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University Of South Carolina
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University Of South Carolina patents

Recent patent applications related to University Of South Carolina. University Of South Carolina is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: University Of South Carolina may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with University Of South Carolina, we're just tracking patents.

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Bypass switch for high voltage dc systems

Many DC applications switching converter modules are multilevel, series connected converters. If an individual converter cell fails, it is desirable to be able to bypass the failed cell, in order to continue operating the rest of the converter. A bypass switch is provided as a hybrid switch, including a parallel... University Of South Carolina

Polymer implants for treatment of metabolic disorders

Implantable devices including a biocompatible matrix configured for long term location in adipose tissue and a biologically active agent that can be carried by the matrix and delivered to the adipose tissue following implant therein. The biologically active agent can include a modulator or a precursor thereof that can directly... University Of South Carolina

Inhibin as targetable regulators of angiogenesis

Contact of endothelial cells with inhibitors of inhibin and/or the alpha subunit of inhibin can be utilized to modify the activity of endothelial cell expression products including SMAD 1/5. Methods can also include inhibiting Alk1 and/or endoglin as components of inhibin-activated pathway of SMAD 1/5 signaling. Methods can be combined... University Of South Carolina

Mocvd system for growth of iii-nitride and other semiconductors

An MOCVD system for growing a semiconductor layer on a substrate is provided. The MOCVD system includes an MOCVD growth chamber defined by a jacket having an interior surface and an exterior surface; a water flow chamber surrounding an exterior surface of the jacket of the MOCVD growth chamber; an... University Of South Carolina

Accelerated testing protocols for solid oxide fuel cell cathode materials

Accelerated testing protocols that can be utilized for determining and projecting the durability of SOFC cathodes are described. The accelerated testing protocols can be carried out under simulated operation conditions so as to provide in a matter of a few hundred hours data that can correlate to the condition of... University Of South Carolina

Bk channels as non-genomic estrogen targets for overactive bladder

Using BK Channels as non-genomic estrogen targets in order to alleviate overactive bladder.... University Of South Carolina

Composite continuous filament for additive manufacturing

A composite filament for use in additive manufacturing such as fused filament fabrication is described along with methods of its construction and use. The composite filament includes a single continuous filament (e.g., a continuous carbon roving) and a polymer (e.g., a high glass transition polymer) in intimate contact. The composite... University Of South Carolina

Automated remote learning device and system for using same

A distance learning device for providing laboratory instruction via two-way interaction with a student at a remote location and system for using same.... University Of South Carolina

Tunable nanomaterials by templating from kinetically trapped polymer micelles

Products derived from and methods of micelle tem plating that allow for orthogonal control over structural features.... University Of South Carolina

Asphalt roof shingle system

Asphalt roofing systems including multiple sealing strips between two overlaid asphalt roof shingles are described. Additional sealing strips can enhance wind and water resistance of a roof. Simulations are carried out with three tab asphalt roofing shingles to determine desirable locations for multiple sealing strips between overlaid shingles.... University Of South Carolina

Xanthohumol in antiarrythmic applications

Methods for modulating Ca2+ signaling in cardiac myocytes by use of xanthohumol are described. Xanthohumol can suppress Ca2+ signaling by suppressing spontaneous activity of the RyR2 receptor. Delivery of xanthohumol to a cardiocyte can be utilized in treatment of cardiac arrhythmia.... University Of South Carolina

Preparation of thermoplastic epoxidized polymers and thermosetting materials from triglycerides

A method i for forming an epoxidized polymer is provided. The method may include mixing an epoxidized plant oil with a synthetic epoxy resin and crosslinking the epoxidized plant oil and the synthetic epoxy resin using a curing agent. The epoxidized plant oil may be formed via: converting plant oil... University Of South Carolina

Novel raft agents and their use in the development of polyvinylpyrrolidone grafted nanoparticles

Nanoparticles having a plurality of PVP chains covalently bonded to a surface of the nanoparticle are provided, along with their methods of formation and the RAFT agents for the polymerization of the PVP chains. RAFT agents are generally provided, along with their methods of formation and use. Methods are also... University Of South Carolina

Impact force estimation and event localization

An impact detection methodology is disclosed. Systems and methods can be utilized to detect impacts of concern such as collisions, falls, or other incidents. Systems and methods can be utilized to monitor an area and detect falls or collisions of an individual, for instance, as may require intervention to aid... University Of South Carolina

Carbon gasification assisted solid oxide electrolysis cell

A syngas generation system that combines a solid oxide electrolysis cell (SOEC) and a carbon gasification unit is described. On the cathode side of the SOEC, CO2 and H2O are electrochemically converted to syngas. At the anode side of the system, a second stream of syngas is produced through a... University Of South Carolina

Methodology and system for reforming liquid fuel

An on the fly fuel reformer device to produce variations in the autoignition and burning rate properties of a fuel by appropriate processing of some or all of a single fuel supply in its liquid form. The system includes a non-thermal plasma generator and/or a UV radiation source in contact... University Of South Carolina

Small molecule inhibitors selective for polo-like kinase proteins

For instance, the inhibitors can include an alkyl benzamido benzoic acid core structure.... University Of South Carolina

Suppression of self pulsing dc driven nonthermal microplasma discharge to operate in a steady dc mode

The current disclosure relates to a suppressor circuit configuration for extending the stable region of operation of a DC driven micro plasma discharge at atmospheric and higher pressures.... University Of South Carolina

Bionanomaterials and their synthesis

The use of biomaterials, such as viruses and virus-like particles, to form nanostructures is generally disclosed. For instance, rod-like viruses can be used to form composite nanofibers that are fixed together in a head-to-tail assembly by a polymer. Also, 2-dimensional nanostructures formed from crosslinked viruses assembled in a single, film-like... University Of South Carolina

Modulation of macrophage phenotype by emodin

Methods and materials that can be used to regulate macrophage activation are described. Methods can utilize emodin to bi-directionally modulate macrophage activation and return macrophage phenotype to a homeostatic center (e.g., between M1 and M2 phenotypes) in various environmental settings. Methods can target multiple pathologies within a same individual. Methods... University Of South Carolina

Method for treating prostate cancer

The invention provides a method for treating prostate cancer in a subject comprising administering to the subject an effective amount of a selective inhibitor of one or more of CDK8 and CDK19. In some embodiments the inhibitor inhibits CDK19. In some embodiments, the inhibitor inhibits CDK8 at a Kd of... University Of South Carolina

Quantitative acoustic contrast tomography for studying fungal growth and toxicity

Methods for ultrasonically imaging a heterogeneous 3D-cell population without physically probing are provided. The method can comprises: pulsing ultrasound waves having a wave frequency of about 10 MHz to about 2 GHz through a lens rod, wherein the lens rod focuses the ultrasound waves onto the cell population via a... University Of South Carolina

Edible plants producing bioengineered micro-rna for gene regulation upon ingestion

Methods and materials providing a route for the use of transgenic plants as bio-factories to produce therapeutic miRNAs are described. The plants can be ingestible and can be used to deliver to a subject in need thereof a therapeutic miRNA by ingestion of the bioengineered plant tissue that carries an... University Of South Carolina

Novel biofabrication techniques for the implementation of intrinsic tissue geometries to an in vitro collagen hydrogel

Methods for reaction electrospinning are provided to form collagen fibers. The method can include: acidifying a collagen in an acidic solvent to form an acidic collagen solution; electrospinning the acidic collagen solution within an alkaline atmosphere (e.g., including ammonia vapor) to form collagen fibers; and collecting the collagen fibers within... University Of South Carolina

Separation of oil-water mixtures using nanotechnology

Methods for making a plurality of nanoparticles are provided. The method may include flowing a first component of the core into a reaction chamber; flowing a polymeric material into the reaction chamber; and flowing a second component of the core into the reaction chamber such that the first component reacts... University Of South Carolina

Leukocyte micrornas for use in diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis

Methods for diagnosis and treatment of endornetriosis are described. Methods utilize the recognition that leukocyte miRNAs can be dramatically dysregulated subjects suffering from endometriosis. Accordingly, leukocyte miRNAs, as well as polynucleotides encoding the miRNAs, can be utilized in the diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis.... University Of South Carolina

Cyclin based inhibitors of cdk2 and cdk4

Structural and functional analysis of peptide inhibitor binding to the cyclin D and cyclin A groove has been investigated and used to design peptides that provide the basis for structure-activity relationships, have improved binding and have potential for development as chemical biology probes, as potential diagnostics and as therapeutics in... University Of South Carolina

Guided wave phased array beamforming

Systems and methods for evaluating an anisotropic composite material are provided. In one example implementation, a system includes a guided wave source configured to provide one or more guided waves to the anisotropic composite material. The system includes at least one sensor configured to measure a property of the one... University Of South Carolina

Polymer-protein core-shell particles as effective vaccine delivery vehicles and treatments methods using the same

A polymer-protein core-shell nanoparticle is generally provided. In one embodiment, the polymer-protein core-shell nanoparticle includes a pyridinyl group grafted polymer assembled with a protein or a glycoprotein based antigen to form a core-shell particle. A method is also generally provided for treating an infected organism. In one embodiment, the method... University Of South Carolina

Mirna-489 in treatment of breast cancer

Breast cancer treatment methods and materials incorporating microRNA-489 are described. The methods and materials have been developed from identification of a double-negative feedback loop between miR-489 and the HER2-SHP2-MAPK signaling axis. The methods and materials may be particularly beneficial in treatment and diagnosis of HER2 positive breast cancers.... University Of South Carolina

Methods and compositions for treatment of her-positive cancers

Cancers that overexpress tyrosine kinase receptors of HER family are treated with drugs acting on these receptors. Although HER-targeting drugs have revolutionized the treatment of HER-positive cancers, high rates of primary and treatment-emergent resistance limit their clinical utility. The present inventors have now discovered that combining HER-targeting drugs with a... University Of South Carolina

Initiator for surface-based polymerization and use thereof

Disclosed are polymerization initiators as may be utilized for addition of polymers to a substrate surface. The initiators are azo-based initiators that include multi-functionality through addition of multiple anchoring agents to an inner azo group. Disclosed polymerization initiators can be utilized to form high density and high molecular weight polymers... University Of South Carolina

Structural health monitoring method and system

Disclosed are composite structure health monitoring (SHM) systems that incorporate aspects of both a passive SHM system and an active SHM system. Systems provide a route for continuous monitoring to recognize potentially damaging events as well as to determine the location and intensity of damage in those instances in which... University Of South Carolina

Cysteine-modifying substrate analogue inhibitors of ribose 5-phosphate isomerase for parasitic diseases, along with methods of their formation and use

Compounds are generally provided, along with pharmaceutical compositions including such compounds. Methods are also generally provided for inhibiting ribose 5-phosphate isomerase in a human, such as via administering to the human the pharmaceutical composition that includes such a compound. Methods are also generally provided for treating a mammal that is... University Of South Carolina

Viral vectors for gene editing

Disclosed are delivery platforms for use in gene editing that include a relatively short, highly efficient promoter that drives transcription of a nucleic acid sequence that encodes a gene-editing molecule, e.g., either a gRNA or a nuclease. In conjunction with this promoter, the vector includes one or more transcription factor... University Of South Carolina

05/04/17 / #20170122729

Optical displacement sensing system utilizing edge diffraction

Methods are provided for determining the position of a substrate. The edge diffraction model suitable for the proposed measurement apparatus was mathematically derived, and the effect of the parameters associated with the edge diffraction was investigated. In addition, the fundamental limits are discussed about the linearity and resolution of the... University Of South Carolina

04/20/17 / #20170106076

Transmission blocking vaccines for mosquito-borne flaviviruses

Disclosed are transmission blocking vaccines for prevention or spread of one or more flaviviruses, and in particular, for prevention or spread of dengue virus. Vaccines can incorporate a polypeptide or a recombinant virus encoding a polypeptide that is non-homologous to human proteins and that is involved in flavivirus infection in... University Of South Carolina

04/06/17 / #20170095558

Preparations of poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid)/polydopamine core/shell hybrid nanoparitcle for photothermal applications

Described is a biodegradable and biocompatible hybrid nanoparticle for use in photothermal applications. The hybrid nanoparticle includes a poly(lactide-co-glycolic acid) core and a polydopamine shell. Optionally, the hybrid nanoparticle can be loaded with an active agent such as an anti-cancer agent. The hybrid nanoparticles can include detection agents, targeting agents,... University Of South Carolina

04/06/17 / #20170096643

Bionanomaterials and their synthesis

... University Of South Carolina

03/23/17 / #20170080096

Anion-paired cationic metallocene-containing compounds and polymers as antimicrobial agents

Anion-paired metallocene-containing compounds are generally provided, along with methods of making the same. In one embodiment, the anion-paired metallocene-containing compound includes a cationic metallocene moiety covalently connected to an organic functional group, and an anion paired to the cationic metallocene moiety. Generally, the cationic metallocene moiety comprises two cyclopentadienyl anions... University Of South Carolina

03/16/17 / #20170071925

Ciclopirox for use in modulation of glucose homeostasis

Modulation of glucose homeostasis by administration of ciclopirox (6-cyclohexyl-1-hydroxy-4-methylpyridin-2(1H)-one) is described. Methods can be utilized in treatment of conditions that involve loss of glucose homeostasis, such as diabetes, and in one particular embodiment type II diabetes. Ciclopirox is shown to stimulate p21 expression by mechanisms that are likely p53-independent.... University Of South Carolina

03/02/17 / #20170057167

Integrated robotic 3d printing system for printing of fiber reinforced parts

A system for printing a three-dimensional object is provided. The system can include at least one print head configured to receive a continuous fiber and at least partially encase the continuous fiber with a formation material to create a composite material. The at least one print bed can be configured... University Of South Carolina

02/23/17 / #20170049726

Metformin in treatment of neuroblastoma

Use of metformin in inhibition of growth and/or viability of human neuroblastoma cells is described. Use of metformin in inhibition of growth and/or viability of neuroblastoma cancer stem cells is also described. The metformin is shown to be effective both in vitro and in vivo in inhibition of growth and/or... University Of South Carolina

02/23/17 / #20170050150

Tio2 nanofiltration membranes prepared by molecular layer deposition for water purification

Methods are provided for preparing TiO2 nanofiltration membranes for water purification are provided. The method can include supplying a titanium precursor gas into a reaction chamber, where the titanium precursor gas reacts with a base support of an anodic aluminum oxide, and the base support of an anodic aluminum oxide... University Of South Carolina

02/16/17 / #20170044337

Thermoplastic/thermoset grafted composites

Disclosed are thermoset/thermoplastic composites that include a thermoset component directly or indirectly bonded to a thermoplastic component via a crosslinked binding layer between the two. The crosslinked binding layer is bonded to the thermoplastic component via epoxy linkages and is either directly or indirectly bonded to the thermoset component via... University Of South Carolina

01/26/17 / #20170022067

Synthesis and crystal structure of iron zeolitic frameworks

Iron-based crystal structures including FeO4 tetrahedrally coordinated in three dimensions in a framework analogous to a zeolite. The structures having the general formula AyB8Fe12O24(O/OH)6.xH2O in which A is Na, K, Cs, Rb or a combination thereof and B is an alkaline earth element or a combination of alkaline earth elements.... University Of South Carolina

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