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United Technologies Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to United Technologies Corporation. United Technologies Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: United Technologies Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with United Technologies Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date United Technologies Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016003100402/04/16  new patent  Shot tube for die-cast machine
22016003100602/04/16  new patent  Arcuate directionally solidified components and manufacture methods
32016003101002/04/16  new patent  Build platforms for additive manufacturing
42016003101202/04/16  new patent  Powder metallurgy alloy forging
52016003118202/04/16  new patent  Composite flange with three-dimensional weave architecture
62016003241602/04/16  new patent  Gas turbine engine airfoil impingement cooling
72016003272602/04/16  new patent  Gas turbine engine axial compressor rear hub
82016003272702/04/16  new patent  Rotor blade with a conic spline fillet at an intersection between a platform and a neck
92016003272802/04/16  new patent  Gas turbine engine airfoil
102016003272902/04/16  new patent  Composite fan blade
112016003273002/04/16  new patent  Obtuse angle chevron trip strip
122016003273102/04/16  new patent  Thermal barrier coating inside cooling channels
132016003273202/04/16  new patent  Gas turbine engine airfoil geometries and cores for manufacturing process
142016003273502/04/16  new patent  Transient liquid phase bonded tip shroud
152016003273702/04/16  new patent  Turbine blade tip treatment for industrial gas turbines
162016003273802/04/16  new patent  Gas turbine engine blade tip treatment
172016003274202/04/16  new patent  Stator segment
182016003274402/04/16  new patent  Selective coating removal or masking for ground path
192016003274602/04/16  new patent  Assembly for sealing a gap between components of a turbine engine
202016003275002/04/16  new patent  Stationary non-rotating brush seals
212016003275102/04/16  new patent  Reversible blade rotor seal
222016003275302/04/16  new patent  Gas turbine engine with axial compressor having improved air sealing
232016003275402/04/16  new patent  Adjustable blade outer air seal apparatus
242016003275602/04/16  new patent  Low noise turbine for geared turbofan engine
252016003275702/04/16  new patent  Engine inlet total air temperature sensor
262016003275902/04/16  new patent  Machined vane arm of a variable vane actuation system
272016003276302/04/16  new patent  Heatshield discourager seal for a gas turbine engine
282016003276502/04/16  new patent  Bearing compartment sealing system with passive cooling
292016003276702/04/16  new patent  Gas turbine engine with axial compressor with internal cooling pathways
302016003276902/04/16  new patent  Oil transfer passage arrangement for a shaft of a gas turbine engine
312016003277002/04/16  new patent  Geared gas turbine engine with oil deaerator and air removal
322016003277102/04/16  new patent  Fluid-cooled seal arrangement for a gas turbine engine
332016003277202/04/16  new patent  Self cleaning debris filter for fan drive gear system
342016003277302/04/16  new patent  Circulating lubricant through a turbine engine component with parallel pumps
352016003277402/04/16  new patent  Cost effective manufacturing gsac incorporating a stamped preform
362016003277502/04/16  new patent  Engine mid-turbine frame transfer tube for low pressure turbine case cooling
372016003277602/04/16  new patent  Reinforced composite case
382016003277802/04/16  new patent  Rotatable full ring fairing for a turbine engine
392016003277902/04/16  new patent  Castellated latch mechanism for a gas turbine engine
402016003278002/04/16  new patent  Triple flange arrangement for a gas turbine engine
412016003282702/04/16  new patent  Turbofan engine bearing and gearbox arrangement
422016003282802/04/16  new patent  Gas turbine engine with low stage count low pressure turbine
432016003283002/04/16  new patent  Gas turbine engine architecture with nested concentric combustor
442016003283102/04/16  new patent  Spinner aft-extended forward return flange
452016003283202/04/16  new patent  Gas turbine engine noise reducing nose cone
462016003283302/04/16  new patent  Thermally conforming acoustic liner cartridge for a gas turbine engine
472016003283502/04/16  new patent  Air-driven particle pulverizer for gas turbine engine cooling fluid system
482016003283802/04/16  new patent  Cartridge style ejector pump
492016003284002/04/16  new patent  Shield for arranging between a bearing and a rotating seal element
502016003293702/04/16  new patent  Gas turbine engine axial drum-style compressor rotor assembly
512016003297602/04/16  new patent  Component configured from martensitic stainless steel
522016003304002/04/16  new patent  Fluid barriers with flexible backing material and methods of repairing and manufacturing the same
532016003312902/04/16  new patent  Additive manufactured gas turbine engine combustor liner panel
542016003313002/04/16  new patent  Fuel nozzle for a gas turbine engine
552016003335802/04/16  new patent  Focused focused optical configuration for nsms probes
562016002327201/28/16 Turbulating cooling structures
572016002327501/28/16 Additive manufacturing baffles, covers, and dies
582016002332001/28/16 Machining tool including a pivoting machining arm and a using the same
592016002342901/28/16 Secondary reinforcement at interface of laminate structure
602016002444401/28/16 Gel solvent and removing diffusion and overlay coatings in gas turbine engines
612016002464201/28/16 Preheat chamber oxidation process
622016002467601/28/16 Bimetallic zincating processing for enhanced adhesion of aluminum on aluminum alloys
632016002492501/28/16 Turbine disk fatigue rejuvenation
642016002492701/28/16 Tie shaft flow trip
652016002492901/28/16 Gas turbine engine airfoil
662016002493401/28/16 Aluminum fan blade construction with welded cover
672016002493501/28/16 Gas turbine engine blade with variable density and wide chord tip
682016002493601/28/16 Low pressure loss cooled blade
692016002493701/28/16 Multi-lobed cooling hole
702016002493801/28/16 Airfoil cooling apparatus
712016002494001/28/16 Fan blade damping device
722016002494201/28/16 Abrasive tipped blades and manufacture methods
732016002494301/28/16 Structural guide vane leading edge
742016002494401/28/16 Transient liquid pahse bonded turbine rotor assembly
752016002494601/28/16 Rotor blade dovetail with round bearing surfaces
762016002494701/28/16 Blade wear pads and manufacture methods
772016002494901/28/16 Mid-turbine frame and gas turbine engine including same
782016002495201/28/16 Assembly for sealing a gap between components of a turbine engine
792016002495501/28/16 Maxmet composites for turbine engine component tips
802016002495601/28/16 Floating blade outer air seal assembly for gas turbine engine
812016002495701/28/16 Gas turbine engine with low stage count low pressure turbine
822016002495801/28/16 Gas turbine engine with low stage count low pressure turbine
832016002495901/28/16 Variable vane drive system
842016002496401/28/16 Gas turbine engine with air-oil cooler oil tank
852016002496501/28/16 Geared architecture turbofan engine thermal management system and method
862016002496801/28/16 Air oil cooler airflow augmentation system
872016002496901/28/16 Composite flange from braided preform
882016002497201/28/16 Nosecone support
892016002500301/28/16 Turbofan engine bearing and gearbox arrangement
902016002500401/28/16 Low noise turbine for geared turbofan engine
912016002500501/28/16 Bifurcated air inlet housing for a miniature gas turbine engine
922016002500601/28/16 Self-cooled orifice structure
932016002501001/28/16 Turbine engine and turbine engine component with cooling pedestals
942016002501301/28/16 Turbine engine face seal arrangement including anti-rotation features
952016002501401/28/16 High temperature disk conditioning system
962016002503801/28/16 Pivot door thrust reverser
972016002504001/28/16 Gas dynamic valve
982016002514001/28/16 Rolling element bearing configured with a channel
992016002514201/28/16 Eccentrically bored sleeve for locating a bearing
1002016002534201/28/16 Active cooling of grommet bosses for a combustor panel of a gas turbine engine
1012016001625301/21/16 Multiple wire electron beam melting
1022016001667301/21/16 Grounding sleeve
1032016001715401/21/16 Lightweight and corrosion resistant abradable coating
1042016001747401/21/16 Thermo-mechanical fatigue resistant aluminum abradable coating
1052016001747501/21/16 Hybrid thermal barrier coating and process of making same
1062016001748101/21/16 Chromium-enriched diffused aluminide
1072016001750101/21/16 Corrosion protection material and protecting aluminum coatings
1082016001751001/21/16 Multifunctional anodized layer
1092016001771201/21/16 Turbine engine repair methods
1102016001771301/21/16 Turbine engine hybrid rotor
1112016001771501/21/16 Fan exit guide vane platform contouring
1122016001771701/21/16 Gas turbine engine airfoil cooling circuit
1132016001771901/21/16 Gas turbine engine blade squealer pockets
1142016001772001/21/16 Airfoil platform impingement cooling holes
1152016001772301/21/16 Co-formed element with low conductivity layer
1162016001772401/21/16 Variable thickness trailing edge cavity and making
1172016001772501/21/16 Blades and manufacture methods
1182016001772601/21/16 Coated articles and manufacture methods
1192016001772701/21/16 Fan blade dovetail and spacer
1202016001772901/21/16 Structural guide vane sonic shape and inspection
1212016001773201/21/16 Off-cambered vanes for gas turbine engines
1222016001773301/21/16 Multiple coating configuration
1232016001773501/21/16 Vane tip machining fixture assembly
1242016001773701/21/16 Gas turbine engine rotor disk-seal arrangement
1252016001773801/21/16 Assembly for sealing a gap between components of a turbine engine
1262016001773901/21/16 Seal assembly for a guide vane assembly
1272016001774201/21/16 Brush seal repair method
1282016001774301/21/16 Actuator for gas turbine engine blade outer air seal
1292016001774501/21/16 Case with vane retention feature
1302016001774601/21/16 Geared architecture to protect critical hardware during fan blade out
1312016001774701/21/16 Oil system debris monitor for a gas turbine engine
1322016001774801/21/16 Gas turbine engine exhaust drain
1332016001775201/21/16 Turbofan engine assembly methods
1342016001775301/21/16 Bolt attachment to composite fan case
1352016001775401/21/16 Mid-turbine frame rod and turbine case flange
1362016001775501/21/16 Common joint for a combustor, diffuser, and tobi of a gas turbine engine
1372016001777501/21/16 Noise attenuating acoustic panel
1382016001779601/21/16 Gas turbine engine having a misturned stage
1392016001780301/21/16 Gas turbine engine de-icing system
1402016001780601/21/16 Gas turbine engine component having shaped pedestals
1412016001780701/21/16 Bench aft sub-assembly for turbine exhaust case fairing
1422016001780901/21/16 Self-purging fuel nozzle system for a gas turbine engine
1432016001781001/21/16 Acoustic liner heat exchanger
1442016001781101/21/16 Gearbox mounting assembly
1452016001781301/21/16 Compact aero-thermo model based degraded mode control
1462016001781401/21/16 Compact aero-thermo model based engine material temperature control
1472016001781501/21/16 Expanding shell flow control device
1482016001784401/21/16 Reverse core engine with thrust reverser
1492016002047701/21/16 Flow battery flow field having volume that is function of power parameter, time parameter and concentration parameter
1502016000884601/14/16 Substrates coated with wear resistant layers and methods of applying wear resistant layers to same
1512016000886701/14/16 Cast components and manufacture and use methods
1522016000888901/14/16 Additive manufacturing the addition of features within cooling holes
1532016000939901/14/16 Hybrid compressor bleed air for aircraft use
1542016001019701/14/16 Fixturing for thermal spray coating of gas turbine components
1552016001045801/14/16 Full ring curvic seal
1562016001046001/14/16 Pretrenched rotor for gas turbine engine
1572016001046301/14/16 Gas turbine engine high lift airfoil cooling in stagnation zone
1582016001046501/14/16 Gas turbine engine airfoil leading edge cooling
1592016001046601/14/16 Gas turbine engine component with twisted internal channel
1602016001046701/14/16 Gas turbine engine component cooling channels
1612016001047001/14/16 Frangible sheath for a fan blade of a gas turbine engine
1622016001047301/14/16 Cooling hole for a gas turbine engine component
1632016001047501/14/16 Cantilever stator with vortex initiation feature
1642016001047601/14/16 Shaped rim cavity wing surface
1652016001047701/14/16 Cooled seal assembly for arranging between a stator and a rotor
1662016001047901/14/16 Modular instrumentation egress seal for a gas turbine engine
1672016001048201/14/16 Low leakage multi-directional interface for a gas turbine engine
1682016001048301/14/16 Seal assembly including a notched seal element for arranging between a stator and a rotor
1692016001048401/14/16 Ring-shaped compliant support
1702016001048601/14/16 Aero-actuated vanes
1712016001049001/14/16 Fan drive thrust balance
1722016001050301/14/16 Instrumentation boss for fan containment case
1732016001050701/14/16 Retractable exhaust liner segment for gas turbine engines
1742016001054901/14/16 Oil baffles in carrier for a fan drive gear system
1752016001055001/14/16 Manifold for gas turbine
1762016001055201/14/16 Method and handling pre-diffuser airflow for cooling high pressure turbine components
1772016001055301/14/16 Method and handling pre-diffuser flow for cooling high pressure turbine components
1782016001055401/14/16 Method and handling pre-diffuser airflow for use in adjusting a temperature profile
1792016001055501/14/16 Method and collecting pre-diffuser airflow and routing it to combustor pre-swirlers
1802016001055901/14/16 Finned ignitor grommet for a gas turbine engine
1812016001056101/14/16 Gas turbine engine accessory gearbox
1822016001056201/14/16 Geared turbofan with integral front support and carrier
1832016001056301/14/16 Oil loss protection for a fan drive gear system
1842016001056401/14/16 Bleed valve assembly
1852016001065801/14/16 Composite airfoil bonded to a metallic root
1862016001077301/14/16 Component mount integrated with tube fitting
1872016001079501/14/16 Fan blade lubrication
1882016001086301/14/16 Additive manufactured surface finish
1892016001086601/14/16 Aerating fuel injector system for a gas turbine engine
1902016001350501/14/16 Reactivation of flow battery electrode by exposure to oxidizing solution
1912016001490001/14/16 Apparatus, system, and electronics manufacturing using direct write with fabricated foils
1922016000306201/07/16 Fan blades with protective sheaths and galvanic shields
1932016000135301/07/16 Investment mold with fugitive beads and method related thereto
1942016000135401/07/16 Gas turbine engine component manufacturing method and core for making same
1952016000135601/07/16 Cast component having corner radius to reduce recrystallization
1962016000136401/07/16 Uninteruppted filtering system for selective laser melting powder bed additive manufacturing process
1972016000139001/07/16 System and method low heat weld
1982016000139501/07/16 Sequencing of multi-pass laser shock peening applications
1992016000140401/07/16 Methods and tools for use in repairing gas engine turbine blades
2002016000140701/07/16 Leading edge sheath manufacturing method
2012016000150901/07/16 Additive manufacturing system and additive manufacture utilizing layer-by-layer thermo-mechanical analysis
2022016000187301/07/16 Geared turbofan with improved spinner
2032016000189001/07/16 Apu exhaust system
2042016000189201/07/16 Auxiliary power unit mounting bracket
2052016000253101/07/16 Chemical synthesis of hybrid inorganic-organic nanostructured corrosion inhibitive pigments and methods
2062016000274701/07/16 Process for treating steel alloys for gears
2072016000280801/07/16 Solution composition and single-bath post treatment of substrate
2082016000304801/07/16 Airfoil with thickened root and fan and engine incorporating same
2092016000304901/07/16 Geared turbofan engine having a reduced number of fan blades and improved acoustics
2102016000305001/07/16 Variable span splitter blade
2112016000305101/07/16 Article with sections having different microstructures and method therefor
2122016000305301/07/16 Gas turbine engine component having transversely angled impingement ribs
2132016000305401/07/16 Gas turbine engine component paired film cooling holes
2142016000305501/07/16 Gas turbine engine component cooling with interleaved facing trip strips
2152016000305601/07/16 Gas turbine engine shaped film cooling hole
2162016000305801/07/16 Rotor and gas turbine engine including same
2172016000306001/07/16 Hybrid fan blades for jet engines
2182016000306101/07/16 Hollow fan blade with extended wing sheath
2192016000306201/07/16 Fan blades with protective sheaths and galvanic shields
2202016000306401/07/16 Abrasive coating and manufacture and use methods
2212016000306501/07/16 Abrasive coating and manufacture and use methods
2222016000306601/07/16 Abrasive preforms and manufacture and use methods
2232016000306701/07/16 Aluminum fan blades with root wear mitigation
2242016000306801/07/16 Method for detecting a compromised component
2252016000307001/07/16 Gas turbine engine stator vane platform reinforcement
2262016000307101/07/16 Gas turbine engine stator vane baffle arrangement
2272016000307201/07/16 Gas turbine engine thin wall composite vane airfoil
2282016000307401/07/16 Gas turbine engine stator vane platform cooling
2292016000307501/07/16 Gas turbine engine stator vane assembly with split shroud
2302016000307601/07/16 Knife edge with increased crack propagation life
2312016000307701/07/16 Gas turbine engine turbine vane rail seal
2322016000307801/07/16 Gasket with thermal and wear protective fabric
2332016000307901/07/16 Gas turbine engine component having variable width feather seal slot
2342016000308001/07/16 Gas turbine engine seal assembly
2352016000308101/07/16 Flexible finger seal for sealing a gap between turbine engine components
2362016000308201/07/16 Contoured blade outer air seal for a gas turbine engine
2372016000308301/07/16 Abradable seal including an abradability characteristic that varies by locality
2382016000308401/07/16 Thermally conformable liner for reducing system level fan blade out loads
2392016000308501/07/16 Turbine engine adaptive low leakage air seal
2402016000308701/07/16 Edge treatment for gas turbine engine component
2412016000309001/07/16 Fan drive gear system spline oil lubrication scheme
2422016000309101/07/16 Nacelle internal and external flow control
2432016000309301/07/16 Fan axial containment system
2442016000309701/07/16 Interlocking rotor assembly with thermal shield
2452016000309801/07/16 Compartment shielding
2462016000310001/07/16 Rolling element bearing configured with a gutter and one or more fluid passages
2472016000310401/07/16 Gas turbine engine attachment structure and method therefor
2482016000310501/07/16 Integrated flex support and front center body
2492016000314201/07/16 Geared turbofan with gearbox seal

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