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University Of Rochester patents

Recent patent applications related to University Of Rochester. University Of Rochester is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: University Of Rochester may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with University Of Rochester, we're just tracking patents.

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06/22/17 new patent  Polarized hydroxyapatite films and methods of making and using same
06/15/17Scattering and reflection identification system and method
06/15/17Methods and systems for cognitive training using high frequency heart rate variability
06/08/17Ecg clock electrocardiogram based diagnostic device and method
06/08/17Multi-photon absorption for femtosecond micromachining and refractive index modification of tissues
06/01/17Methods and compositions for site-specific labeling of peptides and proteins
05/25/17Signature of longitudinal gene expression changes to diagnose brain injury
05/11/17Method and system for evaluating the quality of a surgical procedure from in-vivo video
04/13/17Small molecule efflux pump inhibitors
04/13/17Femtosecond laser pulse surface structuring methods and materials resulting therefrom
04/13/17Customized wavefront-guided methods, systems, and devices to correct higher-order aberration
03/16/17Compositions and methods for controlled localized delivery of bone forming therapeutic agents
03/16/17Responsive construction toy
03/16/17Parallel memory allocator employing liveness metrics
03/09/17Methods and compositions for treating infection
03/09/17High-throughput cellular analysis using microbubble arrays
02/23/17Metabolic and genetic biomarkers for memory loss
02/09/17Method for modifying the refractive index of ocular tissues
02/09/17Macrocyclic peptidomimetics for alpha-helix mimicry
02/09/17Resistive memory accelerator
01/26/17Method and apparatus to diagnose the metastatic or progressive potential of cancer, fibrosis and other diseases
01/26/17Method and cone beam breast ct image-based computer-aided detection and diagnosis
01/26/17Diagnostic device and detection of staphylococcus infection
01/19/17Methods for producing butanol
01/19/17Anti-glucosaminidase passive immunization for staphylococcus aureus infections
01/12/17Multistate register having a flip flop and multiple memristive devices
01/05/17Robust eye tracking for scanning laser ophthalmoscope
12/29/16Method and apparatus of spectral differential phase-contrast cone-beam ct and hybrid cone-beam ct
12/22/16Melampomagnolide b derivatives
12/01/16Chronic wound dressing with added anti-scar compound
12/01/16An imaging spectrometer design tool for evaluating freeform optics
11/24/16Compositions and methods to inhibit ezh2 for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases
11/03/16Method of imaging multiple retinal structures
11/03/16Non-human mammal model of human degenerative disorder, uses thereof, and treating human degenerative disorder
10/27/16Passive immunization for staphylococcus infections
10/20/16Thz radiation detection in standard cmos technologies based on thermionic emission
10/20/16Patterning of oled materials
09/29/16Compositions and methods for treating cancer
09/08/16Catheter detection, tracking and virtual image reconstruction
09/08/16Method and compositions for treatment or prevention of inflammatory conditions
09/08/16Chips, detection systems, and methods for multiplex pneumococcus serology
08/18/16Endotracheal tube securement device
08/18/16Biomarkers for memory loss
08/11/16Mixed lineage kinase inhibitors and treatments
07/21/16Methods and compositions related to reorganization of arenavirus genome for development of novel arenavirus live-attenuated vaccines (lav)
07/14/16Methods of treating thyroid eye disease
07/14/16Designed peptides for tight junction barrier modulation
07/07/16Method of diagnosing sepsis or sepsis risk
05/26/16High numerical aperture optomechanical scanner for layered gradient index microlenses, methods, and applications
05/19/16Attenuated influenza vaccines and uses thereof
05/12/16Portable cadmium zinc telluride (czt) image identification system
04/28/16Small molecule rnase inhibitors and methods of use
04/28/16Parthenolide derivatives, methods for their preparation and their use as anticancer agents
04/28/16High-performance, low-voltage electroosmotic pumps with molecularly thin nanomembranes
03/31/16Superresolution imaging of scatterers in pulse-echo imaging with symmetric stabilized pulses
03/31/16Optical display apparatus, method, and applications
03/10/16Human extensively self-renewing erythroblasts (esre)
03/10/16Modulation of dystrophia myotonica-protein kinase (dmpk) expression
03/10/16Optomechanical disk vibratory gyroscopes
03/03/16Thiadiazolidinone derivatives
03/03/16Catheter/stent system for activation of photodynamic therapy within the catheter/stent system
03/03/16Focused beam scatterometry apparatus and method
02/18/16Use of inhibitors of binding between a par-1 receptor and its ligands for the treatment of glioma
02/11/16Composition and methods for the treatment of peripheral nerve injury
02/11/16Arrayed detector system for measurement of influenza immune response
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02/04/16System and detecting population variation from nucleic acid sequencing data
01/28/16Methods and differential phase-contrast cone-beam ct and hybrid cone-beam ct
01/28/16Methods of increasing lymphatic transport
01/28/16Treating lysosomal storage disease
01/28/16Modulation of angiogenesis and related conditions using inhibitors of g-protein-coupled receptor kinase interacting protein-1 (git1)
01/28/16Methods for producing hydrogen using nanoparticle-catalyst mixtures
01/28/16Methods of diagnosing and treating fibrosis
01/28/16Paraxial cloak design and device
01/14/16Treatment of nail disorders
01/14/16Small-molecule modulators of melanin expression
01/07/16Methods of using histamine receptor agonists and antagonists
01/07/16Methods for evaluating brain-wide paravascular pathway for waste clearance function and methods for treating neurodegenerative disorders based thereon
12/31/15Nanoparticles for controlled release of anti-biofilm agents and methods of use
12/31/15Compositions and methods for controlled localized delivery of bone forming therapeutic agents
12/31/15Method for modifying the refractive index of an optical material and resulting optical vision component
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12/31/15Patterning of oled materials
12/24/15Method to identify patients that will likely respond to anti-tnf therapy
12/10/15Induced pluripotent cell-derived oligodendrocyte progenitor cells for the treatment of myelin disorders
12/10/15Use of human biliverdin reductase and fragments thereof for the treatment of protein kinase c-delta and erk related conditions
12/10/15Heat engine and harvesting thermal energy
11/26/15Ldh inhibitors as treatment for fibrosis and fibrotic-related disorders
11/19/15Human glial chimeric model for drug candidate assessment in human gliotrophic viral infections and progressive multifocal encephalopathy
11/12/15Computer vision based evaluating and grading surgical procedures
11/12/15Use of cyclophilin d inhibitors to treat or prevent bone disorders
11/05/15State change device and system for the tactile display of information
10/29/15Heparanase and its uses related to exostoses
10/22/15Mixed lineage kinase inhibitors for hiv/aids therapies
10/22/15Artemisinin derivatives, methods for their preparation and their use as antimalarial agents
10/15/15Implantable pressure monitor
10/15/15Methods for producing hydrogen using nanoparticle-catalyst mixtures
10/08/15Small molecule rnase inhibitors and methods of use
10/08/15Thy1 (cd90) as a novel therapy to control adipose tissue accumulation
10/08/15Chimeric fibronectin matrix mimetics and uses thereof
10/01/15Methods and compositions for expanding hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells
09/24/15Catheter with integrated transseptal puncture needle
09/24/15Use of electrophilic compounds for inducing platelet production or maintaining platelet function
09/24/15Dc-stamp antibodies
09/24/15Assay for screening of anti-viral compounds that inhibit specific interaction interfaces between cullin5 and an elonginb/elonginc/ cbf-beta/hiv-1 vif complex
08/27/15Modulation of branched amino acid concentrations to treat metabolic diseases
08/27/15Methods and compositions for treating infection
08/27/15Treatment or prevention of fungal infections with pdk1 inhibitors
08/27/15Membranes with vertically correlated carbon nanotubes, and methods of making and using same
08/27/15Methods and compositions for site-specific labeling of peptides and proteins
08/27/15System and method to quantify digital data sharing in a multi-threaded execution
08/13/15Attenuated influenza vaccines and uses thereof
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08/06/15Measurement of the lipid and aqueous layers of a tear film
07/30/15System and observing an object in a blood vessel
07/23/15Method of treating and preventing brain impairment using na+-k+-2cl- cotransporter isoform 1 inhibitors
07/23/15System and real-time image registration
07/09/15Metallic nano-tip apparatus, methods, and applications
07/02/15Surface-controlled semiconductor nano-devices, methods and applications
06/18/15Controlling extracellular matrix protein microstructure with ultrasound
06/18/15Methods for treating mds1-evi1 mediated cancer
06/18/15Use of social interactions to predict complex phenomena
06/11/15Light source modulation for a scanning microscope
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06/04/15Image based correction of distortion from a scanner
05/21/15Super-hydrophobic surfaces and methods for producing super-hydrophobic surfaces
05/21/15System and determining the radiological composition of material layers within a conduit
05/14/15Survival predictor for diffuse large b cell lymphoma
05/07/15Novel sp-b & sp-c peptides, synthetic lung surfactants, and use thereof
05/07/15Method for modifying the refractive index of an optical material
04/30/15Phase-switched optical flip-flops using two-input bistable resonators and methods
04/16/15Interferometer, system, and use
04/16/15Automated fundus image field detection and quality assessment
03/26/15Method and device for preserving and imaging specimens while retaining information on the spatial orientation of specimens with respect to reference objects
03/19/15Real-time optical and digital image stabilization for adaptive optics scanning ophthalmoscopy
03/19/15Apparatus, method, and non-transitory medium for optical stabilization and digital image registration in scanning light ophthalmoscopy
03/19/15Compact, slope sensitive optical probe
03/19/15Compositions and methods related to protein displacement therapy for myotonic distrophy
03/12/15Apparatus and automatic alignment in an optical system and applications
03/12/15Implantable real-time oximeter to determine potential strokes and post-traumatic brain-injury complications
02/26/15Methods of predicting clinical outcome of chronic lymphocytic leukemia
02/12/15Patterning of oled materials
02/12/15System and fluorescence lifetime imaging aided by adaptive optics
02/05/15Recombinant factor viii having enhanced stability following mutation at the a1-c2 domain interface
02/05/15Method for the topographically-selective passivation of micro- and nanoscale devices
01/29/15Depth advancement marker needle for image guided procedures
01/22/15Optomechanical accelerometer
01/15/15Methods of screening for activation deaminase inhibitors through nuclear import inhibitors
01/08/15Methods, pharmaceutical compositions, therapeutic systems, and compounds for treating b cell malignancies
12/25/14Compositions and methods for recombinant synthesis of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid
12/18/14Method of diagnosing mild traumatic brain injury
12/18/14Anti-glucosaminidase passive immunization for staphylococcus aureus infections
12/11/14System and designing wavefront-guided ophthalmic lenses
10/23/14Non-invasive assessment of liver fat by crawling wave dispersion with emphasis on attenuation
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10/16/14Method for detecting, identifying, and enhancing formant frequencies in voiced speech
10/09/14Photoacoustic imaging using a versatile acoustic lens
10/02/14Method of preventing development of psoriatic lesions
09/25/14Wavefront sensing apparatus, method and applications
09/18/14Optimized antigens of pneumocystis and use thereof
09/18/14Intraosseous shunts
09/18/14Ultrasound-guided endograft system
09/11/14Decarboxylation dosimetry
09/11/14Perineal retractor
08/21/14Thrombopoietin mimetics for the treatment of radiation or chemical induced bone marrow injury
08/21/14Methods and compositions for mesenchymal stem cell proliferation
08/14/14Method and apparatus of spectral differential phase-contrast cone-beam ct and hybrid cone-beam ct
08/14/14Low intensity magnetic field devices for treatment of cardiac and neurological disorders
07/17/14Non-contact electrocardiogram system
07/10/14Method of inhibiting papillomavirus proliferation and treating papillomavirus infection
07/03/14Reducing dental caries
07/03/14Targeted pre-mrna/mrna modification and gene regulation
07/03/14Compositions and methods for inhibiting ccl3
06/26/14Shear-modulus estimation by application of spatially modulated impulse acoustic radiation force approximation
06/12/14Nanoparticle dental composition and making
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06/12/14Hiv incidence assays with high sensitivity and specificity
06/12/14System and detecting a baseline gradient
06/05/14Femtosecond laser pulse surface structuring methods and materials resulting therefrom
06/05/14Treating neurological disease or injury with a dynamin-related protein 1 (drp1) encoding nucleic acid
05/29/14Non-invasive assessment of liver fat by crawling wave dispersion
05/08/14Detecting, preventing, and treating bronchopulmonary dysplasia
05/08/14Photoactivatable receptors and their uses
05/01/14Recombinant factor viii having enhanced stability following mutation at the a1-c2 domain interface
04/24/14Multifocal hepatocellular carcinoma microrna expression patterns and uses thereof
04/17/14Tunable achromatizing optical apparatus, methods, and applications
04/17/14Methods for treating prostate cancer
04/17/14Model for traumatic brain injury
04/17/14Method for modifying the refractive index of ocular tissues
03/27/14Robotic localizing aid for high intensity focused ultrasound delivery
03/20/14Nrf2 deficiency influences susceptibility to steroid resistance via hdac2 reduction
03/20/14Deep brain magnetic stimulator
03/06/14Protecting and repairing cartilage and musculoskeletal soft tissues
02/27/14Recombinant factor viii having increased stability
02/27/14Methods and compositions for treating inflammatory conditions
02/27/14Compositions and methods for treating or preventing a retrovirus infection
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02/20/14Nucleic acid binding compounds, methods of making, and use thereof
02/13/14Thrombopoietin mimetics for the treatment of radiation or chemical induced bone marrow injury
02/06/14Method and cone beam breast ct image-based computer-aided detection and diagnosis
02/06/14Methods and systems for evaluating and predicting the reactivity of monooxygenase enzymes
01/30/14Lateral carrier injection infrared light emitting diode structure, method and applications
01/30/14Altered ospa of borrelia burgdorferi
01/30/14Sharing pattern-based directory coherence for multicore scalability ("space")
01/09/14Hybridization-based biosensor containing hairpin probes and use thereof
12/26/13Methods of modifying insulin signaling using biliverdin reductase (bvr) and bvr derived peptides
12/19/13Chimeric fibronectin matrix mimetics and uses thereof
12/12/13Backscatter reduction device (bsr)
12/12/13Antigen-presenting platelets and methods of eliciting an immune response
12/12/13Superresolution imaging of scatterers in pulse-echo imaging
11/28/13Methods and compositions related to staufen 1 binding sites formed by duplexing alu elements
11/14/13Devices and methods for vascular closure
11/07/13Flavivirus domain iii vaccine
09/26/13Method of using tet-inducible transgenes
09/26/13Arrayed detector system for measurement of anti-viral immune response
09/05/13Method for predicting and preventing cardiovascular disease
08/29/13System, apparatus, method, and applications for measuring and reporting on the process of composing written material
08/15/13Support bracket for medical equipment and uses thereof
08/15/13Dc-stamp antibodies
08/15/13System and studying epidermis samples ex vivo
08/08/13Method and system for purifying and quantitating proteins using heme fusion tags
08/08/13Bicyclic heteroaryl kinase inhibitors and methods of use
08/01/13Targeted 2'-o-methylation of telomerase non-coding rna
08/01/13Method and composition for alveolar epithelial cell-specific nucleic acid nuclear import
08/01/13Integrated multi-criteria decision support framework
07/25/13Compositions and methods for inhibition of or treatment of dengue virus infection
07/25/13Treatment of fibrosis-related disorders using fibronectin binding proteins and polypeptides
Social Network Patent Pack
07/25/13Implantable devices that generate low intensity electric fields for the treatment of atherosclerotic disease and prevention of ischemic vascular events and methods of manufacture
07/18/13Methods and compositions related to modulating autophagy
07/04/13Compounds for anti-fungal treatment
06/27/13Shear modulus estimation by application of spatially modulated impulse acoustic radiation force approximation
06/20/13The camp/pka/hdac5 pathway and uses thereof
06/20/13Reducing transmission of sexually transmitted infections
05/30/13Synthesis of nanoparticles using reducing gases
05/30/13Paxillin as a therapeutic or diagnostic marker for cancer
05/23/13Compositions comprising high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and methods for producing same
05/16/13Compositions and methods for targeting a3g:rna complexes
05/09/13Resin-infiltrated ceramics
05/09/13Compositions and methods for inhibiting g protein signaling
05/09/13System and treating vision refractive errors
05/02/13Anti-glucosaminidase passive immunization for staphylococcus aureus infections
04/25/13Low-cost device for c-scan photoacoustic imaging
04/18/13Color barcodes for mobile applications: a per channel framework
04/18/13Compounds and methods for altering lifespan of eukaryotic organisms
04/11/13Protease activated cytokines
04/04/13Papillomavirus virus-like particle or capsomere formulation and its use as microbicide
04/04/13Recombinant factor viii having increased stability
03/28/13Preparation of microfluidic device on metal nanoparticle coated surface, and use thereof for nucleic acid detection
03/14/13Digital binary mems wavefront control
03/07/13System and measuring the ratio of forward-propagating to back-propagating second harmonic-generation signal, and applications thereof
02/21/13Three-dimensional model acquisition using planar mirrors
02/21/13Broad band czerny-turner spectrometer, methods, and applications
02/21/13Methods of using agents that modulate claudin expression
02/21/13Methods of using agents that modulate claudin expression
02/14/13Antigenic mimics of discontinuous epitopes of pathogen recognized by broadly neutralizing antibodies
01/31/13Light collecting and emitting apparatus, method, and applications

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