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Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc. Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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08/17/17 new patent  Rules execution system for iot devices
08/17/17 new patent  High availability internet services provisioning
08/17/17 new patent  Disabling user equipment radio communication over an unlicensed radio frequency spectrum band during wlan operations
08/17/17 new patent  Soft handover for a voice over internet protocol service
08/10/17Protecting and verifying contents of files on mobile computing devices
08/10/17Special handling of a landing page
08/10/17Throttling of radio resource control connection requests
08/10/17Authenticating mobile devices
08/10/17Idle mode load balancing
08/03/17Automatic supercut creation and arrangement
08/03/17Secure automated device configuration and management
08/03/17Selectively permitting a receiver device to access a message based on authenticating the receiver device
08/03/17Measuring session initiation protocol (sip) messaging latency
08/03/17Methods and systems for cloud-based media content transcoding
07/27/17User-enabled, two-factor authentication service
07/27/17On-demand identity service for content
07/20/17Methods and systems for efficient routing of multicast media content by data routers at end user premises
07/20/17Social sharing and unlocking of reactions to content
07/20/17Selectively blocking traffic based on a set of rules associated with an application category
07/20/17Identifying traffic associated with a content provider's toll-free data service campaign
07/20/17Enforcing parameters for quality of data link service at a future time
07/20/17Managing radio resource control (rrc) connections based on radio bearer attributes
07/06/17Native video advertising with voice-based ad management and machine-to-machine ad bidding
07/06/17Chained security credential distribution for sponsored data services
07/06/17Internet of things (iot) device activation and management
07/06/17Identifying a point of view of media content and distributing the media content based on the identified point of view
07/06/17Supporting network connectivity for multiple categories of user devices and applications
06/29/17Methods and systems for managing multiple communication lines within a single on-screen user interface
06/29/17Methods and systems for managing multiple modes of communication within a single on-screen user interface
06/29/17Systems and methods for scoring and using popularity of entities in a media-content-based social network to provide a media service
06/29/17Validating hypertext transfer protocol messages for a toll-free data service
06/29/17Connected-mode traffic based idle-mode load balancing
06/29/17Content delivery network streaming optimization
06/29/17Internet of things provisioning
06/29/17Voice assisted requests between user devices
06/29/17Methods and systems for managing multiple communication sessions from a single on-screen user interface
06/29/17Mobile peer-to-peer data balance transfer
06/29/17Hebbian learning-based recommendations for social networks
06/22/17Cellular network coverage using a set of mobile devices
06/22/17File size-based toll-free data service
06/22/17Hybrid environment to support reliable delivery of multicast traffic using an orchestration device
06/22/17Network access security for internet of things (iot) devices
06/22/17Allocating unlicensed and licensed radio frequency spectrum bands for the transmission of audio and video packets
06/22/17Selecting radio frequency channels for carrier aggregation in an unlicensed radio frequency spectrum band
06/22/17Cloud wan overlay network
06/15/17Enabling and disabling user device configurations based on an account type of the user device
06/15/17Automatic media summary creation systems and methods
06/15/17Secure authentication service
06/15/17Network-based frictionless two-factor authentication service
06/15/17Network-based authentication and security services
06/15/17Controlling frequency of user device access to a network
06/08/17Identifying unmanned aerial vehicles for mission performance
06/08/17Feedback tool
06/08/17Dynamic selection of unmanned aerial vehicles
06/08/17Tracking data usage in a secure session
06/08/17Management and beacon services of a beacon system
06/08/17Automated mdn line transfer
06/08/17Customer representative remote access for troubleshooting smartphones
06/08/17Automated suggestions and corrections of content clips
06/08/17Optical network with small-form-factor optical fiber cross-connect module
06/08/17Identifiers for enterprise messages
06/08/17Narrowband synchronization and paging in long-term evolution networks
06/01/17Auto suggestion in search with additional properties
06/01/17Correction of demodulation errors based on machine learning
06/01/17Interference cancellation on secondary carriers in a carrier aggregation environment
Patent Packs
06/01/17Internet of things (iot) platform and application framework
06/01/17Emergency call support for volte roaming within s8 home routing architecture
05/25/17Generating and verifying a reputational profile
05/25/17Multifunction icon for user feedback including context information
05/25/17Inventory monitoring sensor system
05/25/17Network-based authentication for third party content
05/25/17Allocating and monitoring data usage of a user device
05/25/17Transferring from user devices with ims-enabled connections to user devices with non-ims-enabled connections
05/25/17Large data set updating for network usage records
05/25/17Internet of things communication unification and verification
05/25/17Methods and systems for identifying a recording conflict for a media program scheduled to be recorded in the future
05/25/17Adaptive antenna operation for uavs using terrestrial cellular networks
05/25/17Method and system for fueling a vehicle based on a vehicle fuel trigger
05/18/17Mobile content delivery via toll-free uniform resource locators
05/18/17Mechanism for exchanging order data
Patent Packs
05/18/17Prompt based alert by a user device in silent mode
05/18/17Selective targeting for sponsored data services
05/18/17Seamless ad insertion for multicast streams
05/18/17Crowdsourcing-enhanced audio
05/18/17Managing carrier restrictions in a wireless network
05/18/17Offline user device communications
05/18/17Managing key rotations with multiple key managers
05/11/17Data-driven sensor configuration and information processing
05/11/17Synchronizing outgoing messages and incoming messages for user devices that share a telephone number
05/11/17Machine-learned policies for pcrf
05/11/17Allocating resources of an unlicensed radio frequency spectrum band among multiple operator networks for carrier aggregation
05/04/17Promotion of web services through an ivr
05/04/17Telematics based determining and representing driving behavior
05/04/17Shared data splitting interface
05/04/17Automated detection of an emergency by a user device
05/04/17Automatically enabling audio-to-text conversion for a user device based on detected conditions
05/04/17Device-initiated cell selection subsequent to procedure failure
05/04/17Internet of things application framework
05/04/17Using a mobile device number (mdn) service in multifactor authentication
05/04/17Internet of things communication and control system
05/04/17User authentication systems and methods
05/04/17Generating a playlist that includes local segment identifiers and remote segment identifiers for media content
04/27/17Pcb embedded radiator antenna with exposed tuning stub
04/27/17Diverse network paths with site hardware redundancy for improved availability
04/27/17Mobile media architecture for sponsored data services
04/27/17Portable data for mobile devices
04/27/17Configuring a machine-to-machine modem
04/27/17Extend long term evolution connected state coverage
04/27/17Initiating a transmit antenna switch during uplink-downlink imbalance
04/27/17Connection and traffic management in a multiple core network architecture
Social Network Patent Pack
04/20/17Application-based toll-free data service
04/20/17Failure detection and logging for a toll-free data service
04/20/17Optical transmission system using optical frequency comb sources
04/20/17Adding a unique identification header to non-operator network communication
04/20/17Automatic secure connection over untrusted wireless networks
04/13/17Collision prediction system
04/13/17Virtual input mechanism for secure data acquisition
04/13/17Reporting a modified signal quality value during antenna diversity imbalance
04/13/17Establishing media sessions via mqtt and sip
04/13/17Push/pull hybrid for wireless device usage metering
Patent Packs
04/06/17User authentication based on physical movement information
04/06/17Call encryption systems and methods
04/06/17Managing access to content for a sponsored data campaign
04/06/17Server side preprocessing of web content
04/06/17Dynamic media transformation service in a cdn
03/30/17Short-range wireless determination of a vehicle's asset inventory
03/30/17Secure data upload/download service
03/30/17Network state information correlation to detect anomalous conditions
03/30/17Networking functions in a micro-services architecture
03/30/17Providing simultaneous access to content in a network
03/30/17Instant and cohesive user access to diverse web services
03/30/17Systems and methods for optimizing digital advertisement insertion
03/30/17Dynamic content provisioning for multimedia broadcast multicast service operation on-demand
03/30/17Management and beacon services of a beacon system
03/30/17Location management for access points
03/30/17Methods and systems for facilitating subsidized access by a user to network content
03/30/17Formatting an endpoint as a private entity
03/30/17Mobile wireless communication device activation systems and methods
03/30/17Small cell synchronization
03/30/17Mitigating interference to embms services in hetnet deployments
03/23/17Radio access network troubleshooting using device-to-device communications
03/23/17Small cell self-validation and provisioning without using backhaul
03/23/17Selecting a radio access technology based on radio frequency spectrum bands supported by a user device and by a roaming network
03/23/17Activating carrier aggregation based on application layer information
03/16/17Home screen for wearable devices
03/16/17Flexible channel coordination for multiple optical carrier optical networks
03/16/17Content inference engine based on user behavior
03/16/17Automated server cluster selection for virtual machine deployment
03/16/17Server-side plugin checker for toll-free data service
03/16/17Token based dynamic cache-busting
Patent Packs
03/16/17Adaptive scheduling and orchestration in a networked environment
03/16/17Content delivery network integration for home media client content
03/09/17Analyzing dropped wireless local area network connections
03/09/17Switching between unicast streams and a multicast stream based on content demand
03/09/17Subscriber location database
03/09/17Using a temporary default bearer for a packet data network session
03/02/17Route recommendations
03/02/17Robust position determination in communication systems
03/02/17System for developing, testing, deploying, and managing applications in real-time
03/02/17Proxy presence server
03/02/17Visp authentication service for third party applications
03/02/17Botnet beaconing detection and mitigation
03/02/17Validating resource identifiers being registered for a toll-free data campaign
03/02/17Intelligent scheduling of dvr commands and dvr client status updates
03/02/17Mobile device controlled dynamic room environment using a cast device
03/02/17Video on demand platform
03/02/17Bluetooth internet of things sensor network
03/02/17Multicast delivery of network congestion information
02/23/17Smart circuit breaker for device chargers
02/23/17Gesture-based reorientation and navigation of a virtual reality (vr) interface
Social Network Patent Pack
02/23/17Route reflector as a service
02/23/17Media content system utilizing user sponsored data
02/23/17Enforcing radio frequency usage billing and control policies
02/23/17Recommending channels for accessing an unlicensed radio frequency spectrum band
02/16/17Multicomputer data transferring for transferring data between multiple computers that use the data after the transfer
02/16/17Personal navigation assistance systems and methods
02/16/17Large martix vcsel termination without channel laser crosstalk
02/16/17Analyzing network traffic based on a quantity of times a credential was used for transactions originating from multiple source devices
02/16/17Method and system for processing machine-to-machine sensor data
02/16/17Selective content delivery over diverse networks
02/16/17Enhanced cell global identifier-based handover from an enodeb to a home enodeb
02/09/17Co-channel interference mitigation in wireless radio access network
02/09/17Providing a service to a user device based on a capability of the user device when the user device shares an identifier
02/02/17Integrated wireless communications for automated external defibrillator (aed)
02/02/17Methods and systems for detecting potential interference with a tracking device associated with a vehicle
02/02/17Media clip systems and methods
02/02/17Systems and methods for monitoring operational statuses of network services
02/02/17Security system for preventing further access to a service after initial access to the service has been permitted
02/02/17Multifactor authentication for mail server access
02/02/17Validating toll-free access to streaming media content using a signature
Social Network Patent Pack
02/02/17Exchanging contact information based on identifying social interaction
02/02/17Media clip systems and methods
02/02/17Method and system for evaluating a user response to a presence based action
02/02/17Message blocker
02/02/17Cellular data testing system
02/02/17Local breakout service
02/02/17Systems and offloading communication sessions to local network resources
01/26/17Authentication of a user device using traffic flow information
01/26/17Wireless network cloud computing resource management
01/26/17Internet of things (iot) api platform
01/26/17Optimizer selection in wireless networks
01/26/17Qualifying locations for fixed wireless services
01/26/17Methods and systems for profiling network resource usage by a mobile application
01/19/17Managing media content storage for user devices
01/19/17Interactive group content systems and methods
01/19/17Techniques for providing a user with content recommendations
01/19/17Automated media clipping and combination system
01/19/17Seamless multicast and unicast switching for content playback
01/19/17Download account with shared data plan
01/19/17Control of services at a cell level or a sector level
01/19/17Dynamic assignment of unlicensed bands for data flow transmission
01/12/17Multi-dimensional hierarchical content navigation
01/12/17Software service discovery and service evolution management
01/12/17Emergency call service for groups of devices with a shared number
01/12/17Interactive voice response (ivr) system interface
01/12/17Location-based buffer management systems and methods
01/12/17Network override of device volte setting
01/12/17Wakeup devices in power saving mode
01/05/17Wearable device having interchangeable user interface
01/05/17Automatic application download and launch during presentation of content
Social Network Patent Pack
01/05/17Enhanced device authentication using magnetic declination
01/05/17Voice call payment systems and methods
01/05/17Prescheduling recordings of media content
01/05/17Identifiers for enterprise messages
01/05/17Access class barring and redirecting of emerency calls
01/05/17Network data optimization
01/05/17Providing mobile communication service using a dongle device
12/29/16Dynamic delivery of code and fixes
12/29/16Software updates using client self-reporting and a hierarchical data structure
12/29/16Contextual assistance for wireless charging
12/29/16Universal enrollment using biometric pki
12/29/16Addition of secondary endpoint based on message reply
12/29/16Multiple modem device including notification modem
12/29/16Shared spectrum load balancing based on network load
12/29/16Transmission control protocol (tcp) throughput optimization in mobile wireless networks
12/29/16Methods of adapting codec data rate based on radio condition to improve lte service coverage and capacity
12/22/16High density optical patch panel rack
12/22/16Common view for customer support
12/22/16Dynamic navigation of uavs using three dimensional network coverage information
12/22/16Command and control interface for uavs communication through a mobile wireless network
12/22/16Camera data management and user interface apparatuses, systems, and methods
12/22/16Server-side blackout enforcement
12/22/16Proximity-based verification of programming instructions
12/22/16Detecting a second user device identifier based on registration of a first user device identifier
12/22/16Subscription-aware and updates-aware sim process
12/15/16Call encryption systems and methods
12/15/16Capturing a user reaction to media content based on a trigger signal and using the user reaction to determine an interest level associated with a segment of the media content
12/08/16Wearable article with display
12/08/16Systems and methods for product user interface development

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