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Recent patent applications related to United Technologies Corporation. United Technologies Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: United Technologies Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with United Technologies Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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10/20/16 new patent  Powder classification system and method
10/20/16 new patent  Method of manufacturing a hybrid cylindral structure
10/20/16 new patent  Gas turbine engine components and assembly
10/20/16 new patent  Method and device for manufacturing of three dimensional objects utilizing direct plasma arc
10/20/16 new patent  Method of desizing fiber
10/20/16 new patent  Centrifugal airfoil cooling modulation
10/20/16 new patent  Rotor blade platform cooling passage
10/20/16 new patent  Aluminum alloy airfoil with designed crystallographic texture
10/20/16 new patent  Abrasive tip blade manufacture methods
10/20/16 new patent  System and manufacture of abrasive coating
10/20/16 new patent  Turbomachine rotor-stator seal
10/20/16 new patent  Seal configuration to prevent rotor lock
10/20/16 new patent  Heat shields for air seals
10/20/16 new patent  Rapid response clearance control system with spring assist for gas turbine engine
10/20/16 new patent  Component with embedded sensor
10/20/16 new patent  Turbine engine transmission gutter
10/20/16 new patent  Fdgs auxiliary pump monitoring system
10/20/16 new patent  Gas turbine engines with intercoolers and recuperators
10/20/16 new patent  Cooling an igniter body of a combustor wall
10/20/16 new patent  Fan platform edge seal
10/20/16 new patent  Abrasive tip for composite fan blades
10/20/16 new patent  Hollow fan blade with stir welded cover support
10/20/16 new patent  3d non-axisymmetric combustor liner
10/20/16 new patent  Heat-shielded conduit
10/13/16Coated casting core and manufacture methods
10/13/16Die-casting system with a refractory metal alloy surface
10/13/16Die-casting system with bonded ceramic shot tip
10/13/16Solid lubricant filled structural matrix
10/13/16Laser assisted oxide removal
10/13/16Chromizing over cathodic arc coating
10/13/16High purity aluminum coating with zinc sacrificial underlayer for aluminum alloy fan blade protection
10/13/16Cooling passages for a gas turbine engine component
10/13/16Enhanced cooling for blade tip
10/13/16Cooling hole patterned airfoil
10/13/16Gas turbine engine component cooling passage with asymmetrical pedestals
10/13/16Gas turbine engine damping device
10/13/16Article having variable coating
10/13/16Aircraft blade lock retainer
10/13/16Shim to maintain gap during engine assembly
10/13/16Seal configurations for turbine assembly and bearing compartment interfaces
10/13/16Sliding seal
10/13/16Static axial brush seal with dual bristle packs
10/13/16Wrapped dog bone seal
10/13/16Fan blade platform seal with leading edge winglet
10/13/16Rotating labyrinth m-seal
10/13/16Active clearance control for axial rotor systems
10/13/16A providing coolant to a movable airfoil
10/13/16Speed sensor for a gas turbine engine
10/13/16Turbine case coupling
10/13/16Cutouts in gas turbine structures for deflection control
10/13/16Turbomachinery with high relative velocity
10/13/16Nose cone assembly and circulating air in a gas turbine engine
10/13/16Lubricant circulation system and circulating lubricant in a gas turbine engine
10/13/16Thermal management system and circulating air in a gas turbine engine
10/13/16Ice tolerant gas turbine fuel systems
10/13/16Engine bypass valve
10/13/16Combined inlet laminar and thrust reverser cascade efflux flow control system
10/13/16Shortened support for compressor variable vane
10/13/16Clamped hpc seal ring
10/13/16Gas turbine engine airfoil
10/13/16Fan blade assembly
10/13/16Modal noise reduction for gas turbine engine
10/13/16Additive manufactured gear for a geared architecture gas turbine engine
10/13/16Ceramic and metal engine components with gradient transition from metal to ceramic
10/13/16Cooling a combustor heat shield proximate a quench aperture
10/13/16Circumferentially and axially staged can combustor for gas turbine engine
10/06/16Method and manufacturing a multi-alloy cast structure
10/06/16Direct metal laser sintering machine
10/06/16Additive manufacturing lift and pull tool
10/06/16Method for fabricating metal foams having ligament diameters below one micron
10/06/16Bonded mount ring spinner
10/06/16Method of coating metallic powder particles with silicon
10/06/16Gas turbine engine component coating with self-healing barrier layer
10/06/16Hot corrosion-protected articles and manufacture methods
10/06/16Retaining rings for turbomachine disk and coverplate assemblies
10/06/16Blade feature to support segmented coverplate
10/06/16Segmented seal for gas turbine engine
10/06/16Seals for gas turbine engine
10/06/16Fusible bond for gas turbine engine coating system
10/06/16Airfoil contour for low-loss on-boarding of cooling air through an articulating spindle
10/06/16Quad-tab u-washer
10/06/16Tri-tab lock washer
10/06/16Architecture for an axially compact, high performance propulsion system
10/06/16Transverse-mounted power turbine drive system
10/06/16Auxiliary oil system for negative gravity event
10/06/16Variable area nozzle assisted gas turbine engine restarting
10/06/16Gas turbine engine compressor arrangement
10/06/16Fan blade and covering a fan blade root portion
10/06/16High conformal pressure vessel
10/06/16Combustor configurations for a gas turbine engine
10/06/16Cooling a quench aperture body of a combustor wall
10/06/16Combustor quench aperture cooling
10/06/16Axisymmetric offset of three-dimensional contoured endwalls
10/06/16Combustor panels and configurations for a gas turbine engine
09/29/16Refractory metal core finishing technique
09/29/16Die casting machine shot sleeve with pour liner
09/29/16Powder metal with attached ceramic nanoparticles
09/29/16Control scheme using variable area turbine and exhaust nozzle to reduce drag
09/29/16Aircraft thermal management system
09/29/16Thermal barrier coating repair
09/29/16Ceramic coated articles and manufacture methods
09/29/16Gas turbine engine airfoil profile
09/29/16Article having variable composition coating
09/29/16Method of attaching a ceramic matrix composite article
09/29/16Flowing mateface seal
09/29/16Clamping seal for jet engine mid-turbine frame
09/29/16Oil scoop with integrated sensor
09/29/16Monitoring a dynamic parameter such as torque in a rotational system
09/29/16Damper for stator assembly
09/29/16Piston ring anti-rotation
09/29/16Oil scoop and shaft with axially-oriented hole
09/29/16Flange relief for split casing
09/29/16Turbomachinery inlet screen
09/29/16Method for setting a gear ratio of a fan drive gear system of a gas turbine engine
09/29/16Gas turbine engine impact liner
09/29/16Functionally graded composite fan containment case
09/29/16Double wall tube fitting with an integrated diagnostic port
09/29/16Combustor wall cooling channel formed by additive manufacturing
09/29/16Co-swirl orientation of combustor effusion passages for gas turbine engine combustor
09/22/16Replaceable piston ring for die casting machine plunger
09/22/16Method for fabricating a metal-ceramic composite article
09/22/16Laser powder deposition weld rework for gas turbine non-fusion weldable nickel castings
09/22/16Method for preparation of a superalloy having a crystallographic texture controlled microstructure by electron beam melting
09/22/16Method of manufacturing fiber reinforced barrier coating
09/22/16Calcium-magnesium-alumino-silicate resistant thermal barrier coatings
09/22/16Turbofan arrangement with blade channel variations
09/22/16Gas turbine engine airfoil with leading edge trench and impingement cooling
09/22/16Faceted turbine blade damper-seal
09/22/16Intermediate additively manufactured component
09/22/16Multi-element inner shroud extension for a turbo-machine
09/22/16Radial seal with offset relief cut
09/22/16Tailored thermal control system for gas turbine engine blade outer air seal array
09/22/16Cooling passages for a mid-turbine frame
09/22/16Cooling passages for a mid-turbine frame
09/22/16Fan drive gear system manifold radial tube filters
09/22/16Zero or low leakage oil transfer bearing
09/22/16Oil tank mount arrangement on a geared turbofan engine
09/22/16Coated cooling passage
09/22/16Cooled fuel injector system for a gas turbine engine
09/22/16Gimbal tube systems for tangential onboard injectors
09/22/16Ceramic coating for heated fuel filter
09/22/16Turbofan arrangement with blade channel variations
09/22/16Layered ice liner
09/22/16Axial scoop seal plate
09/22/16Cooled combustor floatwall panel
09/22/16Film cooled multi-walled structure with one or more indentations
09/22/16Cooling a multi-walled structure of a turbine engine
09/22/16Heat shield for a combustor
09/22/16Combustor having a beveled grommet
09/22/16Fiber grating temperature sensor
09/15/16Additive repair for combutster liner panels
09/15/16Composite material with controlled fracture regions
09/15/16Acoustic controlled ice deflecting auxiliary power unit inlet system
09/15/16Method for combined desizing and interface coating of fibers for ceramic matrix composites
09/15/16Ceramic article and method therefor using particle infiltration and preceramic polymer infiltration
09/15/16Integral metering feature, systems and methods
09/15/16Multiple piece engine component
09/15/16Bonded multi-piece gas turbine engine component
09/15/16Gas turbine engine turbine blade tip cooling
09/15/16Inner diffuser case for a gas turbine engine
09/15/16Tolerance resistance coverplates
09/15/16Piloted retaining plate for a face seal arrangement
09/15/16Sliding seal
09/15/16Gas turbine engine ramped rapid response clearance control system
09/15/16Integrated gas turbine engine support and sensor
09/15/16Non-linear bumper bearings
09/15/16Integral ceramic matrix composite fastener with polymer rigidization
09/15/16Geared turbofan engine with targeted modular efficiency
09/15/16Cooling passages for a mid-turbine frame
09/15/16Fan blade composite ribs
09/15/16Swept combustor liner panels for gas turbine engine combustor
09/15/16Turbine engine combustor heat shield with multi-height rails
09/15/16Turbine engine combustor heat shield with multi-angled cooling apertures
09/15/16Turbine engine multi-walled structure with cooling element(s)
09/15/16Turbine engine multi-walled structure with internal cooling element(s)
09/15/16Modified floatwall panel dilution hole cooling
09/15/16Gas turbine engine wall assembly with offset rail
09/08/16Compound fillet radii cutter
09/08/16Method and system for diffusion bonded components having internal passages
09/08/16Automated weld repair of combustor liners
09/08/16A selective placement of reinforcing fibers in polymeric components
09/08/16Die-castable nickel based superalloy composition
09/08/16Self-peening feedstock materials for cold spray deposition
09/08/16Airfoil for a gas turbine engine
09/08/16Fluidic machining method and system
09/08/16Gas powered turbine component including serpentine cooling
09/08/16Vane for jet engine mid-turbine frame
09/08/16Baffle inserts
09/08/16Floating panel for a gas powered turbine
09/08/16Sliding compliant seal
09/08/16Seal for jet engine mid-turbine frame
09/08/16Compressed chopped fiber composite inlet guide vane
09/08/16Integrated inner case heat shield
09/08/16Bearing race removal
09/08/16Auxiliary oil pump for gas turbine engine gear reduction
09/08/16Diversion of fan air to provide cooling air for gas turbine engine
09/08/16Spherical ball bearing housing
09/08/16Fan case ice liner for turbofan engine
09/08/16Bearing thermal relief fan drive gear system assembly method
09/08/16Combustor and heat shield configurations for a gas turbine engine
09/08/16Turbine engine combustor heat shield with one or more cooling elements
09/08/16Low net-swirl configurations for gas turbine engine combustors
09/08/16Cathodic arc deposition apparatus and method
09/01/16Assembly and transfer molding
09/01/16Automated laminate composite solid ply generation
09/01/16Method for pyrolyzing preceramic polymer material using electromagnetic radiation
09/01/16Systems and methods for optimal source material deposition along hole edges
09/01/16Vented plated polymer
09/01/16Multifunctional nanocellular single crystal nickel for turbine applications
09/01/16Gas turbine engine airfoil cooling configuration with pressure gradient separators
09/01/16Gas turbine engine airfoil
09/01/16Segmented ceramic coating interlayer
09/01/16Ceramic attachment configuration and manufacturing same
09/01/16Incident tolerant turbine vane cooling
09/01/16Aluminum alloy coating with rare earth and transition metal corrosion inhibitors
09/01/16Turbine abradable air seal system
09/01/16Nanocellular foam damper
09/01/16Incident tolerant turbine vane gap flow discouragement
09/01/16Auxiliary power unit impeller blade
09/01/16Fan rotor with integrated platform attachment
09/01/16Fan blade composite segments
09/01/16Fuel fitting
09/01/16Attachment assembly for protective panel
09/01/16Combustor wall with tapered cooling cavity
09/01/16Line replaceable fuel nozzle apparatus, system and method
09/01/16Method and assembly for inspecting engine component
09/01/16Counterfeit proofing of plated polymers
08/25/16Additive manufacturing shroud support structure
08/25/16Laser powder deposition weld rework for gas turbine engine non-fusion weldable nickel castings
08/25/16Processing pip derived cmc article
08/25/16In-situ desizing for liquid infusion processes
08/25/16Nanofiber interlaminar layer for ceramic matrix composites
08/25/16Alignment system for exhaust installation
08/25/16Conformal composite coatings and methods
08/25/16A nonmetallic airfoil with a compliant attachment
08/25/16Gas turbine engine airfoil with auxiliary flow channel
08/25/16Outer diameter platform cooling hole system and assembly
08/25/16Gas turbine engine component having platform cooling channel
08/25/16Multi-material turbine airfoil
08/25/16Blade wedge attachment lay-up
08/25/16Gas turbine engine and turbine configurations
08/25/16Gas turbine engine mid-turbine frame configuration
08/25/16Erosion resistant coating for air seal
08/25/16Hard phaseless metallic coating for compressor blade tip
08/25/16Method to integrate multiple electric circuits into organic matrix composite
08/25/16Engine mid-turbine frame distributive coolant flow
08/25/16In-line deaerator device for windmill-auxiliary oil system for fan drive gear system

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