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University Of Washington
University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization
University Of Washington Center For Commercialization
University Of Washington Through It s Center For Commercialization
University Of Washington Through Its Center For Co Mmercialization
University Of Washington Through Its Center Of Commercialization
University Of Washington For Its Center For Commercialization
University Of Washington Center Commercialization
University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercializtion
University Of Washington Through Its Center For Co
University Of Washington The
University Of Washington Though Its Center For Commericalization
University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commericalization
University Of Washington Through Its Center For Center For Commercialization
University Of Washington Though Its Center For Commercialization
University Of Washington Through Its Center For Communication
University Of Washington Uw Tech Transfer Invention Licensing
University Of Washington Trhough It s Center For Commercialization
University Of Washington Uw Techtransfer Invention Licensing
University Of Washington_20100114
University Of Washington_20100128
University Of Washington Throung Its Center For Commercialization
University Of Washington Throught Its Center For Commercialization
University Of Washington Through Its Center For Communications
University Of Washington Through Its Center Or Commercialization

University Of Washington patents

Recent patent applications related to University Of Washington. University Of Washington is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: University Of Washington may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with University Of Washington, we're just tracking patents.

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10/19/17 new patent  Particle positioning device with periodic dielectric structure
10/12/17Medical implant with discontinuous osseointigrative surface
10/12/17Ampule autoinjector systems and methods
10/12/17Systems and methods for inhibiting heterotopic ossification
10/12/17Systems and methods for quantitative assessment of microvasculature using optical coherence tomography angiography
10/05/17Cancer vaccine compositions and methods of use thereof
09/28/17Phone adapter for flexible laryngoscope and rigid endoscopes
09/28/17Specific inhibitors of methionyl-trna synthetase
09/28/17Expansion microscopy methods and kits
09/21/17Functionalized zwitterionic and mixed charge polymers, related hydrogels, and methods for their use
09/14/17Methods for solid freeform fabrication
09/07/17Systems and methods for measuring pressure distributions of acoustic beams from ultrasound sources
08/31/17Broadly focused ultrasonic propulsion probes, systems, and methods
08/31/17Peptides for binding alternatively activated macrophages
08/31/17Methods for solid freeform fabrication
08/31/17Error detection in sequence tag directed subassemblies of short sequencing reads
08/31/17Inspection of structures
08/31/17Confinement or movement of an object using focused ultrasound waves to generate anultrasound intensity well
08/24/17Micellic assemblies
08/24/17Metathesis polymerization methods
08/24/17Human pluripotent stem cell derived endocardial endothelium
08/17/17Method for 2-sulfation of glycosides
08/17/17Combinatorial photo-controlled spatial sequencing and labeling
08/17/17Pet detector scintillator arrangement with light sharing and depth of interaction estimation
08/10/17Three-dimensional printed mechanoresponsive materials and related methods
08/10/17Analyte sequencing with nanopores
08/03/17Applanation tonometer
08/03/17Polypeptides for use in self-assembling protein nanostructures
08/03/17Msp nanopores and related methods
07/27/17Implantable self-calibrating sensor assemblies and associated methods
07/27/17Methods of determining tissues and/or cell types giving rise to cell-free dna, and methods of identifying a disease or disorder using same
07/20/17Polymers for thermally-regulated release of hno and other molecules
07/20/17Highly immunogenic hiv p24 sequences
07/20/17Ultrasound system for shearing cellular material
07/20/17Synthetic yeast agglutination
07/20/17Power transmission using wireless communication signals
07/13/17Layered materials and structures for enhanced impact absorption
07/13/17Compositions and methods for detection of small molecules
07/13/17Nanopore-based analysis of protein characteristics
07/13/17Systems and methods for enabling user interactions with wireless tags
06/29/17X-ray spectrometer with source entrance slit
06/29/17Isotachophoretic device and methods
06/22/17Globin gene therapy for treating hemoglobinopathies
06/22/17Gadolinium expressed lipid nanoparticles for magnetic resonance imaging
06/22/17Marine coatings
06/22/17Genomic insulator elements and uses thereof
06/22/17Composite inspection
06/22/17Composite inspection
06/22/17Wireless networking communication methods, systems, and devices operable using harvested power
06/22/17Apparatuses, systems, and methods for communicating using mimo and spread spectrum coding in backscatter of ambient signals
06/15/17Methods relating to nucleic acid sequence editing
06/08/17Methods and compositions for assaying the activity of one or more lysosomal enzymes
06/08/17Methods and systems for providing presentation security for augmented reality applications
05/25/17Mri signal supression agents, compositions, and methods
05/25/17Omega-functionalized polymers, junction-functionalized block copolymers, polymer bioconjugates, and radical chain extension polymerization
05/25/17Continuous rotating detonation engines and associated systems and methods
05/18/17Crystals for cooling solutions and related methods
05/18/17Error correction for nucleotide data stores
05/11/17Systems for cell lysis and analyte detection and associated methods
05/11/17Devices, systems, and methods for detecting gestures using multiple antennas and/or reflections of signals transmitted by the detecting device
05/04/17Sensor devices and systems for powering same including examples of body-area networks powered by near-field communication devices
04/27/17Methods of protection against ischemia reperfusion injury
04/27/17Real-time seizure prediction informed by hidden markov model event states
04/27/17Sensory input through non-invasive brain stimulation
04/27/17Compact portable double differential fiber optic sagnac interferometer
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04/20/17Haptic virtual fixture tools
04/20/17High-resolution three-dimensional imaging of mammalian hearts
04/20/17Dual-functional nonfouling surfaces comprising target binding partner covalently coupled to polymer attached to substrate
04/13/17Histotripsy treatment of hematoma
04/06/17Apparatuses and methods for determining whether cardiopulmonary resuscitation is conducted based on an impedance signal
04/06/17Diblock copolymers and polynucleotide complexes thereof for delivery into cells
04/06/17Biomarkers and methods to distinguish ovarian cancer from benign tumors
03/23/17Real-time photoacoustic and ultrasound imaging system and method
03/23/17Modified methanotrophic bacteria and uses thereof
03/23/17Porous membrane-binding peptides
03/16/17Pulse amplifier for driving ultrasound transducers
03/16/17Boiling histotripsy methods and systems for uniform volumetric ablation of an object by high-intensity focused ultrasound waves with shocks
03/16/17Methods and systems for selectively disrupting tissue with high intensity focused ultrasound
03/16/17Enhanced influenza hemagglutinin binders
03/02/17Methods and devices for brain cooling for treatment and/or prevention of epileptic seizures
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03/02/17Non-fullerene electron acceptors for organic photovoltaic devices
02/23/17Device and guiding cardiopulmonary resuscitation during cardiac arrest
02/23/17Multiblock copolymers
02/23/17Epitopes cross-reactive between hsv-1, hsv-2 and vzv and methods for using same
02/16/17Hybrid system for treating mental and emotional disorders with responsive brain stimulation
02/16/17Proton resistive memory devices and methods
02/09/17Multi-functional mucosal vaccine platform
02/09/17In vivo gene engineering with adenoviral vectors
01/26/17Monoclonal antibody and vaccine targeting filamentous bacteriophage
01/26/17Amplification and detection of nucleic acids
01/19/17Retinal derivatives and methods for the use thereof for the treatment of visual disorders
01/19/17Methods for assessing the risk for development of cardiovascular disease
01/12/17Methods for altering the impact strength of noncellular thermoplastic materials
01/05/17Method and system for mri-based targeting, monitoring, and quantification of thermal and mechanical bioeffects in tissue induced by high intensity focused ultrasound
12/29/16Polypeptides to inhibit epstein barr viral protein bhrf1 and b cell lymphoma family proteins
12/29/16Dibenzosuberane-based electron-transport materials
12/22/16Analog front-end circuitry for biphasic stimulus signal delivery finding use in neural stimulation
12/22/16Restricting nuclear protein to specific phases of the cell cycle
12/22/16Self-assembling two-dimensional protein arrays
12/15/16Uniform, high basis weight nanofiber fabrics for medical applications
12/15/16Fluidics devices for individualized coagulation measurements and associated systems and methods
12/15/16Devices and methods for backscatter communication using one or more wireless communication protocols including bluetooth low energy examples
12/08/16Visual representations of distance cartograms
12/01/16Magnetic attachment mechanism for multifinger haptic device
12/01/16Thin-ice grid assembly for cryo-electron microscopy
11/24/16Biomarkers for detecting and monitoring colon cancer
11/17/16System and methods for automated administration and evaluation of physical therapy exercises
11/17/16Robust adaptable foot prosthesis
11/17/16Methods for the treatment and prevention of age-related retinal dysfunction
11/03/16Globally optimized targeted mass spectrometry (got-ms)
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10/27/16Optical based subject motion detection in imaging systems
10/27/16Pressure-based control of fluid volumes and associated devices, systems, and methods
10/13/16Multiband harvesting systems and methods including switching networks
10/06/16Methods for identifying therapeutic targets and treating monitoring cancers
10/06/16Dual contrast vessel wall mri using phase sensitive polarity maps
09/29/16Protective helmets including non-linearly deforming elements
09/22/16Methods for production of silver nanostructures
09/08/16Methods for solid freeform fabrication
09/08/16Method for solid freeform fabrication
09/08/16Methods for solid freeform fabrication
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09/08/16Method for solid freeform fabrication
09/08/16Extracellular mitochondrial components for detecting inflammatory reactions and conditions
09/01/16Micellic assemblies
08/25/16Sequence tag directed subassembly of short sequencing reads into long sequencing reads
08/18/16Methods and systems for large scale scaffolding of genome assemblies
08/11/16Compounds and methods for preventing or treating sensory hair cell death
08/04/16Fluidic device and methods of use for processing tissue for pathology
07/28/16Push-button vessel wall mri with 3d scout scan
07/14/16Inducible mutagenesis of target genes
07/14/16Biosensors engineered from conditionally stable ligand-binding domains
07/07/16Magnetic nanoparticle and imaging t cells
07/07/16New anti-malarial agents
06/30/16Cell and gene based methods to improve cardiac function
06/23/16Methods of nanostructure formation and shape selection
06/16/16Genetically modified organisms
06/09/16Advanced downhole waveform interpretation
06/02/16Nanodiamond composites and methods for their synthesis
05/26/16Sensing events affecting liquid flow in a liquid distribution system
05/19/16Methods for treating and preventing prostate cancer bone metastases
05/19/16Msp nanopores and related methods
05/19/16Methods and kits for labeling cellular molecules
05/12/16Methods for maturing cardiomyocytes and uses thereof
05/05/16Methods and systems for quantitative brain assessment
05/05/16Polypeptides for use in self-assembling protein nanostructures
04/21/16Methods for the prevention or treatment of heart failure
04/14/16Drainage systems for excess body fluids and associated methods
04/07/16Rapid, efficient purification of hsv-specific t-lymphocytes and hsv antigens identified via same
04/07/16Method and the discretization and manipulation of sample volumes
04/07/16Blood-cell producing bio-microreactor
03/24/16Bispecific intracellular delivery vehicles
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03/24/16Diagnostic test for skeletal atavism in horses
03/17/16Catheterscope 3d guidance and interface system
03/17/16Electrostatic precipitator
03/17/16Electrostatic precipitator
03/17/16Electrostatic precipitator
03/17/16Multiplex homology-directed repair
03/10/16Controlled release of carbon dioxide from self-immolative polymers
03/03/16Device and analyzing reperfusion injury
03/03/16Microfluidic devices for measuring platelet coagulation and associated systems and methods
02/25/16Process for isolation and purification of astatine-211
02/25/16Arrays and methods for guided cell patterning
02/18/16Stabilized mutant opsin proteins
02/18/16Using dynamic mode decomposition for real-time background/foreground separation in video
02/11/16Biomarkers for treatment of neoplastic disorders using androgen-targeted therapies
02/11/16Tuning multi-input complex dynamic systems using sparse representations of performance and extremum-seeking control
02/04/16Molecules and methods for treatment of diabetes
01/28/16Devices to expose cells to fluid shear forces and associated systems and methods
01/28/16Particle concentration system
01/14/16Systems and methods of creating in vivo medical images of tissue near a cavity
01/14/16Statins in the treatment of muscular dystrophies and myopathies
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01/14/16Neutralizing antibodies to hiv-1 and their use
01/14/16Scanning laser projection display for small handheld devices
01/07/16Monitoring disposition of tethered capsule endoscope in esophagus
01/07/16Systems and methods for in vivo visualization of lymphatic vessels with optical coherence tomography
01/07/16Remapping methods to reduce distortions in images
12/24/15Methods and systems for imaging tissue motion using optical coherence tomography
12/10/15Methods for assaying alpha-l-iduronidase enzymatic activity
12/03/15Negative pressure wound treatment system
11/26/15Antigenic peptide of hsv-2 and methods for using same
11/26/15Methods for production of silver nanostructures
11/12/15Methods and systems for estimating a size of an object in a subject with ultrasound
11/12/15Methods and systems for detecting an object in a subject with ultrasound
11/12/15Toric focusing for radiation force applications
11/12/15Nanoparticles for brain tumor imaging
11/12/15Inducible mutagenesis of target genes
11/12/15Mixed charge copolymers and hydrogels
11/12/15Interleaved black and bright blood imaging for interleaved dynamic contrast enhanced magnetic resonance imaging
11/05/15Ratiometric pre-rrna analysis
10/29/15Method and apparatus to detect the fragmentation of kidney stones by measuring acoustic scatter
10/29/15Heat-resistant electrolyte materials and electrochromic devices including them
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10/15/15Scanning beam device calibration
10/08/15Nanofibrous conduits for nerve regeneration
10/01/15Scanning laser projection display devices and methods for projecting one or more images onto a surface with light-scanning optical fiber
09/24/15Bipolar electrochemical printing
09/17/15Compositions and methods for enhanced gene expression in cone cells
08/27/15Polymeric carrier
08/20/15Identifying taxane sensitivity in prostate cancer patients
08/20/15Fenestration template for endovascular repair of aortic aneurysms
08/06/15Multispectral wide-field endoscopic imaging of fluorescence
07/30/15Silicon oxynitride materials having particular surface energies and articles including the same, and methods for making and using them
06/18/15Compositions and methods for multiplex biomarker profiling
06/11/15Method for 2-sulfation of glycosides
06/04/15Device and methods for targeting of transcranial ultrasound neuromodulation by automated transcranial doppler imaging
06/04/15Therapeutic nuclease compositions and methods
06/04/15Remapping methods to reduce distortions in images
05/21/15Long-term monitoring for discrimination of different heart rhythms
05/14/15Sequence tag directed subassembly of short sequencing reads into long sequencing reads
05/07/15Primers, assays and methods for detecting an e. coli subtype
04/09/15Method and using in-home power lines to support low power wireless sensors and to extend the range of low-power wireless devices
03/05/15Electric double layer capacitance device
03/05/15Simplified high frequency tuner and tuning method
03/05/15Unmanned vehicle searches
02/26/15Method of altering the immundominance hierarchy of hiv gag by dna vaccine expressing conserved regions
02/05/15Enzyme catalysts for diels-alder reactions
02/05/15Therapeutic nuclease compositions and methods
01/01/15Compositions and methods for multiplex biomarker profiling
12/25/14Hla-dr binding peptides and their uses
12/18/14Dual-functional nonfouling surfaces comprising target binding partner covalently coupled to polymer attached to substrate
11/27/14Dynamic characterization of particles with flow cytometry
10/16/14Msp nanopores and related methods
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09/11/14Method and system for concentrating particles from a solution
09/11/14Msp nanopores and related methods
08/21/14Particles coated with zwitterionic polymers
08/14/14Therapeutic nuclease compositions and methods
08/14/14Bispecific intracellular delivery vehicles
08/07/14Enhanced transport using membrane disruptive agents
08/07/14Methods and the isolation and enrichment of circulating tumor cells
06/26/14Therapeutic nuclease compositions and methods
06/26/14Retrograde transport peptide and use of same for delivery to central nervous system
05/29/14Methods and compositions for predicting drug responses
05/29/14Device and intraocular drug delivery
05/08/14Vaginal matrices: nanofibers for contraception and prevention of hiv infection
03/27/14Induction of human embryonic stem cell derived cardiac pacemaker or chamber-type cardiomyocytes by manipulation of neuregulin signaling
02/20/14Compositions and methods for treating degenerative muscle conditions
02/13/14Method for determining the three-dimensional position of a scintillation event
02/13/14Therapeutic nuclease compositions and methods
01/30/14Sensing events affecting liquid flow in a liquid distribution system
11/21/13Hsv-1 epitopes and methods for using same
09/26/13Simplified high frequency tuner and tuning method
09/19/13Composite photoanodes
09/19/13Adaptive precision arithmetic unit for error tolerant applications
08/29/13Hsv-1 epitopes and methods for using same
08/15/13Scalable rfid systems: a privacy-preserving protocol with constant-time identification
08/15/13Methods for regulation of stem cells
08/01/13Retinoid replacements and opsin agonists and methods for the use thereof
07/25/13Rapid, efficient purification of hsv-specific t-lymphocytes and hsv antigens identified via same
07/11/13Marine coatings
06/20/13Catheterscope 3d guidance and interface system
06/20/13Neurosurgical devices and associated systems and methods

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