16Efficient, low pressure ratio propulsor for gas turbine engines
12/29/16Cantilevered stator vane and stator assembly for a rotary machine
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12/29/16Lubricant delivery system for planetary fan drive gear system
12/29/16Journal bearing for rotating gear carrier
12/29/16Rolling element cage for geared turbofan
12/29/16Rounded edges for gas path components
12/29/16Cooling a quench aperture body of a combustor wall
12/29/16Gas turbine engine with selective flow path
12/29/16Gas turbine engine wall assembly interface
12/22/16Erosion and wear protection for composites and plated polymers
12/22/16Plating adhesion promotion
12/22/16Cover plate for a component of a gas turbine engine
12/22/16Airfoil, and manufacturing the same
12/22/16Plating a composite to enhance bonding of metallic components
12/22/16Rotary machines including a hybrid rotor with an integrally bladed rotor portion
12/22/16Gas turbine engine seal installation protection
12/22/16Gas turbine rapid response clearance control system with annular piston
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12/22/16Adjustable flange material and torque path isolation for splined fan drive gear system flexible support
12/22/16Remote communication and powered sensing/control/identification devices
12/22/16Characterization of single or multiple devices in a system
12/22/16Bearing support damping
12/22/16Case coupling and assembly
12/22/16Temperature-modulated recuperated gas turbine engine
12/22/16Cooled cooling air system for a turbofan engine
12/22/16Enhanced apu operability
12/22/16Fan drive gear system mechanical controller
12/22/16Efficient, low pressure ratio propulsor for gas turbine engines
12/22/16Electromagnetic communication from waveguide confinement
12/22/16Bypass duct heat exchanger with controlled fan
12/22/16Co-molded metallic fan case containment ring
12/22/16Tandem rotor blades with cooling features
12/22/16Inseparable machined lubricant manifold
12/22/16Additively manufactured hotspot portion of a turbine engine component having heat resistant properties and manufacture
12/22/16Conductive panel surface cooling augmentation for gas turbine engine combustor
12/22/16Electromagnetic sensing of components in electromagnetic communication and method
12/22/16Component counterfeit prevention
12/22/16Remote communication and powered sensing/control/identification devices using high temperature compatible semiconductor materials
12/22/16Electromagnetic communication through components of a machine
12/22/16Multi-stage sensing/control/identification device having protected communication and remote power
12/22/16Metal ceramic composite for electromagnetic signal transparent materials
12/15/16Fire containment coating system for titanium
12/15/16Multi-phase pre-reacted thermal barrier coatings and process therefor
12/15/16Multi-material thermal barrier coating system
12/15/16Low noise turbine for geared turbofan engine
12/15/16Fan blade tip as a cutting tool
12/15/16Attachment arrangement for turbine engine component
12/15/16Internal manifold for turning mid-turbine frame flow distribution
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12/15/16Anti-rotation knife edge seals and gas turbine engines including the same
12/15/16Inner diameter scallop case flange for a case of a gas turbine engine
12/15/16High thrust geared gas turbine engine
12/15/16Gas turbine engine airfoil
12/15/16Gas turbine engine front center body architecture
12/15/16Pylon matches fan exit guide vane for noise reduction in a geared turbofan engine
12/08/16Repair or remanufacture of cooled components with an oxidation resistant braze
12/08/16Abradable seal and producing a seal
12/08/16Article having cooling passage with undulating profile
12/08/16Abrasive tip blade manufacture methods
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12/08/16Turbine engine tip clearance control system with later translatable slide block
12/08/16Turbine engine tip clearance control system with rocker arms
12/08/16Gas turbine engine rapid response clearance control system
12/08/16Heat shield for a vane assembly of a gas turbine engine
12/08/16Self-lubricating bushings
12/08/16Turbine engine with a turbo-compressor
12/08/16Seal plate with fluid bypass control
12/08/16Reduced stress boss geometry for a gas turbine engine
12/08/16Geared architecture for a gas turbine engine
12/08/16Turbine engine with a turbo-compressor
12/08/16Engine speed optimization as a method to reduce apu fuel consumption
12/08/16Gas turbine engine airfoil
12/08/16Bearing with integrated oil delivery system
12/08/16Controlled variation of pressure drop through effusion cooling in a double walled combustor of a gas turbine engine
12/08/16Embedded sensor systems
12/01/16An additive manufactured mold, a manufacturing the mold, and a workpiece casted from the mold
12/01/16Preceramic ionic systems
12/01/16Calcium-magnesium alumino-silicate (cmas) resistant thermal barrier coatings, systems, and methods of production thereof
12/01/16Disk lug cooling flow trenches
12/01/16Installation fault tolerant damper
12/01/16Uniform thickness thermal barrier coating for non line of sight and line of sight areas
12/01/16System and applying a metallic coating
12/01/16Trailing edge platform seals
12/01/16Integral instrumentation in additively manufactured components of gas turbine engines
12/01/16Retaining tab for diffuser seal ring
12/01/16Oil system with helmholtz resonator damper in lube line
12/01/16Brackets for gas turbine engine components
12/01/16Composite piston ring seal for axially and circumferentially translating ducts
12/01/16Geared turbofan engine with counter-rotating shafts
12/01/16Fan blade attachment root with improved strain response
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12/01/16Gas turbine engine airfoil
12/01/16Thermally compliant additively manufactured fuel injector
11/24/16Method for forming components using additive manufacturing and re-melt
11/24/16Additive manufacturing of metal matrix composite feedstock
11/24/16Nanoparticle enhancement for additive manufacturing
11/24/16Powder improvement for additive manufacturing
11/24/16Internal surface finishing apparatus and method
11/24/16Enhanced volatile removal for composite layup
11/24/16Method for forming components using additive manufacturing and re-melt
11/24/16Gas turbine engine component with diffusive cooling hole
11/24/16Gas turbine engine cooling fluid composite tube
11/24/16Support assembly for a gas turbine engine
11/24/16Support assembly for a gas turbine engine
11/24/16Support assembly for a gas turbine engine
11/24/16Support assembly for a gas turbine engine
11/24/16Fixed-variable vane with potting in gap
11/24/16Gas turbine engine having energy dissipating gap and containment layer
11/24/16Compressed chopped fiber composite fan blade platform
11/24/16Energy dissipating core case containment section for a gas turbine engine
11/24/16Pre-skewed capture plate
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11/24/16Cooled cooling air system for a gas turbine engine
11/24/16Pneumatic porting via self-actuated dual pivot flapper valve
11/24/16Full ring sliding nacelle with thrust reverser
11/24/16Gas turbine engine airfoil
11/24/16Gas turbine engine airfoil
11/24/16Gas turbine engine airfoil
11/24/16Gas turbine engine airfoil
11/24/16Additive manufacturing process grown integrated torsional damper mechanism in gas turbine engine blade
11/17/16Method and casting core for forming a landing for welding a baffle inserted in an airfoil
11/17/16Method for additively constructing internal channels
11/17/16System and preventing powder depletion/contamination during consolidation process
11/17/16Forming tool for leading edge of turbine blades
11/17/16Additive manufacturing an object from material with a selective diffusion barrier
11/17/16Method for forming a directionally solidified replacement body for a component using additive manufacturing
11/17/16Additive manufacturing system and operation
11/17/16Monitoring material soldification byproducts during additive manufacturing
11/17/16Environmental cooling systems for aircraft
11/17/16Technique for optimizing engine performance using fuel temperature
11/17/16Silicon oxycarbide environmental barrier coating
11/17/16Enhanced surface structure
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11/17/16Silicon oxycarbide-based environmental barrier coating
11/17/16Physical vapor deposition using rotational speed selected with respect to deposition rate
11/17/16Trailing edge cooling pedestal configuration for a gas turbine engine airfoil
11/17/16Airfoil impingement cavity
11/17/16Gas turbine engine component cooling circuit with respirating pedestal
11/17/16Vibration damping for structural guide vanes
11/17/16Flanged spring guide for a face seal arrangement
11/17/16Chordal seal
11/17/16Retention clip for a blade outer air seal
11/17/16Blade outer air seal mount
11/17/16Near net shape abradable seal manufacturing method
11/17/16Flexible small cavity seal for gas turbine engines
11/17/16Cam-follower active clearance control
11/17/16Composite wear pad for exhaust nozzle
11/17/16Vane strut positioning and securing systems
11/17/16Vane strut positioning and securing systems including locking washers
11/17/16Nacelle ventilation manifold
11/17/16Turbine airfoil with additive manufactured reinforcement of thermoplastic body
11/17/16Active system for bearing oil damper supply and vibration control
11/17/16Tie rod connection for mid-turbine frame
11/17/16Cooling systems for gas turbine engines
11/17/16Additive manufactured non-round, septum tied, conformal high pressure tubing
11/17/16Gas turbine engine accessory architecture
11/17/16Gas turbine engine inner case with non-integral vanes
11/17/16Dilution passage arrangement for gas turbine engine combustor
11/10/16Directional solidification apparatus and related methods
11/10/16Alloying metal materials together during additive manufacturing or one or more parts
11/10/16Conditioning one or more additive manufactured objects
11/10/16Low and extra low sulfur alloys for repair
11/10/16Additive manufacturing process distortion management
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11/10/16An additive manufacturing system with ultrasonic inspection and operation
11/10/16System and method to detect shutoff valve failures
11/10/16Solid-state forming an alloy and article formed
11/10/16Repair of a coating on a turbine component
11/10/16Method of forming an abrasive coating on a fan blade tip
11/10/16Coating process using gas screen
11/10/16Turbine engine balancing structure and method
11/10/16An additive manufacturing system utilizing an epitaxy process and operation
11/10/16Overlapping herringbone filmhole patterned airfoil
11/10/16Fan cooling hole array
11/10/16Axial skin core cooling passage for a turbine engine component
11/10/16Turbine engine component including an axially aligned skin core passage interrupted by a pedestal
11/10/16Turbine airfoil film cooling holes
11/10/16Thermal regulation channels for turbomachine components
11/10/16Flow splitting baffle
11/10/16Compliant attachment for an organic matrix composite component
11/10/16Ceramic covered turbine components
11/10/16Airfoil cooling passage
11/10/16Seal arrangement for turbine engine component
11/10/16Intermittent grooved soft abradable material to reduce blade tip temperature
11/10/16Control rings
11/10/16Lightweight journal support pin
11/10/16Gas turbine engine having minimum cooling airflow
11/10/16Embedded sensor system
11/10/16Lubrication system for geared gas turbine engine
11/10/16Blade outer air seals with channels
11/10/16Gas turbine engine component with separation rib for cooling passages
11/10/16Heat shield, systems and methods
11/10/16Adaptive fan reverse core geared turbofan engine with separate cold turbine

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