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Recent patent applications related to University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization. University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization, we're just tracking patents.

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03/02/175-aminopyrazole-4-carboxamide inhibitors of cdpk1 from t. gondii and c. parvum
02/23/17Molecular activators of the wnt/beta-catenin pathway
02/16/17Methods and compositions to modulate rna processing
02/02/17Altering the immundominance hierarchy using a dna vaccine expressing conserved regions
02/02/17Stimuli-responsive polymer diagnostic assay comprising magnetic nanoparticles and capture conjugates
01/26/17Methods and compositions for treating vasomotor symptoms
01/26/17Electronic air cleaners and associated systems and methods
01/26/17Methods and systems for six degree-of-freedom haptic interaction with streaming point data
01/12/17Crosslinked zwitterionic hydrogels
01/05/17Encoded chromophoric polymer particles and methods of use thereof
12/22/16Soluble mic neutralizing monoclonal antibody for treating cancer
12/22/16Nuclease-mediated regulation of gene expression
12/08/16Self-digitization of sample volumes
12/08/16A framework for determining the relative effect of genetic variants
11/24/16Chromophoric polymer dots
11/17/16Pressure reference assemblies for body fluid drainage systems and associated methods
11/10/16Adaptive control of a fiber scanner with piezoelectric sensing
11/10/16Compounds and methods for preventing, treating and/or protecting against sensory hair cell death
11/10/16Photoluminescent semiconductor nanocrystal-based luminescent solar concentrators
10/27/16Fluorescent dyes and related methods
10/20/16Compositions and methods for treating brain injury and brain diseases
10/20/16Photovoltaic architectures incorporating organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite absorber
10/13/16Apparatuses and methods for classification of electrocardiogram signals during cardiopulmonary resuscitation
10/13/16Apparatuses and methods for classification of electrocardiogram signals during cardiopulmonary resuscitation
10/13/16Supersonic shock wave reactors, and associated systems and methods
10/13/16Reagents and methods for screening mps i, ii, iiia, iiib, iva, vi, and vii
10/06/16Focused ultrasound apparatus and methods of use
09/29/16Random copolymer therapeutic agent carriers and assemblies thereof
09/29/16Energy recovery systems for ventilation exhausts and associated apparatuses and methods
09/29/16Methods and systems for simulating an x-ray dental image
09/15/16Biocompatible polymeric system for targeted treatment of thrombotic and hemostatic disorders
09/15/16Mic-binding antibodies and methods of use thereof
09/08/16Protective helmets with non-linearly deforming elements
09/08/16Desmoglein 2 (dsg2) binding proteins and uses therefor
09/08/16Devices, systems, and methods for controlling devices using gestures
08/18/16Methods of microbial production of excreted products from methane and related bacterial strains
08/18/16Modified group i methanotrophic bacteria and uses thereof
08/04/16Proteins for targeting neuronal nitric oxide synthase to muscle sarcolemma and related methods of use
08/04/16Universal protein tag for double stranded nucleic acid delivery
08/04/16Selective modification of polymer subunits to improve nanopore-based analysis
07/21/16Compositions and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer
07/14/16Novel and specific inhibitors of cytochrome p450 26 retinoic acid hydroxylase
07/07/16Compositions and methods for treating celiac sprue disease
06/30/16Systems and methods for treating abscesses and infected fluid collections
06/16/16Compositions and methods for treating celiac sprue disease
06/16/16Methods and devices for generating electricity from a fuel and an oxidant using a capacitor
06/09/16Coated magnetic nanoparticles
06/09/16Affinity tags and processes for purifying and immobilizing proteins using same
06/09/16Hybrid semiconducting polymer nanoparticles as polarization-sensitive fluorescent probes
06/02/16Controlled coronal stiffness prosthetic ankle
06/02/16Polyarginine-coated magnetic nanovector and methods of use thereof
05/26/16Methods, compositions and systems for microfluidic assays
05/19/16Solid-state thermoplastic nanofoams
05/12/16Methods for maturing cardiomyocytes and uses thereof
05/05/16Hydrogenation and disproportionation catalysis
04/28/16Ultrasound based stone detection and to facilitate clearance thereof
04/28/16Methods and systems for using photoswitchable nucleic acids to control hybridization stringency
04/28/16Stimuli-responsive magnetic nanoparticles
04/14/16Patient-specific guides to improve point registration accuracy in surgical navigation
04/14/16Method for determining and representing a data ontology
03/31/165-aminopyrazole-4-carboxamide inhibitors of cdpk1 from t. gondii and c. parvum
03/24/16Ultrasound based stone detection and to facilitate clearance thereof
03/24/16Methods and devices for generating double emulsions
03/17/16Surgery pathway guidance and boundary system
03/17/16Fullerene surfactants and their use in polymer solar cells
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03/10/16Methods and systems for determining hemodynamic properties of a tissue
03/10/16Surface-passivated silicon quantum dot phosphors
03/03/16Medial-lateral stabilizing prosthetic ankle/foot for angled and rough ground gait
02/25/16Devices, systems, and methods for detecting gestures using wireless communication signals
02/25/16Systems, algorithms, and software for molecular inversion probe (mip) design
02/25/16Enhanced security and safety in telerobotic systems
02/18/16Dynamic seal to enable movement of a film or fiber through a pressurized space while maintaining a desired pressure
02/11/16Activating an alternative pathway for homology-directed repair to stimulate targeted gene correction and genome engineering
02/04/16Compositions and methods for diagnosis and treatment of neurological disease
02/04/16Amyloidosis-inhibiting polypeptides and their use
01/28/16Modulation of ire1
01/28/16Polypeptides for treating and/or limiting influenza infection
01/21/16Micro-tissue particles and methods for their use in cell therapy
01/21/16Device and methods comprising microelectrode arrays for electroconductive cells
01/21/16Polymer dot compositions and related methods
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01/21/16Methods and systems for analysis using polymer dots
01/14/16Pile with sound abatement for vibratory installations
01/07/16Styrene-ethylene/butylene-styrene block copolymer devices
01/07/16Pan-yeast autonomously replicating sequence
01/07/16Immunotherapeutic potential of modified lipooligosaccharides/lipid a
01/07/16Methods and compositions related to regulation of nucleic acids
12/31/15Artificial teeth
12/31/15Polypeptides for treating and/or limiting influenza infection
12/31/15High affinity digoxigenin binding proteins
12/31/15Automatic valve shutoff device and methods
12/24/15Thermally-activated self-immolative materials
12/17/15Systems, devices, and methods for estimating bilirubin levels
12/17/15Systems, devices, and methods for prosthetic socket adjustment
12/17/15Sequential delivery of fluid volumes and associated devices, systems and methods
12/17/15Method and system for concentrating particles from a solution
12/10/15Self-assembling protein nanostructures
12/03/15Artemisinin compounds and synthesis and use thereof
11/26/15Theragnostic particles
11/26/15Molecules, compositions and methods to treat organ scarring
11/26/15Methods and compositions to modulate rna processing
11/19/15Structures with pzt nanoparticle ink based piezoelectric sensor assembly
11/12/15Electronic air cleaners and associated systems and methods
11/12/15Detection of spyware threats within virtual machines
11/05/15Electromagnetic sensor integration with ultrathin scanning fiber endoscope
11/05/15Positive allosteric modulators of the gaba-a receptor in the treatment of autism
11/05/15Use of hand posture to improve text entry
10/29/15Microstructure-based wound closure devices
10/29/15Delivery of biotherapeutics to the brain
10/29/15Embedded section heater for bonding composite structures, and associated apparatuses and methods
10/29/15Ambient backscatter tranceivers, apparatuses, systems, and methods for communicating using backscatter of ambient rf signals
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10/22/15Instrument organization systems and associated methods
10/22/15Methods and systems for selecting surgical approaches
10/22/15Methods and assays for facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy
10/22/15Electromagnetic matter injector and capsule system
10/15/15Arrhythmia detection using hidden regularity to improve specificity
10/15/15Systems and methods for real-time assessment of the presence and quantity of carotid blood flow during cardiac arrest
10/15/15Fluorescent dyes and related methods
10/15/15Using supplemental encrypted signals to mitigate man-in-the-middle attacks on teleoperated systems
10/01/15Methods and compositions for treating vasomotor symptoms
10/01/15Polycrystalline vanadium oxide nanosheets
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10/01/15Wireless power delivery in dynamic environments
09/24/15Metal-containing semiconducting polymer dots and methods of making and using the same
09/24/15Stimuli-responsive polymer diagnostic assay comprising magnetic nanoparticles and capture conjugates
09/17/15Cyclonic/cross-flow hierarchical filter
09/10/15Apparatuses and methods for preventing fouling and scaling using ultrasonic vibrations
09/03/15Desmoglein 2 (dsg2) binding proteins and uses therefor
09/03/15Assembly-free additively-manufactured fluidic control elements
08/27/15Compositions and methods for antigen targeting to cd180
08/27/15Compositions and methods for delivery of antigens to plasmacytoid dendritic cells
08/27/15Acenaphthylene imide-derived semiconductors
08/20/15Methods and systems for determining volumetric properties of a tissue
08/20/15Nanoparticle emulsions
08/20/15Compounds and methods for preventing, treating and/or protecting against sensory hair cell death
08/20/15Systems and methods for sensing environmental changes using emi signal sources as sensors
08/20/15Method and system for returning patient test results
08/13/15Optical-interface patterning for radiation detector crystals
08/06/15Unified octave/register key and vent for musical wind instruments
07/16/15Systems and methods for improving efficiency of electronic transmission of messages
07/09/15Compositions and methods for improving nanopore sequencing
07/02/15Method and system for concentrating magnetization of nuclear spins
06/25/15Oral orthoses and associated devices, systems, and methods
06/11/15Zwitterionic polymer bioconjugates and related methods
06/11/15Methods and compositions related to the smchd1 gene
05/28/15Composites incorporating a conductive polymer nanofiber network
05/28/15Free-standing two-sided devices
05/21/15Male circumciscion device and associated systems and methods
05/14/15Methods and compositions for generating reference maps for nanopore-based polymer analysis
05/14/15Non-fouling conducting polymers
05/07/15Systems and engineering muscle tissue
05/07/15Sound-based spirometric devices, systems and methods
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04/30/15Method to enhance cell nucleation density in solid-state foams
04/30/15Methods and systems for non-invasive treatment of tissue using high intensity focused ultrasound therapy
04/23/15Microbial conversion of methane
04/23/15Synthesis of chalogen-capped pi-conjugated polymers
04/16/15Whole genome sequencing of a human fetus
04/09/15Methods and systems for computer-guided placement of bone implants
04/02/15Method for making shapeable microcellular poly lactic acid articles
03/05/15Reagents and methods for treating dental disease
02/26/15Hla class ii deficient cells, hla class i deficient cells capable of expressing hla class ii proteins, and uses thereof
02/26/15Microfluidic devices for measuring platelet coagulation and associated systems and methods
02/19/15Epitope-scaffold immunogens against respiratory syncytial virus (rsv)
02/12/15Systems for touchless processing of dried blood spots and methods of using same
02/12/15Crowd-sourced assessment of technical skill (c-sats™/csats™)
02/12/15Methods of lowering the error rate of massively parallel dna sequencing using duplex consensus sequencing
02/12/15Intraocular pressure sensing devices and associated systems and methods
02/12/15Patient activity monitoring systems and associated methods
02/05/15Energy harvesting and control for sensor node
02/05/15Polyelectrolyte-coated polymer dots and related methods
02/05/15Binding proteins to the constant region of immunoglobulin g
02/05/15Crosslinked zwitterionic hydrogels
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02/05/15Polypeptides for treating and/or limiting influenza infection
01/15/15Automatic valve shutoff device and methods
01/15/15Methods and compositions for activation of innate immune responses through rig-i like receptor signaling
01/15/15Systems, devices, and methods for separating, concentrating, and/or differentiating between cells from a cell sample
01/15/15Compositions and methods for treating malignant astrocytomas
01/08/15Extended depth of focus for high-resolution optical image scanning
01/08/15Dental demineralization detection, methods and systems
01/08/15Methods and systems for determining mechanical properties of a tissue
01/01/15Ultrasound real-time noninvasive spatial temperature estimation
12/25/14Methods for forming lead zirconate titanate nanoparticles
12/25/14Systems and methods for sensing environmental changes using light sources as sensors
12/25/14Systems for characterizing atherosclerotic plaque and methods of using same
12/25/14Method and system for powering implantable devices
12/18/14Methods of converting polyols
11/20/14Surface-passivated silicon quantum dot phosphors
11/20/14Circumferential aerosol device
11/13/14Cough detecting methods and devices for detecting coughs
11/06/14Detection of thermal damage of composites using molecular probes
10/30/14Indoor scene capture system
10/30/14Magnetically contained energized plasma
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10/30/14Mic-binding antibodies and methods of use thereof
10/30/14Ultrasound stylet
10/30/14Methods and systems for providing geotemporal graphs
10/23/14Surgical instrument input device organization systems and associated methods
10/23/14Systems, transceivers, receivers, and methods including cancellation circuits having multiport transformers
10/23/14Photonic blood typing
10/09/14Polymer dot compositions and related methods
09/25/14Endophytic yeast strains, methods for ethanol and xylitol production, methods for biological nitrogen fixation, and a genetic source for improvement of industrial strains
09/25/14Nanoparticle for targeting brain tumors and delivery of o6-benzylguanine
09/25/14Method to produce nanoporous polymeric membranes
09/11/14Compositions, devices, and methods for treating infections
09/04/14Lysosomal enzyme assay methods and compositions
08/21/14Heave plates that produce large rates of change in tether tension without going slack, and associated systems and methods
08/21/14Carbohydrate-based compositions and methods for targeted drug delivery
08/21/14Methods and systems for imaging tissue motion using optical coherence tomography
08/07/14Porous chitosan scaffolds and related methods
08/07/14Self-assembled particles from zwitterionic polymers and related methods
07/24/14Polypeptides for treating and/or limiting influenza infection
07/17/14Methods and systems for bidirectional charging of electrical devices via an electrical system
07/10/14Methods for the production of chitin nanofibers and uses thereof
07/10/14Ultrasound based method and apparatus to determine the size of kidney stone fragments before removal via ureteroscopy
07/03/14Methods and systems for integrated imaging using optical coherence tomography and photoacoustic imaging
06/26/14Simultaneous global thermometry, barometry, and velocimetry systems and methods
06/12/14Polymer blend particles for intracellular delivery of agents
06/12/14Inorganic nanostructure reactive direct-write and growth
06/12/14Systems and methods for modifying prosthetic sockets
06/05/14Spherical motion mechanism
05/29/14Vibration-driven droplet transport devices
05/29/14System to evaluate prosthetic sockets
05/29/14Systems and methods for selection-based contextual help retrieval
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05/15/14Beta-2 microglobulin-deficient cells
05/08/14Systems and methods for protecting data for server-based computations
05/01/14Pile with sound abatement
04/17/14Methods and systems for adenovirus interaction with desmoglein 2 (dsg2)
04/03/14Joint performance-vulnerability metric framework for designing ad hoc routing protocols
03/27/14Pile with low noise generation during driving
03/27/14Methods and systems for performing digital measurements
03/20/14Blanket for pyrolysis or drying of biomass
03/20/14Method and apparatus to detect the fragmentation of kidney stones by measuring acoustic scatter
03/13/14Sensor nodes, apparatuses, and methods for wirelessly transmitting data to a power infrastructure
03/13/14Receiver, apparatus, and methods for wirelessly receiving data from a power infrastructure
03/06/14Myopia-safe video displays
03/06/14Modification of neurobehavioral effects of mercury by a genetic polymorphism of coproporphyrinogen oxidase in children
02/20/14Method and system for simultaneously finding and measuring multiple analytes from complex samples
02/20/14Theranostic nanoparticle and methods for making and using the nanoparticle
02/20/14Thermostable polymerases having altered fidelity and methods of identifying and using same
02/20/14Centrifugal electrospinning apparatus and methods and fibrous structures produced therefrom
02/13/14Methods and systems for scalable computing on commodity hardware for irregular applications
01/02/14Substrate for surface enhanced raman spectroscopy analysis and manufacturing the same, biosensor using the same, and microfluidic device using the same
12/26/13Optimization of polling protocols in sensor networks
11/21/13Pre-targeted nanoparticle labeling biological particles
11/07/13Arrhythmia detection using hidden regularity to improve specificity
10/31/13Solution-processable electron-transport materials and related organic optoelectronic devices
10/24/13Polypeptides and their use in treating and limiting respiratory syncytial virus infection
10/17/13General designing self-assembling protein nanomaterials
09/19/13V2o5 electrodes with high power and energy densities
09/05/13Urinary porphyrins as biomarkers of autistic spectrum disorder risk
08/29/13Environmentally-responsive nanocomposites and methods of their use
08/29/13Method for detecting anti-he4 antibodies and methods of diagnosis and/or prognosis of conditions associated with he4-expressing cells

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