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Universiteit Gent
Universiteit Gent And University Of Connecticut

Universiteit Gent patents

Recent patent applications related to Universiteit Gent. Universiteit Gent is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Universiteit Gent may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Universiteit Gent, we're just tracking patents.

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12/14/17 new patent  Thermoplastic optical device
11/30/17Mutant microorganisms to synthesize colanic acid, mannosylated and/or fucosylated oligosaccharides
11/30/17Method for controlling on-demand service provisioning
11/16/17Compositions comprising a polymeric network
11/16/17State replication of virtual network function instances
11/02/173,4-diaminobenzenesulfonamide derivatives for inhibiting cell death
11/02/17A sucrose phosphorylase for the production of kojibiose
10/19/17Functional mutant alleles of ein5 for yield increase
10/19/17Laser ablation probe
10/12/17A treating joint disease
09/28/17Muscle-specific nucleic acid regulatory elements and methods and use thereof
08/31/17Genetically modified plants having altered lignin content
08/17/17Personal radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation exposimetry
08/17/17Personal radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation exposimetry
08/10/17Hydrolysis of mannose-1-phospho-6-mannose linkage to phospho-6-mannose
08/10/17Smart textile product and fabricating the same
07/27/17Liver-specific nucleic acid regulatory elements and methods and use thereof
07/27/17Method for the preparation of uniform, high molar mass cyclic imino ether polymers
07/20/17Polarization independent processing in integrated photonics
07/13/17Insect repellent
06/29/17Detection of pulmonary vein isolation
06/15/17Requesting multiple chunks from a network node on the basis of a single request message
06/08/17Hamamelitannin analogues and uses thereof
06/08/17Means and methods to increase plant yield
05/11/17A treating bone disease
04/20/17Program execution on heterogeneous platform
03/23/17Integrated spectrometers with single pixel detector
03/16/17Implantable sensor
03/16/17Targeted mutant alpha-helical bundle cytokines
03/16/17Integrated circuit verification using parameterized configuration
02/16/17Wave energy convertor
02/02/17Radiotherapy board and couch
01/26/17Service provisioning in a communication network
01/19/17Metabolically engineered organisms for the production of added value bio-products
01/19/17Binding smart objects
01/12/17Means and methods for regulating secondary metabolite production in plants
01/05/17Adiabatic coupler
01/05/17Real-time execution of mac control logic
01/05/17Crash recovery for smart objects
12/29/16Anti-influenza antibody
12/22/16Agrochemical compositions for inducing abiotic stress tolerance
12/01/16Respiratory syncytial virus vaccine
11/24/16Prebiotic oral care compositions containing carboxylic acids
11/24/16Prebiotic oral care compositions containing an alkyl glycoside
11/24/16Muscle-specific nucleic acid regulatory elements and methods and use thereof
11/24/16System for coupling radiation into a waveguide
11/17/16Targeting of interleukin-1 and -18 signaling in treatment of septic shock
11/17/16Pyrabactin analogues to modulate plant development
11/10/16Prebiotic oral care compositions containing amino acids
11/10/16Method for realizing heterogeneous iii-v silicon photonic integrated circuits
11/03/16Method to protect lipophilic nutrients against ruminal degradation
11/03/16Prebiotic oral care methods using a saccharide
10/20/16Peloruside analogs
09/22/16Inhibition of a lncrna for treatment of melanoma
09/22/16Means and methods for the reduction of photorespiration in crops
09/22/16Protection of plants against oxidative stress
09/08/16Wave energy convertor
08/25/16Method for cross-linking peptides
08/18/16Marker based activity transition models
07/28/16Polyurethanes as oral drug delivery platform
07/21/16Conductive bridging memory device having a cu-te-(ge/si) comprising top electrode
07/14/16Urazole compounds
07/14/16Cells producing fc-containing molecules having altered glycosylation patterns and methods and use thereof
07/14/16Integrated avalanche germanium photodetector
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06/16/16Methods to produce bolaamphiphilic glycolipids
06/09/16Targeting of cytokine antagonists
06/09/16Methods for electrically connecting textile integrated conductive yarns
06/02/16Targeted modified il-1 family members
05/26/16Active multifocal lens
05/12/16Means and methods for yield performance in plants
04/07/16Textile integration of electronic circuits
03/17/16Plants having enhanced yield-related traits and making thereof
02/18/16Electrocardiogram analysis
02/18/16Electrocardiogram analysis
02/11/16Antibody constructs for influenza m2 and cd3
02/04/16Deposition tool for combinatorial thin film material libraries
01/28/16Integrated grating coupler and power splitter
01/21/16Mucosal membrane receptor and uses thereof
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01/21/16Plants having modified growth characteristics and a making the same
01/14/16Microcapsules and concrete containing the same
12/24/15Articular fracture fixation system and method
12/03/15Methods for obtaining hydrophilic fluoropolymers
11/26/15Use of compounds that selectively modulate astrocytic release of substances through hemichannels of connexins and pannexins, without influencing gap junctions, for the treatment of psychiatric disorders
11/19/15Hybrid waveguide lasers and methods for fabricating hybrid waveguide lasers
11/05/15Use of connexin channel inhibitors to protect grafts
11/05/15Novel interleukin-33 inhibitors
11/05/15Carrier-depletion based silicon waveguide resonant cavity modulator with integrated optical power monitor
10/22/15Preferentially oriented perovskite-related thin film
10/08/15Lactonase derived from candida bombicola and uses thereof
10/08/15Integrated photonic coupler
10/01/15Test circuits
10/01/15Calibration of monolithic crystal-based detectors
10/01/15Signal processing
09/24/15Cooperia vaccine
09/24/15Genes involved in asymmetric cell division
09/24/15Method for optical coupling between a photonic integrated circuit and an external optical element
09/17/15Method and device for scheduling data traffic
09/10/15Treatment of clay or dredged sediment with polymer increases adsorption characteristics
09/10/15Protective anti-etec antibody
08/27/15Circuitry and multi-level signals
08/20/15Means and methods for altering the lignin pathway in plants
08/13/15Membranes, azeotropic & catalytic components
07/30/15Galactopyranosyl derivatives useful as medicaments
07/09/15Instruction window centric processor simulation
06/25/15Method for modifying lignin biosynthesis in plants
06/11/15Use of antagonists targeting metallothionein to treat intestinal inflammation
06/11/15Methods and systems for characterizing void fractions
06/04/15Viral particle-based protein-protein interaction
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05/28/15Sensing of components in liquids
05/21/15Triterpenoid sapogenin production in plant and microbial cultures
04/23/15Manufacturing heat exchanger from porous medium and conduits
01/22/15Polyoxazoline polymers and methods for their preparation, conjugates of these polymers and medical uses thereof
01/15/15Electrochemical processes to separate products derived from biological conversions
01/08/15Reservoir computing using passive optical systems
01/08/15Membrane span-kinase fusion protein and the uses thereof
01/08/15Anti-invasive compounds
01/01/15Novel oragnosilica compounds
11/13/14Lactonase derived from candida bombicola and uses thereof
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10/30/14Optical fluorescence-based chemical and biochemical sensors and methods for fabricating such sensors
10/02/14Production and use of laminated nanofibrous structures
09/11/14Synthesis of nanomaterials
08/28/14Vaccines for chlamydia
08/07/14Neuregulin-1-based prognosis and therapeutic stratification of colorectal cancer
07/31/14Prevention of salmonella recrudescense
07/03/14Molecular analysis device
07/03/14Permissive cells and uses thereof
06/26/14Integrated optical sensor circuit
06/26/14Multi-layered release formulation
06/05/14Intravaginal delivery system
02/06/14Sulphur-containing thermoplastic polymers
11/21/13Methods and components for thermal energy storage
11/14/13Trehalose phosphorylases and their use in the biocatalytic production of trehalose-analogues and glycosyl phosphates
11/07/13Fast channel switching
10/31/13Method for cross-linking peptides
09/26/13Fibrous filters
08/08/13Technology and method to study microbial growth and adhesion to host-related surfaces and the host-microbiota interaction
07/04/133d porous material comprising machined side
06/13/13Clayey barriers
05/16/13Metabolically engineered organisms for the production of added value bio-products
04/18/13Monodisperse polymers containing (alkyl)acrylic acid moieties, precursors and methods for making them and their applications
04/11/13Yeast strains modified in their sophorolipid production and uses thereof
03/07/13Biocatalytic production of glycosides
02/28/13Salmonella vaccine
01/31/13Thermostable sucrose phosphorylase
11/22/12Methods and systems for optical characterisation
03/15/12Use of no and no donors for terminating dormancy in invertebrates
03/15/12Amplifier circuit for a ranging transceiver
03/08/12Technology and method to study microbial growth and adhesion to host-related surfaces and the host-microbiota interactions
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02/02/12Methods for producing substantially homogeneous hybrid or complex n-glycans in methylotrophic yeasts
01/19/12Remediation of polluted materials or sites
12/08/11Gdf15 as molecular tool to monitor and enhance phenotypic stability of articular chondrocytes
12/08/11Gdf15 as a differential marker for spondyloarthropathy
12/01/11Aqueous coacervate compositions suitable for making powders and water-soluble formulations of biologically-active agents
10/13/11Sialoadhesin-related compositions and methods
09/15/11All-optical 2r regeneration
08/04/11Methods and compositions in the treatment of coronaviruses
08/04/11Cells producing glycoproteins having altered glycosylation patterns and method and use thereof
07/28/11Liver-specific nucleic acid regulatory elements and methods and use thereof
06/23/11Dry powder compositions and systems for poultry vaccination
06/09/11Diagnostic test for the detection of early stage liver cancer
06/02/11Mucosal membrane receptor and uses thereof
05/19/11Retro-reflective structures
05/12/11Process and continuous wet granulation of powder material
05/05/11Method and system for coupling radiation
05/05/11Use of sip1 as determinant of breast cancer stemness
04/07/11Method and device for the manipulation of microcarriers for an identification purpose
03/31/11Circuit for converting a pulsed input voltage to a dc voltage
03/31/11Integrated photonics device
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03/31/11Modulation of plant cell number
03/24/11Circuit for end-of-burst detection
02/17/11Semiconductor package
02/17/11Novel vaccine against trypanosoma cruzi infection
02/03/11Systems and methods for transferring single-ended burst signal onto differential lines, especially for use in burst-mode receiver
02/03/11Immediate release pharmaceutical granule compositions and a continuous process for making them
01/27/11Viral inactivation process
01/27/11Nucleic acids of pichia pastoris and use thereof for recombinant production of proteins
01/20/11Method for effective refractive index trimming of optical waveguiding structures and optical waveguiding structures
01/13/11Immediate release pharmaceutical granule compositions and a continuous process for making them
12/30/10Markers of matrix gene expression and cellular differentiation in chondrocytes
12/23/10Device and signal detection in a tdma network
12/23/10Grating structures for simultaneous coupling to te and tm waveguide modes
12/09/10Combined mems accelerometer and gyroscope
11/04/10Waveguide coupling probe and methods for manufacturing same
09/23/10Composition and methods relating to glucocorticoid receptor-alpha and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors
09/16/10Functionalised polyurethanes
08/19/10Ostertagia vaccine
07/22/10Fortification of plants with folates by metabolic engineering
06/24/10Vitamin d3 analogues for the prevention and treatment of bone disorders
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06/17/10Non-steroidal brassinosteroid mimetic
04/15/10Substituted 7-azabicyclo[2.2.1]heptyl derivatives useful for making pharmaceutical compositions
12/31/09Process for preparing a solid dosage form
12/24/09Method for manufacturing a stretchable electronic device
11/19/09Helicobacter species and cultivation thereof
11/05/09Straightforward entry to 7-azabicyclo[2.2.1]heptane-1-carbonitriles and subsequent synthesis of epibatidine analogues
09/24/09Quinine and quinidine salts, methods for making them, and pharmaceutical formulations comprising them
09/03/09Plants having improved growth characteristics and a making the same
07/16/09Method for effective refractive index trimming of optical waveguiding structures and optical waveguiding structures
06/11/09Novel stress-related microrna molecules and uses thereof
04/30/09Composite substrate
04/16/09Means and methods to modulate flavonoid biosynthesis in plants and plant cells
04/02/09Protein secretion in eukaryotic cells
06/11/15Use of antagonists targeting metallothionein to treat intestinal inflammation

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