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University Of Southern California
University Of Southern California Usc Stevens
University Of Southern California Usc Stevens Center For Innovation
University Of Southern California Signal And Image Processing Institute
University Of Southern California Of University Park Campus
University Of Southern California_20100107
University Of Southern California_20131212
University Of Southern California_20100121
University Of Southern California_20100114

University Of Southern California patents

Recent patent applications related to University Of Southern California. University Of Southern California is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: University Of Southern California may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with University Of Southern California, we're just tracking patents.

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10/19/17 new patent  System and calibrating multi-level building energy simulation
10/05/17Compositions and methods to selectively block pain induced by cold
09/28/17Assembly of layered monetite-chitosan nanocomposite and its transition to organized hydroxyapatite
09/28/17Predictive network system and method
09/21/17Iglass: infrared thermography for learning thermoregulation performance
09/21/17Phase-sensitive regeneration without a phase-locked loop using brillouin amplification
09/14/17Synchronized multi-module pulsed arterial spin labeled magnetic resonance imaging
09/14/17Agents, compositions and methods for enhancing neurological function
09/14/17Next generation rna-sequencing and long non-coding rna in glioblastoma multiforme
08/17/17Drug combinations and methods to stimulate embryonic-like regeneration to treat diabetes and other diseases
08/03/17Apoptotic bodies
08/03/17Highly robust efficient catalyst for selective dehydrogenation of neat glycerol to lactic acid
07/13/17Method of cryopreservation of stem cell-derived retinal pigment epithelial cells on polymeric substrate
07/06/17Photoactivated molecules for light induced modulation of the activity of electrically excitable cells and methods of using the same
07/06/17Cage-like bifunctional chelators, copper-64 radiopharmaceuticals and pet imaging using the same
06/29/17Inexpensive metal-free organic redox flow battery (orbat) for grid-scale storage
06/22/17Benzo lipoxin analogues
06/22/17Compounds and methods for inhibiting vacuolar atpase
06/08/17Coating particles
06/08/17Systems and techniques for communication using multiple-input-multiple-output processing of orbital angular momentum modes
06/01/17Inserting inhibitor to create part boundary isolation during 3d printing
05/18/17High efficiency iron electrode and additives for use in rechargeable iron-based batteries
05/04/17Methods, compounds, and compositions for the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases
04/27/17Adaptive brain-machine interface system for anesthesia delivery
04/13/17Electrical impedance spectroscopy measurement based on concentric bipolar microelectrode sensor
04/06/17Compact subnanosecond high voltage pulse generation system for cell electro-manipulation
03/30/17Fusing porphyrins with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocycles for optoelectronic applications
03/16/17Implantable oxygen generator and transporter
03/09/17Brain cancer immunotherapy
02/09/17Methods and formulations promoting tissue/organ regeneration, longevity and healthspan
02/09/17Methods and diets to protect against chemotoxicity and age related illnesses
02/09/17Portable polarimetric fiber stress sensor system for visco-elastic and biomimetic material analysis
02/02/17Autoimmunity and multiple sclerosis treatment
02/02/17Mao inhibitors and their conjugates as therapeutics for the treatment of brain cancer
01/26/17Optical coherence tomography (oct) system with phase-sensitive b-scan registration
01/19/17Dehydrogenation of neat formic acid
01/19/17Polypeptide compositions with type vii collagen fibronectin type iii-like repeats and treatment methods for wound closure and healing
01/12/17Amelogenin-chitosan hydrogel for dentin hypersensitivity
01/05/17Fasting condition as dietary treatment of diabetes
01/05/17Optical coherence tomography (oct) system with improved motion contrast
12/22/16Methods and systems for treating tumors
12/22/16Mask video projection based stereolithography with continuous resin flow
12/22/16Compositions and methods for delivering microrna
12/22/16Optical coherence photoacoustic microscopy
12/22/16Systems and methods for in vitro and in vivo imaging of cells on a substrate
12/15/16Medical sensor having a nanoscale tapered waveguide for spectroscopy-based analysis of fluid
12/15/16Orthodontic appliance with snap fitted, non-sliding archwire
12/15/16Orthodontic appliance with snap fitted, non-sliding archwire
12/15/16Ultrathin parylene-c semipermeable membranes for biomedical applications
12/08/16Organic electroluminescent materials and devices
12/08/16Adaptive spur cancellation techniques and multi-phase injection locked tdc for digital phase locked loop circuit
12/01/16Methods for promoting wound healing
12/01/16Large-scale complementary macroelectronics using hybrid integration of carbon nanotubes and oxide thin-film transistors
11/24/16Mao inhibitors and their conjugates as therapeutics for the treatment of brain cancer
11/24/16Fracking with co2 for shale gas reforming to methanol
11/17/16Methods and diets to protect against chemotoxicity and age related illnesses
11/17/16Extended duration optical coherence tomography (oct) system
11/17/16Gene expression panel for prognosis of prostate cancer recurrence
11/10/16Fasting mimicking and enhancing diet for treating hypertension and lipid disorders
11/10/16Heteroatom containing deoxyuridine triphosphatase inhibitors
11/03/16Optical coherence tomography system for health characterization of an eye
11/03/16Compositions and methods for treating ovarian cancer including preventing the recurrence thereof
11/03/16Systems and methods for compensating for 3d shape deviations in additive manufacturing
11/03/16Optimized artificial intelligence machines that allocate patrol agents to minimize opportunistic crime based on learned model
10/27/16Polymer-based cardiovascular biosensors, manufacture, and uses thereof
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10/27/163-dimensional parylene scaffold cage
10/20/16Fasting mimicking diet (fmd) and glucose lowering drugs protect normal cells and generate cancer sensitizing conditions in response to standard and high glucose conditions induced by rapamycin and dexamethasone
10/20/16Linear-immersed sweeping accumulation for 3d printing
10/20/16Gene biomarker to diagnose metastic liver cancer and methods for targeting the same
10/13/16Control of hypoxia-inducible gene expression with oligooxopiperazine nonpeptidic helix mimetics
10/13/16Systems and methods for predicting and improving scanning geometric accuracy for 3d scanners
10/06/16Use of ikk epsilon inhibitors to activate nfat and t cell response
10/06/16Dna methylation markers associated with the cpg island methylator phenotype (cimp) in human colorectal cancer
10/06/16Organic electroluminescent devices
09/22/16Polymer substrate retinal patch coated with adhesives
09/22/16Dynamic 3d mri data sampling
09/08/16Near-instant capture of high-resolution facial geometry and reflectance
09/01/16Method for cancer detection, diagnosis and prognosis
08/25/16Integrated ultrasound, oct, pa and/or florescence imaging endoscope for diagnosing cancers in gastrointestinal, respiratory, and urogenital tracts
08/18/16Methanol fuels for internal combustion engines
Patent Packs
08/18/16Markers for lipid metabolism
08/11/16Epicardial lead design
08/11/16Multi-layer, multi-material micro-scale and millimeter-scale devices with enhanced electrical and/or mechanical properties
08/11/16Host materials and ligands for dopants in organic light emitting diodes
08/04/16Therapeutic compositions comprising monoterpenes
08/04/16System for sutureless closure of scleral perforations and other ocular tissue discontinuities
07/28/16Clusterin pharmaceuticals and treatment methods using the same
07/28/16Shapelet-based oilfield equipment failure prediction and detection
07/21/16Composition of stem cells having highly expressed fas ligand
07/21/16Methods and devices for micro-isolation, extraction, and/or analysis of microscale components in an array
07/14/16Regenerative adsorbents of modified amines on solid supports
07/07/16Electrochemical fabrication process for forming multilayer multimaterial microprobe structures incorporating dielectrics
06/30/16Traffic prediction using real-world transportation data
06/23/16Compositions and methods for the treatment of burkholderia infections
06/23/16Method and co2 sequestration
06/23/16Dna methylation biomarkers for bladder cancer
06/23/16Data processing framework for data cleansing
06/23/16Viariable structure regression
06/16/16Control of ambient and stray lighting in a head mounted display
06/16/16Gas turbine engine anomaly detections and fault identifications
06/02/16Timing violation resilient asynchronous template
05/26/16Dual site catalyst for mild, selective nitrile reduction
05/26/16Murine and human innate lymphoid cells and lung inflammation
05/19/16Compositions and methods for treating primary effusion lymphoma
05/19/16Methods, systems and devices for optical-signal-to-noise-ratio monitoring
05/12/16Composition of mesenchymal stem cells
05/12/16Accurate in vitro copying of dna methylation
04/21/16Epigenetic mechanisms of anti-fibrotic action for the liver
04/21/16High telomerase activity bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells, methods of producing the same and pharmaceuticals and treatment methods based thereon
04/21/16Contact lens with metered liquid system
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04/14/16Multi-scale complex systems transdisciplinary analysis of response to therapy
03/24/16Method for promoting hair growth
03/24/16Methods for sample preparation
03/24/16Contour crafting extrusion nozzles
03/17/16Wnt modulators for the protection, mitigation and treatment of radiation injury
03/17/16Angiotensins for treatment of fibrosis
03/17/16Method for promoting hair growth
03/17/16Automatically locked homodyne detection
03/17/16Linguistic goal oriented decision making
03/10/16Method and sensor for detecting catheter obstruction
Patent Packs
02/25/16Accelerated healing of eye injuries by angiotensin peptides
02/25/16Compositions and methods for treating hif-1a over-expressing cancers
02/25/16Organic photosensitive devices with exciton-blocking charge carrier filteres
02/18/16Statistical predictive modeling and compensation of geometric deviations of 3d printed products
02/18/16New the fabrication of homogenous blends of polystyrenesulfonic acid and polyvinylidene fluoride suitable for the application in direct oxidation methanol fuel cells (dmfcs)
02/11/16High performance membranes for water reclamation using polymeric and nanomaterials
02/11/16Deoxyuridine triphosphatase inhibitors
02/04/16Noise-boosted back propagation and deep learning neural networks
01/28/16Gene editing for hiv gene therapy
01/28/16Adaptive optics based simultaneous turbulence compensation of multiple orbital angular momentum beams
01/21/16Methods, compounds, and compositions for the treatment of angiotensin-related diseases
01/21/16Methods and therapeutics comprising ligand-targeted elps
01/21/16Noise-enhanced convolutional neural networks
01/21/16Stable organic photosensitive devices with exciton-blocking charge carrier filters utilizing high glass transition temperature materials
01/14/16Methods and compositions for inducing apoptosis by stimulating er stress
01/07/16Methods and compositions for the treatment of ophalmic diseases and disorders
01/07/16Methods for treating multiple sclerosis
01/07/16Noise speed-ups in hidden markov models with applications to speech recognition
01/07/16Organic photosensitive devices comprising aryl squaraines and methods of making the same
12/31/15Free-standing active material/carbon nanomaterial network film as light-weight and high-power electrodes for lithium ion batteries
12/24/15Small molecule transport device for drug delivery or waste removal
12/17/15Methods and related kits for treating and regenerating tooth pulp and periapical tissues in a mammal
12/17/15Direct patlak estimation from list-mode pet data
12/10/15Discrete elements for 3d microfluidics
12/10/15Markers for lipid metabolism
12/10/15Head mounted display frame for improved spatial performance in head mounted virtual environments
12/10/15Rapid avatar capture and simulation using commodity depth sensors
12/03/15Systems and techniques for orbital angular momentum based reconfigurable switching
12/03/15Virtual head mounted video camera system
11/19/15Photoactivated molecules for light-induced modulation of the activity of electrically excitable cells and methods of using same
Patent Packs
11/19/15Intrathoracic pacemaker
11/12/15Methods and devices for micro-isolation, extraction, and/or analysis of microscale components
11/12/15Timing violation resilient asynchronous template
11/05/15Methods and agents for wound healing
10/29/15Systems and methods for in vitro and in vivo imaging of cells on a substrate
10/22/1518f labeled bodipy dye and its derivatives for pet imaging of heart perfusion and others
10/22/15Automated construction of towers and columns
10/15/153-coil wireless power transfer system for eye implants
10/08/15System and fuzzy ontology matching and search across ontologies
10/08/15Visual tracking in video images in unconstrained environments by exploiting on-the-fly contxt using supporters and distracters
10/08/15Image enhancement using modulation strength map and modulation kernel
10/01/15Implantable oxygenator with self-contained electrolyte
10/01/15Optimal patrol strategy for protecting moving targets with multiple mobile resources
10/01/15Fusing porphyrins with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocycles for optoelectronic applications
09/24/15Energy sensitization of acceptors and donors in organic photovoltaics
09/10/15Use of short term starvation regimen in combination with kinase inhibitors to enhance traditional chemo-drug efficacy and feasibility and reverse side effects of kinases in normal cells and tissues
09/10/15Reflective color display based on tunable sub-wavelength high contrast gratings
09/10/15Multi-view 3d object recognition from a point cloud and change detection
09/03/15Compositions and methods for inhibiting activity of hypoxia-inducible transcription factor complex and its use for treatment of tumors
09/03/15Throwaway spatial index structure for dynamic point data
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08/27/15Icam-1 targeting elps
08/20/15Cbp/catenin antagonists for enhancing asymmetric division of somatic stem cells
08/20/15Methods and compositions for detecting, imaging, and treating small cell lung cancer utilizing post-translationally modified residues and higher molecular weight antigenic complexes in proteins
08/20/15Organic electroluminescent materials and devices
08/20/15Excitonic energy transfer to increase inorganic solar cell efficiency
08/20/15Miniature acoustic resonator-based filters and duplexers with cancellation methodology
08/20/15Reflection and hybrid reflection filters
08/20/15Hybrid-based cancellation in presence of antenna mismatch
08/13/15Reflowed gold nanostructures for surface enhanced raman spectroscopy
08/06/15Cd20 scfv-elps methods and therapeutics
07/30/15Methods and small molecule therapeutics comprising fused elps
07/30/15Mao inhibitors and their conjugates as therapeutics for the treatment of brain cancer
07/30/15Uses of il-12 in hematopoiesis
07/23/15Human myeloid derived suppressor cell cancer markers
06/18/15Compositions and methods for the removal of biofilms
06/11/15Noise-enhanced clustering and competitive learning
06/11/15Enhancing isolation and impedance matching in hybrid-based cancellation networks and duplexers
06/04/15Small molecules modulator of epigenetic regulation and their therapeutic applications
05/28/15Caries risk test for predicting and assessing the risk of disease
05/28/15Methods for limiting development of a skin wound
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05/28/15Ultrathin parylene-c semipermeable membranes for biomedical applications
05/21/15Ultrasound beamformer with individual array element multiplexers
05/14/15Methods and compositions for positron emission tomography myocardial perfusion imaging
05/14/15Dietary compositions and methods for protection against chemotherapy, radiotherapy, oxidative stress, and aging
05/07/15Doped organic carrier transport materials
04/23/15Multi-layer structures and methods for forming
04/23/15Organic electroluminescent materials and devices
04/23/15Methods and compositions for generating and using allogeneic suppressor cells
04/23/15Sperm protein as a detection biomarker of early stage ovarian cancer
04/16/15Compositions and treatment methods for mesenchymal stem cell-induced immunoregulation
04/02/15Stable blue phosphorescent organic light emitting devices
03/26/15Compositions and methods for the prevention of microbial infections
03/26/15High efficiency nickel-iron battery
03/26/15Minimally invasive epicardial pacemaker
03/12/15Benzo lipoxin analogues
03/05/15Organic electroluminescent materials and devices
03/05/15Organic electroluminescent materials and devices
03/05/15Metal deposition using organic vapor phase deposition (vpd) system
03/05/15Inhibiting interaction between hif-1alpha and p300/cbp with hydrogen bond surrogate-based helices
02/19/15Cell therapy technology to deliver radio-protective peptides
02/05/15Methods and devices for micro-isolation, extraction, and/or analysis of microscale components
02/05/15Clusterin pharmaceuticals and treatment methods using the same
01/29/15Rna-mediated gene modulation
01/29/15Hair follicle stem cells and methods of use same
01/15/15Control of hypoxia-inducible gene expression with oligooxopiperazine nonpeptidic helix mimetics
01/08/15Organic electroluminescent materials and devices
01/08/15Electrodeposition of platinum/iridium (pt/ir) on pt microelectrodes with improved charge injection properties
01/01/15System and detecting objects in scene point cloud
01/01/15Fasting condition as dietary treatment of diabetes
12/25/14Reducing false alarms with multi-modal sensing for pipeline blockage
Social Network Patent Pack
12/25/14Passive leakage cancellation networks for duplexers and coexisting wireless communication systems
12/18/14Inexpensive metal-free organic redox flow battery (orbat) for grid-scale storage
12/04/14Targeted crosslinked multilamellar liposomes
12/04/14Coating particles
12/04/14Classifying message content based on rebroadcast diversity
11/27/14High-performing stable green replacements for ammonium perchlorate
11/20/14Online coupled camera pose estimation and dense reconstruction from video
11/20/14Small molecule modulators of epigenetic regulation and their therapeutic applications
11/20/14Spatial crowdsourcing with trustworthy query answering
11/06/14High dynamic range image editing
11/06/14Rendering for an interactive 360 degree light field display
11/06/14Induction of differential stress resistance and uses thereof
10/30/14Predicting the molecular complexity of sequencing libraries
10/23/14Vapor-trapping growth of single-crystalline graphene flowers
10/23/14High frequency ultrasonic convex array transducers and tissue imaging
10/16/14Contour crafting extrusion nozzles
10/02/14Methods and compositions for inducing apoptosis by stimulating er stress
10/02/14Digital signal transition counters for digital integrated circuits
09/25/14Antibody and antibody mimetic for visualization and ablation of endogenous proteins
09/25/14Compositions and methods for treating brain cancer
09/18/14Generating instructions for nonverbal movements of a virtual character
09/18/14Control of ambient and stray lighting in a head mounted display
09/18/14Hybrid stereoscopic viewing device
09/18/14Specular object scanner for measuring reflectance properties of objects
09/18/14Dynamic field of view throttling as a means of improving user experience in head mounted virtual environments
09/18/14Inserting inhibitor to create part boundary isolation during 3d printing
09/18/14Localized shortest-paths estimation of influence propagation for multiple influencers
09/18/14Human-building interaction framework for personalized comfort driven system operations in buildings
09/18/14Game theory model for patrolling an area that accounts for dynamic uncertainty

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