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Universite Pierre Et Marie Curie paris 6
Universite Pierre Et Marie Curie
Universite Pierre Et Marie Curie paris Vi
Universite Pierre Et Marie Curie Paris 6
Universite Pierre Et Marie Curie Paris 6 upmc
Universite Pierre Et Marie Curie paris
Universite Pierre Et Marie Curie Upmc
Universite Pierre Et Marie Curie paris6
Universite Pierre Et Marie Curie_20131212
Universite Pierre Et Marie Curie Paris Iv
Universite Pierre Et Marie Curie Paris Vi

Universite Pierre Et Marie Curie patents

Recent patent applications related to Universite Pierre Et Marie Curie. Universite Pierre Et Marie Curie is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Universite Pierre Et Marie Curie may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Universite Pierre Et Marie Curie, we're just tracking patents.

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06/15/17Lentiviral vectors for regulated expression of a chimeric antigen receptor molecule
12/15/16Bone substitute, and the preparation thereof
12/08/16Method for detection of a reversibly photo-convertible fluorescent species
10/20/16Glazing unit comprising a hydrophilic layer having an improved scratch resistance
09/15/16Tungsten oxide-type compound having a new crystalline structure and preparing same
08/25/16Inhibitor peptides
06/30/16Haptic system for establishing a contact free interaction between at least one part of a user's body and a virtual environment
06/23/16Use of a haemoglobin for the preparation of dressings and resulting dressings
06/23/16Device for intermediate-free centralised control of remote medical apparatuses, with or without contact
07/09/15Method and devices for detecting macroions in a liquid medium
04/30/15Endothelial cells activation biomarkers characterizing antibody mediated rejection and uses thereof
04/09/15Phytoecdysones for use in improving the muscle quality of obese and/or sarcopenic mammals
02/05/15Multiple scattering medium for compressive imaging
01/08/15Ccr2 antagonist peptides
02/06/14Filamentous polymer particles and use thereof as rheology modifiers
01/30/14Spherical material comprising metallic nanoparticles trapped in a mesostructured oxide matrix and its use as a catalyst in refining processes
01/23/14Process for preparing a spherical material with a hierarchical porosity comprising metallic particles trapped in a mesostructured matrix
01/02/14Spherical material based on heteropolyanions trapped in a mesostructured oxide matrix and use thereof as catalyst in hydrocarbon refining processes
12/19/13Filamentous polymer particles and preparing same by means of controlled radical polymerisation in emulsion
12/12/13Assistance terminal for remotely monitoring a person connected to a medical assistance and monitoring device
09/05/13Ulvan lyase, manufacturing same, and uses thereof
06/14/12Tricyclo-dna antisense oligonucleotides, compositions, and methods for the treatment of disease
06/07/12Bismuth vanadate particles and the producing same
10/20/11Nitrogen heterocycle derivatives as proteasome modulators
08/25/11Stimulatable asymmetrical polymersome
07/28/11Treatment of mood and anxiety disorders
06/16/11Thermoreversibly crosslinked elastic bituminous composition
02/10/11Use of phytoecdysones in the preparation of a composition for acting on the metabolic syndrome
01/27/11Immunovectors which can be used for the intracellular and intranuclear transport
11/04/10Use of a haemoglobin for the preparation of dressings and resulting dressings
07/08/10Expression of polypeptides from the nuclear genome of ostreococcus sp
12/17/09Microorganisms detection and enumeration method
03/26/09Steerable structure of catheter or endoscope type
03/26/09Nucleotide sequence encoding the enzyme i-scei and the uses thereof
12/12/13Assistance terminal for remotely monitoring a person connected to a medical assistance and monitoring device
01/29/15Method of dna detection and quantification by single-molecule hybridization and manipulation
03/08/12Boron carbide and making same
03/08/12High performance cathode material lifepo4, its precursors and methods of making thereof
10/29/15Yeast strain improvement method
07/30/15Treatment of osteoarthritis with incretin hormones or analogues thereof
08/20/15Novel bacterium and extracts of said bacterium and the use of same in dermatology
02/12/15Universal carrier for targeting molecules to gb3 receptor expressing cells
06/07/12Modulators of the cx3cri receptor and therapeutic uses thereof
08/19/10Tumour-cell-fixing cells
07/15/10Extracellular vesicles from non-pathogenic amoebae useful as vehicle for transferring a molecule of interest to an eukaryotic cell
05/27/10System, method, device, and computer program product for extraction, gathering, manipulation, and analysis of peak data from an automated sequencer
10/01/09Device for detecting the improper adjustment of a ventilatory support machine used on a mammal
08/13/09Pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of protozoan parasitic diseases
03/19/09Methods for construction and screening of libraries of chemokine variants
07/27/17Method for in vitro production of adipocyte progenitors and adipocytes
06/29/17Cyclic compounds having a 1,3 diamino-functionality for use in the treatment of hiv infection
06/22/17Optical device for measuring the position of an object
06/01/17Treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
04/20/17Display control for implementing said method
04/20/17Device for displaying an image sequence and system for displaying a scene
03/16/17Lentiviral-based vector and its use in directed evolution of genomic regions, genes and polynucleotides
03/16/17Method of dna sequencing by polymerisation
03/16/17Device for analysing an oxidisable molten metal using a libs technique
03/09/17Use of coumarin derivatives for the preparation of drugs for treating skin diseases
02/23/17Ccr2 antagonist peptides
02/23/17Method of tracking shape in a scene observed by an asynchronous light sensor
02/16/17Surface coating for carrying out said method
02/09/17Treatment of myotonic dystrophy
02/09/17Method of dna sequencing by hybridisation
01/26/17Interleukin-2 for treating food allergy
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01/26/17Production of boron phosphide by reduction of boron phosphate with an alkaline metal
01/26/17High mast2-affinity polypeptides and uses thereof
01/19/17Transparent metal fluoride ceramic
01/19/17Pro-apoptotic ras and raf peptides
01/19/17Chimeric polypeptide comprising the fragment b of shiga toxin and peptides of therapeutic interest
11/17/16Method of diagnosis, prognostic or treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
11/03/16Tet2 as a diagnostic and pronostic marker in hematopoietic neoplasms
10/27/16A predicting a response to an anti-tumor treatment
09/29/16Analogues of temporin-sha and uses thereof
09/15/16Peptide inhibitors of tead/yap-taz interaction
09/08/16Cell-penetrating peptides
09/01/16Methods and pharmaceutical compositions for modulating autophagy in a subject in need thereof
08/18/16Cellular solid composite material comprising metal nanoparticles, preparation process and uses for the reversible storage of hydrogen
08/04/16Method for determining the sizing of the transistors of an analog circuit
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07/28/16Methods and compositions for treatment of retinal degenerative diseases
07/28/16Method for in vitro quantifying allo-antibodies, auto-antibodies and/or therapeutic antibodies
06/16/16Method for automated assistance to design nonlinear analog circuit with transient solver
06/02/16Method and unit for producing microalgae
05/26/16Method for the prognosis of survival time of a patient suffering from a solid cancer
05/19/16Pharmaceutical compositions for preventing glucocorticoid-induced corneal or skin thinning
05/19/16Shear wave imaging method and installation for collecting information on a soft solid
03/24/16Visual tracking of an object
03/10/16New drug for the treatment and/or prevention of depressive disorders
03/03/16Methods for obtaining retinal progenitors, retinal pigmented epithelial cells and neural retinal cells
01/21/16New dual biomarker of neurodegeneration and of neuroregeneration
12/17/15Process for detection of dna modifications and protein binding by a single molecule manipulation
12/03/15Biocompatible carbon based electrode and its preparation process
11/19/15Rna interference to activate stem cells
10/22/15Haptic controller suitable for controlling a sound characteristic
10/08/15Method for grafting polymers on metallic substrates
10/01/15Prognostic of diet impact on obesity-related co-morbidities
10/01/15Sigma delta rf modulator having capacitive coupling, analog/digital converter and apparatus including such a modulator
08/27/15Method for assessing the depth of a crack
07/30/15Treatment of osteoarthritis with incretin hormones or analogues thereof
07/02/15Use of coumarin derivatives for the preparation of drugs for treating skin diseases
06/25/15Chitosan hydrogel for repairing nerve tissue
06/25/15Process for preparing an epitaxial alpha-quartz layer on a solid support, material obtained and uses thereof
06/11/15Protozoan variant-specific surface proteins (vsp) as carriers for oral drug delivery
05/21/15Method and system for inspecting a zone
05/14/15Methods for treating diseases with peptides that inhibit igf-1
04/30/15Method for characterising the physiological state of a patient from the analysis of the cerebral electrical activity of said patient, and monitoring device applying said method
04/02/15Use of neuroglobin agonist for preventing or treating mitochondrial rcci and/or rcciii deficiency disease
02/05/15Methods and compositions for treatment of retinal degenerative diseases
01/29/15Anti-tumor adjuvant therapy
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01/29/15Mutations of the gpr179 gene in congenital stationary night blindness
01/22/15Peptides that inhibit the interaction between asf1 and histones, and use thereof
12/18/14Device for viewing a digital image
12/18/14Process for determining the reaction mechanism of a reaction and associated device
11/27/14Miniature linear vibrotactile actuator
11/13/14Method of 3d reconstruction of a scene calling upon asynchronous sensors
10/30/14Nucleoside analogues for the treatment of a viral infection, and evaluating the sensitivity to said treatment
10/23/14Use of recombinant type iii "polyketide synthases" (pks iii) of marine brown algae
09/04/14Device for treating the sensory capacity of a person and treatment with the help of such a device
08/28/14System comprising an oculometer, method implemented on such a system and corresponding computer program product
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06/05/14Attenuated plasmodium with deactivated hmgb2 gene, as vaccine
05/29/14Use of coumarin derivatives for the preparation of drugs for treating skin diseases
04/24/14Microfluidic system for controlling the concentration of molecules for stimulating a target
04/17/14Use of at least one chelating agent introduced into the culture medium of magnetotactic bacteria in order to stimulate the growth thereof
04/17/14Capsid-free aav vectors, compositions, and methods for vector production and gene delivery
03/13/14Method for high-throughput screening of drops by osmotic exchange and density variation
03/13/14Device for assisting in detecting anatomical features of at least a portion of a tissue and assisting in detecting anatomical features of at least a portion of a tissue
01/30/14Skeletal muscle-specific enhancer
11/28/13Novel bacterium and extracts of said bacterium and the use of same in dermatology
10/31/13Abcg1 gene as a marker and a target gene for treating obesity
10/03/13Organic-inorganic hybrid nanofibres having a mesoporous inorganic phase, preparation thereof by electrospinning, membrane, electrode, and fuel cell
08/15/13Heterogeneous enzymatic catalyst, process for preparing same and use for continuous flow enzymatic catalysis
08/08/13Apparatus for the treatment of brain affections and method implementing thereof
07/18/13Method for culturing adipocytes
07/18/13Method for preparing red blood cells for infusion
07/04/13Surgical instrument in particular for peritoneal surgery
06/20/13Transgenic animal as a model for identifying adult stem cells, and uses thereof
04/18/13Pharmaceutical compositions comprising a polypeptide comprising at least one cxxc motif and heterologous antigens and uses thereof
04/18/13Implant having three-dimensional shape for electrically stimulating a nerve structure
03/14/13Nucleic acid molecules and methods for exchanging exon(s) by transsplicing
02/07/13Method for depolymerising polysaccharides by means of mechanical milling
01/10/13Method for providing a metal electrode on the surface of a hydrophobic material
01/03/13Process for manufacturing a flexible elongate structure having an orientable end
01/03/13Method of fastening lamellae of a lamellar material on a suitable substrate
11/15/12String music instrument and sound board
11/01/12Method for determining the susceptibility of a cell strain to drugs
09/13/12Device for reconstructing speech by ultrasonically probing the vocal apparatus
06/07/12Microfluidic device for conveying a substance by diffusion in a porous substrate
06/07/12Device for adding gas to fluids
05/31/12Peptides for inhibiting igf-1
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05/24/12Method and system for deploying at least one virtual network on the fly and on demand
05/10/12Geolocation of a mobile station of a wireless telephony network
05/10/12Method and system for the efficient and automated management of virtual networks
04/19/12Use of interfering rna for treating an hiv infection
01/26/12Device for controlling the movement of a surgical instrument
01/05/12Device for quickly generating a torque on an extended dynamic range with low inertia
09/22/11Nanoscale cubic boron nitride
07/07/11Method for preparing a polymer particle dispersion in an aqueous medium
04/14/11Derivatives or dipyrannylidene type as anode interface layer in electronic devices
02/24/11Paraben compounds
11/11/10Fluorescent emulsions for optical imaging
08/19/10Use of a globin, a globin protomer or an extracellular hemoglobin for the preservation of organs, tissues, organ and tissue cells and cell cultures
07/22/10Pyrrolo[2,3-b]pyridine compounds, azaindole compounds used for synthesizing said pyrrolo[2,3-b]pyridine compounds, methods for the production thereof, and uses thereof
02/11/16Method and pharmaceutical composition for use in the treatment of cancer
05/07/15Method and pharmaceutical composition for use in the treatment of cancer
01/01/15Method for the prognosis of survival time of a patient suffering from a solid cancer
04/16/15Methods and pharmaceutical compositions for prevention or treatment of ischemia related organ damage
09/10/15Photovoltaic component with a high conversion efficiency
01/22/15Number of il4 and/or il13 secreting t-cells as a biomarker for allergic diseases
01/24/13Laser system provided with a frequency servo
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05/18/17Fluorogen activating and shifting tag (fast)
08/18/16Reconstituted high density lipoproteins composition and uses thereof

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