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University Of Cincinnati
University Of Cincinnati Office Of Intellectual Property
University Of Cincinnati_20100128

University Of Cincinnati patents

Recent patent applications related to University Of Cincinnati. University Of Cincinnati is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: University Of Cincinnati may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with University Of Cincinnati, we're just tracking patents.

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Smart oxygenation system employing automatic control using spo2-to-fio2 ratio

A system for assessing lung function in a patient is enclosed. The oxygen delivery system in the system (e.g., a ventilator or portable standalone system) preferably includes an oximeter sensor for receiving SpO2 from a patient. The assessing lung function in a patient includes an FiO2 adjust algorithm operable in... University Of Cincinnati

Methods for suppressing allergic reactions

A method of treating a subject suffering from an allergic disorder is provided, the method including inducing rapid desensitization to an allergen, the rapid desensitization effectuated by: administering to the subject a plurality of equal doses of a first anti-FcεRIα monoclonal antibody, wherein the plurality of equal doses are administered... University Of Cincinnati

Automated detection of spreading depolarizations

Computer-implemented methods and automated systems for real-time detection of spreading depolarizations in a brain injured patient, based an algorithm of (a) providing a reference data base of spreading depolarization waveform templates generated from EEG recordings of confirmed spreading depolarizations (SD) in a reference brain-injured patient cohort; (b) recording an EEG... University Of Cincinnati

Pharmaceutical compositions and therapeutic methods of use comprising selective agonists of melanocortin 1 receptor

Short tri- and tetrapeptides according to the following Formula I Ar(CH2)mX1—X2—CO—X3—X4—X5-(Trp)n-NX6R are potent, selective agonists of melanocortin 1 receptor (MC1R). Provided herein are pharmaceutical compositions including Formula I peptide agonists of MC1R and methods of treating skin diseases and disorders that include administering to an individual in need thereof a... University Of Cincinnati

Methods and materials for prolonged sweat stimulation

A method for stimulating and sensing sweat includes dosing a sweat stimulant to skin effective to generate sweat at a generation rate of at least 0.1 nL/min/gland for a duration of six hours or more per dose of the sweat stimulant, and sensing generated sweat using a device placed on... University Of Cincinnati

Sweat sensing devices with prioritized sweat data from a subset of sensors

A sweat sensor device for sensing at least one analyte includes a plurality of sensors for sensing said at least one analyte and for producing data. Data from a subset of said plurality of sensors is prioritized over data from sensors of said plurality of sensors which are outside said... University Of Cincinnati

Method of diagnosing breast cancer, monitoring treatment of breast cancer, and treating breast cancer

Described are methods of detecting circulating HOTAIR in breast cancer patients. The detection of circulating HOTAIR may aid in the treatment of triple-negative breast cancer (“TNBC”) or anti-estrogen resistant breast cancer. Circulating HOTAIR may be quantified before and after treatment to determine effectiveness of the treatment. Aspects are directed to... University Of Cincinnati

Devices for integrated indirect sweat stimulation and sensing

A sweat sensing device includes at least one sweat generation unit capable of initiating sudomotor axon reflex (SAR) sweating in an indirect stimulation region and at least one analysis unit capable of sensing a physiological parameter of sweat, collecting a sweat sample, or a combination thereof. The at least one... University Of Cincinnati

Antimicrobial compositions of aminoglycosidic antibiotics and zinc ion chelators specifically formulated for enhanced inhibition of bacterial colonization and antibacterial efficacy

Pharmaceutical compositions comprising an aminoglycosidic antibiotic and at least one zinc-chelating agent in a specified concentration, and methods of inhibiting bacterial colonization, biofilm formation and if treating bacterial infections utilizing the compositions are provided. Topical formulations suitable for wound care, and surface-applicable formulations suitable for medical, industrial and household disinfecting... University Of Cincinnati

Gas-encapsulated acoustically responsive stabilized microbubbles and methods for treating cardiovascular disease

Acoustically responsive stabilized microbubbles formulated with a phospholipid monolayer shell, an encapsulated bioactive gas, and an encapsulated perfluorocarbon gas of the formula CxFy in a volume ratio of from about 10:1 to about 1:10, wherein X is greater than or equal to 3, are disclosed. Also provided are methods for... University Of Cincinnati

Methods and compositions for suppressing ige-mediated anaphylaxis

Methods for suppressing IgE-mediated anaphylaxis are provided herein, which include administering to a person in need thereof a combination of at least two therapeutic agents selected from the group consisting of an antihistamine, one or more beta-adrenergic agonists, and one or more tyrosine kinase antagonists. Also provided herein are methods... University Of Cincinnati

Systems, media, and methods for pre-processing and post-processing in additive manufacturing

Systems, methods, and media for pre-processing and post-processing in additive manufacturing are provided. A method includes receiving object geometry data. The method may further include generating a sectional snapshot and a bounding box. The method may also include performing a boundary tracing operation on the sectional snapshots. Further still, the... University Of Cincinnati

Carbon nanotube based reference electrodes and all-carbon electrode assemblies for sensing and electrochemical characterization

A carbon nanotube-based reference electrode and an all-carbon nanotube microelectrode assembly for electrochemical sensing and specialized analytics are disclosed, along with methods of manufacture, and applications including detection of ionic species including heavy metals in municipal and environmental water, monitoring of steel corrosion in steel-reinforced concrete, and analysis of biological... University Of Cincinnati

Localized contour tree deriving geometric and topological properties of complex surface depressions based on high resolution topographical data

Computer-implemented methods for detecting and characterizing surface depressions in a topographical landscape based on processing of high resolution digital elevation model data according to a local tree contour algorithm applied to an elevation contour representation of the landscape, and characterizing the detected surface depressions according to morphometric threshold values derived... University Of Cincinnati

Enhanced analyte access through epithelial tissue

A device for increasing a concentration of at least one analyte in an advective flow of biofluid includes an agent for enhancing a paracellular permeability of an epithelial tissue; and an iontophoresis electrode and a counter electrode, which are adapted to increase the concentration of said analyte in the advective... University Of Cincinnati

Methods and compositions for treating autoimmune disorders by targeting kv1.3 ion channels with functionalized lipid-derived nanovesicles

Synthesis and pharmaceutical compositions of antibody-functionalized nanovesicles encapsulating ion channel knockout siRNA, and methods of treating autoimmune diseases associated with increased expression and/or hyperactivity of T cells by selectively targeting memory T cells with the nanoparticles, which deliver their siRNA cargo into the cytosol of the TM cell thus reducing... University Of Cincinnati

Electrofluidic display and methods for making

A method for manufacturing a freestanding film having at least one population of through holes cumulatively totaling at least 1% of the film area, wherein the standard deviation of hole diameters is less than 25% and a thickness less than 25 micrometers, The film provides a carrier substrate, a photo-curable... University Of Cincinnati

Graphene paper and a process for making graphene paper and a graphene electrode

Described are processes for making graphene pellet (GP) with a three-dimensional structure. The process includes forming a nickel pellet from nickel powder to function as a catalyst for graphene growth, exposing the nickel pellet to a hydrocarbon under conditions sufficient to grow graphene, and etching nickel from graphene with an... University Of Cincinnati

Small- molecule inhibitors targeting g-protein-coupled rho guanine nucleotide exchange factors

Provided are inhibitors of Rho GTPase activation, and, in particular, compounds that inhibit RhoA activation by an RhoGEF. Also provided are related pharmaceutical compositions and methods. Also provided are methods of inhibiting Rho GTPase activation. Also provided are methods of screening for compounds that inhibit Rho GTPase activation by a... University Of Cincinnati

Materials and methods useful for treating glioblastoma

The present invention provides compositions and methods useful for treating cancers such as glioblastoma. SapC-DOPS was found to be synergistically effective at inducing cell death when administered in conjunction with rampamycin. SapC-DOPS/rapamycin combination therapy allows physicians to give lower doses of each drug and achieve better therapeutic efficacy. The compositions... University Of Cincinnati

Compositions and methods for treating cocaine-related disorders

Methods for treating a cocaine-related disorder in an individual de administering to the individual a therapeutic amount of an antibody comprising a human immunoglobulin gamma heavy chain and a murine lambda light chain. In another embodiment, the light chain includes a human kappa light chain at least partially derived from... University Of Cincinnati

Methods for determining risk and treating diseases and conditions that correlate to weather data

Methods and model equations are provided for predicting a risk of a subject who experiences adverse medical events associated with the weather, of experiencing a new-onset event. Methods include a) identifying a climate region of interest; b) collecting daily mean barometric pressure (BP) data for a time frame and dividing... University Of Cincinnati

Red blood cell storage solutions, solution additives, and methods for improving the storage of red blood cells

Methods, additive kits and storage compositions for decreasing the deleterious effects of storage on pRBCs, for improving the aging process of stored pRBCs, and for preventing or ameliorating patient comorbidities following the transfusion or infusion of stored blood based on inhibiting acid sphingomyelinase during storage are provided.... University Of Cincinnati

Measuring wall thickness loss for a structure

Systems, methods and computer storage mediums accurately measure wall thickness in a region of interest included in complex curved structures. Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to generating a wall thickness loss distribution map of a region of interest that provides an accurate representation of wall thickness for the region... University Of Cincinnati

Methods for making magnesium biodegradable stents for medical implant applications

Methods for making a magnesium biodegradable stent for medical implant applications, using magnesium foil or pure magnesium or magnesium alloys that are biodegradable and performing a lithographic technique to configure the features and dimensions of the magnesium foil, and rolling the magnesium foil to form a cylinder.... University Of Cincinnati

Pharmaceutical compositions comprising soluble cd137

A method for treating or preventing a T-cell-mediated autoimmune disease is provided herein, the method including administering to a mammal in need thereof a therapeutically effective amount of soluble CD137 or CD137pos regulatory T cells. Also provided are pharmaceutical compositions for treating or preventing T-cell-mediated autoimmune diseases, the pharmaceutical compositions... University Of Cincinnati

Therapeutic uses of cd137pos regulatory t cells in treating autoimmune diseases

A method for treating or preventing a T-cell-mediated autoimmune disease is provided herein, the method including administering to a mammal in need thereof a therapeutically effective amount of soluble CD137 or CD137pos regulatory T cells. Also provided are pharmaceutical compositions for treating or preventing T-cell-mediated autoimmune diseases, the pharmaceutical compositions... University Of Cincinnati

Sweat sensing with analytical assurance

A sweat sensor device (200) with analytical assurance includes at least one sensor (220) for detecting a first analyte, and at least one calibration medium (270) containing at least the first analyte. When the first analyte in the at least one calibration medium (270) comes into contact with the at... University Of Cincinnati

Enhanced dry-cooling increasing power plant efficiency and output

The presently disclosed subject matter relates to enhanced dry-cooling systems and methods. More specifically, the presently disclosed subject matter relates to enhanced dry-cooling systems for increasing power plant efficiency and output. One embodiment of the present disclosure is directed to dry-cooling system for increasing power plant efficiency and output. The... University Of Cincinnati

Magnesium single crystal for biomedical applications and methods of making same

A biomedical implant (16, 18) is formed from magnesium (Mg) single crystal (10). The biomedical implant (16, 18) may be biodegradable. The biomedical implant (16, 18) may be post treated to control the mechanical properties and/or corrosion rate thereof said Mg single crystal (10) without changing the chemical composition thereof.... University Of Cincinnati

Dosing and sealing of fluid-based electro-optical devices and displays

A method for manufacturing an electrofluidic device comprising the steps of providing a first plate with features for holding a first fluid, filling a first fluid into features on a first plate; providing a second plate and sealing a second plate onto the first plate forming stacked plates with at... University Of Cincinnati

Combinatorial sensing of sweat biomarkers using potentiometric and impedance measurements

A wearable sweat sensor device (1) may include a plurality of sensors (150, 160, 170, 180) capable of measuring a plurality of ion-selective biomarker potentials and a mechanism that analyzes a combination of measurements as a proxy for one or more physiological conditions such as muscle activity, exertion, or tissue... University Of Cincinnati

Multi-functional porous carbon-supported microporous inorganic membranes for redox flow batteries

A separator for a redox flow battery includes a support layer having a first side, and a zeolite layer formed on the first side of the support layer. The support layer includes a porous substrate that is a carbon substrate or a carbon coated substrate. A redox flow battery includes... University Of Cincinnati

Non-invasive detection of spreading depolarization using scalp electroencephalography

Non-invasive electroencephalogram (EEG)-based methods for detecting a spreading depolarization secondary to a brain injury in a patient who exhibits high-amplitude delta activity in at least one channel of a scalp EEG of an injured brain hemisphere of the patient include (a) recording a baseline scalp EEG pattern in the patient... University Of Cincinnati

05/11/17 / #20170128418

Compositions and methods for improving lactation

The present disclosure relates to the use of pharmaceutical agents to manipulate serotonin in animal mammary glands. Use of the serotonin agents results in increased PTHrP levels, resulting in the release of calcium from the bone, which improves lactation.... University Of Cincinnati

04/13/17 / #20170100102

Advanced sweat sensor adhesion, sealing, and fluidic strategies

A sweat sensor device (200) includes one or more sweat sensors (220) and a seal (280) covering the one or more sweat sensors (220). The seal (280) is adapted to protect the sweat sensors (220) from outside contaminants when the device (200) is placed on the skin (12). The sweat... University Of Cincinnati

04/06/17 / #20170095183

Vertical-flow electronic bio-chemical sensing devices

An electronic sweat sensor (300) includes a plurality of porous substrates (310, 312), each porous substrate (310, 312) having an electrically conductive surface (320, 322). The porous substrates (310, 312) have a generally planar surface. The generally planar surface may be adapted to be positioned on skin (12) generally coplanar... University Of Cincinnati

04/06/17 / #20170095184

Sweat monitoring and control of drug delivery

The concentration of an administered compound, such as a drug (D), in an organ or a bodily fluid, such as blood, is determined directly through detecting the drug (D) or its metabolites (DM) in sweat. The concentration may be determined indirectly by administering the drug (D) together with one or... University Of Cincinnati

04/06/17 / #20170095233

Devices with reduced sweat volumes between sensors and sweat glands

A sweat sensor device (400c) for sensing sweat on the skin (12) includes one or more sweat sensors (420) and a volume-reducing component that provides a volume-reduced pathway (480) for sweat between the one or more sweat sensors (420) and sweat glands in said skin (12) when the device (400c)... University Of Cincinnati

03/16/17 / #20170071210

Silver nanoparticle-enhanced photosensitizers

The present invention relates generally to compositions and methods of killing bacteria using a surface plasmon coupled to a photosensitizer. A nanostructure (10) may include a silver nanoparticle core (12), a mesoporous silica shell (14), and a photosensitizer (16). A method of killing bacteria may include contacting bacteria with a... University Of Cincinnati

03/16/17 / #20170074893

Devices and methods for analyzing a blood coagulation property

A device (10) and method for analyzing blood coagulation in a blood sample. The device (10) includes a housing (12) having an analytical membrane (14) partially enclosed in a housing. The analytical membrane (14) includes a porous hydrophilic sample portion (34), a porous hydrophilic analytical portion (36), and a porous... University Of Cincinnati

02/16/17 / #20170044680

Additive manufacturing by localized electrochemical deposition

A method of electrolytic additive manufacturing provides 3-D parts. The method can be used to form parts from particulate material in an electrolytic bath. Metal is electrolytically deposited, binding the particles. Layers of the particles are built up to form the parts. The same process can be used to form... University Of Cincinnati

02/09/17 / #20170035425

Methods for partial diversion of the intestinal tract

Devices and methods are used to modify a metabolic pathway of a digestive system by creating a pathway within the intestinal tract through an anastomosis between a proximal location within the intestinal tract and a distal location within the intestinal tract. In some examples, the small intestine has a first... University Of Cincinnati

02/02/17 / #20170029523

Stimulation via tlr4/md-2 to reverse type 1 diabetes

Disclosed are methods and compositions for treating Type I diabetes in a subject. Agents selected from a TLR4 agonist, a TLR4/MD-2 agonist, or a combination thereof may be used in the disclosed methods and compositions. Also disclosed are methods of restoring adaptive immune T cell tolerance, treating pernicious insulitis, improving... University Of Cincinnati

01/19/17 / #20170016899

Methods of detecting influenza virus

Provided herein is a method of detecting the presence of influenza virus in a sample while minimizing false positives due to presence of one or more other pathogens in the sample, the method including measuring the enzymatic activity of neuraminidase (NA) in the sample under one or more differentiating conditions... University Of Cincinnati

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