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 new patent  Systems, devices, and methods for generating a social street view

Disclosed are systems, devices, and methods for creating a rendering of real-world locations with embedded multimedia elements. An exemplary method includes receiving image data of a real-world location, identifying geographic coordinates of the real-world location and/or a point of view from which the image data was acquired, acquiring multimedia elements... University Of Maryland

Particle separation and concentration using spiral inertial filtration

A spiral inertial filtration device is capable of high-throughput (1 mL/min), high-purity particle separation while concentrating recovered target particles by more than an order of magnitude. Large fractions of sample fluid are removed from a microchannel without disruption of concentrated particle streams by taking advantage of particle focusing in inertial... University Of Maryland

Generation of arbitrary optical filtering function using complex bragg gratings

A waveguide Bragg grating includes a silicon substrate defining a length, a width and a depth and a silicon dioxide (SiO2) cladding over the silicon substrate and encasing a silicon nitride (Si3Ni4) core extending along the length of the silicon substrate and defining a variable width and thickness; wherein the... University Of Maryland

Fiber-to-waveguide couplers with ultra high coupling efficiency and integrated chip waveguides including the same

An easy-to-fabricate and highly efficient single-mode optical fiber-to-single-mode optical waveguide coupler having relatively large horizontal and vertical alignment tolerances between the fiber and the waveguide coupler. The waveguide coupler also features ease of end-facet cleaving. The waveguide coupler can be used in ultra-broadband high coupling efficiency applications or other suitable... University Of Maryland

Projectile position measurement using non-linear curve fitting

An electronic home plate provides assistance to an umpire in determining whether a pitch results in a “strike” or a “ball.” The home plate is implemented with LEDs producing discrete pulses of infrared light beams extending vertically. As a moving ball intersects the pulses, light from the pulses is scattered... University Of Maryland

Laser-driven high repetition rate source of ultrashort relativistic electron bunches

A laser-plasma-based acceleration system includes a focusing element and a laser pulse emission directing a laser beam to the focusing element to such that laser pulses transform into a focused beam and a chamber defining a nozzle having a throat and an exit orifice, emitting a critical density range gas... University Of Maryland

Battery made from a single material

A solid-state lithium-ion battery may include an anode, a solid electrolyte layer of material, and a cathode. Each consist of the solid electrolyte material and are interspersed with a current collector material such that electrical conductivity is enabled between the anode and the cathode via the solid electrolyte layer to... University Of Maryland

Integrated thermoplastic chip for rapid pcr and hrma

The present invention relates to a microfluidic system including a temperature controller and a thermoplastic microfluidic chip that enables rapid PCR in a PCR chamber of the microfluidic chip. Thermal control of the PCR chamber is achieved by applying voltage to heater electrodes patterned directly onto one layer of the... University Of Maryland

Methods of treating age-related symptoms in mammals and compositions therefor

A method of alleviating age-related symptoms in a mammal, which comprises a step of administering to a mammal in need thereof, an effective amount of a composition containing an effective amount of at least methylene blue.... University Of Maryland

Novel composition of matter for delivering lipid-soluble materials, and a producing it

This invention describes a novel composition of matter describing a complex comprising leaf protein and a lipophilic substance(s), along with the method of producing it. Delivery of lipid-soluble materials into the body is challenging because they are generally highly insoluble in water and very subject to oxidative degradation. The inventors... University Of Maryland

Nanos knock-out that ablates germline cells

The present invention provides livestock animals and methods to create recipient animals for spermatogonial stem cell transplantation through modulation of the NANOS gene. In one embodiment genome editing issued to create animals with insertions or deletions (indels) that inactivate or otherwise modulate NANOS gene activity so that resulting males lack... University Of Maryland

Methods for treating plants or fruits

Methods for treating plants or fruits, involving contacting the plants or fruits with a solvothermal prepared metal-organic framework which releases at least one gas (e.g., ethylene) to treat the plants or fruits.... University Of Maryland

All-elastomer 3-axis contact resistive tactile sensor arrays and micromilled manufacturing methods thereof

At least one tactile sensor includes an insulating layer and a conductive layer formed on the surface of the insulating layer. The conductive layer defines at least one group of flexible projections extending orthogonally from the surface of the insulating layer. The flexible projections include a major projection extending a... University Of Maryland

Simultaneous solution for sparsity and filter responses for a microphone network

Placement of microphones and design of filters in a microphone network are solved simultaneously. Using filterbanks with multiple sub-channels for each microphone, the design of the filter response is solved simultaneously with placement. By using an objective function that penalizes the number of sub-channels in any solution, only some of... University Of Maryland

Infectious laryngotracheitis virus (iltv) vaccine using recombinant newcastle disease virus vector

In this study, for the first time, protective efficacy of gD against ILTV challenge was evaluated. Immunization with recombinant Newcastle disease virus expressing ILTV gD induced a higher level of neutralizing antibodies and offered complete protection to chickens against lethal ILTV challenge. Uses of recombinant NDV as a vaccine vector... University Of Maryland

Methods for treating progeroid laminopathies using oligonucleotide analogues targeting human lmna

Provided are methods of treatment in subjects having progeroid diseases and related conditions which rely upon LMNA-targeted antisense oligonucleotides for reducing expression of one or more aberrantly spliced LMNA mRNA isoforms that encode progerin.... University Of Maryland

Advanced functional biocompatible polymer putty used as a hemostatic agent for treating damaged tissue and cells

A hemostatic putty for treatment of a variety of wounds topographies, including but not limited to highly three dimensional wounds, for example gunshot wounds and impalements, is disclosed. The putty is comprised of a matrix polymer weakly crosslinked or not crosslinked such that a viscoelastic matrix is formed. The viscoelastic... University Of Maryland

Systems and methods for integration of audiovisual components to central station monitoring

Systems and methods for integration of audiovisual components of central station monitoring are provided. At the outset, patient data from a central monitoring station is received at an audiovisual switcher. The patient data is from a plurality of patient monitors, each patient monitor corresponding to a respective patient of a... University Of Maryland

Systems and methods for anti-phase operation of pulse combustors

A pulse combustor system for operating pulse combustors in anti-phase. The pulse combustor system includes two pulse combustors connected at their combustion chambers by a connecting tube. Each of the pulse combustors has a fundamental oscillation mode and one or more additional oscillation modes when operated in isolation. The connecting... University Of Maryland

Privacy-preserving similar patient query systems and methods

Method including securely calculating, by a processor in electrical communication with a genome registry, an edit-distance between a query private genome and a second private genome, and securely calculating, by the processor, a set difference size between the query genome and the second private genome are disclosed. Systems capable of... University Of Maryland

Plasmon-enhanced terahertz graphene-based photodetector and fabrication

A plasmon-enhanced terahertz graphene-based photodetector exhibits an increased absorption efficiency attained by utilizing a tunable plasmonic resonance in sub-wavelengths graphene micro-ribbons formed on SiC substrate in contact with an array of bi-metallic electrode lines. The orientation of the graphene micro-ribbons is tailored with respect to the array of sub-wavelengths bi-metallic... University Of Maryland

Polyelectrolyte multilayers assembled from immune signal compounds

Immune-polyelectrolyte multilayers (iPEMs) that can be made entirely from immune signal compounds are provided. iPEMs are formed from first layer of a first immune signal compound, and a second layer of the first immune signal compound or a second immune signal compound disposed on the first layer of the first... University Of Maryland

Systems, methods, and devices for inertial electrostatic confinement

A continuous electrode (CE) inertial electrostatic confinement (IEC) device has particle paths radially extending from a central core region. Each particle path has a corresponding particle path aligned on an opposite side of the central core region. Sidewalls bounding the particle paths provide continuous surfaces radially extending from a cathode... University Of Maryland

Methods of regulating uptake and transcellular transport of leukocytes and therapeutics

Methods for controlling and regulating engulfment, uptake and/or transcellular transport at a stage following initial engagement of an agent to the endothelium are provided, based on the identification of CAM-mediated endocytosis and the sphingomyelin/ceramide pathway as active steps in transcellular TEM. Administration of regulators relating to the identified pathways, such... University Of Maryland

Multiple pitch extraction by strength calculation from extrema

An apparatus includes a function module, a strength module, and a filter module. The function module compares an input signal, which has a component, to a first delayed version of the input signal and a second delayed version of the input signal to produce a multi-dimensional model. The strength module... University Of Maryland

Optimal social network ad allocation using hyperbolic embedding

Various computational systems may benefit from improvement in determining optimal allocation. For example certain social network advertisement systems may benefit from the use of hyperbolic embedding. A method, according to certain embodiments, can include obtaining a group of users as potential advertising targets. The method can also include mapping the... University Of Maryland

Interfacial layers for solid-state batteries and methods of making same

One or more interfacial layers in contact with a solid-state electrolyte and hybrid electrolyte materials. Interfacial layers comprise inorganic (e.g., metal oxides and soft inorganic materials) or organic materials (e.g., polymer materials, gel materials and ion-conducting liquids). The interfacial layers can improve the electrical properties (e.g., reduce the impedance) of... University Of Maryland

Advanced functional biocompatible polymeric matrix containing nano-compartments

The present invention provides a novel biomaterial which is a hybrid, self-assembling biopolymeric networked film that is functionalized through hydrophobic interactions with vesicles loaded with bioactive agents. The biomaterial compound is a polymeric network of hydrophobically modified chitosan scaffolds that is taken from solution and formed as a solid film.... University Of Maryland

Advanced functional biocompatible foam used as a hemostatic agent for compressible and non-compressible acute wounds

A sprayable polymeric foam hemostat for both compressible and non-compressible (intracavitary) acute wounds is disclosed. The foam comprises hydrophobically-modified polymers, such as hm-chitosan, or other amphiphilic polymers that anchor themselves within the membrane of cells in the vicinity of the wound. By rapidly expanding upon being released from a canister... University Of Maryland

Tunable near-infrared emitters and methods

The present invention relates to near-infrared quantum emitters, and in particular carbon nanostructures with chemically incorporated fluorescent defects, and methods of synthesizing near-infrared emitting nanostructures.... University Of Maryland

Aerosol collection system and method

The present invention relates to systems and methods for collecting and analyzing bioaerosols, including exhaled breath aerosol from a subject. The collection system comprises an inlet portion configured to receive a gaseous fluid containing water vapor and aerosol particles. A primary passage for gaseous fluid flow is in fluid communication... University Of Maryland

Histatin-5 based synthetic peptides and uses thereof

Provided herein are synthetic peptides or synthetic fragments thereof based on a Histatin-5 peptide, for example with a sequence DSHAKRHHGYKRKFHEKHHSHRGY (SEQ ID NO: 1). The synthetic peptides or synthetic fragments have at least one substituted amino acid that is arginine and/or leucine to increase resistance to proteolytic degradation by a... University Of Maryland

Method and authenticating device and for sending/receiving encrypted information

Methods and apparatuses for authenticating communication devices and securely transmitting and/or receiving encrypted voice and data information. A biometric scanner, for example a fingerprint scanner, is utilized for authenticating the communication device and for generating the encryption key. The fingerprint scanner can be an area or swipe type of scanner... University Of Maryland

Protection layers for metal anodes

A protection layer is formed on a highly-reactive substantially-pure metal anode to a thickness of between 1 nm and 200 nm, inclusive, using atomic layer deposition (ALD). The ALD protection layer allows the conduction of ions of the metal of the anode therethrough but suppresses electron transport therethrough. The ALD... University Of Maryland

Low-noise, ultra-low temperature dissipative devices

A dissipative device has a planar configuration with one or more resistor elements formed on an insulating substrate. Conductors are formed on the insulating substrate and are coupled to the resistor element(s) to transmit signals to/from the resistor element(s). The geometry of and materials for the dissipative device allow the... University Of Maryland

08/31/17 / #20170246180

Acyclic cucurbit[n]uril type molecular containers to treat intoxication and decrease relapse rate in substance abuse disorders

Provided are methods for reversing the effects of drugs of abuse. The method involves administering acyclic CB[n]-type compounds to a mammal in need of the reversal of the effects from a drug of abuse.... University Of Maryland

08/03/17 / #20170216479

Compositions comprising textured patterns and methods of using the same

The invention provides method of guiding unidirectional movement of a cell comprising exposing the cell to a surface comprising an asymmetric, three-dimensional pattern of one or a plurality of topographical elements for a time period sufficient to bias actin polymerization within the cell. The invention also provides methods of inducing... University Of Maryland

07/27/17 / #20170209605

Carbohydrate functionalized catanionic surfactant vesicles for drug delivery

Carbohydrate functionalized catanionic vesicles that include a glycoconjugate and/or peptidoconjugate for vaccination or drug delivery, methods for forming these, and methods of using these.... University Of Maryland

07/13/17 / #20170198329

Device and methods of using device for detection of aminoacidopathies

The present disclosure relates to a biosensor capable of measuring the total concentration of one or a plurality of amino acids with the use of a reaction surface comprising one or a plurality of metabolic enzymes or functional fragments thereof, but wherein the reaction surface does not comprise an electrode... University Of Maryland

06/29/17 / #20170181972

Microfluidic liposome synthesis, purification and active drug loading

Microfluidic methods and systems are provided for continuous flow synthesis and active loading of liposomes, which include a liposome formation region configured to form a population of liposomes and a microdialysis region downstream from the liposome formation region and configured to form a transmembrane gradient for active drug loading of... University Of Maryland

06/29/17 / #20170184609

Human exhaled aerosol droplet biomarker system and method

A system and method for detecting a biomarker in exhaled breath condensate nanodroplets comprises noninvasively collecting exhaled breath condensate nanodroplets of a subject, and analyzing said nanodroplets utilizing immuno-quantitative polymerase chain reaction to detect one or more target biomarkers.... University Of Maryland

06/29/17 / #20170186595

Active stabilization of ion trap radiofrequency potentials

Disclosed are improved methods and structures for actively stabilizing the oscillation frequency of a trapped ion by noninvasively sampling and rectifying the high voltage RF potential at circuit locations between a step-up transformer and a vacuum feedthrough leading to the ion trap electrodes. We use this sampled/rectified signal in a... University Of Maryland

06/22/17 / #20170172119

Targeted genome editing in zygotes of domestic large animals

A method is provided of targeted genome editing of an animal using site specific homologous integration. A composition comprising a single stranded oligonucleotide or double stranded nucleic acid molecule comprising a nucleic acid molecule of interest and sequences flanking a target locus cleavage site is injected into the zygote of... University Of Maryland

06/22/17 / #20170173129

Local engineering of the lymph node environment to promote immune tolerance

A method of inducing specific immune tolerance to myelin in an individual is provided. The method includes introducing directly into a lymph node of the individual an effective amount of a composition that contains a myelin antigen, a biodegradable material and at least one tolerogenic agent. The method is suitable... University Of Maryland

06/22/17 / #20170174620

Linked diaryl compounds with anticancer properties and methods of using the same

Provided are compositions comprising linked diaryl compounds that possess anticancer properties. Methods of use are also disclosed herein. The method comprises administering an effective amount of a compound described herein to an individual in need thereof.... University Of Maryland

06/22/17 / #20170176318

System and label-free cytometry based on brillouin light scattering

The present invention relates to a method and system for a label-free cell analysis based on Brillouin light scattering techniques. Combined with microfluidic technologies according to the present invention, Brillouin spectroscopy constitutes a powerful tool to analyze physical properties of cells in a contactless non-disturbing manner. Specifically, subcellular mechanical information... University Of Maryland

06/15/17 / #20170168392

Multicolor photolithography materials and methods

The present invention relates to photoresist compositions comprising a base resin such as a monomer capable of radical polymerization upon photoinitiation, and photoinitiator molecules such as a diketone, and multicolor photolithography methods. Photoresist compositions comprise photoinitiator molecules that are exposed to a first radiation source, thereby exciting the photoinitiator molecules... University Of Maryland

06/01/17 / #20170155169

Ceramic ion conducting structures and methods of fabricating same, and uses of same

Ceramic ion-conducing structures are disclosed. The structures can be in the form of a single layer or multilayer structures. A ceramic ion-conducting structure can be a layer. In an example, the ceramic ion-conducing material does not have observable dendrites (e.g., lithium dendrites). Methods of fabricating ceramic-ionic conducing structures are also... University Of Maryland

05/18/17 / #20170137431

Molecular containers and methods of making and using same

Acyclic CB[n]-type compounds, methods of making such compounds, and uses of the compounds. For example, these compounds can be used as nanocontainers to solubilize pharmaceutical agents. Also provided are compositions and methods of using them for therapy or prophylaxis of a wide variety of conditions for which therapy or prophylaxis... University Of Maryland

05/11/17 / #20170129031

Methods and apparatuses for high temperature bonding controlled processing and bonded substrates formed therefrom

Methods and apparatuses for controlled processing of high temperature bonding systems via devices to control heating and cooling systems of a high temperature heating bonding includes use of a sinter fixture device including a plate surface, that is shaped to contact and conform to a contacting surface of a TLPS... University Of Maryland

05/11/17 / #20170132354

Methods and apparatuses for assessing high temperature bonding systems and bonded substrates therefrom

Methods and apparatuses for assessing the behavior of high temperature bonding systems such as sinter joint models of virtual interconnect microstructures via simulations that analyze sinter joint model properties include defining a plurality of sinter joint objects in a virtual interconnect microstructure, each sinter joint object having a type and... University Of Maryland

05/04/17 / #20170121758

Device and methods of using device for separation of bacteria from complex samples

The present disclosure relates to devices and systems for separating motile pathogenic bacterial cells from samples. The disclosure also provides for methods of determining whether a sample is contaminated by pathogenic bacteria. The devices and systems disclosed herein are useful for screening water sources, environmental testing sites, food sources, and... University Of Maryland

04/27/17 / #20170116542

Microwave-free control of a superconductor-based quantum computer

Physical superconducting qubits are controlled according to an “encoded” qubit scheme, where a pair of physical superconducting qubits constitute an encoded qubit that can be controlled without the use of a microwave signal. For example, a quantum computing system has at least one encoded qubit and a controller. Each encoded... University Of Maryland

03/30/17 / #20170089995

Magnetic resonance 2d relaxometry reconstruction using partial data

An approach is presented to recontruct image data for an object using a partial set of magnetic resonance (MR) measurements. A subset of data points in a data space representing an object are selected (e.g. through random sampling) for MR data acquisition. Partial MR data corresponding to the subset of... University Of Maryland

02/09/17 / #20170038326

Highly selective nanostructure sensors and methods of detecting target analytes

A nanostructure sensing device comprises a semiconductor nanostructure having an outer surface, and at least one of metal or metal-oxide nanoparticle clusters functionalizing the outer surface of the nanostructure and forming a photoconductive nanostructure/nanocluster hybrid sensor enabling light-assisted sensing of a target analyte.... University Of Maryland

01/26/17 / #20170026836

Attribute-based continuous user authentication on mobile devices

Various devices and systems may benefit from convenient authentication. For example, certain mobile devices may benefit from attribute-based continuous user authentication. A method can include determining attributes of an authorized user of a mobile device. The method can also include obtaining an unconstrained image of a current user of the... University Of Maryland

08/31/17 / #20170247653

Compositions and methods for collecting algae

The invention relates to compositions containing Bacillus sp., optionally with magnetite, useful in methods for collecting algae. The invention also relates to methods for collecting algae by contacting algae and bare maghemite and compositions thereof.... University Of Maryland

03/15/18 / #20180074059

 new patent  Biomarkers for diagnosis and prognosis of lung cancer

Provided herein are methods for non-invasively diagnosing and/or prognosing a lung cancer and for determining the efficacy of a therapeutic treatment regimen for the lung cancer. Expression levels of at least two small non-coding RNAs, for example, microRNAs and small nucleolar RNAs, are measured and used to calculate an area... University Of Maryland

03/01/18 / #20180057562

Universal antibody-mediated biosensor

A universal antibody-mediated biosensor is provided that comprise a biosensor cell line stably expressing a novel chimeric fusion protein that can be used to detect target agents in a sample. The fusion protein has an extracellular antibody-binding domain that binds antibodies without regard to their binding specificity and a signaling... University Of Maryland

12/21/17 / #20170363632

Biomarker kit for metastatic breast cancer prognosis and uses thereof

Provided herein are kits for detecting and quantifying the level of a metastatic cancer biomarker(s) in a patient. The kits may contain a detection and quantifying means, such as, biomarker specific antibodies. Also provided are methods for determining a prognosis, a stratification and/or monitoring of a metastatic cancer in a... University Of Maryland

11/23/17 / #20170333454

Inhibitors of ncca-atp channels for therapy

Methods and compositions are provided that are utilized for treatment and/or prevention of intraventricular hemorrhage or progressive hemorrhagic necrosis (PHN), particularly following spinal cord injury. In particular, the methods and compositions are inhibitors of a particular NCCa-ATP channel and include, for example, inhibitors of SUR1 and/or inhibitors of TRPM4. Kits... University Of Maryland

11/09/17 / #20170319655

Muc1 decoy peptides for treatment and prevention of bacterial infections

Pseudomonas aeruginosa flagellin protein recruits the mammalian host sialidase enzyme neuraminidase-1 (NEU1) to remove sialic acid residues from the extracellular domain of the mammalian cell-surface protein MUC1 (MUC1-ED), thereby exposing a cryptic binding site on the MUC1-ED protein backbone for flagellin binding. NEU1-driven MUC1-ED desialylation rapidly increases P. aeruginosa adhesion... University Of Maryland

10/26/17 / #20170303958

Self-sealing cannula

The present invention discloses a self-sealing cannula and methods of its use. The self-sealing cannula can be minimally invasively placed into the heart for drawing and/or returning blood with a self-sealing function at the interface of the blood access site. The disclosed cannula can be implemented as a single lumen... University Of Maryland

10/26/17 / #20170304410

Treatment of cancer and inhibition of metastasis using hemoglobin beta subunit

The beta 2 subunit of mouse hemoglobin (HBB2) has been identified as soluble factor from mouse lungs that exhibits cytostatic/cytotoxic activity against neuroblastoma lung micrometastases. The beta subunit of human hemoglobin (HBB) has been found to have similar activity. Methods of using these proteins and fragments thereof in the treatment... University Of Maryland

10/26/17 / #20170307593

Methods for treating neural cell swelling

A composition comprising a novel Ca2+-activated, [ATP]i-sensitive nonspecific cation (NCCa-ATP) channel is described. The channel is found in mammalian neural cells and exhibits a different sensitivity to block by various adenine nucleotides, and is activated by submicromolar [Ca]i. The NCCa-ATP channel is activated under conditions of ATP depletion, which causes... University Of Maryland

Patent Packs
10/19/17 / #20170296555

Targeting ncca-atp channel for organ protection following ischemic episode

The present invention concerns protection of an organ or tissue outside of the central nervous system following an ischemic episode. In particular aspects, the invention concerns organ preservation for transplantation, angina pectoris, kidney reperfusion injury, and so forth. In specific embodiments, the organ is subjected to an inhibitor of an... University Of Maryland

10/12/17 / #20170291930

Histatin-5 based synthetic peptides and uses thereof

Provided herein are synthetic peptides or synthetic fragments thereof based on a Histatin-5 peptide, for example with a sequence DSHAKRHHGYKRKFHEKHHSHRGY (SEQ ID NO: 1). The synthetic peptides or synthetic fragments have at least one substituted amino acid that is arginine and/or leucine to increase resistance to proteolytic degradation by a... University Of Maryland

10/05/17 / #20170283486

Stable immunogen based on inner domain of hiv-1 gp120 for inducing immunity against hiv

Stable immunogens comprising portions of the inner domain (ID) of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV-1) gp120 protein are provided. These ID immunogens selectively present the gp120 C1/C2 region in its CD4-bound state within a minimal structure. These ID immunogens can be used to vaccinate subjects against infection with HIV, the... University Of Maryland

09/28/17 / #20170276666

Multi-functional fluid flow device

The present invention relates to a fluid flow device. The device includes an elongate body having a proximal end, a distal end, and a length therebetween, at least one source fluid inflow port, at least one waste fluid outflow port, at least one well inlet port positioned at the distal... University Of Maryland

09/28/17 / #20170278431

Central pressurized cadaver model

Provided are methods for creating a pressurized cadaver model used for surgical procedure training. In the method the internal jugular veins, common carotid arteries, brachial arteries, superficial femoral arteries and femoral veins thereof of a cadaver are exposed. One internal jugular vein is ligated and a drainage tube is disposed... University Of Maryland

09/21/17 / #20170266181

Nonsteroidal and steroidal compounds with potent androgen receptor down-regulation and anti prostate cancer activity

Nonsteroid and steroid compounds that cause down-regulation of the androgen receptor (AR), both full length and splice variant, induce apoptosis and inhibit proliferation of inhibiting proliferation and migration of androgen sensitive cancer cells. The steroid compounds and nonsteroid compounds may be agents for the prevention and/or treatment of cancer, including... University Of Maryland

09/21/17 / #20170269075

Biomarkers predictive of lupus progression and uses thereof

Methods, systems and kits to detect and/or quantify lupus and disease progression in a subject having, or at risk of having, lupus are disclosed.... University Of Maryland

09/14/17 / #20170258464

Method and transapical procedures on a mitral valve

Apparatus and methods for performing a non-invasive procedure to repair a cardiac valve are described herein. In some embodiments, apparatus and methods are described herein for repairing a mitral valve using an edge-to-edge repair to secure the mitral valve leaflets. Implant securing devices are also described that can be used... University Of Maryland

09/07/17 / #20170252505

Artificial lung system and its methods of use

An oxygen supply unit for use with a blood oxygenator comprises an oxygen concentrator and a carbon dioxide scrubber. In an on-line operational mode, oxygen-rich gas from the oxygen concentrator is predominantly supplied to the blood oxygenator with a reduced flow of recycled gas from the concentrator. In an off-line... University Of Maryland

08/31/17 / #20170246477

System and optimizing a treatment plan for irradiation therapy using multi-criteria optimization (mco)

A method and apparatus is presented for optimizing a treatment plan for irradiation therapy. The method includes defining a single objective function based on a plurality of objective functions that are each associated with a plurality of tissue types within a subject, upper and lower bounds for each objective function... University Of Maryland

08/31/17 / #20170248508

Methods and devices for multi-step cell purification and concentration

Described herein are microfluidic devices and methods that can separate and concentrate particles in a sample.... University Of Maryland

08/10/17 / #20170224779

Methods for treating cardiovascular dysfunction and improving fluid homeostasis with a peptide hormone

The present invention generally to methods of treating subjects suffering from a cardiac condition or having a risk factor for developing a cardiac condition by administering an ELA peptide or fusion protein to a subject in need. The invention relates to fusion proteins of Fc-ELA-32 and Fc-ELA-21 that exhibit improved... University Of Maryland

08/03/17 / #20170218049

Immunoglobulin constant region fc receptor binding agents

IVIG replacement compounds are derived from recombinant and/or biochemical creation of immunologically active biomimetic(s). These replacement compounds are then screened in vitro to assess each replacement compound's efficiency at modulating immune function. Particular replacement compounds are selected for further in vivo validation and dosage/administration optimization. Finally, the replacement compounds are... University Of Maryland

07/27/17 / #20170209864

Methods and systems for processing particles

Described herein are improved microfluidic devices and methods for processing cells that can improve cell quality, streamline workflows, and lower costs. Applications include research and clinical diagnostics in cancer, infectious disease, and inflammatory disease, among other disease areas.... University Of Maryland

07/27/17 / #20170211012

Method of extracting lipids from microbes

Improved methods for extracting lipid-containing molecules from microbes are disclosed. The methods utilize selected surfactants for extraction of lipids and lipopolysaccharides from microbes, such as bacteria and fungi. The extracted lipids and lipopolysaccharides may be used, for example, to identify the source microbe via mass spectroscopy.... University Of Maryland

Patent Packs
07/27/17 / #20170211120

Pathogen identification in complex biological fluids

Provided herein are methods for rapidly identifying a microbe, such as a pathogen, from a biological sample including, blood, urine, wound effluent, stool, serum, and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid. The method comprises obtaining the sample from the subject and performing a spectrometric analysis of the lipids in the microbe to obtain... University Of Maryland

07/20/17 / #20170202536

System and assessment of cardiac stroke volume and volume responsiveness

Disclosed are systems and methods using ultrasound to predict if a patient's cardiac stroke volume will increase with a fluid bolus. Ultrasound measures are taken before administering a fluid bolus, including measurement of the left ventricular outflow tract velocity time integral (LVOT VTI), and venous measurements of the internal jugular... University Of Maryland

07/20/17 / #20170202752

Protein-repellent dental materials and use thereof in dental applications

The present invention provides protein-repellent dental materials that can be widely applied in a variety of dental applications. The protein-repellent dental materials of the invention include dental primers, dental adhesives, dental resins, dental composites, dental bonding systems and the like, as well as dental cements, dental sealants, dental bases and... University Of Maryland

07/13/17 / #20170196957

Recombinant t cell receptor ligand compositions and methods for treatment of prostate cancer

Disclosed herein are compositions and methods for treating or inhibiting prostate cancer. The compositions include a MHC molecule including covalently linked first and second domains, wherein the first domain is an MHC class II β1 domain and the second domain is an MHC class II α1 domain, wherein the amino... University Of Maryland

07/13/17 / #20170197087

System, transient electric field detection and display

Disclosed are systems, devices and methods for detecting and measuring TMS-induced electrical fields. In accordance with certain aspects of an embodiment of the invention, a TMS sensor probe is provided having a field detector, a first electrical connection connecting the field detector to either a power source or a processor,... University Of Maryland

06/29/17 / #20170184568

Microtentacle imaging in patient tumor samples

The present invention provides a method for imaging microtentacles on isolated, living, non-adherent primary tumor cells from a cancer subject comprising: i) obtaining one or more living, non-adherent primary tumor cells that has been isolated from a solid tumor from the subject; and ii) imaging the one or more living,... University Of Maryland

06/29/17 / #20170184614

Methylated peptides derived from tau protein and their antibodies for diagnosis and therapy of alzheimer's disease

In sporadic Alzheimer's disease, neurofibrillary lesion formation is preceded by extensive post-translational modification of the microtubule associated protein tau. Immunoassays have been developed recently that detect tau in biological specimens, thus providing a means for pre-mortem diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease, which has remained elusive. These assays have been improved by... University Of Maryland

06/22/17 / #20170173311

Surgical drain sutured-in-place prevention device

The present invention discloses systems and methods to alert a medical operator that a surgical drain has been sutured in place within a patient's body. A readily removable sheath is provided at a distal end of a surgical drain. The sheath is configured to be placed within a surgical wound... University Of Maryland

06/22/17 / #20170174620

Linked diaryl compounds with anticancer properties and methods of using the same

Provided are compositions comprising linked diaryl compounds that possess anticancer properties. Methods of use are also disclosed herein. The method comprises administering an effective amount of a compound described herein to an individual in need thereof.... University Of Maryland

06/08/17 / #20170156690

Techniques for suppression of motion artifacts in medical imaging

Techniques for suppression of motion artifacts in medical imaging include obtaining projections at different times within a time interval from a medical imaging system operating on a subject. A stationary projection is determined for a first subset of the projections in which a signal source and detector array of the... University Of Maryland

06/01/17 / #20170152318

Methods and compositions for modulation of blood-neural barrier

Methods and compositions for modulating blood-neural barrier (BNB) for the treatment of CNS conditions such as edema, and for increased drug delivery efficacy across the BNB. The present invention further relates to improved tPA treatment of ischemic cerebrovascular and related diseases in combination with antagonism of the PDGF signaling pathway.... University Of Maryland

05/18/17 / #20170135699

Apparatus and placement of device along wall of a body lumen

An apparatus (100) includes: a expandable structure (140) formable into three dimensional shapes including a range of diameters (D) and corresponding lengths (L); a movable component (106) moveable between a range of positions (124, 126) effecting the range of diameters; and a mechanical linkage (110) disposed between the movable component... University Of Maryland

04/27/17 / #20170112723

Nanostructured antibacterial and remineralizing dental bonding agents and dental bonding systems

The present invention provides dental bonding agents and dental bonding systems comprising the dental bonding agents. The dental bonding agents of the invention are characterized by having antibacterial properties, and in some aspects of the invention, remineralizing properties.... University Of Maryland

04/27/17 / #20170112860

Novel non-selective cation channel in neuronal cells and methods for treating brain swelling

The present invention is directed to therapeutic compounds, treatment methods, and kits affecting the NCCa-ATP channel of neural tissue, including neurons, glia and blood vessels within the nervous system, and methods of using same. The NCCa-ATP channel is newly expressed in neural tissue following injury such as ischemia, and is... University Of Maryland

03/23/17 / #20170081390
03/02/17 / #20170058040

Chemoenzymatic glycoengineering of antibodies and fc fragments thereof

The present invention provides for recombinant Endo-S mutants that exhibit reduced hydrolysis activity and increased transglycosylation activity for the synthesis of glycoproteins wherein a desired sialylated oxazoline or synthetic oligosaccharide oxazoline is added to a core fucosylated or nonfucosylated GlcNAc-protein acceptor. Such recombinant Endo-S mutants are useful for efficient glycosylation... University Of Maryland

02/02/17 / #20170027975

Methods of treating coronavirus infection

The present invention provides methods for treating a coronavirus infection. For example, treatment may be effected by administering a neurotransmitter inhibitor, a signaling kinase inhibitor, an estrogen receptor inhibitor, a DNA metabolism inhibitor or an anti-parasitic agent. Also provided are methods for treating a coronavirus infection in which an anti-viral... University Of Maryland

01/26/17 / #20170020892

Use of negative modulators of gaba receptors containing alpha5 subunits as fast acting antidepressants

Embodiments of the disclosure include methods and compositions related to treatment of one or more medical conditions with one or more negative modulators of GABAA receptors. In specific embodiments, depression and/or suicidability is treated or ameliorated or prevented with one or more negative modulators of GABAA receptors, such as a... University Of Maryland

01/26/17 / #20170021187

Methods and systems for controlling magnetic fields and magnetic field induced current

The present invention discloses methods and systems to control magnetic fields and magnetic field induced currents, and more particularly to provide stimulations within a patient's body, such as deep brain stimulation, in a non-invasive manner and with greater focus and control than has been afforded by prior known methods and... University Of Maryland

01/05/17 / #20170000931

Para-xylene films and therapeutic uses thereof

The present invention provides single sheet and compound para-xylene films for therapeutic uses. For example, the present invention provides single sheet para-xylene films useful as tissue separators and/or adhesion barriers in a subject, where the top and/or bottom surfaces of such films have a water contact angle between 75 and... University Of Maryland

01/18/18 / #20180015052

Design, synthesis and methods of use of acyclic flexmier nucleoside analogues having anti-coronavirus activity

The present invention is directed to compounds, methods and compositions for treating or preventing viral infections using nucleosides analogs. Specifically, the present invention provides for the design and synthesis of acyclic fleximer nucleoside analogues having increased flexibility and ability to alter their conformation structures to provide increased antiviral activity potential... University Of Maryland

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