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University Of Utah Research Foundation
University Of Utah
University Of Utah Foundation
University Of Utah And University Of Utah Research Foundation
University Of Utah And National Institute Of Health U s Dept Of Health And Human Services U
University Of Utah Resarch Foundation
University Of Utah Research Foundation_20100107
University Of Utah Researhc Foundation
University Of Utah Research Foundtion
University Of Utah Research Foundation_20100114
University Of Utah Research Doundation

University Of Utah patents

Recent patent applications related to University Of Utah. University Of Utah is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: University Of Utah may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with University Of Utah, we're just tracking patents.

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06/15/17Variant annotation, analysis and selection tool
11/24/16Method of treating neuropathic pain
03/31/16Methods and systems for genome analysis
08/06/15Iterative reconstruction of image data in ct
06/04/15Pure populations of astrocyte restricted precursor cells and methods for isolation and use thereof
03/05/15Substituted- 1h-benzo[d]imidazole series compounds as lysine-specific demethylase 1 (lsd1) inhibitors
02/05/15Maskless nanoimprint lithography
01/22/15Compositions and methods of use for (pro)renin receptor
12/25/14Pas kinase assays
10/23/14Emergency utility connection for mission critical facilities
10/09/14High-resolution flexible tactile imager system based on floating comb electrode
07/03/14Pure populations of astrocyte restricted precursor cells and methods for isolation and use thereof
06/12/14Apparatus and methods for reducing frequency or severity of photophobic responses or modulating circadian cycles
06/12/14Substituted (e)-n'-(1-phenylethylidene)benzohydrazide analogs as histone demethylase inhibitors
01/23/14Nanoelectromechanical logic devices
08/15/13Infusion line identification lighting system
07/18/13Optoelectrical vapor sensing
06/27/13Methods for assessing risk for cardiac dysrythmia in a human subject
05/23/13Sensors and methods for detecting peroxide based explosives
12/06/12Predicting gene variant pathogenicity
12/06/12Gene-specific prediction
06/28/12Non-cryogenic storage cell for hyperpolarized 129xe
02/16/12Multidirectional controller with shear feedback
12/15/11Bone plate and keel systems
11/17/11Geothermal well diversion agent formed from in situ decomposition of carbonyls at high temperature
11/10/11Magnetic nanostructures
09/08/11Wireless control of microrobots
08/25/11Offending frequency suppression in hearing aids
08/04/11Magnetic nanohole superlattices
07/14/11Nems switches, logic devices, and methods of making same
07/14/11Traveling wave electron device with membrane-supported slow wave circuit
04/14/11Bone fixation and compression systems
04/14/11Bone fixation systems
07/29/10Systems and methods for classifying and screening biological materials for use for therapeutic and/or research purposes
07/08/10Use of tetrakis-quaternary ammonium salts as pain modulating agents
04/29/10Dynamic composite gradient systems for mri
04/15/10Predicting efficacy of psychiatric treatment
12/24/09Pi-conjugated heavy-metal polymers particularly suited to hydroponic applications
12/17/09Pi-conjugated heavy-metal polymers for organic white-light-emitting diodes
10/22/09Multi-channel acoustic echo cancellation system and method
08/27/09Tunable spectroscopic enhancement via transformation of electroless plating into metal films with predictably adjustable optical features
02/05/09Method for blocking ligation of the receptor for advanced glycation end-products (rage)
07/23/15Soluble metal sensor compounds and methods for making and using the same
02/02/12Compositions and methods for detecting, treating, or preventing reductive stress
06/22/17Peptide inhibitors of bcr-abl oligomerization
06/22/17Methods for modulating ataxin 2 expression
06/15/17Combination of creatine, an omega-3 fatty acid, and citicoline
06/15/17Autism associated genetic markers
06/08/17In situ solidifying complex coacervates and methods of making and using thereof
06/08/17Chemical self-doping of one-dimensional organic nanomaterials for high conductivity application in chemirsistive sensing gas or vapor
05/25/17Airway bronchoscope
05/25/17Very low power microelectromechanical devices for the internet of everything
05/18/17System, device, and measuring net load on a lower extremity
05/18/17Method and system for analyzing gait and providing real-time feedback on gait asymmetry
05/04/17Therapeutic ultrasound breast treatment
05/04/17Interfacial nanofibril composite for selective alkane vapor detection
04/27/17Modified collagen hybridizing peptides and uses thereof
04/27/17Molten salt de-oxygenation of metal powders
04/27/17Methods of sintering dense zeta-phase tantalum carbide
04/20/17Intraocular drug delivery device and associated methods
04/20/17Biomarkers and methods for diagnosis of early stage pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
04/20/17Systems and methods for managing power generation resources
04/20/17Dual-gate chemical field effect transistor sensor
04/13/17Compositions and methods comprising 2-(acylamino)imidazoles
04/13/17Systems and methods for power system management
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04/13/17Disease therapy game technology
04/06/17Pharmaceutical compositions composed of low molecular weight sulfated hyaluronan
03/30/17Systems and methods for label-free detection of analytes
03/23/17Development of natural killer cells and functional natural killer cell lines
03/16/17High aspect ratio shadow mask and a making and using the same
03/09/17Compounds with trpv4 activity, compositions and associated methods thereof
03/09/17Electrophysiological recording system and methods of using same
03/02/17Method of detecting ocular diseases and pathologic conditions and treatment of same
02/23/17Method of detecting ocular diseases and pathologic conditions and treatment of same
02/23/17Methods and compositions for inhibiting retinopathy of prematurity
02/16/17Tissue stabilization system
02/16/17Methods and compositions involving intrinsic genes
02/09/17Galactokinase inhibitors for the treatment and prevention of associated diseases and disorders
02/02/17Systems and methods for characterizing the conductive properties of the heart
02/02/17Devices, systems, and methods for imaging and treating a selected tissue
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02/02/17Substituted aromatic sulfur compounds and methods of their use
02/02/17Elongate member reinforcement with a studded collar
01/26/17Fluid analysis device and associated systems and methods
01/26/17Production of substantially spherical metal powders
01/12/17Multi-site electrode arrays and methods of making the same
01/12/17Methods and systems for generating a three-dimensional holographic mask
01/05/17Compositions and methods for modifying the surface of cells and methods of use
01/05/17Substituted benzohydrazide analogs as histone demethylase inhibitors
12/22/16Ron inhibitors for use in preventing and treating bone loss
12/15/16Applications of partially and fully sulfated hyaluronan
12/15/16Clock gating with an asynchronous wrapper cell
12/15/16Relative timed clock gating cell
12/08/16Methods and compositions related to inhibition of viral entry
12/08/16Biosensors including metallic nanocavities
12/08/16Compliance tactile feedback device
12/01/16Tropoelastin for promoting endothelial cell adhesion or migration
12/01/16Oligomerization domain of p53 to bypass the dominant-negative effect of mutant
12/01/16Liquid level sensor
12/01/16Multi-tenant cloud for healthcare data application delivery
12/01/16Agent for healthcare data application delivery
12/01/16Blind phase-shift keying (psk) and quadrature amplitude modulation (qam) identification
11/24/16Skin stretch feedback devices, systems, and methods
11/17/16Compositions comprising a biocidal polyamine
11/17/16Schlemm's canal stent-sieve
11/10/16Vascular coupling device
11/10/16Methods and compositions related to cyclic peptide synthesis
11/10/16High sensitivity measurement of parathyroid hormone-related peptide using lc-ms/ms and associated methods
11/03/16Allele amplification bias
10/13/16Methods and compositions for treating nephrogenic diabetes insipidus
10/13/16Substituted 1h-indazol-1-ol analogs as inhibitors of beta catenin/tcf protein-protein interactions
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10/06/16Glycol chitin based thermosensitive hydrogel for vaginal delivery of progesterone
10/06/16Induction pcr
09/15/16Methods of controlling vascularity using raver2 as a mediator for expression of vegf receptor sfit1
09/08/16Methods for assessing risk for cardiac dysrythmia in a human subject
09/08/16Water soluble ph responsive fluorescent nanoparticles
09/08/16Small molecule-dependent split aptamer ligation
09/08/16A multiple user communication network
09/01/16Reinforced adhesive complex coacervates and methods of making and using thereof
08/25/16Hydrometeor identification methods and systems
08/18/16Sample tube adapters and methods of use thereof
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08/11/16Microsurgical tool adapters, systems and related methods
08/04/16Micro-molded electrodes, arrays, and methods of making the same
08/04/16Generation of ips cells and associated methods
08/04/16Assay for determining relative redox changes in living cells and associated devices, systems, and methods
07/28/16Osmolarity-responsive hydrogel sensors and use
07/21/16Discrete magnetic nanoparticles
07/14/16Ultrasound apparatus, system, and method
07/14/16A quantum fluorescence background removal in dna melting analysis
07/07/16Vision correction system
07/07/16Compositions and methods for modulating mitochondrial pyruvate carrier activity
07/07/16Brachytherapy seed with fast dissolving matrix for optimal delivery of radionuclides to cancer tissue
07/07/16Methods of predicting mortality risk by determining telomere length
07/07/16Producing a titanium product
06/30/16Electrothermal coating with nanostructures mixture and making the same
06/16/16Radiation enhanced macromolecular delivery of therapeutic agents for chemotherapy
06/16/16Gene expression profiles to predict breast cancer outcomes
06/02/16Vision correction system
06/02/16Trizol-1-ol analogs anti-retroviral latency drugs
06/02/16Rapid epidemiologic typing of bacteria
06/02/16Gene expression profiles to predict breast cancer outcomes
05/26/16Spherical mechanism for magnetic manipulation
05/26/16Computational microscopy through a cannula
05/19/16Low-temperature synthesis of colloidal nanocrystals
05/19/16Thermophotovoltaic system having a self-adjusting gap
05/12/16Nervous system interface device
05/12/16Methods for delivering an anti-cancer agent to a tumor
05/12/16Implantable devices for bone or joint defects
05/05/16Substituted (e)-n'-(1-phenylethylidene)benzohydrazide analogs as histone demethylase inhibitors
05/05/16Conotoxin peptides, pharmaceutical compositions and uses thereof
05/05/16Devices, systems, and methods for measuring blood loss
Patent Packs
04/21/16Methods of producing a titanium product
04/21/16Development of natural killer cells and functional natural killer cell lines
04/21/16Sub-diffraction-limited patterning and imaging
04/14/16Generating and implementing local search engines over large databases
03/24/16Arginine-grafted bioreducible polymer systems and use in treatment of cardiac conditions
03/17/16Simple coacervates and methods of use thereof
03/17/16Production of substantially spherical metal powders
03/17/16Targeted chromosomal mutagenesis using zinc finger nucleases
03/17/16Methods for analysis of free and autoantibody-bound biomarkers and associated compositions, devices, and systems
03/10/16Localization of near-field resonances in bowtie antennae: influence of adhesion layers
03/03/16Exercise therapy and rehabilitation system and method
03/03/16Methods of making and using microarrays suitable for high-throughput detection
02/18/16Substituted n-(3-(pyrimidin-4-yl)phenyl)acrylamide analogs as tyrosine receptor kinase btk inhibitors
02/11/16Morpholinos, morpholino upregulating, and associated methods
01/28/16Stent with embedded pressure sensors
01/28/16Nanocomposite materials with dynamically adjusting refractive index and methods of making the same
01/21/16Sensor systems
01/21/16Compositions and methods for inducing apoptosis
01/21/16Biosensors including metallic nanocavities
01/07/16Grated collimation system for computed tomography
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01/07/16Coherent fluorescence super-resolution microscopy
12/31/15Surgical blade
12/24/15Substituted n-(3-(pyrimidin-4-yl)phenyl)acrylamide analogs as tyrosine receptor kinase btk inhibitors
12/17/15Friction spot welding and friction seam welding
12/03/15Pseudoporous surface of implantable materials and methods of making the same
12/03/15Modulation of ion channels
12/03/15Blind phase-shift keying (psk) and quadrature amplitude modulation (qam) identification
11/26/15Single step calibration curve through sample convection
11/26/15Ultra-high efficiency color mixing and color separation
11/12/15Modified release osmotic pump for ph-responsive drug delivery
11/12/15Sodium channel sensitive conopeptides and analogs, including compositions and methods thereof
10/29/15Neural interface
10/29/15Heterocyclic compounds
10/22/15Periodic symmetry defined bioreactor
10/22/15Compositions and methods relating to blood-based biomarkers of breast cancer
10/15/15Polymeric articles having a nanoscopically and/or microscopically rough surface, methods of use thereof, and methods for fabrication thereof
10/15/15Activated nitric oxide donors and methods of making and using thereof
10/15/15Functionalized nanotube sensors and related methods
10/01/15Radiopaque marking implement
10/01/15Methods of use for compositions comprising a biocidal polyamine
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10/01/15Compositions and methods for detecting sessile serrated adenomas/polyps
09/17/15Calibrators for use in high-resolution melt analysis and related methods
09/10/15Substituted n-(3-pyrimidin-4-yl)phenyl)acrylamide analogs as tyrosine receptor kinase btk inhibitors
09/10/15Methods of treating breast cancer with anthracycline therapy
09/03/15Monitoring temperature with fluorescence
08/27/15Image-guided tissue ablation
08/20/15Identification of novel pathways for drug development for lung disease
08/13/15Compositions and methods for peptide expression and purification using a type iii secretion system
07/30/15Use of alkylated semi-synthetic glycosaminoglycosan ethers for the treatment of inflammation
07/30/15Methods of predicting the development of amd based on chromosome 1 and chromosome 10
07/23/15Methods and compositions related to improving properties of pharmacological agents targeting nervous system
07/23/15Soluble metal sensor compounds and methods for making and using the same
07/16/15Indwelling urinary catheter
07/09/15Device comprising deuterated organic interlayer
07/02/15Modular prosthetic abutment system
07/02/15Compositions and methods for selectively producing sirna
07/02/15Detection of nucleic acid lesions and adducts using nanopores
06/25/15Computed tomography devices, systems, and methods
06/25/15Tissue fixation
06/18/15Fluid-sparged helical channel reactor and associated methods
06/18/15Nanoparticle light filtering method and apparatus
06/18/15Faint and fall assessment
06/11/15Integrated surgical cutting system
06/11/15Micro-plasma field effect transistors
06/04/15Substituted (e)-n'-(1-phenylethylidene)benzohydrazide analogs as histone demethylase inhibitors
06/04/15Tropoelastin for promoting endothelial cell adhesion or migration
05/28/15Micro-energy harvesting device for space-limited applications
05/28/15Annular thermoacoustic energy converter
05/28/15Charge steering high density electrode array
05/28/15Prosthetic joint
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05/21/15Nanoparticle light filtering method and apparatus
05/14/15Methods for diagnosing and monitoring eosinophilic esophagitis
05/14/15Novel echogenic contrast agents
04/30/15Extreme pcr
04/30/15Compounds, sensors, methods, and systems for detecting gamma radiation
04/30/15Fluorescent sensing of vapors using tubular nanofibril materials
04/30/15Isoform-selective inhibitors and activators of pde3 cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases
04/30/15Devices and systems for fluorescence imaging of tissue
04/09/15Compositions and methods for modulating mitochondrial pyruvate carrier activity
04/09/15System for high resolution fast acquisition magnetic resonance imaging using a catheter-mounted coil
03/26/15Morpholino-mediated increase in soluble flt-1 expression results in decreased ocular and tumor neovascularization
03/19/15Elongate member reinforcement
03/19/15Devices and methods for separating nanoparticles
03/19/15Display backlight
03/19/15Practical model based ct construction
03/12/15Methods and kits for predicting outcome and methods and kits for treating breast cancer with radiation therapy
03/12/15Small molecule-dependent split aptamer ligation
03/05/15Directly observed thearpy using mobile technology
03/05/15Multilevel computed tomography for radially-shifted focal spots
03/05/15Tissue stabilization system
02/26/15Method and system for automating the scoring of task information
02/26/15High molecular weight arginine-grafted bioreducible polymers
02/26/15Sample capture device and systems and methods of using same
02/05/15Methods of use comprising a biocidal polyamine
02/05/15System for tissue fixation to bone
01/29/15Ultrasonic temperature measurement device
01/29/15Extraction of spectral information
01/22/15Molecular diagnosis and typing of lung cancer variants
01/22/15Isolation, identification, and uses of antifungal compounds

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