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University Of Florida Research Foundation Inc
University Of Florida Research Foundation Incorporated
University Of Florida Research Foundation Inc_20100114
University Of Florida Research Foundation Inc_20100107
University Of Florida Research Foundation Inc 223
University Of Florida Research Foundation Inc_20100121
University Of Florida Research Foundation Inc_20131212
University Of Florida Research Foundation Incorpo
University Of Florida Research Foundation Incoporated
University Of Florida Research Foundation Inc_20100128

University Of Florida Research Foundation Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to University Of Florida Research Foundation Inc. University Of Florida Research Foundation Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: University Of Florida Research Foundation Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with University Of Florida Research Foundation Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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12/07/17 new patent  Rotating radiation shutter collimator
11/30/17Three-dimensional image reconstruction using transmission and scatter radiography methods
11/16/17Nanocomposite magnetic materials for magnetic devices and systems
10/12/17High electron mobility transistors with improved heat dissipation
08/03/17Interactive mixed reality system and uses thereof
06/01/17Wireless power transfer via electrodynamic coupling
05/25/17Protein biomarkers for acute, subacute and chronic traumatic injuries of the central nervous system
05/04/17Screening for neurological disease using speech articulation characteristics
03/30/17Capacitive microphone with integrated cavity
03/02/17Macrocyclic therapeutic agents, methods of manufacture, and methods of treatment
02/09/17Lipoteichoic acid from lactobacilli as a potent immune stimulatory adjuvant for vaccine development
02/09/17System and internal inspection of rail components
01/26/17Materials and methods for the treatment of latent viral infection
01/19/17Method of treating or retarding the development of blindness
12/29/16Adeno-associated virus vectors for treatment of glycogen storage disease
12/29/16Adeno-associated virus vectors for treatment of glycogen storage disease
12/22/16Method and quality of seal and package integrity testing
12/08/16Phenazine derivatives as antimicrobial agents
12/08/16Method and big data cloud storage resource management
12/01/16Methods for forming nanocrystals with position-controlled dopants
10/06/16Modification of the xylan utilization system for production of acidic xylooligosaccharides from lignocellulosics
10/06/16Antibody and aptamer ensemble for cell isolation and enrichment
09/15/16Method of treating or retarding the development of blindness
07/07/16Type 1 diabetes biomarkers
06/16/16Apparatuses and methods for high-throughput protein synthesis
06/16/16Nanocomposite magnetic materials for magnetic devices and systems
06/09/16Real-time reconstruction of the human body and automated avatar synthesis
05/05/16Modular wireless sensor network for musical instruments and user interfaces for use therewith
04/21/16Method and sustainable scale-out datacenters
04/14/16Smart® medication adherence formulation, method, device and system for topical, vaginal or rectal routes of administration
03/31/16Devices and methods for isolating cells
03/24/16Antimicrobial compounds and their use in treating plant disease
03/24/16Electroactive polymeric scaffolds and delivering nerve growth factor to nerve tissue
03/10/16Novel allosteric inhibitors of thymidylate synthase
02/11/16Regulation of cancer using natural compounds and/or diet
01/28/16Butyrogenic bacteria as probiotics to treat clostridium difficile
01/28/16Recombinant aav production in mammalian cells
01/28/16Materials and methods for assessing and mapping microbes and microbial biofilms on wounds
01/21/16Materials and methods for improving lung function and for prevention and/or treatment of radiation-induced lung complications
01/14/16Method and power management using distributed generation
01/07/16Methods for the diagnosis and treatment of sjogren's syndrome
01/07/16Pharmacogenic therapies targeting the metal-ion transcriptional regulation machinery in bacteria
01/07/16Method and providing high control authority atmospheric plasma
12/31/15Cranial alignment device for use in intracranial stereotactic surgery
12/17/15Method for generation of regulatory t-cells using factors secreted by inkt cells
12/10/15Compact lens system for use in photoacoustic microscopy
12/03/15Quality-control jig for use with radiotherapy apparatus
11/26/15A pumping a liquid
10/29/15Controlling the activity of growth factors, particularly tgf-beta, in vivo
10/22/15Combining genetic traits for furfural tolerance
10/22/15Materials and methods for treating diarrhea
10/08/15Engineering the pathway for succinate production
09/24/15Screening for neurological disease using speech articulation characteristics
09/24/15Drug delivery using electrochemically-triggered biodegradable electroactive materials
09/10/15Electric-field enhanced performance in catalysis and solid-state devices involving gases
08/20/15High electron mobility transistors having improved reliability
07/23/15Securing a tms coil to the patient's head
07/23/15Use of anoctamin as a biomarker for radiation biodosimetry
07/16/15Materials and methods for improving gastrointestinal function
07/09/15Device and tissue displacement in brachytherapy
07/09/15Monitoring system for perishable or temperature-sensitive product transportation and storage
07/02/15Lactobacillus supplement for alleviating type 1 diabetes
06/18/15Method and detecting and/or analyzing motion using radar and multiple identifiable reflectors
05/21/15Patient in-the-loop participatory care and monitoring
03/26/15Antimicrobial compounds and their use in treating plant disease
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02/19/15Apparatus for use in a lecture environment
12/25/14Method of treating or retarding the development of blindness
12/18/14Simulation system and methods for surgical training
12/18/14Simulation system and methods for surgical training
11/20/14Enhanced ultrasound imaging interpretation and navigation
10/09/14Telescope and telescope array for use in spacecraft
09/25/14Flow chambers, methods of using the flow chamber, and methods of making the flow chamber
09/18/14Novel type 1 diabetes vaccines, and methods of use
09/18/14Methods and systems for monitoring resistance and work of breathing for ventilator-dependent patients
09/18/14Efficient publish/subscribe systems
05/01/14Sensors using high electron mobility transistors
04/03/14Modular wireless sensor network for musical instruments and user interfaces for use therewith
04/03/14Electromechanical inductors and transformers
11/21/13Maximizing circle of trust in online social networks
11/07/13Asynchronous fluidic impulse strain-based energy harvesting system
Patent Packs
10/17/13Portable interactive interface for interview-based investigations
08/22/13Method of treating or retarding the development of blindness
08/15/13Renewable energy control systems and methods
08/01/13Sample point-based, blob-like, closed-surface delineation approach
07/18/13Systems and methods of position and movement detection for urological diagnosis and treatment
07/04/13Context-sensitive flow interrupter and drainage outflow optimization system
06/13/13Tunable active directional couplers
06/13/13Physiological simulator toolkit and viewer
03/28/13Enhancement of properties of thin film ferroelectric materials
12/20/12Fabrication of robust electrothermal mems with fast thermal response
10/18/12Systems and methods of screening for medical states using speech and other vocal behaviors
08/09/12Strain tunable silicon and germanium nanowire optoelectronic devices
01/26/12Electromechanical inductors and transformers
03/12/09Raav vector-based pro-opiomelanocortin compositions and methods of use
06/07/12Mems-based optical image scanning apparatus, methods, and systems
02/12/15Materials and methods for treatment of cystic fibrosis and for induction of ion secretion
12/07/17 new patent  Oat variety fl0720
12/07/17 new patent  Aav-mediated gene therapy for nphp5 lca-ciliopathy
11/23/17Devices and methods for minimizing infusion of air into an intravenous fluid line from an intravenous fluid bag by a pressure infusion cuff
11/16/17Satiation peptides for weight loss and altered taste sensitivity
11/16/17Sensitive and rapid candidatus liberibacter species detection
11/09/17Continuous electrokinetic dewatering of phosphatic clay suspensions
11/09/17Radiation shielding and mitigating alloys, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same
11/02/17Overlay architecture for programming fpgas
11/02/17Overlay architecture for programming fpgas
10/26/17Solar thermochemical reactor and methods of manufacture and use thereof
10/26/17Solar thermochemical reactor, methods of manufacture and use thereof and thermogravimeter
10/26/17Methods for thaxtomin production and modified streptomyces with increased thaxtomin production
10/19/17Methods and structures for light regulating coatings
10/19/17Viral based transient-expression vector system that allows multiple applications
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10/05/17Multiplexed pcr assay for high throughput genotyping
10/05/17Electro-fluid transducers
09/28/17Room temperature multiferroic thin films
09/28/17High-transduction-efficiency raav vectors, compositions, and methods of use
09/21/17Durable and optically transparent superhydrophobic surfaces
09/21/17Precursors for electron beam-induced deposition of gold and silver
09/21/17Broadly absorbing electrochromic polymers
09/21/17Methods and compositions for preventing or reducing infections of crop plants by bacterial and fungal pathogens
09/14/17Durable and superhydrophobic over coating
08/31/17Chemical lure for asian citrus psyllid
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08/24/17Novel pulse oximeter probes and methods for using the same
08/24/17Magnetic nanoparticle embedded nanofibrous membrane
08/17/17Materials and methods to increase plant growth and yield
08/10/17Preservative removal from eye drops
08/10/17Joint fountain coding and network coding for loss-tolerant information spreading
08/03/17Patterns for flow control and bioadhesion control
08/03/17Solar thermochemical reactor, methods of manufacture and use thereof and thermogravimeter
08/03/17Desferrithiocin polyether analogues
08/03/17Ligands for alpha-7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors and methods of treating neurological and inflammatory conditions
08/03/17Methods of packaging multiple adeno-associated virus vectors
07/27/17Uses of 4'-desferrithiocin analogs
07/27/17Sustained release angiogenesis modulating compositions and methods for induction and modulation of angiogenesis
07/27/17Uv blocker loaded contact lenses
07/20/17System for delivering conformal radiation therapy while simultaneously imaging soft tissue
07/13/17Macrocyclic compounds and methods of treatment
07/13/17Dynamic user-defined check-in points
07/06/17Rapid detection of infectious agents
07/06/17Architecture for absorption based heaters
07/06/17Laterally curved actuators of shape memory materials
06/29/17Nanofibrous carbon microstructures
06/29/17Cryogenic heat transfer by a nanoporous surface
06/29/17Glass interposer integrated high quality electronic components and systems
06/22/17Hdac inhibitor compounds and methods of treatment
06/22/17Superhydrophobic and oleophobic ceramic polymer composite coating
06/15/17Antimicrobial materials and methods
06/15/17Superoleophobic alumina coatings
06/08/17Apparatuses and methods for securing deep brain stimulation leads
06/08/17Functional electrical stimulation cycling device for people with impaired mobility
06/08/17Durable superhydrophobic surfaces
06/08/17Retrofit/repair technique for asphalt shingle roofs that exhibit premature adhesive tab seal failures
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06/01/17Polyurethanes, articles comprising the same and methods of manufacture thereof
05/25/17Dual action lethal containers, systems, methods and compositions for killing adult mosquitos and larvae
05/18/17Hybrid tomatoes and methods of making hybrid tomatoes
05/18/17Probiotic arginolytic oral compositions and methods of making and using probiotic arginolytic oral compositions
05/18/17Car based immunotherapy
05/18/17Devices for detecting target biological molecules from cells and viruses
05/11/17Method for decellularization of tissue grafts
05/11/17Compositions and methods for purifying recombinant adeno-associated virus
05/04/17Compositions and methods for modifying perception of sweet taste
05/04/17Polymeric particles, cytosolic delivery of cargo, methods of making the particles
05/04/17Clo2 on-demand disinfectant sponge or wipe and making
05/04/17Durable and scalable superhydrophobic paint
05/04/17Articles having low coefficients of friction, methods of making the same, and methods of use
05/04/17Self-repairing metal alloy matrix composites, methods of manufacture and use thereof and articles comprising the same
05/04/17Encapsulated nanostructures and fabricating
04/27/17Method and detecting infrared radiation with gain
04/20/17Durable coating-embedded pesticides with peel and stick mosquito treatment of containers
04/20/17Aptamer conjugates with n-heterocyclic carbene metal complexes for targeted drug delivery
04/13/17Surface topographies for non-toxic bioadhesion control
04/13/17Doped ferroelectric hafnium oxide film devices
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04/06/17Bioresorbable metal alloy and implants
04/06/17Characterizing liquids using magnetic discs
04/06/17Memristive nanofiber neural networks
03/30/17Systems and methods based on radiation induced heating or ignition of functionalized fullerenes
03/30/17Spraying system and methods of use thereof
03/30/17Delivery of nrf2 as therapy for protection against reactive oxygen species
03/30/17Methods and compositions for caliciviridae
03/23/17Satiation peptide administration
03/23/17Bioresorbable metal alloy and implants made of same
03/23/17Membrane system to treat leachate and methods of treating leachate
03/16/17Method of chemical mechanical polishing of alumina
03/16/17Citrus plants resistant to huanglongbing
03/16/17Medication adherence monitoring device
03/09/17Method for producing nanoparticles and the nanoparticles produced therefrom
03/02/17Transparent durable superhydrophobic ceramic coating
02/23/17Monitoring asthma and other respiratory disorders with calibrated photoplethysmography devices and methods of using the same
02/23/17Methods of permitting a subject to receive multiple doses of recombinant adeno-associated virus
02/23/17Virtual radiation oncology clinic and methods of use thereof
02/16/17Aav-based gene therapy for multiple sclerosis
02/16/17Filter materials, filters, filtering systems, and methods of filtering
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02/16/17Neural proteins as biomarkers for nervous system injury and other neural disorders
02/09/173d printing mechanical hold build plate
02/09/17Tunable barrier transistors for high power electronics
02/02/17Colored clays for agricultural and other industrial applications
02/02/17Compositions and methods for treating diseases
02/02/17Comfortable, energy-efficient control of a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system
02/02/17System for diagnosing disease using spatial area normalization analysis
01/26/17Ono pincer ligands and ono pincer ligand comprising metal complexes
01/26/17System and diagnosing defects in random flow systems
01/12/17Use of aldehydes formulated with nanoparticles and/or nanoemulsions to enhance disease resistance of plants to liberibacters
01/12/17Methods and compositions for gene delivery to on bipolar cells
01/12/17Socs mimetics for the treatment of diseases
01/12/17Shape-memory-self-healing polymers (smshps)
01/12/17Cryogenic power extraction
12/29/16Random body movement cancellation for non-contact vital sign detection
12/29/16Use of aav-expressed m013 protein as an anti-inflammatory therapeutic
12/29/16Therapist assisted mental health treatment management system and method
12/22/16Compositions and methods for treating diseases
12/22/16Synthetic combinatorial aav capsid library for targeted gene therapy
12/22/16Improved raav vectors and methods for transduction of photoreceptors and rpe cells
12/22/16Spherical monopole antenna
12/15/16Capsid-mutated raav vectors and methods of use
12/08/16Automated eye drop instillation
12/08/16Phenazine derivatives as antimicrobial agents
12/08/16Low power cooling and flow inducement
12/01/16Fish baits made from ultra strong hydrogels
12/01/16Magnetic apparatus and methods of use
12/01/16Cell-based arrays, methods of making, and methods of using
12/01/16Assessing neuronal damage from blood samples
12/01/16Movable type method applied to protein-ligand binding
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11/24/16Methods and systems for feeding readiness diagnosis
11/24/16Materials and methods for nerve grafting
11/24/16Pteris vittata phytase nucleotide and amino acid sequences and methods of use
11/17/16Oral delivery of angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ace2) or angiotensin-(1-7) bioencapsulated in plant cells attenuates pulmonary hypertension, cardiac dysfunction and development of autoimmune and experimentally induced ocular disorders
11/17/162-pentafluorosulfanyl (sf5) mefloquine derivatives, formulations, methods of making, and uses thereof
11/17/16Capsid-modified, raav3 vector compositions and uses in gene therapy of human liver cancer
11/17/16System and analysis of fissionable materials by neutron energy discrimination
11/17/16Photonic synthesis of large aperture telescopes from multi-telescope arrays
11/17/16Low if architectures for noncontact vital sign detection
11/10/16Preparation of trihalide anion exchange resins
11/10/16Macroporous photonic crystal membrane, methods of making, and methods of use
11/10/16Drought and salt tolerant plants
11/03/16Open absorption cycle for combined dehumidification, water heating, and evaporative cooling
10/27/16Closed-loop hybrid orthotic system for rehabilitation and functional mobility assistance
10/20/163d microstructures for rapid absorption/desorption in mechanically constrained liquid absorbents
10/13/16Method of manufacturing stable emulsions and compositions containing the same
10/06/16Desferrithiocin analogs and uses thereof
10/06/16Adeno-associated vectors for enhanced transduction and reduced immunogenicity
10/06/16Compositions and methods for suppression of inhibitor formation against coagulation factors in hemophilia patients
10/06/16Type i interferon mimetics as therapeutics for cancer, viral infections, and other diseases
10/06/16Hierarchical hydrophilic/hydrophobic micro/nanostructures for pushing the limits of critical heat flux
09/29/16Use of aldehydes to enhance disease resistance of plants to liberibacters
09/29/16Carbon dioxide reduction over single wall nanotubes
09/29/16Polymer nanocomposites for early diagnosis of diseases
09/22/16Articles comprising reversibly attached screws comprising a biodegradable composition, methods of manufacture thereof and uses thereof
09/22/16Use of relaxin to restore maternal physiology in pregnancies conceived by assisted reproductive technologies
09/22/16Articles having low coefficients of friction, methods of making the same, and methods of use
09/15/16Vitamin c prodrugs and uses thereof
09/15/16Sunlight harvesting transparent windows

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