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University Of Utah patents (2016 archive)

Recent patent applications related to University Of Utah. University Of Utah is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: University Of Utah may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with University Of Utah, we're just tracking patents.

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Ron inhibitors for use in preventing and treating bone loss

Provided herein are methods for inhibiting osteolysis or treating osteoporosis in a subject in need thereof, the method including administering to the subject at least one ron inhibitor. The osteolysis may be caused by a condition selected from the group consisting of cancer, inflammation, and cyst. ... University Of Utah

Relative timed clock gating cell

Technology is described for a relative timed clock gated cell. In one example, the relative timed clock gated cell includes a trigger latch and a data clock latch. ... University Of Utah

Clock gating with an asynchronous wrapper cell

Technology is described for an asynchronous wrapper circuit for a clock gating cell (cgc). In one example, the asynchronous wrapper cell for cgc includes circuitry configured to (1) sample a data channel via sampling circuitry for a communication start signal to enable the cgc to start a gated clock for a data message on the data channel, and (2) reset an enable of the cgc to an idle mode via idle mode control circuitry after the data message has been clocked via the cgc through function cell circuitry. ... University Of Utah

Applications of partially and fully sulfated hyaluronan

Described herein is the use of partially and fully sulfated hyaluronan or the pharmaceutically acceptable salt or ester thereof for therapeutic and cosmetic applications as well as the treatment of a number of systemic, dermatological, periodontal, ophthalmic, and urological inflammatory diseases.. . ... University Of Utah

Compliance tactile feedback device

Devices, systems, and methods for communicating tactile information to a user about a remote or virtual environment may include providing a device having a plurality of contact surfaces that are connected to one another. One or more actuators may move the contact members relative to one another in order to communicate tactile information to a user. ... University Of Utah

Biosensors including metallic nanocavities

Devices and methods relating to biological assays are provided. In one exemplary aspect, a detection-enhancement element for a biological assay can include a substrate, a metallic layer on at least one surface of the substrate and including at least one nanocavity, a transparent film positioned between the substrate and the metallic layer; and capture molecules within the at least one nanocavity. ... University Of Utah

Methods and compositions related to inhibition of viral entry

Disclosed are compositions and methods for inhibiting viral entry.. . ... University Of Utah

Blind phase-shift keying (psk) and quadrature amplitude modulation (qam) identification

Technology for blind phase-shift keying (psk) and quadrature amplitude modulation (qam) identification of a received radio frequency (rf) signal is disclosed. One method can include: uniform sub-sampling the received rf signal to eliminate a phase contribution from a carrier frequency of the received rf signal; and computing a likelihood function of observed phase differences of the sub-sampled received rf signal of a phase sequence for each psk modulation type. ... University Of Utah

Agent for healthcare data application delivery

In an example implementation, the method includes automatically determining whether a computer system is located on-premises of a health service provider or on a multi-tenant cloud. The method includes communicatively coupling with health service provider data sources via a local network and extracting health service provider data from them. ... University Of Utah

Multi-tenant cloud for healthcare data application delivery

In an example implementation, a method includes communicatively coupling a tenant instance of a multi-tenant cloud with a corresponding agent that is located on-premises of a health service provider via a global network. The method includes synchronizing the tenant instance with the agent including receiving non-protected health information (non-phi) data absent protected health information (phi) data from the agent at the tenant instance via the global network. ... University Of Utah

Liquid level sensor

A sensor for determining liquid level in a liquid reservoir can include a primary inductor and a secondary inductor to be associated with sides of the reservoir that changes shape as a volume of liquid changes or is displaced within the liquid reservoir. The sensor can include an electrical power source to inductively couple the primary inductor and the secondary inductor. ... University Of Utah

Targeting p53 and its dna-binding domain

Disclosed are peptides comprising a full length p53 or a partial p53 and a mitochondrial targeting signal. Also disclosed are nucleic acids that encode peptides comprising a full length p53 or a partial p53 and a mitochondrial targeting signal. ... University Of Utah

Oligomerization domain of p53 to bypass the dominant-negative effect of mutant

Disclosed are peptides comprising a partial p53 peptide and a mutated bcr coiled-coil domain. Also disclosed are nucleic acid sequences capable of encoding a peptide comprising a partial p53 peptide and a mutated bcr coiled-coil domain. ... University Of Utah

Tropoelastin for promoting endothelial cell adhesion or migration

The invention provides methods, compositions, and devices for promoting adhesion or migration of endothelial cell.. . ... University Of Utah

11/24/16 / #20160343216

Skin stretch feedback devices, systems, and methods

Embodiments of the present disclosure relate devices, systems, methods, and for displaying information about the direction and magnitude of position, movement, and/or resistive force experienced for an object. The present disclosure also provides a shear display device that can generate skin shear with one or more tactors. ... University Of Utah

11/24/16 / #20160342209

Multidirectional controller with shear feedback

A multidirectional control system with shear feedback, comprising at least one stationary body, a plurality of tactors disposed within the at least one movable body or the at least one stationary body. In some embodiments, a moveable body is included, such that the tactors have at least one degree of freedom of motion with respect to the stationary body or the moveable body within which they are disposed and are operable to engage target areas of a user's skin; and a plurality of actuators capable of moving the tactors.. ... University Of Utah

11/17/16 / #20160331588

Schlemm's canal stent-sieve

An ocular stent device (100) can include an elongate arcuate body portion (102) configured in size and shape to be inserted into the schlemm's canal. The body portion (102) can be inserted along an arc of at least 100 degrees of the schlemm's canal. ... University Of Utah

11/17/16 / #20160330962

Compositions comprising a biocidal polyamine

Compounds, compositions, and methods comprising a polyamine compound are described, which may be used to kill, disperse, treat, or reduce biofilms, or to inhibit or substantially prevent biofilm formation. In certain aspects, the present invention relates to compounds, compositions, and methods comprising polyamine compounds that have antimicrobial or dispersing activity against a variety of bacterial strains capable of forming biofilms.. ... University Of Utah

11/10/16 / #20160327577

High sensitivity measurement of parathyroid hormone-related peptide using lc-ms/ms and associated methods

Methods for measuring and analyzing parathyroid hormone-related peptide (pthrp) using lc-ms/ms, including applications of the methods thereof, are disclosed and discussed. Such methods can include, along with the use of an isotope-labeled internal standard, purifying pthrp from a biological sample, proteolytically digesting the pthrp, and measuring specific digestion products using the using lc-ms/ms.. ... University Of Utah

11/10/16 / #20160326217

Methods and compositions related to cyclic peptide synthesis

Disclosed are compositions and methods for cyclization of polymers such as peptides.. . ... University Of Utah

11/10/16 / #20160324522

Vascular coupling device

Implementations of the present disclosure relate to apparatuses, systems, and methods for anastomosing vascular systems in medical procedures. A pair of similar or identical coupling devices may be disposed at the ends of two vessels, either natural or synthetic. ... University Of Utah

11/03/16 / #20160319336

Allele amplification bias

Methods are provided for nucleic acid analysis. In an illustrative method, allele amplification bias is used to amplify preferentially a target nucleic acid that is present in a low allele fraction.. ... University Of Utah

10/13/16 / #20160297801

Substituted 1h-indazol-1-ol analogs as inhibitors of beta catenin/tcf protein-protein interactions

In one aspect, the invention relates to substituted 1h-benzo[d][1,2,3]triazol-1-ol analgoues, derivatives thereof, and related compound; synthetic methods for making the compounds; pharmaceutical compositions comprising the compounds; and methods of treating disorders, e.g. Various tumors and cancers, associated with β-catenin/tcf protein-protein interaction dysfunction using the compounds and compositions. ... University Of Utah

10/13/16 / #20160296504

Methods and compositions for treating nephrogenic diabetes insipidus

Disclosed is a treatment of diabetes insipidus. Methods of treating diabetes insipidus disorders associated with p2y receptors using the compounds and compositions are also disclosed.. ... University Of Utah

10/06/16 / #20160289736

Induction pcr

Methods, devices, and kits are provided for performing pcr and other thermal cycling reactions in <20 seconds per cycle, using induction heating.. . ... University Of Utah

10/06/16 / #20160287710

Glycol chitin based thermosensitive hydrogel for vaginal delivery of progesterone

Compositions, methods, and kits for vaginal administration of progesterone are described.. . ... University Of Utah

09/15/16 / #20160263184

Methods of controlling vascularity using raver2 as a mediator for expression of vegf receptor sfit1

Methods of treating a condition in a subject resulting from abnormally high vegf signaling through membrane-bound receptors. Such a method can include increasing expression of raver2 in affected cells of the subject to increase production of soluble vegf receptors. ... University Of Utah

09/08/16 / #20160261388

A multiple user communication network

A multi-user network including a plurality of individual terminals, wherein each individual terminal includes a terminal receiver/transmitter, and a base station including a plurality of base station receiver/transmitters, wherein the number of base station receiver/transmitters is greater than the number of individual terminals. The base station is configured to communicate simultaneously with the plurality of individual terminals over a plurality of channels, filter the signal components, and combine the signal components. ... University Of Utah

09/08/16 / #20160258970

Small molecule-dependent split aptamer ligation

Methods, assays, and products for the detection of small molecules are provided. In one aspect, for example, a method of detecting a small molecule in a sample can include reacting together a first half of a dna split aptamer having a first reactive group coupled thereto, a second half of a dna split aptamer having a second reactive group coupled thereto, where the dna split aptamer is selective for the small molecule, and a sample containing the small molecule. ... University Of Utah

09/08/16 / #20160258869

Water soluble ph responsive fluorescent nanoparticles

A nano-ph sensor can include a nanoparticle having an outer surface functionalized by a carboxy functional group. The nanoparticle is reversibly aggregated as a function of ph and is generally non-toxic. ... University Of Utah

09/08/16 / #20160258022

Methods for assessing risk for cardiac dysrythmia in a human subject

The present invention relates to methods for assessing the risk of a patient for developing a potentially fatal cardiac dysrhythmia and for diagnosing andersen's syndrome. A tissue sample from a patient is obtained and the dna or proteins of the sample isolated. ... University Of Utah

09/01/16 / #20160250375

Reinforced adhesive complex coacervates and methods of making and using thereof

Described herein is the synthesis of reinforced adhesive complex coacervates and their use thereof. The reinforced adhesive complex coacervates are composed of (a) at least one polycation, (b) at least one polyanion, and (c) a reinforcing component. ... University Of Utah

08/18/16 / #20160236197

Sample tube adapters and methods of use thereof

Sample tube adapters dimensioned to fit into one or more sample tubes in order to prevent carryover or contamination between sample tubes that are adjacent to one another during one or more stages of sample preparation. Methods for use of such sample tube adapters and methods for preventing carryover or contamination between sample tubes that are prepared adjacent to one another are also described. ... University Of Utah

08/11/16 / #20160228205

Microsurgical tool adapters, systems and related methods

An adapter system can include a set of adapters operably adapted to a set of microsurgical tools. Each adapter in the set of adapters can be formed for a complimentary surgical tool in the set of surgical tools. ... University Of Utah

08/04/16 / #20160223522

Assay for determining relative redox changes in living cells and associated devices, systems, and methods

The present disclosure provides conjugates, systems, devices, and methods for detecting cellular redox state. In one aspect, for example, a conjugate for detecting cellular redox state can include a first segment including a cell penetrating peptide conjugated to a first detection molecule, and a second segment including a cargo peptide conjugated to a second detection molecule, wherein the first segment and the second segment are coupled together by a redox-sensitive linkage, and wherein the first detection molecule and the second detection molecule have properties that allow linked proximity detection. ... University Of Utah

08/04/16 / #20160222411

Generation of ips cells and associated methods

Systems, constructs, and methods for reprogramming cells are provided. In one aspect, for example, a transformation construct for generating ips cells can include an expression vector having a plurality of reprogramming factors, each reprogramming factor being under control of a separate promoter.. ... University Of Utah

08/04/16 / #20160220546

Methods of treating and preventing vascular instability diseases

Methods are provided of treating and preventing stroke diseases, such as cerebral cavernous malformation, by the administration of tempol and/or cholecalciferol.. . ... University Of Utah

08/04/16 / #20160220135

Micro-molded electrodes, arrays, and methods of making the same

A method of manufacturing a micro-molded electrode (160) having multiple individually addressable sensors (140) along a shaft (180) can include forming a recess in a mold substrate, depositing a structural material therein, depositing a conductive material at specific locations, providing a coating (190), and removing the mold substrate. A micro-molded electrode (160) having a base (170) tapering to at least one shaft (180) can include an electrode substrate, multiple individually addressable sensors (140), and a coating (190).. ... University Of Utah

07/28/16 / #20160217252

Systems and methods for automated melting curve analysis

An experimental melting curve is modeled as a sum of a true melting curve and background fluorescence. A deviation function may be generated based upon the experimental melting curve data and a model of a background signal. ... University Of Utah

07/28/16 / #20160216246

Reduced parameter space kinetic modeling systems and methods

Systems, methods and devices are provided for fitting kinetic models to measurements of dynamic curves where the kinetic models give rise to nonlinear fitting equations in two or more unknowns that can be formulated so that they are linear in one or more of the unknown parameters and nonlinear in one or more of the unknown parameters. Such systems, methods and devices may be utilized to monitor and characterize the attributes of a given tracer such as a radioactive substance within a body, a drug within the body, a concentration of a substance within a particular medium, and the like.. ... University Of Utah

07/28/16 / #20160216221

Osmolarity-responsive hydrogel sensors and method of use

Osmolarity-responsive hydrogel sensors, particularly biosensors, containing quaternary ammonium functionality, which are useful for, inter alia, continuous osmolarity monitoring with no ph interference, are disclosed. Methods of using the osmolarity-responsive hydrogels are also disclosed.. ... University Of Utah

07/21/16 / #20160211062

Discrete magnetic nanoparticles

Discrete magnetic nanoparticles synthesized using a layer-by-layer technique are disclosed. The nanoparticles contain a magnetic core having a large magnetic moment, a plurality of layers and an exterior coating. ... University Of Utah

07/14/16 / #20160202195

A quantum method for fluorescence background removal in dna melting analysis

A method of background removal from melting curves generated using a fluorescent dye is provided for analyzing a melting profile of a nucleic acid sample. The method comprises measuring the fluorescence of the nucleic acid sample as a function of temperature to produce a raw melting curve having a melting transition, the nucleic acid sample comprising a nucleic acid and a molecule that binds the nucleic acid to form a fluorescently detectable complex, the raw melting curve comprising a background fluorescence signal and a nucleic acid sample signal; and separating the background signal from the nucleic acid sample signal by use of a quantum algorithm to generate a corrected melting curve, the corrected melting curve comprising the nucleic acid sample signal.. ... University Of Utah

07/07/16 / #20160194733

Producing a titanium product

A method (400) for producing a titanium product is disclosed. The method (400) can include obtaining tio2-slag (401), and producing a titanium product from the tio2-slag using a metallic reducing agent (402) at a moderate temperature and a pressure to directly produce a titanium product chemically separated from metal impurities in the tio2 slag (403). ... University Of Utah

07/07/16 / #20160194705

Methods of predicting mortality risk by determining telomere length

The present invention provides for methods of determining telomere length of an organism and correlating the measured telomere length with mortality risk associated with telomere length in a population. The presence of shorter telomeres is associated with an increased mortality rate and increased susceptibility to certain types of diseases for an individual member of a human population.. ... University Of Utah

07/07/16 / #20160194365

Methods for treatment of and prophylaxis against inflammatory disorders

An isolated and purified peptide, neonatal net-inhibitory factor (nnif), is disclosed. Methods for treatment of and prophylaxis against inflammatory disorders are also disclosed, including methods of treatment of and prophylaxis against inflammatory disorders comprising administering net-inhibitory peptides (nips), which may be a nnif, a pharmaceutically acceptable salt of a nnif, a nnif analog, a pharmaceutically acceptable salt of a nnif analog, a nnif-related peptide (nnrp), including the nnrp, cancer-associated scm-recognition, immune defense suppression, and serine protease protection peptide (crispp), a pharmaceutically acceptable salt of a nnrp, a nnrp analog, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt of a nnrp analog, to an individual.. ... University Of Utah

07/07/16 / #20160193479

Brachytherapy seed with fast dissolving matrix for optimal delivery of radionuclides to cancer tissue

A system, method and device for treating tumor cells utilizing a resorbable therapy seed made up of microspheres containing a beta- or alpha-particle-emitting radiation source and a resorbable polymer matrix. These seeds are implanted within the tumor and then rapidly dissolved so as to release the microspheres from the polymer matrix. ... University Of Utah

07/07/16 / #20160193364

Compositions and methods for modulating mitochondrial pyruvate carrier activity

Disclosed herein are methods and compositions for the diagnosis and treatment of conditions associated with aberrant pyruvate metabolism, and symptoms thereof, in a subject. Disclosed herein are methods of detecting an aberrant pyruvate metabolism-associated condition, and symptoms thereof, in a subject, by the expression level of mpc1 or mpc2. ... University Of Utah

07/07/16 / #20160193041

Vision correction system

A vision correction system comprising an intraocular lens having a lens body and one or more haptics is provided. The lens body may be configured to be positioned posteriorly to an iris of an eye and may have a convex anterior surface, a concave posterior surface, and a circumferential edge having a rounded anterior portion and a rounded posterior portion. ... University Of Utah

06/16/16 / #20160166693

Radiation enhanced macromolecular delivery of therapeutic agents for chemotherapy

Described herein are anti-cancer compounds composed of a macromolecule comprising (1) at least one anti-cancer agent directly or indirectly bonded to the macromolecule and (2) at least one high z element directly or indirectly bonded to the macromolecule that is capable of producing auger electrons upon exposure to x-ray energy. When the compounds are exposed to low energy x-ray (e.g., kilo electron volts kev) auger electrons are produced by the high z elements present in the compound. ... University Of Utah

06/02/16 / #20160153034

Rapid epidemiologic typing of bacteria

Methods for typing a strain of an organism are provided, the methods comprising the steps of amplifying, in a single reaction mixture containing nucleic acid from the organism, dividing the reaction mixture into a plurality of sets of second-stage reaction wells, each set of second-stage reaction wells containing a different pair of second-stage primers, subjecting each of the second-stage reaction wells to amplification conditions to generate a plurality of second-stage amplicons, melting the second-stage amplicons to generate a melting curve for each second-stage amplicon, and identifying the strain of the organism from the melting curves.. . ... University Of Utah

06/02/16 / #20160151365

Trizol-1-ol analogs anti-retroviral latency drugs

In one aspect, the invention relates to triazol-1-ol compounds, analogs thereof, compositions comprising same, and methods of using same, alone or in combination with other agents, to reactivate latent retroviruses, and more particularly to reactivate latent hiv-1. Such compounds, compositions, and methods can be used, for example, in connection with diagnosing and/or treating a retrovirus, and more specifically hiv-1. ... University Of Utah

06/02/16 / #20160151318

Use of nitrated lipids for treatment of lipid disorders and obesity, and lipid- and obesity-related conditions

The present invention relates to methods of treating lipid disorders, lipid-related disorders or conditions, obesity and obesity-related disorders using nitrated lipids. In particular, the methods comprise administering effective amounts of nitrated fatty acids or esters thereof in order to reduce one or more of triglycerides, free fatty acids, body weight, cholesterol, urine protein excretion and oxidative stress or increase the level of plasma hdl in a subject.. ... University Of Utah

06/02/16 / #20160151149

Vision correction system

A vision correction system comprising an intraocular lens having a lens body and one or more haptics is provided. The lens body may be configured to be positioned posteriorly to an iris of an eye and may have a convex anterior surface, a concave posterior surface, and a circumferential edge having a rounded anterior portion and a rounded posterior portion. ... University Of Utah

05/26/16 / #20160147054

Computational microscopy through a cannula

An imaging system can include an optical fiber and a light source for providing optical stimulation to a region of interest along the optical fiber. A camera can capture emission such as fluorescence resulting from the optical stimulation. ... University Of Utah

05/26/16 / #20160143514

Spherical mechanism for magnetic manipulation

A magnetic manipulation device (16) can include a housing (20), a spherical magnetic body (22) contained within the housing (20), and a plurality of sensors to detect the direction of the magnetic dipole of the spherical magnetic body (22). The spherical magnetic body (22) can be rotatable about a sphere axis of rotation which is (24a, 24b, 24c) can be in contact with the spherical magnetic body (22) to rotate the spherical magnetic body (22) about the sphere axis of rotation.. ... University Of Utah

05/19/16 / #20160142005

Thermophotovoltaic system having a self-adjusting gap

A thermophotovoltaic system for generating energy can include a photovoltaic cell, a radiator separated from the photovoltaic cell by a vacuum gap having a distance of less than 10 micrometers, and an actuator operably connected with at least one of the photovoltaic cell and the radiator to adjust the gap distance. A method of thermophotovoltaic energy conversion can include heating a radiator to produce infrared radiation, irradiating a photovoltaic cell with the infrared radiation to produce an electric current, maintaining a vacuum gap between the radiator and the photovoltaic cell with a gap distance of less than 10 micrometers, and dynamically adjusting the gap distance during irradiating based on a temperature of at least one of the radiator and the photovoltaic cell.. ... University Of Utah

05/19/16 / #20160138183

Low-temperature synthesis of colloidal nanocrystals

Low-temperature organometallic nucleation and crystallization-based synthesis methods for the fabrication of semiconductor and metal colloidal nanocrystals with narrow size distributions and tunable, size- and shape-dependent electronic and optical properties. Methods include (1) forming a reaction mixture in a reaction vessel under an inert atmosphere that includes at least one solvent, a cationic precursor, an anionic precursor, and at least a first surface stabilizing ligand while stirring at a temperature in a range from about 50° c. ... University Of Utah

05/19/16 / #20160136416

Virtual electrodes for high-density electrode arrays

The present embodiments are directed to implantable electrode arrays having virtual electrodes. The virtual electrodes may improve the resolution of the implantable electrode array without the burden of corresponding complexity of electronic circuitry and wiring. ... University Of Utah

05/12/16 / #described herein are methods for delivering an anti-cancer agent to a tumor in a subject. the method involves

University Of Utah Research Foundation

. . ... University Of Utah

05/12/16 / #20160129157

Implantable devices for bone or joint defects

In one aspect, the invention provides an implantable device comprising a uniform mixture of components including degradable polymer, inorganic bone particulate either natural or synthetic, a drug, and a soluble microporagen. In some embodiments, the uniform mixture further includes a soluble polymer macroporagen. ... University Of Utah

05/12/16 / #20160128589

Nervous system interface device

A nervous system interface device can include a flexible active layer, a power coil, a communication module, and an antenna. More specifically, the flexible active layer can included a plurality of electrodes that are positioned to take neural measurements of the nervous system. ... University Of Utah

05/05/16 / #20160123998

Devices, systems, and methods for measuring blood loss

Devices, systems, and methods for measuring the blood loss of a subject during a medical procedure. Blood and other fluids are received within a container, and a blood measurement device determines the hemoglobin concentration of the fluid within the container. ... University Of Utah

05/05/16 / #20160122388

Conotoxin peptides, pharmaceutical compositions and uses thereof

The present disclosure describes analog conotoxin peptides of the α-contoxin peptide rgia. These analog conotoxin peptides block the α9α10 subtype of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nachr) and can be used for treating pain, inflammatory conditions, inflammation, and/or cancer.. ... University Of Utah

05/05/16 / #20160120875

Substituted (e)-n'-(1-phenylethylidene)benzohydrazide analogs as histone demethylase inhibitors

Methods of treatment of disorders of uncontrolled cellular proliferation, including cancer, by administering substituted (e)-n′-(1-phenylethylidene)benzohydrazide analogs, derivatives thereof, and related compounds to mammals in need thereof.. . ... University Of Utah

04/28/16 / #20160113866

Intravaginal devices for controlled delivery of lubricants

The present technology provides intravaginal devices designed to deliver lubricants to the vagina for a sustained period of time. The intravaginal devices include a first segment comprising an outer surface and a lumen containing a lubricant, wherein the first segment is configured to deliver the contents of the lumen to the outer surface, and the first segment comprises a polymer selected from the group consisting of a hydrophilic, semi-permeable elastomer and a hydrophobic elastomer. ... University Of Utah

03/31/16 / #20160092631

Methods and systems for genome analysis

The present disclosure provides methods and systems for prioritizing phenotype-causing genomic variants. The methods include using variant prioritization analyses and in combination with biomedical ontologies using a sophisticated re-ranking methodology to re-rank these variants based on phenotype information. ... University Of Utah

03/24/16 / #20160083522

Arginine-grafted bioreducible polymer systems and use in treatment of cardiac conditions

Phepo/abp polyplexes and methods for the use thereof are disclosed and described. In one embodiment, a phepo/abp polyplex may be administered to a subject in a therapeutically effective amount to treat or prevent a cardiac condition. ... University Of Utah

03/17/16 / #20160077092

Methods for analysis of free and autoantibody-bound biomarkers and associated compositions, devices, and systems

The present invention provides methods, compositions, and kits associated with analyzing, enriching, and/or isolating a biomarker or analyte in a biological sample. In one aspect, for example, a method for determining a concentration of a biomarker in a biological sample can include binding any unbound biomarker with an antibody specific for the biomarker to form antibody-bound biomarker, enriching the antibody-bound biomarker and any endogenous autoantibody-bound biomarker to form an enriched fraction, identifying the biomarker in the enriched fraction, and determining the concentration of the biomarker in the biological sample. ... University Of Utah

03/17/16 / #20160076045

Targeted chromosomal mutagenesis using zinc finger nucleases

The present invention provides for a method or methods of targeted genetic recombination or mutagenesis in a host cell or organism, and compositions useful for carrying out the method. The targeting method of the present invention exploits endogenous cellular mechanisms for homologous recombination and repair of double stranded breaks in genetic material. ... University Of Utah

03/17/16 / #20160074942

Production of substantially spherical metal powders

A method for producing a substantially spherical metal powder is described. A particulate source metal includes a primary particulate and has an average starting particle size. ... University Of Utah

03/17/16 / #20160074556

Simple coacervates and methods of use thereof

Described herein is the synthesis of adhesive from simple adhesive coacervates and their uses thereof. The adhesives are produced by (a) preparing a solution comprising (1) a polyelectrolyte, wherein the polyelectrolyte comprises a polyanion or polycation but not a combination thereof, the polyeletrolyte comprises at least one crosslinking group, and (2) a sufficient amount of a complimentary counterion to produce a simple adhesive coacervate; and (b) crosslinking the simple adhesive coacervate to produce the adhesive. ... University Of Utah

03/10/16 / #20160070034

Localization of near-field resonances in bowtie antennae: influence of adhesion layers

A plasmonic nanostructure for enhanced light excitation is disclosed. The plasmonic nanostructure includes a substrate, an adhesion layer disposed on top of the substrate, a surface plasmon resonance layer, and a cavity that extends into the surface plasmon resonance layer. ... University Of Utah

03/03/16 / #20160059202

Methods of making and using microarrays suitable for high-throughput detection

Disclosed are high density microarrays and methods for making and using such microarrays. The microarrays of the present invention can have uniformly shaped and sized sensing zones and are designed to allow high-throughput detection assays with minimal noise.. ... University Of Utah

03/03/16 / #20160059077

Exercise therapy and rehabilitation system and method

A method is provided for performing exercise therapy and rehabilitation. A first therapy module can be performed. ... University Of Utah

02/18/16 / #20160046586

Substituted n-(3-(pyrimidin-4-yl)phenyl)acrylamide analogs as tyrosine receptor kinase btk inhibitors

In one aspect, the invention relates to substituted n-(3-(pyrimidin-4-yl)phenyl)acrylamide analogs, derivatives thereof, and related compounds, which are useful as inhibitors of the btk kinase; synthetic methods for making the compounds; pharmaceutical compositions comprising the compounds; and methods of using the compounds and compositions to treat disorders associated with dysfunction of the btk kinase. This abstract is intended as a scanning tool for purposes of searching in the particular art and is not intended to be limiting of the present invention.. ... University Of Utah

02/18/16 / #20160045476

Combination therapy with nitrated lipids and inhibitors of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system

The present technology provides compositions and methods for treating chronic kidney disease, end-stage renal disease, or diabetic nephropathy. The compositions comprise a nitrated lipid and an inhibitor of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system. ... University Of Utah

02/11/16 / #20160040169

Morpholinos, morpholino upregulating, and associated methods

Various methods and compositions relating to vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 (vegfr2) are provided. In one aspect, a method of increasing expression of the soluble form of vegfr2 (svegfr2) in a subject can include binding an antisense morphoiino to an exon13-intron13 splicing site of vegfr2 mrna such that the vegfr2 nirna is spliced into a svegfr2 isoform,. ... University Of Utah

02/11/16 / #20160038484

Application of 5-ht6 receptor antagonists for the alleviation of cognitive deficits of down syndrome

Methods for treating down syndrome and improving cognitive function of a patient with an intellectual disability are disclosed. 5-hydroxytryptamine sub-receptor six (5-ht 6) receptor antagonists are provided for improving the cognition of a down syndrome patient. ... University Of Utah

02/04/16 / #20160030716

Needle in catheter cannulation systems and methods

A cannulation system which may comprise a needle disposed within a catheter is disclosed. The needle may be coupled to a needle wire to facilitate displacement of the needle within the catheter. ... University Of Utah

01/28/16 / #20160024281

Nanocomposite materials with dynamically adjusting refractive index and methods of making the same

A concept and synthesis technology for a composite nanoparticle material which can be used to develop nanocomposite films and suspension with 1) dynamic refractive index control across a wide temperature and wavelength of light, and specified refractive index range, or 2) magnetic susceptibility or electronic conductivity over a wide temperature, magnetic field and electric field range. Core-shell nanoparticles can be made from two or more materials whose temperature dependent, electric field dependent or magnetic field dependent properties compensate one another will dynamically maintain a targeted refractive index, electronic conductivity or magnetic susceptibility over a specified temperature, electric and/or magnetic field range. ... University Of Utah

01/28/16 / #20160022447

Stent with embedded pressure sensors

A stent including a wire tube and at least one pressure sensor in electrical contact with the wire tube. The pressure sensor includes a diaphragm in communication with a reservoir of liquid, a channel in fluid communication with the reservoir of liquid, and at least one pair of electrodes disposed on opposite sides of the channel, wherein deflection of the diaphragm causes fluid to move from the reservoir into the channel.. ... University Of Utah

01/21/16 / #20160018331

Biosensors including metallic nanocavities

A biomolecular assay includes a substrate with a metallic layer on at least one surface thereof. The metallic film includes nanocavities. ... University Of Utah

01/21/16 / #20160015732

Compositions and methods for inducing apoptosis

In an aspect, the invention relates to compositions, methods, and kits for inducing apoptosis. This abstract is intended as a scanning tool for purposes of searching in the particular art and is not intended to be limiting of the present invention.. ... University Of Utah

01/21/16 / #20160015323

Sensor systems

A sensor sheath for a catheter. The sensor sheath includes a substrate having at least one sensor associated therewith; and an electronics unit in communication with at the at least one sensor, wherein the substrate is configured to attach to a catheter.. ... University Of Utah

01/07/16 / #20160000389

Grated collimation system for computed tomography

A collimator for a computed tomography imaging device can include first and second leaves positioned on opposing sides of a primary radiation delivery window. The first and second leaves can include first and second gratings having a plurality of attenuating members with a plurality of secondary radiation delivery windows extending between adjacent attenuating members.. ... University Of Utah

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